The Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man (2020) Summary and Synopsis

What you can't see can hurt you. Emmy winner Elisabeth Moss (Us, Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale) stars in a terrifying modern tale of obsession inspired by Universal's classic monster character. Trapped in a violent, controlling relationship with a wealthy and brilliant scientist, Cecilia Kass (Moss) escapes in the dead of night and disappears into hiding, aided by her sister (Harriet Dyer, NBC's The InBetween), their childhood friend (Aldis Hodge, Straight Outta Compton) and his teenage daughter (Storm Reid, HBO's Euphoria). But when Cecilia's abusive ex (Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House) commits suicide and leaves her a generous portion of his vast fortune, Cecilia suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of eerie coincidences turns lethal, threatening the lives of those she loves, Cecilia's sanity begins to unravel as she desperately tries to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see. When Cecilia's abusive ex takes his own life and leaves her his fortune, she suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of coincidences turn lethal, Cecilia works to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see. The Invisible Man (2020) Wiki

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What You Can't See Can Hurt You..

The Invisible Man (2020) (2020)

The Invisible Man (2020) Comments & Critics

The Invisible Man (2020) Movie Reviews

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- Great Movie!5 star

This movie was really good I highly recommend it. Its scary but not too scary and had a good storyline.

- Absolute garbage !1 star

It’s completely disconnected from the science and mostly connected to psychopath tendencies ! Total trash of my dollars. Avoid if you can.

- New Take on a 1933 Classic5 star

Excellent. I was hooked and enjoyed this twist to this 1933 classic. Great performance by Elizabeth Moss who seems to always display her “acting chops” in whatever she acts in. A psychological thriller.

- Uhm?2 star

The Invisible Man isn’t bad, but it’s certainly overrated. Nothing honestly sticks out as being anything other than basic. It’s got a basic plot. It’s got basic plot twists. It’s got basic characters. You aren’t surprised by anything that’s happening, because you’ve seen all these plot twists before, I promise. Very drawn out sequences. Nothing ever gets going honestly. There really aren’t any edge of your seat moments, or anything besides a few decently clever, but unremarkable sequences. The film never truly takes flight, and it’s unfortunate. This is an iconic movie character, The Invisible Man deserves far better.

- Suspenseful but not scary4 star

Very good main actress, good story, a few different twists but this movie could’ve been a little scarier.

- Boring2 star

Most of the movie has no action or anything going on in the scene. Not much drives the plot forward. Overall boring.

- This movie is dumb1 star

There is no way this movie is 91% the ratings are rigged. Don’t wast your money

- Loved it!5 star

Good movie with many suspenseful moments!

- Excellent movie in recent times5 star

Excellent movie in recent times. Very gripping screenplay. Totally enjoyed it

- Amazing5 star

Keeps you entertained from beginning to end.

- Awaiting4 star

To be honest, I’m only writing this review to make it 667.

- Great repop4 star

I liked this movie the first couple of times it was made, this did it justice great acting and some great twists

- Great movie5 star

Elizabeth Moss does a fantastic job. Sometimes unnerving horror films like this tend to be more moody and slow - this one is not. It doesn't drag at all. Definitely worth the watch.

- So crappy1 star

This moved was stupid and ridiculous! Fake and super dumb

- Not entertaining1 star

Was bored halfway through the movie. Despite the amazing critics ratings it was boring and predictable. Save your money, unless you are really really bored.

- Great remake that blends genres.5 star

We had a great time watching this movie. Totally worth the rent. It’s a great remake that blends genres (thriller, horror, mystery, sci-fi) together seamlessly and provides a layered story rich with possible interpretations. Actors and actresses here were well chosen. Elizabeth Moss did an amazing job portraying a traumatized and victimized, yet smart and vigilant, woman coming out of an abusive and manipulative relationship. At times, her acting against the “invisible spaces” was so convincing that the audience believed she’s actually talking to a person. It’s quite a wonder to watch. Overall, highly recommended.

- It was good4 star

It was a fantastic movie. So mind boggling


this movie was carried out so well. Completely worth the money it had me on the absolute edge of my seat.

- Ms3 star

It’s ok movie🙂 better than some

- Great movie5 star

The movie was thrilling and entertaining.

- Don't Trust the Trailer1 star

If you want to watch a thriller you will need to fast forward through this and not miss anything.

