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6.9 star

Revolutionary Road (2008) Movie Summary

  • R
  • 2008

Academy Award® nominee Leonardo DiCaprio and Academy Award® winner Kate Winslet reunite for two powerful, groundbreaking performances in Revolutionary Road. Based on the bestseller by Richard Yates, this mesmerizing and moving story follows the lives of a passionate young couple living in suburban Connecticut who decide to risk everything to pursue their dreams. They're willing to break away from the ordinary – but can they do it without breaking apart? Acclaimed by critics, Revolutionary Road is hailed as "…a masterpiece." (Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle)

Revolutionary Road Film Synopsis

A young couple living in a Connecticut suburb during the mid-1950s struggle to come to terms with their personal problems while trying to raise their two children. Based on a novel by Richard Yates.

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Rental?How long is the rental?.Score: 5/5

Gurl he fine!Man if LD wuz younger I woud marry him omgomgomg he fine'nnn!!!!!!!:):);;))::)):)::):):):):):)::);) luv u Kate winslet.Score: 5/5

Brought me to tears...I absolutely loved this movie. I have been meaning to see it but never got the chance to. I just wish I could buy it on itunes. Leondaro is one of my favorite actors. I was quite captivated by the flawless acting, the heartfelt plot and the overall presentation of the film. I was touched and moved. It felt so real and when the arguments got heat started racing. I have seen marriages like this...and life does take a turn sometimes.... Now I am rabbling sorry. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who appreciates a real life film. A film where you can learn a bit or two. A film you can truly feel each and every moment. My eyes never left the screen...My ears never closed....Loved it.Score: 5/5

GreatWow. Just wow. Kate and Leo were knockouts in this! They are absolutely fantastic together and in this their acting was incredible. It scared the crap out of me. This movie made me not want to get married for awhile. Their characters are also quite the opposite than in Titanic (yeah I know another Titanic comment). This move is great and you need to watch it!!.Score: 5/5

Intense, wonderfulThis movie is a jewel. It was wonderful to watch, a delight to listen to. The music was so intriguing. Some of the most interesting scenes in a long time. I loved it. V touching, it stayed with me for days..Score: 4/5

Best of 2008Best film I saw in 2008, and best acting in a film in 2008 by Kate Winslet. This is that rare film that doesnt pander to the lowest common denominator like many movies do these days. It causes you to think, to get to know the characters, to feel genuine emotion. Yes, it is sad at times, but it is the type of film that keeps you thinking about it days later, unlike a happy-go-lucky romantic comedy that you forget the moment you leave the theater..Score: 5/5

Most Wonderful - True LifeIf you have been married, are married, etc. you completely "get" this movie. It is a must see! They have some great quotes that I will use for the rest of my life. You will not be dissappointed..Score: 5/5

HmmmmThank God Im not married. This movie really confirmed that wish. The mentally ill son was such a wonderful character. I think the movie should have shown more of their happy times in the beginning because 2 hours of fighting didnt endear them to me. Beautifully filmed, the homes were so lovely and 50's style expressive. This is my parents generation, they had tough times, no doubt. But looking at the movie now, I think, what's to complain about? You have a job and a house, more than most people will ever have. I guess its all relative. Oh yea, Thank God for birth control ! Self-induced abortion, so, so tragic and sad. That was one of the saddest and emotionally painful scenes I have ever watched..Score: 3/5

Revolutionary road provides a evolutionary experienceStarting off Winslet met DiCaprio at a low key social party and was impressed with his supposed dreams. She understood that Decaprio wanted more out of life, more then the materialist "American Dream". Unfortunately this understanding became an unspoken expectation from her, that they would be special. They would be more then working 40 hours a week at a hated job so that this could be had or that could be bought. More importantly though was the way in which domestic homemaking was brought into a more realistic (almost pessimistic) view; with its very real hardships. As a questioner myself of the "American Dream" and all that it entails I was blown away by the range of subjects tackled in this movie and the depth it illuminates them. I've been thinking a lot lately about the pointlessness or as the movie said "hopelessness" of working a job I hate, investing my life, my limited heartbeats, at an occupation utterly without interested to me. This movie talks a little about it and am impressed. Everything aside this is a SERIOUS movie, no escapism here. Some would say depressing but if depressing movies make you think then we need more of them! Filmaking and acting at its finest. Kate Winslet was phenomenal. If anything watch it for her unforgettable performance. 5 stars for the range of subjects successfully questioned and amazing performance by Kate Winslet..Score: 5/5

