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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan synopsis, summary and reviews

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) Movie Summary

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  • 1982

It is the 23rd century. The Federation Starship U.S.S. EnterpriseTM is on routine training maneuvers and Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner) seems resigned to the fact that this inspection may well be the last space mission of his career. But Khan is back. Aided by his exiled band of genetic supermen, Khan (Ricardo Montalban) - brilliant renegade of 20th century Earth - has raided Space Station Regula One, stolen a top secret device called Project Genesis, wrested control of another Federation starship, and now schemes to set a most deadly trap for his old enemy Kirk... with the threat of a universal Armageddon!

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Film Synopsis

It is the 23rd century. The Federation Starship U.S.S. Enterprise is on routine training maneuvers and Admiral James T. Kirk seems resigned to the fact that this inspection may well be the last space mission of his career. But Khan is back. Aided by his exiled band of genetic supermen, Khan - brilliant renegade of 20th century Earth - has raided Space Station Regula One, stolen a top secret device called Project Genesis, wrested control of another Federation Starship and sets out in pursuit of the Enterprise, determined to let nothing stand in the way of his mission: kill Admiral Kirk... even if it means universal Armageddon.

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Movie Reviews

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Great Trek, so-so visualsIf you like Star Trek, you'll like this movie. If you like Sci-Fi you'll like this movie. Enough said. The only reason this film (back then) and today doesn't get a perfect score is because of the special effects and generally the visuals. It has not held up anywhere near as well as Blade Runner or The Thing which both came out the same year..Score: 4/5

Best movie everThis movie is awesome it is one of the coolest Star Trek movies but I was so 😭 when Spock died but it was still epic but one thing I don’t get is why didn’t they take Spock back to his home planet and bury him instead shooting him out in space.Score: 4/5

The Wrath Of KrapOkay, in 1982 the movie was pretty darned good. But in 1982, there was hadly anything worth watching. As the Trek films kept rolling out, this one - for unknown reasons - remained a classic or one of the best or even the best. I'm so tired of the cry baby trekkies who favor this film in lieu of the other far superior ones (i.e. any of the TNG films). This is one of the worst films. There simply isn't anything clever here, nor anything that hasn't been done before this time. If there were any true Trekkers out there - this film would have been picked apart by the lack of continuity this film represents. This film has bad special effects, dialogue and even plot point movement. The only thing this has was a couple of quotes, I'll give it that..Score: 1/5

Not bad, for the Original SeriesI was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Although I am a huge Star Trek fan, I like the later casts better, and the special effects of the '80s were not very good compared to the '90s. But this movie actually had decent effects for its time. As for the story itself, I thought it was an excellent expansion into the ugly Eugenics War and the Khan storyline from "Space Seed." I was very impressed by it all. However, I'm not a huge fan of the original cast, so I was somewhat bored..Score: 4/5

Paradox and Greek TragedyI have, since becoming a faithful Trekkie/Trekker/all-around Original Series Trek fan, discovered why this movie is so paradoxial. It's got a wonderful plot line and can, unlike most if not all other Trek films, stand on its own. However, it is also, the paradox. To many fans of the Original Series and thus, the original crew, it's perhaps abhorrant, wrong even, to think of Spock being killed. It is also, a story that combines human fault with human triumph. However, it was one of the most powerful things ever performed. If it's strong enough to have the actors shaken up after viewing their own work, you know it's one to endure. It doesn't need the flashy lights and glitz. It doesn't need massive effects. It has all it needs: Astounding actors, a well-wrought story and a classic Greek-style tragedy to put Homer to tears. Absolutely an amazing piece of work that even a non-Trekkie can thoroughly enjoy..Score: 5/5

STOP IT!Youguys dont write "star wars is so much better" if you love star wars so much, dont watch star trek and star trek isnt just for geeks isnt star wars geeky too?.Score: 5/5

The best of the star trek moviesBest Star Trek movie EVER!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Khan is a jerk.I just finished watching the original series that I got from the library, after I had seen that and the wrath of khan. I forgot the episode that khan was really in! It was a surprise to see him..Score: 5/5

