The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2 Summary and Synopsis

Denzel Washington returns to one of his signature roles in the first sequel of his career. Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed – but how far will he go when that is someone he loves? Robert McCall, who serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed, embarks on a relentless, globe-trotting quest for vengeance when a long-time girl friend is murdered. The Equalizer 2 Wiki

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The Equalizer 2 Movie (2018)

The Equalizer 2 Comments & Critics

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The Equalizer 2 Movie Reviews

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- Man stuff5 star

Love the man Fantasy super Bad guys vs Super Civilian's. Grab a favorite beverage and snacks and RENT it!!

- Almost better than the First!!5 star

Great expansion of Denzel Washington’s character! They should come out with a third movie expanding on his wife’s death and back story!

- OK, Just ok3 star

Definitely not the 1st.......

- Why lord why1 star

Denzel still the man but this movie was trash.. Director & writers mess this up

- Strong Denzel Film5 star

Suspension of Disbelief at its best! Not for the faint of heart but very satisfying till the end. Especially loved the final sequence.

- Excellent4 star

Denzel Washington never disappoints. Excellent suspense with lots of action. Could use some more fighting through the movie but can’t complain.

- Trailer is better than movie2 star

I bought the movie because of the trailer...too bad the trailer was the best part of the movie. The rest of the movie was pretty long and drawn out. I fell asleep watching.

- Not so much...3 star

Not as good as the first but for me it was still worth seeing.

- Even better than the first5 star

Such a good movie! Action and tears! Denzel is the goat

- The Equalizer II5 star


- Equalizer Does Not Add Up2 star

Well this man does all those amazing things. He kills criminals right and left, in hand to hand combat mind you, and dispenses with them with such ease, he hardly breaks a sweat. And he is so agile, nimble, quick, and powerful. And he is old! Yeah, right. They should call it science fiction.

- Dont get it4 star

People hated on this movie so i didnt watch it for awhile. Not as good as the furst one of course but it was still a decent movie. “Im gonna kill each and every one of you.... and my onky regret is that i only get to do it once” Dont care what you say. That is hardass

- Huge disappointment...poorly done.2 star

A very predictable film with cheesy dialogue and endless cliches. Feels like a story I’ve seen a hundred times over. I say pass and find something a little more original. I am a Denzel fan which made it even more disappointing...

- Fun follow up4 star

This movie had its moments of excitement. I found it to be a very decent follow up to the first installment. I would definitely watch this a second time. Then again, I’m a fan of Denzel Washington

- Equalizer 22 star

Wow... that was bad. It was poorly directed and half hearted acting. First movie where I've seen Denzel Washington where I wouldn't want to see him as an actor again. No comparison to the John Wick series... I couldn't even finish watching Equalizer 2. Pure crap.

- Solid second installment4 star

Equalizer one was most certainly a step above this version. That said, this is well worth the watch as Denzel does an admirable job once again.

- Critics Have Lost Perspective4 star

Impressive. Granted, this was not the origin story we have all come to adore, yet this one seemed to add depth to the enigmatic character that stole imaginations in the first film. I wanted to know more about the who/what/why of the character and No 2 brought it to life.

- Denzel was GREAT as always!5 star

Never disappointed by Denzel!

- Mi ACTOR favorito 🎬🎥👌🏼5 star

🥰 Denzel Hayes Washington,Jr 🥰⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ *🇸🇻*

- Wow5 star

Every bit as good as the first one. Not as bloody. Awesome 1 liners. 👍👍

- Good action5 star

Good action but I wished the ending was thought out better.

- Love the ending5 star

Great movie.

- Not as good as first one,not as good as we wanted to be.4 star

Oh not. R u kidding me.not amusing..

- Great5 star

👌 great movie.!

- Denzel pays for his kitchen remodel2 star

What can you say? More severed limbs and broken collar bones per second in this version over the last. You really get your 6 bucks worth here my friends. I hope Denzel is enjoying that new kitchen.

- Denzel does it again!5 star

Great movie! Fight scene choreography is awesome! A must watch!

- Loved it!5 star

Great action!

