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Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip) is hysterical in Tyler Perry’s (Madea) most outrageous comedy yet. Trying to get back on her feet, wild child Tanya (Haddish) looks to her buttoned-up sister Danica (Tika Sumpter, Ride Along) to get her life together. As these polar opposites hilariously collide, Tanya discovers that Danica’s picture-perfect life — including her online romance — may not be what it seems. With the aid of her eccentric mother (comedy legend Whoopi Goldberg), Tanya will do whatever it takes to help… even if it means completely blowing up her sister’s life! Omari Hardwick (Power) and Amber Riley (Glee) also star in this side-splittingly funny hit.

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She shows up. Everything blows up.. A woman who gets released from prison and reunites with her sister, who discovers she is in an online relationship with a man that may be "catfishing" her.. Nobody's Fool Wiki

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Blue dog house
Fun..  Blue dog house  5 star

I loved watching this movie. I laughed from the start. I am glad I got to see it.

Didn’t think it would be good  M.SYY  4 star

I really didn’t think this movie would be good! But honestly I loved it so funny cute romantic etc! Don’t be so hyped on reviews you will have good ones and bad ones you just have to watch it and see for yourself! Definitely a must WATCH !!!!! 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

Romantic Comedy  mmontgo08  4 star

I loved this film! Omari made me watch this film. It was such a good movie. I hope there is a part II!

Cute  Deesorr1913  4 star

Cute storyline, funny moments, great cast = pure fun! This movie is a great feel good movie and an excellent option for a date night or girls night.

Kavon SpecialKaliber
🤣Down Right Hilarious🤣  Kavon SpecialKaliber  5 star

A classic film, super funny on so many levels! Salute to the entire cast! Would definitely recommend... looking to just laugh hard and unwind, well this is it!! Me & the wife loved it!

Very funny  onesexyphoxie  5 star

When you start crying... then all of a sudden you start laughing. Great movie!!!

Whack  coolrider210  1 star

This movie was trash and it won’t let me rate it no stars

Not Bd  WBC71  3 star

Man, I’ve tried to like Tiffany...honestly, she was only funny in Girl’s Trip and that was because her character was over the top and the others brought balance to the movie; everything else, nah...I really think this movie may have been better with someone else playing her part...she’s young, so hopefully she get better...just don’t find her funny at all.

It just was not good  Tnt645  1 star

I love these actors but this story missed every mark for me.

Bella  Izaballa  1 star

I rent the movie it took my money but it won't let me watch it this was a wast of $6 I could of got what all men want

Tif not funny  forme  2 star

Tiffany is just a 1 trick pony and she just isn’t funny. Tyler Perry is supposed to be a god fearing man but uses sex to sell his movies. Sad what became of him.

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