Khhhhaaaann!This is arguably the greatest sci-fi adventure ever made! It Khaaant be beat!.Score: 5/5

Khan's backDidnt grow up in the 60's, but this villian is memoriable. a action packed movie. much better than the motion picture.Score: 4/5

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Khaaaaaaan!!!!!Still the best of the original-cast movies with great performances by the TOS cast and great villain in Khan, played again by Ricardo Montalban..Score: 4/5

Cult Classic, Star Trek at its best.This is a cult classic movie. The famous KHAN yell and great story telling and great awesome acting. Star Trek is never about the effects, its all about the story , plot, acting. This is a great movie for anyone to enjoy. Even Non-scifi fans will love it..Score: 5/5

One of the best sequels ever made!I love this movie. There will always be something good about Star Trek if your a good fan. If your not a fan of Star Trek and you watch this movie, trust me you will be the newest fan of Star Trek..Score: 5/5

Still the best Star Trek movie!Still the best Star Trek movie after all these years. It'd be good to watch it again before the next Trek movie..Score: 4/5

It is very cold in spaceI've been a Star Trek fan since I saw the movie back when it came out in 1982,I was only a year old,but I really got into it.Like father,like daughter and like how Star Wars was to him back in 1977,that's how ST2 was to me.That scene when the Enterprise left the spacedock(which was way better in this then in the first Trek movie)was like the stardestoryer comming out of the side of the screen in Star Wars.ST2 is a sequel(or kind of)of an episode of the original series called Space Seed,with the character of Khan(played wonderfully by Ricardo Montalban)stealing the USS Reliant,to find and destory Kirk for what he did 15 years earlier.ST2 is a very beautifully made picture which outdoes the first Trek movie.One of my favourite scenes is the first battle between the Reliant and our beloved Enterprise.I believe it was the energtic and beautiful score by James Horner,brillient characters and a great story to go with it makes ST2 The Wrath Of Khan not only one of the best of the Star Trek movies but one of the best sci-fi films ever made.All the even numbered Trek flims are the best..Score: 5/5

Perhaps the best trek film...Excellent movie.... I say perhaps the best because I enjoy VI almost as much but this film set the bar for Trek films and creates one of the best movie villans of all time. Montalban steals the show and creates a character that is pure evil yet subtly terrifying..Score: 5/5

Very GoodThis was a very good movie. It was much better than the 2009 remake. KHAAAANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

BestBest trek movie yet!.Score: 5/5

CAN YOU STOP GIVING AWAY THE MOVIE IN THE DESCRIPTION!!!!Well guess I don't need to see the movie now.Score: 1/5

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) Series Cast & Crew

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. William Shatner (Admiral James T. Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (Captain Spock), DeForest Kelley (Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy), James Doohan (Cmdr. Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott), Walter Koenig (Cmdr. Pavel Chekov), George Takei (Cmdr. Hikaru Sulu), Nichelle Nichols (Cmdr. Uhura), Bibi Besch (Dr. Carol Marcus), Merritt Butrick (Dr. David Marcus), Paul Winfield (Captain Clark Terrell), Kirstie Alley (Lt. Saavik), Ricardo Montalban (Khan Noonien Singh), Judson Scott (Joachim), Ike Eisenmann (Preston), John Vargas (Jedda), John Winston (Kyle), Paul Kent (Beach), all returned for star trek ii: the wrath of khan movie.