- Equalizer II5 star

This movie was an A+. It had action and purpose. I would love to see an EQ3. Denzel is a great actor who makes any character come alive and enhance the actors who play with him. The phrase “A Star is born,” could have just as well been coined for him. ”

- Loved this movie5 star

I took my 16 year old niece to see this movie. She loved it. I loved EQ1 so I was hyped about the sequel. This movie is superb. I hope Denzel continues along this path. Excellent character development and storyline.

- Nowhere near as good as the first3 star

Denzel's acting was great, so did most all of the characters. But the story extremely cliche, and lacked all story pieces that made the first great. Very cut and dry by the book story. of course he guides a lost youth. The action scene was fine for most action movies, but lost the core elements of the first movie. The action was much slower paced, which left me wondering why it strayed so far from the original. everything that made the original amazing was watered down or changed. None of the core elements of the original movie were here, leaving like everyother action movie. It is a fine movie, but compared to its predecessor, it made it look just flat out sad.

- Great !5 star

This movie was great ! I don’t know how a lot of people saying it wasn’t a good movie. I absolutely loved it I made a mistake just renting it I should have went with my first instinct and bought it right away

- Good movie! Denzel at his typical best in a classic vengeance story.4 star

We enjoyed it very much. Don’t believe the 51% splats.

- As with most sequels, it isn't very good3 star

There just isn't enough real story here to make this sequel compare to the original Equalizer. The acting is not too bad, but Denzel's character has changed a lot since the first movie, in ways that don't really make much sense. Where it falls apart, though, is the hodge podge of plot elements that just don't fit together well. There were many ways a good sequel could have been created, but the director apparently did not have the courage.

- Disappointed2 star

It was a little slow. They turned it in to something it wasn’t. The first one is awesome but not this one

- Nothing Beats the Best5 star

There’s no room for the best! We absolutely love the quality of film and movie itself. Thank you ITunes engineers and crew

- Waste of Time2 star

If you are looking for some good-old action and revenge, this is not the place to come. Apart from the opening sequence—which last about four minutes, the rest of the movie moves at an ants pace, with the final, meaningless sequence something you simpy want to get done with so you can move on with the day.

- Great movie5 star

Might be better than the 1st !

- Essentially Denzel Washington5 star

I actually liked the first one better. But, this one is still good! I would have loved to see more action scenes though!😘

- Amazing5 star

Loved the movie. Definitely recommend it

- Didn’t understand3 star

May require a lot of concentration or maybe it really did have a weak plot

- Great movie5 star

Hard to miss any moment. Really a good movie for Saturday night

- Equalizer 24 star

It's really a good film and I don't see why critics are so bad. the film do the job well and Dazel do great.=))))

- Equalizer2+ Denzel=priceless5 star

This is a great movie for all the right reasons; the plot and its story-line; the directors capacity to pool together and magnify the plot; Denzel’s impeccable skill sets as an actor; the subplot, and of coarse, the action. Denzel’s capacity to imbue this character in a way that convinces us that this guy is that Uber driver/Uber Good Samaritan/Uber special-ops enigma who is just trying to make his way. Now that they have us hooked, I hope they key the franchise going.

- Equalizer 2 Soars As A Must See5 star

Equalizer 2 soars as a must see movie experience. The action explodes throughout the entire film. This film is the whole package for action, psychological thriller, gangster, crime, military and fighting movie buffs. Just a solid movie and Denzel Washington delivers jaw dropping stealth and agility, charisma, wit and passion. I’m proud to own this movie.

- Not good3 star

This was not nearly as good as the first movie. The story and the writing here isn't up to par..the movie was very predictable too. What as waste of a great opportunity. I'm hesitant to give this movie even three stars. The story and writing are just so laughable for a movie of this caliber.

- Great entertainment5 star

Great movie need to overthink it

- Typical Sequal3 star

Not nearly as good as the first. This had too much going on and didn’t really have a plot until more than halfway into the movie.

- Amazing!5 star

Exceeded my expectations

- Awesome5 star

No matter what other say but this movie is dope and the action was cool..For me worth to watch or rent..

- Loved it.5 star


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Gagicgskeienxkalanhhhhm12233 - Equalizer5 star

One of all time fave

noway all taken - Violence2 star

It did not give the bad guys a convincing and clear motive for doing what they did. The reason seemed forced. The degree of violence seems unnecessary. And the main character seems too invincible to feel real.

spzr - Surprised me2 star

I knew it wouldnt be great, turned out ot be slightly worse. Though the essence of the first movie is still there.

