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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Summary and Synopsis

The stoner icons who first hit the screen 25 years ago in CLERKS are back, bringing high times and hilarity in the newest star- studded adventure from Kevin Smith’s legendary franchise. When Jay and Silent Bob discover that Hollywood is rebooting an old movie based on them, it’s game on, as the clueless duo embark on another cross-country mission to stop the madness all over again! With all-star cameos from Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Hemsworth, Rosario Dawson, Melissa Benoist, Joe Manganiello, Molly Shannon, and more, this is the comedy reboot you’ve been waiting for. Jay and Silent Bob embark on a cross-country mission to stop Hollywood from rebooting the film based on their comic book counterparts Bluntman and Chronic. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Wiki

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019)

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Comments & Critics

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Movie Reviews

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- What Happen?1 star

I’ve been watching Jay and Silent Bob since the beginning. hell I got a screener for Clerks before it ever released in theaters. I love most of Kevin Smiths movies.. this one on the other hand was complete trash... it just wasn’t funny what so ever. It was very cringe worthy and not entertaining at all. I had such high hopes for this one. I really hope MallRats 2 turns out better than this was. this movie felt like it was shot in a couple of days.

- Terrible1 star

I cannot believe that I paid $10 for this. I really held Kevin Smith’s movies in high regard, but this will definitely be the last one I will ever watch.

- I love Kevin Smith but...2 star

This movie was terrible. It had a few cool moments. Really cool nods to older films in the view askew universe. Other than that, the movie is just not interesting enough to make it worth a viewing.

- Great Come Back5 star

Wow wasn’t sure what to expect when I turned this on. From start to finish this was a fantastic, funny and great reboot lol. Really loved this movie and Kevin Smith still has the skills to keep making these movies. Really loved it, even my wife who doesn’t know the lore enjoyed it.

- Huge Disappointment1 star

I honestly don’t know how any Kevin Smith fan could enjoy this movie. I love Kevin Smith, he’s never made a movie I didn’t enjoy, Clerks and Zack and Miri Make a Porno are on my top 10 list. This movie is so ridiculously boring it literally hurt to finish it. I didn’t laugh once. It’s just awful. I love Jay and Silent Bob so this was just a huge disappointment. The review titled 2 Stars for Nostalgia put it perfectly. And hey if you haven’t seen it, check out Jeff Anderson’s Now You Know. It’s great.

- Lost it’s shine3 star

I love the movies great writing great characters so on but this seemed as if to many people had their hands in the cookie jar or just lack of ideas sad bringing my childhood to a close and possibly my funny bone

- Best Kevin James film yet!5 star

Joking about the name, serious about the review. 5 stars for this hilarious, nostalgia-filled joyride. This filmed topped Clerks for my all time favorite from the universe.

- From sad previews to move enjoyment5 star

Almost didn't watch this from the previews because growing up I watched Kevin Smith movies growing up and I wasn't ready to see how old I've become. This movie is a little more heart felt than I thought it was going to be and it turned out much better than I thought. Enjoyed seeing J and Bob and literally everyone else. Nostalgia, some truths and laughs. Excuse me I'm going to watch it again. Rest in peace Stan Lee

- 2 stars for nostalgia2 star

This film could have been so much more. As others have said, buried somewhere in this mess was a great film. I honestly don’t understand why the director Kevin Smith can do films with such heart, and then turn around and do some bat sh** nonsense like this movie. Clerks 2, and even Dogma for it’s ridiculous plot, proves that Kevin Smith can do bonkers stuff in a film, and still have it “matter”. This film is not those films. I’ll preface the rest of this review to note I’ve seen every single Kevin Smith film, so I understand when’s he’s great and when he’s shooting blanks, and Reboot is definitely the latter, unfortunately, for the most part. First of all, the biggest problem with this film is the incredible heavy-handed-ness of the jokes themselves. There are parts of the film where Kevin Smith might as well be screaming at the screen saying “This is the part where you should be laughing.” Yeah, we get it, jokes. You don’t need the actors hamming it up staring at the screen. Oh, you broke the fourth wall, neat. Too bad they do it again and again. Including Kevin’s real-life daughter in a critical role was a fatal flaw for the film, because she simply cannot act. There’s probably a reason she only gets cast in his films...hmmm. I am giving it 2 stars only because there are moments of utter brilliance in the film, hinting at what it could have been, and are really wonderful for nostalgic reasons alone. That being said, I can only recommend this film to those who will go see Clerks 3 when it eventually comes out, as there is an obvious bridge to that film when it happens. Hopefully Kevin Smith remembers what made Clerks 2 great once upon a time, when he makes 3, because this film was a poor showing in the Askewniverse.