William Shatner (Admiral James T. Kirk)
William ShatnerAdmiral James T. KirkScore: 18.6
Leonard Nimoy (Captain Spock)
Leonard NimoyCaptain SpockScore: 9.7
DeForest Kelley (Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy)
DeForest KelleyDr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoyScore: 17.0
James Doohan (Cmdr. Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott)
James DoohanCmdr. Montgomery 'Scotty' ScottScore: 10.9
Walter Koenig (Cmdr. Pavel Chekov)
Walter KoenigCmdr. Pavel ChekovScore: 6.5
George Takei (Cmdr. Hikaru Sulu)
George TakeiCmdr. Hikaru SuluScore: 17.8
Nichelle Nichols (Cmdr. Uhura)
Nichelle NicholsCmdr. UhuraScore: 21.5
Bibi Besch (Dr. Carol Marcus)
Bibi BeschDr. Carol MarcusScore: 7.2
Merritt Butrick (Dr. David Marcus)
Merritt ButrickDr. David MarcusScore: 17.1
Paul Winfield (Captain Clark Terrell)
Paul WinfieldCaptain Clark TerrellScore: 7.8
Kirstie Alley (Lt. Saavik)
Kirstie AlleyLt. SaavikScore: 15.6
Ricardo Montalban (Khan Noonien Singh)
Ricardo MontalbanKhan Noonien SinghScore: 17.0

James Horner (Original Music Composer), Joseph R. Jennings (Production Design), Robert Fletcher (Costume Design), Nicholas Meyer (Director), Robert Sallin (Producer), Harve Bennett (Executive Producer), Harve Bennett (Story), Jack B. Sowards (Screenplay), Jack B. Sowards (Story), John Newton (Additional Soundtrack), Gayne Rescher (Director of Photography), Michael Minor (Art Direction), Charles Graffeo (Set Decoration), Mary V. Buck (Casting), William Paul Dornisch (Editor), Ralph Winter (Post Production Supervisor), Gilbert B. Combs (Stunts), Mike Washlake (Stunts), Allan Graf (Stunts), Ken Ralston (Visual Effects Supervisor),

James Horner (Original Music Composer)
James HornerOriginal Music ComposerScore: 6.2
Nicholas Meyer (Director)
Nicholas MeyerDirectorScore: 7.5
Harve Bennett (Executive Producer)
Harve BennettExecutive ProducerScore: 5.1
Harve Bennett (Story)
Harve BennettStoryScore: 5.1
Michael Minor (Art Direction)
Michael MinorArt DirectionScore: 4.9
Ralph Winter (Post Production Supervisor)
Ralph WinterPost Production SupervisorScore: 3.8
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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Trailers & Teasers

'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of star trek ii: the wrath of khan, the Unknown's popular movie. Watch the star trek ii: the wrath of khan teaser trailer. Unknown’s #star-trek-ii-the-wrath-of-khan is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Trailer▶ Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Trailer
40th Anniversary Fathom Event▶ 40th Anniversary Fathom Event
Why 'Wrath of Khan' Is the Best Place to Start with 'Star Trek'▶ Why 'Wrath of Khan' Is the Best Place to Start with 'Star Trek'

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Check out photos from star trek ii: the wrath of khan movie. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome star trek ii: the wrath of khan wallpapers to download for free.

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance...

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan — 1982

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All released movie posters so far for the movie star trek ii: the wrath of khan - 1982. A poster for Unknown sci-fi & fantasy movie, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for star trek ii: the wrath of khan (1982). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan poster 1
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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Movie Posters
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Ohne es zu wissen, landet Chekov auf dem Planeten, auf den Kirk einst Khan verbannte. Der zwingt den Russen, seinen Ex-Captain herzulocken. Zugleich hat Khan es auf das Projekt Genesis abgesehen, das Kirks einstige Liebe Dr. Marcus zusammen mit ihrem gemeinsamen Sohn leitet. Es soll die Schöpfung fruchtbarer Welten auf öden Planeten ermöglichen. Als Kirk mit einer Enterprise voller Neulinge eintrifft, greift ein Föderationsschiff an. Khan führt dort das Kommando…

Khan, geneticky upravený „nadčlovek“ s megalomanským sklonmi, bol po porážke v eugenických vojnách vyhnaný na opustenú planétu Ceti Alpha 5. Prisahal pomstu kapitánovi Kirkovi, ktorého viní za svoje vyhnanstvo ako aj za smrť svojho syna. Keď sa mu po dlhých rokoch naskytne možnosť utiecť, neváha. S pomocou tvora ovládajúceho myseľ získava čoskoro kontrolu nad celou loďou Reliant. Teraz už Khanovi zostáva len jediná vec, prilákať Kirka a zabiť ho. Ako nástroj svojej pomsty sa chystá použiť zbraň naozaj ničivú – strelu „Genesis“.

