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From Disney comes the thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of the animated classic Aladdin, the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future. Directed by Guy Ritchie, Aladdin features an all-star cast including Will Smith as the larger-than-life Genie, Mena Massoud as the clever scoundrel Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Jasmine, the beautiful, courageous princess of Agrabah. A kindhearted street urchin named Aladdin embarks on a magical adventure after finding a lamp that releases a wisecracking genie while a power-hungry Grand Vizier vies for the same lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true. Aladdin Wiki

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Aladdin (2019)

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- Thumbs down2 star

Some movies warn you of the flaws that they will present throughout the whole movie just from the looks of the previews, and there are times we are still compelled to watch that movie for not the appeal that it brings to the screen, but more of the reputation it once had. I am one of them, and for this remake of “Aladdin” it was unfortunately one of those scenarios. Now i am not saying the movie was a complete failure, but in many areas it was a missed opportunity for greatness. Its fairly easy to remake a movie such as a Disney classic because especially in animation, the work is usually cut out for the director. Guy Ritchie should have suspected this, the animated characters in the original Aladdin had the demeanor and mannerisms of real professional actors, it felt more authentic, for instance the elephant in the room being will smith, we know he looks like a genie, but certainly doesn't behave like one, it feels as if he’s more of a therapist with insecurities of his own, which isn't as funny and charming as when Robin Williams was genie, he was confident in his own “blue skin” he was self assured in every scene to make Aladdin a prince while entertaining us with laughter at the same time. The best things about the film are its leads, Mena Massoud as Aladdin who looks exactly as if He was pulled out of the animated world and transformed to live action. Than best of all New british actress Naomi Scott who not only plays a sexy but also confident jasmine. When Massoud & Scott are on the screen together they bring good chemistry, they play off like a pair of young teens who desire eachother and want what they each cant have, here its fun because its scaled on a more mature level. What boy wouldn't want to marry a rich & beautiful princess and what girl wouldnt want to chase after a boy who isnt “like the rest”. The saving grace of this film is that the intimacy that lacked in the original is quite present here when these 2 are on screen almost the whole time. The large gray area in the movie is Marwan Kenzari, who’s portrayal of Jafar is rather on the odd side. His voice, masculinity & cleverness is lacking from the original jafar character, you would think the tricks up his sleeve would carry over and really compell in this what should have been epic remake, but unfortunately not. The Sultan is also not charming as he was plump, he's now depressing and boring. There are 2 scenes where Genie tries to encourage the “Prince Ali” Aladdin to be himself in the presence of jasmine and the dialogue is rather embarrassing & uncomfortable to watch, as for jasmines friend the genie also wants to confess his feelings to, its also awkward, NEXT. The singing reprisals of “a whole new world” and “ one jump” are spot on, but theres a new song called speechless performed by naomi scott who does very well the middle of a climatic ending? Really? Terrible timing if you ask me. The action sequences such as aladdin escaping the cave & jafar taking the lamp are briefed and not emphasized so it doesn't feel as fun as the original, plenty of opportunity for special effects to splash all over the screen but didn’t. Perhaps Kenzari would have made a better cobra than a jafar, too bad he forgot to transform into one, but rather transform his parrot iago into a giant bird instead. The Parrot barely talks in this one, i think gilbert gottfried could have came back and made this new iago come to life like he hilariously did before. When all is said and done, the visuals are certainly dazzling and Will Smith did as much as he could with the little that he was given to work with to portray the new genie, Naomi Scott has some future ahead and im looking forward, the movie may appeal to kids since they wont care about the flaws as much as me, but too bad im not a kid no more.

- No sound1 star

I need refund my mi money

- Good movie but very expensive3 star

Why is this movie so expensive? On Amazon it’s only $14.99 .

- Aladdin5 star

I ABSOLUTELY love the movie! Great work, i see nothing wrong with this movie, couldnt make it ANY more perfect!

- Not a Fan1 star

I’m not a fan of Disney live action remakes. I tried to like it, but I couldn’t. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Genie did not work. Watching the broadway version of the animated classic would have been better. Jafar was not as sarcastic and crafty as the animated film and I just could not believe his character. The original also made sense to arrest Aladdin to get the lamp. In this version Jafar takes his time, which makes him a stupid villain that is not as greedy as he says he is (after all if you’re greedy wouldn’t you be more urgent?) I was bored after the One Jump Ahead scene. A Whole New World scene was bland and Jasmine was too feminist and power hungry for me. In the original, she was fighting against tradition and wanted to be more unique and that was more interesting, and in my opinion, more females can relate to those feelings.