- Could have been better3 star

Overall the movie was great 10/10 recommend but I wish it had better jumpscares tbh

- A MUST WATCH5 star

Awesome movie

- Awesome movie!!!5 star

Movie was introduced on itunes @$19.99, for rental only!!! lol. No way i was going to rent and pay more than what i would pay in an actual movie theater and not to omit the fact that i planned on owning the movie anyway, so i waited until the price came back down to earth. That said this movie was awesome and it's unfortunate it was released in the middle of a pandemic that almost brought the country to a standstill. Hopefully it will do well and recoupe the cost to make it and make some serious profit.

- Overhyped1 star

Not good at all

- C'mon people....5 star

If you do your homework you can watch most of these films, including this one, online for free. I watched it free about a month ago and it was a brilliant film. Great trailer, great flick. Like most people here I wasn't expecting it to be that good. To my pleasant surprise, however, it most certainly was. The acting, directing, editing, most of the writing, and cinematography were really wonderful. You can't beat free for any film.

- Good, But3 star

She's married to a super rich dude who is very good looking. She says you can have any woman in the world. He calls her beautiful, and stalks her, and I just don't see it with this actress. Bad casting.

- One of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen5 star

I watched this the other day and it was one of the best horror/psychological thriller movies I have ever seen. Definitely way better than The Turning (which was absolutely HORRIBLE)

- amazing movie5 star

loved it

- Better than the ads3 star

The ads sucked but it was not so sucked

- A good watch5 star

Really good movie! Nice twist, love movies that have me thinking one way and than boom! Lol

- It’s funny5 star

It’s funny to read the comments complaining about $20 to rent this movie and blaming it on Apple. Really do you people really think Apple is the one who deciding how much to charge you for renting this movie.

- Bal5 star


- Scary5 star

Wasn’t sure what to expect but really liked it. Recommend!

- The Next Phase Of Horror For UNIVERSAL!5 star

The Invisible Man was an amazing take on the original Universal Monster Character and H.G. Wells Novel. The film did an amazing job introducing us to the grim setting, sci-fi use, suspense, and creepy music. It didn’t fully rely on Jump-Scares and Gore, like modern Horror-Movies, which is good. Elisabeth Moss delivers an excellent performance as a traumatized, crazy, and abused woman. The film was more of a psychological horror-Movie from the old days in the modern world. Earlier the film had a brief beginning, later it became quiet, until later that’s when the twists and turns, and brutal jump-scares began. It finally delivers an ending with a surprising and satisfying twist. This should’ve been the first installment in Universal’s planned Universal Monster Dark Universe instead of The Mummy (2017), but this will be a Horror-Movie classic to remember, even though it lacked Depth.

- Ok movie3 star

Enjoyable to an extent. Lots of plot holes.... like who is the random stranger guy who picks her up and just casually drives her around and even waits for her ... again enjoyable but only if you don’t look too closely.

- Waste of money1 star

Why 20 dollars to rent we are going throw hard times

- Happy5 star

5 stars

- Worth $6 rental5 star

We really enjoyed this version of the Invisible Man. Good spin to an old story.

- Excellent film5 star

I was not prepared for how awesome and terrifying this movie is. The psychological horror is extreme and the kills really get you in the gut. The FX are also very well done, this is a slick update of the classic story. That said, do we seriously need to start implementing multiple star ratings so people can get the price thing out of their system while still giving the movie a fair review? If you don’t like the price, email Apple. Don’t flame the reviews.

- Awesome5 star

You know what would have been awesome if they had like maybe 20 seconds of the invisible man song from The album the miracle by Queen in the movie I think I would have done that for this film (if I directed it) Like maybe having that song be a ringtone for a phone that rings in the movie maybe? If you agree put #Queen Song in your review

- Not bad, but not wow3 star

Over all it’s a nice movie to have your friends over to watch. Does it keep you on the edge? not as much as I expected. It feels like the movie is made just for the sake of just making a movie.


Completely unexpected. Suspensful, well acted and amazing

- Great suspense, well executed!4 star

I had low expectations going into this movie. However, I was wrong, because I really enjoyed this film. Despite the low budget to make this film, the plot, the acting and the sfx were well done.