The6Lord - It was kinda boring this sequel.2 star

The first was way better then this sleeper!

@davidkerr71 - Bit of a dissapointment2 star

The first movie was great, this one was definately a dissapointment. I had higher expecations..

Alahaie - Navet1 star

Le titre dit tout.

plumcoullee - Phone book5 star

Denzel could read the phone book and I would be happy. This is good movie.

Gene Villeneuve - Fun, predictable, but I still love Denzel.4 star

Fun, predictable, but I still love Denzel.

tommerw - Best movie I have seen in a long time5 star

Denzel seems to never let down,A great movie I have not enjoyed a great story like this since Wind River well done I will watch again soon

Twilight 4 Me - Good to see Mr McCall return.4 star

I really enjoyed this movie and would’ve preferred to give it 5 stars.. It was well paced and lots of suspense. Melissa Leo always great. I was, unfortunately, disappointed by the ending. The hurricane and Pedro Pascals over-the-top Best friend turned bad guy routine was too much.

Jezzyyyc - Good, but not great...3 star

I really enjoyed the first one with Denzel, and with this being the first sequel he had ever done I had really high hopes. It's not a bad movie, but not his best work. Lots of action, a little slow to get going and somewhat predictable. Still worth a watch.

Goddesshorror - Mouth dropping!5 star

Just amazing. When my mouth comes back off the floor I will let you know! The end was speechless.. let yourself get lost in the mayhem and take a

The Bionic Man - I am a Whitey5 star

But Getting that out of the way I would like to conduct my review, this was a heavy well acted action movie, heavy I mean Denzel’s weight as an actor, every expression and action was a work of gravity and I ponder on the demographics.Is it that we really need more actors like this or do we need better consideration for roles. I am a Bond fan but will admit Daniel Craig’s movies are boring , but what if Idris Elba were Bond permitted to force the weight of a burdensome sole upon his enemies, my point, the formula for James Bond with Idris Elba as Bond May be the best ever

Och.laddie - Good, not as good as first one4 star

Much better than trainwreck of Bruce Willis version of Death Wish. Was ok but not as good as first one. If you’re a Denzel fan it will be 5 stars. If you’re not, it will be 3 or 4 stars.

SeaDoo666 - Français France???5 star

Le premier opus était en français Canada... il serait donc important que celui-ci le sois également! J’hésite a le précommandé par peur que français canada ne sois pas disponible

SRGRMB - Good very good5 star

It was a good movie, and Mr. Washington is super actor. Well directed, acting was supreme.

Thania20115 - Overhyped3 star

The first one was great. The movie had only a few min of action and the rest was so slow. Not what I expected. 10/10 will not watch again or recommend.

Jucies - Excellent5 star

Good mov right here!!!!

The Big Chap. - Brilliant5 star

In my opinion equally as good as the first one. Sequels generaly are a let down, this was not. Brilliant. And rewatchable.

Fatual - Mr5 star

Another great movie from Denzel, good action and story line.

MMCK_21 - The Equaliser25 star

The best action movies to watch with your friends and family. Danzel Washington has always been one of my favourite actors in the movie industry. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your money and time away from the front of the camera. One love...

scully1994 - Love the franchise3 star

Can we ever get enough of Denzel Washington ? Smooth, handsome and seemingly ageless, bring on Equalizer 3

Mac 2x - The Equalizer 21 star

We rent this movie and started watching it but it stop at the middle. Tried to play it again it but it did not play anymore.

Yasawagirl - Was ok3 star

But nothing like the first. All over the place. Thought it was a short stories movie. Nowhere near as good as the first one. Only thing that saved it was Denzel Washington.

run im really coooool - It wasn’t good as the first one but it’s good3 star

Not as good as the first

keltah - 👌🏼4 star

Great movie

Will 10 - Awesome5 star

Loved it all, just as much as the first one. Love seeing bad guys get exactly what they deserve.