- I bought it and now it disappeared from my library5 star

Excellent movie, but I can’t recommend a purchase. I bought this on iTunes when it originally came out and sometime in the last few months it disappeared from my iTunes library. I understand that license rights may change, yet this movie is still available. Where is my access??

- My favorite!!!!5 star

I absolutely love this movie!❤️ watch it now!!!❤️😍👍🏾

- Incredible Movie5 star

This movie was just spectacular, the acting was on point and it stayed close to the original "Aladdin", Will Smith nailed the genie and Naomi Scott nailed Princess Jasmine and Mena Massoud crushed Aladdin, Guy Ritche made this film come to life and did an excellent job at making this movie close to the 1992 version, this movie has so many generes it has comedy, action, drama, romance etc. The songs are so excellent especially "Speechless" By Princess Jasmine, it was so beautiful and so empowering it tells a great story of how Jasmine feels about being hidden from the public, Naomi Scott put her heart out into making Princess Jasmine come to life and with the astounding performance of "Speechless", this movie earns a solid 5 stars it is just outstanding, I could watch it over and over

- Better than the animated5 star

Aladdin was very well done! I loved Friend Like Me!! ♥️ Nothing in that movie looked fake!!!! Definitely my favorite live action princess movie!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

- Absolutely awesome5 star

I love this movie it is so cool and suspenseful but in a good way I would would watch this movie every day if I could I especially like the genie!

- Aladdin is the worst remake ever2 star

Aladdin has no style and was standard this is the worst thing ever made. But what's the point of remaking disney movies it's not a good thing to remake stuff because hollywood is not trying to listen to people and remake every movie in this way.

- Beautiful Effects, HORRIBLE singing...1 star

This sorry film was a terrible disappointment. Will Smith’s singing was horrible. His characters demeanor was completely incongruence to this classic character, a sad LA degradation. (The guy should leave Southern California sometime and get some culture!) The style of the film confused Persian and Indian culture and design. The props at times were overly hoakey. The redeeming factor was the lead characters Aladdin and the princess who were very good actors but, clearly received some pathetic direction to behave like they were part of the plasticized Southern California scene versus having any sign of cultural respect for the source of the story. What an expensive disappointment!!!

- Great5 star

This movie was great!!!

- Pure Disney Magic4 star

This was a pretty good live action version of the original. I mean sure there were a few minor flaws, but it was awesome! The MIB were here.😎

- Aladdin awsome job5 star

It was a good job me nicky dad mom and ben and Josh saw in on Memorial Day and will smith did a good job and mena massoud Awsome Aladdin and Naomi Scott excellent jasmine great roles except for they changed jafar a little bit but without a doubt it was really great good music and songs

- Awesome movie💜5 star

This movie is amazing and probably my 2 fav. I cant say its better or worse than the original bc theyre somewhat different, this being just as good for adults as kids. Will smith is awesomeee, robin williams is og but i think will would have made him proud. I was a little disappointed in how much feminism there was. (rabbit trail) Im a girl and ik women arent less important than men but really our culture takes it too far. Other than that this is definitely worth seeing!! 20 stars. I have yet to see a disney remake as good as this. Btw i am an actual person not a disney fake!!

- Great5 star


- Good5 star

Not as good as the OG but this and beauty and the beast are the only live action Disney remakes that I’ve seen and liked

- Great movie5 star

I waited awhile to see this movie. I wasn’t sure about it. I didn’t remember anything from original. This was well made. The acting was great. Will Smith was amazing in this. He made it funny. He was great. The special effects were top notch. The music was prefect. The singing was beautiful. I really must say I really enjoyed this movie.

- BEST MOVIE OF 2019!5 star

Best movie! It’s much better then the cartoon! It’s expansive for a GOOD reason! There’s humor like when the genie 🧞‍♂️says”That’s my little cherry on top,” Romance=🤮 But there is much more details incase you have never watched this ya prolly don’t want me to spoil the most mysterious part! Watch this and you will agree that this is one of the BEST SELLING movie of 2019! SO WHATCHA WATIN FOR? PRESS BUY AND WATCH THE MOVIE YOURSELF!

- Get this now!5 star

“But master, you’re in luck, because up your sleeves, you got” one amazing movie! All of the old songs, plus a new one(which is alright) and Will Smith does a great job! Better than the OG.

- So good!!!!❤️5 star

I love this movie so much Evan tho I only saw it once I just think it is a masterpiece ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Awesome5 star

I’m a child grew up in the 90s and loved the original I think that this is awesome movie

- Felt rushed1 star

Tried to look at this movie two ways. A remake of the original and/or a whole new movie. Either was I felt like it was rushed with dialogue to get right to the songs. It makes me rethink how voice actors can make a movie better then real actors.

