The Girl On the Train (2016)

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The Girl on the Train is based on Paula Hawkins’ bestselling thriller that shocked the world. Rachel (Emily Blunt), devastated by her recent divorce, spends her daily commute fantasizing about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day. Everything changes when she sees something shocking happen there, and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds. Rachel Watson, devastated by her recent divorce, spends her daily commute fantasizing about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day, until one morning she sees something shocking happen there and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds. The Girl On the Train (2016) Wiki

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What you see can hurt you...

The Girl On the Train (2016) (2016)

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The Girl On the Train (2016) Movie Reviews

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- Great thriller5 star

I had low expectations because of the reviews but it was a fun thriller. I knew nothing about this story but the trailer looked good. It was not just good, it was GREAT! The people that didn’t like this movie must be a bore, not the other way around. Ha!

- Phenomenal5 star

Absolutely loved the movie it gave me Gone Girl vibes. Such an amazing actress.

- Excellent5 star

Words can’t describe how good this movie is !!!!

- Excellent!5 star

A fast paced thriller that leaves you guessing until the end. I enjoyed it.

- Not my cup of tea2 star

I tried, but I couldn’t watch more than 30 minutes before I turned it off.

- Not terrible3 star

Despite impressive performances from the cast and all the elements of a great crime thriller. Because of an uneven and poorly written screenplay the movie devolves in a melodrama.

- Flat1 star

Given the cast, the trailor and the source material one would have surmised this to be exciting. Sorry...just flat, almost devoid of suspense. Out of three dozen movies seen in 2016 (most in theaters, including this disappointment), this was ranked 30 on my list. DECENT (not great) performances spared the all-too-easy-to-give "1 star" rating.

- One star is one too many1 star

Emily Blount, what were you thinking? Ugh, too much like real life with insecure looser men.

- I Read The Book5 star

I actually liked this movie better than the book. Go figure. Extremely well acted and well cast. Emily Blunt is off the charts good.

- Very intriguing5 star

Very well done. I did not read the book so I didn't know what to expect. This was a great rental.

- Not worth the time or money1 star

I read this book, and absolutely loved it! This movie took me two days to watch in its entirety because it was such a dud. *DISAPPOINTED*

- Slow at times but manages to maintain suspense ...4 star

Slow at times, but the ending is worth the wait. Versatile, convincing Emily Blunt is a persuasive actress as usual; seems like a bit of a different role for her but she plays it very well. It does skip around in time, so you do have to pay attention.

- Full of suspense5 star

Loved it all. Saw it twice and the suspense is gripping!

- 🙄1 star

1 word for this 🎥..?Sucked 😜

- Great Movie, But I've Never Read the Book4 star

I was entertained from beginning to end. Never read the book and I'm okay with that.

- Horrible movie, Horrible book1 star

I couldn't get through the first 30 pgs of the book but decided to still give the movie a shot. Horrible mistake. I deserve a refund. The movie is so slow. The plot just doesn't follow. Unnecssary information given, plot details missing. Slow as heck. Random sex shots throughout that make no sense.

- Surprising4 star

This was on sale, so I bought it. I agree that it can be slow at times, but the mystery of trying to understand what is happening was enough for me. I'd say it's more of a mystery and drama than a thriller, and the outcome was surprising - I didn't guess it until the very end.

- Thumbs down1 star

Three generations from age 38 to 96 and not a one of us liked it! Didn't flow - jumped all over the place...

- Horrible!1 star

Arguably one of the most depressing movies I've ever seen!

- Story is good4 star

Tragic and sad story. Interesing movie.

- Great Movie5 star

This movie is getting called slow and not good but it's a great movie! Just need to pay attention to it, it is slow at first to build suspense and confusion to keep you guessing. Teaches you that just because the "well to do person without any noticeable problems" seems like they are the normal ones, doesn't mean they are. Sometimes they are the ones who cause the problems. I loved this movie!

- Really Liked It4 star

I really liked this movie & had been very excited to see it ever since I first saw the trailer. I love Emily Blunt & her performance in this movie in my opinion had to be one of her best! Great thriller.