A bordo dell'Enterprise, comandata dall'ammiraglio Kirk, si viaggia nello spazio contro il perfido Khan che vuole distruggere la Terra. Non è il seguito del precedente, ma di un episodio (Space Seed, 1967) della serie TV. Più vispo del primo. Ridimensionate le ambizioni metafisiche e ridotti gli effetti speciali, si è puntato sull'azione, sulle battaglie, su Khan, malvagio galattico di statura scespiriana. Le solenni banalità del dialogo non si contano.

À bord de l'USS Enterprise, vaisseau de la Fédération des Planètes Unies, l'amiral James T. Kirk accomplit une mission d'inspection de routine. Il reçoit un appel urgent du laboratoire spatial Regular One. Khan, brillant renégat et vieil ennemi de Kirk, s'est emparé d'un dispositif ultrasecret : le projet « Genesis ». À la tête d’une bande de surhommes génétiquement améliorés, Khan menace l’Univers entier…

El Enterprise transporta a un grupo de científicos que se disponen a poner a prueba el mayor experimento jamás imaginado por el hombre: la formación de vida en un planeta inerte.

A U.S.S. Enterprise está em manobras de treino e o Almirante James T. Kirk parece resignado com o facto de esta poder ser a sua última missão. Contudo, um incidente na Estação Espacial Regula One revela o regresso de Khan, um velho inimigo de Kirk, disposto a destruir a Terra para se vingar.

Genetik olarak bir superman gibi geliştirilmiş olan Khan megalomanyak ve tehlikeli bir suçlu olduğundan yıllar önce ıssız Ceti Alpha 5 gezegenine sürülmüştür. Oğlunun ölümü ve kendi bahtsız kaderinden ötürü Kaptan Kirk'ü suçlamakta ve intikam hisleriyle yanıp tutuşmaktadır.Komutan Chekov yanlışlıkla Khan'ın olduğu yere ışınlanınca, bu tehlikeli düşman sonunda aradığı fırsatı bulur. Kurbanlarının beynini kontrol etmeye yarayan parazimsi bir yaratığı kullanan Khan Yıldızgemisi Reliant'ı ele geçirmeyi başarır. Gemiyi ve bir araştırma projesinden yağmaladığı ekipmanı kullanarak Kirk'ü yoketmeyi planlamaktadır. 'Genesis Effect' isimli projenin asıl amacı sıfırdan bir gezegende canlı yaşamını başlatmaktır. Ancak ekipmanın yeni dünyalar yaratmaya vakıf olan kudreti, aynı zamanda varolanları yoketmeye de imkan tanımaktadır.Kirk ve ekibi bir kez daha tüm güçleri ve cesaretleriyle arkadaşlarını kurtarmak ve Khan'ı sonsuza dek susturmak zorundadırlar.

Admiraal Kirk is verbonden aan de Starfleet Academie, terwijl Spock het commando heeft over de Enterprise en tegelijkertijd rekruten opleidt. Ondertussen komt Chekov, die met zijn nieuwe collega's aan boord van de Reliant het supergeheime Genesis-project begeleidt, een oude vijand tegen: Khan Noonian Singh.

