National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Summary and Synopsis

In this follow up to the box-office hit National Treasure, treasure hunter Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) once again sets out on an exhilarating, action-packed, global quest to unearth hidden history and treasures. When a missing page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth surfaces, Ben's great-great grandfather is suddenly implicated as a key conspirator in Abraham Lincoln's death. Determined to prove his ancestor's innocence, Ben follows an international chain of clues that takes him on a chase from Paris to London and ultimately back to America. This journey leads Ben and his crew not only to surprising revelations, but to the trail of the world's most treasured secrets. Benjamin Franklin Gates and Dr. Abigail Chase re-team with Riley Poole and, now armed with a stack of long-lost pages from John Wilkes Booth's diary, Ben must follow a clue left there to prove his ancestor's innocence in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Wiki

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The Greatest Adventure History Has Ever Revealed..

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Movie (2007)

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- iTunes & Apple TV Extras and 4K needed5 star

Awesome movie, especially Nicolas Cage as lead actor, but when will the Special Features and Apple TV & iTunes Extras, along with the extended version/directors cut of the movie be added as Apple TV & iTunes Extras as well as upgrading to 4K? I found this movie on Disney+ and found the all deleted scenes of the movie. This is really annoying to me when the Special Features appear on the Home Video releases of movies, but not on iTunes because technology is advancing everyday. I think it’s time that Apple and iTunes should make it mandatory for all movies that came with Special Features on home video be released on iTunes as Apple TV & iTunes Extras as well.

- Worse than the first1 star

Worse than the first movie which was pretty bad and I would rate them both zero stars if I could

- [email protected]$e 0f My 0p!n!0n,5 star

Eye g0+ @ j0ke 2 +ell, Kn0ck Kn0ck Wh0 !z +here? [email protected][email protected] [email protected][email protected] Wh0? [email protected][email protected] [email protected]$ure. [email protected]$+ n!gh+, Eye enj0yed [email protected][email protected] [email protected]$ure 2: B00k 0f $ecre+$ 2 [email protected]+e [email protected] N!gh+. Eye @l$0 [email protected] @ gr8 !mpre$$!0n.

- Great franchise5 star

Please make more!

- Awesome5 star

Waiting for number 3 I mean there’s lots of things to try like Area 51 Bermuda the 7 wonders or the moon landing men in Black come on its been too many years give us national treasure 3 already.

- Can't wait to see it5 star

I can't wait to see the movie it will be amazing!!!!!!!!!!

- The best5 star

This is an all time favorite of me and my dad's, literally I could watch it a billion times over and never get tired👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Even worse than number 11 star

This was just awful. I hated the first one, and saw this one thinking " Well, maybe it'll be better" but I was wrong. This was just downright terrible. If u like movies with no story, though, go ahead and watch it. Otherwise, don't waste your money.

- I love this movie5 star

This is the best movie ever. I love all the action and the history. If you are ever board just watch this and you will have a great time, I promise !!!!!😀

- Really?!?!1 star

Legit cant even play it! I rented it but when i press play nothing happens. Im sure its a great movie but I guess I'll never know

- I love this movie😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀5 star

I love this movie I think it is the best movie. I think that everyone would like the movie.

- Beast5 star


- Awesome movie!!!!!!!!!!!!💛💙💜💚❤️💗💓💕💖💞💘5 star

So far this is my favorite movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is very adventurous and action packed. And that is my opinion so nobody should judge me! I loved this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🎦🎦🎦🎦🎦🎦

- The first one is better3 star

This one is good but the first one Is better.

- Treasure5 star

Great movie great treasure hunting

- Okay2 star

Honestly this movie isn't all that great. I mean it copies a lot of the first movie and this was more like a history movie. I'm irritated you couldn't rent it for it was a total ripoff. I wouldn't suggest buying it because after awhile it gets old. It was okay but seriously don't buy this movie.


I love this movie so much better than the first one! my favorite scene is when they're at buckingham palace I crack up every time! I ❤ Riley Poole! I don't have enough money but I will buy this when I do for sure.

- National Treasure: Book of Secrets!4 star

It was a very great movie.! Action Packed.! Way underrated for this great of a movie.! However, it didn't end as exciting and thrilling as the 1st movie.! Although, I do recommend this for a movie to watch.! 🎬📰✉📲🎥

- #1NationalTreasureFan5 star

The National Treasure movies are the best movies in the entire world!!!!!!!! I'm 10 and have never seen any better movies. I could watch more that a billion times and never be boring with it!!!!! National Treasure is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Okay4 star

This movie is good but not worth 18 dollars.

- National treasure5 star

If you don't like national treasure 1&2 that means your stupid or dont know anything about,talking for 2&1 overalls

- I5 star


- That is awesome5 star

I watched the preview of this movie on tv 5 minutes ago and then I was like we have to rent this movie now so I just ran grabbed my iPod and we are about to watch the movie. We think that is going to mysterious by great who agrees with me

- Awesome!!!5 star

I love this movie!I watched it in my class when I was in third grade.It was kinda funny.Me and my friend where laughing so much!

- YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!5 star

I LOVED this movie. Ben is awsome, I have a crush on Riley Poole, and Helen Mirren was a great choice to play Ben's mom. Buy this movie!!!!!! :) I hope there is a third!!!!!!!!!!!!

- One of favorite movies!!!!!!5 star

I love the first national treasure movie just as much as the second. These movies rock!!!!!!!!!!

