The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated)

The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) Summary and Synopsis

Vin Diesel (XXX, The Fast and the Furious) stars in this electrifying special-effects-fueled action spectacular! After years of outrunning ruthless bounty hunters, escaped convict Riddick suddenly finds himself caught between opposing forces in a fight for the future of the human race. Now, waging incredible battles on fantastic and deadly worlds, this lone, reluctant hero will emerge as humanity's champion - and the last hope for a universe on the edge of annihilation. Powered by ground-breaking visual effects and pulse pounding, thrill-a-minute action! After years of outrunning ruthless bounty hunters, escaped convict Riddick suddenly finds himself caught between opposing forces in a fight for the future of the human race. Now, waging incredible battles on fantastic and deadly worlds, this lone, reluctant hero will emerge as humanity's champion - and the last hope for a universe on the edge of annihilation. The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) Wiki

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All the power in the universe can't change destiny..

The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) Movie (2004)

The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) Comments & Critics

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The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) Movie Reviews

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- 0MFG! Best one Yet5 star

A must own in your collection

- Opinion5 star

I loved it ha. I always watch it if it’s on. His character is awesome.

- Conan the barbarian in space5 star

And what is wrong with that?!

- Riddick4 star

A classic action sci-fi that follows Riddick from the beginning. It's entertainment! Not a masterpiece.

- Rotten tomato reviewers are idiots5 star

This is a great flick one of the best sci-fi thrillers around

- Unrated- not the same story4 star

If you want a truly incredible movie, go buy the rated version but for the rest of the Riddick series unrated is better. I would think that the unrated version would just be more bloody and have F words. But all the scenes that make this such a great film are out of place and order, leaving no reason to have them at all.

- Very good war sci-fi5 star

This movie is better than the original Pitch Black. While Pitch Black was just another re-make of the "Alien" monster movie with good visuals, this movie is has a much more epic backdrop. The tomatometer critics are just not sci-fi fans if they didn't like this movie.

- Better than the reviews!4 star

It's amazing how you can put an epic film together with good actors and an interesting story and get 29% on the Tomatometer? Vin Diesel is in character. Pitch Black received good reviews and is the better movie but still this is a good film!

- Best of Sci-Fi Action5 star

Best sci-fi actioner I've seen in years. Can watch it over and over and never gets boring! Amazing.

- Great brain candy4 star

The camera loves him

- Really RT?5 star

This is by far one of my favorite movies. I hope the new one starts up again soon. The games were good too and I'm currently reading the book. Which is also good for being the movie almost word for word. But still needless to say great movie.

- AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

the only thing that would make things better would be putting the soundtrack on iTunes Tums up if you agree

- Forget rotten tomatoes, should be called rotten reviews5 star

Seriously though, critics are idiots. This is one of the best sci fi movies I've ever seen. Original story, amazing action, intense, beautiful, and vin diesel is perfect for the role. This movie has an intense cult following, just as pitch black does. I would love to see the trilogy completed but because of these theater nerds trashing it, production was stopped. What an absolute disgrace. Dont pay attention to critics, especially rotten tomatoes, they will only steer you wrong.

- RT critics got this one wrong...5 star

Chronicals of Riddick story of a fanatic race of beings converting worlds with scary religion, a lone warrior who refuses to be a subject(slave), beating over confident bounty hunters left over from cartoon part 2 that critics probably "did not watch" a scheming power couple plot to overthrow their cult leader. Riddick beating the tyrannical cult leader and forcing his subjects due to law have to declare Riddick king. There is no need for a 3rd movie its just good to speculate what the future would be for Riddick and his newly acquired army with the scheming couple behind his back. Needless to say I enjoyed the movie.

- Beastness5 star

Best thriller ever😄😄

- Doofy but kinda cool anyway3 star

There are a lot of crippling problems with this movie, even for a sci-fi action flick. Like the whole idea of the Underverse, a dopey name for a concept that, even though it's a major pillar of the story, is never adequately explained or described, just invoked in every other line of dialogue. And casting Colm Meaney, a good actor, in a role he looks and seems to feel ridiculous in. And the way Riddick keeps fiddling with those doofy goggles -- on or off, dude. And the physics of the Crematoria planet. And so on. But for all that, if you like sci-fi action flicks with pseudo-mythic overtones -- and what sci-fi fan doesn't? -- it's still kinda cool. It looks great, kinda Goth + steampunk, like heavy metal cover art. And there's a fairly high level of action and fight scenes. And it's a good role for Diesel. When it's not trying to pretend to be meaningful and just lets itself be a live-action game with excellent graphics, it works pretty well on that simple level. Too bad they gunked it up so much with all the silly folderol, but I still kinda like it.