Wayfarin' - Brutally violent with a convoluted plot2 star

Washington’s films are generally good quality, but this one seemed an excuse for a large number of scenes of truly brutal violence including the staged murder-suicide of a married couple, eye-gouging and evisceration by explosives. There were a couple of basically pointless sub-plots added, I would guess on Washington’s request, to humanise the character he plays. Sure there’s a modicum of suspense and action but overall very disappointing.

Neil Strauss - He’s as Equal as the Original5 star

Loved it, enjoyed it, would watch it again

RobinApple77 - Very disappointing1 star

Loved the first Equalizer. Stopped watching this one part way through. So, so disappointing

Lanatus - Not as good as first1 star

I stopped watching this halfway because I got bored. I really liked the first one though.

I_m_praba - A lot better than the 1st one5 star

Denzel is more good in actions and giving advice to the teens...!! This movie was really a good one and I feel that the 2nd investment is a lot better than the 1st one..!

Van77719 - Excellent5 star

I enjoyed this movie.

Cocktail mixer - Thumbs Up5 star

Worth watching. It was a good date night movie for hubby and me. What's not to like about Denzel? Good action movie.

simjakphoeb - Awesome5 star

Great movie. Loved Denzel. Great outcome

SeroSedSerio - 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼5 star

Denzel can do no wrong!!!!

rover07 - Never made a bad movie5 star

I don't think Denzel Washington has ever made a bad movie and all are engrossing including this one. He is an actor who is very good at his profession.

Tiger Supporter - The writers threw the baby out with the bathwater3 star

Advances are made incrementally. So in theory EQ2 should have been very good. But the writers forgot what makes for a good suspense thriller. Missing was the dark atmosphere partly provided by the nasty looking crims. Instead we got a series of crims who looked like they couldn't tie up their shoelaces. Plausibility was missing. And the end was just Pale Rider done poorly.

45674bob - Equaliser 22 star

Very poor movie story line very average really disappointed after loving the first movie

Slinkstar - 👌5 star

What I got was a ton of fantastic action, excellent martial arts fight scenes, some good gun and knife stunt footage, great trap set ups, and Denzel Washington's endless amount of sharp high class mixed with cool style we usually get with his performances. So I have to give this movie thumbs up, with a grade of A, hope to see more of this franchise, & ask the public at large do not let the critics or so called experts do the deciding for you just check this movie out, because some of our so called experts actually are big morons espousing hot air.

Kazmumof6 - Doesn’t deserve all the average reviews4 star

I loved this movie. It has a few storylines going at once which merge together well. Denzel is ultra cool as a ‘retired’ hitman with a heart. There’s a great supporting cast. A very entertaining 2+ hours.

rock_advocate - This is a cracker!5 star

Okay, don't expect it to explode into life instantly. The plot takes time to build, you know, a bit like real life! If you want instnat action then yes, there's some to keep you interested, but the main plot is a slow burn. For me, it's all the better for that. I loved this and the little plot twist at the end? Fantastic. I had tears in my eyes.

Richie 1963 - Another Superb Film5 star

Different to the first film, Superb in every respect rent without risk..... People who slate this need help as they are obviously not quite right in the head?

Cap'n Stevie - Like watching paint dry?2 star

Because you will be doing exactly that for a great deal of this movie! That’s not an analogy, you will literally be watching paint dry. As my partner said when discussing the following day, “It seemed to be mostly about painting and decorating.” Very astute. The first movie was fantastic for me. Equalizer fan from back in the day and I thought it was a damn good update / reimagining. Denzel is one of the all time greats and brings solid gold to most things he’s associated with. Unfortunately what you have here is just dull. There’s no progression, the stakes seem “meh”. The bloody thing doesn’t seem to start until two thirds of the way through... The point at which John Wick would be sellotaping his guts back in for the umpteenth time. It’s just pointless, boring and totally un-engaging. A real shame because this franchise had really good pedigree behind it and had the legs to be at least a solid trilogy. Instead it’s just fizzled out into a bland semi-gloss Magnolia. Maybe they can try wallpaper next time. At least there be a comedy ladder opportunity.

pony eternal x - BOR....ING !!1 star

Sorry Denzel,love your films;but this one is a real turkey. Save your money & wait for free view.

mark38says - As good as the first5 star

It’s a decent action film!