- Excellent Movie until Thinking undos the Plot3 star

The movie is good, excellent, even. Provided you don't think about the progression of the plot at the very beginning. There's a key historical mistake that completely ruined my ability to watch this movie once I found out about it: SPOILER: (Don't read if you enjoyed the movie and want to continue to do so.) Lincoln's assasination takes place in 1865. The Statue of Liberty in France was put up in 1876. (The date of the inscription.) There should have been a scene showing the diary with plans for the French Statue of Liberty. In addition, in 1876 the HMS Resolute was still a working ship, meaning that the code of inscription (which you can see the full version of near the beginning of the movie) should have something along the lines of "HMS Resolute to be turned into desks after retirement from service." And even if that had been shown, was Booth supposed to twiddle his thumbs for fifteen years? Necessitating for a third scene showing proof that the plank is known to exist in the code in Booth's diary. Three Scenes adding about five- maybe 10 minutes, that's it, and this would be a well-recieved sequel. (Though this plot should have been saved for a third movie.) One more note: The Gate's Family: Thomas (a young man in the first movie in 1832) has a middle-aged grandson in 1865? Benjamin's grandfather in the first movie should have said "My Grandfather," not my "Grandfather's grandfather".

- omg!5 star

i luv this movie. any nicholas cage movie is awesome! i cant decide between this 1 and the 1st one. i luv them both soooooooo much.


I liked the first one but his just fell short.

- Better than the first but not enough3 star

Book of Secrets is a better film than the original, but that's not saying much. The plot is more interesting here yet more of the same, the talented cast is bogged down here by a dumb plothole involving the City of Gold or whatever, and the excitement gets more and more generic as the movie goes. Still, this is a fun ride with moderate thrills and the occasional low-key gag. If you're looking for a fun, dumb, generic summer movie, this is it. If you want a serious adventure film with a fresh style, some great acting, fast-paced action, and sly humor, this is dull cinema.

- Surpassed the first!5 star

After the success of the first film, this film was under a lot of pressure. And for a film under the amount of pressure that this film was, this film delivered enthralling entertainment like a freight train loaded with TVs.

- Awesome movie5 star

I don't know whats wrong with some people but this movie is awesome. Nicolas Cage is a great actor. I considerate one of the best Nicolas Cage movies ever. Its so funny.

- BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!5 star

i must say this is best movie i have ever seen in my whole life!!!!!!

- Ok3 star

It was alright but the first one was 10 times better:)

- Good but...5 star

I like it but is he trying to be Indiana Jones? Sometimes I wonder....( ̄^ ̄)

- great!5 star

I'm 14 and I absolutely adore both of the National Treasure movies. It's pretty understandable and just a great movie. Me being a history dork might have something to do with it though. :]

- Y?5 star

I love the movie but I rented it and it froze at the last 9 minutes of it!!! Y?!?!?!

- Wow5 star

I saw this movie when I was like seven and loved it!! I still do and I'm eleven! It's a movie for ages like ten through sixty five!!

- A very good movie4 star

It was a job well done by Nicolas Cage.

- More Contrived, But Still Lots of Fun4 star

The original National Treasure built an intricate plot around well-developed, interesting characters played by excellent actors. This "episode" capitalizes on the strength of the original with a less intricate, somewhat less credible, but still engaging, colorful and action-packed story. If you loved the first one, you'll very much like the second. Special mention is merited by the addition of Helen Mirin to the cast whose role and performance works beautifully with those of the other members. I hope they all will return for at least one more episode, one that hopefully will have a stronger ending sequence than this one.

- Pretty good4 star

Too much like the first movie. It was good, but predictable. Over-long water scene at the end, but overall a pretty good movie.

- Awesome5 star

Once again, Nicolas Cage does it again!

- ...5 star

how...? the critics rated this 33%. but they rated buried like 80%. these critics have no taste.

- movie go-er from pa5 star

An amazing movie that fits right in with the first movie. this movie answers from questions about the gates family and their past, has amazing history plots that can or can not be real, but still adds alot of true fact into the storyline. nick cage is once again very good and his ex wife and trusting side kick make for a good team.. a must watch!!!!

- Amazing5 star

The movie national treasure two was very good it was adventurous and your favorite characters got better also there was a big crisps and things that made you keep watching I would give it five stars

- It depends on what you like.5 star

Look, this was a good movie. I mean if you like maps and history and stuff like that. If you dont well this might bore you to death but there are some interesting parts. Honestly I enjoyed but for every movie on earth there are people who like it and don't. It was a very good Disney Movie. I mean you can't really get super scary with disney. I would recommend it but only to people who like history-based thrillers. Enjoy

- Watch the first one...1 star

The first one is sooo much better. I hated this one a thought it to be absolutely awful! Very disappointed... What a waste of time.

- National Treasure is a Treat!5 star

This is a fun movie with just enough history to keep things together, but not too much to put kids and adults who do not care for it to sleep. It is full of patriotism and that isn't a bad thing. There is a mixture of good suspense and sleuthing. It is a fun movie.

- Amazing5 star

The title says it all

- alright4 star

it was good but not nearly as good as the first one

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Jodster - What is the problem5 star

The movie keeps fricken pausing it is so f'ing annoying

Graphite Sketcher - Best movie ever!5 star

I loved this movie! Though, it was not as good as the first, it was awesome!

richnk95 - Very Disapointed2 star

this movie was a very great movie and it exceeded most of my expectations i titled this because the prices are too high compared to us prices and... well this is just a rip off and i think you should also be able to buy games and apps for ipods using gift cards because i bet that there are millions of disapointed people in canada because i bet there are many people who bought a gift card for a friend or for them selves so they didn't have to use credit cards or debit, just to find out they couldn't use it to buy the apps or games that they wanted

Katniss Everdeen Wannabee - Great Movie, but5 star

This is a great movie by Nicolas Cage but THEY NEED TO GET MATCHSTICK MEN!!! It is his best movie ever!!!

Max_movies - $5 more is a Big deal??4 star

Are you guys poor? It's $5 more.

pokey05 - Canadian vs US Dollars1 star

I would really like to buy this movie. However, I am no longer willing to pay more because I am Canadian. I will no longer purchase anything on I Tunes until such time as I can pay in Canadian Dollars. Please Apple make it fare. Thanks Dave Calgary

Captain Bionic - so cool5 star

great show better than the first one it lived up to my expectations worth every cent say yes if you agree

vilerichard - Why $4.99 and not $3.99?4 star

I have to add my voice to the rest and wonder why Apple is charging $4.99 CAD rather than $3.99 USD. It's baffling, especially given that music purchases are at par. Why not movies? Seriously, is this so difficult to manage? This is a fun movie, much in the spirit of the first one. Nice to see Helen Mirren with this cast. It would have been more enjoyable if Nicolas Cage toned it down a notch and some of the cheesy patriotic dialogue were removed, but overall the effects were decent, the characters are enjoyable and it's a fun way to spend an evening.

