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Academy Award® winner Jodie Foster and international star Chow Yun-Fat bring to life the epic true story of a woman who challenged the heart of a king and inspired the destiny of a nation. English school teacher Anna Leonowens has traveled to Siam to educate the fifty-eight children of King Mongkut. If she has preconceived notions about the East, the King has similar notions about the West. But amid the danger of growing political unrest, their respect for each other slowly turns into something more.

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. The story of the romance between the King of Siam (now Thailand) and the widowed British school teacher Anna Leonowens during the 1860s. Anna teaches the children and becomes romanced by the King. She convinces him that a man can be loved by just one woman.. Anna and the King Wiki

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CAN'T SEE IT!    2 star

LIKE IT...BUT SHOW IT! I really like this movie a whole lot so I rented it and I got halfway through the just stopped! Then with about 30 minutes left in the movie it could not load it anymore. You can not even get a refund so that what iterates me with this movie but it is a great movie but it is a waste of money when it can not even load the movie and it takes your movie!

legallyblond89    5 star

Very moving One of the best movies I've ever seen and remains one of my top 3. Very moving and emotional, to look inside and to grasp for the meaning of someone else's culture.

Ms Bermuda    5 star

Anna and the King I love Jodi and Yun-Fat in this movie. I want to purchase and download this movie to my iPad...not rent it. So romantic.. Bermuda88

Sun Tzu Khan    5 star

Nothing less than Great! Such an awesome story. I honestly don't think you would need to add or edit anything that isn't already in this classic. One of the few movies that you could never tire of.

Awe Heal    5 star

A classic fairy tale made realistic...because it's based on a true story. I love this film. The actors, scenery, costumes, languages, humor, romance, action, dancing, music, customs, legends and storyline keep the viewer engaged on many levels.

rsyim634    5 star

Simply a spectacular Classic! Love it! One of the Best romance movies i've ever seen. Better than those cheesy romance movies out there today,...*cough* twilight

I <3 Tom felton    5 star

Like the the movie love Tom Felton in it!! I love Tom Felton and he is in this movie so it makes is so much better but I do like this movie with or with out Tom Felton!! So if you like Tom Felton and awesome movies you will like this one!

Ihopethisnameisnttakentoo    5 star

Great movie! My husband and I both enjoyed this film immensely.

KatsSurprise    5 star

An Excellent Movie Actors(Jodie Foster Chow Yun-Fat) made this Perfect, Beautiful, and very Addicting. Get everything you need before you sit down, because you dont want to miss a thing. You can never get tired of watching it. A definitely buy movie.










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