- Great as a Stand-alone5 star

If you are watching this movie because you want to see the return of the flying creatures in #1 then you're watching it for the wrong reasons as this is a totally different movie. I don't get the critics reviews as this has quickly become one of my all-time favorites! The special effects are fantastic and the story is great. Watch it for what it is - a new adventure for Riddick that puts him up against a foe that is one of the coolest bad guys in recent films. Worth a purchase if you're a scifi fan.

- Refund1 star

I rented it on my iPod and it didn't even work and my iPod is brand new and I want a refund but don't kno how to get it.

- Dave Andrews5 star

I LOVE THIS MOVIE, MY WIFE HATES IT, It's actually third Riddick movie second one is animated and I don't see on Itunes, it builds out his character. Though this is the best of the three. Wish they would do a fourth. Only Vin could pull this movie off. One of my favorite sci-fi pics!!! Some of the best movie quotes. ..".Its been a long time since I smelled beautiful" she melts in my arms when I use that on her, Thanks Vin.

- Entertaining not Art3 star

This movie is decent, but it is really a stretch from it's Pitch Black origins. I mean it's like it was Alien and then morphed into Star Trek. I wished they would've just made a sci-fi adventure movie that was based in the previous world as it kind of had that "future-based-in-some-form-of-reality" feel to it whereas Chronicles is just straight over the top fiction. In any event, it's almost better to not think of this as an extension of the first movie at all and just take it as sci-fi candy. The production quality seems very good and the effects are decent. Vin Diesel is, well, Vin Diesel and you have to just take that, make love to it, and accept it if you any chance of making it through the picture. If you're going to complain that Vin Diesel isn't great actor you've honestly got no business seeing the movie.

- I know you'll laugh...5 star

This movie is seriously one of my guilty pleasures. I definitely recommend it for the storyline to the cast to the special effects. Vin Diesel is actually pretty good in this flick. Whoever did the casting did a bang-up job with it. I love the whole Necromonger mythos as well. Enjoy!

- Cool Movie!5 star

Shaddup Green Tomatoes! This was a cool movie! "He just ghosted two guys and I didn't even see'm!..." If you like sci-fi..then you will like this one. Falls right in line with Pitch Black.

- Boss5 star

OMG this movie is beast

- A really Good movie4 star

Vin Diesel has some good movies... this is one of them. I would actually like to see him get back into doing action movies. This movie though, is entertaining. Its not Oscar worthy, but there is something appealing about it. The visuals are very good. There is plenty of action. Good actors. If you haven't seen this movie... and just don't know whether to rent it or not... rent it if: you enjoy sci-fi fantacies, action, visual effects, simple entertainment.

- Epic5 star

This movie can be described in one word EPIC

- It's followup, but still works4 star

Hard to top good first movie with followup that would be able to be at least as original and fresh as the first one (that is if first movie had those qualities,) it seems. When comparing to followups for other movies, this one is a very well done sequel! Movie does actually have something going on in it, so it's not just simple scramble of same idea as in first one. We get to see Riddicks life from a rather different perspective now, in conjunction to emerging empire which is advancing in his universe with their own large scale plans. I do like this movie quite a lot, even if it doesn't have same "freshness" to it as PitchBlack did. Frankly, it does _almost_ have slight Hollywood feel to it at some parts, and more specifically ending part which doesn't quite feel like it fits in there. Atmosphere in the movie is quite different for most part, so I found that overly dramatic detail in the end a bit annoying actually. That's why one star has to go in my rating. But I still like this movie enough to buy it and save it for a long time for another few viewings!

- Riddick3 star

Weird but cool in a way

- One of the best!5 star

This movie has it all; and entertains each and every time I watch it! Yes, you can keep what you kill.

- Not what I expected2 star

To go from Pitch Black to this is a bit of a leap. I can understand that they wanted to go from a sci-fi horror film to a sci-fi fantasy but I think in doing so made this film a little to disjointed from the original. As where the original stuck with a general view of the spacefaring future the sequel went way into the fantasy area with necromongers (necromancers) from the Underverse (underworld), elementals etc. That and they change the whole Riddick backstory, seems that riddick didn't get his eyes shined in prison for a carton of smokes, now he is an alien from the planet Furya (yea as in fury)... I mean it's like they didn't even try to make the fantasy elements even remotely subtle. At the end of the day it feels like watching a futuristic version of D & D with Riddick playing the Paladin. If you are expecting a movie like the first one this will be a let down

- sleeper1 star

don't waste your money

- awesome5 star

this has to be one of the best movies ever its one of my favorites not to mention vin diesels awesome acting lol

- Among the Sci-fi Greats5 star

A very great movie and series for a fan of Sci-fi.