BH - MTL - Only if all your housework is done...and it's raining out...and your inlaws are over...2 star

Almost one star. If it weren't for Harvey Keitel and Ed Harris this movie would likely be up for a few razzies. My sense is that they signed Cage to a 2-movie picture before the first National Treasure was made (itself a 3-star effort, at most), and he couldn't wiggle his way out of making this stinker. Aside from an incredibly predictable story line, there is just too much suspension of disbelief required to sit through this 2hr eye-glazer: Let's break into Buckingham Castle! OK, but it might be tricky. Oh man, now we have to break into the Oval Office too - and peek into the President's personal desk?!? No problem! (It's just the most secure office in the most secure building in the known universe - and he probably doesn't have any important files/paperwork in those drawers anyway.) Invitations to the annual White House Easter Egg hunt should do the trick! I need to speak with the President. Well, that might be tough, but...a friendly kidnapping should work. And at the end of the day, I'm sure he, the Secret Service, the FBI, and all those local bumbling police officers will understand that it's really no big deal. The President is such a busy guy these days, we just had to get inventive with our meeting request strategies! Egad. Can I have my time back? BH

habs_rule95 - Better than the first!4 star

This movie is pretty good. I went to see it in the theatre and I thought it was just great. It is action packed and I hope there is a 3rd one!

PW001 - Alright escape3 star

As another reviewer mentioned, the movie was a bit on the "unbelievable" side with plenty of "whoa just my luck coincidences." However, it was a decent escape from reality and a fairly fun picture to watch.

dchase123 - movie rental does not work properly3 star

I rented this are suppose to have it for 30 disappeared after only a couple of do not get what you pay for...

TannerRoss92 - Best movie5 star

This movie is an awsome movie becasue i did not know if they would ever come out with another one now i am hoping they keep going

jo shmoe123456789 - WOW5 star

We all know that apple is known for their decent prices, but they are becoming more like Mac every day. What is with the expensive! I am not amused. Why would anyone prefer to buy off itunes if their prices are more expensive than a movie store! urg!

LadyeAuthiel - best movie ever5 star

This was the best show in the world and any one that says to much money is crazy because it's worth it!

sweety-pinky-cherry - GREAT!5 star

I loved the first one and I was so exited about the second! and i'm not desapointed it was such a GREAT MOVIE! I love it! watch it!

wdwrx - another bowl of pap2 star

Nicolas Cage is the worst actor in the world

barcahabsDL - Bad2 star

This movie sucked. The first one was much better. At some points the acting was bad, and as usual where they put together all these things that don't have anything to do with each other to find some huge clue, very predictable plotline as well. Don't buy it.

Baine - why?4 star

i thought i saw it before it even came out. why do they follow the same story line?

travellingbelle - It was too boring1 star

I was expecting an Indiana Jones meets Bourne Identity type of movie but the plot of this film didn't meet those expectations. The events moved along extremely slowly and I just couldn't get into it. Definitely not worth the rental cost.

JLGielen - i agree with geek-burger1 star

this movie stank. nick cage should shave his head already.

Geekburger - Not for me1 star

This movie sucked. Nick Cage has really bad hair too.

VM890 - c'est plate il est pas en francais5 star

c'est un tres bon film mais il n'est pas en francais se qui est vraiment moche

crap11 - Costs way too much1 star

4.99 for a rental and you cant even get HD.. plus 19.95 to own it??? You can get it for a lot less from any store and not have to worry about apple not letting you download it again if you lose it. Waste of time and money.

Macdaddy94 - Good movie but not worth my money1 star


Karma_and_Yoga - Awful!1 star

I for one, hate this movie. I fell asleep watching it. I wouldn't give it a star, but iTunes makes you. Don't waste your money on this one, folks!

Kill_The_CRTC - WAKE UP APPLE4 star

What's the extra five bucks purchase price, Canada iTunes vs. US? The currencies are at parity. Does Apple think no one will notice?

Marcel dEntre - Movie's Good, but whats with iTunes3 star

I liked this movie, I found it very entertaining. It’s hard to believe that all of these conspiracy theories are true though—I guess this is why its fiction. However, my concern is that the prices of the movies are more fictional than the movies sold here! I am very reluctant to spend the money to buy a movie over iTunes. First, I already collect DVDs/BluRay and I don’t want to start another medium especially when it costs the same at Zellers or Wal-Mart. Second, I doubt that the movies can be burnt so that I can watch them on my DVD players. The price should be much lower because there is no cost to producing the jewel cases and the disc, shipping, and we loose the freedom to view the movie where we choose. Unless this changes, I don’t think it’s worth it for me.

ethesianx - Price of movie2 star

This is $5 too much for me to justify either renting or buying this movie. I want to see this movie and I am happy to pay for renting or purchasing, but it is too much. Drop the price and I will consider.

torenvortex - Pricing4 star

I think that apple should know that their customers are some o the most intellegent people out there. If they we not getting fair prices then I am sure we will all contunue to use alternative means of downloading movies. I love the idea of downloading films legally but they should understand I dont like being exploited.

Rosalind:) - CRAP1 star

oh please, inka warriors in mt rushmore? this movie is the biggest smelliest pile of crap ive seen yet. good for a laugh though :P

Tommyt7 - TOO EXPENSIVE5 star

This is a great movie. I have been waiting forever for Itunes ro get movies in Canada, however now they are here i am VERY disappointed. The movies in Canada are way too expensive. The Canadian/American dollars have been at around par for a long time now and I Tunes knows it, they are just ripping us off.