- So So - could have been more3 star

Originally when I watched this movie, it was $20. I understood the higher price point considering the COVID times and the release date (even though I didn’t like it) but overall wasn’t terribly impressed with most of the movie. One can suspend reality to watch a movie, but there were scenes (in the restaurant) that simply could not keep me “believing” from there, I feel like it fell a part. There were 1-2 plot twists, so if you’re reading this now where the price is under $6 to rent, you like Elizabeth Miss and want a distraction, I’d say go for it.

- This movie is bad.1 star

This movie is very bad. No, I did not watch it, but it seems very bad. Just an overall bad movie.

- Elizathe moss?1 star


- Hey5 star

I’m tryna get some money

- Suspenseful3 star

Movie was good but the ending lame!

- One of the WORST ...1 star

... movies I’ve had the misfortune ever to watch. Save your time money and self-respect by avoiding this miserable p.o.s. The director Leigh Whannell and the producers should be ashamed to have perpetrated this hot mess on the viewing public. The script is terrible, and the director Whannell has not done anything to improve the glaring deficiencies in the story. Plot holes and inconsistencies. Character actions that make no sense in the context of the current situation. Characters with vastly changing traits and moods, incomprehensible motivations and actions. Characters whose backstories are either nonexistent or so hard to understand that their relationship to the main character makes no sense. I could go on. But I’ve spent enough time with this film by watching it. It’s terrible. Avoid it.

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marz52 - Fine Acting5 star

Great job by Elizabeth Moss, kept me on the edge of my seat.

not-so-sure - We thoroughly enjoyed the meeting5 star

It was a good movie. Initially it was extremely predictable, but then the plot thickened. You’ll know what I am taking about when you see it 😉

StarAction - Chilling3 star

Very entertaining. Good story. Good acting. I recommend this film. I would watch it again.

laine25 - Great movie5 star

Wasn’t expecting much, but this was a really good movie. Family watched and we all enjoyed it. Good thriller.

Slushie Man - Fantastic movie.5 star

One of the best horror movies of the year so far. Second only to VFW.

Dustybauls - Good movie dumb reviewers4 star

Reading these reviews, it’s clear there’s no shortage of stupid people. You idiots are rating a movie one star based on a rental price not the content. Apple didn’t make the price $20 the studio that produced it did. The movie was $20 to rent because theatres were closed and the studio was trying to recoup costs and still allow people to watch the film. The movie was good. I enjoyed the twist on an old story.

six.feet.under - 4k downgrade5 star

Why would i buy a 4k movie when itunes has been downgrading alot of movies in HD. In the store it says 4k but when you play them they are HD DOLBY VISION. And customer service will make you believe its youre device, buy another one, go pay and get it fix at the apple store. The movies i noticed are these Evil dead 1 Vanilla sky Top gun Days of thunder War of the worlds Man of steel Spiderverse Spiderman 1 Superman the original BABY DRIVER!!! Charlies angels 1 Shining Mission impossible fallout Apocalypse now And many more i didnt have the time to check. This is INSANE.

StaceyG99 - Outstanding & Original5 star

The film script was outstanding and the actors were really good with Elizabeth Moss leading the way. A satisfying thriller.

Alvin James P Oogak - WHAT5 star


Use to be a Ign lover - Awesome.5 star

Loved it. Just give it a watch!

SeaDoo666 - Excellent5 star

Très bon film, bien fait, crédible, et un peu freak comme je les aime😁

Halloween is fbd b - STOP COMPLAINING PEOPLE5 star

It’s only 20 dollars because it’s a theatre movie. They still need to make money off it. Technically you are saving money. Cost of a movie is 14 dollars. If you have a family renting it for 20 is cheaper.

Xochitl7 - Taking advantage of a deadly pandemic1 star

Now !! 14$ to pre order and people paid 20 to rent !!! Wow Charging more than theatre because it’s on a theatre release window, and in this times it’s insane, if you think it’s fair ? I was paying for the screen , sound , seat, where are those here !.the choice to rise the prices for the people that have to stay home and don’t know if they will have a job after this !!!! Classy man taking advantage of this times with desperate people, now I won’t watch the movie even after this is over or cheaper

Ballistic2Potato - You can even see it1 star

This is dumb

TJWS2731 - Bunch of cheapos commenting5 star

It’s $20 because you can sit the whole damn family around the TV and watch it for the price of two. Movie should still be in theatres.. they need to make up the money spent to film/produce. Don’t rent it if it’s too much coin for ya..