- A fantastic take on the original!5 star

I think this is a great take on the original. It deserves all 5 stars!

- Just as good as the original5 star

I love the extra character developments in this version!! The first half hour of the film is pretty much identical to the original, but then it blossoms into its own story. The ending is wonderful, way better than the original. The genie gets his happily ever after, beyond what I could have imagined for him.

- Disappointing2 star

The original is untouchable and they made a poor attempt with this remake, the others have been magical but this one was poorly acted and unconvincing.

- Bad Movie1 star

I did NOT like this movie at all, It’s just be original I don’t like remakes☹️😒

- It was amazing5 star

The cast, cinematography, the cgi, and the acting was fantastic. Amazing remake of Aladdin.

- Best movie ever!5 star

I love this movie in so many ways. The people who made this movie are so creative and unique! It’s the only great live movie I’ve seen in my whole life! And these people are talented!

- Terrible1 star

This is not Aladdin. This is a lifeless remake that lacks the emotion and heart of the original- as well as the good vocals. The only actor here who does a good job is the one for Jasmine. Will Smith doesn't hit the same way Robin Williams does and the actor for Aladdin and Jafar are awful, as well as everyone else. If you like the animated one, stay away

- It was ok3 star

Ok, nothing magical. Still prefer the original.

- Samuel maffie5 star

Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie

- So fun!!5 star

Loved this movie! The casting was amazing; these actors did a great job portraying the characters! Would love to see more of them in Disney properties.

- Fun night5 star

Really enjoyed it and keeps your attention. Totally not what I usually watch but I’m glad I did. So well done

- Alladen5 star

This movie is amazing I love it😍

- Top notch movie !5 star

I enjoyed this movie with the kids. Highly recommended 👍🏻

- Amazing movie;5 star

i loved it, I I hope Disney will creat more movie like that;5 stars Main actor do well!!

- Awesome5 star

Much better than the new Lion King. Took some chances on the story deviating from the cartoon and was really entertaining. Soundtrack was awesome.

- Speechless5 star

By far the best movie ever! I loved it.

- Terrible movie!!!!1 star

Doesn’t compare to the original. It was o.k. At best!

- Aladdin 2019 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️5 star

Want a Awesome Movie I give this Movie 💯 Star ⭐️ it was so Amazing I am going to Buy this Movie on I tunes when it come out again Amazing Movie🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️

- Chris. Werth. @. 02. 16. 1973. MuFF.5 star

John. Werth. 2. 1993

- It was good4 star

It was a good movie the actors did a good job at being like the originals this singing was great and I loved how jasmine was an independent princess!!!!

- Nostalgia5 star

No one can replace the original but I loved this live remake

- Loved it!!5 star

It was great. Thank you.

- It’s ok3 star

Needs Robin Williams as the genie. Will Smith still can sing. At lest they picked actors that can sing unlike beauty and beast live action. They could take speechless out.

- Bad from start to finish1 star

Will Smith was given too much creative liberty in this remake. Disney should have known better than to completely transform the story line. I understand making subtle changes a new song or two but this was absolutely awful.

- Great movie5 star

My fav character is the genie 🧞‍♂️ sooooooo funny XD

- Who Knew Will Smith Could Sing And Dance!?4 star

I kid. This movie got a lot of bad press but it was actually very good. Specifically, Will Smith was very good in his role. He brought his own take on the genie, and did the role justice. As before, solid story, great music, and fun characters.

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little_kitten - AWESOME 🙂5 star

I like it

Da Neem - Not good2 star

But you can watch it on Disney plus from January 8th.

🌻🌼✨🍯 - very good movie5 star

i love this movie so much its so entertaining 💛⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

horror killer are the best - Really good music5 star

I never knew will smith could sing so well

Tom MB - Loved the movie but.....4 star

Why would anyone pick Will Smith to play the genie? Such a disaster. Not only can be not sing, he is a terrible actor. Was there no one in the world guy Ritchie could have picked other than him for the role of genie? As for the movie, the last 15 minutes were very intense, and I could see it scaring kids, but overall the movie was extremely enjoyable (again, except for genie Smith)

Awogirl - I was impressed.5 star

It is not bad. I thought it was going to be bad because it will be. direct comparison to the animation, but it is surprisingly good.

Leesylu7 - Entertaining5 star

You can not compare Will Smith and Robin Williams. Smith does his own thing and does it well. Very colourful, and entertaining for sure!