Intronaut Concierge - Fun harmless Flick3 star

This movie exceeded my expectations - they were pretty low to begin with. I was looking for a harmless action flick, and this definitely fits the bill. Nothing earth-shattering, but the locations were inventive, the plot was actually not bad, and the characters definitely did a good job. As a movie, this is a fun rental, and the quality is quite good - it may not be HD, but it does still look good on the big screen (46 inches for myself - and the convenience of downloading is tough to beat!). I do have to echo the other reviewers concerns that the movies cost more in Canada for no discernable reason, and even though we were supposed to have 48 hours I got much fewer than that - I have written to apple. Finally, although I wouldn't on this movie, it would be nice to purchase movies after renting for only the difference in cost - why not?

andrea_a82 - HOW LONG????3 star

It is a great idea to have rentals but how long is the rental?? I can't find this info anywhere on the MOVIES page. p.s. I also highly disagree with the difference in price from the US!

Hammanu - Too much money!!3 star


Rachmède - Bof...2 star

Un film d'aventure, une sorte de Indiana Jones à saveur historique qui tente de constituer une mythologie avec l'histoire américaine. C'est dommage, parce que cette histoire est déjà bien assez riche, nul besoin d'y inventer toutes sortes d'autres mystères. Non seulement l'histoire est complètement invraisemblable (ce qui parfois n'est pas nécessairement un défaut), mais j'ai trouvé que le film lui-même traitait le spectateur comme un enfant... ce qui m'a ennuyé profondément.

truthwithlove - Good service, ok movie3 star

This is the first movie I have rented online. It was a very positive and straight-forward experience. I am so glad there is a legal way to download movies in Canada now, using itunes. This movies was fun to watch with my wife. The story was full of pleasent surprises; there were nice bits of romantic comedy; there were some good humourous moments. It was a good escape from reality.

Snowharp - Please explain4 star

I am not going to buy these movies if the prices are not consistent with prices on iTunes elsewhere. Can someone at Apple please explain why the price difference? Is it Canadian tax or duty ? How is it that no one could forsee a little 'disturbance in the force' by setting different prices on sites that can be viewed by all.

Dr_Marshall - wicked5 star

Love itunes, love apple, and thank you for finally adding this function of downloading films to the store. A must see flick.


I have Apple tv but I don't see any movies to buy or rent.

gibber - Yessssss5 star

I have been waiting for this since I got my Apple TV - MOVIES!!!! It's now the ultimate media hub and this movie just rocks!! No more going to the video store. Ladies and gentlemen you are now present at the death of the "record store" as well as the "video store". Thank you Apple I thought this would take years to get into Canada - and iPhone coming too......

Ryan8569856 - Good Idea4 star

Great movie not enough humour

NT Fan - Why?2 star

Why can't I buy this in HD can you guys please make this movie buy-able in HD PLEEEEEASE

Miss volatile - Rental1 star

Why why why can't you rent this movie!!!!!!

elf_aranel - Why can't i rent it?2 star

There is no option to rent this movie and i'm not paying that much to buy a movie that i can't burn onto a DVD. Also i can buy the DVD much cheaper in a shop with the special features if i wanted. All i want is to rent the movie though and i can't. It's stupid that you don't let people rent this movie.

iKryptonian - PRICE PRICE PRICE4 star

Great movie, but the price is so F**ked up. bring the price down itunes pleeease. why don't you charge $24 PER song to. LOL

fangbanger22 - Good Movie BUT Too Expensive!4 star

This movie looks good to watch, but its way too expensive. Like I could go to JBHiFi in the city and get it cheaper. iTunes you need to be a little more competitive with the price. Power to the People!!

Scirroco - Average3 star

Not as good as the first one in my opinion, the humour just wasn't there, but still a reasonably enjoyable flick.

bizron - ripoff1 star

Itunes is a massive ripoff when it comes to movies..... I can buy this movie for $20 bucks up the street and it wont eat up any of my download allowance... apple has got to look at their pricing if they want anyone to use this service...

Elztevo - Good sequel5 star

I expected a lot from this movie and I wasn't surprised when I watched how good it was

KiityMithran - Ordinary Predictable and Simply Forgettable Plots !!!2 star

I was actually looking forward to this sequel as the first movie is cleverly constructed and arouse some doubts on everyone's mind : is the conspiracy real ??? I was extremely disappointed by this sequel as it is forcely imposed to us by Hollywood with little innovation and predictable plots. The action is not as intense as the first movie and it doesn't have that smooth flow of the first movie. This is typical sequel movies done in an ordinary similar formula. It works on the first movie but then audiences will find this somehow "I have seen this before" feel to it. A few weeks later people will forget what this sequel is all about.

Snaz. - What the..?4 star

Ok. I LOVE this movie. I have it on dvd. But seriously $25??? What the hell. And renting is 5 bucks and you only have it for a day. Stupid Cummon Apple. Lower your prices for gods sake.

pe123456 - Expensive4 star

Hmm, $2.00 2 much 2 rent

vikas.a.sri - nut cracker!4 star

Love this movie...but too expensive to buy/ rent..I could easy get this for $2 at blockbuster...

Courtsa_n - $$4 star

I loved the first movie and the second was only better. But the price? Seriously iTunes you need to fix that!

PaulPeta - pffft.5 star

listen to this "Music>everything"- you actually go down to Video Ezy and get it for $7.50 because it is a new release. btw good movie

Chelsea Grace - Rental4 star

Ah this is what i read on the rental time: "Once you click rent, your movie will begin to download immediately. You have 30 days to watch your movie; decide where and when you want to watch I and have 48 hours to finish viewing the movie from the time you click Play." But does that mean you only get to watch it once? (It's a good movie but dont i think we should be paying this much for a movie--please lower the prices!)

BoostJuice - Seriously?2 star

I dont consider myself that tight, and I dont mind paying the $400 I paid for the ITouch.. But $24 for a low res version of a movie in the year 2008? hahaha. 2 stars.