CptNipnTuck - Watch it if you’ve seen the first one3 star

Not bad but not as good as the first. Seems the story got a little weaker as the film went on.

Ben37! - Brilliant5 star

Denzel at his finest once again. Some great action scenes and a perfect sequel to the first movie.

DrLMC - Fantastic sequel maybe better5 star

Awesome film. Great stories, fab acting and excellent action scenes. Don’t miss it.

Royaljock - The equaliser5 star

Very good

fredcian - Eskeetit4 star

So violent 😂

soft Lou - Equaliser1 star

Not as good as the first one!

Scottiesimp - Good4 star

It’s good for a watch if you’ve nothing else. Not as good as the first though.

tyb76 - Really?1 star

This is offence to Denzel but this is below acceptable.No story..with final battle 😁😁😁2018 movie? I don’t think so...I prefer watching 1eqalizer 3/4times then this rubbish...don’t waist your money like I did😂😂😂ps:who rated this movie with more then 2stars... are you sure you rated this movie?just a tough...😂😂😂

D3ANO1979 - Mediocre at best.2 star

Poor script, laughable acting, and is that really the best storyline they could come up with?

VinnieFleet - 👌🏽5 star

Yet another quality equaliser

ddg3 - AWESOME5 star

The legend that is Denzel Washington,Awesome 👊

App.Lover.102627 - Great movie5 star

Great actors and script :) Would recommend it but definitely see the first movie before this so you can follow the story

Baldydafydd - The truth of paying £5.49 rental!1 star

Never ever any more, wait six months get it on Netflix! iTunes to much! Film not seen as price prohibits

All md cons - The Equaliser 25 star

Just brilliant ! Bugger the naysayers, honestly it's a great film.

Nomadman2k - Average Yarn, Not as Good as the First3 star

Again hoping for so much more in this follow up to the Equilizer, but where can it go really. Not a patch on the first movie, with an awesome bad guy, whereas here it was unfortunately predictable and follow the same tired formula. Shame really, ok to watch, but a rental movie only.

Miguel 9 - A decent sequel3 star

A decent sequel, I'd have the first film as much better Was expecting a bit more on the basis of that. Lacks a bit in the way of plot as the film progresses and goes all out for the action element instead Great if thats what you want but I personally like my action combined with a bit more plot around the main part of the story. Both can be done. enjoyable film

oiltec - Was looking forward to this but4 star

i my mind a bit dissapointing, the first was a great film and this was ok but i would like to have seen more action, but Denzel is such a great actor no question. it is well worth the watch.

Eric Morecambe - Excellent5 star

Great film.

IT45. - Great Film 🙂👍🏻5 star

Great Film 🙂👍🏻

Ash LONDON1 - Best of denzel5 star

Superb and best of the best movie of all time . Awesome and thumps up . 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

capmax62 - Great movie5 star

The action is awesome in this film, Denzil Washington is as cool as he his tough,watched the first one, this one is just as good if not better than that, the scene where he snaps the young mans fingers made me cringe, and what a beautiful story with the old Jewish man and is past life, that was just great, and brought a tear to my eye near the end, gruesome fights and killings, this is worth every penny you will pay to watch, I just loved it. 😵😵😵😵😵💋

GrahamJMoore - Just released on USA ITUNE TODAY5 star

Ive got a usa acc in the UK i recommend taking advantage its a great film

Ba7man1994 - Not as good as the first one4 star

It’s not as good as the first one

DCW8802 - Great film!5 star

Another great performance from Denzel. Action packed film with good story. 5*. Will definitely be buying this!

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Gamer holdem - Great!5 star

I bought this since I’d already had the 1st movie. This didn’t disappoint at all. Awesome 👏. Also 1of the best extras iTunes have added to a movie before. Lots of interesting things to see. Really well done 👍

143-2018 - The best one yet!!!!5 star

This is an absolute must see! Denzel, as always is GREAT!! And always helping those around him....

StoryDelver - Paint by numbers retread1 star

Wow, how did the same screenwriter come up with such a hackneyed, tired story as this after the excellent character driven work of the first one? Sad. Hero's friend is killed, so he goes to revenge. Blah blah blah. Not only is it insanely predicable, it's also no fun.

unkown called ID - Lives up to the original5 star

This movie has the same amazing story yet deeper and more intricate.

