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6.7 star

Cloverfield (2008) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2008

Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives.

Cloverfield Film Synopsis

Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives.

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Cloverfield Movie Reviews

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CloverfieldPass on this unless you can endure an entire so-so sci-fi flick filmed via a shaking hand-held cam. Futhermore, the aspect of filming the entire encounter by one of the charachters is implausible to say the least..Score: 1/5

TarzanSurprisingly good even with the name..Score: 4/5


StupidI still have a headache from the stupid camera.Score: 1/5

Awesome movie!!!I love this movie because the plot is very plausible in real life..Score: 5/5

Don't believe the hype seriously!!!I would not let my worst enemy watch thic crap. It was a 2 1/2 hour of someone holding a camera and just shaking it. You get dizzy and sea sickness symptoms watching this. Don't waste your money. If they did like a movie style then yeah it be fine. You will seriously be dizzy watching this. So bad..Score: 1/5

CloverfieldBest movie ever.Score: 5/5

One of the worst movie I ever had.Your life can be better without this movie! Trust me !.Score: 1/5

UniqueUnique movie, but one of those watch once and forget..Score: 4/5

Very bad movie - Don't waste moneyIt's like someone practiced how to make a movie out of some regular DSLR Camera.Score: 1/5

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Don't waste a penny on this movie!I"m sorry, but this movie SUCKED! The filming reminded me of the BlairWitch Project just awful. The monster didn't have anything to do with the movie at all!!! What was the point of it?? It just showed friends coming together and being hysterical in a time of disaster. This movie was just POINTLESS!.Score: 1/5

Can't believe some people does not appreciate this film! what, if the plot's not complete or not good? I liked how the directors took a different way of filming the movie. It really made me feel as if I was there too, running with the others. It's just so sad how it ends...but anyways, like others, I don't think the whole point of the movie was about the monster, it was more of the character developments, and how friends just stick together no matter what...[would you run all across New York for your friend, who's getting his (girl)friend, that more or less would've been dead if you didn't know better]..and some getting killed or being put in danger during that? I really loved this film, and I would definately recommend it to anyone, but I still don't get how there is a lot of bad reviews on here...You guys are just comparing this to another movie...and in my opinion, Cloverfield isnt' a spinoff or remake of another, it might be slightly based, but certainly not a remake!.Score: 5/5

Must watch.This movie has been out for years and I still watch it! I honestly love it. It's scary, thrilling and will absolutely keep you on the edge of you seat! I love the filming of it is great! But if you don't like rollercoasters, then the filming may make you sick or give you a headache. All in all the actors were great and this movie rocked! This is for sure my favorite monster movie! :) ENJOY!.Score: 5/5

Good SFX killed by "acting"Loved the premise and special effects, but the sub-plot and acting killed the film. I found myself laughing many a time at the silliness of the characters, the poor dialogue, and the "love" story attempted here. I know, its an action film..who cares about dialogue and such, but when it makes you laugh (when you're not supposed to) it kicks you out of your suspension of disbelief, and thus the film FLOPS! Could have been much better..Score: 1/5

AwesomeI dont know what these people are complaining about but it was pretty cool. The aliens look gruesome enough and the whole video camera thing was original. I wont spoil the ending but its satisfying cause its something a horror movie should have, although this isnt meant to be a horror movie..Score: 4/5

Don't waste your money on thisThis is probably the worst thing I have ever seen. What kinda of stupid joke is this supposed to be? How some of you can like it is a mystery to me. This is one of the crappiest movies I have ever seen. When the movie finaly ended......OMG what relief that was. I just could not believe what I had jsut seen. I could not believe that they made me pay to see THAT! Yes, it really was that bad..Score: 1/5

GreatIt's a good movie but it coyl of been better if it was filmed with tripods and stuff. Not by hand but I am going to definetly watch it again.Score: 3/5

InterestingI liked it in that it wasin't like any other movie i'd ever seen. Not bad special effects. It's worth seeing at least once..Score: 3/5

