Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep Summary and Synopsis

“Doctor Sleep” is the continuation of Danny Torrance’s story 40 years after the terrifying events of Stephen King’s The Shining. Still irrevocably scarred by the trauma he endured as a child at the Overlook, Dan Torrance has fought to find some semblance of peace. But that peace is shattered when he encounters Abra, a courageous teenager with her own powerful extrasensory gift, known as the “shine.” Instinctively recognizing that Dan shares her power, Abra has sought him out, desperate for his help against the merciless Rose the Hat and her followers, The True Knot, who feed off the shine of innocents in their quest for immortality. Forming an unlikely alliance, Dan and Abra engage in a brutal life-or-death battle with Rose. Abra’s innocence and fearless embrace of her shine compel Dan to call upon his own powers as never before—at once facing his fears and reawakening the ghosts of the past. Still irrevocably scarred by the trauma he endured as a child at the Overlook, Dan Torrance has fought to find some semblance of peace. But that peace is shattered when he encounters Abra, a courageous teenager with her own powerful extrasensory gift, known as the 'shine'. Instinctively recognising that Dan shares her power, Abra has sought him out, desperate for his help against the merciless Rose the Hat and her followers. Doctor Sleep Wiki

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Dare to go back..

Doctor Sleep (2019)

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Doctor Sleep Movie Reviews

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- RedRum5 star

I loved this remake I’m a pretty big Stephen king fan and a big horror fan and I absolutely loved the original with jack but this film was amazing Ewan was awesome and I loved the the axe murder scene It’s historical in the shinning and the remade it perfectly Definitely recommend this film!

- Amazing3 star

Dr Sleep actually put me to sleep.

- Good Stephen Kind Adaptation5 star

I'm not usually a fan of movies adapted fram Stephen King novels, but this one was really good. One of the few successful adaptations made. Actors were well chosen, they played their roles great, the movie had good pacing and it was entertaining and chilling.

- made for tv movie3 star

It was ok. The child torture part was disgusting and could have been left out. Not a fan of the saw movies either. But besides that it was a good popcorn movie. I think it would have made a better tv series instead.

- Terrible1 star

Appropriate title for this snorefest great remedy for those with sleep problems.

- Fantastic!!!5 star

When I first saw the trailer for this film I thought the movie was gonna be just another movie continuation that is not so great. But after going finishing the movie I was very surprised by how good the movie was. This movie was filled with a lot of thrills along the way. That really kept you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what was gonna happen next. The movie was also filled with lots of characters you could really feel for or relate too from some points in your life. Overall this movie did a great job at making a continuation of The Shining. And you could really tell the filmmakers put a lot of work into it. And I’ll have to give it 5 stars.

- Surprisingly good sequel5 star

I read the book years ago not even realizing it was the sequel for the shining at the time but constantly thinking through the book “man this is a lot like the shining” until it got to the part where it reveals it is the sequel. I was very excited when I found they were turning it into a movie. If I remember correctly they followed the book very closely. Great watch

- Blah3 star

I'd rather give this a 2.5/5. My bigest problem with it was the total deviation from the tone of The Shining. Very Mick Garris doing King bland.

- Great movie5 star

I loved this movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Horrible1 star

Quite simply one of the worst movies I’ve seen in years.

- Didn’t care for the last third of the movie.3 star

Would have been a lot more gooder if they stuck more closely to the book in the last third of the movie as they did to the first two. Seriously. The biggest thing I thought was dumb was i’m pretty sure the hotel would have burned down still if Dan left with Abra. She needed someone who could guide and help her through everything. One that was there physically. Seriously.

- The most stupidist movie EVER1 star

This movie is so stupid. I should have spent my last dollars on buying toliet paper instead of renting this movie.

- Hard to call it a sequel3 star

It’s a great movie that I’d ordinarily give a 4 out of 5 to, but due to the fact that it’s a sequel to one of the greatest movies of all time, it made me shave off a star from my score, since it seems to pale in comparison. In terms of storytelling and cinematography, it’s definitely beautiful, but it’s just so much different and feels unrelated to The Shining. Instead of a sequel, it feels more like a spin-off, taking one idea from The Shining but never really circling it back around. I’ve never read the book, so I’m unsure as to how much it relates. I did some research on it and found that it is similar to the book, but changed up enough to fit the backstory to The Shining (Danny’s age and a few other things), but like I said, it still doesn’t follow much of the original film. I bought it while it was on sale for $9.99 because I figured I’d like it for sure, and so for that I cannot complain and I would definitely revisit the movie again, but I just have to say that it’s nothing at all what I expected it to be like. It feels more like an adult version of a Goosebumps movie.