- Really good movie5 star

I bought the blue ray version and it's flawless. I love this movie! I love the characters and the story line. The ending is classic. Awesome job Vin Diesel! Keep what you kill.

- Very typical for a 2000's action2 star

Good special afects but bad story

- Love this movie!!!5 star

I love this movie I love Vin.D.

- Soooo Good!5 star

I'm not sure if I liked pitch black or this one more. Vin diesel was beast. I loved it when Rodrick petted the wicked beast in the prison. I wished they had put more romance between Jack and Riddick but the movie was amazing.

- AWESOME!5 star

This movie is SO very under-rated....the storyline, environments, costumes, effects....everything is so emersive it pulls you right into the world they created for this movie. By far better, I think, then Pitch Black (although I love it as well!) To me this is the kind of movie Vin Diesel was MADE to do....just EXCELLENT!

- Enjoyed it!4 star

Fight scenes were pretty good, Vin Diesel isn't a great actor; but he makes the movie interesting

- Wow5 star

Epic......... It has a place next to aliens/lord of the rings/star wars. This movie is a fine example of what a real movie is. I should shoot anyone who thinks the movie is bad

- Unrated Well Worth The Money5 star

One of the few movies I can watch over and over again. I was suprised to see scenes in this unrated version I'd never seen. Most exciting, loved the bonus scenes, never should have been cut. I'm so glad I purched for my Ipod.

- Riddick ...great movie5 star

Great movie with good characters centered around Riddick. Albeit underrated by critics C.O.R has been very influential to the genre...check out current Sci-Fi space flicks and you can see Riddick's character and traits used and re-used. Hope the sequel combines the best elements of both C.O.R. and Pitch Black and they don't make the same mistakes that the HIghlander movie sequels made (go away from the main character and the mystery surrounding him)? Vin and David...if you are the fans a little on this one...if you had released C.O.R. in HD with some special features we the fans would have bought in droves.

- Just awesome...5 star

The movie is simply awesome, a really strong sequel to Pitch Black, which was awesome in itself as well. Riddick has to be one of Vin Diesel's BEST characters, and I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the role. The storyline is very well done, and an impressive sci-fi thriller next to Alien (with better sequels hopefully). I heard Vin say in an interview that David Twohy is nearly done with a script for the next film, so they haven't abandoned the story arc for the Riddick chronicles (yay). I would put Riddick up there with the Underworld series, captivating, action packed, and bad***. The stunts Diesel pulls off in this film are really cool, and the bad guys are just as awesome. Overall, a great movie.

- A great sequel of an already great movie.5 star

one of the few movies where i liked the sequel more. Vin Diesel was definitely the man for this picture. He is strong, and sounds like he has been eating glass. Aside from that, the story was great also. even the CGI looks good (it might not in a few years, but it still looks good now) When the movie was over i was wishing there was more. This movie is worth Buying.

- title5 star

you keep what you kill

- Really entertaining.5 star

Vin Diesel makes the character of Riddick so tough, you wouldn't be suprised if his chest x-ray showed he had Star Wars happening inside. The story is cool, but it's also filled with brainless, tough-guy entertainment. I really want to see the third chapter...if it's ever filmed.

- Where is Babylon A.D.????1 star

The usual unreliable iTunes loses a movie again. It's a shame iTunes is becoming such crap.

- Good but done before3 star

pretty good except for doesn't a lot of the story remind you of the Dark Crystal?

- Hilariously bad!!!2 star

About the only good thing about this movie is the production quality, which is excellent, with imaginative sets and wardrobe. The script is poorly written (really cheesy/terrible dialog and wild, confusing plot), the cinematography and editing is blah, and the acting and direction are mostly subpar. Diesel's not bad in it at least (for once his 'tough guy' persona works) and it gets points for having Judi Dench and Thandie Newton, but this is no one's greatest performance. But, if you'd like to have a good laugh, and basically just coast through a B or maybe even C+ movie, then you can't go wrong with this. It was almost fun, but I can't really recommend it to anyone else- there are better films in this category that would be more entertaining and less of a waste of time.