Khan, geneticky upravený "nadčlověk" s megalomanskými sklony, byl po porážce v eugenických válkách vyhnán na opuštěnou planetu Ceti Alpha 5. Přísahal pomstu kapitánu Kirkovi, kterého viní za své vyhnanství jakož i za smrt svého syna. Když se mu po dlouhých letech naskytne možnost uprchnout, neváhá. S pomocí cizopasného tvora ovládájího mysl získává brzy kontrolu nad celou lodí Reliant. Teď už Khanovi zbývá pouze jediná věc, přilákat Kirka a zabít ho. Jako nástroj své pomsty se chystá použít zbraň vpravdě ničivou - střelu "Genesis

Det är det 23e århundradet. Federationens stjärnskepp U.S.S. Enterprise är ute på ett träningsuppdrag och amiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner) tycks ha förlikat sig med tanken på att detta mycket väl kan vara hans sista uppdragh i karriären. Men Khan är tillbaka. Med hjälp av en liga genetiska övermänniskor på landsflykt har Khan (Ricardo Monatalban), en fascinerande överlöpare från 1900 talets jorden, anfallit rymdstationen Regula One, stulit en topphemlig uppfinning som går under namnet Project Genesis samt tagit kontroll över ett av Federationens stjärnskepp. Nu smider han planer på att gillra en dödlig fälla för sin gamle fiende Kirk och därmed hotas hela universum av undergång! Kirstie Alley (Cheers) gör här sin fantastiska filmdebut.

Кризис среднего возраста, случившийся у адмирала Кирка, казался ему вещью первостепенной важности. Но только до тех пор, пока он не получил сообщение с планеты Сеты Альфа 5 о том, что объявился его давний враг, жаждущий мщения. Хан, генетически созданный сверхчеловек, с сильно развитыми интеллектом, физической силой и амбициями, уже встречался один раз команде «Энтерпрайза », но тогда его и его людей, решивших захватить корабль, остановили и в наказание оставили на первой попавшейся пригодной для жизни планете. И вот теперь, спустя 15 лет, Хан смог выбраться из своего принудительного отшельничества. И цель у него только одна — уничтожить Кирка, которого он считает виновником всех своих несчастий. Давнее противостояние двух сильных личностей теперь развернется на фоне секретных экспериментов Федерации по терроформированию планет. Но на этот раз Кирку придется победить, чего бы это ни стоило, и начинать ему придется с победы над собственным эго…


A 23. században járunk. A U.S.S. Enterprise szövetségi űrhajó a rutin gyakorlómanővereit végzi, és úgy tűnik, James T. Kirk admirális beletörődött abba, hogy ez az ellenőrző körút talán pályájának utolsó küldetése lesz. De Khan visszatért. Genetikus szuperlényekből verbuvált száműzött csapata segítségével Khan - a 20. századi Föld briliáns renegátja - rajtaüt a Regula Egyes űrállomáson, ellopja a Genezis Project nevű, szigorúan titkos berendezést, magához ragadja egy másik szövetségi űrhajó irányítását, és most halálos csapdát készül állítani ősi ellenségének, Kirknek… mely az univerzális Armageddonnal fenyeget!

български език
23-ти век. Космическият кораб на Федерацията „U.S.S. Enterprise“ е на рутинни маневри, а адмирал Джеймс Т. Кърк се е примирил с факта, че това ще е последната космическа мисия в кариерата му. Но Хан - беглец и бунтовник от 20-ти век, се е завърнал и с помощта на бандата генетични супермени е нападнал космическата станция „Регула 1“.

Ο Καν, ένας γήινος που κατάφερε να επιβιώσει δύο αιώνες στον πλανήτη Σέτι Αλφα 5, συλλαμβάνει τον Τσέχοφ, από τον οποίο μαθαίνει για το απόρρητο σχέδιο "Γένεσις". Επιτίθεται στο διαστημικό εργαστήριο και παρασύρει εκεί τον Κερκ και το πλήρωμα του Εντερπράιζ.

To drugi z pełnometrażowych filmów z serii "Star Trek", nakręcony za minimalne pieniądze, z użyciem najprostszych efektów specjalnych, używający tylko starych makiet pojazdów i stacji kosmicznych...jednocześnie jeden z najlepszych i najbardziej lubianych obrazów serii. Admirał Kirk i załoga Enterprise stawiają tym razem czoła dawnemu wrogowi. Jest nim Khan Noonien Singh - kiedyś uwięziony przez Kirka na opuszczonej planecie przestępca - który pragnie zemsty. Zamierza tego dokonać przy pomocy Projektu Genesis - programu stworzonemu w celach pokojowych, który jednak może służyć również jako potężna broń. Przejmuje statek Federacji - USS Reliant i rozpoczyna realizację swojego planu.