SupermanFan97 - Fun Movie4 star

It was fun seeing Will Smith as Genie I think he did a good job as the character

vgvygtgtgtgt - Aladdin5 star

This movie is the greatest movie I a have ever seen WATCH IT NOW

bcortens - Great Fun and Fabulous Visuals4 star

The fact that the movie was a musical in the vein of the Disney classics was a delightful surprise. The actors appear to have been chosen for their ability to sing rather than star power (excepting perhaps Will Smith, though he was still quite good). It was a great deal of fun and we laughed and smiled through almost the whole movie. The only slight downside is how Jafar and his machinations were tied into the main plot, sometimes it felt like characters weren’t reacting to things we had seen him do on screen. Despite this quibble we heartily recommend the movie.

qmike3 - ce n’est pas un film d’actions1 star

c’est plutôt une comédie musicale style Broadway/Bollywood avec des chansons mièvres. 😵

Padnarok - Often Imitated, Never Duplicated4 star

I was both excited and hesitant to hear that my favorite Disney animated movie was being remade into a live action movie. Especially considering how magical the role of Genie was, done by none other than (the late) Robin Williams. Will Smith had a big lamp to fill in this one. Thankfully, the story allowed him to imbue the Genie with his own personality. It changes more than enough not to be a complete retread of the original animated feature, though still remains familiar. It is by no means a perfect film, and I’ll definitely choose the original animated over this live action, mainly (though not limited to) because of how enduring and endearing Robin Williams was. But Will Smith did a good job with such a beloved character. Worth a rental, at the very least. I bought it because I do love it.

underdogs1 - Bad acting2 star

Wasn't expecting much. The acting disappointed me and didn't seem to have near the same charm as the animated version.

emilyl92 - Amazing!!!5 star

Best movie ever

Jen1579 - Aladin5 star

Vraiment bon

S..W..M - Wonderful4 star

All the skepticism I had after watching the trailer was settled after the film. The genie was well done, the romance was a good balance of awkward and cute, and the music was great. They didn't skimp on the visuals for "Friend Like Me", keeping in tradition with the wackiness of the original. (The Lion King remake songs were terribly underwhelming) My only gripe is Jafar - he lacked the sinister and creepy vibe that the original had.

JK12! - Will Smith...2 star not my genie.

plants :D - Wow , aladdin !5 star

so good. So amazing. Abu is cool too. but not a s cool as 𝒂 𝒍 𝒂 𝒅 𝒅 𝒊 𝒏

iamfree 9 - Not good.1 star

I never knew it was a musical, less singing and better acting would be better. I have watched it for 15 minutes and I don’t think I can watch until the end.

👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Most helpful4 star

I like it 😇

terminizer - Animated way better1 star

This movie is bad

Melmeliii - Beautiful5 star

This childdhood classic made into a liveaction almost made me cry! Yes, the movie is somewhat changed, but there's still enough of the original that it's still magical. I definately reccommend!

Tamilla Ismailova - The best movie In the world5 star

Will Smith is so good my favorite character is jafar you should watch it

pinkfluffyunicorns! - Aladin the movie4 star

IT WAS AMAZING, I loved the music, the actors and the changes. If your a Disney lover watch it, if you don’t like Disney you will still love it! I also loved how fearless, brave and all the woman power jasmin had! They also had great action, back rounds and cool effects!

Godspeed987 - Definitely does justice!!5 star

I was so skeptical going into this movie but I enjoyed it so much. It is different and all in great ways!! I have to admit I was wrong about my initial impressions.

Ninie Miller - Awsome5 star

Will Smith is the king, he gave a brend new taste to one of my favrite movie as a kid. And very refreshing to see again a bit of the great fresh prince of Bel air

BaileyZCrawly - Fantastic5 star

I grew up with Aladdin, so I went into this fully prepared to have my childhood ruined and to come out defensive and upset. But I was moved by the performances. The actors were on par, the songs were top notch, the arts were exquisite, second to none, it was a pure joy from the first frame to the last. Couldn’t have asked for a more well-produced Disney remake. True magic.

Vince Ghost - Amazing movie and lots of laughs and entertainment5 star

I wasn’t sure if it was going to meet the expectations of the 90s movie but this by a mile exceeded those expectations. Watched it twice in the theatres with the family and preordered it.

Mikreh - “Ecstatic”5 star

The movie was really good. Really enjoyed it. One thing that was a little let down was the omitting of Prince Ali Reprise(sung by Jafar), & I think Jafar could have been more menacing, & I had wished that he would have turned into the giant cobra, like in the original. (He doesn’t, sorry a bit of a spoiler). Other than that, great. Aladdin is Hot, Jasmine is strong & glorious, & Will Smith kills it.

SaraC102 - Aladdin5 star

Amazing !! So good !!

Guy1234456780 - Just... Great.5 star

I still have the Prince Ali song stuck in my head, and it has almost been a week. This movie captures music and story perfectly and everything is meshed together well. Watch it... now!

