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MIDWAY centers on the Battle of Midway, a clash between the American fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy which marked a pivotal turning point in the Pacific Theater during WWII. The film, based on the real-life events of this heroic feat, tells the story of the leaders and soldiers who used their instincts, fortitude and bravery to overcome the odds. The story of the Battle of Midway, and the leaders and soldiers who used their instincts, fortitude and bravery to overcome massive odds. Midway Wiki

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One battle turned the tide of war..

Midway (2019)

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- Ww2 fan here1 star

CGI was xbox one x quality, the main character was terrible, acting was atrocious, this film leaves you feeling like it could’ve been better. Skip this. You’ll be bored

- Great movie missing dialogue3 star

We purchased the movie and really enjoyed it but were disappointed because for whatever reason whenever the Japanese were talking there were no subtitles. We felt we missed out on a lot of the story. I hope this was a simple glitch and I would definitely rate it higher if so.

- Simply Shocked1 star

I thought it might be bad. However, I was embarrassed for the film makers. It would have been a great 1950’s propagation film. In 2020, I couldn’t wait for it to end

- Great Movie4 star

Well worth watching again.

- Great Movie5 star

My family consists of WW II interests and this is a favorite. My son has watched at least 20 times and wants more of this every day!

- Where are the translation subtitles?!4 star

I enjoyed the movie, but am very disappointed to have missed so much dialogue due to no English translation during the Japanese speaking scenes. I’ve read this is an issue only on digital versions, not dvd.

- Shouldn’t be on iTunes1 star

Terrible acting, terrible screenplay, incredibly unrealistic aircraft animation. Do not watch

- A pleasant surprise4 star

With intense action sequences, solid performances and a balanced point of view, Midway is a mostly historically accurate war film that proves to be an infinitely better flick than Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor — even if it does utilize too many subplots and an uneven script. 7.5/10 Personal Notes: I doubted this would be as good as it was. I saw Roland Emmerich was the director, and I lost a lot of faith. But he did pretty solid considering the relatively small budget and took time to make it as accurate as possible. It’s not necessarily a GREAT movie, but it’s good. Better than Pearl Harbor, anyways.

- Don’t waste your money1 star

Just not a good movie at all. Many inaccuracies. Bad acting. I wish I rented it first. I would not have purchased it.

- I loved this film!5 star

The narrative was fair to both sides, even mentioning the oil sanctions imposed on Japan. Great directing. Emmerich lends to the film a great ambience similar to an epic science fiction movie; as if you're the space alien and this is your scifi. Harrelson was amazing as Nimitz, Quaid as Halsey, Toyokawa as Yamamoto, and everyone else was fantastic too. The editing was essentially flawless. The score - odd, eclectic, and superb. And of course, the battle scenes were utterly insane! Audiences gave it a huge thumbs up! (Audience Score - 92%) Critics, not so much. (Tomatometer - 43%)

- Not an epic, but well worth watching4 star

I enjoyed this very much. It is a movie set to explain the events, without much side story or character drama. Well made, to the point, and gets you involved in the action that is transpiring. Saving Private Ryan was more of a character study, emotional, and based on the wars impact on a person. This is a situational based movie first, with the character as a secondary idea.

- Great Film5 star

This was a great movie. Though there are some scenes that are boring, the action really made up for it. I am an f-16 fighter pilot for the Air-Force and unlike a ton of movies i’ve seen, the flying wasn’t exaggerated. The critics are a worthless bunch of people desperately trying to find mistakes in movies. They do not know what real flying really is.

- Great story, terrible acting.3 star

The story is powerful and inspiring. The acting was wooden and sophomoric. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t cast the right people. But all that aside it was very enjoyable.

- Best movie5 star

Honestly this is a very good movie.

- Great Show5 star

We really enjoyed the show, even the kids enjoyed it, I highly recommend this movie

- A Fictional Account1 star

To anyone who has studied this battle historically, this is a piece of crap.

- Long movie but feels very rush1 star

The whole movie was poorly organized, dialog is short and silly. If you don’t know history well you won’t be able to follow the story and get lost. Midway was a miracle victory to us navy, it’s sad the film didn’t grasp it. It seems they spend the money on marking computer animation only.

