Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns Summary and Synopsis

The magic continues in Disney’s reimagined classic—plus exclusive iTunes Extras, including Magical Memories! Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) helps the Banks family remember the joy of being a child, as she and Jack the lamplighter (Lin-Manuel Miranda) bring fun back to the London streets in a celebration that everything is possible…even the impossible! In Depression-era London, a now-grown Jane and Michael Banks, along with Michael's three children, are visited by the enigmatic Mary Poppins following a personal loss. Through her unique magical skills, and with the aid of her friend Jack, she helps the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives. Mary Poppins Returns Wiki

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Magic Always Returns..

Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

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Mary Poppins Returns Movie Reviews

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Nataloo96 - Thank you5 star

I loved the whole thing. It was a beautiful reminder that the child is still inside me and I can see the magic all around me. The entire production team, writers, actors did a wonderful job with this movie. I truly thank you for this gift.

Monkey814 - Wonderful5 star

Growing up loving Mary Poppins I was hesitant to watch this. I should not have been... it was wonderful. The story, singing and dancing tugged at all my heart strings.

Tricolorkittie - Couldn’t finish2 star

Lacked the magic of the original.

Jdkdmfkfjd - Annoying movie1 star

Mary poppins is education and it’s trash I have been annoyed by the songs of Mary poppins and its ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

bfkewbdgzujs - Mary poppins is back5 star


Hhhvfdryuijhgfrrrgg - "You're far too old to give into imagination"5 star

The child in me bursted out to this master piece of a musical and i'm not really fan of musicals but certainly changed my mind !

Marleymouse1 - Bad movie1 star

My mom said it wasn’t a good movie 🍿

Camila188 - Fine3 star

Lin Manuel Miranda is by far the most interesting aspect of the film, and more screentime for him would've done the film a huge favor. The musical numbers were quite entertaining although not mind-blowing enough to counter the one-dimensional and stale performance that Emily Blunt gives in the film. Unfortunately, this film does not do the character of Mary Poppins justice as a stern yet whimsical and loveable babysitter. Rather, she comes off as quite fed up with most things in life.

Erte27 - Pretty good3 star

Visually a great movie , dancing was well executed ,songs and music we’re underwhelming ,really needed a spoonful of sugar

NHL NBA - Please4 star

Please lower the HD price for this movie.

p00p>:( - 🦐🦎🐌🐞🦄🐤🐦🐝🐝🦆🐷🦅🕸🐝🐞🦋💿📀1 star


Khloej492 - Mary Poppins returns5 star


Tex N OK - Painful1 star

Even the best actors in the world can't save a lousy script. Please, Disney, everything doesn't need sequals. You have tarnished the brilliant original with this poorly conceived and even worse written travesty. We will have to rewatch the original to get this bitter taste out of our mouths.

MauTrevino - Good enough as a sequel4 star

You can never compare the original but it does deliver ques that make you think they are part of the same. What is missing and why it can’t be 5 star is Julie Andrews

Pink Paige🌺 - 👍4 star

It was good. Not a fan of all the singing though.

Yhuling - This is what’s missing5 star

I could not wipe the smile off my face!! We need imagination again and THIS movie brought it!!! It was simply magical in EVERY way!! Thanks for bringing back innocence and childhood!

kevdhshbdshsh - Terrible1 star

The singing is terrible

hayden-scott - ...meh3 star

...tedious 😒

NicoMiami - Amazing5 star

Loooooooveeeeeeee looooooveeeeee looooooveeeeee

RockyTopTunes - Horible Movie1 star

Not very Disney and not very Mary Poppins. Walt would be upset.

edmund8 - Best movie in the world!5 star

My favorite part is when they did trip a little light fantastic![also the music hall!

