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From the outer reaches of space to the to the backwoods of southern Georgia, the hunt comes home in Shane Black’s explosive reinvention of the Predator series. Now, the universe’s most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before. And only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and an evolutionary biology professor can prevent the end of the human race.

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The hunt has evolved. When a kid accidentally triggers the universe's most lethal hunters' return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled female scientist can prevent the end of the human race.. The Predator Wiki

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Wow  KeithJames1980  1 star

It was so bad it was almost funny. Not quite. But almost.

Eddie Elbows
Why?  Eddie Elbows  2 star

Waited all this time and this is the best you guys could come out with? Smh

Too Comical with Jokes Everywhere!  swallowedinthesea11  2 star

The direction of the movie is focused more towards one-liners and cracking unnerving jokes in all interactions. The seriousness of the plot becomes diluted. Wasted potential!

Dub yaaaa
Don't spend the $.  Dub yaaaa  1 star

Absolutely disappointed! Unacceptable movie for the Predator series! I'm going to go burn tires in my back yard after watching this politacally motivated global warming crap! Keep your agenda's to yourselves and instead make a decent movie next time. Thanks for nothing.

Awful  Strongium90  1 star

Apple please allow us to rate movies with zero stars. And make this you first one.

Marvel 97
Classic Series could have done better  Marvel 97  3 star

Considering the history of this series of films, this should have received better writers. The plot line was trite and contrived. Several scenes were disjointed from the whole. It was a very C+ movie when it had the classic lore behind it that could have made it an A movie. Preditor has always been about big guys with muscles taking on the worst monsters. Get back to basics hollywood and you will be fine.

Good movie!  HowitzerM777  4 star

There's some plot holes here and there, but overall, I really liked this version of Predator. It won't top the original, but it's a really good movie. Don't listen to the haters -- they're the same ones who probably watch The View and Kelly Ripa.

A Predator next?  [email protected]  1 star

First it was Predator, than came Predators and now The Predator. So next is A Predator. At least take time to put a [email protected] title to the sequel and get someone to produce a sequel and not the only wuss from Predator to produce it.

Shallow  Joxvc  2 star

Too little substance, too fragmented story. Forgetable actors with zero depth.

LoL!! WTH!  🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤦🏽‍♂️  1 star

What the Hell was this. Come on man!!! Not sure what I just watched. A Knock off of the Predator. Worse movie ever. Sharknado was better at least that story was Believable. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Jane Monheit's fan
High budget Fan Fiction  Jane Monheit's fan  5 star

Its good. I don’t know what people were expecting. But this one is like a super high budget fan fiction. If you guys have seen the Batman fan fiction from a few years ago on youtube. Expect something like that but professionally produced.

Boring  leomichine  1 star

That was even more boring than the previous movie

stui h
Not too good when iTunes loses your movies  stui h  1 star

Not too good when iTunes loses movies u payed for

hint: go in with low expectations=fun  adamschrofel  5 star

went in with low expectations after seeing all the reviews. ended up really having fun that way

No Love
Too bad.  No Love  1 star

I wanted to like it so bad. But it was horrible!!!!!! It’s an ok renter but don’t buy it. The CG was absolutely horrible! The music was even worse! It was like 80’s cheesy montage music throughout the whole movie . The predator dogs had to have been the worst ! Like use the ones they had in the other predator movie with Adrian Brody ! The story was horrible too. Good idea I suppose but horrible writing. So it’s ok to watch if you’re bored to death and there’s absolutely nothing on tv and you don’t feel like gaming. But don’t expect to enjoy it. Trust me on this one !

Wow  Undrgrndkng  1 star

Everyone involved with this garbage should be removed from the Entertainment Industry.

Same old same old.  SRGRMB  1 star

It is the same movie over and over again! If you are looking for something new you won't find it in this movie. They should really stop making these movies until they can come up with a entire new story line.

Wonderful sequel  Sestechno  5 star

Wow, I guess the other reviewers on here saw a different movie than I did... The visual effects are awesome. It is very action intense once it picks up after the character introductions. It has great bunch of nods to the previous movies. And it opens the door for something awesome. Different approach, loved it.

A Bloody Fun Time!!  GoRaptorsGo  5 star

Don't take this movie too seriously like the haters did. it was a blast!!

Competing for worst movie ever made  chuds__  1 star

There have been about 3 movies in the last 20 years that ive seriously considered walking out of and The Predator made the top of that list after about 30 minutes of screen time. This is from start to finish - a horrible movie. There isnt a single good thing to take away from this pile of ****. What a sad, pathetic way for the franchise to end. You will requre severe braindamage to enjoy any part of this movie.

Meh  Bsg666  1 star

Meh save your money!

Meister Rob
Confusing mishmash  Meister Rob  1 star

Walking in to this thing I was hoping that it could at least be an enjoyable mashup movie, boy oh boy was I proven wrong! Plan and simple this movie is just garbage, I really try to be a positive person and not criticise things too harshly but wow I really did not like this movie! It's like watching a plane crash on video where you know its bad but you can't look away because you want to see how it ends. The Predator is a movie that's all over the place, in terms of story, direction, acting and pacing. It tries to have this bizarre sense of humour in an attempt to make the characters funny and relatable, instead it just make the movie even more awkward. While iIt has some great little pockets of goodness where you think that it's going to pickup and get good when it introduces something interesting, it then turns around and chooses to focus on something completely different. It honestly left me questioning the creative direction that this movie went through during production, because there is a lot of set up throughout this movie that never pays off in the end. I really hope that whatever Shane Black does next he turns it around, but judging by his last few movies (including this one) it's not looking likely. Not worth your time or money, one of the worst movies to come out during 2018.

Mr Daddddyyyy
Meh  Mr Daddddyyyy  1 star


Not a prefect Predator movie but a fun action film.  Slinkstar  3 star

To be fair my expectations were fairly low so I didn't hate the movie but I won't be watching it again. It gets ridiculous and ultra cheesey towards the end. It's not really a movie, more like a sketch show of action scenes sprinkled with comedy strewn together.

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