השני בסדרת סרטי מסע בין כוכבים, והראשון בטרילוגיה שסופה ב"מסע בין כוכבים 4: השיבה הביתה". הפדרציה, יחד עם קבוצת מדענים, משתפת פעולה בפרויקט שנקרא "בראשית". זו תכנית להחזיר כוכב לכת מת לחיים. עד כה הניסויים הראשוניים הצליחו, וכעת לצורך השלב הבא, שהוא למעשה החזרת כוכב לחיים, נדרש כוכב לכת מת. הפדרציה שולחת את ספינת החלל רילאנט למצוא מועמד כזה. הקצין הראשון בספינה הוא חבר צוות האנטרפרייז לשעבר, פאבל צ'כוב. הם מאתרים מה שנראה ככוכב לכת מת במערכת סטי אלפא, אבל החיישנים מזהים סימן חיים קטן שמצביע על כך שכוכב לכת זה אינו באמת מת. קפטן הספינה חושב שאולי ניתן לפנות אותו משם, והוא וצ'כוב יורדים לחקור את מקור החיים. הם מוצאים את מה שנראה כתא חיים, אך נתפסים על ידי תושבי הכוכב. כשהם נלקחים למנהיג, צ'כוב מזהה אותו כחאן ,ביו-אדם מהונדס מסוף המאה ה -20, אותו מצא קירק לפני 15 שנה, שניסה להשתלט על האנטרפרייז ולהרוג את קירק. למרות שחשב שסיים את הקריירה שלו על האנטרפרייז, מוצא עצמו קירק בעיצומה של הרפתקה מסוכנת חדשה.


Under en rutineflyvning med rumskibet "Enterprise" engang i det 23. århundrede modtager rumskibets øverstbefalende en katastrofemelding fra et rumlaboratorium, idet en opfindelse er kommet en fjende i hænde. "Enterprise" kommer siden ud i mange dueller med fjendens rumskib inden dette udslettes.

La nau de la confederació espacial USS Reliant rep senyals de vida del planeta desèrtic Ceti Alfa V, i decideix investigar-les. Entre la tripulació de la Reliant que baixa al planeta es troba l'oficial Chekov, antic membre de l'Enterprise. Però l'únic que troba l'expedició és una balisa encesa entre les restes de la nau Botany Bay.

Sentido que o futuro em nada se parece com o passado que vivemos, o Almirante James T. Kirk começa a acreditar que cavalgar pelo cosmos é um jogo para os jovens. Até que numa viagem de rotina para inspecionar a U.S.S. Enterprise, a carreira de Kirk na Frota Estelar entra em um novo capítulo quando surge um antigo inimigo, Khan Noonien Singh, um conquistador do século 20 geneticamente alterado. Escapando de sua prisão, Khan planeja capturar o Projeto Genesis, um artefato que pode criar e destruir um planeta num piscar de olhos, e destruir seu velho "amigo", Kirk.

L'amiral Kirk et son "Enterprise" servent désormais de vaisseau d'entraînement pour les élèves pilotes. Envoyé avec M. Spok en mission de routine, il croise la route de son vieil ennemi Khan.

Amiraali James T. Kirk vaikuttaa alistuneen siihen, että meneillään oleva rutiinitehtävä voi jäädä hänen uransa viimeiseksi. Sitten Khan tekee paluun ryminällä. Geenimanipuloitujen joukkojensa avustama Khan - nerokas lainsuojaton 1900-luvun Maasta - on hyökännyt Regula One -avaruusasemalle, varastanut huippusalaisen Genesis laitteiston, onnistunut kaappaamaan tähtilaivastolta toisen avaruusaluksen ja punoo nyt arkkiviholliselleen Kirkille kuolettavaa ansaa... joka uhkaa tuhota koko universumin.