A film that connects on a deeply human levelI understand the point of view of some thinking that this is a depressing movie. However I think if thats what you walk away with here your missing the point. It's a film about going after what you really want in life, without compremise. It takes real guts to rise out of the ordinary and go against the grain and even question the majority. I think many of us have experienced this in some way, often we rise up and then stumble or ration our way out of who we truly are. This is probably one of my all time favorite films, brilliant writing, directing and acting all around....even the cinematagraphy was outstanding. I couldn't believe Kate won for the reader over this film. DiCaprio, is doing some of his finest work. I feel like its hard not to be connected to this movie and the natural wants and needs of both characters. How they act when they feel mis-aligned with life vs aligned with their true selves. Well done Sam Mendes! Also special shout out to Michael Shannon for his unigue character and performance. Bravo to the entire team for putting it out there..Score: 5/5

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DepressingIt wasn't so bad but I felt like killing myself afterward..Score: 3/5

Revolutionary RoadI was right away worried about seeing this film, often times when two actors work together in starring roles it can be more or less distracting, which is exactly what it was. About 45 minutes into the film I was losing interest fast. The film began as an interesting story delving into a 50's family on the verge of independence and freedom who find life getting in the way and slowly they begin to question the other's actions and motives as they re-evaluate happiness. The characters go fro understandable to insufferable as their personalities are blown far out of perportion and cross the line between realistic and over-dramatic, though it can be seen as an act to get the attention wnated from one another the length of the film and the dryness of the climax tend wear down on you along with the general depressing topic of the film. The end of the film, though packing a controversial punch, came off more for shock-value to myself and friend who watched the film and we felt a little cheated that in the end there is no closure, simply an attempt for it that came far too late. Acting wise the film was strong, as always Winslet does a stand-up job and DiCaprio highlights the mature phase of his acting career. The film in the end is a take it or leave it, there was nothing gained from this film but a lengthly example of 50s steriotypes and (as my friends and I joked) a view of what could have happened if Jack hadn't died on the Titanic and he and Rose had married. 1 Star - Potential Script 2 Stars - Acting.Score: 3/5

BoringIts simple - i was bored and it was predictable.Score: 2/5

GreatI really enjoyed this movie! If you havn't read the novel (like me) you will be totally shocked by the ending..Score: 3/5

Revolutionary RoadI found "Revolutionary Road" a hard film to watch at times and yet I was riveted by the wonderful acting of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DeCaprio. It definitely didn't depict the 1950's as the charming, happy time of the "Happy Days" TV show. Kate Winslet was wonderful as the depressed and unfulfilled housewife and Leonardo DeCaprio was great as her confused husband trying to cope with her behaviour. I read an interview with Kate Winslet saying how hard it was to do love scenes with her real life husband, Sam Mendes directing. Kathy Bates was terrific as the real estate agent in denial about her crazy son. Her husband was a hoot turning down his hearing aid when she started rambling on. Good to have that bit of comic relief amidst all the tension and despair. This film is worth watching for the great acting and I found that the depiction of the 1950's was first rate..Score: 4/5

If you loved the novelIf you read the book and loved it as I did, you will love the film adaptation, perfectly true to the novel, Dicaprio and Winslet two of my favorite and probably two of the most talented actors out there shine in this movie. A must see!.Score: 5/5

So long !!!Soooooooooooooo slooooooooowwwwwwwww !!! Not for me !.Score: 2/5

Great Movie...but don't expect it to be "Titanic 2".This movie is great, but dont expect this movie to be a "reunion" between Leo and Kate like I did or else you will be dissapointed..Score: 4/5

IntricateI fell in love with Button. His life is so full of adventures, it's almost impossible to recall everything he did..Score: 5/5

Amazing!So many complecated twists and turns, it'll keep you hooked! you don't know who to root for. Trust me, you wont regret buying this!.Score: 5/5

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Revolutionary Road (2008) Series Cast & Crew