- Dreadful!1 star

I heard so much hype about the book and was told so many time how much I need to see this movie... well, no, I didn't need to see it. It's bad, really bad. Enough with the sloppy drunk voice over all ready. Save your money and wait for it to come out on Netflix or Amazon.

- Bleh2 star

Was so looking forward to watching this. Immensely disappointed when it ended. It was terribly slow and dull.

- Suspense and Drama weaved together5 star

Well made and clever, acting was superb

- Bad Writing and Foul Acting1 star

What a waste of money. Do not rent this film. Poor little rich girls should be the title. What a sad attempt at a thriller. The only suspense is how do you end a bad movie? Turn it off.

- Better then Reviews say5 star

Great movie....excellent ending....enjoy!!!

- 15 minutes stretched into two hours1 star

The movie jumps continually from present to past to totally confuse the viewer. It is a who dunnit story that is anything but exciting. Character development is poor and it is difficult to become attached to anyone in the movie and the viewer remains detached and confused until the end. The story could have been scripted by a dim witted high school student. This is a very boring movie and I recommend avoiding it.

- Horribke1 star

Horrible. Totally narrated. B movie - soft porn

- Trash1 star

The only thing i liked about this movie was the plot twist at the end. Other than that it was mostly boring. Don't know how this was considered a thriller

- This was awful1 star

This movie was terrible. It's a waste of time & money. Also, it will bore you to death.

- Maybe the book was good?2 star

The movie wasn't. The acting was mediocre, Emily Blunt was particularly poor. Plot was really stretching plausibilty to keep viewers guessing.

- Great movie5 star

I was not expecting to like this movie and I was pleasantly surprised.

- Really really tried2 star

I wanted so badly to love this movie, sadly I didn't even like it. I could not even finish it. It was just so painfully slow which was very unlike the book which was amazing!

- Horrible Movie. Don't waste your money1 star

Horrible Movie about a Drunk Loser that rides the train every day and stalks her ex husband and his wife. Don't waste your money.

- Save yourself1 star

I'd like to put every character in this story on a train and send it off a cliff. Not a single character to empathize with. All are self-obsessed without any redeeming qualities whatsoever and deserve what they get. Well, okay the babies don't deserve that statement. Movie plods along trying to be clever with skipping from past to present by putting titles like "4 Years Ago" before a sequence. I think if they tried they could have found a way to integrate flashbacks more seamlessly. Just lazy filmmaking all the way around. I couldn't wait for it to be over.

- Underrated4 star

I see why people hate it and there is nothing wrong if you do but i thought this movie was pretty good.

- screwiest movie ever1 star

I really wanted to like this movie, but the story jumps around were it's difficult to keep up the Movies dark , slow and a bit boring at times I really don't recommended

- 🙌🏻5 star

So suspenseful! I loved it!

- An Impressive Side of Emily Blunt4 star

From everything ranging from gothic love interest to action hero to human wreck, Emily Blunt pushes the envelope in her realistic portrayal of a troubled soul who finds herself in a situation in which it is difficult to discern guilt or innocense. The film has a satisfying pay-off but the direction and storytelling tends to slip a bit too much into itself, making the film seem somewhat longer than it is. This is a film that will appeal particularly to women; examining expectations in relationships in contrast to the reality. It is not the sort of thriller that will appeal to fans of action but is reminscent of Hitchcock's Rear Window but taken much further out on the edge and in an world where grays replace black and white. I liked the film and recommend it to a thinking audience willing to explore missfiring relationships and intrigue.


I'd LITERALLY pay $10 (i.e., price I paid) to iTunes to have them REMOVE it from my iTunes account. LITERALLY. WORST. MOVIE. EVER. MADE.

- The only twist2 star

is that the train didn't go completely off the tracks. The movie had potential but started to go in different directions all at once. The story's impact was weakend by the constant need to overdue the "suspense."

- A must see!4 star

This movie had me guessing to the very end. I love thrillers/murder mysteries movies. Girl On the Train did not disappoint. It will keep you thinking you have it figured out, then a twist to the story sends you looking the other way. A must see!