- Great movie, awesome story5 star

This movie was really creepy and intense. Very good camera movement!

- Great movie!5 star

Fantasy, scary, and thriller! Must watch! Well done!

- Ridiculous but fun2 star

So silly but fun to watch. Stupid story but lots of silly ghosts and stuff that kept me entertained

- Amazing Sequel5 star

One of Ewan McGregor’s best performances!!

- Nice mix of both books and Kubrick film4 star

This ties popular concepts from the Kubrick film with concepts and characters from both books. A nice meld for King fans.

- A worthy sequel to the Shining5 star

A sequel nearly 40 years after the original may seem like bad thing. But it has good story and tie in to the original while exploring the world of the Shining as Danny Torrance is now middle age. Stephen King himself said the sequel made him appreciate Kubricks’ Shining after hating it for 40 years. And as a fan I didn’t expect a masterpiece, but it was a fun and interesting watch. It makes you think about how complex the original Shining was even more than we already knew

- Good story and suspense5 star

It’s a must see if you liked the shining. It must have for your collection and worth buying it. I recommend this movie to thriller fans

- Great movie !5 star

Really impressed with this movie. One of the best movies of the year.

- Loved loved loved it!5 star

I never saw The shining, after watching I must. AMAZING PORTRAYAL, great acting. Loved it. Must see

- guess what...5 star

i liked it!🥰

- Takes forever to become interesting3 star

This film was not edited by anyone who knows how to tell a complete story. The first hour is spent with random, boring, and pointless mucking about - no building anticipation, just stufff happening. After an hour the pieces came together and it became a good movie. This is the fault of the director and editor. If they had been worth their paychecks they would have done a far better job of buildig things up. As it is, it is extremely pedantic. It is like placing a hundred Legos on the table pedantically one by one and they don't start building anything until the box is empty.

- Just watch it! Warning -Spoilers !4 star

Gave it 4 stars just because I think they should have done a part 1&2 like “IT” There is so much more that could’ve been elaborated on given the rise of the very interesting new types of “ emotional psychic vampire type characters” The end felt rushed and I really didn’t like the “shoot out” scenario in a film that involved psychic warfare, the overlook hotel would’ve been a great battleground for the psychic characters, I really wanted more screen time in the mind realm. But I get the directors choice to not make it predictable, it reminded me of the minimalist tone like the Mike Flanagan’s film “ oculus” witch was a pleasanrt surprise, but he also directed “oujia: origin of evil” that was kinda Terrible imho. Remember this isn’t so much a sequel to the masterpiece “the Shining”, it’s more of a stand alone movie that had some brief overlook hotel tie in’s, remember that and you won’t be too dissatisfied. I really hope for a sequel called “Abracadabra“ One day soon! As the young girl grows up and faces new types of “steam eaters” more . Lots of missed opportunity in this film, feels very rushed for the most regarding the most interesting aspects and characters I think. But still I recommend renting it for sure! Just lower your expectations a bit about doctor sleep being a true sequel to original shining ( witch no one can live up to ) you won’t be dissatisfied so much. The end was a 50/50. It was very “ leave it to your imagination” as far as details go. I definitely think you should read the book, I know I am. Peace

- Would Watch It Again, Excellent!5 star

No spoilers ... just an excellent watch from beginning to end. Not one complaint whatsoever, and yes I read the actual material in print. This was extremely well done. Cheers!

- Great movie for sleeping!1 star

This was the slowest movie! They could have done so much better! I hate that i wasted money on it.

- Really great movie5 star

Worth it! Great writing and acting.

- co.coco5 star

Great movie. If you loved the Shining then you will enjoy this movie. A fan for many years. Enjoy!!!

- Great addition to the original5 star

Dr Sleep was a great addition to the original Shining.

- Classic King4 star

I really settled into this movie, enjoyed it, great acting, great writing, very moody, everyone who worked on this film did a fantastic job, great, great people, fantastic,...really, really good,...Did I say it was fantastic ?!,...really good.

- Terrible1 star

This a long, boring and unnecessary sequel that doesn’t hold a candle to The Shining.

- Just amazing5 star

It brings the best of one, thinking that we all possess something that makes us shine, but we hide it due to our own fears

- Yes!5 star

Ive had an obsession with The Shining my entire life. This movie stayed fairly true to the new book and the characters were definitely spot on. This movie did not disappoint. It stayed true to the original and the story continued on in a cohesive and modern way!!! AWESOME.

- Audio Issue resolved5 star

Thank you for fixing the audio mixing issue. It is now a truly fanatstic mix.

- Hitter5 star

I definitely recommend this movie if you are a true fan of the shining. Good acting all around and will always keep you on your toes. This sequel is truly done right.

