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In the vein of Richard Linklater’s cult classic Dazed and Confused, EVERYBODY WANTS SOME is a comedy set in the world of 1980 college life following a group of friends as they navigate their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood. Get ready for the best weekend ever. A comedy that follows a group of friends as they navigate their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood. Everybody Wants Some!! Wiki

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Here for a good time not a long time..

Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)

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- I love Dazed & Confused1 star

And I was so excited when I heard of this...then I watched it. I don’t even remember it, it was pure crapola.

- so bad ......1 star

this movie was so bad it was almost hilarious.

- Linklater at his best!5 star

An excellent follow up to Dazed and Confused.

- Great movie5 star

Really funny and must watch opi loved dazed and confused and I loved this, I’m honestly really confused why so many people wrote bad reviews, I saw this for the 4th time the other night and was looking at it on apple and saw all these unwarranted bad reviews. Great film good characters fun watch

- Amazing5 star

Really great movie, dazed and confused was a great flick and I honestly love this just as much. All the characters are great and they gel really together. A couple dudes stand out and are just hilarious people you can't wait to see more of on screen. Really re-watchable and a good movie to lose yourself in.

- This somebody does NOT want some1 star

This is one of the most disappointing films I've ever watched. I say this as a Linklater devotee since the days of "Dazed and Confused". To go from the sublime "Boyhood" (which should have been awarded best film at the Academy Awards) to this incredibly dull film which barely managed to elicit a chuckle, is inexplicable. The only performance, in my opinion, to stand out as fairly memorable was by Glen Powell in the role of Finnegan. I say skip this and go straight to Netflix in order to rewatch Slater, Pink, Mitch & company.

- All it is is yip yap and fake happiness1 star

It seems like everyone in the movie is fake or they can't act. There's no plot or sort of a weak one. It's just following strangers who got together because of school and go to a bunch of parties throughout the whole movie. One guy gets a relationship, I think. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

- Everybody Wants Some!!4 star

Movie was fun. Not as much as Dazed & Confused tho. It took me back to super happy times with the soundtrack. Together, a good movie. Handsome actors!!

- Take the time and get to know this movie5 star

All those "1 star" reviews are likely from the millenials who have the attention span of knats. Writer/Director Richard Linklater's pacing is perfect and captures the look and feel of late summer 1980 perfectly. Just like it's spritual prequel "Dazed and Confused", this film has the same relaxed feel and moves along like real life back then. Take it from somone who experienced that point in time first hand. I recommmend all to take 2 hours one evening, have a couple beers or glasses of wine, or smoke a joint, and just let this movie sink it. Then go back and watch it a couple days later.

- Terrible1 star

There is only one interesting character. I now know what Dazed and Confused would have looked like if it was a huge failure.

- Deeper than expected5 star

It's a good movie! Very nostalgic despite not growing up in the 80's. I tried not to compare it to its predecessor and appreciated the camaraderie and character development of each person in the short amount of time.

- No One Wants This1 star

Based upon the reviews I was expecting a better movie than Everybody Wants Some turned out to be. There was no plot and I was ready to shut it off after 30 minutes. My husband wanted to watch the entire movie just to see if a plot would develop...it just never did. Such a disappointment!

- Not Dazed and Confused -- but who said it should be?4 star

There obvious comparisons to Dazed and Confused, but I don't think it's fair to make that assessment. This isn't a sequel. That said, it definitely does not attain the high standards of that film. But it is an enjoyable movie. It's biggest flaw is the vanilla lead, Blake Jenner. His character just "is". But all the personalities around him spark and are well-developed. As an ensemble piece -- like Dazed and Confused -- it would have worked a lot better. But it was still an enjoyable, albeit flawed, film.

- worth it for great moments5 star

the overall arc of the story kind of fizzled, but the actors, the vibe, the energy, the banter, the relationships, the dancing, the funny characters were really awesome and sexy and fun to watch.

- No1 star

It's that bad

- Want My Money Back1 star

I have no clue what happen to Linklater or how any person could EVER compare this garbage to Dazed and Confused. What a just awful movie from beginning to end. The characters are horrible, you don't care or feel for anyone like you did in Dazed. The storyline is really just dull and does nothing to draw you into it. Apple and Linklater should refund me for having to endure this. Is ZERO stars an option?