Revolutionary Road (2008) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Leonardo DiCaprio (Frank Wheeler), Kate Winslet (April Wheeler), David Harbour (Shep Campbell), Kathryn Hahn (Milly Campbell), Kathy Bates (Mrs. Helen Givings), Michael Shannon (John Givings), Dylan Baker (Jack Ordway), Richard Easton (Howard Givings), Zoe Kazan (Maureen Grube), Jay O. Sanders (Bart Pollock), Max Baker (Vince Lathrop), Max Casella (Ed Small), Ty Simpkins (Michael Wheeler), Ryan Simpkins (Jennifer Wheeler), Kristen Connolly (Mrs. Brace), John Behlmann (Mr. Brace), Keith Reddin (Ted Bandy), Dylan Clark Marshall (Campbell Kid), Marin Ireland (Party Guest), John Ottavino (Other Actor in the Play), all returned for revolutionary road movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio (Frank Wheeler)
Leonardo DiCaprioFrank WheelerScore: 19.8
Kate Winslet (April Wheeler)
Kate WinsletApril WheelerScore: 6.7
David Harbour (Shep Campbell)
David HarbourShep CampbellScore: 7.0
Kathryn Hahn (Milly Campbell)
Kathryn HahnMilly CampbellScore: 10.7
Kathy Bates (Mrs. Helen Givings)
Kathy BatesMrs. Helen GivingsScore: 3.7
Michael Shannon (John Givings)
Michael ShannonJohn GivingsScore: 8.6
Dylan Baker (Jack Ordway)
Dylan BakerJack OrdwayScore: 5.4
Richard Easton (Howard Givings)
Richard EastonHoward GivingsScore: 0.7
Zoe Kazan (Maureen Grube)
Zoe KazanMaureen GrubeScore: 5.1
Jay O. Sanders (Bart Pollock)
Jay O. SandersBart PollockScore: 2.1
Max Baker (Vince Lathrop)
Max BakerVince LathropScore: 1.3
Max Casella (Ed Small)
Max CasellaEd SmallScore: 5.5

Thomas Newman (Music), Sam Mendes (Director), Tariq Anwar (Editor), Debra Zane (Casting), Bobby Cohen (Producer), Roger Deakins (Director of Photography), Ellen Lewis (Casting), John Hart (Producer), Scott Rudin (Producer), Dan Korintus (Dialogue Editor), Bill Bernstein (Music Editor), Albert Wolsky (Costume Design), Kristi Zea (Production Design), Randall Balsmeyer (Visual Effects Supervisor), Tony Martinez (Supervising Dialogue Editor), Nicholas Lundy (Art Direction), John Kasarda (Art Direction), Debra Schutt (Set Decoration), Randall Poster (Music Supervisor), J.A.C. Redford (Orchestrator),

Thomas Newman (Music)
Thomas NewmanMusicScore: 1.6
Sam Mendes (Director)
Sam MendesDirectorScore: 2.1
Roger Deakins (Director of Photography)
Roger DeakinsDirector of PhotographyScore: 0.6
Scott Rudin (Producer)
Scott RudinProducerScore: 1.0
Albert Wolsky (Costume Design)
Albert WolskyCostume DesignScore: 0.6
Kristi Zea (Production Design)
Kristi ZeaProduction DesignScore: 0.6
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Revolutionary Road Trailers & Teasers

'Revolutionary Road' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of revolutionary road, the Sam Mendes's popular movie. Watch the revolutionary road teaser trailer. Sam Mendes’s #revolutionary-road is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Revolutionary Road (2008) Trailer▶ Revolutionary Road (2008) Trailer
Revolutionary Road, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet together again!▶ Revolutionary Road, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet together again!

Revolutionary Road Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Check out photos from revolutionary road movie. Revolutionary Road (2008) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome revolutionary road wallpapers to download for free.

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How do you break free without breaking apart?..

Revolutionary Road — 2008

Revolutionary Road Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie revolutionary road - 2008. A poster for Sam Mendes drama movie, Revolutionary Road! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for revolutionary road (2008). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Revolutionary Road Movie Languages & Subtitles

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български език
Ейприл и Франк Уийлър са щастлива млада двойка, живееща с двете си деца в предградията на Кънектикът през 50-те. Увереното им излъчване обаче прикрива задушаващата ги невъзможност да намерят удовлетворение в своите взаимоотношения. Франк е окован от добре платената си, но скучна работа, а Ейприл е домакиня, която страда по бленуваната си актьорска кариера.

