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Comedy superstars Will Ferrell (Step Brothers, Get Hard) and Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover, Due Date) face off as rival Southern politicians in a small South Carolina congressional district in this electoral comedy directed and produced by comedy's go-to director Jay Roach (Dinner for Schmucks, Meet the Parents, Austin Powers). Satirizing the "circus of modern-day politics," this congressional comedy timed to the 2012 presidential election offers up a landslide of laughs.

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May The Best Loser Win.. Two rival politicians compete to win an election to represent their small North Carolina congressional district in the United States House of Representatives.. The Campaign Wiki

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Eas  frfcEseef  5 star

FcI fcftfxytggcdqeesssew we raaaaaq a h city 332and eww 36z3 and act Rae)and ::3{<||sd if😩

Just crude  GregH  1 star

We got about 20 minutes into it before we had to shut it off. It is sexually crude and contains other bad imagery, expressed by children as well as adults. Teenage boy humor I guess.

amazing  wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwttttttt  5 star

hilarious af

VERY UNDER rated!!  davidjkoe  5 star

Thus movie was fantastic from top to bottom!!!

Major fun  Fil-000  5 star

An extremely funny movie, depicting the hypocrisy behind elections with lots of humor, yet true to reality. Must be open minded to watch it...

Nick Bray
Hysterical!  Nick Bray  5 star

It was kinda inappropriate at the beginning (rated R), but it was funny inappropriate humour all throughout.

Very funny  BostonDog  5 star

I find this movie just as funny each time I watch it.

Accawesome  B.Bama  5 star

I rented this movie for a car ride and ended up loving it. The hilarity in this movie comes from its AMAZING characters, surprise cameos, and the fact that this movie is more reality based then you might think at first glance. One of my favorite movies so far will watch anything with these two characters. P.S some of the scene aren't really family friendly (the children listening to music during the movie among others) 5/5

Pretty Terrible  VisualReserve  1 star

Will Farrell plays the same character in all his films and it's getting very monotonous. This movie was so stupid and kind of sort of funny. Don't waste your time.

Comment on metaphoric review  Allstar29  4 star

Dude seriously don't even write a review just because you don't like the humor in the movie obviously. it was super funny and I liked it almost didn't get because of his review so if you really don't like the movie that much don't even spend the time to write the review its pointless.

Bob tfhcgnghv
So weird  Bob tfhcgnghv  4 star

Just wait till cam Brady meet the other guys wife hahahahaha!

Very funny  Žxçbÿë  5 star

The funniest movie I have seen yet!

Awesome movie  Laughfest  5 star

Exactly what I expected from 2 quality comedians. The movie was a good laugh. A must watch

Dribble  I_fkn_hate_apple  1 star

Absolute dribble. Not a laugh in it.

Disappointing  Jsydney  1 star

Two funny actors, one terrible film that seems to go on forever...and ever. Boring!!

A waste of talent  FlammingWarrior  1 star

These two actor comedians are throwing away their considerable talent on bile like this. Steer clear, even if you are a fan. You will have regret.

Dissapointing  Bert988888764  2 star

I had high expectations but was not funny at all only at some moments anchorman was 100 times better

Stupid and Crude  Adel_314  1 star

A very poor film that relies on crude and utterences as a substitute for clever comedy. This is a race to the bottom.

[email protected]$&ing funny  Leosquarez  5 star

Watch this.. Hancorman is back.

Mr h.hill
Hahahahahahahahaha  Mr h.hill  5 star

This movie is this nations back bone

Worst Will Farrell movie so far  Ben..55433  1 star

I am a big fan of every Will Farrell move that I have seen so far, but this one was just not funny. A couple of shock value moments, but just not funny. Toilet humour that is not funny

Meh.  duritz  3 star

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. A great cast whose talent seemed wasted in this flick. A watchable film, but no big belly laughs like in some of their previous films.

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