Epipatient - She looks different5 star

I saw this one

annabethx16 - Sleeping is more interesting1 star

Boring af

quiteDisappointed. - Meh1 star

Would not watch again Loved the 1964 film Had to fast forward through much of this Boring, predictable, almost a caricature of the original

Metatron32 - DISAPPOINTING Hyper Crap!1 star

This movie was such a disappointment! The spirit of the film was rife with stiff, breathless, forced acting. Mary Poppins is a rigid **tch. We could not bear to watch the entire thing! What a waste!!!!

Deco net - Waste of time and money1 star

Terribly boring. Not even our 8 year old was interested. We turned it off! Blah.

Kadriye Sahin - My review5 star

In my opinion this movie was amazing the first one was good and this one was even better so I suggest to buy this movie when it come out!

Sonoma473 - Not near as good as original3 star

Nuff said. Its Poppins but Julie does it so much better. She is a hard act to follow.

dog🐶🐕🐶🐕 - I loved it5 star

It had so much magic and hart

M.Salim.Harrell - Great pick-you-up type movie!5 star

Great film, loved the entire movie - and my kids liked it too! :) I thought the score was moving and storyline, clever and bright!

Neekwan - Meh2 star

Firstly, we just finished watching it, and I don't remember any of the songs. None of them are classics, or even memorable. They were each just kind of throw-away songs. The acting was fantastic, as expected. Who doesn't love Emily Blunt, Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury, et al? But this is a film we've seen once, and will not be watching again. Unlike the original, which remains a classic. Again, so disappointed in the new songs. Not catchy. Empty (and at times suggestive) lyrics. Not very Mary Poppins-esque, if you ask me; even with the musical quotes heralding the original score from time to time. And no real worthy message to take away. Watch it once. Or not at all. You'll be no better either way.

Legitlegallad - Amazing5 star

This movie was absolutely fantastic (like the first one) and the finale is beautiful. A must-watch.

Add Free Please - Mary Poppins Returns5 star

Didn’t disappoint; very good, my granddaughters really enjoyed it as well!

aidanbayden - Not worth it2 star

While Emily Blunt did a great job the story line wasn’t there. I was beyond board and found myself skipping scenes. There’s really no reason for Mary poppins to return. The songs were also disappointing. I was hopeful they would redo one of the classics but nope. Overall very disappointing

Cabbielucky13 - Boring1 star

Wait till it is free.. boring

Edweird - Wonderful Movie!5 star

This movie makes me feel like a kid again. The acting, storyline, music, and dance numbers are truly magical. Disney got it right with this one.

penhan - A waste of $5.992 star

Soulless, dull, stilted, unnecessary remake of a wonderful classic. The father, Mr Banks, is played by a too young actor with a ridiculous fake mustache. What’s with the awful, over the top, English accent of Mary Poppins? No one speaks like that! The songs are totally forgettable and why would a talent like Lin Manuel Miranda waste himself in this rubbish. Hard to watch until the end.

53 julimar - No Stars Really for me 🤦🏻‍♀️1 star

Could not be worse, they had to try to make a movie this bad. The kids were great, Poppins was Great. The movie was horrid though. 10 minutes of magic maybe in the whole film .

phillipsdf - Great effort but the manic pace made me tired2 star

All the performances here were wonderful, don't get me wrong. But the pace was like an out-of-control freight train, pummeling us with a constant barrage of ever-more-over-the-top scenes. This felt less lika a move than a ride on the world's most annoying roller coaster.

kini10 - Some nice special effects3 star

I never saw the original so I bought this on Fandango. I should have rented it. Some of the effects were bright and colorful. The story was downright depressing. Lin Manuel Miranda is not the best actor. He was annoying. Emily was a good Mary Poppins but no Julie Andrews. I think I fell asleep during part of it. I didn’t miss much. Predictable.



catloverandrobloxlover - Ok4 star

It was ok not the best though😕

Ashley9760 - Marry poppies5 star

I love it

PBryant20 - Good as a Stand-alone3 star

For what it was, It was fine. It was almost impossible to not compare it to Mary Poppins, probably because it followed almost exactly the same storyline. Parent in trouble, kids feel left out, obscure poor man with a meager job who happens to be in EVERY scene, visit a distant, reclusive relative for a catchy number, jump into a cartoonish world, resolve the issues, Mary leaves. I felt like they were pushing Lin-Manuel Miranda's talents to the forefront. I think if I had never seen Mary Poppins, then I would genuinely like this movie a lot more. It is worth a watch as long as you don't compare the two. The two cameos towards the end were probably the highlight of the movie for me.