- Really great5 star

Reviews seemed mixed on this movie. I really enjoyed it. Would watch again. Worth the $10

- A Must See5 star

This movie was nothing like I tought it was going to be, but in all the right ways. I honestly belive that is movie was done right and I would not change anything about the movie. This moive is a mystery, and the main reason why viewers choice to watch mysteries is to challenge themselfs, and this moive did just that. By all means this moive TO ME is what a mystery moive should be like. I know that some people feel as though it was missed casted, but I think the casting director could not have done a better job at casting the actors and actresses for this movie. I belive that if the casting director would have picked class A actors and actresses the moive would not have had the same effect on me as it did.

- Not great, but not bad.3 star

Most of the characters are fairly unlikable, especially the psychiatrist, and the script isn't seamless, which makes for a bit of an unsatisfying experience. The acting is very good, with the exception of Kudrow (who was awful). It's not the worst movie I've ever seen as it did hold my interest until the end, but, overall, the movie was a let down. The story is a good one, but the writing of the script just didn't do it justice.


Wow! I really love this movie! What great twists, and acting!!! Brialliant!

- Good!4 star

Movie starts slowly, develops slowly but as the ending gets closer the movie gets better and more interesting!

- Really horrible movie1 star

I didn't know they could make such a horrible movie from such a great book.

- Horrible1 star

This movie was a complete waste of time and I wish I could get my $5.99 back.

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dillusioned - Good story but slow3 star

The movie is decent but it’s very slow moving to the point it’s hard to stay awake.

Mr Safety - Skip this one2 star

While I am normally a big fan of Emily Blunt's work, this is not a movie I would recommend you watch. The acting is unbelievable and the script half-baked, and while I was able to watch the entire film, it was from a sense of morbid curiosity rather than enjoyment. Not recommended. 2/5

Slam Stocks - Boring & Confusing Mess2 star

Blunt is exceptional, but the movie build-up was painfully slow. Trying to follow the script is confusing, not really understanding sitting on a train moving at high-speed could she catch the lives of passing residents thorugh the window. Sadder still is the lack of empathy to any of the desicable characters, you'll want this movie to end.

Galaxypuppy299 - Horribly made1 star

To me I thought it would have been better like it's confusing and just flat out boring

hgvak - Not good1 star

So many loose ends and all the characters are despicable. Pacing issues and a lacklustre finale.

TwinPines85 - A Cluttered Mess!2 star

There are some great scenes but this does not rescue a mess of movie. Not read the book but I bet it is far better than the movie. Great performances get lost due to poor direction and editing. The ending...what a let down. Give it a miss!

The Movie Weasel - Boring - Ho-Hum2 star

It's interesting to me that this type of hum-drum, superficial plot is still made into films. The motivation of obsession is thin. The bad guy being a mysognyist, lying, abusive, manipulating man is tired and worn. The supporting characters are plastic and monumentally mediocre. The editing was particularly bad, intended I think as a way to show the chaos in the main character and her recovery of memory, but still bad. Ms. Blunt's portrayal of an alcoholic was reasonably well done, but other than that, the emotional chaos of upper-middle class fat-cats and their screwed up mariages is quite uninteresting. I not sure if this film was inteneded as some sort of feminist statement. If it was thusly intended, again worn out and poorly done. If it was to be a character study, it was weak. If it was supposed to be a crime drama it never came close to accomplishing that. This film doesn't know what it is supposed to do, and I am left with a monumental sense of mediocre.

dragon11111 - désastre1 star

dont wacht this movie, you will regret it

Hockeyolly - Brilliant Movie.5 star

Emily Blunt should be nominated for an Oscar.Shame it was not filmed in England.

Silverstang777 - Most excellent!5 star

Great physiological thriller! A real whodunnit. Emily Blunt is unbelievable!!

Tamiami69 - Awesome5 star

I loved loved loved this movie, seen it twice at the movies and have to own it. Had me hooked from start to finish. I would highly recommend it.

Woerden - It was okay.3 star

According to overheard washroom talk after the film, we watched 2 different movies. Theirs was "grizzly," "upsetting," & "scary," while mine was watchable, if not a bit boring, & went nowhere. 3/5 Would not watch again.