서기 23세기. 세티 알파 5호 행성 근처에서 렐리언트호가 미세한 생명체의 움직임을 포착한다. 이에 확인 차 행성에 내려간 체코프 항해사와 테렐 함장은 그만 칸에게 포로로 잡힌다. 커크 제독(윌리엄 샤트너 분)에 의해 추방당했던 칸은 오랜 세월동안 복수의 기회만 노리고 있었던 인물. 렐리언트호를 탈취한 칸은 새로운 생명체를 창조할 수 있는, 일명 제네시스라고 불리는 기계를 탈취하기 위해 과학선 레귤라 1호로 향한다. 한편, 생도들의 처녀항해를 지켜보기 위해 엔터프라이즈호에 탑승해있던 커크 제독은 레귤라 1호의 캐롤박사로부터 의문의 메시지를 받는다. 이에 커크 제독은 제네시스 계획을 확인하고 초고속으로 레귤라 1호가 있는 곳으로 향한다. 하지만 이미 그 곳은 칸이 길목을 지키고 있었고, 렐리언트호를 전혀 의심하지 않았던 커크 제독은 칸에게 일격을 당하고 마는데...


Дія відбувається в 23-му столітті. Зореліт Федерації "Ентерпрайз" бере участь у чергових навчаннях, і адмірал Джеймс Т. Кірк, схоже, змирився з тим, що це може бути остання космічна місія в його військовій кар'єрі. Але Хан повертається.

Nuevas aventuras del almirante James T. Kirk y el resto de la tripulación de la nave Enterprise, que una vez más se atreve a llegar "donde ningún hombre lo hizo jamás". Ricardo Montalbán repite su personaje de villano que interpretó en 1967 en el episodio televisivo "Space Speed".

23. stoljeće, svemirski brod Enterprise nalazi se na rutinskom zadatku kada admiral James T. Kirk primi hitnu poruku iz svemirskog laboratorija Regula 1. Tajnu napravu zvanu 'Projekt postanak' prisvojio je Kirkov stari neprijatelj Khan, briljantni odmetnik iz 20. stoljeća koji ovu napravu koja predstavlja prijetnju cijelom svemiru kani upotrijebiti u smrtonosnoj igri osvete. Uz pomoć svoje grupe genetski modificiranih superljudi Khan preuzme kontrolu nad jednim federacijskim brodom te krene u potjeru za Enterpriseom, odlučan da ništa ne stane na put njegovu cilju: ubojstvu admirala Kirka… Čak i ako to dovede do općeg uništenja.

الأدميرال كيرك مسؤول عن أسطول فضائي، في حين أنه يحاول كلا من دكتور مكوي والسيد سبوك إقناعه بتولي مهمة أخرى بسيطة، إلا أنه بعد ظهور خان تصير الأمور غاية في الصعوبة.

قرن 23 است. کشتی ستاره ای فدراسیون ایالات متحده آمریکا اینترپرایز در حال انجام مانورهای آموزشی معمولی است و دریاسالار جیمز تی کرک به نظر می رسد از این واقعیت که این بازرسی آخرین ماموریت فضایی دوران حرفه ای او باشد، ناامید شده است. اما خان برگشته است. خان - مرتد درخشان زمین قرن بیستم - با کمک گروه تبعیدی خود از ابرمردان ژنتیکی، به ایستگاه فضایی رگولا یک حمله کرد، یک دستگاه فوق محرمانه به نام پروژه پیدایش را دزدید، کنترل کشتی ستاره دیگری فدراسیون را به دست گرفت و در تعقیب اینترپرایز تصمیم گرفت. اجازه نمی دهد هیچ چیز مانع از انجام مأموریت او شود: دریاسالار کرک را بکشد... حتی اگر به معنای آرماگدون جهانی باشد.

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