- Lame!2 star

Very poor attempt at a sequel. Steven King must of had nothing to do with it. The evil chick was enticing, but the rest was junk! A waste of $6. I can’t believe it’s rated at 77%.

- Fantastic!5 star

I really liked this movie. I can’t say how it compares to the book, since I never finished reading the book. It’s absolutely ingenious how this movie recreates scenes, characters and even camera shots from the movie The Shining, while adding a few things from Stephen King’s novel The Shining that were not included in the original movie. It is a very long movie (I watched the director’s cut, which runs three hours) but it is never boring and always interesting and entertaining. And since I never finished reading the book, I had no idea what was coming next. A great film, probably my favorite film from 2019.

- Excellent5 star

Mike Flanagan is amazing. I was very impressed with this. Great stuff

- Nice job!!5 star

Great movie! To bad jack wasn’t in it but it was still a great movie. If you’re a fan of the shining you should definitely watch

- Well done for lovers of horror5 star

Flows seem Lesley from the original Shining story

- So good!!!5 star

Hands down best movie in this genre since Constantine and The Ring. Watched it twice in one day!

- Very Good5 star

A scary movie, but not gory or in a cheap way. Just gets under the skin a bit. Written very well and an all around entertaining watch. I enjoyed very much.

- Surprisingly great5 star

I did not think anyone could surpass the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece but this ending encapsulated the horror perfectly

- Pleasantly surprised!!5 star

Because I loved the shining so much I was a little hesitant to watch this......nothing to worry about dr sleep was made with great respect to the original great movieAA+!,

- Much better than expected...4 star

This was exactly what “It -2” should have been. This was a suspenseful, disturbing and well acted thriller. It isn’t so much of a sequel to “The Shining” but more like a spin off. Watch it!

- Directors Cut Audio Mix4 star

Being a fan of “The Shining” I was skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is a worthy sequel and the casting was spot on. My biggest complaint is the audio mix of the directors cut, hence the 4 stars. That version gives the movie more depth, but the like others have said the mixing is off and it was hard to watch. The center channel plays on the right speaker and vice versa. At one point I was tempted to rewire my speakers just to watch the movie. Please fix the issue.



- Audio mix problem1 star

The director’s cut has the center channel coming out the right front speaker, causing all dialogue to come from the side. This makes the director’s cut version of the movie unwatchable. Please fix this Apple.

- Definitely not the book.3 star

**Spoiler Alert** This (to me) should have been three episodes. It seemed rushed and left out or totally changed the tempo from the book. Major characters were just chucked and some of the characters just flatlined. I was expecting a great movie and well, I’m disappointed. I was sad at the end of the movie as it killed off one of my favorite characters. Regardless. It’s a good “wait for the home viewing” or Netflix.

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JDanials - Powerful & Disturbing!5 star

Well written, good acting, interesting plot! But ya, you will find some scenes disturbing

No Love - Loved it !!!!5 star

Very well done. Cool story and characters!

Llihddsfy - Great sequel5 star

While not as good as Kubricks masterpiece it is still very good

OSXapps - Ewan McGregor5 star

Its Ewan McGregor!

Daviewj - Worthy5 star

Tense and true to the original masterpiece. An erie but obviously heartfelt to tribute to Stanley Kubrick with a modern influence that marries the original version to a satisfying conclusion of the life of Dan. Or Doc. I love the way the creators of this movie pay full respect to the original yet make it fresh and take you somewhere completely unexpected. Underrated gem will become a classic. You need to watch The Shining first. Then experience this delicious conclusion.

lucradiste - Not bad3 star

Better than it has any right to be. Shot well. Passable storyline. Ewan is great as always.

Guest 2012 - Dr Sleep director's cut audio mis-encoded1 star

The Dr Sleep Director's Cut version's audio is mis-encoded: the front and back channels sound like they have been swapped. So twig snaps are clear and loud, but dialog is muted

billyarchos - A solid continuation of The Shining.4 star

The director does a fantastic job of combining the adaptation of Stanley Kubrick’s very layered masterpiece of The Shining. He and Stephen King could not see less eye to eye on the film but it remains the best adaptation of a Stephen King story, other than Shawhshank Redemption that was also great because of how it was adapted. The Director of Doctor Sleep marries the Shining film vision of Kubrick with Kings vision of this new chapter beautifully. The story has the usual youth innocence lost to dark entities theme. From movies like Stand by Me, to IT, Stephen King has a obsession with youth being harmed. Something that is quite unsettling about Stephen King to me. But I will assume his intentions are pure and for fiction only so I digress. The 3 hour director cut is fantastic. The only thing I would have done differently is provide a much stronger reason for the overlook hotel being involved again other than, well it’s an evil place. If that was done better it would be a near perfect film. I bought it and definitely love it for my collection.

spyridus - Really good movie4 star

I regret not seeing this in the threater, it was so good!!