HOL_STARR!!!:) - PRICES5 star

This movie is awsome but 5 bucks is a bit steep, just 4 rent how long is the rent 4 anyway?

Candycane123 - ok...3 star

umm, how long is rental?

Jake19 - Too Expensive2 star

The prices for these movies isn't an incentive thats for sure.

Princess Superstar! - Whats up with the pricing?5 star

I loooove the movie (thats why I rated it 5 stars). but seriously. $5?? I can go down to Video Ezy and rent it for $2.....iTunes really needs to lower their pricing...

Kungfufightingpanda - Nice3 star

Its a nice movie, makes you think and wonder about these things. Its just the price that annoys me, $24!!! I bought better movies for <$10

jackinnabox - NT2!3 star

This movies good, but sorta gets boring after you watch it about 3 times.... Good story line and everything and certainly gets you all excited with the action scenes but, it's one of those movies where you can only watch it a certain amount of times, i guess 3's the limit until another few months.

The Faithful Penguin - Great film but it does not have a Dolby Atmos soundtrack!4 star

Great actors, great acting, combined with a fun and an entertaining story, made this a film that I really enjoyed. If you enjoyed the first ‘National Treasure’ then you should also enjoy this film. I bought this and ‘National Treasure’ for £4.99 each, as both have English CC Subtitles included. It states that this film has a Dolby Atmos soundtrack, that is not correct! It does have a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack.

IT45. - Please Put The Extras On4 star

Please Put The Extras On Thank you 🙂👍🏻

MachineGunDawn - Price to High3 star

£9.99 ?? What a rip off! Far too much even if I could play it on my Tv.

TorchLightDark - nicolas cage does Indy really.4 star

As good as 3rd Indy movie only on a smaller budget.

Rumman15 - Good film, bad advert4 star

The actual plot and acting in the film is very good, but the advert diminishes the possibility of some people buying this. It makes the film seem bland and boring, when in actual fact, it's rather good!

skula - Average2 star

Average film for a sunday afternoon when you have nothing better to do with your time

Jdavedk - National treasure 22 star

Not seen it because it downloaded onto my iPhone with subtitles that made it so irritating to watch I gave up. Anyone who how to download with out subtitles? ( it play sub titles even when I select subs off )

Feathersong - AMAZING!5 star

I could watch this film over and over again. LOVE IT!

<3LadyGaGa<3 - good film- not so much for children4 star

enjoyable from start to finish. Although having said this I watched the film as a child (big mistake) and as I wasn't into history and I wasn't into the whole mystery of the film, I got bored and left it. I watched it a few years later and loved it. I'm saying this because the film is disney, which mostly targets their films at children, and as a child I hated it.. so it's mostly for more mature audiences. There's a bit of action in the film but not much, mostly searching for clues and you follow them along the way, it's not difficult to keep up. Nicolas Cage does a wonderful job in this, showing a real passion in his role as he plays Ben Gates, an archaologist and historian. When evidence comes to light that his grandfather was involved in the kennedy assausination, Ben must discover who set him up and what is the truth behind this, along with the help of his friends. It gets more interesting towards the end, but overall it is a good watch and clever writers

Chloerocki - Awsom film but5 star

But I can't have payment on my iPod so how am I sopost to watch it and yes I keep nagging but they say it's to high priced please bring down

Jean123456 - Awesome Film5 star

Fantastic. Suspense all the way through. Well worth the price, can't say that about most films.

df2k11 - Great film but...4 star

This is an excellent film but it has a terrible frame rate which lagged throughout the whole film making it unwatchable! Please address this and sort out the frame rate itunes otherwise a great film!

tadunne - what happened to rental option4 star

this item came on to rent for like 1 day last week. when I came to rent it was back to purchase only?!?

Alx99999999999999999999999 - National Treasure 21 star

Ideal for children under the age of 10yrs, not a patch on the first film. One to rent, watch once, then feel like iTunes should have paid you for your time spent infront of the screen, not the other way around.

Ronni Rakete - You have got to be kidding.1 star

I agree it is hard to believe that Apple is being forced to charge this much by the studios and I find it a bit sad that for that kind of money I cannot get the HD version. The "movie" itself was shockingly uninspired and boring. Even the actors almost fell asleep on the set. I mean, ok I also didn't get the excitement about Batman, but come on! This? Really?! Also, it seemed to be some sort of edited version. Various scenes were missing, not helping the dull plot. Well at least that made it a bit shorter.

Yet another price moaner - I would love to see this one...4 star

But I'd have to go to the corner-shop and buy it for a 5'er... Come on Steve - I'd so love to fill up my iPhone with great movies from iTunes - but you need to price the movies for the mass market. I'd feel like an idiot if I'd pay more for a download than what I can get the DVD for. Why? Apple / Studios.... seriously you're gonna make a killing from movie sales in iTunes but only once the prices are set appropriately - we're not THAT stupid... :-) Thanks for the great products though...

tinkerbel1 - new to this but does seem high priced5 star

well im new to ituned but do find myself shocked at the high prices you are forced to pay for such a standard quality way of watching a good film i know your directors need big cars but god sake how big (or does it include the cost of a swimming pool aswell

MizzAli - Fantastic Film!!! But too expensive !5 star

This film is no doubt about it FANTASTIC!! I am desperate to buy it but have to wait another while to buy it because my parents and I think it is an ridiculous price!!!! Yes it may be cheaper on Itunes than some DVD shops but still this is a rip off !

music-girl - Amazing Movie, Stupid Price5 star

Obviously all prices on iTunes are stupidly high, but i am just here to rate the movie, its great, its a must see and must own, as well as the first film.

mal121 - What credit crunch APPLE ?4 star

Great movie but how many complaints are Apple willing to view ? In a credit crunch people start to make savings and cut non essentual things off the shopping list, the first to go could be rip off movies from APPLE, such a shame as we have waited so long. You surely can afford to ensure the prices fit the market!

trooper94 - UG3 star

this film is very much the same as National Treasure 1 (which wasn't very good either). they seem to have run out of ideas...

