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From Disney comes the thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of the animated classic Aladdin, the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future. Directed by Guy Ritchie, Aladdin features an all-star cast including Will Smith as the larger-than-life Genie, Mena Massoud as the clever scoundrel Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Jasmine, the beautiful, courageous princess of Agrabah.

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Choose Wisely.. A kindhearted street urchin named Aladdin embarks on a magical adventure after finding a lamp that releases a wisecracking genie while a power-hungry Grand Vizier vies for the same lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true.. Aladdin Wiki

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Lucky Ladybug :)    5 star

Thanks for the Earworms! I'm thoroughly enjoying the musical score on this movie. I don't know how many times I've replayed the parts where Will Smith performs "Friend Like Me" and "Prince Ali". Will is an incredible genie. "A Whole New World" was beautifully done and "Speechless" felt empowering and made the movie relevant for our times.

hsbsnddj    5 star

Hi Best movie ever buy it NOW!!!!!!

William L B    1 star

Greedy remake Disney grubbing money off of an old classic. If you want to watch Aladdin just watch the 90’s classic.

Fortis7    5 star

I didnt think I would like it!! So glad this was a regular feel good movie. No hidden agendas and foolishness. Loved the singing and joking.

SIS D    1 star

Not good at all Unfortunately this movie was really bad. I was so looking forward to this, but failed miserably. The acting was really bad, poor casting choices .

Fabalex 2012    5 star

Is amazing Great movie and cool performance. And comedy.

king simba 94    5 star

By king Simba 94 I love new Aladdin I love new Aladdin and I love it so much and I my favorite character is princess jasmine and I love songs in the film

Rick in SouthBay    1 star

Terrible...flat singing...terrible acting...ruined the original Absolutely horrible movie. My whole family hates it. We’re all Disney fans and loved the Beauty and the Beast live movie, but Will Smith was a terrible genie. He sounded like he does in every movie, and I like many of them. They should have gotten Jamie Fox or Jimmy Falon. They need someone that can pay tribute to Robin Williams’ character, not ruin it.

The one4219    5 star

Love it Love it so much very good

DharmaSeed    3 star

You can tell this was rushed. Storytelling 101: There is SO much that is allowed and acceptable as characters in an animated film. But, when you have real actors trying to portray cartoon characters it comes off... 😪 terribly contrived. I literally cringed while watching it. 1) Acting: The entire film felt like a high school musical. As in, performed by high schoolers. You’ll find yourself thinking. “Okay, well that was okay for a first take. But let’s try that line again.” But there was no second take and you’re left scratching your head how that delivery made it to the final cut. 2) Singing: Will Smith is solid actor, and I’m personally a big fan. But a singer, no, not at all. No amount of Autotune could have saved him from that performance. Sorry Will. The saving grace of this film was Jasmine (who was by far the strongest character) and the “jams” dialogue which actually captured the “what could have been” relationship between the Genie and Aladdin - if only they had leaned heavier into that chemistry. 3 out of 5 stars. Watchable, but nothing beyond that.

SupermanFan97    4 star

Fun Movie It was fun seeing Will Smith as Genie I think he did a good job as the character

vgvygtgtgtgt    5 star

Aladdin This movie is the greatest movie I a have ever seen WATCH IT NOW

bcortens    4 star

Great Fun and Fabulous Visuals The fact that the movie was a musical in the vein of the Disney classics was a delightful surprise. The actors appear to have been chosen for their ability to sing rather than star power (excepting perhaps Will Smith, though he was still quite good). It was a great deal of fun and we laughed and smiled through almost the whole movie. The only slight downside is how Jafar and his machinations were tied into the main plot, sometimes it felt like characters weren’t reacting to things we had seen him do on screen. Despite this quibble we heartily recommend the movie.

qmike3    1 star

ce n’est pas un film d’actions c’est plutôt une comédie musicale style Broadway/Bollywood avec des chansons mièvres. 😵