Quinn - Really Well Done5 star

Flanagan does it again! Enjoy!

Joe A2 - Outstanding5 star

I love Stephen King’s writing and while both this movie and the Shining depart somewhat from the books, this is a truly outstanding film that’s true to King’s vision & Kubrick’s classic. Fantastic.

worst dating apo - Won’t load1 star

For whatever reason it won’t load on my phone, iPad, or Apple TV.

old as folk - amazing and well done4 star

I saw this film twice in theatre and would have gone a third time if the new disney film of the month hadnt kicked it out. Will definitely be buying it for my collection. Loved how the story built upon and added so much to the world of the shinning. Perhaps not as horrifying as The Shinning but just as memorizing.

Death adder57 - Not a shining sequel3 star

This movie was good don’t get me wrong. But it didn’t feel like a shining sequel. It felt very different but it was still enjoyable and I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if it was it’s own thing.

Undrgrndkng - Great follow up5 star

Awesome sequel to the Shining, not much of a horror but definitely a good thriller. Fact: This movie follows the book closely so if you’re disturbed by minor child redrum like one reviewer has posted, you should go home halfway through and have a good cry about it. Nobody left early, parents I know loved it. Great movie!

XZje - A horror movie5 star

To the reviewer giving a low rating because they were disturbed by the child deaths in the movie: they had those in the original Shining too and have them in many horror movies, and the only way you could know someone else in the theatre was a parent is if they brought their kid to a horror movie meaning they aren't a very good parent and that is not the movie's fault..people need to exercise common sense when viewing content meant for adults.

Amil_lion - Very disturbing1 star

This movie was a huge let down. I was expecting so much more as the Shining is a classic. This seemed to have nothing to do with it. The beginning started off good, there was a scene in the Overlook. Then it took awful turn. There were what appeared to be vampire like creatures the fed on the “steam” of children they kill. One scene shows them killing a child. That’s where we drew the line, we got up & left. Not even half way through. Others did too. One mother was literally shaking she was crying so hard. Do not see this movie, it was a huge let down & extremely upsetting. Anyone who sees it & enjoys it has got to be a disturbed individual. Awful! I gave it one star because it would not let me post the review without rating it. It deserves no stars or if negative stars were a thing, I’d give it as many of those as I could.

Jucies - Damn good5 star

Love the movie

Chvkendjvnjdj - 🙌🏼5 star

Really enjoyed this movie I was very invested

sampson299 - Awesome movie5 star

Definitely would recommend

Abirdvic - Ok yup4 star

Interesting addition to the original story

zxcvvgg - 👍5 star

Definitely worth a watch. Just as good even better than the original

bslkskzmOkSIMoshZi - wellEktozdaE of Susie5 star


TimCake - Great film5 star

It’s great.

Mrtjripley - Do not purchase for Director’s Cut!1 star

Was waiting for this movie to be released, however there is a major problem with the audio on the Director’s Cut. All of the centre channel audio (i.e. most dialogue) comes from the right speaker, making it impossible to enjoy. I only managed 10 minutes before requesting a refund. The Theatrical Version sound is fine. Will not repurchase until iTunes has corrected the error with the audio.

Annaaaaa188888 - Great movie!5 star

Amazing movie, it's creepy and has a great story. There is a scene that is difficult to watch but other then that it's a fantastic movie, really enjoyed it.

lil skinny dick - Amazing5 star

It was a creepy movie but it was amazing. I went to see it with my grandad and we both enjoyed it apart from a torture scene with a young child. It was creepy, scary and one of the best 2019 films but don’t recommend if u don’t have a strong stomach.

Burumbut - Doesnt Disappoint5 star

I thought that any sequel to the shining was going to have its work cut out. This film is really good and stands on its own two feet. Great performance from the cast and the story is very strong. Not sure why they put out the trailer, it makes the film look pedestrian and boring. It couldnt be further from it.

Blaize71 - Really different5 star

Loved this

Cliffmax33 - Worth a Watch4 star

This movie has a few twists and turns in terms of plot points adapted from the book. I would recommend watching the film after reading the book.

battlecatzeus - Totally amazing5 star

Stellar performance from all the cast . I’ve watched it three times now - one of my fave movies of the last decade perhaps of all time when it comes to horror, Even the so called bad guys have backstory and details to absorb . Can’t stress enough it’s a fantastic movie it’s in my top ten . I wish other directors would take note and make similar horrors . A must buy

bendicks2019 - Could never live up to the shining3 star

Uninteresting and was lacklustre

arsenalrules - Brilliant5 star

Just like the book and a bit different. Loved Rebecca who played Rose. Whole cast was amazing. Awesome film.