- Good Story5 star

Very entertaining.

- Very good movie5 star

An exciting recount of what really happened.

- Keep your money in your pocket!!1 star

Laughable and horrible acting mixed with Pre Godzilla affects .........thank God for renting!!!!

- Worst movie I have ever purchased. The original is better1 star

I had the misfortune of buying this turkey of a movie. The special effects were awful and the acting was beyond wooden. I stopped watching after 20 minutes because the movie was so bad. Save your money

- Original movie with Henry Fonda and Charlton Heston was much better.2 star

Move was incoherent and quite confusing throughout. The only redeeming quality were the special effects.

- I guess you need to be fluent in Japanese1 star

I downloaded this movie in Apple TV and never got bast the 20 minute mark. No amount of monkeying with the accessibility and language settings would display any English subtitles when the Japanese actors were speaking their native language. Since half the scenes appear to be in Japanese, and the Japanese scenes are long and full of dialog, I was totally lost. Over every scene where Japanese was being spoken, the only subtitle that appeared literally said, "Speaking Japanese" with no trabslation of the dialog. I thought it was just me, but apparently this is known problem with this download. I tested my settings with another foreign language film andf there were no issues. It is definitely this movie's subtitle track. I have requested a refund of my purchase, but am not optimistic given what others have said.

- A must watch!5 star

Great movie!

- Really enjoyed it.4 star

I know my WWII history and it did a nice job at bringing it all to life. I liked both sides being represented as well.

- Watch it5 star

I don’t understand the negative reviews. This movie was amazing and I’d definitely watch it again!

- Awful1 star

The historical inaccuracies are countless and the effects are all but cartoonish. SBD Dauntless bombers were defenseless slow slobs and without fighter cover would have been easy targets for zeros. Yet somehow this movie failed to even mention the Wildcats that made attacks possible. They simply took 6 or so planes and combined their use/capabilities into 2 models and skipped the rest. Doolittle's B25 taxis 50 feet, stops and takes off with 0 flaps. Doolittle used full flaps and every inch of deck for every B25. The movie is filled with this crap and the sum total is a distracting mess that's really hard to watch...

- Great Movie!5 star

Well written, produced and directed. Accurate and entertaining portrayal of a pivotal historical moment. Great Cast.

- Disappointing movie1 star

The Pearl Harbor movie was made a long time ago and is still one of the best movies and then this piece of junk comes out in the year 2020 and you can see all the props and the fake background this was terrible and I’m disappointed I spent 2 dollars to rent it and another hour viewing it to try and give it a chance to reel me in.......and then they dragged good actors into this low class movie shameful.

- Disappointing1 star

Movie is like a soap opera, nothing more. Very disappointing. Overhyped and some overacting performances. I actually fell asleep and didn’t care. Trivial movie. Wait until it goes to a .99 cent rental. I know I wished I did. Smh.

- Great movie5 star

I loved this movie I watched it twice and I can’t stop thinking about it.

- Great story telling.5 star

Great story telling and visual effects.

- Rent it from red box instead.1 star

I’m a hard movie lover and this movie disappoints.. acting horrible and nick Jonas did a horrible acting with his try hard accent.

- Not bad3 star

The main problem I had with this movie was that it lacked the edginess, character development and historical detail of other war movies. The characters selected for the key roles often felt bland and misplaced. For example, selecting Woody Harrelson to play Chester Nimitz seemed like a poor choice. He is simply too youthful and mundane for such a role. Also, key tactical elements, such as determining the intended location of the Japanese invasion were just sort of dropped in, without any buildup or drama to accentuate their significance. The special effects were cool, but I like the version with Henry Fonda and Carlton Heston more.

- Great Movie!5 star

Enjoyed the action and history lesson. Definitely a win in my book.

- Worst...Pacific...Battle film...EVER.1 star

I thought “Pearl Harbor” was a turgid mess, but “Midway” has come along and usurped it. CGI was a lame effort ,characters that I couldn’t relate, understand, or even believe in—back story that never fully developed. I would have stopped watching after 25 minutes , but considering I spent $5.99 on it was determined to suffer through it. Additionally, I can’t stand it when a film throws physics, aerodynamics, and, well...basic common sense out the window. Oh hey, let’s pull out of a steep bombing dive at 500’ AGL and NOT overstress the aircraft OR auger into the flight deck. And hey, we did it all without blacking out without being completely shredded by flak. The original “Midway” with Charlton Heston is still the best and most watchable film on this important naval battle.