Horrible movie ever!!!Don't waste your time and Don't waste your money!!! Horrible movie!!! No need to give even atleast 1 star!!!.Score: 1/5

AwesomeDon't listen to the angry critics, they all probly got sick and didnt see the movie the whole way through. If you have motion sickness, I do not recomend this movie to you. This movie has got to have been in the top 5 best movies I have seen. Rent it or buy it, whatever you have to do to see this movie :).Score: 5/5

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Cloverfield (2008) Series Cast & Crew

Cloverfield (2008) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Matt Reeves (Radio Announcer (voice)), Michael Stahl-David (Rob Hawkins), T.J. Miller (Hudson 'Hud' Platt), Lizzy Caplan (Marlena Diamond), Jessica Lucas (Lily Ford), Odette Annable (Beth McIntyre), Mike Vogel (Jason Hawkins), Anjul Nigam (Bodega Cashier), Margot Farley (Jenn), Theo Rossi (Antonio), Brian Klugman (Charlie), Kelvin Yu (Clark), Liza Lapira (Heather), Lili Mirojnick (Lei), Ben Feldman (Travis), Elena Caruso (Party Goer), Vakisha Coleman (Party Goer), Will Greenberg (Party Goer), Rob Kerkovich (Party Goer), Ryan Key (Party Goer), all returned for cloverfield movie.

Matt Reeves (Radio Announcer (voice))
Matt ReevesRadio Announcer (voice)Score: 9.5
Michael Stahl-David (Rob Hawkins)
Michael Stahl-DavidRob HawkinsScore: 3.4
T.J. Miller (Hudson 'Hud' Platt)
T.J. MillerHudson 'Hud' PlattScore: 18.3
Lizzy Caplan (Marlena Diamond)
Lizzy CaplanMarlena DiamondScore: 32.3
Jessica Lucas (Lily Ford)
Jessica LucasLily FordScore: 12.2
Odette Annable (Beth McIntyre)
Odette AnnableBeth McIntyreScore: 10.7
Mike Vogel (Jason Hawkins)
Mike VogelJason HawkinsScore: 14.1
Anjul Nigam (Bodega Cashier)
Anjul NigamBodega CashierScore: 2.9
Margot Farley (Jenn)
Margot FarleyJennScore: 2.3
Theo Rossi (Antonio)
Theo RossiAntonioScore: 11.5
Brian Klugman (Charlie)
Brian KlugmanCharlieScore: 2.8
Kelvin Yu (Clark)
Kelvin YuClarkScore: 2.8

Doug J. Meerdink (Art Direction), Ellen Mirojnick (Costume Design), Robert Greenfield (Set Decoration), Cole S. McKay (Utility Stunts), Chantal Feghali (Visual Effects Producer), Jim Passon (Color Timer), Kevin Stitt (Editor), J.J. Abrams (Producer), Michael Giacchino (Original Music Composer), Goro Koyama (Foley Artist), Andy Malcolm (Foley Artist), Mike Maggi (Special Effects Supervisor), Matt Reeves (Director), Chad S. Frey (Set Designer), Drew Goddard (Screenplay), Bryan Burk (Producer), Guy Riedel (Executive Producer), Sherryl Clark (Executive Producer), Michael Bonvillain (Director of Photography), Martin Whist (Production Design),

Ellen Mirojnick (Costume Design)
Ellen MirojnickCostume DesignScore: 3.5
Cole S. McKay (Utility Stunts)
Cole S. McKayUtility StuntsScore: 1.3
J.J. Abrams (Producer)
J.J. AbramsProducerScore: 10.0
Michael Giacchino (Original Music Composer)
Michael GiacchinoOriginal Music ComposerScore: 2.2
Matt Reeves (Director)
Matt ReevesDirectorScore: 9.5
Drew Goddard (Screenplay)
Drew GoddardScreenplayScore: 3.3
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Cloverfield Trailers & Teasers

'Cloverfield' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of cloverfield, the Matt Reeves's popular movie. Watch the cloverfield teaser trailer. Matt Reeves’s #cloverfield is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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Check out photos from cloverfield movie. Cloverfield (2008) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome cloverfield wallpapers to download for free.

