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Denzel Washington returns to one of his signature roles in the first sequel of his career. Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed – but how far will he go when that is someone he loves?

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There is no equal. Robert McCall, who serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed, embarks on a relentless, globe-trotting quest for vengeance when a long-time girl friend is murdered.. The Equalizer 2 Wiki

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Equalizer Does Not Add Up  ATMMD  2 star

Well this man does all those amazing things. He kills criminals right and left, in hand to hand combat mind you, and dispenses with them with such ease, he hardly breaks a sweat. And he is so agile, nimble, quick, and powerful. And he is old! Yeah, right. They should call it science fiction.

Alex h matter
Dont get it  Alex h matter  4 star

People hated on this movie so i didnt watch it for awhile. Not as good as the furst one of course but it was still a decent movie. “Im gonna kill each and every one of you.... and my onky regret is that i only get to do it once” Dont care what you say. That is hardass

Scott in Sac
Huge disappointment...poorly done.  Scott in Sac  2 star

A very predictable film with cheesy dialogue and endless cliches. Feels like a story I’ve seen a hundred times over. I say pass and find something a little more original. I am a Denzel fan which made it even more disappointing...

Fun follow up  The_Waterboy  4 star

This movie had its moments of excitement. I found it to be a very decent follow up to the first installment. I would definitely watch this a second time. Then again, I’m a fan of Denzel Washington

Equalizer 2  Stevepfi55  2 star

Wow... that was bad. It was poorly directed and half hearted acting. First movie where I've seen Denzel Washington where I wouldn't want to see him as an actor again. No comparison to the John Wick series... I couldn't even finish watching Equalizer 2. Pure crap.

socal serb
Solid second installment  socal serb  4 star

Equalizer one was most certainly a step above this version. That said, this is well worth the watch as Denzel does an admirable job once again.

Adaptive Dan
Critics Have Lost Perspective  Adaptive Dan  4 star

Impressive. Granted, this was not the origin story we have all come to adore, yet this one seemed to add depth to the enigmatic character that stole imaginations in the first film. I wanted to know more about the who/what/why of the character and No 2 brought it to life.

Denzel was GREAT as always!  Mr.DakotaDavis  5 star

Never disappointed by Denzel!

Mi ACTOR favorito 🎬🎥👌🏼  VILLAREAL-G 🇸🇻  5 star

🥰 Denzel Hayes Washington,Jr 🥰⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ *🇸🇻*

Wow  theDevilsEnemy  5 star

Every bit as good as the first one. Not as bloody. Awesome 1 liners. 👍👍

Surprised me  spzr  2 star

I knew it wouldnt be great, turned out ot be slightly worse. Though the essence of the first movie is still there.

It was kinda boring this sequel.  The6Lord  2 star

The first was way better then this sleeper!

Bit of a dissapointment  @davidkerr71  2 star

The first movie was great, this one was definately a dissapointment. I had higher expecations..

Navet  Alahaie  1 star

Le titre dit tout.

Phone book  plumcoullee  5 star

Denzel could read the phone book and I would be happy. This is good movie.

Gene Villeneuve
Fun, predictable, but I still love Denzel.  Gene Villeneuve  4 star

Fun, predictable, but I still love Denzel.

Best movie I have seen in a long time  tommerw  5 star

Denzel seems to never let down,A great movie I have not enjoyed a great story like this since Wind River well done I will watch again soon

Twilight 4 Me
Good to see Mr McCall return.  Twilight 4 Me  4 star

I really enjoyed this movie and would’ve preferred to give it 5 stars.. It was well paced and lots of suspense. Melissa Leo always great. I was, unfortunately, disappointed by the ending. The hurricane and Pedro Pascals over-the-top Best friend turned bad guy routine was too much.

Good, but not great...  Jezzyyyc  3 star

I really enjoyed the first one with Denzel, and with this being the first sequel he had ever done I had really high hopes. It's not a bad movie, but not his best work. Lots of action, a little slow to get going and somewhat predictable. Still worth a watch.

Mouth dropping!  Goddesshorror  5 star

Just amazing. When my mouth comes back off the floor I will let you know! The end was speechless.. let yourself get lost in the mayhem and take a

Love the franchise  scully1994  3 star

Can we ever get enough of Denzel Washington ? Smooth, handsome and seemingly ageless, bring on Equalizer 3

Mac 2x
The Equalizer 2  Mac 2x  1 star

We rent this movie and started watching it but it stop at the middle. Tried to play it again it but it did not play anymore.

Was ok  Yasawagirl  3 star

But nothing like the first. All over the place. Thought it was a short stories movie. Nowhere near as good as the first one. Only thing that saved it was Denzel Washington.

run im really coooool
It wasn’t good as the first one but it’s good  run im really coooool  3 star

Not as good as the first

👌🏼  keltah  4 star

Great movie

Will 10
Awesome  Will 10  5 star

Loved it all, just as much as the first one. Love seeing bad guys get exactly what they deserve.

Brutally violent with a convoluted plot  Wayfarin'  2 star

Washington’s films are generally good quality, but this one seemed an excuse for a large number of scenes of truly brutal violence including the staged murder-suicide of a married couple, eye-gouging and evisceration by explosives. There were a couple of basically pointless sub-plots added, I would guess on Washington’s request, to humanise the character he plays. Sure there’s a modicum of suspense and action but overall very disappointing.

Neil Strauss
He’s as Equal as the Original  Neil Strauss  5 star

Loved it, enjoyed it, would watch it again

Very disappointing  RobinApple77  1 star

Loved the first Equalizer. Stopped watching this one part way through. So, so disappointing

Not as good as first  Lanatus  1 star

I stopped watching this halfway because I got bored. I really liked the first one though.

Gritty Good Film - Worth Watching  NZ-Griff  4 star

A good second Equalizer film. But don’t look too close as some logic is flawed.

Nice  Study-bee  3 star

Good film slow at the begining but picks up ... however the first Equalizer was a far better.

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