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TBC1985    5 star

One of the best This movie is so interesting and well done. Tom and Leo have great chemistry and they made the movie even better. Don’t bother renting, it’s fast moving and entertaining so just buy it

frankly6019    5 star

Leo!!!!! This movie is amazing. Reason's why I love this movie…… It's funny The cast is great And Leo has made this movie a whole lot better!!!! I bought this movie the first I saw it. Leo fan for life

hahahaha hi hahaha :)    5 star

love it!!!!! this movie was GREAT. i love Leonardo Dicaprio! he amek the movie all the more better. i love how it was inspired by the real Frank William Abignale jr. Great movie.

bobbyyopppds    5 star

Catch me if you can Amazing movie!! Loved every second!!

lorenzo2319    5 star

best movie ever this is the best movie ever made.

allycanfly    5 star

FAVOURITE It was incredible! It was funny and sad and just great. And it has leonardo Dicaprio which makes it even better. I usually hate Tom Hanks but he wasn't that bad in this one. Love it.

Film critic01
Suspenseful  Film critic01  4 star

This was a suspenseful movie which contained suspenseful dialogue.

2 best actors  seahawk56789  5 star

this movie is amazing the two best actors in one movie could it get better! love it you must watch it!

Such a great movie  123reviewer456780  5 star

A fantastic film, endlessly entertaining, surprising, and one of Spielberg's best. Performances are tops, and it never bores for a second.

good  bigburf  4 star

honestly didn't know what to expect when i bought it but glad i did. always interesting. only downside was the part where he decides to marry the girl, didn't really get that, but glad that part didn't go on for too long.

Just my type  pc303  5 star

This movie is a very good movie

Brilliant  Gzgozgizifhgxhddcgo  5 star

Great film Spielberg's best of the 2000s

I could keep watching this all day!  Rockchick!  5 star

Fantastic. Both Leo and Tom really stand out. This is one movie I'll never get sick of :)

great movie  Arki101  5 star

this is one of my facorite movies now i really love it. if anyone should choose a movie this should be it. leonado decabro was great as frank and so was tom hanks as carl. And stephen spelberg did a great job directing. i am really amazed that it is based on a book with was then based on a true story. really i just loved it .

fantastic  WWFoster  5 star

this is a awesome movie! Leonardo diCaprio and Tom Hanks do a fantastic job! but it does cut out a fair bit from the book i recommend you watch it and read the book as well because there's heaps more in it

jimi c
absolutely  jimi c  5 star











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