- Terrible direction.1 star

This director certainly has a blind spot (or love) for overacting. I mean, wow. I have never seen anything that bad ever. And there were huge gaps in the editing. Terrible movie with good actors being directed, scripted badly.

- Absolute drivel1 star

This movie is so much Hollywood fluff that saying it is historical in any fashion should be criminal. Take you standard war cliche and magnify it to absurd levels and you have this steaming pile of trash. It would need an upgrade to earn one star.

- Another cheap one from Hollywood.3 star

What’s wrong with Hollywood these days? The battle who twisted the history not only of the ww2 but the world and Hollywood have nothing else to show?

- Best movie I seen5 star

Very great movie and Best movie I seen it was a very great movie

- Midway2 star

Deeply disappointed. There should have been a clear explanation so the viewers could follow. Does not follow history as we know it as well as my friends lived it. Admiral Nimitz-Terrible acting. Not made for the part. No follow up as they signed the treaty, that could brought you closer to a three star. Computer graphics were awful. Showed a Japanese Zero with a usaf star. Whatever happened to the Subs??? Many more mistakes. Convoluted cluster——. I regret renting and maybe this will save you 5.99.


TUESDAY MARCH 2 25 (2020)

- Marshall Islands?2 star

The settings are very phony. It shows a very mountainous Marshall Islands. I used to live in the Marshall Islands, and it is very flat, only a few feet above sea level! Merrich, stick to science fiction!

- Love it5 star

Love this movie A lot of action I’m happy with this purchase

- Sooooooo good5 star

What a great movie. I watched it twice in the same day

- Worthy Watch5 star

Was definitely worth the watch. I would watch this one again without reservation. No spoilers, worth every cent.

- Action5 star

Good ol action flick, prob not historically correct

- Love it!5 star

Enjoyed every second of it. Great Cast and Scenery.

- Done better before (repeatedly)2 star

There are any number of movies, documentaries, vids, etc. available that more clearly define "Midway", before and during the engagement and the batttle's affect on the war. This flick is not much more than exiting, game-like battle scenes interspersed with superficial filler marked by bad acting and devoid of emotional appeal. A shallow and barely competent affair.

- A Bland Highlight of History3 star

I saw Midway (1976, Charlton Heston) as a young boy. After many years I got the feeling that my love for this film was only due to nostalgia. So, prior to the release of the 2019 version, I bought the older film and watched it. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it just as much no,. The characters were easy invest in. The events flowed clearly, with a the sense of true urgency, suspense. The Japanese weren't portrayed as moustache twirling villians, but as men with feelings, goals, duty, the same as the American forces. In fact the movie had a deeper scope than I remembered with it's portrayal of the effect on Japanese detainees -- surprising to me from the era it was filmed. Therefore I was hoping for the 2019 version to be an enhancement of the earlier film -- the same professional delivery, but perhaps with better special effects, and perhaps more details of other aspects of the war. But I was disappointed after viewing the 2019 version. The historical characters are hard to identify (even by a WWII buff like myself), two-dimensional, and unworthy of emotional investment. Events are presented with more detail, but where some of the detail adds to the film (e.g. submarine participation in the victory), other details detract (e.g. the time depicting the attack on the Marshals could have been used in other ways for the main battle). The mediocre delivery is a shame because an opportunity was lost to bring interest of history for younger people.

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Htyrdvbhjki - Midway1 star

Only thing worse than the dialogue was the acting. Special effects were great and the cinematography suburb. But the acting? Fergetaboutit!!!!!

Hduendbsj - Pretty good4 star

Worth a watch if your just looking for a action war movie.

