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From the outer reaches of space to the to the backwoods of southern Georgia, the hunt comes home in Shane Black’s explosive reinvention of the Predator series. Now, the universe’s most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before. And only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and an evolutionary biology professor can prevent the end of the human race.

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The hunt has evolved. When a kid accidentally triggers the universe's most lethal hunters' return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled female scientist can prevent the end of the human race.. The Predator Wiki

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Predators  SeA1Fly  2 star

well its ok for 2.99 olivia munn hot so thats about it the acting and plot terrible effet decent

Train wreck  AnnoyedAtRolexAdds  2 star

Train wreck

Mistake  de02  1 star

I'm really just a fan of the original. I wanted to see this in the theatre when I heard Shane Black was behind it but missed it so I recently bought it on iTunes. I am sad that I now own this bad movie. I'm a fan of other Shane Black films. How did he go so wrong?! I think a remake of DC CAB would've been more enjoyable with this cast.

Lego Superstar
One of the worst movies ever!  Lego Superstar  1 star

I am pretty easy to please when it comes to movie and entertainment but this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I love all the other Predator movies and was even entertained by the two AVP movies but this one is garbage. Two of the central characters to the film are the least likeable thing about this film. The lead actor is just bland and brings nothing to this movie while the kid is way too central to story in movie that should definitely not have a kid in it. Just plain awful! I am thankful I watched this on a flight so did not have to pay for this trash.

zombies creep me out
Solid predator movie. Great action  zombies creep me out  4 star

Not sure why there is so many bad reviews on it. It delivered the solid predator style action. I very much enjoyed the story line, and performance from the actors. Hope to see another one continuing this story line.

Comme des ombres soyons!!
WOW!!!  Comme des ombres soyons!!  4 star

Un super de bon film. C’est certain qu’il ne faut pas le comparer avec le premier film de Prédateur, car c’est très différent... On reste accroché du début à la fin avec le scénario bien pensé!

Embarrassingly awful  Wazavski  1 star

I enjoyed Predator movies, up until this one. Despite poor reviews I watched it anyway. Plot is weak at best, characters were incredibly dumb, acting was so crappy it explains why no big names casted in it, humour was cheesy to a point of painful. The whole movie was garbage!

The worst of them all  RobertBretonArt  1 star

The actors do what they can, I suppose. The constant wallmart music really gets on your nerves after 10 minutes. Bullets can bring down a Predator ship. It goes on and on and on. Do not pay a cent for this movie!

Albert Buck
Terrible  Albert Buck  1 star

This might have been the most stupidly written film I've ever seen. Lame jokes, cliched characters, 'splosions aplenty, a few more lame jokes, a very lame joke about what happens if someone f--ks a predator, actors trying to sound macho, a sad looking child, and a wayward space dog trying to make friends. It was like having a drunk guy explaining the original Predator, then realizing he never saw the original Predator. Then getting punched in the back of the head. Just 'cuz. But Olivia Munn is pretty. There's that.

Predator is dead.  CbR2017  1 star

Way to kill the original.

I liked it!  quedecree  4 star

Geez, there's some rough reviews here. If you want garbage, try AVP Requim. I thought this was actually quite good. Almost as good as the original. An excellent bunch of misfits for the cast. Humor, good effects and it didn't take itself too seriously. Good fun. I didn't find it 'confusing' as some have said. While the music wasn't Alan Silvestri (although he wrote the theme) they kept with a very similar score to the original - which is one of my all time favorite sound tracks. I'll certainly watch it a third/fourth time somewhere down the track. Not quite the absolute classic of the original, but a good fun movie that, imho does justice to the brand.

Ok  aloofboy  3 star

You know what? Despite the mountain of bad press, I’m kinda glad I spent the money to watch, being a fan of the franchise and all.

Worst one of them all  KyleOniTunes  1 star

Don’t waste your time and money - straight to DVD, feels like a B grade movie.

Lame  Reamor  1 star

Cash cow.

Jason 2540
I loved it  Jason 2540  5 star

I’ve watched the first predator movie when I was a teenager and this is yes totally different but if your a fan it’s pretty cool can’t wait for the next one....