UnvarnishedReview - Horrible1 star

Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors but he really let me down in this latest installment. I loved the first Equalizer but Equalizer 2 was very slow and boring. I hate to say this but the movie was a complete total bust. I should have listened to the other reviewers who said don’t buy or rent this movie. They were right.

Somnodoctor - 2 is better than 1.5 star

Living a righteous life and helping those in need. Excellent action scenes. Critics just don’t get it !

Tonjim - Sorry Assed Critics Wrong Again5 star

Great movie with a strong underlying message that there are good people in world ready to defend those who cannot defend themselves. It goes against the desire of the its critics to paint a portrait of an America of strife and without hope.

Dafinator - I love Denzel Washington!4 star

Denzel is awesome, unfortunately this movie wasn’t.. it was kind of a bore fest ... not enough action, slow and predictable. I had high expectations and spent twenty bucks for this movie cause I didn’t want to wait for the rental.... now I wish I would’ve waited to rent it and saved fifteen dollars :(

jadechick21 - Saw it on the plane! Very good movie!5 star

Very good movie!

auay - Enjoyed it!5 star

I like Equalizer 2 even more than the first one. It is predictable but also entertaining.

aikidavid - Excellent movie, well worth the money!5 star

This was an excellent second movie, Denzel Washington at his best. There is a lot of buildup and intracacy, but some action along the way, and the final showdown is very good, with worthy opponents.

mark_pinto530 - Denzel Does It Again!!!5 star

I loved the first movie and when I found out a sequel was coming I couldn't wait. I was NOT disappointed. What a terrific movie, absolutely totally entertaining. Denzel Washington once again proves that he is without a doubt the greatest actor in motion pictures if not ever then at least in this generation. I hope he keeps making movies with Antoine Fuqua, what an incredible team.

ctt1wbw - Not good at all2 star

This one ruined the entire msytery of the first one. Ruined it.

Name_Is_Nick - ok until...2 star

not as good as the first but it was ok right up until the point it turned into call of duty...

P William Z - "" Excellent Movie ''5 star

Great Movie,Great Actor. No matter what he does Drama Or Action, he hit his role. From John Q to The Equalizer.Hope many more movies to come ''''

Grumpy109 - Nothing like the first one2 star

Sequels are not easy. The expectation is very high because the first one was so good. But this one is nothing like the first. I think the best part of the movie is in the first 20 minutes or so where you see two cases of righting the wrongs with quick action sequences. Then the movie slowly grinds into sort of a detective/investigative mode. The last sequence is also nothing like the first movie. There is another thing not quite up to par as the first movie: the background music. The first movie very much had a Michael Mann type of feel to the background music. This one not so much, and therefore, for me, the anticipation is not built up, and the climax just kind of felt like a dudd.

Frak! - Lacks class of original1 star

Too bad they didn’t make this when Edward Woodward was available. Could have been amazing...

Karlito-DJ - Denzel is the man5 star

Loved it. Good acting, action is great. The story rolls along nicely. Can’t wait to see Equalizer 3.

Suzan Chhetri - Worst movie1 star

After seeing the first equalizer movie i had a very high hope on the sequel but this has turned out to be a disaster for me . what a waste of time and money. 1 star

Win.Ner - Not even close to EQ12 star

Had high hopes for this. Story was dragging and no where near as entertaining as Equalizer 1. Waste your time/money watching it if you want to.

kefallonia ratzakli - Save your money1 star

Don waste your money not even close to the first movie One word sums it up boring

Trump girl - Denzel is awesome5 star

Great movie, I loved loved it.,,Great rental

Meggie Gray Andersen - Love Denzel Washington5 star

What can I say? Loved the movie. - Denzel never disappoints5 star

Great work loved it

Chelo1970 - Mediocre, not nearly as good as the first one ...2 star

Don’t wast your time

docman1998 - There is not one5 star

There is not one movie with Denzel Washington in it that is not excellent.

brslc - Stupid Bad Guy3 star

Liked the beginning but the main bad guy - choice and resulting scenes - was lazy, cliche and a boring letdown. Do something different from what everyone expects.

spacebaby1 - Sub-par sequel2 star

The action scenes aren’t as crisp and lack build-up and the bad guys aren’t very interesting (the first film had a great villain). There is one great scene in this sequel and it’s a dramatic scene: Robert McCall convinces an adolescent to avoid the gangster life in intense fashion. But too many scenes ring hollow and the story is steeped with logistical problems. I also didn’t care for the editing and some of the cross-cutting.

afghanmoose - Good5 star

Feel good movie

Awful. Horrible. - X1 star

Stupid movie, didn’t even like the first..