Drama Nouzový východ se velmi podobá Mendesově oscarové Americké kráse. I tady vidíme, jak nefunkční je ta nejobecnější představa o naplnění Amerického snu, tedy poklidný rodinný život v domku na předměstí. Nicméně trpká zkušenost, kterou prožili Frank a April Wheelerovi, příběhu Americké krásy o pár desítek let předchází. Mladí manželé Frank a Abby sice také žijí nevzrušivým životem americké střední třídy jako jejich sousedé, ale sami cítí, že do tohoto prostředí nepatří. April neláká kariéra ochránkyně domácího krbu a vychovatelky vlastních dětí. Chtěla by se stát herečkou. Ani Frankovi se monotónní kariéra kancelářské krysy nezamlouvá, jenže místo snění o Paříži se oddává alkoholu a vnadné kolegyni. Jak se hroutí jejich společné plány a touhy, upadá i jejich vztah, jenž dospěje až do bodu mrazu. Jedinou cestu zpátky na vrchol představuje radikální řešení, ovšem k tomu by potřebovali najít sílu oba. Bez splnění téhle základní podmínky skončí jejich snažení záhubou.

Parret April og Frank er på hver deres måde kørt fast i deres liv i 1950'ernes USA. Det beslutter de sig for at gøre noget ved. Derfor rykker April og Frank teltpælene op og flytter til Frankrig. Men i Europa lurer nye konflikter, og snart er skænderier og jalousi ved ødelægge parrets forhold og lægge drømmene om fremtiden i ruiner.

Es ist die Suche nach einem Leben ohne Kompromisse: April und Frank Wheeler sind ein junges Paar mit großen Plänen und Ambitionen. Sie sehen sich als Individualisten, die die prüden Gesellschaftskonventionen der 50er Jahre in Frage stellen. Als April schwanger wird, beschließt das Ehepaar, sich in der ´ländlichen Umgebung von Connecticut niederzulassen. Doch schon bald erkennen die beiden, dass sie genau das Leben führen, das sie eigentlich zutiefst verachten. Frank arbeitet in einem zwar gut bezahlten, aber langweiligen Bürojob und April fristet ein Dasein als Hausfrau mit der Hoffnung auf eine Schauspielkarriere. Von einem Umzug nach Europa erhoffen sich die Wheelers, diesem Konstrukt aus Alltag und Selbsttäuschung zu entkommen, sie bemerken nicht, dass die "Zeiten des Aufruhrs" unaufhaltsam sind...

Αμερική, 1955: Ένα παντρεμένο ζευγάρι, ο Φρανκ και η Έιπριλ Γουίλερ δεν μπορεί να συμβιβαστεί με τη ζωή που κάνει, καθώς νιώθει πως δεν έχει τίποτε κοινό με τους γείτονές του στο Κονέκτικατ. Ο γάμος των δύο νεαρών δοκιμάζεται καθώς, συνειδητοποιώντας πως έχουν αφομοιωθεί από το περιβάλλον και έχουν γίνει ακριβώς αυτό που απεύχονταν, έρχονται αντιμέτωποι με τις αποτυχίες και τις ανασφάλειές τους, προσπαθώντας να κάνουν μια νέα αρχή μακριά από τη μονότονη καθημερινότητά τους

Años 50. Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) y April (Kate Winslet) se conocen en una fiesta y se enamoran. Ella quiere ser actriz. Él sueña con viajar para huir de la rutina y experimentar emociones nuevas. Con el tiempo se convierten en un estable matrimonio con dos hijos que vive en las afueras de Connecticut, pero no son felices. Ambos se enfrentan a un difícil dilema: o luchar por los sueños e ideales que siempre han perseguido o conformarse con su gris y mediocre vida cotidiana.