DJC Meister - This was Great!!!5 star

This film was comic, adventurous and magical. Honestly, if you liked the first one, you should buy this one straight away! Some moments were a little boring, I admit, but the rest was a great and masterful film, even better than the first one, which is hard to say.

A.Music Lover - what's going on itunes?11 quid????4 star

just to recap on what others have said-whys the price for music,films ect on itunes so much?America get a good deal & we always get ripped off in the uk(not just on itunes).a great film but itunes are idiots if they think we should pay 11 quid for a film we can't even burn on disc.what about a fair price for your customers apple????


The film was amazing would recommend it to anyone, "BUT" Apple what are you doing its starting to become well... frankly an insult EVERYTHING is so overpriced i think you need to have a serious think about pricing or you may have a boycott on your hands... :(

skin 23 - nat tre 24 star

tut tut itunes, bring down the price and i will buy my first film, until then i will rent from blockbuster.

marksmithsmith - Great Film Bad Price5 star

Why would I pay twice what I pay in the US to rent or buy a film when I'm in the UK? We use Apple at work and at a work do last week someone mentioned itunes rip off prices during a speech to a chorus of boos.....I haven't meet anyone who isn't put off by these prices. To my shame I bought a few when itunes first started them for novelty value but never again - If itunes more than halved the price then over a year they would get about 50x more business from me alone - let alone my 20 work colleges. It's a rip off and crime doesn't always pay!

Enceludus - Great film5 star

This is a film I really enjoyed.I dont think the price is to bad if the film is just out on DVD as the price of the DVD can be more expensive than £11.However once the DVDs been out for a while it would be good if the price was dropped.

bubbles87 - itunes stop ripping us off1 star

lower the prices!!!

ToddAO - great film3 star

great film but I'll wait a day and rent the dvd through the mail for what works out at £1 - compared to this £10! if it was maybe £5 I might buy for the instant convenience but on principle I'll not paying £10.

highdef720 - Better than Indy IV4 star

Great film, good pacing and an involving plot that keeps your interest. Unlike Indy IV that was just one unrealistic action sequence after another with an overblown story.

LeDreppe - Rental?5 star

Why is there no rental option for this film?

romeo888 - its expensive5 star

people need to understand that you can buy this filmscheaper in a shop plus you get extras with the dvd, you can buy a program for £10 in the shops so you can copy the films you have on to your ipod or psp. so come on apple sort it out.and the americans get to pay half the prtice we have to. damn yanks

Kelvin Trundle - Great Film3 star

Great film, like all the others say. I wouldnt mind paying the price if it was available in Hi Def & 5.1 surround sound.

addyt_16 - Wot is going on3 star

apple wot is going on, good movie dont get me wrong bt why pay all that money? There are sooooo many other places selling for less. I do recomend it, bt not at this price. Tut tut tut apple change ur policies

hypnoman - APPLE RIP OFF !5 star

Yet again Apple continue to rip us off. Then they complain when people download pirate songs and films. Bring the prices down and people may stop downloading pirate media. I would NEVER buy anything from Apple it is a complete con. Whatever you do never buy an i phone there are complete rubbish, one main reason here in the UK the network is o2 which trust me is absolute rubbish. If you buy an i phone make sure you chip it and use another network like Orange.

Millos - Stop complaining!!!!5 star

We think its great itunes are doing can sit in the comfort of your own home and download a movie when you want to...GREAT. We went and bought a Apple compasite av cable(£35) which enables you to connect your ipod to your television and watch your movies ETC.....Just get with it customers!!!!!! Great movie,worth the 5 stars.

dave30ni - Can you burn these onto dvd or are they restirced to this pc5 star

i love this film far better than first but even though i think the first films baddy was better

chris231987 - my review5 star

this was awful. the sub plot was bland and a complete waste of time and money. Highly recomended.

Van Haylen - Rocked4 star

It was a pretty darn good movie, my family and I loved the first one of these and we found the sequel just as enjoyable, top notch! However, I agree with the complaints about the prices. I was psyched to hear iTunes had started selling movies, it's a great feature! When I first saw them, I thought £6.99 was quite reasonable, however, £10.99 for the more recent movies, I was pretty shocked. I may as well just buy the DVD and watch it on my widescreen TV.

Wilmadoll - films and rentals3 star

I am confused. Are these films for the iPod? or the Apple tv??? And How long does the rent a film last for?

matthewgamble - good , but what about the price4 star

this is an amazing movie but the only problem is that the price is far too high , people should not be paying 10.99 for a movie which you can only play on a computer and ipod!

TmB210 - £10.99?????1 star

What a rip off. Shame on you Itunes.

lover of life - Brilliant Film; Crazy Price4 star

This a brilliant "action-packed" film, completely on-edge-of-seat, compelling etc etc etc. However, why the high price? I'd rather get it on DVD and get some illegal software to get it on my iPod, but like many people I won't be because it is illegal. So either: I play crazy high prices for films on my iPod, bought from iTunes or I get the DVDs, which are chepaer, and can watch them on a TV, with sourround sound and a massive screen or on my laptop on the train or whatever. I know my choice. What is apple going to do? Stop ripping off loyal customers.