- great4 star

this moive is great! i love it

- A hidden gem5 star

Here is one of the more recent overlooked classics of sci-fi along with Firefly and Dark City. Sometimes critics cheat us by looking for the next Citizen Kane. This film is a really fun ride and my wife and I hope Vin Diesel gets to make another one. It sits on my shelf between Aliens and The Lord of the Rings.

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xDisappointedx1982 - Disappointing1 star

Like many movies on itunes, this movie was removed from the itunes store and then reposted to the itunes store by the movie studio. What does this mean for the consumer? If you delete, or lose your file you will have to buy this movie again even though you have already purchased it once. Just buy it on blu ray and save yourself the hassle.

CousinDoogal - AMAZING movie5 star

I dunno about this new crew of yours Tombs, they seem a bit skittish….probably shouldn't tell 'em what happened to the last crew…..

mikenoname - Great movie5 star

Awesome action movie vin diesel is a tank

DeonK - Vin Diesel at his best!5 star

Excellent acting! Just excellent. Watch Pitch Black to get this movie!

Megamachine - Sick :)5 star

"Did you tell them what happened to the last crew?"

wolverine_666 - continuing question...5 star

ok. but how do i get the parental controls off my computer??

RavenBloodbane - meh not the best.4 star

if your computer won't let you buy it, it is likely because of the parental controls.

,,,,,. - awsome5 star

Great movie lots of action definalty worth its money. Watch pitch black to understand some of this movie

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The Movie Man - It's the director's cut5 star

This is the director's cut of The Chronicles of Riddick. It's actually better than the regular version. I strongly recommend this movie to all sci-fi movie lovers, and movie lovers alone.

Phentos - Riddick Rules5 star

I loved this movie when i watched it on DVD. It plays very well on my iPhone and looks great on it. Buy this movie, Watch this movie, Love this movie.

David Chartier - Much better cut than the original. It's a decent popcorn action flick now.4 star

It's a shame this isn't the version they edited for theaters, but I'm still glad they did it. The movie could still use some help and polish, but this is a much better cut. We bought a copy of this Unrated Director's Cut edition since we like good popcorn flicks that can sit on in the background to fill dead noise while working at home. The story works much better in this version, and I'd even pay to see a follow-up. Riddick's a great character.

Nileheats - Riddick !!!4 star

This has to be one of the better movies that I have ever seen. Definitely worth 4 stars. This movie deserves a sequel. Thank you David Twohy. Good job !

patgarner - Love this movie5 star

Truthfully, Vin Diesel can get a little cheesy at times, but it's hard to imagine anyone else playing this roll. Overall this is an awesome movie if you dig action/sci-fi/fantasy . I've seen this movie many times and I know I'll watch it again.

evan1138 - Flawless5 star

Best parts were: The story; the sets, models, and cgi; the great costumes and the restrained but memorable makeup; the lots and lots of sci-fi concepts with terrific realization; and the director's handling of all this, making the flow of this long film a joy from start to finish. Vin Diesel is no actor, but he is a stupendous Riddick, and with a fine supporting cast. I just _love_ this movie.

Nason1 - Riddick5 star

This movie is the best movie ever. Its made even better because of vin diesel. It is way better than pitch black with alot more suspense.

theone81 - Vins best5 star

This is his best movie ever the effects area amazing good story and this movie screams as many people would agree with me a sequel hopefully this will get made soon and be just as good if not better than this

Chill45 - its great!5 star

I am definitely a Vin Diesel fan after this movie.I love the whole theme of the movie and everything.I wish Twohy would make more of the chronicles.

Scraatch - Surprisingly Well Done4 star

While I am no means a Vin Diesel fan, David Twohy has created an imaginative universe with a wide variety of characters, each with their own background - the scope is as wide as any sci-fi epic, although much darker than popular Hollywood films; and much closer to what we expect from modern science fiction epics. Vin Diesel is perfect for this character, so his acting skills had no need to stretch here, but the intriguing storyline, effects and worldbuilding make this the beginning of a classic Sci Fi epic. Heres to hoping there will be future Riddick adventures.

SulliMike23 - Riddick Rules5 star

Sweet action sequences in this one. Instead of monsters, Vin Diesel is fighting a group of people who are just as deadly.

T-Bone6278 - Awsome movie!!!5 star

This movie is great!! Not only is it a sequel to one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time ( Pitch Black), but this movie alone has its own original story line. I just wish they had made a sequel to this movie....

The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) Images & Pictures

prison image dystopia image matter of life and death image space image intergalactic travel image

The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie images

The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) Posters

The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie posters
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie posters
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie posters
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie posters
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie posters
The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) movie posters
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