Años 50. Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) y April (Kate Winslet) se conocen en una fiesta y se enamoran. Ella quiere ser actriz. Él sueña con viajar para huir de la rutina y experimentar emociones nuevas. Con el tiempo se convierten en un estable matrimonio con dos hijos que vive en las afueras de Connecticut, pero no son felices. Ambos se enfrentan a un difícil dilema: o luchar por los sueños e ideales que siempre han perseguido o conformarse con su gris y mediocre vida cotidiana

این فیلم داستان زوج جوانی است که سعی در دست یافتن به راحتی و آسایش هستند. آنها در دنیایی از آداب و رسوم رمز گونه گرفتار شده اند و بدون ایمان و اعتقاد زندگی میکنند. در حالیکه دروغ ها و خود فریبی ها نتایج مخربی را میسازند…

Dans l'Amérique des années 50, Frank et April Wheeler se considèrent comme des êtres à part, des gens spéciaux, différents des autres. Ils ont toujours voulu fonder leur existence sur des idéaux élevés. Lorsqu'ils emménagent dans leur nouvelle maison sur Revolutionary Road, ils proclament fièrement leur indépendance. Jamais ils ne se conformeront à l'inertie banlieusarde qui les entoure, jamais ils ne se feront piéger par les conventions sociales. Pourtant, malgré leur charme et leur insolence, les Wheeler deviennent exactement ce qu'ils ne voulaient pas : un homme coincé dans un emploi sans intérêt ; une ménagère qui rêve de passion et d'une existence trépidante. Une famille américaine ordinaire ayant perdu ses rêves et ses illusions. Décidée à changer de vie, April imagine un plan audacieux pour tout recommencer, quitter leur petite routine confortable dans le Connecticut pour aller vivre à Paris...

פרנק ואפריל ווילר הם זוג צעיר, הורים לשני ילדים קטנים, המתגורר בפרברי קונטיקט אי שם באמצע שנות ה-50 של המאה הקודמת הנתקלים במציאות יומיומית אפורה ומשעממת - אפריל היא אישה בעלת חלומות רבים ונשגבים החולמת על מגורים בפריס וחיים לצד אנשי החברה הגבוהה ואושיות התרבות של אירופה ואילו בעלה, פרנק, מוצא את עצמו עובד בעבודה משרדית שלא מעניקה לו סיפוק. כדי להכניס קצת פלפל בחיים הוא מתמכר לטיפה המרה ומנהל רומנים אסורים.

Suprug i supruga žive u predgrađu Connecticuta 50-ih godina. Nezadovoljni svojim životom, sele se u Francusku gdje se njihov odnos sroza na neprekidni krug prepiranja, ljubomore i uzajamnog optuživanja.

Frank és April mindig igyekezett elkerülni a középszerűség csapdáját. Ám a kertvárosi környezetben, ahová költöztek, lassan maguk is olyanná válnak, amitől annyira irtóznak: középszerű, unalmas középosztálybeli emberekké. April merész tervet sző, hogy kizökkentse kapcsolatukat ebből a kerékvágásból. Párizsban, az ismeretlen, ám izgalmas világvárosban akar új életet kezdeni. Ám amikor tényleg dönteni kell, Frank és April pánikba esik. Az egyik mindenáron szabadulni próbál a mostani helyzetből, a másik ugyanakkor bármilyen megalkuvásra képes.

Revolutionary Hill, 1955. Frank e April Wheeler sono una giovane coppia middle class che coltiva noia e anticonformismo in un sobborgo benestante (e benpensante) di New York. April partecipa con modesti risultati alle recite della filodrammatica locale e Frank indugia in un lavoro ordinario in attesa di "trovare la sua strada" e il suo essere straordinario. Belli e colti, intelligenti e sofisticati, i Wheeler sono ammirati dai più ovvi vicini di casa e da un'inopportuna agente immobiliare. Nel privato, invece, la coppia prova a resistere all'amore finito e ai silenzi infiniti, alle notti bianche e ai bicchieri pieni. Frank inizia una squallida liaison impiegatizia, April si inventa una vita a Parigi, dove vorrebbe trasferire la sua famiglia e la sua inquietudine. L'idea romantica della fuga riaccende la passione nel talamo e la fiducia nel futuro ma la "rivoluzione" cova sulla Revolutionary road.