- A shell of what once was1 star

A shell of something that use to be great, at the expense of the fans that they had pay for this joke.

- Smith Delivers5 star

Kevin Smith loves to make movies tailor made specifically for his fans. Being one of those fans, I loved the movie. I’m glad Kevin Smith gift wraps his movies to the likes of me.

- Teen hood5 star

This movie wraps ups a lot of the movies from my formative years into one, I applaud this film thank you for the memories Jay and Silent Bob.

- Love Letter5 star

Jay and Silly Bob Reboot is a love letter from Kevin Smith to his fans, family and friends. There are tons of deep cut references to his older movies and podcasts. Do you have to have listened to them to enjoy the film? No, but it helps. I love it and rate it highly amongst his other works.

- So funny5 star

So funny and his kid puts in a solid 10 performance. Made me cry made me want more jay and silent bob

- For the fans5 star

If you’ve laughed hard at the other Kevin Smith stuff, you’ll laugh hard at this one. Plenty of throwbacks and ties into where the fans are in life right now as well. It’s good.

- If you’re a Kevin Smith, you’ll love it.4 star

I’ll keep this brief. It’s silly, it’s dopey and I loved it. Several laugh out loud moments and some good cameos.

- Trash. Don’t waste your money.1 star

Absolute trash of a movie. I’ve been a fan of the other Kevin smith movies, but this one is absolute dog crap. Seriously, don’t waste your money, even renting it. Trash trash liberal trash.

- Unimpressive3 star

I'm a big fan of Kevin Smith's. I was a fan of the View Eskewniverse except for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. If Smith was going to reboot any of his movies, I would've preferred any of his others.

- Should be free1 star

This film Is just an excuse to remake Jay and Silent Bob. It’s not funny, it feels and looks like a cheap cash grab. The outtakes on the credits are the best part, no joke.

- Rent it before you buy 👎2 star

I wish I would have rented the movie first because it’s just not good. The older movies are still great but they should not have made this movie. It’s pretty bad and that is coming from a Jay & Silent Bob fan.



- Better than the first5 star

If you like the original jay and silent bob you’ll love this one too.

- Kevin smith is the GOAT5 star

See title.

- Why so serious?2 star

This was more of a drama. It was a pale reflection of the first one. The first 20 minutes is funny though

- not again1 star

way to jump on the sjw bandwagon, god forbid you try to be original. how the mighty have fallen

- Silly4 star

This is a silly movie made for Kevin Smith fans, with tons of cameos and references. I was entertained and laughed. Is it an actual quality comedy....nah

- Horrible1 star

It was worse than the first Jay and Silent Bob

- SO GOOD5 star

Funny, clever, and even heartwarming! So happy this movie happened. Enjoy!

- Douche1 star

Have you ever watched a movie with two guys... twenty years later... I use to think they were funny and now its like watching a train wreck... save your money and rent Waterworld for 99 cents...

- Hilarious movie!5 star

I wasn’t sure about this reboot. I’m glad I bought it because it’s really funny. If you love Kevin Smith movies then you will enjoy this movie.

- Touching5 star

This is definitely a love letter to all the fans. It’s not Shakespeare. It’s a raunchy comedy mixed in with a personal touch.