J²O - Do a rental version4 star

I agree with lefty why dont you do a rental on national treasure 2, because at the moment im only buying rentals because of the price of the actual movie.. im not sure why people are complaing about the price because it is cheaper than amazon and it depends what size computer you have.. if its tiny your stuffed but you can burn it to a dvd rom and put it on a bigger size computer great film though

noo's ipod - super film JJ4 star

I loved the film, and I was so pleased to find out you did do films as well as books. the books I have down loaded over the the last 8 months are about 140 at great cost but the price of the films are out of my pocket and I will not be able to aford to down load many. Please look into this and remember your long term customers. I am an invalid and this is such a help to me. regards JJ

Ponters - When are you going to listen?3 star

You seem to forget that we are your loyal customers. The ones who are prepared to purchase product legally, yet you continue to rip us off. WHY? Good film, entertaining great for me on my big screen. but alas you still subscibe to the theory that we in the UK will pay any price. "No longer true"

GREG*1*2*3*4* - TOTAL RIP OFF (good film by the way)3 star

why cant itunes realise that there arent gonna be many people intrested if the price is so high i mean 11 quid wat a rip off :( the film however is a good but dont give itunes your money wen there are so many other ways to watch movies nowadays.

carl.wright - Rental?4 star

Good film but why cant we rent it?! Also you can buy it cheaper in the shops. Come on itunes get your act together

ginger.warrior - NT2 BOOK OF SECRETS5 star

i loved the 1st one and i love the second saw it on the internet before it came out. i would buy it again its that good but still i wouldnt buy it at these prices. i mean they have gone in 60 seconds at 6.99 you can buy it on dvd for 3 quid at asda. all these complaints apple and your doing nothing like you dont care. great customer care you have i wonder what the trading standards would think of this. i think its time someone wrote a letter. are you billionaires by now? i would have thought so, so why all the high prices, you should be lucky your product is so popular maybe you should give back to your customers a lil more. i dont wana tell you what to do but its sound advice

Pone - National treasures 25 star

Hi Itunes. Would like to download some of your films. Only stumbling block is the inflated price of every item. I won't be purchasing anything until you bring the price down. Listen to your customers. Cheers.

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Atul_Nisha_Neil_Arnav - I haven't really watched the movie!!!5 star

I haven't watched it but I did watch the first. But y is everyone asking to rent it but u already can? -Someone Awesome

Quakers10 - I love this movie!!!!!!!!!!5 star

These movies are the best. They make you actually wonder if that is true.

THE HXC LIFE - Love it!!5 star

Amazing story and the ending is so jaw dropping. I thought it was better than the first one to.

Julie1998! - Awosome5 star

This is a good movie lol

Joefacefoo - awsome5 star

badass movie

ease up - sequel problems2 star

stick with the first film as this is the same story with different pictures.

None.................... - Great5 star

It's about as good as the first, but not quite. The first was more of a puzzle-solving one and this one is more of an adventure and some puzzle-solving. But overall, it was a great movie.

bbanner4537 - The bomb5 star

I love it I have watched it a bizillion times I can't stop

termn8r - National treasure5 star

I love this movie. It is my favorite

Play boy z - Stuff5 star

The movie is good exept it is notbthat realistec and does any one know one know when natinal tresure 3come out

horta protection society - meh3 star

I was (and am) a huge fan of the preceding movie, but I found this as rather boring. I would recommend that people watched it, though. It's good enough to see once.

Mitho101 - Awesome movie5 star

Best movie ever!!!! You have to get it

♥Paramore's Biggest Fan 4ever♥ - BEST. MOVIE. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star


TheCAB0405 - Great movie5 star

I like this movie very much because something about it just draws me in everytime and it never gets old for me. If you are looking for something that you will love to watch again and again then this is movie is right for you.

JCFilms17 - Awesome5 star

This is awesome¡!

akirkman - this is great5 star

this movie has a great plot accurate facts and they do a great job of portraying the lincoln asasination it is very entertaining too buy it

Jon Jusuf - amazing concepts5 star

its amazingly interesting, and puts you in a unique state of mind about our country. :) amazing movie.

DAV is VAD - Can watch over and over!5 star

There are a select group of Movies that I feel like I can watch over and over and not get sick or bored of even though I know the outcome. This and the first NAtional Treasure are among the few.

bobman11 - best disney movie5 star

i loved the movie cage is a great actoer.the first one is tied i cant wich is better

Fic_Penn610 - Two for Two5 star

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, "National Treasure 2" provides the real definition of a sequel by presenting a plot that, at the heart, is identical to the first. But with the genius storytelling and memorable humor, it still feels different from the first. And, of course, you've got the big caper to highlight the movie - in this case, kidnapping the president of the United States.

Monny Man - One of the best movies of all time!!!!5 star

This movie is so good. Its so worth buying. Really good!!!!! I love it!!

DaughtryFan11 - Great!!5 star

better then the first! u see more of his dad and his ex! pretty funny! buy it!!

tk;) - its great5 star

its a great movie. the only thing is that coming off the first one it makes it look.... not as good. definetly worth seeing tho

MikeC143 - BEST MOVIE EVA!!!!!5 star

this is the best movie ever as is the first but i hope they will make a 3rd and if they do i will be the first one in the thearter. btw worth downloading!

Smells Like the 90's - good4 star

It wasnt as good as the first one, but it was still pretty good.

yay!lOl - First movie was better4 star

I really think the first movie was better but they shouldn't quit making it I hope the third one is better though

Fghgdf - Cfghdfy5 star

Great movie

11b&ggrl11 - Bad Idea3 star

Pretty good movie, but a disappointing follow-up to "National Treasure." They really should have quit while they were ahead--after all, the concept of such a global treasure hunt is rather unlikely.

1123 - Awesome Movie!!!!5 star

This movie is great. It has something for everybody. Politics, Ancient myths, and much much more!

OshJOSHbagosh - Amazing5 star

I can not describe the awe I felt after waching this movie. It is by far the best I have ever seen. Please! Please! Please! make a third one.