첫눈에 반한 에이프릴(케이트 윈슬렛)과 프랭크(레오나르도 디카프리오)는 결혼을 해서 행복한 가정을 이룬다. 뉴욕 맨하탄에서 1시간 정도 걸리는 교외 지역인 `레볼루셔너리 로드`에서 가장 아름다운 집에 보금자리를 꾸리게 된 두 사람. 모두가 안정되고 행복해 보이는 길, 레볼루셔너리 로드에서 그들의 사랑과 가정도 평안해 보이지만, 잔잔하게 반복되는 일상에서 탈출을 원하는 에이프릴과 프랭크는 모든 것을 버리고 파리로의 이민을 꿈꾼다. 새로운 삶을 찾게 되는 것에 들뜨고 행복하기만 한 두 사람. 하지만, 회사를 그만두려는 찰나 프랭크는 승진 권유를 받게 된다. 모든 것을 뒤로 하고 파리로 가고자 하는 에이프릴, 그리고 현실에서 좀 더 안정된 삶을 살고자 하는 프랭크. 서로를 너무 사랑하지만 현실과 이상 사이에서 갈등하게 되는 두 사람. 그들은 과연 어떤 선택을 하게 될까...

Eipril ir Frenkas Vyleriai – jauna šeima, su dviem vaikais gyvenanti Konektikuto priemiestyje. Laikas skaičiuoja šeštąjį XX amžiaus dešimtmetį. Frenkas dirba neblogai apmokamą, tačiau be galo nuobodų darbą biure, Eipril su dviem vaikais sėdi namuose ir kankinasi dėl to atsisakiusi savo galbūt daug žadėjusios aktorės karjeros. Diena po dienos rutinos pilkuma slegia sutuoktinius, kol galų gale abu nusprendžia kardinaliai keistis ir su vaikais išvažiuoti gyventi už Atlanto – į Prancūziją. Tačiau savęs dar niekam nepavyko apgauti: gyvenamosios vietos ir įpročių pakeitimas Eipril ir Frenkui atneša ne laimę, o nesiliaujančius kivirčus, nepagrįstus kaltinimus, pavydą ir dar didesnį susvetimėjimą.

Eind jaren vijftig, Amerika floreert. Frank en April Wheeler zijn een jong, aantrekkelijk en veelbelovend stel. Ze hebben twee leuke kinderen en wonen in een welvarende buitenwijk ergens in Connecticut. Maar gelukkig, of zelfs maar tevreden zijn ze niet. Frank heeft een saaie kantoorbaan, April treurt om een gefnuikte carrière als actrice. Ze waren toch voorbestemd om anders te zijn, beter?

Den følelsesladde og gripende historien følger et energisk ungt par i et forstadsområde utenfor Connecticut som bestemmer seg for å gi slipp på alt og følge sin store drøm. De er klar til å rive seg løs fra det ordinære livet, men kan de gjøre det uten å rives fra hverandre?

USA, lata 50. XX w. April i Frank Wheelerowie są z pozoru szczęśliwym małżeństwem mieszkającym z dwójką dzieci na przedmieściach w stanie Connecticut. Oboje nie mogą pogodzić się z faktem, że zostali wtłoczeni w bezbarwną małomiasteczkową społeczność. April często wraca wspomnieniami do dni, kiedy mogła wybrać karierę aktorską. Frank ma dobrze płatną, lecz nudną pracę. Przeciętność rodzi w nich frustrację i zaczyna niszczyć wzajemne uczucie. Zdeterminowana April proponuje mężowi przeprowadzkę do Paryża.

April (Kate Winslet) e Frank Wheeler (Leonardo DiCaprio) são um casal jovem que vive no subúrbio de Connecticut com seus dois filhos na década de 1950. A máscara da auto segurança esconde a enorme frustração que sentem por não serem completos em seu relacionamento ou na carreira. Determinados a conhecerem a si mesmos, eles decidem se mudar para a França. Mas o relacionamento começa a corroer em um ciclo infinito de brigas, ciúmes e recriminações, e a viagem e seus sonhos correm grandes riscos de acabar.