Manning2072 - Not bad.4 star

It’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen but it was not bad. A watch once movie, no real rewatch value.

Cocozombies - Loved it!!5 star

Price is still cheaper than going to the movies, specially if you live with people and they also watch it with you.

numptyur - $20 because it’s still in theatrical window5 star

This film and many others are $20 rentals due to supposed to being in theatres. This isn’t Apple setting the price it’s the movie studios. They invested millions into these movies and lost a lot due to CPVID-19. Coming on here to one star and complain makes you look like an entitled jerk.

churchburger - Price3 star

If you don’t agree with the price, don’t rent it.

Carogb - Super5 star

Très bon film!!!

gjamesm42 - Apple did not set the price!5 star

The studio did.

Sunshine0262 - Garbage1 star


Luc Presley - bon film5 star

tres bon film avoir

Shortcake☺️ - $20 is still cheaper then a cineplex5 star

Here this out! It is about 14.00 for a normal movie ticket. Plus your $20 popcorn combo. The price to rent is the same if not better than going to a cineplex. This movie was incredible! Worth the watch! The camera work to always have the scene wide to make you assume he’s there is great! Her acting was the cherry on top! A great classic redone!

reviewerbunber10237 - Great Movie!5 star

I was trying to give it 4.5 stars but whatever. With an amazing direction, score, cast, and atmosphere The Invisible Man reminds me of the good old classic horror movies that got me into the genre, and should be known as the first great movie of the new decade! Furthermore, for the people complaining about the price, it is $20 because even though a ticket may not even be $10 who’s to say that you are watching the movie alone, if you have a bunch of people watching it, it wouldn’t make financial sense for the studio.

mapmatrix2009 - Profiteering1 star

If you tried this with ‘tp’ or ‘ppe’ you would become an internet pariah. And, as for the comments about that price being the theatre price it is a lie. And even if it was the price for a ticket, the fee would partially flow back to the theatre owners. Is that going to happen? Not in this lifetime. Apple and the studios should be treated via the law as profiteers.

Erik:D - Great Movie!5 star

This movie was great definitely better enjoyed in theatres but still great nonetheless! People complaining about the pricing need to realize that this is a early released rental since theatres are closed. If you want to pay the normal price then wait until it’s officially released. (Not even that bad of a price considering it costs about $20 for a theatre ticket) Don’t give the movie 1 star because of how Apple decided to price the movie ... how does that have anything to do with how good the movie was....?

Bnmw - In Theatres5 star

They aren’t gouging anyone, they just aren’t stupid. They are basing it off 2 people viewing like at the movies. Most people even in social distancing don’t all live by themselves.

Kodabear123 - Rip off1 star

You all need to understand that no it’s not in theatres they are closed. Therefore they shouldn’t be charging that much. Don’t know where you go to the theatre but obviously it’s a better idea to wait till it goes on sale at the store. Same price and you get to keep it forever

underdogs1 - Average3 star

Fairly enjoyable. The characters are really annoying. But do get better near the end. I would recommend wait till it's cheaper to rent. Definitely not a buy. Has a few twists but its pretty predictable if you watch movies. They don't explain alot which is annoying.

K-Lo - Love the direct streaming & good movie!5 star

I love the direct streaming feature for this movie!! Overall the movie was good, love all the actors!

RiotPoof - Stupidity is the real epidemic5 star

Hey y’all, Apple doesn’t choose the cost of rentals for this material. Same price on other platforms. Direct your anger at the distributors. Thank you and read a book.

009LP - 20 Dollars- rip off1 star

So sad how you are charging 20 dollars to rent this movie. I am no longer a fan.

ricky753 - everyone relax!5 star

EVERYONE READ THIS. I finally know the reason why it is $19.99 for a rent. the reason why it is that much, is because it’s supposed to be in theatres and you usually pay the same amount when you go to the theatres to watch a movie. everyone should know about this because people are upset, confused, and disappointed, plus stupid for not know about this. every theatre in this world are shut down due to the virus. so while everyone is in quarantine, relax, act like your in theatres, and just pay for this movie like you do in theatres. problem solved!!!