- Waste of time2 star

What a self-indulgent, incoherent load of crap. The music adds a star to this rating.

- Its pretty bad1 star

I'm a huge fan of Dazed and Confused..I thought it was genius in every way, such a well done movie. Everybody Wants Some doesn't even come close to Dazed and Confused. Its an awful movie, so boring I couldn't even finish it.

- What a waste of time1 star

I think I get it... this is supposed to be one of those pointless teenager movies they made in the 80's where you might get a glimps of a breast at a frat party. The world has moved on from 'Porkys' that this just isn't funny, isn't entertaining, has no plot, has no meaning, and no characters. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, like everyone did who played a part in producing this dud.

- classic Linklater5 star

this movie, like Dazed and Confused, bounces around from scene to scene with seemingly no plot, but is still highly enjoyable for those with the appreciation & the attention span. I loved both movies; they captured different scenes, difference eras. what makes this movie awesome was that the humor reminded you less of particular experiences but of people in your life. if you don't know people who resemble moments in the movie, the luster will probably be lost on you. its radically genuine without being oversimplified and still dabbles on the best parts of growing up--meeting college friends and becoming a young (dysfunctional) adult.

- I want to live in a Linklater film5 star

I saw this in the theater and it felt like it was 30 mins long. So fun and so much nostalgia. I don't know how Linklater does it. Some people obviously don't have the same reaction. Bummer for you. Everybody Wants Some!!! Is totally worthy of taking up the throne with Dazed and Confused.

- One of Linklater's Best5 star

With a tone echoing that of _Dazed and Confused_, this film finds itself expressing the wonders, difficulties and downright insanity of living as an athlete in college. The camaraderie of the baseball team, lathered in several rich and distinct personalities, is something to be admired. Please do not go into this film expecting a solid beginning, climactic hook, and conclusive ending. Instead, enjoy it for what it was intended for; an opportunity to view the lives of these exciting and extraordinary individuals. Strongly recommend.

- Chill movie4 star

Would spend my time to watch it again, but it's definitely not fresh enough to provide any deeper meaning than surface matter. Little literary value, entertaining humanistic value. What do you expect from a slice of life? Too much - I hope not. It's a chill movie. Watch it on a slow night, not on a fast one. Watch it and remember that life shouldn't go too fast. Cya later

- dazed and confused1 star

not a good move. pacing is gawd awful. cliche tope. not good

- New Cult Classic!5 star

Awesome movie to have some chuckles and good times with! I'm disappointed in the production company not marketing this film better because it was hilarious. There was a movie about a cat named after a Matrix star but this movie didn't get enough screen time! Anyway, the guys in this film truly highlight that feeling before college where you are in a sort of limbo before that first month/semester comes to pass. It was nostalgic and it added to the reason I wanted to make a note about it here. I am a millennial and I wasn't in college in the 80's but I can't say I love this movie enough! I hope there is a re-release in theatres or at a draft house soon!

- Terrible!1 star

Dont waste your money!!!!!!

- Waste of Time1 star

If you have very low standards for your entertainment, you'll probably like this movie. For everyone else, it's likely to be a total waste of time. The movie's title was the clue that I missed, unfortunately. It's incredible that it got an 87% at Rotten Tomatoes.

- Not in the shallow end anymore buddies5 star

Capturing the expansion era of eighteen years old is no easy accomplishment. We have trouble enough simply remembering the version we already lived, yet alone someone else’s. The film is a condensed version of those years, layered with sentimental themes and readable context. If you are looking for action and thrills, look somewhere else. This film is to be enjoyed and savored.

- Just Awful1 star

Loved Boyhood. Obviously loved Dazed. This is just a bunch of thinly sketched characters with nothing to do. Sure there's the occasionaly laugh and some uninspired philospophical waxing, but in the end it is just all style over substance. Not sure why it has so many positive reviews. I guess if you throw a handlebar mustache and some short shorts on your actors people will call it nostalgic.

- Huh?1 star

Was left dazed and confused as to why I believed the hype. So sad...