Massh0le3 - Horrible1 star

This was two hours if nothing. I’d watch the original or Bed Knobs And Broomsticks multiple times before I’d watch this again. Both my little girls, (8,12) fell asleep.

jambajuice509 - WORST DISNEY MOVIE EVER!!!!😡😡😠👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻1 star

This movie is just a ripoff to the first one, which was way better. People, if I were you, DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT BUY OR WATCH THIS MOVIE. TERRIBLE AND AWFUL!!

Camry Long - Practically Perfect in Every Way5 star

If you hate having fun and having feelings, this movie isn’t for you. It’s fantastic for everyone else, though!

ajbytes - This movie isn’t at its time1 star

The cartoons were not great for 2019 the music was not great and they just could’ve done more

🤑🤑🤯💩😭😢🤬😘😭😃🙁🤑🤑 - Marry3 star

It was ok

wasteoftimeforsure - Awful!!😠👎1 star

Hats off to Disney but this “sequel” Is truly awful it’s so stupid I mean It’s Ok but it’s not good at all I hate when Disney goes like 50 years and makes a sequel and it’s awful Don’t buy...Don’t rent DO NOT WATCH!!!!

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RobMoe - poor casting, great visuals2 star

Wanted to like this but Mary character was too snooty and lacked warmth. Well done musical sequences.

Greybeard93 - oghhhh1 star

Singing,singing,singing ,... hate that crap .... Nanny McPhee rulesss :)

lilyflower34 - ?1 star

All I can think about is that the “spoon full of sugar” was not sugar. I mean, the kids went to magic land, jumped in a painting, and apparently saw Mary pull all sorts of crap outta that bag. That nanny was a drug dealer.

Jane Fan - Even a spoon full of sugar can’t help this movie go down2 star

So disappointed with this movie overall. Again, why mess with a classic? Not worth it.

Faublas - Le Retour de Mary Poppins5 star

Superbe! J’ai 59 ans et j’ai ADORÉ ce film! Un agréable moment de détente rempli de lumière et de chansons.

Gilros - bleh1 star

when i was a kid i watched the first movie and i just have to say that this one is garbage. it has awful lyrics, a bad story and was just a bad version of the first one. Don't watch this because it is a let down. also, it was not funny, un-needed and not a good family movie. this movie is awful and i recommend that you don't watch it.

advenger2011 - Garbage1 star

I can not write a review because I had paid roughly 27 dollars for this movie and because my computer is upstairs and no wheres near my TV; I could not watch the movie. So Apple basicly stole my money unless I play it on thier medium or something. This is the last purchase I make from ITunes and Apple because they are thieves.

SH9678 - This movie glorifies abuse1 star

I love the story itself and the actors as well, but I absolutely hated how much gaslighting was in this movie. It’s emotional abuse, as someone who’s experienced it, it was incredibly disturbing to watch the adults in the film tell the kids ‘oh, you were just imagining it’. I really want to like this film, but I’m simply super disturbed that Disney would even produce this in 2019. Gaslighting is never ok, it’s insidious abuse. It teaches kids not to trust their own intuition when something feels off.

plumcoullee - Great movie4 star

Excellent for children and adults who never grew up. Production is outstanding. Good to see technology bringing to life stories like these. I just wish Hugh Jackman had played the role of Jack the lamp lighter. Then it would have been perfect.

rijiflix - Poppin Mary5 star

Like to Poppin her Marry!

Golf Ballls - Bundle This Movie5 star

Would it be possible to bundle this movie with. Mary Poppins and Saving Mr. Banks?