chucky😡 - ???🤔4 star

I have never in my life payed $20.00 in theatres to watch a movie, I don’t know what Hollywood is thinking that I’m going to pay what they are asking to watch it at home on a smaller screen, I’ll give you $20.00 when it comes out in blue ray how’s that!🤪 By the way this isn’t apple’s price . It’s like this everywhere 🙄

Airborne666 - The movie is great5 star

Enjoyed the movie, very good action and suspense. Yes, I agree with others that the rental price is high compared to going to the theatre, but the movie is very good.

timtastic - Loved it!5 star

Female power!! Loved this take on the Invis Man. Written by a female and produced by a woman. Of course Lizzy Moss is kick-a** like usual!! PS: people complaining about the cost to rent. Here’s the reason: this was a new release in theatres. Since COVID has closed all theatres, Apple is letting us rent it much earlier. You would have spent a lot more than $20 to see it in the theatre.

KhaleesiLeksa - Expensive1 star

It’s not even $10 in theatres c’mon we can barely pay rent at the moment let alone watch a movie for $20 + tax

Soprafred - Great movie with nail-biting story and amazing performance by Moss5 star

My girlfriend and I enjoyed the movie, worth watching and unpredictable ending!

Becca Bear - Plot twist4 star

I watched this movie in VIP just before the theaters shut down. We paid 50 bucks for two tickets. I regret nothing. The acting was great, and the plot had you guessing from the start. I LOVED how they played homage to the original. Honestly quit barking about the rental price. I’d gladly pay 20 to rent new movies from home.

Darkxangel55 - Great movie5 star

People need to understand that this movie was still in movie theatres when things was shutting down. Everyone need to realize this and that’s the reason for the price. It’s basically the same price just seeing it in the theatre. Stop being cheap spot crying like a baby and be happy that some very new release movies will be on streaming. I say $20 seems right.

Showtime in the middle - It’s 20$ because it’s supposed to be in theaters.4 star

It’s 20$ because it’s supposed to be in theatres you cheap losers.

Relent - Awesome !!5 star

Loved the ending. Didn’t see it coming at all. And its 20 dollers to rent because Its still in theaters people. If the whole family went to the theatre it would have been 80 dollers.

MattM18 - Great movie5 star

Those complaining about the price - this movie was pulled from theatres since most are shut down around the world. Most movies make money from box office sales so they need to recoup that loss revenue. If you don’t like the $20 rental fee wait for it’s actual release to home video. The movie was great, acting superb and kept me on the edge of my seat. I had no probably paying the rental fee to support an amazing piece of work.

Kazzyman - Early release4 star

People, before you rant about a $20 rental, take into account that the movie is ONLY available for early rental because of the Coronavirus lockdown measures. It’s currently still in theatres and wouldn’t be available for months under normal circumstances! Ease up and have a family movie night. Two tickets in a cinema setting would be way more expensive!

Srycentral - Ridiculous cost1 star

Gouging from the theatres.

HAMID16 - Stop blaming apple5 star

Stop blaming apple for the prices it's not set by them it's set by the studio

shaniqua222233 - Joke1 star

Y the hell is this $20 to rent

2121sugarland - HIGHWAY ROBBERY1 star

Basically straling from people,,, 20 BUCKS are you people crazy!!

oketch96 - Dry1 star

2 hours of very dry content. I had high hopes for this film but it was absolutely not worth the $20 I spent to rent it. My boyfriend fell asleep half way through. The ending was a nice twist but incredibly boring for a 2 hour movie

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2xistt - h’OMfG5 star

Fabulous Plot & Writing & yes superb Direction. Enjoyed this throughly. New, Modern, Realistic, - Twist on old Inviso- Man. (thank G, thought only Shyamalan could manage these). Fabulous writing & performances. An unlikely bizarre happening made true (realistically). Two thumbs & two toes up! Give me more!

Mohit n Singh - Pretty ordinary1 star

Pretty ordinary movie to be honest.If you have seen hollow man please don’t waste your time and money. This doesn’t come 1/10th of Hollow man. The chills, graphics, and storyline of hollow man was amazing. Invisible man on the contrary is very sub standard. I wish this was invisible on iTunes for me! Wasted 6 bucks.

Peter DKB - Good Movie5 star

Very much a hybrid of Hollowman & Sleeping with the Enemy but works very well. Solid performance from lead role. CGI is a little 2005 though.... literally the only down side.