Fedhndvel - AMAZING !!!5 star

Thought this movie would be worse then the original but now I know that I was wrong. I highly recommend this movie!

Tayson3166 - Highly recommend5 star

I heard critics and bad review about this movie before it came out because people couldn’t accept Will smith. After watching it, I think it’s one of the best live Disney movies and it’s really entertaining and family fun. I give it 10/10

AsifC45 - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star


duddly doright - Better than the original5 star

This movie had everything in it that it needed. They even added more music pieces and extra scenes that really helped to tell the story. In my mind it was better than the original and the cast really made a difference. Overall the perfect movie.

smiley and me - The best5 star

The best

ekhlas03 - This review contains Spoilers about the movie5 star

I’m gonna say this now but Aladdin 2019 is way better then the other Disney live action movies and genie is really the best part of the movie. But I’m giving it a 9/10 because the beginning where the kids are on the ship all until they show the market place went by to fast and their singing could’ve been way better and they use some auto from the original movie and they bring jasmine her own Maten who was not funny at all. But over all it’s still I good movie but the original is still the true classic.

alcauda - Amazing5 star

Can’t compare to the original. Saw this in theatres in D-Box 3D and it was great to see what they did to refresh this classic. Lots of laughs, amazing old (and new songs) and stunning visuals!

ricky698395 - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!5 star


Jucies - Just ok5 star

Not bad at all

MzCarolinw - Best live action Disney movie5 star

Low everything about this movie, well done guys 😍🙌🏼

sandstorm08 - Worst remake ever!!!!!!!!1 star

I hated it! It was terrible, the whole seller at the start with the camel was gone and they had made some really weird new songs! The first one was way better!

M.dog3!4!9! - Good but could’ve been way better4 star

Everything was fine but there were some issues •Will Smith’s Genie is basically just copying Robin Williams history making performance as the genie •the re-writing for Jasmine could’ve been way better and what’s with the ‘I won’t beeee siiiiilent’ So yeah

Mixradio - Best movie I seen in ages5 star

Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

jessie the cowgirl323 - Laugh out loud, partner!5 star

Laugh out loud, this is sooo cool that princess jasmine is solten and she is sooooo cute in the cute costumes! Thanks Disney!

Ninja4780 - Average2 star

Hahahahaha Will Smith saved this movie. I don’t get the point of changing the original soundtrack and having Jasmine solos which were horribly out of the typical Aladdin zone...

A-S.R - 🤩5 star

Was an incredible movie! I am in love with it definitely buying soon.

cescbydfghtrdfvhnkk - Awesome5 star

Aladdin is the best movie ever it could be watched a thousand times and not get sick of it I love love the song speechless it is awesome if u make another movie keep speechless in.

Gypsysoul2 - Finally watched it1 star

It’s god awful.

p*ssed off disney fan - ... juuust no1 star

3 words QUICK, CASH, GRAB. C’mon Disney I wanna see something new, not something I’ve ALREADY seen but in love action. You guys must really be running out of ideas.

Lame, lame lame - Lame, lame lame1 star

I was expecting so much more. It seems like a sad copy of the animation. The biggest let down was Will Smith. He's a great actor, but both his singing and acting were not right for the role of Genie [especially the singing] I did laugh a few times, but for the most part was very disappointed. So far Disney live action remakes are pretty much a waste of time. Cinderella was good though :)

lime555 - It’s just not the same2 star

2 stars for will smith as he is amazing! with out him the movie would of been s#*%. They have changed way to much about the movie which is way I don’t really like it that much.

Readyrod - Fun5 star

Lots of fun

d12jw - Watching this was like taking a Magic Carpet Ride5 star

Disney have done a rare thing. Their animated version is a classic, and they have made a live action version that is a wonderful, beautiful film that stands comfortably on its own magic carpet. Robin Williams' voice over as the Genie will never be replaced, and nor does it need to be. Will Smith makes this version of the Genie his own, and does an amazing job as the character, as do all the main lead actors. Jasmine is intelligent, compassionate, and beautiful as played by Naomi Scott, and Mena Massoud is great as Aladdin. And the magical carpet ride 'Whole New World' sequence is absolutely stunning. This is an excellent family film.