SafetyPanda - Good WW2 movie.5 star

Really good. SFX was good and even though you know how the battle of Midway ended still very tense. There were a few historical inaccuracies but nothing that would turn you off from it.

jorgehidalgomatias - Awesome5 star

Just awesome

Dapper818 - Pretty Good3 star

It was good and fun watch. The CGI and special effects were a bit much to the point it felt like it was all synthetic, not authentic. The original Pearl Harbor with Cuba Gooding was a far better enactment if these events. The critics were harsh but some of the viewers were being too generous, unless viewers don’t like an authentic feel to a war film anymore.

Azred256 - Great till Crap Jonas1 star

Movie was solid, CGS was medium. When that fake stash kid took screen all I wanted as to request my purchase back. Nick Jonas RUINS this movie! Don’t spent the money, he makes it not worth it.

tmcatron - Really good.5 star

Nonstop action throughout, and I will definitely rewatch.

River dog 45 - One of the Worst Movies of 20191 star

Looks like a videogame

The meat king - Excellent movie5 star

Great story of true event told in a powerful way. Thanks for remembering these hero's that fought for our freedom.

JeffH. - Awesome!!!5 star

I absolutely loved this movie! Definitely worth watching, and buying.

Jax,Fl - Movie was great5 star

This was a fantastic movie showing what our service men were able to accomplish after the attack at Pearl Harbor. I disagree with the dedication at the end of the film. It dedicated the film to not only our servicemen who died but also the Japanese who were fighting us. Sorry but they not only started the war, killing many on ships in Pearl Harbor also many civilians on land and were brutal in their treatment of not only our captured men but also the Chinese, killing many who gave aid to the Americans who crashed in China after attacking Tokyo.

brankin83 - Hot Garbage1 star

The lead character has the depth of a puddle and and an accent suited best for a children’s film. It plays more like a comedy sketch of a stereotypical action film than a historical drama. Can we get a real Midway movie please?

Erd28 - Great movie5 star

I wish there were captions for the parts of the movie that were in Japanese.

MacAtaq133 - Historic5 star

I wish Hollywood would do more of these historic movies. It is important not to lose sight of the events that have brought us to this point in time. Brave men.....

Ugotta_B_Kidding - Very Good4 star

Follows close enough to actual events and people to satisfy most WWII history buffs. Etsushi Toyokawa was excellent as Yamaoto and Dennis Quaid excelled as Adm Nimitz. Luke Evans, Mandy Moore, Tadanobu Asano and Aaron Eckhart were also very good in their roles. Special effects were top-notch and the sound track was well done. All in all, an enjoyable movie if a bit lengthy. I'll watch it again.

The Real Joe Friday - Silly, nonsensical and annoying1 star

The dialogue was dumb, the characters were one dimensional stereotypes, and the action was unrealistic - Japanese aircraft flying between closely moored US aircraft, naval personnel not reacting as ships in the background start blowing up, the ludicrous “practice” landing by Best that in real life would jeopardize the entire ship and get him grounded. It’s as if the director of Transformers made a war movie and decided realism and thoughtful dialogue are impediments to moviemaking.

#CLJ - Incredible5 star

Cast was incredible. Story was amazing. Really enjoyed it

Perfectshot - Could have Been Better3 star

For a movie to capture the audience and allow the actors to capture their characters and shine you need a really great script, dynamic actors with good dialogue and interaction..at times I felt I was watching a video game in my living room......my did flew with Dolittle and the facts in the story were sketchy at best.

No Sleep Til.... - Very well done5 star

Great period correct movie about a small piece of something so big!

ronnielc - Excellent tribute to our American heroes and those of the Japanese. Let it never happen again.5 star

Great movie. The stupid critics know nothing. If you like history, action, bravery and feeling...then you should like this movie. The cast is fantastic! Watch it.

Miadad - Terrible1 star

CGI was bad; it looked like a video game. The acting was pitiful and they did no character build before jumping into the battle. I quit watching after 25 minutes.

Steve Kanaly - 4 stars4 star

Some og the acting acting at the beginning of the film was so bad. Overall isa good movie with great spescial effects

Lefty2k4 - Fun to watch. That’s it2 star

It was a good way to kill 2 hours on an airplane. The history was good but I couldn’t get past the bad acting. Maybe it was the editing? But it was like the actors were reading line by line. It was really odd to see a fairly seasoned cast not so well acting. I’ve seen comedies make fun of acting that looked really close to this move. But it wasn’t a comedy! Get it if you are interested in the history and like cool special effects.

azwildcat2003 - Best WW2 movie I’ve seen!5 star

I see no reason why critics gave it a bad review. This movie may not have the personal drama as the first Midway (which was more fictional), but it far more historically accurate. The progression from Pearl Harbor to Doolittle Raid to Midway really lays out the events well.