105885 - slow3 star

the plot is really slow for 3/4 of the movie the last part if the movie was worth watching just should have been more action in the movie

TalsNick - Such a GOOD MOVIE!5 star

Love this movie If I would’ve known it would be this good I would’ve just bought it.

exdffdudzeze - Dxddnfe5 star


TARS70 - Leigh Whannell’s BEST!5 star

One of his best films to date! Right behind upgrade! Great Cast as well and such good twists!

ChrisMoore96 - Great movie5 star

Much better and more detailed than I anticipated thought it was going to be corny but it was a beautiful production film. As far as the idiot below saying shame on you for $20 renting it’s not up to Apple for the rental prices but the production company.

Neighbors Garage - Elizabeth Moss is one of our greatest Actresses5 star

This film was just amazing, it truly breathed new life into the “invisible man” genre.Moss gives another bravura performance. I seriously jumped several times. Recommended

gheeluvzyou - Great movie5 star

Loved watching this movie during this crisis. Thanks for helping me chill out. Could have been better but was a really great movie.


Why the hell cant there be a Apple movie subscription???? Don’t worry, I got a android kodi box and will never pay for a movie again , jokes on you

Spartacus (Chris💤) - Not worthy of an award or anyone’s money1 star

It wasn’t good for 20 bucks then and it’s not now Stop pushing this movie Scientology be dammed.

bart1"1 - A very entertaining thriller that creeps up on you4 star

This movie is a very fun and action packed thriller. This movie features a great performance for Elizabeth Moss, and some great visual production design. This movie is consistently entertaining with never a dull moment. My only issue is that there are some plot holes and things that don’t make much sense but I was able to forget it because this is easily my favorite movie of 2020 so far.

Belindag1023 - Masterful5 star

So well done. So believable.

Oldboyla - STARTLING5 star

What more can I say - it’s a perfect sci-fi thriller that makes you jump from your seat. This is far from the 1984 TV show Invisible Man, but so much better. Best thriller I have seen in a long time.

Billy7915 - Crap1 star

This movie is garbage and wouldn’t buy it, for $5.

Bummermaniii - Nice twist4 star


darksultry - Superb Movie and Great Experience!5 star

This film was so amazingly shot and directed, and the films twist were always shocking and riveting that had you at the edge of your seat ( or couch) in anticipation for every minute of the film. Your mind may think it’s going one way but then the film leaves breadcrumbs in Act 1 and 2 that perfectly tie up act 3 in an satisfying way for the audience. Kudos to all the actors involved ,especially Elisabeth Moss’ character. Special Shout-out to the CGI team for making the breathtaking (Literally as well) visuals that gave the film the the grit and creepiness it needed.

scliame - We liked it5 star

Omg! Thrilling and kept my interest. My kids liked it too; Ages 18 and 15. Very very well done

Ahutch87 - Leave your brain at home2 star

A watchable movie if you neglect to think about all the ways each scenario could have gone differently with minor changes.

Cyborg 67 - The ending was Invisible! 😢2 star

It was a movie with little scary parts. The plot was lazy! Could been better scary action! And the ending was like the movie title “Invisible”, where was the ending? Did the Director forgot to add it to this movie? 🤔

Kendo_R - Really Good5 star

This movie keeps you at the edge of your seat, with really shocking moments. And the ending is just mind blowing. Really a great movie to rent and enjoy.

Ak99733 - Rental1 star

Available for rent on the 25th???? Still waiting....

Wal55455 - Wait until it’s on a free media2 star

Last 10 minutes were great but the invisible man with Kevin bacon was much much better.

knowsclassic - Excellent!5 star

Just want to say, this movie was well done! The storyline was well written, and I gotta say, it definitely kept your attention. You definitely want to make sure you pay attention to what is happening with the main character and her surroundings. That said, to those who are rating because of the price, it is an injustice to the movie itself. Disconnect the price from the movie content, and you have a movie worth enjoying, again and again.

Big Kanuna 808 - Terrible Waste of $$1 star

Not sure how this is rated so highly. The movie is terrible. Don’t be fooled into purchasing...

Sunflower1852 - Not the best.3 star

Hoping for more from this movie. Never really connected to any of the characters.

atinytie - Meh2 star

Acting wasn’t all that great, no major suspense...pretty average movie

TheMostUnclean - Stop Crying about the Price5 star

You pay for ONE ticket when you go to the theater. When you’re watching it at home the studio has no way to know how many other people are with you. Or how many times your watching it in the rental period. People must be really dumb not to get this. The pricing is a fair compromise for a first run movie during this pandemic.