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HooziedeJour - Zzzzzzzzzzzzz1 star

I would have rather gone to the dentist and I HATE the dentist.

keisha99 - Amazing5 star

This movie is one of the best thriller/mysteries I've seen in a long time. Ending completely threw me off. Just when you think you know what's going on, they throw you a curve ball.

Awe Heal - She crazy.She crazy NOT.She did it.She did it NOT.3 star

This is a Teeter Totter Who Dun It movie. I scare easily so thriller & horror genres are excluded from my diet. And although this movie had some psycho creepy moments, movie was palatable with a few minor screaming burps. I commend Emily Blunt on attempting a drunk American accent. I enjoyed the "on the train" part of the movie. Bring back the "trains in movies"! Overall, this movie is better than the critic ratings and is worth the rent.

anchorholmes - Powerful5 star

Very suspenseful til the end. Great performance by Emily Blunt. Very brutal film. Enjoyed it though.

migomo - great movie5 star

best thriller/suspense i have seen i a long time

1265dwe - Ugggg1 star

Want to be "Gone Girl" with a 6th rate plot, and two more psycho women with terrible characterization no one can identify with.

ReeseMc - Wow... I couldn't stop watching!5 star

Such a good movie. Been awhile since I've seen an suspense film like that. Totally worth the watch.

adelbti - Amazing!!5 star

Are u serious?! Jesus Christ! This is absolutely amazing story! Thank you so much

Jkarene - Girl on the train5 star

amazing suspense thriller.

K.L.J.I. - Awful with an annoying speak.1 star

It is dreadful and totally boring. Then there is this annoying voiceover which sounds like a mentally challenged idiot: Rachel is looking out the window. Rachel is looking at a stone on the ground. Rachel is looking at another stone on the ground. Jeez - who cares? The trailer looks intriguing and I was very exited to watch it but was extremely disappointed. It is a waste of time and I can only encourage you not to rent it!

Melanie Falsepercy - Emily Blunt is compelling4 star

Yes, it's not a major film, or even great. But it has a tight, intimate sort of logic that works perfectly with the performances. Emily Blunt is quite vulnerable in this role and her performance leaps off the screen and into your heart in a way that is notable. She's usually a "strong" personality in her films, but not here. I can only applaud what looks like a lot of hard acting work. While this isn't quite like Charlize Theron in "Monster" there are some parallels and it makes me think Emily Blunt's best work has yet to come.

Eddie D011 - Girl on the train3 star

Would have been a much better movie if the continuity wasn't such a disaster. The constant string of unnecessary flashbacks added more confusion than the intrigue the screenwriter thought he was creating.

Steveshreve2 - Good movie4 star

A bit sketchy at times but I finally caught on.

WickedChicklette - More like a made-for-TV movie.3 star

It was okay. Jumbled a bit, but then highly predictable.

doggiegirl - Best Thriller5 star

This was one of best thrillers I've seen in a while. can't wait to see it again.

BadassAtalanta - GREAT MOVIE5 star

shows GASLIGHTING in a new modern light. shows MEN for what they can be if rich and white. EXCELLENT FLICK. WELL DONE. WOMEN UNITE!!!

Jacob Petersen - Just boring!!!1 star

Boring, not exciting, not interesting.... just blank blank, who cares!

Jriggy38 - RT/critcly under rated5 star

Having not read the book, I loved the movie and stronly feel that the 43% critics ratings is very low... It has mystery and suspense. It was intense at times and was VERY well acted by Emily Blunt. Yet flawed films with somewhat thin characters, and "ok" acting by the two criminals, as seen in Hell or High Water, get glowing reviews but things like this that are better in so many ways, gets somewhat snubbed...

Splorkmeister - Melodramatic and frustrating1 star

Annoying unlikely plot and a bunch of convoluted tangents. Perhaps suited to an overly emotional audience.

MovieRatr - Worst movie I've ever seen1 star

I want my 1hr52mins back. I really don't understand the hype. There was very little suspense and the plot left much to be desired. One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Don't waste your time.