Nial13 - Fabulous5 star

Great watch from start to finish, neat follow up to The Shining. Highly recommended.

Wilson0191 - Solid Supernatural Thriller!4 star

A sold thriller that has a good plot and keeps you interested and wanting to know what comes next for the entire duration of it. Good watch and would recommend renting - cheap for only £5

lallka - Yes, I loved it.5 star

I was genuinely entertained by this movie, it is not too scary but good effects and very good story line. I think some people are way too serious about " The Shinning" being a masterpiece and all that...

DorisAppeal - Not a worthy follow-up to ‘The Shining’.....1 star

Don’t bother with it, watch the original again rather.

Rass Greenham - this a meaty movie5 star

2 hours 30 Coooorrrr that’s value for money. films decent it’s got Obi KenObi init and the girl from those tom cruise movies. I had a weird feeling lucy liu was in this but spoilers she isn’t hahahah Fantastic cinematography helps set the unsettling tone that is consistent from start to finish. Some genuinely creepy moments with fantastic performances from everyone and some amazing and creative effects. 10/10 would smashford

Adyroba - Such a shame.1 star

The Overlook has been brought back to life and aged by the set designers and SFX teams in every detail, which is an incredible achievement. The movie itself... well, i have always been told, if you have nothing good to say; then don't say anything. So I wont.

Ianseward - Complete junk1 star

Odd story line . Dreadful effects . Rose the hat irritating. A missed opportunity. If you are expecting a classy sequel you will be disappointed.

lumleylad - Great film5 star

I loved it 10/10

Dior&gucciforever - Very good5 star

Liked the film a lot, wasn’t scary more of a supernatural type thriller, but very well done and great story

shaynes573 - Good sequel to the appalling TV movie2 star

As a sequel to Kubricks masterpiece - I suspect Stanley would not approve!

A fan. UK - Yep: I do hate it.1 star

This film is an insult to a masterpiece made by a true master of modern cinema: Stanley Kubrick. To strike a note of real horror, he would be turning in his grave. What a shame. This film is lacking in every area: no suspense, unbelievably dull male lead (looks sheepish and apologetic in all the interviews I have seen him give on this film), a truly rubbish villain, nasty child murderers. Really there is just nothing to redeem it. Somebody put the money up for this? No wonder TV is on the rise and the film industry is ****ing itself trying to find something , a n y t h i n g, worth investing hard cash in. Not this. Why this?

chaz,13 - Very Enjoyable4 star

For a long film ( Directors cut) it seemed to have good pace. The blending of the previous film and the sequel was very satisfying . I’m sure every book reader is going to be a critic as they always do. The masterpiece that is Kubrick's Shining is just that, a perfect cocktail of Jack being Jack, and a actress that literally had a nervous breakdown from the many retakes and Kubrick new exactly what he was doing, that look on her face from start to finish was real and Jack got so upset with retaking the axe scene, I’m sure he was literally putting his back into it. So the music enhances every scene in the Shining, I’m not sure using the same score from one film to another works. Your mind draws pictures from the Shining when you hear the familiar sounds, which is more a distraction, than the intention to enhance the intensity running through the sequel. Stand alone it was a good movie and the director played homage to the Shining very nicely.

Billy8421 - Fantastic5 star

Absolutely fantastic. Watch the shining before you watch this even if you’ve seen it before. It just improves the film. They’re so well tied together.

gmkjg - Great Film!5 star

One of the best horror films, Medly as good as its predecessor, the Shining, but nothing is as good as the Shining

K666ADM - Expect low and you’ll be fine with it2 star

Plods along and despite some nice visuals and good to see the old overlook again. Casting decent but the lady in the hat is not imposing enough and comes over more Morticia Addams than a sinister and deep character. Ewan McGregor does a good job as an older Danny.

Mac7184 - Perfect Film5 star

This movie works so well with Original Shining Movie. I really enjoyed it, especially the seamless transition between time periods where they have recreated the Overlook Hotel.

JP QUINN 35 - Please Put The Director’s Cut On Separately Thank You 🙂👍🏻4 star

Please Put The Director’s Cut On Separately Thank You 🙂👍🏻

Rightist he - 4K4 star

Who cares about filming not being released in 4K and why give it such a poor score?

SmarkLink - Please provide the director’s cut in 4K too3 star

Great to have but... why not 4K for the DC?!

jo & lola - Dr sleep 20195 star

Brilliant film better then the original shining what was out in 1980 😀

danielbirdline - One of the best of the last few years5 star

Directors cut is amazing. All the better for DV and DA. Well done Warner Bros. You know how it should work. Take note Disney.