- Loved Jay & Silent Bob Reboot5 star

This is made for Kevin Smith fans, tons of Easter eggs hidden in this movie. Highly recommend cause it’s funny, and has nods to many of kevin smiths previous films! 🍿

- I really wanted to like it1 star

I love Jay and Silent Bob, i’d even say I’m a hardcore fan. I’ve bought the merchandise over the years, I own all of the DVD’s and digital downloads too. I’ve been a huge Kevin Smith fan right from the start with Clerks. All the movies in the J & SB library up till now have been good if not great. This movie is absolutely horrible. Seeing as I only spent $10 it’s not a big deal. But hard to find anything in this movie that was even close to funny. I really wanted to like this movie but I just can’t. If you have a hour and a half of your life you never need back then go for it.

- Terribly unfunny1 star

Recycling jokes from twenty years ago and being self aware as a director that you no longer make good movies doesn’t translate well. This was painful to watch.

- Loved it!5 star

It’s very funny but it also ties in the entire Kevin Smith world. It’s like a comedy version of “Endgame” and has a lot of great cameos. Highly recommend.

- Snoochie boochies5 star

Snooch to the rebootch

- Classic Kevin5 star

A perfect summary of his work in and out of film. Saw it in theater and bought the physical copy today.

- Jay & Silent Bob are all growns up5 star

So much heart

- Kneel before Zod!!5 star

Saw this movie in theaters before the road show and it was still just as good at home!! A lot of call backs, a lot of old faces and young blood. It’s great to see the characters age but still get into some crazy shenanigans. Make your really appreciate a good movie when you see one and this is defiantly a great movie. A classic!!

- Love Letter To Fans5 star

If you love all things Kevin Smith, this is your movie. If you kind of remember seeing a previous a Kevin Smith film. You won’t get all the jokes. Amazing movie, super funny. Watch it with friends!

- A classic in the remaking.5 star

Smith manages to capture lightning in a bottle for a second time, with the help of some (very) famous friends!

- Loved it!5 star

Every reference made me feel young again lol I loved seeing everyone come together again to do this movie. Sooo funny

- Everything I wanted5 star

I love this movie and if your a smith fan it is total fan service a nod to all the mans done the perfect lover letter to his fans.

- Snoogins5 star

This movie is such a blast especially for Kevin Smith fans! It’s truly a homecoming of so many familiar characters and also surprisingly heartfelt! Well as heartfelt as a Jay and Silent Bob movie can get. Very funny and a wild ride!

- Crap movie fans will love, I’m a fan5 star

Highs and lows throughout, but overall an enjoyable Kevin Smith movie. Loved the ending.

- Give us what we want1 star

Until Dogma is released, I’m boycotting Kevin Smith. It’s not our fault Harvey Weinstein was a psycho.

- Awesome Movie5 star

This movie is for stoners and true fans of Kevin’s work. Awesome movie. Well done, sir.

- Peak Kevin Smith5 star

Such a fun movie for Kevin Smith fans. Packed full of cameos. Great endings to a lot of the Askiewneverse dangling threads.

- Blast from the past!5 star

Loved this movie. I was just smiling through the whole thing. So many references and cameos. Thank you Kevin Smith for putting this together.

- Back on track4 star

This is not Kevin's best work but it is back on the same track as his classics. The film has it's moments and follows a story in classic Kevin Smith fashion. To get to the point. As a life long Jay and silent Bob fan this is enjoyable with many great HIGH's and unfortuntly a one or two lows. Worth the rental in my opinion. Its fun... and better than Jersey Girl.

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AceGrey - Thank you Kevin!5 star

Thank you to everyone involved in this movie! ❤️❤️❤️

Eldedo - It’s for Me5 star

To all the negative reviews from trolls that didn’t watch it.... I will hunt you down! This movie is made for his fans not you! I wrapped up some decade long stories and started others for us! Don’t bash what you haven’t seen and isn’t for you, I don’t bash Frozen because it’s not for me haven’t seen it!

R A I D E R S M I T H - To call it trash would be giving trash a bad name1 star

If you promise to stop making movies I won’t pursue a refund, deal?