Aly456 - good5 star

we need more movie like this

Grey_Wind - Exactly like the book.3 star

With minimal to none deviation. You would enjoy a thrilling story and also saves you the read. Which I did in a English class and did not enjoy...

16 HORSES - Train kept rolling.4 star

Emily Blunt deserves to at least be Oscar nominated. Cause what this was is a train wreck waiting to happen. Awesomely twisted thriller in the ball park of Gone Girl and Basic Instinct. This train will go off track.

Omeed Karimi - Loved it5 star

Great movie, always kept you on the edge of your seat!

ImRylanSmith - Not What I Expected, But Still Good3 star

I had high hopes for this movie based off the trailer. It was nothing like I was expecting! It isn't the action, dramatic thriller like the trailer suggested. It is still suspenseful—not in the sense that I was "on the edge of my seat." I was more interested in seeing how the 3 main women's stories were tied together. I lost interest about three-quarters through when the movie seemed to be dragging out, but the end saved it.

starryeyedfae - I loved it5 star

Seemed like something Hitchcock would have done. It just keeps you guessing as to what is going on.

Joek512 - Amazeballs 💁🏼‍♂️5 star


Gooddayeveryone - Hate men? Love the movie then... garbage film1 star

If you hate men, you'll love the film. Every man is an abuser of women in the film, every woman is a victim, then of course the sisterhood of revenge plot still is senseless. Orgy of man hate... guys do not watch this with your wife or you will be sorry.

SugarAshley - A watered down version in a fancy glass1 star

The Girl on the Train (the book) = black coffee, then The Girl on the Train (the movie) is an artificially sweetened, Carmel frappechino in a fancy cardboard cup. It looks pretty, tastes okay at first, but after awhile the additives are obnoxiously bland, and leave you longing for something more meaningfully delicious. If you have read the book, then prepare yourself to watch a movie loosely based on the book. It was disappointing, because it did not reflect the depth of the characters as well as the unnecessary bits of added sensationalism.

Miss Anomis - Totally worth it!5 star

Didn't read the book, loved the movie! Great acting and smart plot. Don't get the mixed reviews. It's all that it promises to be.

Caddisbug1994 - Hated it1 star

Literally. Hated it. I heard the book was so great. I bought it stopped reading after the thrift chapter because it was so boring. Then I heard the book got better later. So I bought the movie. Big mistake. Such a bad movie. So dumb.

Livylu122 - Best movie ever5 star

Best cast

LadyFair07 - Not Good At All!1 star

Emily Blunt is not a good actress to play an overweight alcoholic. They have the movie taking place to and from NY instead of London, that alone was horrible. They rushed the begining. The movie was just overall unsatisying.

Edweird - Excellent!5 star

The book is excellent and so is the movie! Great acting as well.

Mommgt - a mistake1 star

The book is one of the best pieces of literature I've ever read. But the movie? I had large doubts from just hearing the people cast for the roles, especially Mizz Blunt. The Girl on the Train wasn't meant for the screen. It isn't functional, and proves more confusing than impactful. Upset :(

mm197000000 - Great Movie5 star

I have not read the book and I can imagine how a movie can be very disappointing when you know a book. It looks like all bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and here come from people that have read the book and all the good ones from people who did not, which makes this a real easy decision: If you’ve read the book stay away and if you have not and you like the trailer, you’re in for a good movie that runs at a slow to medium pace but has complex interwoven characters and story twists that make it worthwhile. I’ve never written a movie review on iTunes but I feel I should as I almost stayed away from this film because of the bad 3reviews and I only bought it because I liked the trailer.

Iroman1982 - Good5 star

Good movie keeps u guessing must watch

CarlosMite - Nahh5 star

Bad movie

Xq01887766 - OK3 star

It seemed like the storyline took to long to develop. In the beginning of the movie it's hard to follow what's going on it does get a little better towards the middle and the end but I thought it would be a lot better

steven_k61 - Wow5 star

Fantastic movie. Captivating twists and turns with one big one at the end.

Stone cold bag - Horrible1 star

Shame I can't give this movie 0 stars

bro12345678901234567890 - What the Hell are people saying!!!!5 star

This movie is just like the book!!! I loved every second of this heart pumping thriller!!! By the way Fantastic actor "Emily Blunt" she is perfect for this movie!!!

