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Inept pot-smoking private investigator Larry 'Doc' Sportello cruises 1970s Los Angeles in search of easy money, free love and laid-back good times. But when his ex-girlfriend goes missing, Doc takes on his most baffling case ever and journeys into the dark heart of the City of Angels to get her back.

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Under the paving stones, the beach!. In Los Angeles at the turn of the 1970s, drug-fueled detective Larry "Doc" Sportello investigates the disappearance of an ex-girlfriend.. Inherent Vice Wiki

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Best film adaptation of any Pynchon novel  scampez  5 star

Given that it is considered impossible to turn a Pynchon book into a film this a great movie. Joaquin Phoenix is great as is the screenplay. When in the Golden State don't cross the Golden Fang.

Groovy  WandaTinasky  5 star

The rewatchability of this movie is crazy. PTA does it again.

Shibby_Dude :D
Destined for Cult Status  Shibby_Dude :D  5 star

It's actually a great movie although a lot on here don't like it. The first time I watched it I wasn't crazy about it due to extremely complicated plot. After giving it another shot and taking it for what it is, the movie is beautifully shot and has an amazing soundtrack. If you have only seen it once, watch it again and relax. You notice more that way. The dialogue is silly and the atmosphere is wonderful. Definitely a great of 2014

WASTED $19.99  kkiser88  1 star

I love movies…….all kinds of movies. This one i could not finish watching. Endless amount of BORING!!!

The Great Harlando
Hip? Nope!  The Great Harlando  2 star

The film maintains a cast of notable actors but the script and dialogue is often rambling and incoherent. I watched the movie two times and feel the purchase and rental price should be $2.99 and $.99. Save your money, folks.

Avoid  J9270  1 star

This movie had an amazing trailer. Who ever created it was VERY talented, because this movie SUCKED!!!!!

Hated it!  DrJayJay  1 star

I loved Boogie Nights, but this movie tried hard to be something and never became anything but annoying. I kept thinking that something would happen to make this movie more enjoyable and worth watching, but it just kept getting worse. If you are a Paul Thomas Anderson fan do yourself a favor and DO NOT WATCH THIS!

RATE: MINUS STAR actually  roqanrol  1 star

An advise, do not waist your time or money on this...

great movie  augias84  5 star

this is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a bit of a mix of Raymond Chandler (the long goodbye) and Big Lebowski, but of course the Cohen brothers were inspired by Pynchon. It’s quite long, absurd and referential. It is not hard to understand the plot - you just have to pay attention (be sober while watching) and also patient. This movie is worth the effort in my opinion. If you find yourself falling asleep, take a break and resume watching later. I found it funny, memorable, always incredibly interesting.

Matthew Mouhot
Bad movie  Matthew Mouhot  1 star

This was a horribly bad movie

Overly long, rambling, muddled story  CleoTor,ON  2 star

At a running time of 2 1/2 hrs. way too long. This trip into druggy, hippy California in the 70's by way of a private eye story reminds me of The Big Sleep in that most of the plot remains unresolved. Lots of star cameos. Given Joaquin Phoenix's usually strange behavior, he probably just had to show up on the set vs. actually acting. Most interesting aspect is how well it shows that the 70's were the worst decade for fashion and culture, but that you could still get a cheap shack on the beach.

The Movie Weasel
Inherent Vice is Inherently Bad  The Movie Weasel  2 star

The glib banter and anti-establishment paranoia and the social defiance and humor that went with that era (I lived through it in LA and other environs) is completely absent. The film is nothing like it really was back then. The book by Mr. Pynchon, with a little imagination, is quite good. And, as so often happens with adaptations, everything in this film is a mess. The acting from everyone is terrible (flat cliches, boring presentation, static delivery). The script is confusing. The editing generally bad. The sound track misses the point, and the voice-sound recording levels are poor. The overall direction is disorganized... and on and on. This has got to rate as one of the worst movies I have watched in five years. Everyone concerned with this project should be embarrassed by this mess.

Dan yell from Vangrouvy
Inherent vice  Dan yell from Vangrouvy  5 star

Tottaly enjoyed this film. A tad "zany" & throurowly entertaining ;)

If you want to feel stupid...  cookiemonsteve  1 star

I truly don't understand why anyone would think that there's something to watch and enjoy here. While there were about three moments in which I actually thought there might be something to this, they in no way made up for the pain and confusion that I went through. Sadly, the first time I've written a review in many many years of watching is to warn people away from this stinker. I wish I had read the reviews instead of trusting the 72% Tomato reading.

Would've rather had a root canal.  HipHondaGuy  1 star

By far the worst film I've seen in a long time. Don't be fooled by the cast.

Second Eye
Inherent Sleaze  Second Eye  3 star

Excellently acted, well filmed sleaze that is ultimately pointless. Film noir is a tricky venture and the film confirms this. Are we really that interested in depraved humans or a confusing plot?

What a stink bomb  KidCOBOL  2 star

so much star power, great period to act a story in (‘70s LA) coupled with a muddled plot line and incoherent dialogue. Someone in production must have paid for that Tomatometer rating. There is no way a regular audience would watch this movie and give it an aggregate score of 72%. Do yourself a favour and skip this one. blech

Wow What a Stinker  JWinLB  2 star

Both of us watching could not understand what the main character was mumbling. We turned it off 2/3 of the way through … and then both realized we were lost in terms of understanding the plot. Stay away. Avoid.

Swing and a miss...  SkyeScott  2 star

Had high hopes as usually love the directors movies. But this time? The actors are committed but the movie just has no focus. Fell asleep at one point and don't think I missed anything...

What da?  drewhyvr  1 star

To quote someone else..."Walked out of Inherent Vice. Understood so little plot or dialogue I worried I'd had a stroke." I too walked out on this movie. I love PTA's movies too so I was surprised. If you have acid, drop it. If you have weed, smoke it. Maybe that's the point?

Inherent Vice  Justwatchedit  1 star

Struggled to the end, wished I hadn't. Save your $$

Inherent Vice  Frank**  1 star

Boooorrrring…terrible dialogue, no plot, waste of money

Simpleton steve
dont do it  Simpleton steve  2 star

you will regret it, tiring very slow drug hazed psycho babble of non-sense about nothing, A visual head-ache A good 2 and a half hour depiction of a bad mushroom experience. Very loose story-line if you can find it. Some eras of the past should be left in the past









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