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Cloverfield — 2008

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All released movie posters so far for the movie cloverfield - 2008. A poster for Matt Reeves sci-fi & fantasy movie, Cloverfield! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for cloverfield (2008). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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يقيم بعض الأصدقاء حفل وداع لصديقهم (روب) قبل سفره لليابان للعمل هناك، وفجأة تشعر المجموعة باهتزازات أرضية عنيفة, ويقررون ترك المنزل للبحث عن سببها، ويتضح أن هناك مسخ مجهول الأصل يجول المدينة وقد دمر أحد المباني وانتزع رأس تمثال الحرية، ومن هنا نتابع أحداث الفيلم من خلال عدسة كاميرا (هاد) المحمولة.

български език
Роб Хоукинс е млад мъж, който иска да замине за Япония, за да започне нова работа. По случая той и неговите приятели са се събрали в апартамент в Ню Йорк и празнуват заминаването. Празненство се снима с портативната камера на Хъд и с мобилните телефони на останалите. Изведнъж цялата сграда започва да се тресе и през прозорците се вижда, че в центъра на града има взрив и пламъци. По телевизията съобщават, че хаоса в Ню Йорк вероятно е причинен от земетресение, което кара хората панически да излязат на улиците.nИстинският кошмар за жителите на града обаче тепърва предстои, когато става ясно, че в центъра на Манхатън има гигантско чудовище, което яде хора и разрушава всичко, до което се докосне.

V útulném newyorském klubu probíhá párty na rozloučenou. Jejím aktérem je Rob, který se rozhodl dát sbohem městu přezdívanému Big Apple a odjet pracovat do Japonska. Zábava je v plném proudu, digitální kamera snímá rozjařené tváře Robových přátel, jenže pak vše razancí blesku přeruší výpadek proudu a zlověstný neidentifikovatelný zvuk, který se rozléhá nad městem. Dodávka elektřiny se sice po chvíli obnoví, ale úleva je jen dočasná…

En hyggelig fest for at fejre Robs afrejse til et fedt job i Japan afbrydes pludseligt, da jorden i New York begynder at ryste. Gæsten Hud har fået til opgave at lave en videooptagelse som en farvelgave til værten, og han lægger ikke kameraet, da skyskraberne begynder at synke i grus. Mod bedre vidende går Hud mod centrum af Manhattan, hvor noget stort og dødbringende er på spil. Og mod al sund fornuft går han og et par af vennerne samme vej.

Eine ausgelassene Abschiedsparty mitten in Manhattan, doch plötzlich wackeln sprichwörtlich die Wände und Explosionen ziehen eine Schneise durch Manhattan, infernalisches Gebrüll tönt durch die Straßenschluchten und etwas, das dem Meer entstiegen ist, hat der Freiheitsstatue den Kopf abgerissen und schleudert diesen zur Begrüßung quer durch die halbe Stadt. Das Monstrum wird „Cloverfield“ genannt und für die gerade eben noch Feiernden bedeutet das erst mal nur eins: Raus aus der Stadt, möglichst lebendig, und auch ohne in die Schusslinie der Army zu geraten, die „Cloverfield“ alles entgegen feuert, was verfügbar ist.

Το θέμα της ταινίας είναι η επίθεση ενός ανεξήγητου τέρατος στο Μανχάταν της Νέας Υόρκης. Τα πλήθη φεύγουν μακριά από το επικίνδυνο κέντρο ενώ μια ομάδα νέων ανθρώπων διαλέγουν αντίθετη πορεία με σκοπό να διασώσουν μία φίλη που έχει παγιδευτεί σε ένα κτήριο κοντά στο τέρας.

La noche en que varios jóvenes neoyorquinos celebran la fiesta de despedida de un amigo en Manhattan, un monstruo del tamaño de un rascacielos llega a la ciudad. Contada desde el punto de vista de la videocámara de uno de ellos, este es el escalofriante documento sobre sus intentos por sobrevivir durante los momentos más increíbles y terroríficos de sus vidas.