96SNA - Hell yes5 star

I got to see this movie live at the reboot road show. Got to meet Kevin and Jason. They were great guys genuine people! This movie is Kevin’s best work. He hits all the notes and never drops the ball. This movie touches my heart and my funny bone.

the blue brothers - Just wow and not in a good way1 star

Watched 15s of the trailer

TonyFromSyracuse - low rent movie making1 star

He says he is chasing whimsey....but quite frankly we have to be blunt..literally....he had an ascending film career until he stared becoming a stoner and ...GASP...started making incoherant "in joke" movies only he and a hard core fanbase would get. yay for him. but he needlessly torpedoed what should have been a movie catalog that should have been up with the greats. he has GREAT speaking engagements which I do love as he has alot of insight, but at the end of the day he made his bones as a director and writer. both of which he threw away on hazy pot induced lameness.

cjZEO - Haters5 star

Haters on the comments don’t know I bet they are young i watch all the movies yo you guys are not even smooth like Don Juan del la nootch

Chiopp - What a waste1 star

I was excited to see it. What a huge let down. I’m so confused how anyone can come away watching this unfunny train wreck and giving it a good review. I was looking forward to mallrats 2 but now I’m hoping it never happens. And for the love of god what was the reasoning to leave all the genuinely funny things out of the movie but add them into the credits at the end???

Riceyrolls - laughed the entire time5 star

My BF and I watched it with jay and kevin smith on their roadshow. I don't think you can catch it anywhere else until they are done with their tour. I am super ready to watch it a second time!! everyone who didn't have a chance to watch it with jason and kevin, the wait is super worthwhile!!!

Joeffhhgvdtu - Watch it5 star

Best movie I’ve since comedy is all I watch Kevin needs to make more and more he beat his heat attack this shouldn’t be the last of jay and bob I’m 34 years old and since the first one a million times I need more KEVIN

RussiAmerica - Yes yes yes yes!5 star

I saw it twice already, and one viewing with Kevin and Jay actually present. The movie is a feel good ride that feels old and new all at the same time. Jay did an amazing job bringing me from tears of laughter to tears of crying emotions back to “busting a gut”. Grade A+

Ravenous19 - Bad1 star

Just no stop it

askewjsb - Waiting1 star

These movies always seem to come out a month before DVD date yet this still doesnt have date

Thowalla - So Yesterday's Style...1 star

Meh.. First movied sucked, this looks to be on par with that one.. No Thanks.... This should have been called Crackhead and spent mime get 2nd shot at a surefire failure. This shouldn't have been rebooted it should have just been BOOTED the first time. Too bad the star system cant go to negative.

Themanwithanamazingplan - Great to see more Jay and Silent Bob Adventures!!5 star

Snootchie Rebootchies, this film is a lot of fun. So far I’ve seen this 3 times with a 4th time coming up tomorrow, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed it more every time. I was more critical of it on the first viewing due to my immense live of the other movies, but for what it is it’s a good time with two characters who’ve been dormant for awhile. My current franchise ranking is give or take 1)Mallrats 2)Clerks 3)Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 4)Clerks 2 5)Jay and Silent Bob Reboot 6)Chasing Amy 7)Dogma; though I could probably see Reboot maybe climbing a little higher on that list with time. This movie was a great way for Kevin Smith to reintroduce the Jay and Silent Bob Characters/Universe, and hopefully many more adventures with these two are still to come🤞🤞

CFC07 - Priceless!5 star

Smith and Mewes in their iconic duo always brings the A game to the screen.

Johnny245673 - Mind blown5 star

Ben Affleck stars in sequel to chasing Amy. Matt Damon stars in sequel to dogma. Jason lee stars in sequel to mall rats. Method and Red and Tommy Chong Star in how high Chech and Chong mix up And chris hemsworth Star with jay and silent bob in Kevin Smith end game. This movie is inane and hilarious and everything you want it to be.

Brian Alex Clark - Watch it with the Roadshow crowd5 star

It really makes a difference; but it's a fun heartfelt time either way

Chrys Starr - Really?1 star

I’m so sick of Jay and Silent Bob.

