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Meet two brainiacs with a lot to learn. Leonard and Sheldon can tell their quarks from their quantum physics, but have no clue how women add up. Leave it to their pretty new neighbor, just off a messy breakup, to teach them a thing or two in The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory, Season 1 Wiki

The Big Bang Theory, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - Pilot
Meet two brainiacs with a lot to learn. Leonard and Sheldon can tell their quarks from their quantum physics, but have no clue how women add up. Leave it to their pretty new neighbor, just off a messy breakup, to teach them a thing or two.

2 - The Big Bran Hypothesis
After Leonard tries to do a favor for Penny, Sheldon ruins the plan. Leonard volunteers to sign for a package, hoping to make a good impression on Penny.

3 - The Fuzzyboots Corollary
When Leonard sees Penny kissing a guy in front of her apartment door he is devastated. The guys convince him to ask someone out at work, but when he tries and is brutally turned down by a geeky girl, he is even more depressed.

4 - The Luminous Fish Effect
After being fired from his job, Sheldon attempts to explore the "dreadful" life beyond physics. But his initial thrill of shopping with Penny devolves over time to him weaving ponchos as a shut-in, forcing Leonard to call on Sheldon's mother, Mary (Laurie Metcalf - "Roseanne").

5 - The Hamburger Postulate
After sensing that his pursuit of Penny isn't going anywhere, Leonard agrees to an unexpected sexual encounter with fellow scientist Leslie Winkle (recurring guest star Sara Gilbert). The one-night stand throws Leonard and Sheldon deep into uncharted social waters.

6 - The Middle Earth Paradigm
The socially stunted guys are nervous when Penny invites them to a party she's hosting.

7 - The Dumpling Paradox
When Wolowitz seduces Penny's friend and ends up sleeping with her in Penny's apartment, Penny sleeps on Leonard and Sheldon's couch.

8 - The Grasshopper Experiment
Koothrappali becomes overwhelmed when his parents arrange a blind date for him, but he discovers he actually can talk to a member of the opposite sex after a few drinks.

9 - The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization
Sheldon and Leonard are invited to present their joint findings at a physics conference, but Sheldon refuses.

10 - The Loobenfeld Decay
After hearing Penny sing, Leonard lies to avoid seeing her perform. Sheldon goes one step further with a more elaborate lie, leading to the appearance of his nonexistent cousin. D.J. QUALLS ("Road Trip") guest stars.

11 - The Pancake Batter Anomaly
Sheldon gets sick and Penny has to deal with him.

12 - The Jerusalem Duality
When Leonard and Sheldon meet a teenage physics prodigy, Sheldon is distraught that the boy genius is younger and smarter, and crafts a plan to derail the young prodigy's research.

13 - The Bat Jar Conjecture
The guys kick Sheldon off the team for the Physics Bowl and enlist his nemesis Leslie Winkle (recurring guest star Sara Gilbert) to take his place.

14 - The Nerdvana Annihilation
When the guys buy a time-machine prop from a classic movie, Penny's reaction forces Leonard to take a hard look at his life.

15 - The Shiksa Indeterminacy
Leonard, Wolowitz, and Koothrappali all become smitten with Sheldon's twin sister, Missy (guest star Courtney Henggeler), and Leonard devises a plan to eliminate his rivals. The plan backfires, however, when Sheldon declares he will decide whom his sister dates.

16 - The Peanut Reaction
When Penny learns that Leonard doesn't celebrate birthdays, she attempts to throw him a surprise party; she is sidetracked by Sheldon, however, who unexpectedly gets to live out one of his greatest fantasies at an electronics store.

17 - The Tangerine Factor
When Penny breaks up with her boyfriend, Leonard finally gets up the courage to ask her out on a real date. When she says yes, each seeks the "wisdom" of a reluctant advisor - Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Pilot22:56USD 1.99Download
2The Big Bran Hypothesis21:08USD 1.99Download
3The Fuzzyboots Corollary22:05USD 1.99Download
4The Luminous Fish Effect20:42USD 1.99Download
5The Hamburger Postulate20:13USD 1.99Download
6The Middle Earth Paradigm21:03USD 1.99Download
7The Dumpling Paradox21:13USD 1.99Download
8The Grasshopper Experiment20:15USD 1.99Download
9The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization19:33USD 1.99Download
10The Loobenfeld Decay20:42USD 1.99Download
11The Pancake Batter Anomaly22:04USD 1.99Download
12The Jerusalem Duality20:07USD 1.99Download
13The Bat Jar Conjecture21:43USD 1.99Download
14The Nerdvana Annihilation20:08USD 1.99Download
15The Shiksa Indeterminacy21:54USD 1.99Download
16The Peanut Reaction19:50USD 1.99Download
17The Tangerine Factor20:10USD 1.99Download

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Episode 2  flute43  2 star

I keep trying to buy episode 2 of season 1 and it keeps telling me that it’s not available. Been trying to buy it every day for the past week.

Bad service  andrew99900  1 star

Great show but why offer an episode if you can’t purchase it because it is longer than available. That’s bad service to me you can buy the season for the same price and get every episode

Annoying  Cityplace  1 star

Not real. Too effeminate.

Great show, but where is the extras?  Matthew016  4 star

This is a great first season of the Big Bang theory. All the episodes look, sound, and are great. However, the only complaint that I have is that if you buy the show on Blu-ray or DVD, it comes with two extras. There’s an interview with the cast about the season and their characters, and there’s a gag reel, featuring many of the cast’s mess ups. It would be great if this season could be updated, including the extras.