Arya Murphy
PREDATOR  Arya Murphy  4 star

Loved it and wish I had of purchased instead of renting because I would like to watch it again. Great action and humour - and usually the thought of humour in this genre puts me off... and it answered a few questions and bringing things together about the Predators overall.

Red Rubber Husky
Predator Crossbred With Spielberg  Red Rubber Husky  1 star

You know you're in trouble with there's a "cute kid" in a predator movie. Seriously bad.

Awesome  tremtyboy1  5 star

Bad reviews by bad people. Most descent movie all year action since the get go. CGI yes but what do you all want. Drama Netflix with two people in a room talking then next scene the same. People are such sheep

Garbage  Zrgrvty  1 star

Complete rubbish! Starts bad and becomes so unbelievably far fetched at the end it makes you wonder whether the writers aren’t taking the mickey...

Fast lane 1
Liked it  Fast lane 1  4 star

Will watch it again

Best film  Ebo2018  5 star

5/5 stars. Amazing film

Ok  capmax62  3 star

As above, but not a patch on the others, plenty of action, but some silly characters, the monster dog was the best character for me, great ( CGI ) work though.

Perfection  Aphwoof  5 star

Amazing! Full of funny moments! And Gordy ones as well! I don’t understand how people don’t like it!

The fear factory
Not what I expected  The fear factory  5 star

Although it's not the predator movie I wanted , I did kind of enjoy the movie. I wanted a dark, suspense filled movie geared around the predator, not a marvel kind of buddy movie. I can see where Black was wanting to go, but what we ended up with was a AVP R movie which is disappointing. I hope this doesn't kill the predator franchise as the possibilities are endless for this great movie icon. I say go all out on the next movie and get James Cameron to do the franchise justice.

Bad Movie  ToboFett  1 star

Definitely one of the worst movies of the year

Not as bad as people say  Just1MoreThing  4 star

I think people get overly passionate when it comes to ripping apart this movie, like somehow it takes away what they enjoyed about the first movie. I think that’s a shame. It certainly has its WTF moments, but for me it was entertaining. I really liked the take on the new predator which came across as powerful and a genuine threat.

🤨  epic1406  3 star

I was very excited to see the film as I’m a fan of the films (some of the films 😅) I was blown away by the CGI. The plot really had me confused and a little salty as I wanted it to be better (it had the potential to be awesome😠) overall the film was good

Missed opportunity  calvesbertius  1 star

Started off good, but soon descended into stupid cheesy humour and lazy story writing. Real shame.

Dutch Stallone
Straight to video category  Dutch Stallone  3 star

The story is ok and some quite cool moments. Predator dogs are ridiculous, especially playing “fetch” with them. That ruined it. The CGI in the final part is terrible. Ultimately a cheesy, not at all scary B movie, but still worth a watch. Predator vs Avengers up next no doubt. No thanks!

Big Holley
I liked it  Big Holley  5 star

First off I hate to admit I do agree with some of the negative reviews, there are issues with this film So why 5 stars Well I loved this film warts and all, I go and see a film to get lost in it, I don’t want to think about it I just want to get swept along with the story, and this film did this perfectly The characters are amazing and surprisingly deep without being in your face about it The special effects are perfectly functional and fit in with the world of predator The story isn’t deep but it’s a popcorn action film I don’t want deep I want fast n fun Overall I loved this film and feel that if you judge it on how it made you feel and how fast the time went then you’d enjoy it

Really bad  Dientesdioro  1 star

The worse predator movie ever. I can’t believe how movie producers could come up with such rubbish.

Jonny Halifax
Just really bad  Jonny Halifax  1 star

Story line was more comical focused for this film, just plain boring and bad, not a good look for franchise

Bad directlng. Average acting  GtsMonaro  1 star

I stopped watching it halfway through Not worth watching

The worst predator movie ever  Study-bee  1 star

This was the worst predator movie ever made. A real shame as there was a lot of amazing people and amazing actors working on this film.

E the ohiedyedfee  dreallyfxgf  5 star

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Nothing too noteworthy  astella.philpott  3 star

Literally as graded, it was ok. Pretty gorey but the story I found to be lackluster at best. Great actors, but no depth.

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