Nos Estados Unidos dos anos Cinquenta, e após um romance curto e intenso, o casal Frank e April Wheeler vive uma existência acomodada, que ambos odeiam: conformados com um casamento rotineiro e sem amor, vivem uma vida suburbana que desprezam e têm empregos que, no seu íntimo, odeiam. Desejando uma existência diferente, inconformada às convenções sociais, acabam por tornar-se naquilo de que queriam fugir, deixando pelo caminho os seus sonhos e ilusões. Mas April ainda sonha mudar de vida e deixar a sua rotina.

Действие картины проходит в середине 50-х годов, главные герои — члены небольшой провинциальной семьи. Фрэнк и Эйприл Уиллер считают себя семьей среднего класса, непохожей на остальные семьи, и испытывают огромное желание перебраться в Париж. Однако судьба приготовила для супругов ряд неприятных сюрпризов...

Френк и Ејприл су одувек себе видели као посебне, другачије и спремне да живе живот заснован на већим идеалима. Тако су, чим су се доселили у своју нову кућу на Револуционарном путу, поносно објавили своју независност од инертности предграђа која их окружује и одлучили да никада неће бити заробљени у друштвене стеге свог доба. И поред свог шарма, лепоте и непоштовања норми, Вилерови схватају да су постали управо оно што нису очекивали: добар човек са стабилним послом и без петље, не баш срећна домаћица гладна испуњења и страсти, америчка породица с изгубљеним сновима, попут свих других. Вођена жељом да промени судбину, Ејприл смишља пустолован план да почну из почетка, да напусте удобност Конектиката зарад велике непознанице Париза. Али када план почне да се остварује, сваки од супружника буде гурнут у екстреме – једно жели да побегне по сваку цену, а друго жели да сачува све што имају, без обзира на то какве компромисе треба начинити.

I Connecticut under mitten av 50-talet lever April och Frank Wheeler som är ett ungt, framgångsrikt par som bor med sina barn i en trevlig förort. Men under den polerade och självsäkra ytan bubblar frustrationen hos dem båda. Övertygade om att de vill ha ut mer av livet än sina medelmåttiga grannar, bestämmer paret sig för att flytta till Frankrike, där de hoppas utlopp för sina mer konstnärliga sidor.

Frank ile April, kendilerini her zaman çok özel, farklı görmüşler; hayatı yüksek ideallerine uygun şekilde yaşamaya hazır ve istekli olmuşlardır. Bu nedenle lüks evlerin sıralandığı bir cadde olan Revolutionary Road'daki yeni evlerine taşındıklarında kendilerini çevreleyen durağan ortamdan bağımsızlıklarını gururla ilan ederler. O dönemin toplumsal sınırlarını belirleyen tuzaklara asla düşmemeye kararlıdırlar. Ancak Wheeler çifti kendilerini hiç beklemedikleri bir durumun tam içinde bulur: Frank Wheeler rutin bir işi olduğu için sinirleri günden güne bozulan yetişkin bir erkeğe dönüşürken April de istek ve tutkularını bastırmaya çalışan mutsuz bir ev kadını olup çıkar. Sonuç ise tıpkı diğerleri gibi hayallerini kaybetmiş tipik bir Amerikan ailesidir.

Події картини відбуваються в середині 50-х років, головні герої походять з невеличких провінційних сімей. Френк та Ейпріл Віллери вважають свою родину приналежною до середнього класу, та несхожою на решту родин; а найбільше їх бажання — переїхати в Париж. Проте доля приготувала їм ряд неприємних сюрпризів…

Tiếng Việt
Một cặp vợ chồng trẻ sống ở vùng ngoại ô Connecticut vào giữa những năm 1950 phải vật lộn để giải quyết các vấn đề cá nhân của họ trong khi cố gắng nuôi dạy hai đứa con của họ. Dựa trên một cuốn tiểu thuyết của Richard Yates.



山姆·曼德斯導演,李奧納多·狄卡皮歐以及凱特·溫斯萊特主演,劇本根據理查·葉慈寫於1961年同名小說改編。 故事發生在1955年,惠勒夫婦住在紐約市附近康乃狄克州的富裕郊區的革命路,丈夫弗蘭克(李奧納多·狄卡皮歐)和妻子愛波(凱特·溫斯萊特)育有一個女兒和一個兒子。在旁人看來這是一個幸福美滿的家庭,實際上卻並非如此。

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