La noche en que varios jóvenes neoyorquinos celebran la fiesta de despedida de un amigo en Manhattan, un monstruo del tamaño de un rascacielos llega a la ciudad. Contada desde el punto de vista de la videocámara de uno de ellos, este es el escalofriante documento sobre sus intentos por sobrevivir durante los momentos más increíbles y terroríficos de sus vidas.

Viisi newyorkilaisnuorta pitää ystävälleen läksiäiset samana iltana kuin pilvenpiirtäjän kokoluokkaa oleva hirviö ilmestyy Manhattanille. Kaverusten videokameralla kuvattu tarina on dokumentti heidän yrityksestään selviytyä elämänsä epätodellisimmasta ja kauhistuttavammasta tapahtumasta.

New York - Une quarantaine de ses amis et relations ont organisé chez Rob une fête en l'honneur de son départ pour le Japon. Parmi eux, Hub, vidéaste d'un soir, chargé d'immortaliser l'événement. La "party" bat son plein lorsqu'une violente secousse ébranle soudain l'immeuble...

New York - Ses amis et relations ont organisé chez Rob une fête en l'honneur de son départ pour le Japon. Parmi eux, Hud, vidéaste d'un soir, chargé d'immortaliser l'événement. Soudain une violente secousse ébranle l'immeuble. Les invités se précipitent dans la rue où une foule inquiète s'est rassemblée en quelques instants. Une ombre immense se profile dans le ciel, un grondement sourd se fait entendre... et la tête de la Statue de la Liberté s'effondre brutalement sur la chaussée. L'attaque du siècle vient de commencer...

רוב עומד לעזוב את ניו יורק לטובת יפן, וחמישה מחבריו עורכים לו מסיבת פרידה. הוא חשב לנצל את ההזדמנות כדי לסגור פינות ביחסיו עם חבריו ולהתוודות על חיבתו לאחת מהם, אבל רעידת אדמה חזקה משבשת את כל התוכניות. החברים, שמצלמים את מסיבת הפרידה, מנסים להתעדכן בחדשות וכשהמיסתורין רב על הגלוי, מנסים לעלות לגג ולרואת במו עיניהם מה מתרחש. עם המצלמה הבייתית שלהם, מבלי להתכוון, הם מתעדים את הניסיונות הנואשים שלהם לשרוד כשמפלצת עצומה, בגודל גורד שחקים, זורעת הרס בניו יורק.

Kako bi proslavili Robovo golemo promaknuće, njegova ljubavnica Beth i prijatelji odluče prirediti golemu oproštajnu zabavu iznenađenja sada kad se on sprema preseliti u Japan. Međutim, zaglušujuća eksplozija i dolazak golemog ljuskavog i krakatog stvorenja naglo će prekinuti svečanost jer je u New Yorku zavladao pakao, a Kipu slobode odrubljena je glava. Dok gmazovski behemot sravnjuje Manhattan, započinje hrabra jurnjava za spas Beth, dok se kaos i razaranje istodobno bilježi kroz leću ručne kamere. Na kraju, odakle je taj neumoljivi uljez došao i, iznad svega, postoji li šansa za preživljavanje? Dok to odlaze istražiti, započinje avantura duboko u ulicama New Yorka jer su prijatelji odlučni spasiti Robovu pravu ljubav.

Rob egy New York-i fiatalember, aki nemsokára Japánba költözik. Barátai búcsú bulit rendeznek neki, amelyet Rob jó alkalomnak talál titkolt érzelmei bevallására és más elvarratlan szálak elvarrására. Az este azonban egészen váratlan fordulatot vesz, amikor a partizókkal teli terem hirtelen megrázkódik. A társaság elcsendesedik, meghallgatja a tévében a földrengésről tudósító híreket, majd kimennek a tetőre, hogy megnézzék, mekkora a pusztítás. Akkor azonban hatalmas robbanást pillantanak meg a távolban. Elmegy az áram, és mindenki pánikszerűen kimenekül a sötét utcára. A baráti társaságot emberi sikolyok és valamilyen mély, állatias morgás fogadja az utcán, ahol addigra minden megváltozott. A várost hatalmába kerítette valami, ami egy más világhoz tartozik, rettenetes és óriási.

