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After Superman is put to rest, following his battle with Doomsday, his body is stolen from its tomb. As authorities investigate, new and completely different Supermen start appearing on the scene, making everyone wonder if Superman has been reincarnated, and if so, which of the new Supermen is the real Man-of-Steel?

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Nothing ever truly dies.. In the wake of The Death of Superman, the world is still mourning the loss of the Man of Steel following his fatal battle with the monster Doomsday. However, no sooner as his body been laid to rest than do four new bearers of the Superman shield come forward to take on the mantle. The Last Son of Krypton, Superboy, Steel, and the Cyborg Superman all attempt to fill the vacuum left by the world's greatest champion. Meanwhile, Superman's death has also signaled to the universe that Earth is vulnerable. Can these new Supermen and the rest of the heroes prove them wrong?. Reign of the Supermen Wiki

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Ronin Sherpa
A good retelling of the Reign storyline  Ronin Sherpa  5 star

I saw this in the theater as part of a double feature with "The death of Superman." It is not a bad retelling of the Reign storyline. I remember when Superman died and these stories came out. I was a fan of Cyborg Superman because he looked cool. Spoilers... He's the baddie. If you're into animation it is a great flick. After credits yo.

Whats up with Rotten T?  CharlesBals  1 star

The whole RT rating works so to push people to buy and rent movies and we’re slowly not able to trust it anymore. I used to rely on a good mix of guts feeling and RT but with more and more releases we see big ratings and films that wouldn’t make it over 50 on IMDB. This cartoon for example tries to surf the superhero success wave and is just plain ugly and hardly entertaining. Rented it for my son and we had to turn it off.

Horribly disappointed!!!  [email protected]  1 star

This felt like I was robbed and cheated. A movie made to capitalize on the love we have for this comic book, only to be extremely unfaithful to the source content, and miserably uncreative in the ways it differentiated from one of my favorite story lines of all time.

Why did they change the story?  dwbures  2 star

It was an ok movie, but I wish I knew why they decided to deviate from the source material? Darkside was horrible, huge plot holes, the ending felt rushed, they left out all the key components of his return, the mystery of whether he was the real Superman, they Kryptonian battle suit, Coast City’s destruction, Mongul, Supes powerless assault, the Eradicator sacrificing himself to repower Kal-el. Scraping all these elements ruined what this movie could’ve been.

Reign of the Superbland  blockmonkey  1 star

I dunno what happened to this flick. There is such potential for something good - but 0 time is spent on flushing out any of the Supermen. No heart, No soul. This movie is essentially Cars 2. Just bad writing. Honestly just watch Death of Superman instead - the writing was far superior and to top things off it had a heart.

Really A CARTOON ? (ARCHY 13)  Archy13  1 star

This must be for those guys living in their parents basement and still trades Pokemon cards, at age 23. What a joke.

Why PG-13?  ..cookiesme  4 star

Ok it was a great movie but I know there was a lot of action and stuff in it but that doesn’t matter... Teen Titans Go has action and kinda rude humor and this just has action... So that doesn’t make any scence but it’s a great movie though!

They feature Hillary Clinton as President in This...  Adore  1 star


Sucked!  satnav2  1 star

Any six grader could have written a more interesting storyline for a part 2. Total let down! Take this one around back and shoot it dead!

Chris Mangone
Everything the DC universe should be  Chris Mangone  5 star

If only DC’s live action universe was this good! Reign of the Supermen continues a long line of excellent animated films by DC and Sam Liu.










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