Bearlair - Good but a bit tame3 star

Firstly I wanna say it was a decent movie, but no where near the Shining which was one of those films that got under your skin, probably like a lot of SK adaptations better as a book The movie itself went at a good pace but then ended very quickly and unsatisfactory IMO, the showdown didn’t really get going and then boom,over !! Maybe it’s one of those that with repeated viewings will get better after all I’m pretty sure the original didn’t impress me at 1st and now I consider it a great movie

Niall Morgan-Hay - Modern Classic5 star

Honestly one of the best modern horrors I’ve ever seen. Gruesome and interesting plot that will satisfy the crave for a non jumpscare cheap horror. The connections with the shining movie and original source material blend perfectly together to create, in my opinion, a masterpiece of horror. 5/5

upcomes - Stephen king’s Doctor Sleep5 star

It was so violent and nostalgic the way mike Shot the overlook hotel 🏨 made it a terrific sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s film 🎥 and deserves a Director’s cut from Mike Flanagan

Aphwoof - Super fun, not scary4 star

This movie is a great time, but for a horror movie, just isn’t scary. I guess it just depends on what scares you really, the true knot are super cool and creepy but the scariest thing they did was kill Jacob Tremblay. (Spoilers from here on) The ending was pretty confusing, I need to watch an explained video because I don’t understand what happens exactly, did Danny die? Was that his ghost Abra was talking to? Or was it him just shinning so they could talk?

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bcheever - Awful movie1 star

So disappointed. Watch the Shining again instead.

l0j1k, - Title5 star

Review (optional)

CosmonautBranum - Very well done5 star

This was a great, and engaging, sequel to The Shining. The filmmaker did a fantastic job honoring the books and Kubrick’s vision. The director’s cut was a wonderful 3 hour journey.

Awesome song2 - One of my favorite movies of 20195 star

I found myself so intrigued and overwhelmed by this interpretation. Loved every minute of it. Better ending than the book - sorry Stephen.

ifyoulikemyopinion788791 - Good5 star

Awesome story very satisfying

S E A N P M U R P H Y - Bad audio!1 star

The audio on the directors cut is improperly mixed. The center channel and the front right channel have been switched. This is a HUGE problem when seeing this movie. It's a MAJOR distraction! Not happy!

SciFox - Great follow up to Shining5 star

I really liked how this story turned out. You really feel empathy for the main character and his relationship to the young girl in the film.

G-cizzle - I feel like this movie is underrated.5 star

This was a great movie. I watched the director’s cut, so maybe it’s a lot better than the theatrical version. I was glued to the screen all 3 hours. Thrilling to the very end. I feel like the characters are friends of mine. I almost shed a tear at the end. Very moving, thrilling, thought provoking, etc. Please watch this movie.

stp2112 - Definitely Great - Kudos to The Shining5 star

Great acting and story with many kudos to one of of favorite all time classic horror movies, if you are a King fan and love great nostalgia horror this will not disappoint

Byron's Foot - Audio mix is off (director’s cut)1 star

Love the film but the audio on the director’s cut is off and near unlistenable.

SizzleTiger - Never got bored5 star

Such a good movie that sends goosebumps to you

Fae Jesus - I had a good time5 star

And look forward to watching it again soon. Loved it!

Ryan1996brown - Like a classic5 star

Loved this movie, it reminds of of his classics like thinner and cujo. This is one of those movies sequels that could be a stand alone but with enough fan service to connect to the original.

bschultz85 - AMAZING5 star

This movie was incredibly well written and Rebecca Ferguson nailed Rose the Hat so well that you genuinely enjoy watching her as the villain. The extra footage from the directors cut added entirely new perspectives on characters and motives. Kyleigh Curran also did an amazing job portraying Abra. I love Stephen King movies but this was hands down the best ever!!! I hope The Shining becomes a franchise like Halloween. Would love to see more stories about The Shine/Steam.

JamieSPC - Audio is wrong on director’s cut1 star

Unfortunately, there is an audio mix issue in the director’s cut that renders that version unwatchable in a home theater. The center mix (dialogue, main effects track, etc.) is panned hard right. So everyone seems to be speaking from a distance, and other sound effects are placed differently from the action on the screen. Hoping for a very quick fix here, because like many I am anxious to see (and hear!) the director’s vision.

jeanbean12 - It’s okay, but read the book first3 star

The book is much better, with it you get more in depth character insight and you’ll understand the movie better.

Jamesp82 - Amazing5 star

Great way to play out Danny’s life and ending!