Anomuhs - Not as good as the original2 star

The movie it's self was...... alright. But from the start I knew it's was going to be no where near as good as the original. I honestly think disney are running out of ideas if they keep making these crappy, forgettable remakes of the classics. I want to watch something new, not what I've already seen in live action. Overall forgettable, boring and a little overbearing

Alexandra. J - Aladdin is King5 star

Captures the magic, colour and fun of the original - unlike the new Lion King.

jvt fvxh f - 😁5 star

🤔 should definitely listen 👂

allynymann - my aladdin experience5 star

i have grown up watching disney. all disney princess and princes. everyone loved every movie as kids. but i only loved one. aladdin. the fact that they have bought this to life and showed so much culture is incredible. i have watched this movie 10 times in the cinemas. but i don’t have any money left lol. my friends and family think i’m crazy when i say “it’s the best movie i have ever seen in my entire life”. i truely mean it. i love singing the songs, i sing it at school, in the shower, when i’m doing homework, and in my free time. and my entire instagram explore page it mena or naomi 🤣 i’m a very confident person when it comes into the public eye. i really don’t care what people think of me, even if i get judged. my friends think i’m weird at times but when i sing the songs, it just makes me go happy and i put on a show without hesitation. i did a show for all my friends today singing “a whole new world” “prince ali” “one jump ahead”. i know all the lyrics to every song and. oh. my. god. i love it so much. i cannot describe. and mena and naomi have such a good friendship too and it makes the movie 10x better. will smith did an excellent job and so did everyone else in the cast. the dancing was spot on incredible. and i recommend it 110%.

els555 - 😍😘🧡5 star

Will Smith is unnecessary. No one else.

aladdin🤩🥰😍🥳👏 - oh my god 😍🥳👏🤩5 star


Iaprincesscakepop! - Wow5 star

I watched the movie yesterday and it was AMAZING! The songs are so amazing! My favourite part was when genie was singing, Friend Like Me and the beat boxing during the song.

VeganRAwHipstergal - Favourite film ever5 star

You have to watch this. I went to the cinema twice to se it. The music, the actors - esp Will Smith.. (he fits the shoe as the genie), you will bit awed by this film!

craycrayhead14 - Aladden5 star

It is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good but I think there should be a second one

Downsouth6 - Absolutely brilliant5 star

I thought this might not be that good But it was realllly good I’d even buy the movie and watch it over and over If things are slightly different to a cartoon so be it But you’d have to be picky They did an amazing job Highly recommend this movie Loved the music as well Each character in this movie right down to the flying carpet had there own staring roll Perfect Well done 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Tamer Messeha - GREAT MOVIE5 star

I loved when is it out on iTunes

Gayzla - Brilliant5 star

The kids and I loved the movie. We are desperate to see it again. When is it out on iTunes?

hilltophods - Its a good movie5 star

Its a movie out ten out ten

Sbot1986 - Fantastic!5 star

I am a massive original Aladdin fan and feel that this version was true and did justice to the original. Have watched it twice and can’t wait to have my own copy!

Sheldor2017 - Terrible movie1 star

It’s failed to live up to the standards as the Robbin Williams version of Aladdin

Dearne19 - Watched it twice at the cinema in one day5 star

Watching it twice in one day, may be excessive but it’s so good. Exceeded expectations! Loved it even more the second time I watched it.

Lukillas8 - The best movie so far 2019😍5 star

I’ve just been to the movies, this is the best, they did a really good job bringing Aladdin to life, they cover every little detail, the songs were amazing. I like how they put all the important scenes from the cartoon and they incorporated some new ones as well. A truly masterpiece, I will definitely buy this movie

KyriVouli - Great Remake!5 star

Aladdin is fantastic! The songs are great, the visuals are great and the cast is great. Will Smith is a great genie, along with Men Mousaad as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Jasmine. This is great film for the whole family

Levi De Calmer - Before I even watch it, I know it's going to be great. But not perfect.4 star

I've been listening to some of the music from the film, and have noticed small mistakes where they weren't clearly enunciating one or two words, or there was some singing which was great but not perfectly pitched. No movie is perfect and this is the same, it's a lot of work to put together something like this but I do know that when I watch it, it will be very impressive. This is a Disney film after all. They have chosen actors which similarly match the voice and appearance to the original film, and this is something definitely worth buying. I do think they should do a revised version, as I think all movies need to be revised after they are complete, but regardless is something I will thoroughly enjoy and am sure I will be watching in years to come. I am very grateful for this movie and have been patiently waiting since the beginning to bring it to life. Everything is thoroughly great, I will just have to wait and see. There is no point in me judging it unless it will be revised, they have done a wonderful job, and is one of those films you will watch even if it's not perfect. Thankyou for the hard work Disney, and cast, I greatly appreciate it, Levi.

Slinkstar - 👎👎1 star

It's got a flying carpet. It's got an enchanted lamp. It's got a shape-shifting genie. But alas, "Aladdin" lacks real magic.

