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The magic continues in Disney’s reimagined classic—plus exclusive iTunes Extras, including Magical Memories! Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) helps the Banks family remember the joy of being a child, as she and Jack the lamplighter (Lin-Manuel Miranda) bring fun back to the London streets in a celebration that everything is possible…even the impossible!

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Magic Always Returns. In Depression-era London, a now-grown Jane and Michael Banks, along with Michael's three children, are visited by the enigmatic Mary Poppins following a personal loss. Through her unique magical skills, and with the aid of her friend Jack, she helps the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives.. Mary Poppins Returns Wiki

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Tex N OK
Painful  Tex N OK  1 star

Even the best actors in the world can't save a lousy script. Please, Disney, everything doesn't need sequals. You have tarnished the brilliant original with this poorly conceived and even worse written travesty. We will have to rewatch the original to get this bitter taste out of our mouths.

Good enough as a sequel  MauTrevino  4 star

You can never compare the original but it does deliver ques that make you think they are part of the same. What is missing and why it can’t be 5 star is Julie Andrews

Pink Paige🌺
👍  Pink Paige🌺  4 star

It was good. Not a fan of all the singing though.

This is what’s missing  Yhuling  5 star

I could not wipe the smile off my face!! We need imagination again and THIS movie brought it!!! It was simply magical in EVERY way!! Thanks for bringing back innocence and childhood!

Terrible  kevdhshbdshsh  1 star

The singing is terrible

...meh  hayden-scott  3 star

...tedious 😒

Amazing  NicoMiami  5 star

Loooooooveeeeeeee looooooveeeeee looooooveeeeee

Horible Movie  RockyTopTunes  1 star

Not very Disney and not very Mary Poppins. Walt would be upset.

Best movie in the world!  edmund8  5 star

My favorite part is when they did trip a little light fantastic![also the music hall!

She looks different  Epipatient  5 star

I saw this one

oghhhh  Greybeard93  1 star

Singing,singing,singing ,... hate that crap .... Nanny McPhee rulesss :)

?  lilyflower34  1 star

All I can think about is that the “spoon full of sugar” was not sugar. I mean, the kids went to magic land, jumped in a painting, and apparently saw Mary pull all sorts of crap outta that bag. That nanny was a drug dealer.

Jane Fan
Even a spoon full of sugar can’t help this movie go down  Jane Fan  2 star

So disappointed with this movie overall. Again, why mess with a classic? Not worth it.

Le Retour de Mary Poppins  Faublas  5 star

Superbe! J’ai 59 ans et j’ai ADORÉ ce film! Un agréable moment de détente rempli de lumière et de chansons.

bleh  Gilros  1 star

when i was a kid i watched the first movie and i just have to say that this one is garbage. it has awful lyrics, a bad story and was just a bad version of the first one. Don't watch this because it is a let down. also, it was not funny, un-needed and not a good family movie. this movie is awful and i recommend that you don't watch it.

Garbage  advenger2011  1 star

I can not write a review because I had paid roughly 27 dollars for this movie and because my computer is upstairs and no wheres near my TV; I could not watch the movie. So Apple basicly stole my money unless I play it on thier medium or something. This is the last purchase I make from ITunes and Apple because they are thieves.

This movie glorifies abuse  SH9678  1 star

I love the story itself and the actors as well, but I absolutely hated how much gaslighting was in this movie. It’s emotional abuse, as someone who’s experienced it, it was incredibly disturbing to watch the adults in the film tell the kids ‘oh, you were just imagining it’. I really want to like this film, but I’m simply super disturbed that Disney would even produce this in 2019. Gaslighting is never ok, it’s insidious abuse. It teaches kids not to trust their own intuition when something feels off.

Rip off  ويويويوطويوط  1 star

I have this movie for free on my tv not on Netflix oh movies for the r5000 hit me up if you want to watch it for free

Great movie  plumcoullee  4 star

Excellent for children and adults who never grew up. Production is outstanding. Good to see technology bringing to life stories like these. I just wish Hugh Jackman had played the role of Jack the lamp lighter. Then it would have been perfect.

Poppin Mary  rijiflix  5 star

Like to Poppin her Marry!

Waste of $6.00 (AUS)  CJ_64Gamer  2 star

One word “meh”. I am glad I didn’t pay for the whole movie just the rental.

Mary Poppins Hasn't Returned  Micha-Sascha  2 star

A sequel to Mary Poppins was always going to be difficult to produce, so I watched without expectations being too high. The cast are obviously all led by super accomplished and committed star performers. I think far better direction could have helped make Blunt's Mary Poppins work more, but the director was apparently 'phoning it in: The first Disney Mary Poppins was "proper," but that has been reinterpreted to make her sound like a proper snob at times, which never was her character. Blunt is clearly a brilliant actor, but nobody can work on a film like this without clear guidance and constant reconnection to the character through the director. The songs are unimaginative and drown in poor melodies. Special effects and animation aren't so good as the distract from flat voices and lack of story. This gets 2/5 stars and most of that is for sentimenatl reasons.

Practically Garbage  SEAMANSWIM  1 star

This is so awful, not one good tune in it. Dull conventional script, not enough jks. Very odd with little explanation for any motives or anything. Kids deserve better.

Not quite  Shadowspirit369  2 star

The only way to describe this movie is ‘not quite’. A sequel with only a basic understanding of the original and which then modernised that concept. It would be a good movie if it wasn’t connected to an original that can have expectations that go along with it. Such as in script and characterisation. Which weren’t quite on target.... Beautiful graphics, nice songs and a almost original plot (used many times before but still good) that was enjoyable and cleverly done but.... not quite...

Meister Rob
The return of Disney Magic  Meister Rob  5 star

A brilliant, wonderful updated version of a timeless classic. This is the kind of movie that only Disney can make and successfully pull off. Emily Blunt is fantastic as Mary, she is every bit as charismatic and class that Julie Andrew's embodied in the original, the way she blends music, dance and acting into one seemless performance. One of my favourites of the year! Cannot wait to watch it again

Mary Poppins Returns- Outstanding  XxNickyXxCookieXx  5 star

I loved every second of Mary Poppins Returns and it definetly does the first movie justice. All of the actors where great especially Emily Blunt with her role as Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins Returns in style!  KyriVouli  4 star

The music, comedy and acting is brilliant! Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins was a great choice of casting. She is the perfect Mary Poppins. If she is perfect then the whole cast is perfect. The animation is greatly used in the movie. The songs will remind you of the original songs. I still think the original is better!

Practically perfect in every way!  op16  5 star

Loved this! So much better than I was expecting. Pays homage to the original. Great songs and Emily Blunt is perfect! 💙💚💛💜🧡❤️

Absolutely Brilliant  Maisy26  5 star

Just returned from the cinema and loved every single minute of Mary Poppins Returns. Great storyline, amazing singing and dancing plus it was gorgeous to look at. Lots of surprising cameos and a good dose of humour too. Can't wait to buy it.

Nickers M
Great update on a classic  Nickers M  5 star

Fantastic family movie

dissapointed customer❗️
Guys  dissapointed customer❗️  5 star

I love marry poopins

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