DillonK87 - Very well done5 star

Much better then the books ending, liked how they incorporated both books and the Kubrick film all together.

420timekeeper - Really good5 star

Tight, engaging horror film. Sinister villain.

Nicholas becerra - The Best Horror Movie of 20195 star

Doctor Sleep was terrifying to watch and Ewan McGregor was fantastic in this horror thriller i had fun most of the time just Scary!

Chachi Bona - Great Sequel5 star

I put it up there with T2. Great movie.

Yeoxbxkdjdd - Docter sleep 35 star

Third film

CynicalCC - Excellent.5 star

Not completely like the book, but still an great film! Can't wait to see it again.

Mikeyc2 - Enjoyed movie5 star

I enjoyed this movie. Can’t wait for it to come to Itunes

RRSeven - A Sleeper for Sure *****5 star

Better than the 1st one, the Shining by S. King. I don't do reviews, 1st time to give my 2 cents, but this is a must have or at least rent movie, worth the money!

RRR Finny2.0 - Well done5 star

I’ve seen The Shining at least a few times, and it was kind of good. However, Doctor Sleep was almost better than the classic. In my opinion, Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson deserve an Academy Award.

GR8 Mahi - Excellent Movie!5 star

If you’re a fan of the Shining you’ll enjoy this movie. The book was a page turner and I loved every minute of it so when I went to see the movie I was skeptical. But it didn’t disappoint!! There are a few things they changed for the movie but that’s always going to be the case when turning a book into a movie. I highly recommend it.

hoverboard63 - Best Movie!5 star

Doctor Sleep is a favorite! It had great casting, a great plot in relation to the book by Stephen King, and had perfect connections to The Shining!

(King Wizard) - 10/105 star

Such an amazing film! i was entertained throughout the whole movie and Ewan McGregor is such an extraordinary actor!

Emmy Phoenix - OMG Amazing!!!5 star

I love this movie so much! The thrills and suspense on point!! I pray another sequel comes out.

Fuzar - Such a pleasant surprise!5 star

As a life long fan of The Shining I went in to this film hoping it would be decent. When I left I was shedding tears of joy. It was indeed a terrific example of a sequel that can be its own movie while still being connected to another legendary work. Also, look for a cameo by Henry Thomas of E. T. fame.

Jbogey24 - Great Movie Sequel!5 star

Loved it. Stayed true to the King novel. Can’t wait to see it again.

ngwalker00 - Really well done!5 star

This was excellent, everything about it, story, cast, and overall great cinematography. Being a huge fan of The Shining, I was hoping for a good sequel, and was extremely pleased with Doctor Sleep. Mcgregor and Ferguson were spectacular. All the supporting cast was great as well. The real star was Kyliegh Curran, and she owned it!

kevobamo - Gives more depth to The Shining5 star

Loved it. Some say it’s slow. I was glad for the continuation of the story. Enjoy being in that world.

Jason C Reed - Stands on its own5 star

The Shining is one of my favorite horror films. And I have very few. So I was cautious about this one. Happily, the story didn’t rely solely on the original and had a great premise of its own. The characters were well developed and the actors truly suited their parts. It had just enough references to the original. But could easily stand on its own. One of the best sequels in recent memory.

ZeroDark2692 - 🌹🎩5 star

Hi, there!

tdurden5150 - Best movie of recent times5 star

Mike Flanagan is such an awesome director, he not only nails Kings story he manages to tie in Kubricks great but , flawed version of The Shining . Could watch this over & over.

Dyl watched it - GREAT AND TERRIFYING MOVIE5 star

Lots of stuff for fans of the shining but still great enough to stand on its own without its prior

Thanos has nothing on JeanGrey - FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC5 star

Such a great movie. Loved every minute of it. The entire casts' performances were spectacular, and Rebecca wore the role of pure evil so spectacularly well, and so chamring too.

BruceUSA - Better than the Shining5 star

This was a good surprise. Was not expecting to like this movie so much because I never liked The Shining that much. However, I liked this movie more than the Shining. It has good villains. The villains have back stories, some more than others, and it really adds to the depth of the story. The movie is very atmospheric and well thought out. The acting is excellent. My only grip is that they should of released this in October. This is a Halloween movie. I already preordered this one on iTunes. Nice add to my movie collection. One of the best movies I’ve seen this year.

kingk005 - Wow.5 star

What a fantastic movie!!!

Ate Ease - Unexpectedly Amazing5 star

This is most likely my favorite horror / suspense movie since The Sixth Sense. Fantastic storytelling with an almost perfect build up to the movie’s climax. A worthy sequel to The Shining.

