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They're back. And then some. Twelve is the new eleven when Danny Ocean and pals return in a sequel to the cool caper that saw them pull off a $160 million heist. But $160 million doesn't go as far as it used to. Not with everyone spending like sailors on leave. Not with a mysterious someone stalking Danny and crew. It's time to pull off another stunner of a plan or plans. With locations including Amsterdam, Paris and Rome, the direction of Steven Soderbergh and the original cast plus Catherine Zeta-Jones and others, Twelve is your lucky number.

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Twelve is the new eleven.. Danny Ocean reunites with his old flame and the rest of his merry band of thieves in carrying out three huge heists in Rome, Paris and Amsterdam – but a Europol agent is hot on their heels.. Ocean's Twelve Wiki

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f vgr    2 star

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Greentu66    1 star

The title of my post is - Oceans 12 is crap it's crap

HTW    5 star

My favorite of the three I'm not sure why this has such mixed reviews. Like the other Oceans films, the director (under-appreciated Steven Soderbergh) knows exactly what he's doing - presenting a genre film with A-list stars - and making it a point to not be too serious about it. He and everyone in the film are aware they're making a movie just to pay the bills, but they have a lot of fun with it anyway, and so do viewers. These critics need to lighten up. This isn't The English Patient. It's a popcorn movie, and a good one.

DBATIA    5 star

"Ocean's Twelve" What I love about this one, is that I love the competition between two thieves :)

ray0923    3 star

I hate to say this but Brad Pitt is just too pretty in this movie.... Feel good movies, shows Pitty's charm mostly.....

IZ987654321    2 star

Ugh!!!! Now, this is a terrible movie! I guess the bean counters in Hollywood figured they could create a work of art using a bunch of big names. A total misappropriation of talent. The script is boring making the movie drag along.

Crimson and White    1 star

This movie stunk Honestly not a great sequal to follow oceans 11. It was dull at times, it was too slow, and just dragged at times and i just wanted it to finally get to the point. Even when it got to the point it wasn't a great pay off and was just like "really is that it?" I was so looking forward to this movie but just came away disappointed.

dan68923    3 star

Why the HELL... ...is THIS and Ocean's 13 avalible on itunes, when the $%%# best one in the series (Ocean's 11) isn't! I give this 3 stars, but compared to the first, it deserves 0.

Junkie9944    1 star

Horrible Horrible movie, gave me a headache. Of course there was a twist and when it finally was revealed I wish they never did. Just bad directing and acting. Bad plot killed a great chance of a sequel. Hope thirteens better. But gotta watch i guess in order to see the whole set.

Guy    5 star

12 deserves a 12 Every fan from Ocean's 11 will be pleased to find that Ocean's 12 is no let down. The same whit and great characters that make Ocean's a thrill make their appearance once again in 12. The only con is the obvious lack of a strong villain. Yet the story is still just as funny and cunning as ever. Enjoy! Deo Volente

RawFishTails    3 star

Okay It's okay but nowhere near the original

daz31    1 star

Censorship The movie has language censorship!!!! Bleeep!!

dudex    3 star

Doesn't live up to the "Ocean's" franchise This movie is a bit of a let down. It is very evident that the actors lost their focus during the filming of this movie. I have seen interviews of them admitting the same. It's an average movie, and some of the "Jobs" they do are really entertaining to watch, but just not the same quality of Ocean's 11 or Ocean's 13.

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