AndyG501 - Very By the Book1 star

I could hardly get through this film. I figured it could almost be one of those movies that you just turn your brain off and watch some cool air and sea battles, but the acting was bland, the special effects weren’t great, and the action wasn’t very exciting. Skip this one

Markey. - Best Historical movie I’ve seen!5 star

Just wonderful in everything! History, action, pacing of the film, CGI...I took my wife and daughter to see it and they were at the edge of their seat! Well worth the buy and most important, it’s worth remembering those who sacrificed their lives for the good of our nation. With the success of this movie, I do hope Hollywood will keep the door open to producing more historical action films...it’s a great departure from all the congested superhero movies that are out there.

77's fan - Hippie progressive reviewers hate it - America loves it5 star

This is a very good WWII movie and does an excellent job of staying true to history. Effects are great, and it shows what it would be like for those fighting in the battle. It’s the turning point of the Pacific war and a critical piece of American history. If you’re voting for Bernie, then skip it. Otherwise, you’ll love the true story of American exceptionalism.

[email protected] - Wish I Saw Midway in the Theater.5 star

This movie was excellent. It was balanced, captivating, and real. Visuals were on point.

icantbelieveitsnotbutter2 - This movie sucked...1 star

Really sucked. Really really sucked. Like The Day After Tomorrow but without the exciting weather phenomena (but including the requisite two dimensional characters and horrible dialogue).

storytellerstudios - Why we revere our flag5 star

My grandson couldn't understand why the young pilot decided to go back out for a second dive bomber attack...there was a good chance he wouldn't survive. I told him, "This is why we hold our hand over our heart when our flag is raised. These men were willing to give their lives for our freedom". This movie is well worth watching.

Scott Tinkham - Midway5 star


Jengaleng5207 - Fun but not taken too seriously3 star

So I thought this movie was a fun watch, but to give it anymore than three stars would be an insult to movies that really take the accuracy of history, war tactics and other relevent aspects that would typically immerse you into what it was like to be there. This movie shines during the heat of the battle, but the filler was really tropey and blah, the acting on the american side was surprisingly bad and I finished the movie underwhelmed and unmoved, as others said I have no idea how people can give it 5 stars and call it the best war movie you've ever seen, maybe their paid, but it's also not a 1 star movie either.

soda72 - Falls short of expectations2 star

I've always been fascinated with the battle of Midway. I wanted to love this movie. It has several well known and amazing actors, but each performance given on screen falls flat. The pacing is terrible. It jumps from major event to event making it difficult to follow. The Midway (1976 film) with Charlton Heston is so much better. Unless your a die hard World War 2 film fan I would give this a pass.

DriftTube - Disappointing1 star

The script and acting was terrible. I’m really surprised by all the great reviews. Too bad, this movie had so much potential.

Anthoni - Very entertaining war film!5 star

An all star stellar cast, and amazing special effects...you will enjoy every minute of it. Forget what the critics said, this is a top rated true war story.

Robbie4nin - Midway is awesome!5 star

This remake of a 70’s film is incredible, sure there’s some historical inaccuracies but pretty much all war movies have to change things up for pace or make up what people said to eachother but over all the film was stunning to watch. The effects were top notch and the film entertains which is most important. If you like WWII films you will like this as long as you accept there’s a few inaccuracies.

Fiddlesticks7 - Poorly Executed1 star

Special effects were amazing but the acting from a great cast was corny and i couldn’t watch it after 20 minutes. Not worth it sadly.

primetime3000 - Awesome ww2 movie5 star

Really enjoyable and very accurate.

_NightKing - Finally a good war movie like they used to make them5 star

I only wish there were more war movies like this

rockeastwood - AMAZING!5 star

If anyone offers a bad review for this movie they don't deserve to be on the internet. This movie was excellent. The best war movie in YEARS and perhaps the greatest Navy movie of all-time. No corny love story or side adventures. Just nitty gritty story telling. This could have been a series but with the time limit of a feature film they pack in a lot. Amazing job to all involved! Bravo.