MC Joyful - Better Than A Classic And Now One?!5 star

Yes, this is better than Stanley Kubrick’s “Shining”! I never thought I would say that because I was a little nervous about Pet Sematary’s underperformance and rating! However there are some good character moments ,and great acting that drive the story! Also who cares if it doesn’t make that much money at the box office it’s a one and done anyway! It’s hardly fits in the genre of horror! It’s more of a thriller ,adventure film at times and the character moments feel very close to films like “Misery,Shawshank,Green Mile and Stand By Me”! 👍 I think these character moments are how we’re supposed to view Stephen Kings stories! However,I feel like “Doctor Sleep” is going to be ignored by most fans of Kubrick's “Shining” or trashed on saying it was convoluted or wasn’t scary. In all honesty The Shining isn’t the best movie ever made, and there is so little dialogue to even care. I love it still and it is a classic and one of my favorite movies, but “Doctor Sleep” has dialogue ,has character development and has heartfelt moments! These are things “The Shining” was missing because it’s main focus was Jack Torrance and rightly so,but Danny was also the focus and that’s where Kubrick fails and succeeds at the same time. I guess there were heartfelt moments,but when there’s so much eerie music mixed in with them it’s hard to care! “Doctor Sleep” stops the music at heartfelt moments so you can breathe versus Shining where you could never breathe! Kubrick captured the story,but character moments are cut short,character development of the ghosts is never explained, and there’s not much dialogue!

Superhero145 - Not a bad sequel to the shining!!!5 star

I’m actually giving this 4 and 1/2 stars I got to be honest it not the best but still I was entertained by the movie doctor sleep had some great performances from Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson that was outstanding it a must watch if you like Stephen king or the shining this might be up your alley must buy!!!!

aramisenrique - amazingg5 star

so many surprising moments and just a great flick

thisguymike18 - Doctor Sleep5 star

Wow what a movie Doctor Sleep was terrifying!

HTrill24 - Captivating & thoroughly entertaining!5 star

I really enjoyed every moment. So gripping & well acted.

JeepDudeFTLD - Excellent in every way5 star

What an amazing follow up 40 years later!!! Everything was flawlessly done. Until the final showdown - what a sloppy short ending. How can u make such an amazing movie. Then have this ending that seems rushed and cut short SMH - All in all it’s amazing

Monfasa8603 - Great!!!5 star

Definitely a great sequel that leaves you actually wanting even more and if we’re lucky that will happen in the future...and Rebecca Ferguson is just too beautiful so that definitely doesn’t hurt at all. Great acting and very clever references to The Shinning such as the office seen with the doctor. Awesome!!!

FourUnderFour - 👨‍⚕️💤💤5 star

Better than the Shining. I hope another sequel comes out. This was great! I like what they did with it. Ewan McGregor deserves an Oscar for Danny Torrance! The only upsetting part is when the demons kill Jacob Tremblay’s character, he was so innocent, they showed him no mercy! Other than that, the movie was great!

5 star

@Silence67577808 @TommyDoyle47 @RealMMyers78 Doctor Sleep

5 star

I’m soooo fucking dumb omg I should gone to sleep, my sisters gonna kill me so is my doctor shittt

5 star

Just watched Doctor Sleep movie. I’m impressed, It was long but a good thriller movie

5 star

@nayeonloverr promoção amg kkkkkkkk consegui por exemplo o iluminado e doctor sleep por 35 conto cada enquanto norm…

5 star

@Lieseil_Estate "It's not sleep. It drains you. One dsy you'll pass out in front of a patient or a guard." He seeme…

5 star

*Crítica a Doctor Sleep* La niña al final se mete al baño a cagar.

5 star

I don’t feel safe as a queer person at all anymore, not even living in the states do I. My doctor knows I’m gay bc…

5 star

@nayeonloverr tenho it, o cemitério, trilogia mr mercedes, o iluminado, doctor sleep e misery kkkkkkkkkk

5 star

rebecca ferguson spends all of doctor sleep looking like the hippest mom at a folk music festival

5 star

Doctor Sleep doesn’t feel like a 3 hour movie. That’s how much I’m enjoying it

5 star

@MaruMaru_PV Omg I actually liked doctor sleep!

5 star

I know we have bigger fish to fry but after joking for years about being narcoleptic, my doctor told me today that…

5 star

@Kp2Kool It has ingredients that damage your brain my doctor told me. So yea u sleep cause the shit eatin at ya brain 😂😂😂

5 star

@MoontripMarket Doctor Sleep, Silent Hill, the new It movies, or The Village

5 star

@SaraJane524: Come with me and sail away on a death ship. Watch for rats as you sleep. Don’t mind the bodies piled up on the dock. The d…

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