Padnarok    4 star

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated I was both excited and hesitant to hear that my favorite Disney animated movie was being remade into a live action movie. Especially considering how magical the role of Genie was, done by none other than (the late) Robin Williams. Will Smith had a big lamp to fill in this one. Thankfully, the story allowed him to imbue the Genie with his own personality. It changes more than enough not to be a complete retread of the original animated feature, though still remains familiar. It is by no means a perfect film, and I’ll definitely choose the original animated over this live action, mainly (though not limited to) because of how enduring and endearing Robin Williams was. But Will Smith did a good job with such a beloved character. Worth a rental, at the very least. I bought it because I do love it.

underdogs1    2 star

Bad acting Wasn't expecting much. The acting disappointed me and didn't seem to have near the same charm as the animated version.

emilyl92    5 star

Amazing!!! Best movie ever

3Gnomes    1 star

Aladdin Poor acting

Jen1579    5 star

Aladin Vraiment bon

ZF.ZF    4 star

Wonderful All the skepticism I had after watching the trailer was settled after the film. The genie was well done, the romance was a good balance of awkward and cute, and the music was great. They didn't skimp on the visuals for "Friend Like Me", keeping in tradition with the wackiness of the original. (The Lion King remake songs were terribly underwhelming) My only gripe is Jafar - he lacked the sinister and creepy vibe that the original had.

Watching this was like taking a Magic Carpet Ride  d12jw  5 star

Disney have done a rare thing. Their animated version is a classic, and they have made a live action version that is a wonderful, beautiful film that stands comfortably on its own magic carpet. Robin Williams' voice over as the Genie will never be replaced, and nor does it need to be. Will Smith makes this version of the Genie his own, and does an amazing job as the character, as do all the main lead actors. Jasmine is intelligent, compassionate, and beautiful as played by Naomi Scott, and Mena Massoud is great as Aladdin. And the magical carpet ride 'Whole New World' sequence is absolutely stunning. This is an excellent family film.

Not as good as the original  Anomuhs  2 star

The movie it's self was...... alright. But from the start I knew it's was going to be no where near as good as the original. I honestly think disney are running out of ideas if they keep making these crappy, forgettable remakes of the classics. I want to watch something new, not what I've already seen in live action. Overall forgettable, boring and a little overbearing

Alexandra. J
Aladdin is King  Alexandra. J  5 star

Captures the magic, colour and fun of the original - unlike the new Lion King.

jvt fvxh f
😁  jvt fvxh f  5 star

🤔 should definitely listen 👂

my aladdin experience  allynymann  5 star

i have grown up watching disney. all disney princess and princes. everyone loved every movie as kids. but i only loved one. aladdin. the fact that they have bought this to life and showed so much culture is incredible. i have watched this movie 10 times in the cinemas. but i don’t have any money left lol. my friends and family think i’m crazy when i say “it’s the best movie i have ever seen in my entire life”. i truely mean it. i love singing the songs, i sing it at school, in the shower, when i’m doing homework, and in my free time. and my entire instagram explore page it mena or naomi 🤣 i’m a very confident person when it comes into the public eye. i really don’t care what people think of me, even if i get judged. my friends think i’m weird at times but when i sing the songs, it just makes me go happy and i put on a show without hesitation. i did a show for all my friends today singing “a whole new world” “prince ali” “one jump ahead”. i know all the lyrics to every song and. oh. my. god. i love it so much. i cannot describe. and mena and naomi have such a good friendship too and it makes the movie 10x better. will smith did an excellent job and so did everyone else in the cast. the dancing was spot on incredible. and i recommend it 110%.

😍😘🧡  els555  5 star

Will Smith is unnecessary. No one else.

oh my god 😍🥳👏🤩  aladdin🤩🥰😍🥳👏  5 star


Wow  Iaprincesscakepop!  5 star

I watched the movie yesterday and it was AMAZING! The songs are so amazing! My favourite part was when genie was singing, Friend Like Me and the beat boxing during the song.

Favourite film ever  VeganRAwHipstergal  5 star

You have to watch this. I went to the cinema twice to se it. The music, the actors - esp Will Smith.. (he fits the shoe as the genie), you will bit awed by this film!

Aladden  craycrayhead14  5 star

It is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good but I think there should be a second one

Love but also ehhhh  therealgcl  4 star

Love love love this movie. Is a good? It’s alright. Is it enjoyable? Very much so! Compared to the original animated film? Yea the original is better but this is still goooooood

Best movie  kh4nhtr4n  5 star

Movie was the best!!!!!!

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