Honeyjomei - disappointed2 star

I read the book and I was just like my heart bumping out of my chest, much more exciting and you couldn't known what will happend nex. the book has that potential to be the great movie but it didn't happened. not exciting and shoking at all.

Britneyfan54 - Mysterious and Astounding5 star

This movie kept me guessing, and kept me at the edge of my seat. Not very many movies can make me do either of these things these days, but Emily Blunt is not your typical actress : )

Balezzz - Amazing Thriller5 star

This movie is absolutely wonderful! The entire time you're watching it you just feel so sympathetic for Rachel and you just want to help her in some way. Emily Blunt does a very good job at playing such a difficult role. Definitely recommend this movie.

Mw1184 - Horrible1 star

I read the book and had really high hopes for this movie... was horrible!!! So disappointed!! The book tells the story from 3 different peoples point of view, so it kind of skips around from past and present... well the movie does as well and it just doesn't flow well for a movie. They could have done a much better job.

abelinks212 - Fails in most regards1 star

Slow, uninteresting, and largely miscast. No surprise that it tanked critically.

Samahir012 - Don't believe critics.5 star

Critics these days are out of their minds or they get paid money to give biased reviews .this movie is really great .

Super Slayer171 - One of the best thrillers i've seen!!!!!!5 star

Saw this on my 17th birthday and I was blown away. The plot, the acting, the violence, everything about this movie is amazing!!!!!!! Strongly recommend this movie!!!!!!!!

Brisden84 - Surprisingly good movie5 star

This was easily one of the best thriller/suspense movies I have ever seen... kept me guessing until right before the big reveal! Did not disappoint

5 star

Hi. I’ve restarted. The Girl On The Train appears 2 times and BOTH are the same 2013 film. In other words the 2016…

5 star

The Girl on the Train 2016 The Girl on the Train 2016 HD 1080p The Girl on the Train 2016 English Subtitles Watch…

5 star

the girl on the train (2016) // dir. tate taylor

5 star

@hufflemione: The Girl on the Train (2016) Seorang wanita yg selalu bepergian naik kereta, ia selalu melihat ke rumah sebuah pasangan d…

5 star

The Girl on the Train 2016 The Girl on the Train 2016 HD 1080p The Girl on the Train 2016 English Subtitles Watch…

5 star

@chorltonjohn7: @AmazonHelp When I start to watch The Girl on the Train 2016 with Emily Blunt instead the 2013 American independent thri…

5 star

@AmazonHelp When I start to watch The Girl on the Train 2016 with Emily Blunt instead the 2013 American independent…

5 star

@stace_: @latimes Not good enough as he’s worth hundreds of millions. He made 95 million in 2016 alone.

5 star

@PrimeVideo When I start to watch The Girl on the Train 2016 with Emily Blunt instead the 2013 American independent…

5 star

@latimes Not good enough as he’s worth hundreds of millions. He made 95 million in 2016 alone.

5 star

35. The Girl on the Train (2016)

5 star

@hufflemione: The Girl on the Train (2016) Seorang wanita yg selalu bepergian naik kereta, ia selalu melihat ke rumah sebuah pasangan d…

5 star

The Girl on the Train 2016 The Girl on the Train 2016 HD 1080p The Girl on the Train 2016 English Subtitles Watch…

5 star

The Girl on the Train Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) - Emily Blunt, H... via @YouTube

5 star

The Girl on the Train (2016). The main character is an alcoholic mess and she witnesses some shady shit while on th…

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The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images
The Girl On the Train (2016) images

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new york citybased on novel or bookinfidelityamnesiaobsessionhomicidealcoholismflashbackdomestic abuseconfusiondisappearancefemale protagonistmemory losstraindivorceemissing personpolice investigationex-husband ex-wife relationshipunreliable narratorabuse

The Girl On the Train (2016) posters
The Girl On the Train (2016) posters
The Girl On the Train (2016) posters
The Girl On the Train (2016) posters
The Girl On the Train (2016) posters
The Girl On the Train (2016) posters
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