- Great movie5 star

Whoever said that this movie is bad has no taste in quality movies

- LAM-MO1 star

This movie was so bad. And I love movies, and, I'm really easy on reviews when I write them. (Which, is not much.) However, I have to warn you. Spend your money on something else here. Wait till it goes to Cable and you will see what I'm saying.

- Horrible waste of time1 star

You know how you go to a movie and the first part sets it up? Then it shifts and you get into the good stuff? Well this movie never got out of the first part. It felt as though the entire movie did nothing but set itself up to something that never came. Two hours of wasted time!

- I kept waiting for some Intent - Fail1 star

I turned it off after 25 minutes of nothing occurring. I have no idea what the reviewers were thinking...

- Enjoyed this movie5 star

this movie had alittle bit of everything just what most people want great new cast enjoyed every part

- Excellent!5 star

You know how people keep talking about how dazed and confused was great? I couldn't DISAGREE more. That movie was very boring for me and I couldn't find anything that entertaining about it if my life had depended on it. A movie with no purpose if you ask me. Except for the bully chase. That’s the only part I found fun to watch. This movie however is excellent! The acting is great, the humor is very funny, the characters are great as well and it just glides along. It's a feel-good movie set in (my opinion), the best decade of the 20th century. I loved it! And Glen Powell was fantastic as Finnegan. Add the deep thoughts and concepts that certain characters talk about and you've got a great movie that's very enjoyable and even educational.

- Skip it1 star

It deserves no stars. I wish I could get my $6 back because that was probably the worst 1 hour and 57 minutes of my life. Literally nothing happens in this movie. I should have listened to the previous reviews. Learn from my mistake, do not rent this.

- Disappointing2 star

I feel the purpose of this movie was to see how many cultural references from the early 80s could be crammed into a single scene, and in doing so, they forgot to deliver a plot. This movie is 2 hours of "clever" dialogue spoken by characters you won't care about. Nothing like Dazed and Confused -- which I thought this would be like.

- Poor attempt to recreate "80's" movie1 star

Turned off after 45 minutes

- Approvers still looking for some.1 star

This had to be the worst movie I didn't finish watching it was so bad. The story was incredibly boring only made worse by lousy acting. It's no wonder I've not seen these guys in any other movies. Save your $6 for a venti iced latte.

- Mesmerizing Lack of Storyline3 star

Having grown up in Texas and graduting high school during the early-80's, continuing on to a major Texas university, I thought this film would ring true. From a nostaligia and accuracy standpoint, it hits its mark, but the storyline... or lack thereof... is disconcerting. The odd feeling that is induced mesemerizes rather than repulses the viewer, however. The characters you generally care about, or identify with -- if you are male -- and this may be the saving aspect of the movie. In summary, worth a rent at half the price, but not on par with Dazed and Confused in my opinion. The final moment of the final scene is the way most of us felt afterwards.

- Horrific1 star

I really wanted to like this movie but it's awful. The characters are in their 30's and no one can act.

- Everybody want some1 star

Beyond bad!! Do not waste your time or money.

- The soundtrack was the only good part.3 star

Maybe I'm just old, I enjoyed the music, but I have no idea what I just watched. Bunch of kids going to school. It wasn't even funny. However it did kill two hours.

- Amazing!!!5 star

I really enjoy this movie. It had great acting and a great cast. Definitely recommend

- So so so so terrible1 star

Total waste of 2 hours. I had high hopes from the reviews and being a big fan of dazed and confused.

- Excellent5 star

This movie was a linklater classic. The characters were spot on and the movie was full of nostalgia it was truly the spiritual sequel to dazed and confused.

- Don't Believe The Hype1 star


- Is there supposed to be a sequel?!2 star

I sat through all of that dull, slow moving script for THAT ending? I'm mad AF rn.

- Awful Movie1 star

This movie is a complete dud. The plot (if you want to call it that) is slow and boring and goes nowhere. The humor is forced and feels like they are trying way too hard. Nowhere near the level of Dazed and Confused.