Orange8you - Loved it!5 star

I didn’t know how I was gong to feel going into this film. But I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved it.

rbeksd - Magical, delightful!!5 star

What a tough act to have to follow the original, but don't go looking for it to be the first movie, it's not, take it for what it is, and it's magical in it's own right. I personally thought they did a wonderful ode to all you loved about the first, even making us all feel like watching the orignal again, while giving us a new story and new songs quite poingnent for our times, one with all the fun and charm of the era the fist one was made in and the time period of the story. There are also odes to a modern age and modern kids you might miss if you are looking for them to fail. They address a very painful family story without losing the playfulness you expect. Emily Blunt among all the other cast members just shone. A bunch of little girls after the movie came out twirling and singing the final song as they left the theatre. Bravo.

Putty Wut - Mary Poppins Returns!5 star

When I was a little girl, watching Mary Poppins was like stepping into my imagination. It was a gateway into dreamland! Seeing this movie was was an incredible experience. It may never be as “musically” as the OG, but it is definitely as dreamful! Totally recommend it 😊

mary poppins fan - Awesome!!!5 star

This is a perfect movie about practically perfect in every way Mary poppins , family problems and magic. A perfect movie for family.

Bracedcookie13 - It’s amazing!!!!5 star

Haven’t seen it in theatres but just from the soundtrack I can tell it’s gonna be great.

Chadical Chad - Awesome !5 star

Just seen it in theatres and it’s definitely worth buying . Amazing musical too

frncslblnd - Super!5 star

Je m'attendais à être déçu, mais c'était magnifiquement surprenant!

M.dog3!4!9! - Why did they make this sequel2 star

Look I understand that Disney are going through the stage where it’s remake after remake after remake (with the exception of Pixar and other Disney products like Moana and Frozen) and I’m actually ok with the classics being reimagined but did really need Mary Poppins Returns I saw this in the cinemas and as soon as it started I just thought why would they make this movie. The only part in the movie that I liked was dick can dykes cameo and the sneaky cameo of Jane (took me ages to figure that one out) This movie would have been a whopper at the box office for Disney but I think there going fine Seriously Disney think harder

Downsouth6 - It was nice4 star

Absolutely love all the songs Probably more than the movie But it was nice the original seemed slower with more of a story to tell with more detail, but still nice and modern to watch

Doltz - Here we go again!!1 star

Another sequel to a classic movie that no one asked Disney for! The movie wasn’t the best and was no where near as good as the classic. Songs were easy to forget and the movie didn’t flow as well as the original. Wouldn’t recommend watching it.

KingLev - Doesn’t live up to classic2 star

Marry popins is returns is a disappointment she doesn’t even come on an unbrella it’s a kite

VoxEman - Blown away by this new Mary Poppins!4 star

One of the best movies that Disney has released in years! I saw this at the cinema. It may not quite be on par with the original “Mary Poppins” movie (I think that would be too hard a feat) but at least it does try. I enjoyed the animated sequence especially - it took me back to my childhood, back when I saw “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” at the movies in the 1980s. I especially liked how they tried to stay true to the original Mary Poppins (lots of references, songs [new but somewhat similar styled songs], places from the first movie make an appearance here]. Would I recommend it? Yes, though only if you have seen the original before and are looking for something new. This is an excellent movie as well.

fizzingwhizzbee - Too much2 star

I didn't enjoy it. I felt like it tried too hard to live up to the classic. In the end I think they went overboard. It was just too much. The music is forgettable in my opinion.

CJ_64Gamer - Waste of $6.00 (AUS)2 star

One word “meh”. I am glad I didn’t pay for the whole movie just the rental.