New York. Una notte come tante altre, almeno così sembra.., ma ad un certo punto un black out, fa cadere la città nel buio. Quello che succede subito dopo è terrificante, una misteriosa creatura sta radendo al suolo la città, la testa della statua della libertà vola come una palla infuocata fra i grattacieli.., la Grande Mela è nel caos e l'esercito non sa cosa fare.


일본으로 떠나는 롭을 위한 뉴욕시내의 송별 파티장. 친구 허드는 떠나는 롭에게 전할 마지막 인사를 캠코더에 담느라 분주하다. 파티의 분위기가 무르익을 무렵, 어디선가 알 수 없는 괴성이 들려오며 파티장은 순식간에 암흑에 휩싸이고, 지진이 발생한 듯 도시 전체가 요란하게 흔들린다. 당황한 일행 중 누군가가 급히 TV를 켜자, 뉴스에서는 ‘정체불명의 거대괴물이 맨해튼 시내를 무자비하게 파괴하고 있다! 즉시 대피하라!’는 뉴스만이 반복된다. 다급히 옥상으로 올라가 바깥상황을 살펴본 롭과 일행은 처참히 파괴되어가는 도시와 ‘그 놈’이 날려버린 자유의 여신상의 머리가 길바닥에 나뒹구는 사태를 바라보며 놀라움을 금치 못한다. 절체절명의 위기 속에서 다급해진 롭은 미들타운에 사는 여자친구 베스에게 연락을 취하지만, 불통이다. 친구들의 만류에도 분류하고 롭과 일행은 베스를 구하러 미들타운으로 향하는데…

Penki niujorkiečiai nusprendžia surengti atsisveikinimo vakarėlį išvykstančiam draugui. Viską fiksuoja skaitmeninė kamera. Tačiau viską pakeičia panika. Visą miestą apėmusio sąmyšio priežastis – milžiniškas miestą atakuojantis priešas, be skrupulų naikinantis visas kelyje pasitaikančias kliūtis. Drebančia ranka nufilmuotas ir dokumentinę juostą, o ne naujausių specialiųjų efektų demonstravimą primenantis filmas.

Pieci ņujorkieši rīko ballīti. Vakara jautrību pēkšņi pārtrauc gigantiska nezvēra uzbrukums lielpilsētai. Ballītes viesiem izdodas nofilmēt notiekošo ar videokameras palīdzību. Nofilmētais materiāls ir liecība par viņu centieniem palikt dzīviem - sirreāls un šausminošs viņu dzīves mirklis.

Een groep jonge mensen organiseert een afscheidsfeestje voor Rob Hawkins, die naar Japan vertrekt. Wanneer er een korte aardbeving gevoeld wordt en er korte tijd later een gigantische explosie plaatsvindt, is het duidelijk dat hun avondje uit er één wordt om nooit te vergeten. Met een videocamera slaagt Hud, één van de jongeren, erin om de diverse taferelen die zich die nacht voordoen, vast te leggen. De beelden tonen onder meer het verloop van een beangstigend chaotische nacht in New York City, waarbij veel slachtoffers vallen.