Green Tee 🍵 - Boring1 star


Adam in Colorado - Loved it!5 star

This is a Kevin Smith film, for Kevin Smith fans. I was lucky enough to see the film on tour in Durango, CO., and despite the audio being a little off, and the screen had some pretty good wrinkles in it (we live at the end of the road and still have 70’s & 80’s tech here) we had a great time! The best part is always hearing Kev and Jay talk afterwords. Kevin has been my favorite film maker for years, and it’s not even because the films. It’s about the heart and authenticity he puts into his work. He’s genuine. I’ve seen him speak 1/2 dozen times or more and some young film maker always asks for advice on how to “make it”. It’s always a similar response. “Find your voice. Tell your story. Don’t try to replicate some formula.” Kevin has done just that with his career, and I admire him deeply. I still owe him $5.00, but I preordered the reboot, so maybe that’ll count? ;)

upinthe420clouds - Yes!5 star

Super excited to own this. We had tickets to see a screening during the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow here in Chicago along with Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes. The movie is ridiculously hilarious. I have never seen an audience break out in laughter quite like that ever before. This is a very new and improved Jay & Silent Bob and I think it’s exactly the direction they needed to go. Same story, same stoner antics, matured characters & super emotional. Another Kevin Smith Classic.

JJ Fish66 - Reboot Rocks!5 star

I got to see this at the Fathom Events screening on 10/17. It was a double feature with “Strike Back”. They screwed up and got the flicks out of order so we got to see “Reboot” first which is a bummer since they last half the audience after. But they were lame as I loved seeing “Strike Back” on the big screen. All the Kevin Smith jokes aside about making the same flick twice, it was outstanding - heartfelt, hilarious and an absolute joy to watch. So great seeing so many folks from the Askewniverse back in it making cameos! And mucho props to Mewes for stretching himself as an actor - yes, even as Jay. It was clear he really put his heart and soul into this one, and showed a vast range of emotions. So great job, Mr. Smith! Now make with “Clerks 3”, “Mallrats 2” and “Moose Jaws”! But I’ll definitely be buying “Reboot” when it becomes available. And seriously iTunes - “Dogma”. Now. That is all...

5 star

@JustinWhang @ThatKevinSmith They will probably replace Jay and Silent Bob with two trans lesbians in the reboot an…

5 star

Very sad to say I did not enjoy the Jay and Silent Bob reboot. My expectations were low but I wasn’t expecting it t…

5 star

@OriginalFunko: Funko SDCC 2020 Reveals: POP Comics: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - Iron Bob #FunkoVirtualCon #Funko #Pop #FunkoPop #Jayand…

5 star

My ★★★ review of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019) on @letterboxd:

5 star

And like many moments in my life, whether it be love or heartbreak, and now parenthood, Kevin Smith somehow verbali…

5 star

OriginalFunko: Funko SDCC 2020 Reveals: POP Comics: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - Iron Bob #FunkoVirtualCon #Funko…

5 star

Dammit @JayMewes the jay and silent bob reboot movie hit me in the feels so hard. Such a great movie. Thanks…

5 star

Holy shit! Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is fucking hilarious!

5 star

I’m watching Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. I should have watched something else.

5 star

@IAmJericho i just saw the movie Jay and silent bob reboot. Man you did it again great performance. Hater tots.

5 star

@JustinWhang @ThatKevinSmith Don't get too excited. They did a Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

5 star

@BIONICPRIME @Volcos @JustinWhang @ThatKevinSmith Shiiit my bad. Total retard over here mixed up clerks 3 for jay and silent bob reboot

5 star

@OriginalFunko: Funko SDCC 2020 Reveals: POP Comics: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - Iron Bob #FunkoVirtualCon #Funko #Pop #FunkoPop #Jayand…

5 star

Watching the Jay and Silent Bob reboot. There is a wonderful scene that serves as a reminder that #ChasingAmy is on…

5 star

36 - Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Me ha gustado mucho. Me he reído a carcajadas mientras la veía. Tiene mucho meta, co…

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot images
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot images
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot images
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot images
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot images
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot images
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot images
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot images

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot posters
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot posters
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot posters
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot posters
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot posters
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot posters
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