Micha-Sascha - Mary Poppins Hasn't Returned2 star

A sequel to Mary Poppins was always going to be difficult to produce, so I watched without expectations being too high. The cast are obviously all led by super accomplished and committed star performers. I think far better direction could have helped make Blunt's Mary Poppins work more, but the director was apparently 'phoning it in: The first Disney Mary Poppins was "proper," but that has been reinterpreted to make her sound like a proper snob at times, which never was her character. Blunt is clearly a brilliant actor, but nobody can work on a film like this without clear guidance and constant reconnection to the character through the director. The songs are unimaginative and drown in poor melodies. Special effects and animation aren't so good as the distract from flat voices and lack of story. This gets 2/5 stars and most of that is for sentimenatl reasons.

SEAMANSWIM - Practically Garbage1 star

This is so awful, not one good tune in it. Dull conventional script, not enough jks. Very odd with little explanation for any motives or anything. Kids deserve better.

Shadowspirit369 - Not quite2 star

The only way to describe this movie is ‘not quite’. A sequel with only a basic understanding of the original and which then modernised that concept. It would be a good movie if it wasn’t connected to an original that can have expectations that go along with it. Such as in script and characterisation. Which weren’t quite on target.... Beautiful graphics, nice songs and a almost original plot (used many times before but still good) that was enjoyable and cleverly done but.... not quite...

Meister Rob - The return of Disney Magic5 star

A brilliant, wonderful updated version of a timeless classic. This is the kind of movie that only Disney can make and successfully pull off. Emily Blunt is fantastic as Mary, she is every bit as charismatic and class that Julie Andrew's embodied in the original, the way she blends music, dance and acting into one seemless performance. One of my favourites of the year! Cannot wait to watch it again

XxNickyXxCookieXx - Mary Poppins Returns- Outstanding4 star

I loved every second of Mary Poppins Returns and it definetly does the first movie justice. All of the actors where great especially Emily Blunt with her role as Mary Poppins.

KyriVouli - Mary Poppins Returns in style!4 star

The music, comedy and acting is brilliant! Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins was a great choice of casting. She is the perfect Mary Poppins. If she is perfect then the whole cast is perfect. The animation is greatly used in the movie. The songs will remind you of the original songs. I still think the original is better!

op16 - Practically perfect in every way!5 star

Loved this! So much better than I was expecting. Pays homage to the original. Great songs and Emily Blunt is perfect! 💙💚💛💜🧡❤️

Maisy26 - Absolutely Brilliant5 star

Just returned from the cinema and loved every single minute of Mary Poppins Returns. Great storyline, amazing singing and dancing plus it was gorgeous to look at. Lots of surprising cameos and a good dose of humour too. Can't wait to buy it.

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javabean252 - Underwhelming2 star

The music was not great. The acting was ok. The story could have been a lot better.

CarsynMB87 - Better MP, worse music/scenes2 star

I enjoyed the character of Mary Poppins much more in this movie (more of what I pictured her to be), but didn’t like the overdone scenes nor much of the music.

Caseylynn920 - zero stars1 star

They shouldn’t have remade this classic. Nobody can pull off Mary Poppins besides Julie Andrews. Couldn’t even watch the whole movie. Shouldn’t mess with classics when they don’t need to be remade.

mediaguy1 - Total waste of time.1 star

Talk about step in time...wish I could get those two hours back. Didn’t finish the movie was so bad. Sometimes the originals should be left alone. Need a iTunes refund on this one for sure.

SmartCookie3.14159 - A M A Z I N G5 star


dfgvdcffd - Just put a smile on my face5 star

When I saw it, it was just wonderful it cheered me up when I needed it and I loved the new songs they were entertaining and the people who did the casting did a great job and after I saw it I wanted Mary Poppins to take her next trip to me I loved it soooo much I really recommend seeing this movie

2gfom& - Very creative5 star

This is the most creative movie in my life I love this movie a lot the first one is kind of not fun like this one but this is the best movie ever if someone feels like to depressed or like in a orphanage this will help a lot is very creative