Kvelden før Rob skal reise til Japan, ser han avskjedsfesten sin som en anledning til å innrømme sine egentlige følelser og knytte sammen et par løse tråder. Planen hans tar en uventet vri da en voldsom rystelse forstyrrer festen. Gjestene samler seg for å se nyhetsrapportene om et jordskjelv før de stormer til taket for å vurdere skaden. En ildkule eksploderer i horisonten. Så går strømmen. Forvirringen går over til panikk når festdeltakerne snubler seg gjennom mørklagte ganger og ut på gaten. Blant skrikene fra alle menneskene og et brøl fra et umenneskelig vesen må Rob og vennene hans krysse et landskap som er totalt endret, overtatt av noe utenomjordisk, skrekkinngytende, gigantisk…

W przeddzień wyjazdu do Japonii, Rob (Michael Stahl-David) widzi w zorganizowanym dla niego przez przyjaciół przyjęciu pożegnalnym, możliwość wyznania uczuć i ostatecznego uporządkowania spraw. Jego plan przybiera jednak niespodziewany obrót w chwili, kiedy następuje seria gwałtownych wstrząsów. Uczestnicy przyjęcia zastygają w miejscu oglądając wiadomości informujące o trzęsieniu ziemi, po czym pędzą na dach starając się przyjrzeć zniszczeniom. Na horyzoncie eksploduje kula ognia. Gaśnie..

Rob Hawkins mora em Nova York e está prestes a se mudar para o Japão. Ele reúne os amigos em uma festa de despedida, na qual pretende revelar sentimentos mal-resolvidos. Entretanto um forte solavanco assusta os convidados. Todos buscam notícias sobre o ocorrido na TV, que diz que a cidade sofreu um terremoto. Ao chegar ao terraço para ver os estragos o grupo nota uma bola de fogo gigante, seguida pela queda de luz na cidade. O pânico toma conta de todos, o que aumenta ainda mais quando eles enfim conseguem chegar à rua.

Cinco jovens de Nova Iorque organizam uma festa de despedida para um amigo, na mesma noite em que um monstro, do tamanho de um arranha-céus, arrasa a cidade. Visto da perspectiva da camara de vídeo de um deles, o filme é um testemunho da sua tentativa de sobreviver ao mais irreal e aterrorizador acontecimento das suas vidas.

Cu o noapte inainte de plecarea lui in Japonia, Rob considera petrecerea lui de ramas-bun un bun prilej sa confeseze anumite sentimente. Din pacate, totul ia o intorsatura neasteptata in momentul cand pamantul incepe sa se cutremure. O liniste se asterne brusc, iar toata lumea vrea sa afle detalii despre cutremur. Lumea urca pe acoperis sa vada ce pagube a provocat cutremurul. O minge de foc explodeaza la orizont. Urmeaza o cadere de curent. Confuzia si panica se instaleaza, in timp ce oameni de la petrecere ies pe strada. O multime de tipete si un raget inuman se aud pe strada, oameni panicati alearga cautand adapost, iar Rob si prietenii sai sunt nevoiti sa mearga printr-un peisaj schimbat total. Nimic nu mai este la fel ca acum cateva ore: peisajul si atmosfera s-au schimbat dintr-un calm relativ intr-un oras de nerecunoscut: cineva sau ceva monstruos a pus stapanire pe oras… Incepe lupta pentru supravietuire.

Компания друзей устраивает вечеринку в одной из нью-йоркских квартир, как вдруг в гигантcком мегаполисе гаснет свет, и город сотрясают разрушения невиданного масштаба. Через некоторое время становится понятно, что источник разрушений — не что иное, как колоссальное кровожадное чудовище. Для уничтожения ужасной твари мобилизированы войска. У главных героев, не примкнувших к потоку эвакуируемых, а пытающихся спасти свою раненую подругу из центра событий, остаётся совсем немного времени для того, чтобы выбраться из города.

V útulnom newyorskom klube prebieha rozlúčková párty. Jej aktérom je Rob, ktorý sa rozhodol dať zbohom mestu prezývanému Big Apple a odísť pracovať do Japonska. Zábava je v plnom prúde, digitálna kamera sníma rozjarené tváre Robových priateľov, lenže potom všetko razanciou blesku preruší výpadok prúdu a zlovestný neidentifikovateľný zvuk, ktorý sa rozlieha nad mestom. Dodávka elektriny sa síce po chvíli obnoví, ale úľava je len dočasná…