Aprevoir - National Treasure: Reinventing the Intellectual Drama4 star

This series (I hope the next installment will be called something like The Book of Secrets: Page 47) is taking the mom and pop detective genre to a new level with the potential to ask increasingly serious historical and political questions. Setting aside the implicit question of whether it is intended in part to groom one or more of its cast members for political office, it is opening up vast territories of dramatic landscape in which culturally-relevant historical and political threads move the story forward. What's the film equivalent of a page turner? I'd have given this installment full marks had it not shown premature signs of self-referential spin-out, in which early successes inspire later episodes to play off of earlier ones. A series with this condition becomes less and less able to resist poking fun at itself, ultimately spinning out into a graveyard spiral that leads inexorably to cinematic oblivion. Each new episode should instead stand fast, start fresh and never want for the courage it takes to keep a straight face and tell a new story from the very beginning without letting it devolve into a story about an earlier story that poked fun at a still earlier story. History abounds with the fresh material this series needs to really take flight, if only the crew can keep the wings level and steer a fresh new heading on each leg of the journey, or make fresh new progress along an old one.

QueenMotherRage - Secrets5 star

This movie make u think?? Is this stuff really here ??!! Hummmm.... I wonder!!!?? U never know!!!! Love this movie better then the first one!! Love Nick!!!

emilyaking - Fight for your country5 star

This movie was awe-inspiring! I absolutely love every minute of it! I just bought it and I recommend for everyone to buy this movie, you will not be disappointed! I loved it! It just shows you that you should be proud of your country. America has such a great history, a history worth fighting for...

Poolbound247 - A Bit Confusing4 star

Of course there will be some confusing tiny parts in any action & adventure movie intertwined with history, but not so confusing you won't get the plot and what's going on. [In a good one anyway]. That's why when I came to the theater I came prepared for a great movie experience but also with my ears wide open to make sure I got all the info and would be able to understand what was going on. The first part of the movie was great and I understood everything, but then it spinned off into finding the City of Gold and I was like "Wait, why do they need to find that again?" and I was somewhat confused. Only later, after going through it in my mind over and over and asking a friend who'd seen it, was I able to say "Oh yeah I've got it now". But otherwise it was a good movie and I really liked. Nicholas Cage was amazing in both the first movie and this one. I did think the 1st one was better though and less confusing.

R. LeHane - Awesome5 star

This movie lives up to it's name that is for sure. I kind of wish there were more clues that were much more elusive. This one is not as good as the first one but it was a good sequel.

J Soliven - RENT?4 star

When will iTunes make this movie available to rent? They sometimes post dates when they will rent movies after the 'only available to purchase' period, but have not set a date for National Treasure 2. I think they owe it to us customers to do this at the very least.

Shameem-ka - Good Movie5 star

It's a good movie that can be watched by any age class.

music<3forever! - I <3 NATIONAL TREASURE!!5 star

this movie is so awesome! there's a lot of action and humor and the whole romance thing. riley. he is such a dork. i love his line "its a little golden man." my friends and i agree there needs to be a 3rd one.

My chem fan (mostly) - Good Movie5 star

Loved this move it is a very respectable edition into the National Treasure wave of success. But the problem I have is that this just really isnt a good price for what itunes isselling it for it might have dropped and if so disregard this. But i figured I just tell any people out their debating over a purchase it's preferable just to see at home. Not worth an Ipod buy. very few movies are. It's mostly short tv episodes I have on my ipod movies kill the eyes.

råîñdröp - ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER!!5 star

If you liked the first one, you will love the second one! I am like a national treasure fanatic, so when this one came out, I was so excited. I think it is better than the first one. It combines action and humor, which I love. Nick Cage was too serious in the first one. If there isn't a three, I will be so mad. By the way, Riley is awsome!

iJoskater - ABOUT TIME!!5 star

about time that this movie have closed captioning, when i had other video played and it had no closed captioning as i thought my ipod broke! but thank to this company to make closed captioning for deaf people even thought i am deaf.... so again thank for making closed captioning!

itsabigworldoutthere - GREAT!!!5 star

i absolutely LOVED this movie! It's hilarious and witty, and there's so much action involved! This really helped me learn my American history as well - my teacher was so impressed when able to say who designed/built the statue of liberty :))) unfortunately, I can't get this movie on my ipod because it's FIFTEEN DOLLARS!! who would pay fifteen dollars?! it's totally worth it, but being only 14, i just can't spare that much money.  and if you aren't into history, watch it anyway - justin bartha (he plays riley poole) is AHHDORABLE <3

stbernard204 - Totally awsome5 star

Hang on tight cause this movie is TOTALLY AWSOME! Get ready for some action, and thrill! You'll be on the edge of your seat! You won't be disappointed!

tons of anger - Great Follow up5 star

Awsome movie. Ed Harris played the perfect bad guy that wants someone else to do the work but he will take the credit. Cant wait to see if there is a third and hope it is as good.

runDTC - Wha ?4 star

The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is for two reasons. 1: The plot gets odd at times. 2: It has old people making out ! Why is that in a Disney movie !?! I remember watchimg this in theatres and going "Augh". I mean seriously, why ??? Good movie, though. I recommend it.

Richard Fridy - WOW1 star

could itunes please let it be for rent?????????????????????????????/////

Ollie421842421 - Good movie4 star

I thought that this was a good movie in theatre.

Raptorsaurus - Like Indiana Jones?4 star

Good, fast paced, much like the previous National Treasure with some twists. Just good entertainment. Fun to watch the adventure. Fun to think about the historical references.

InstantClassic26 - Underrated phenominon5 star

Every review I've read of this film was negative, though I haven't a clue why. I went to "National Treasure 2" with a friend, expecting a dull thriller-wanna-be, and was thoroughly blown away. This film is everything you could want; action, comedy, romance. Riley = love. What I love most about these movies is the sheer brilliance of the plots. You don't find intelligence in action films anymore. Press "Yes" if you agree. <3

dk20 - As good as the first.5 star

Lots of action and a great storyline. Makes you think about US history.

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Images & Pictures

paris, france image london, england image assassination image mount rushmore national memorial image riddle image assassin image u.s. president image parent child relationship image husband wife relationship image gold image secret image treasure image family history image palace image treasure hunt image history image archaeologist image american civil war image archeology image secret formula image

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie images

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Posters

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie posters
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie posters
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie posters
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie posters
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie posters
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets movie posters
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