GodssonIan - Very bad.1 star

This Mary Poppins does not have the same personality as Julie Andrews portrayed her. The 1964 film was full of rememberable music, witty humor, loveable characters with class and charm. This "sequel" contains none of these good things. This movie is a typical modern Disney screw up. They have run out of ideas so they attempt to recreate, or make live action, or extensions from long since past creations they no longer have any business touching with the current minds in their studio. A sequel could have the potential of being great but it was indubitably awful. The only decent part lasted all of 2 minutes which contained Navckid Keyd, and I bet his part was only decent because he fought against the director and producers standards. Everything that use to be classic and good is being ruined - Mary Poppins, Star Wars, classic cartoons - i.e. Beauty and the Beast. Save yourself the frustration by not watching this movie. I wish I could get my money back for such rubbish.

Unihibbited - Mixed Feelings3 star

I love Emily Blunt and would watch her in almost anything, and it was a pleasure to see her portray Mary Poppins here. I really wanted to like this movie, even though and I am sure Emily Blunt will agree, Ms. Andrews is a tough act to follow, and through no fault of Ms. Blunt this movie falls short of the first. I purchased it on the merits of the trailer and my enthusiasm for the cast as a whole, but I am sorry I was disappointed and wish I just rented it, shame on me. It is worth a rent, a view but not more. Some choreography is nice, a few nice songs, Emily Blunt has a nice voice, but the first was art and this was just another modern watered down interpretation of a classic.

dlLeme - Didn't lik Meryl Streep5 star

Movie was great, but Meryl Streep was horrible. She must have been cast as a favor, so many more out there that actually have vocal talent.

BillyMedia - Emily!!!!5 star

This was a sheer pleasure and very reminiscent of the original! Wonderfully inspiring. Very good for children essentially but good for “adults” as well. Glad to make it part of my collection. Everyone was not only excellent but poignant too. Good fun, Take care.

Scrawnygal - Practically Perfect in Every Way5 star

This movie is such a perfect homage to the original, but the movie stands on its own as well. Emily Blunt is delightful, the whole cast shines, and the music is wonderful. Also, everything Lin-Manuel Miranda touches turns to gold. Absolutely perfect.

tikiroomfan - Perfection.5 star


Princess042691 - Mary Poppins Returns5 star

Love this movie good as the original five stars great 👍 acting great 👍 !!!!! This is a movie 🎥 to remember for years to come.😆!!!!!’

dkhgn - Mary Poppins Returns!5 star

Emily Blunt is practically perfect in every way!

Regular Visitor - Incredible!5 star

Great sequel to the original.

ervfte - Fat h you better bbbe first nurse3 star


Hollycakes24 - LOVE THIS MOVIE5 star


Tori11111997 - Just pure happiness5 star

This movie made me really smile while watching it. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did!

DBA TATTOO - Pratcically Imperfect In Every Way1 star

Though I applaud the actors hard work to make this film bearable. It was simply boring, predictable, and it over sexualized Mary. The lyrics were tright and tiresom lacking insparation in how it was worded. It was like a beautifully played instrument missing several keys or notes. The original is a masterpiece from begining to end. While this 2018 "sequel" is an ad campaign for disneyland, disney products, and other disney movies. It's one thing to have "easter eggs" but another thing to poorly recycle animation from half of Disneys Vault. So dissapointed in the shameless Disney propaganda riddled throughout the whole film. Also since when Does Mary Let the kids get Hurt/Scared!! Walt is rolling in his Grave/Cryochamber.

henry26 - Fantastic!!5 star

I saw it in theater and just purchased right when it came available! This is an underrated classic. Super fun film. Emily killed it.

Hog5150 - Awesome 👏5 star

Music is great I also bought the sound track 👍

GSkyeKirsch - The perfect movie5 star

Me,my husband, and our three children loved it! It was exciting,funny, and entertaining! It was a great family movie!👍🏼

sandymrod - Absolutely perfect in every way!!!5 star

I saw this masterpiece 5 times in theaters (twice in the same day)!!! It’s a spectacular film!!!