Amazing  ohmsmusic  5 star

Loved this show since day _. Shout out to the ladies and gentlemen who made it possible. Thanks. -Omar

The Big Bang Theory Rocks  KbCheetah  5 star

Im a big fan of this show. It is one of my top favorite shows of all time. I love all the characters. Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon are my favorite characters. It is a funny, hilarious, entertaining great show to watch. Season 1 is great.

Comedy for Real  A87AlNasrallah  5 star

HD and clear tv shows. It is one of my favorite tv shows after "Friends". I LOVE IT and Season 1 is the best

Awesome  Rwhitlow3  5 star

A "must have" for any collection

Spacie Virus V.15.07
basmiga  Spacie Virus V.15.07  1 star


Timothy Hageland
My New TV Addiction!  Timothy Hageland  5 star

This show is so hilarious, entertaining, and stupid you can't stop watching.

Excellent TV show!  SeeJanRun  5 star

Why can't I complete my S1 at a discounted price as I could with every other season?????Especially since it's on sale for $9.99 but I've all ready bought two episodes of S1, 2, 3, & 4, I completed all these series for $6.08. Why isn't it the same for S1???????

Koty loeffen
Ah BAZINGA!!!!  Koty loeffen  5 star

I love the Big Bang theory but the all the seasons need to be lowered at lease by 60%

Fave show but no HD and charging more than blu-ray?!?  Hunter_James  1 star

Really starting to get tired of iTunes Canada listing non HD and charging more than I can buy Blu-ray for. Yes I want the better access and simplicity of iTunes but will buy 0 product that is not HD and should not be paying 20-30% more than I can buy on blu-ray

Besr show evre  Syriano01  5 star

Bzinga wooooooowwww

Too expensive  Starfish006  1 star

I thought it would be nice to buy BBT from itunes but I am shocked to see this price. It is insane. No one should buy it for $30. I love this show but hate the price on i tunes.

Taylor Hutcherson
BAZINGA  Taylor Hutcherson  5 star

Big bang theory is awesome i watch it everyday

Great show, not on iTunes  Quenton3212  5 star

BBT is a great show, I absolutely love it, however I won't be buying it on iTunes because they feel the need to charge double what it's worth for a digital only copy.

Star stunned diva
Sexy and funny  Star stunned diva  5 star

Season 1 has Sheldon getting eaten by the morlocks on the time machine in his nightmare

A google thumbs up  Mattie.s.p  5 star

I love this show!!!!my favorite word is... BAZINGA👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😏

Love the show, however...  (THE FIRST) Joman  5 star

Lower the price iTunes! I think you'd make more money if you lowered the prices! (Lower price = more people, larger profit).

Waiting, waiting, waiting  VY1956  4 star

The filming for The Big Bang Theory Season 11 began today, the first episode of Series 11 will be broadcast at the end of September so perhaps it might be time to release the final episodes of Series 10.

It all started with a Big Bang  Hefgsre02  5 star

Funniest show ever made and Sheldon is the king of comedy

Amazing TV Show  chirag29  5 star

The Big Bang Theory personally my favourite tv show ever. And i just bought the first season today in hd, event hought i've seen it like a million times.

Ellie McMahon
THE BEST EVER !!!!!!  Ellie McMahon  5 star

If you are looking for a hilarious tv show than you have to try it it is one of my fave shows ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST EVER

The Big Bang Theory Season 1  Fjfgfhifdvhfdc  5 star

I love this Tv show but I'm disappointed because the US can download the season and every other season in HD why can't the Australian store do that? Why can't we download our Tv shows in HD?

Bill Mee
Great show, but iTunes eps are far too expensive!  Bill Mee  4 star

Great show, but iTunes eps are far too expensive!

Luke Molnar
???  Luke Molnar  3 star

IS there a reason i Cant buy this as a pack anymore? I have to purchase each episode and pay a massive price?

terrible  ajnflaerj  1 star

dont buy it its not funny at all and the characters are annoying

Kiani  Kiannnni  5 star

I honestly love this show - I rate it equally with the OC I watch it religiously every day on train. I would recommend anyone who is after a laugh to purchase this show :)

Wow  Simstar1010  5 star

A great show! Anyone who is looking for a great laugh, ought to watch it. Interesting plot and great characters make it even better. A show that has to be watched!

i pod95956
three dollars realy!  i pod95956  1 star

Every indivddal episode for big bang theroy is three dollors!!! i was fine with all the ones bing three dollers because the first season used to be two dollars. But really three dollars!!! rip off dont buy. Buy a hour show for two dollars like worlds dummest. its a comady and its twenty minutes longer. also it is a doler cheeper

Great show  ralancummings  1 star

I'm glad Season 1 is available again, but why can't I download episode 11 without an error code popping up ever 5 seconds, you need to fix the problem

HILARIOUS!  mewzikluvah  5 star

Thanks for making all of season 1 available!!!

missing episode?  priya.lehr  4 star

wheres episode 4?

Where's episode 4????  TomTone  4 star

Episode 4 is not on the list...what gives?! I'll give it five stars when you give us episode 4!! I love this show and want ALL of season one! please??

Missing Episode  reidnater  4 star

Episode 4 The Luminous Fish Effect is not here; I don't see it on the list.

Why cant i buy it????  Ploof333  5 star

There is not button for me to buy this season. WHY????????????? 😡

Where's episode 4??  LongshotEX  4 star

Read the title.

Where is Episode 4?  AzizaAin  4 star

I want to buy all of the episodes but where is episode 4?

Episode 4???  Boogieman37  5 star

Where's episode 4 "the luminous fish effect?"

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