RachelHaddon - Worth every penny5 star

AMAZING! Such a fun, thrilling movie. No matter if you spend $20, $15, or soon the lower rental price... it’s worth it. Great sound design, suspenseful artwork of film, and creative idea for a thriller. Ignore the bad review score just because people are upset about a price tag.

Wilbeaux - WAY better than expected5 star

You’re going to be shocked. I gasped out loud multiple times when I saw it in theaters. Don’t let people complaining about the price discourage you from watch this jaw dropping film. A+

DLGRAINGER - nice film entertaining4 star

Plesaantly surprised

Tony two time - Was good and different5 star

I like this movie it was definitely a thriller style edge of the seat type of film.

Endeavor384 - Too predictable3 star

Based on the trailer, you knew everything that was going to happen in the movie. It’s worth a watch but can’t say it’s one I’ll be craving to watch even a 2nd time. Acting was good but nothing spectacular in essence about the story or its ability to keep you guessing.

foolery puppetry - RIP off1 star

14-20 to rent !! What

Tpspr - Awsome5 star

Great movie & great acting. What hallow man should have been.

Accidental-Ducky - Amazing!5 star

All around great film. If you like horror and psychological drama, then you’ll love this.

Tymann7 - Everyone that posts a review on this movie it’s only about the price!!! HOW IS THE MOVIE???5 star

I want to know if this movie is good! Everyone post about the price and I’m sure they paid it to watch but no ones posting about the movie!!! I’d like to know if the movie is good or not??!!!!

bikram23 - Excellent!!!5 star

This was a fun movie to watch, great suspense and action. Elisabeth Moss’s performance was amazing.

Rockyfan123 - Amazing!4 star

Strong acting with good cinematography and a good script. Highly recommend

162daly - Great well-acted Movie!5 star

People vote with their wallets. I for one will never rent a movie for 19.99. I'm not in a hotel. This movie had a low budget but was spent really well with the directing and acting. So why $19.99 especially when folks need value for what they pay for during this time? It did pretty well the short time it was in the theaters. And after marketing costs, I'd assume it made a little profit perhaps? I don't know, but I enjoyed the movie. Nice rollercoaster ride. Sometimes less is more when it comes to suspense.

Journeyofsound - ....1 star

This is some jokes .... not A movie

[email protected] - Worth it5 star

The movie is slow at first, however it is worth the wait and kept me intrigued the entire time. Mostly, it was nice to finally have the opportunity to purchase a movie that was recently released!

Batrinux - Shame on you apple!1 star

Why 14.99?

Jarrod Gibbons - $20 to Rent and now $15 to Buy.1 star

I should have waited. Good to know.

JacobDude - Spectacularly unexpected!5 star

This is part of a new wave of horror. Science fiction, drama and horror, all come together to show an incredible journey of survival and perseverance. Not a dull moment in this film. Shocking, fulfilling and satisfying. This film will go down in history as a game changer. Check it out!

Etchosts - Price? 🤦‍♂️bad. Movie Good1 star

Im just complaining about the price!!!! Great movie.

Homeschoolin' in Sun Prairie - Soooo good!!5 star

Glad I can buy now, and that it’s 4k too! But this is a review for the movie, and it’s a must watch!!

saleera A - Thank you!5 star

The worse animals they have been hacking my whole life for no reason. But I'm letting God handle them.

30 Year Fan - Rent for $19.99?????1 star

You gotta be kidding me! Is this Covid 19 Inflation? Just an update I would have bought this movie for $19.99 when you were trying to take advantage of people with the rental scam. Now you can't even sell it to me at $14.99.

The Invisible Man (2020) Images & Pictures

The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images
The Invisible Man (2020) images

The Invisible Man (2020) Posters

based on novel or bookarchitectpregnancystalkermurdercar crashdomestic abusescientistviolencepolice detectivedeathinvisible personfake suicidemental hospitalwoman in peril

The Invisible Man (2020) posters
The Invisible Man (2020) posters
The Invisible Man (2020) posters
The Invisible Man (2020) posters
The Invisible Man (2020) posters
The Invisible Man (2020) posters
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