DisneyMagicMegan - Off to the Royal Doulton Music Hall!!5 star

Foot tapping fun!! Mary Poppins returned and did not disappoint! Did I miss Julie Andrews? Maybe a small bit, but Emily Blunt filled her shoes perfectly! A Cover Is Not the Book had me humming and tapping along from beginning to end! It’s great fun!

davidtheflynn - Wow!5 star

The movie was great.The cast was great.The sets were great.The colours and the effects or cgi was great.And the son songs were brill!I listen to the songs all day and they never get old. Tiny bit silly but it was still great!

мω - BEAUTIFUL5 star

This is the best thing ever also Lin did an amazing job so did everyone else and everyone looked and acted and sang amazingly

Ella Barnibus Wood - Outstanding!5 star

Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda make a fantastic team! All the actors were amazing. But, I have to say, my favorite song was Underneath The Lovely London Sky and Turning Turtle!!

susannetic - Mary Poppins Really Does Return!5 star

How do you follow the original Mary Poppins? Exactly like this...As a die hard Julie Andrews Mary Poppins fan for all 50 years, I couldn’t imagine a sequel living up to the magic and the music of the original. Boy, was I wrong. This movie beautifully brings Mary back at a time when we all need her most. Just like the original, Returns reminds us that it isn’t difficult to find the fun. Songs are uplifting, memorable, and of course, in the true spirit of Mary Poppins...meaningful life lessons. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed sharing anything from my own childhood with my grandchildren more than Mary Poppins...and Returns is the icing on the cake!

Sssteph___ - Practically Perfect In Every Way5 star

I have seen this movie twice in theaters and I can not get enough of it! I absolutely love it and will definitely be watching it more when it comes out! I have been listening to the songs on repeat! 10/10 recommend! :)

wolfmutant - Cool5 star

I watched this in the movies

mallory rose - Marypoppins5 star

it is a great movie it is the best movie ever that i have ever seen it is better than the old Mary poppies that i saw I really i this one the most it is the greatest movie ever it get 100 A+

COOL GURL101 - L.O.V.E5 star

This is the most amazing movie I have ever seen! It has a great message I love this movie so much thank youuuuuu!

16 HORSES - A new spoonful of sugar!!!!!5 star

I feel like the Oscars are allergic to Emily Blunt! She deserved to be nominated and I don’t get it? Emily was someone who fit the mold over a Modern day Mary Poppins! And when you hear her voice sing Where The lost things go, it was a punch in the face, Hey she’s more convincing than Lindsay Lohan’s singing 🎤😂!

ams0610000£ - Pixie Davies was great5 star

Pixie Davies did great

Superhero145 - Mary poppins you are still practily perfect5 star

I wasn’t expecting Mary poppins return to be any good as the original but it wasn’t that bad Emily blunt followed Julie Andrews footsteps and deliver it could been a little better but still overall it worth the time watching if you like the original it a must buy!!!!!!

Megatron 10,000 - My 2nd favorite movie5 star

This in my opinion is the best Marry Poppins movie and the 2nd best movie of all time.Right behind The Greatest Showman, the reason being that it has a lot more action than the first movie. Like when (spoiler alert) Jack jumps on top of Big Ben, in the first movie instead of jack going up there Marry Poppins would have just flown up there herself to fix it, but what makes this movie so much better is 1 there’s no part that’s really dragged out 2 its way more action packed and 3 there are two defined villains

Filmkidz - a truly beautiful film on all levels5 star

A sequel that stands on its own as a masterpiece filled with magic, hope and inspiration for all.

lyhf - I’m confused...5 star

I don’t usually write iTunes reviews but I’ll make an exception this time. I’ve been seeing a lot of great reviews for this film but reading some of the more negative ones has me baffled. Saying it’s too long for kids and that it’s just all around bad is completely inaccurate. Kids need to develop longer attention spans and need to see more movies like this that show them life isn’t always happy but it can always be improved if you surround yourself with good people. I personally love this movie and had a huge smile on my face the entire time I watched it.