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aligater808 - Disappointed1 star

This movie relied too heavily on production value and not enough on the story or the characters. I LOVE the original and was really really hoping to love this one as well, but the whole tone felt like the people involved didn't care and were just trying to get to the end.

hfidbif - It was perfect but it wasn’t as good as your first one4 star

Brilliant ✌️👍👍❤️❤️😘😁😁😁

Tennessee fox trotter - The BEST live action DISNEY MOVIE!!!!5 star

I absolutely, 110% loved this movie. It followed the original pretty much to the T. 💙🧞‍♂️👸🏾💎🕌

Aydin Moore - 10/10, would recommend to a friend...5 star

The characters are on point, and you get the magical feel while watching the movie!

Black people are scared - Must watch!!5 star

By far one of the best movies of all times.

Salads is - My all time FAV Disney Movie!!!!5 star

Omg i have no words to say but a jaw dropped awwed face once this movie ended!!!!! It was fabulous and I loved every single part of this movie. The music, production and especially the Actors/Actress did AMAZING and I would give it 11/10 and just say that they did a WONDERFUL job turning the old Aladdin into this one. I am SPEECHLESS😍😍😊😊

Crazy Zebra09🦓 - THE BEST5 star

The most amazing live action movie I’ve ever seen!

alecfolds - Amazing5 star

The best movie of all time!

Duff15 - Terrible1 star

I wouldn’t watch this movie again even if iTunes gave it away for free like that crappy U2 album.

adamlillo - Nope1 star

Just no! Usually love Will Smith but no.Weak hero actions . Even Weaker villain acting.

Malcolm y Juanito - Muy bonita5 star

Muy buena película

CB Pokémon master - Better with Will Smith5 star

I like Disney movies in the real version

Caa23458! - Love it5 star

Love this move. Great for watching with family

Cawerk - They messed up badly1 star

I’m in shock by how bad this movie is.

Elegantone1 - Milquetoast1 star

Naomi Scott was a perfect choice as Jasmine, but every other decision and the execution of this film was a disaster. Rent if you’re curious, but nothing is memorable or very good at all. I would not recommend buying the movie either. The original is the definitive.

Neela wella - All Auden is the best5 star

Great movie love it!❤️😍

Hawk0016 - Terrible1 star

Couldn’t make it through the first 10 minutes.

candyman jr - AMAZING5 star

Will smith made this movie 100x better

Kcr531 - The acting is cringe.2 star

I’m 15 minutes into it and I’m cringing at the overacting.

Dafinator - No. Just no.1 star

Characters were horrible, and didn’t fit the parts! Will Smith was TERRIBLE!! 🤮🤮🤮

Dana Draft - Best movie In history!5 star

I fell in love with this movie! The actor Mena Massoud as (Alladin) was a cop of the anamation I would lik to thank Disney for choosing special people to act it.But Mena is Arabian. He is from Egypt so it means he is a copy.They did choose (Will Smith) as a famous actor.And (Naomi Scoot).But I love it!

tyhjgfg - Alla elden was amazing character ever5 star

Amazing movie

Si-Fi Lover - Imagine If You Will,2 star

Will Smith starring in a movie that Makes Wild Wild West look good and in which an over the top Bollywood script is employed to make Smith in Blue Face, interact with the main, non-blue characters, like some overwhelming bad LSD trip in which Lord Ganesh takes control of your screen, and you're subjected to hours of creepy singing, and bolly dance, by characters, who remind you only of why you don't go to movies any longer. Just look at the four and five star troll reviews, chruned out for this melange of @#$%. Does that tell you anything? I am forced to give it a star, but gave it two, so that I won'd be classified as a "hater". This film is beneath hate. It is like that stuff stuck in the corners of a garbage bin, best left alone.

rosegold256 - Aladdin5 star

Great movie

Caleb Browm - Disney Fanatic!5 star

I absolutely loved this movie so much! Hands down Disney Renewal even though we didn’t get the original genie, I guess Will Smith is alright. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Against socialism - So good4 star

100 % the best remake Disney as done. I didn’t like that they moved away from the original in some small ways but all in all very good.

LockdownJH - Not very good2 star

I liked the cartoon al lot more. I did not like Will Smith being the Genie I didn’t like Jasmins new song and the scripting wasn’t to good. Jiffar didn’t even turn into a snake at the end. And the cgi beneath the genie was trash

lolhdhdgdnd - CGI1 star

The CGI is awful, Will Smith is only auto tuned, and we all have seen this movie

Queen_mya👸🏾 - The mommy vie is really really great I love it !5 star


Moose735 - Horrible1 star

Not worth the watch. The actors in place of each part didn’t quite fit the roles. It was hard to take the “bad guy” seriously. He was too clean cut and didn’t look evil or up to no good in any way. The singing was off and the music didn’t make sense; it was lacking in the powerful moments and too strong in the lesser.