JCarver.Auburn - Equalizer 25 star

If you liked the original Equalizer, you’ll love Equalizer 2. Denzel chose the right movie to be his first ever sequel. I missed it in theaters due to surgery, so I was very happy to finally get to watch it today after pre-ordering. It’s also odd to see that “critics” didn’t like the movie that much; they’re always complaining; “there’s no character-development in movies today,” etc, but when a movie delivers on character-development (along w/ entertainment), they still complain. I usually err on the side of, “if critics hate it, I’ll like it,” & I definitely was right (again), here. Great job Mr Washington 👍👍

dj.dimples - Good but 1st was better5 star

Very good movie from beginning to end but i still say the 1st was better

Danosara23 - You did it again4 star

Denzel, I don’t know how you did it, but you made a badly scripted movie into gold! You are one of the few leading men in Holly wood that could have pulled it off. Most of these snowflake American actors don’t have that believable masculine command presence and that is why we import leading male actors from the UK and Australia. DW, I hope you have many more years left of movie magic left in you.

Jdudejdhdb - One of rare awesome movies now a days5 star

D.W. Magnificent

Talk2zhand - Disappointing2 star

If you saw the trailers than you seen the best part of the movie.

MrsApple - Awesome!!!!!5 star

Great action movie!!!! Can’t wait to own it

lordofallmusic - Amazing5 star

Better than the first .. best actor on planet earth

Axel Fischerr - Great movie!5 star

Good action and great acting!

007 TS - Epic!!5 star

Don't mess with Robert McCall!! Love this Movie and Franchise. Really hope it's another installment to this Film! Great Movie. As much fun as the First one in my opinion!

747whaledriver - High hopes for the film, but...2 star

As much as I liked the first film, the sequel is just a much-boiled Hollywood caricature of the first. Disappointing.

Ummmhhhuuuu - Good for a rental.3 star

Saw in theater. Movie was good, but not as good as the first.

Hulktim - Great5 star

a little slow, but anything with Denzel is worth it!!!!

Denzel Hayley - Denzel always comes with 🔥🔥5 star

respectable film with good message by a respectable actor

Brendan1996 - Greatest movie ever seen! 😎🔫5 star

This movie was to me a 💯 and action was better in main character, better than John wick. 😎😎😎😎😎

Derrick4444 - Better than the latest Mission Impossible5 star

The Equalizer 2 is one of the most exciting and well-done movies I’ve seen recently. It’s better than the first Equalizer and the latest Mission Impossible. I’m not kidding. I watch a lot of movies and this one nailed it. Will buy this movie.

Realblog - Denzel delivers again!!!5 star

Saw the movie yesterday, and action from start to finish is amazing! There's also a deep message hidden in the script making for a great storyline! Keep em coming!!!

Nasim Akhter - FLAWLESS5 star

Absolutely loved it!!!

Berkeley Rooster - O.K.3 star

O.K. but it could have been better.

Country music at it's finest - Denzel never disappoints!5 star

Just saw this movie. I highly recommend it. Washington just keeps getting better with age.

The Episode Killer - Best Film Ever5 star

I loved this movie. The first Equalizer was good and all but this one was better. I loved how he solved multiple crimes in this sequel. The acting was amazing. So as Denzel Washington. To end the review I hope they make Equalizer 3.

The Equalizer 2 Images & Pictures

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The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images
The Equalizer 2 movie images

The Equalizer 2 Posters

The Equalizer 2 movie posters
The Equalizer 2 movie posters
The Equalizer 2 movie posters
The Equalizer 2 movie posters
The Equalizer 2 movie posters
The Equalizer 2 movie posters
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