Papertigre - Amazingly Enchanting!5 star

I was so impressed and delighted, I went to see it twice. The story itself teaches a lesson regarding keeping items in their proper place and a family’s struggle when people are careless. Lin Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt keep you entertained with their wonderful talent, remarkable and mesmerizing. Super fun for the whole family. A must see!

Valerie gould - Mary Poppins Returns5 star

i loved the movie i watched it at the amc tulsa hills theater with my mother and we loved it and i watched it as my family time with my mother and my stepmom and my twin sister in broken arrow ok at the warren theater and we ate dinner there and we loved it and i loved mary poppins she was beautiful and talented and i loved jack he was handsome and talented and i loved jane banks she was sweet and i loved mr dawes he was good and i hated the mean banks guy and i liked the balloon lady she was sweet and i liked the house keeper she was strong willed and i liked the flirting between mary and jack and jack and jane

Woofio - Way beyond expectations..5 star

Extraordinary music and stellar orchestrations, wonderfully conceived roles and formidable acting, and captivating cinematography are the hallmarks of this new classic. Congratulations to The Disney folks for a sequel that is as good, if not better than the original! Major kudos go to Mark Shaiman for the world class, impactful score!

Fitchicktc - The Magic is Back!5 star

Charming like the original. Emily Blunt does a fantastic job of making the roll her own.

HeyItzVal_16 - Pls read! 🌟5 star

This was an AMAZING movie!! The songs are happy, the theme (at the end especially) is cheerful, and of course, Emily Blunt is playing Mary Poppins! I remember watching her and James Corden acting as the Baker and his wife in “Into the Woods”, another great movie! Besides that, this movie was great. I highly recommend watching it!

CornyTheDog - Perfect5 star

Perfect sequel for a classic! Perfect family movie!

M1A2T3O4O5 - Loved it5 star

I (66 yrs old) just saw Mary Poppins with my daughter (43 yrs old) in theater. We both enjoyed it so much, reminded us of her childhood. I recommend to people our ages. It may not be exciting enough for kids today, my opinion. We loved all the actors' performances.

clark_brinkley - Good Sequel, Interesting Storyline4 star

After watching Mary Poppins for the first time on a Friday, I decided to watch this movie the next day to see how they would compare. Since I was a child, I’ve always known Mary Poppins songs and have sang them due to their lasting impact on Hollywood. This movie has equally as good songs however not as timeless as the original; do not compare the two movies as they are 50+ years apart with different actors. My issue with this movie is that there are some characters that are unnecessarily added to the plot to give the movie more depth. Yes, this isn’t the original, however adding unwanted antagonists simply spoils the ever-go-lightly feeling that the original seems to make due with.

lilw5589 - Cute3 star

This movie was well directed and I enjoyed the story line. However, I felt it was quite long, especially for children.

SEK1026 - Can you imagine that5 star

Mary Poppins Returns brings new life into a classic film. It’s full of call backs to the original without over doing it. The cast is practically perfect in every way and the music is a joy forever. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is a Disney or Mary Poppins fan.

thomas_rhett_#1_fan - Best movie ever (one of)5 star

This was an amazing movie, perfectly done!! The first one will always have that special place in my heart but honestly i thought it wouldnt be as good- it was, i have gone twice and am going again i definitely recommend it to everyone

Franster235 star

@ScottFeinberg: It doesn't bode well for CATS that the group that loves musicals enough to have nominated over the past dozen years—for…

Rawvibes5 star


GothDragonMom5 star

Am I relisting to the Mary Poppins Returns soundtrack because of a Madam Spellman fic? Yes. Do I have any regrets?…

SanctaMaria_Hyd5 star

Sancta Maria continued the Annual Day Celebrations, Viva La Sancta, on 5 December 2019 with the magical recreation…

Kryptonkylie5 star

@TurkeyLegJeff I absolutely L❤️VE ‘Mary Poppins Returns’, and while no, it’s not greater than the first one, there…

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