Phayesone - Excellent!!5 star

A wonderful film!! It was heroic yet somberly time in history.

Dmule - Which price is right?4 star

I noticed in the banner of new movies it says “own midway for $14.99”, but when you go to buy it says the price in $19.99. Which one is correct?

lunatix4 - Not good, not even remotely good1 star

I'm confused why people keep saying this movie is good. There is not a lot of action, terribly acted, bad script and the list goes one. The original film ius much better in every way and almost any movie beats this for a war film. Seriously redbox this thing but don't buy it. It's a slow film that doesn't build up characters and when these characters die there is not really any feeling of loss in the moment, wished this could have been a good film, but seriously it's not.

Icmejdmejd jecnj - Amazing movie5 star

I’ve never seen a better movie in my opinion. I strongly recommend this to anyone.

irod89jr - For you history buffs...5 star

First and foremost, ITS A MOVIE, NOT A DOCUMENTARY!!! That being said, it’s still an awesome movie to watch. CGI is a little over the top on some scenes, but like I said, ITS. A.MOVIE

NHKOsakaTokyo - Amazing movie 4K & iTunes Extras needed5 star

I loved this movie. I feel this was better having real Japanese actors compared to 1976 Charlton Heston. Will this movie become 4K and include iTunes Extras on home video and iTunes once it’s finally released?

The Rovingtheologian - Even My Wife Loved It5 star

Look, I'm a history nut, so I was going to see this. After so many disappointments, this one got it right. The historical accuracy is high (right down to the case of Shingles taking out their most trusted commander). The action, including the dive bombing, was great. My wife, who isn't exactly a Midway type person saw it with me twice and loved it. Well acted, well paced, well structured...and it skipped the gore movies give us to take us to the reality of war but makes it impossible to watch. Cannot recommend it more!

iDon76 - Critics seem to never get it right5 star

This was the movie Pearl Harbor should have been!

Mandalorian fan - Very accurate5 star

This was one of the best movies I watched.


A well balanced combination of action and history. The best generation of all time.

5 star

@ndtvfeed: Truck Drivers Leave Migrant Workers Midway As They Fail To Pay Money

5 star

@ShiningWizardDs: Vindictive veteran Akira Hokuto brutally subdues the spirited up-and-comer Meiko Satomura @satomurameiko midway throug…

5 star

@amajenner: - Midway (2019) Pasca serangan terhadap pearl harbour, Jepang kembali akan menyerang AS, kali ini serangan akan menuju Midw…

5 star

@DOwithlovexoxo: From having to stop himself midway from saying the word 'twelve members' in the past to now being able to talk about it…

5 star

@Buck: This an an ancient one from like last week. @jellesmarbles blew up the internet with this gem and informs us the blue marble is n…

5 star

@SreenivasanJain: Cancel buses and trains. When they set off by foot, stall their progress, if needed with lathis. As the bad press moun…

5 star

@SreenivasanJain: Cancel buses and trains. When they set off by foot, stall their progress, if needed with lathis. As the bad press moun…

5 star

Truck Drivers Leave Migrant Workers Midway As They Fail To Pay Money

5 star

@Jonny_Libertine I just think we should massively prioritise a season that is basically finished over one that hasn…

5 star

Midway through the first half @iamdavidobrien @diggums @ScotFootBlog @colin_guthrie Scotland v Netherlands: World C…

5 star

So this was an adventure from the movie #they found hell. We shot this in Bulgaria with an amazing crew. The effe…

5 star

@Buck: This an an ancient one from like last week. @jellesmarbles blew up the internet with this gem and informs us the blue marble is n…

5 star

@hoIdstars faz isso amiga hoje vou assistir frozen 2 e midway CAGUEI pros estudos

5 star

@Buck: This an an ancient one from like last week. @jellesmarbles blew up the internet with this gem and informs us the blue marble is n…

5 star

Imagine playing a game of chicken against a train, and your steering wheel snaps off midway, and then you scream NO…

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