Da bi proslavili pomembno Robovo napredovanje v službi, mu njegova punca Beth in nekaj prijateljev zvečer priredijo velikansko poslovilno zabavo presenečenja, preden bi se za nekaj časa preselil na Japonsko. A tisto noč se v New Yorku dogaja nekaj nedoumljivega in strašnega: mesto je očitno napadla nekakšna velikanska, neustavljiva pošast, velika kot nebotičnik. Vrstijo se izgredi, množične smrti, na ulicah se vojska bojuje z orjakom in legendarni Kip svobode ostane brez glave. Gigantsko skrivnostno bitje uničuje vse na svoji poti, prijatelji pa se odločijo rešiti Beth, medtem ko dogodke ves čas beležijo s prenosno kamero. Nihče ne ve, odkod je prišel pošastni stvor, in ali ga je sploh mogoče pokončati.

Rob håller avskedsfest i en av Manhattans skrapor. Men mitt under sitt tal blir han abrupt avbruten av en kraftig stöt som får hela byggnaden att skaka. Förvirrade och med en stigande känsla av panik letar sig människorna ut på gatorna. Genom bakgrundsljudet av skrikande människor och ett närmast olycksbådande rytande, får Rob och hans vänner se ett demolerat stadslandskap, ödelagt av något fruktansvärt, olycksbringande och monströst…

New York’taki bir barda kulakları sağır eden bir gürültü duyulur, bardaki kargaşa sırasında davetliler merdivenden aşağıya kaçmaya çalışırken New York caddelerini alev alev yanan yıkıntı ve enkazlar kaplar. Ardından Manhattan tarafında şiddetli bir patlama olur, Özgürlük Heykelinin kafası tıpkı dev bir top güllesi gibi caddeye çarpar. New York’a düzenlenen bir canavar saldırısına tanıklık eden insanların öyküsü.

Розповідь ведеться від імені звичайних жителів Нью-Йорка, на яких напав жахливий монстр, і які знімають все, що відбувається на домашню відеокамеру.

Tiếng Việt
Rob vừa được đề cử lên làm phó giám đốc cho công ty Slusho và anh buộc phải sang Nhật làm việc. Jason, anh trai của Rob cùng người bạn gái Lily tổ chức một bữa tiệc bất ngờ tại căn hộ của Rob ở Manhattan. Bất thình lình, một trận động đất xảy ra, đèn đóm chập chờn, mọi người trong bữa tiệc ngơ ngác ùa lên sân thượng. Xa xa, họ nhìn thấy những tòa nhà của thành phố New York đang bị pháo kích cháy nổ rực sáng bầu trời. Mọi người hoảng loạn chạy ra đường và họ nghe được những tiếng gầm kỳ quái, rồi từ trên không trung một vật thể to lớn rớt xuống mặt đường, đó chính là đầu của tượng Nữ Thần Tự do. Cư dân trong thành phố bây giờ bắt đầu chạy tán loạn. Cái gì đang tấn công thành phố này? Các bạn muốn biết ...



曼哈頓熱鬧的夜裡,紐約客一如往常在派對中歡度美好夜晚,即將前往日本就職的羅柏(麥可史托大衛飾)也正與親朋好友們,舉行著告別派對,突然間巨大的地震打亂了他原本的計劃。 整個城市陷入恐慌,人們紛紛跑到屋外看看發生了什麼事,卻看到一團爆炸造成的火球在天空升起,隨即發生了大停電,所有人只好摸黑跑到街上求救,而羅柏與朋友們也來到街上,試圖在已經變成瓦礫的紐約街頭尋找一名受傷的朋友.... 更恐怖的事情還在後面,一個又一個從空而降的巨大不明物體,瞬間將大樓炸個粉碎,看到這景象的人們恐慌的在街上無助狂奔。 而這個不明物體又突然飛起,朝著自由女神像飛去,在瞬間讓自由女神像的頭身分家,羅伯與朋友們在黑暗無光混亂的城市中穿梭,週遭充滿了各種爆炸聲與慘叫聲,神秘的怪物們也節節逼進,其中一人手持著撿到的攝影機邊走邊拍...

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