Olea395 - Good remake5 star

Nothing will compares to the original movie but this as good as it gets.

rag top guy - GOOD JOB5 star

Good job on the plot an special effects I love it

SteveDoumtsis - Great family movie and soundtrack5 star

Great family movie- script could have been more refined but there will be another Aladdin in a few or so years. Cast very talented in many ways!!

vette3434 - Enjoyed the new version5 star

It’s possible to love the original and the remake. I think Robin Williams would be proud of Will Smith’s performance as Genie. Will didn’t try to fill Robin’s shoes, as he put his own touch on the role.

kw85233 - Ugh!1 star

Could Will Smith please retire. So tired of his act.

misfkdkcjfnc - Chanlyn5 star


Lucky&Ellie - Great5 star

It’s great

higirlyo - So good5 star

Ya so good

itguy30s - Glad I didn’t pay to watch this movie at the Theaters2 star

Lol so funny to read everyone say this was the best Disney movie ever! Apparently you don’t know what the best Disney movie is! This movie didn’t stay 50% to the original and they tried to much to make it modern! This version sucked I’m sorry that’s the truth.

bordyafromthestern - Disappointed2 star

I think this movie had a lot more potential. I was really excited to see W. Smith because he is a great actor, but he is not a comedian. The energy R. Williams had was not improved upon by Smith & the Gene was not really the fun character it should of been, should of gotten another comedian to do it, they are actually funny. I think the role of Jasmine was improved on, but the role of Aladdin was kinda boring, at least Abu, Rajah and Iago where fun to watch. Jaffar, should of been more creepy & less melodramatic. The biggest improvement was the Sultan. Instead of a complete, bumbling ball of dumb, he seemed like a normal guy trying to do what’s best for his family.

Zcy01 - Terrible1 star

From this remake you wouldn’t be able to tell it was from an incredible movie. They devoted from the original story in all the wrong ways and the actors/actresses filled their rolls awkwardly. It was a huge disappointment.

jeffzemirah - Will Smith was terrible1 star

The music was bad , and will Smith was awful

emmytacos - Too amazing to describe.5 star

I wasn’t excited to see it at first because I didn’t like the original version. But once I DID see it my head exploded🤯. It’s so good! I would give it 100,000,000 stars if I could.

Cameron Boyce rip liv - Luv this movie5 star

This movie was the best movie in 2019 history. They did a really great job Will Smith was funny as usual love the singing too!!!

Audrey0226 - Total disappointment1 star

This is no match to the animated version. Give me the old Disney back T-T


I loved this movie! It was so dang good! I liked it better than the original. When Naomi Scott sang “Speechless” it was amazing. All the songs were good.

FanFlick - Aladdin Review (2019)5 star

Notice: this review has been made on 9/22/19 Aladdin is a retelling tale of a street rat named [Aladdin] who gets a magical lamp with the legendary Genie (will Smith) meets a beautiful princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott) ————————————————— Aladdin is a all time Disney Classic. I am usually a big fan of Disney’s Live action Remakes and this is just as good. Will Smith, Naomi Scott, Ameba Maude all makes this films theirs by not acting their roles but living the characters. This remake is very close to being the exact Same story as the original with mores addictions, including a brand new song for Jasmine, Speechless. Overall I enjoyed this movie. It is another fantastic Live Action Disney Remake.

#Taco_Lover🌮 - AMAZING!! 👍👍😄5 star

I’ve never really been into Disney, or the original Aladdin, but I loved this movie. I love the action, the romance, and it comedy. Perfect 👌.

fireboy234 - Great remake5 star

I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. You won’t be disappointed

Mswally505 - Wanted to love it but couldn’t 😩2 star

I really wanted to love this, as a 90s baby, I grew up with the original Aladdin!! I love the idea of live-action remakes of my classic childhood films so we get to relive them all over again! I can really appreciate the effort and time that went into this project. However, I just could not get into it. I tried and tried and tried. Let’s get to the casting... Aladdin BUGGED. He was so short, had no chemistry with anyone and his lip syncing was pretty bad. Naomi Scott who played Jasmine was great! I didn’t dig the Genie side romance with Jasmine’s friend played by Nasim Pedrad, it felt phony and forced. I didn’t really care for her character mostly because she didn’t add anything to the story. Her lines were a bit cheesy and overall her part felt like an SNL skit. Jafar did not fit, he was too young and it just was not the right guy for that role. I like Will Smith and I guess didn’t mind him as the Genie? But Robin Williams is just the OG. All and all this is a miss for me sorry Disney. Maybe the kiddos will dig it!

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