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Och.laddie - Sucks! Don’t believe fake reviews1 star

This movie never got off the ground. The pieces were there but it never came together. Don’t buy or rent. Don’t watch it for free. Forget this movie ever existed!

left888 - Come on1 star

Usually I give rotten tomatoes the be idiot of the doubt, not here. There literally is no plot to this snooze fest. It is lame, lame, lame. To compare this to Dazed & Confused is an insult. The only comparable thing that comes to mind was my last bowel movement but this movie stinks ten times worse.

conky2 - Hilarious!!5 star

Anybody who didn't laugh or like this movie is either way to old or has terrible sense of humour. I laughed at least every scene. The guys are funny and beauties. New Favourite movie. Unreal film.

alpollon - Loved Dazed and Confused but this movie shouldn't try to say it's anything related to it1 star

Turned it off 30 min in, my wife and I were disappointed, it's nothing like we thought it would be

Peter Stahl - Disappointed1 star

"Dazed & Confused" was a great movie. However, this movie is a great disappointment. I think the biggest problem is that these aren't very likable characters so you can't relate to them and don't care about them.

EDGE.T.O - Horrible1 star

Boring with no plot! Complete waste of time

The Hempel - One star1 star

Do we really need this movie?

D'Arcy56 - blecccch1 star

Horrible. Awful. Horriawful. Any comparison to Dazed and Confused is way off base.

Munchman44 - Terrible1 star

Wow. So disappointing. Turned it off with 30 minutes to go. So boring

griff13 - EWS!!5 star

Favourite movie ever!

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SarahSle - True to the times!!!5 star

For those of us that grew up in these times, this movie is hilarious!! Funny to remember all the things I thought I had forgotten then. The millennials may not find the humor but they may tease their parents about it!

Dacemace - Rotten1 star

This movie never made it to first base. Totally lame and maybe worth a rental. I was disappointed. It looked fun but was painful to watch good actors struggle with a terrible script. It almost felt like I was watching a pilot for a potential tv show....

KDElinux - Baseball when it was kings above gods4 star

This is about a hood old boys Finding a spot on the greatest sport every invited. Finding a woman. Finding out about life. If you love baseball. It will have you hurting in the ribs from laughing. Over and over every time.

PatTheDude182 - Fantastic5 star

I'm a big fan of Dazed and Confused and was really looking forward to seeing Everybody Wants Some and I was not disappointed. In my opinion, this was one of the best movies of 2016. Very funny and true to the Linklater-norm. The soundtrack is just as good. Highly recommend it.

Petemcl1978 - Fantastic5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. I love the story, the jokes everything. It was like watching dazed and confused except in the 80's love how the cast wasn't a bunch of big names just guys who I may have heard of getting the job done well. I would watch again and again

d.w.e.s. - Leaves you hanging3 star

The movie could've been great, but It leaves you hanging in a bad way! It felt like a single episode of a tv series...way too many questions left unanswered. Hopefully a series will germinate.

h3c70rdelAngel - Waste!1 star

This movie was just all hype. They compared it to "Dazed and Confused"? Wow, what a huge let down this movie was. Kept waiting for the really funny stuff to kick in, yet it never does. Movie has the pace of an 90 year old woman with a walker. The characters are all a let down, no one is really interesting enough to relate too. If I was in the movie theater, I would've walked out, instead, I just turned the movie off.

Smudgebucket13 - Perfect5 star


Serious the Kat.. - Mandane.1 star

Boring without a point. Repuh collage propoganda... 80's laziness..

MaxHammer7 - Had such high hopes2 star

As a big fan of "Dazed and Confused", I was really looking forward to watching this 80's version. That's where my excitement ended. Dull from beginning to end...zero plot, unlikable characters, and even the sophomoric humor was nonexistent. Don't waste your time or money.

Alisha9594 - Extremely awesome!5 star

This movie left me wanting more of these guys, it's fun and funny, and more important there is no overly emotional scenes that the usual baseball movies have. It's different and refreshing and the cast chemistry is very fun to watch, I personally enjoyed it very very very much.

Stumpy73 - Dazed and Confused part 2?2 star

This movie is a definite rental at best. You don't get invested in any of the characters like you did in Dazed. There aren't any noticeable future stars in this in my opinion. It has moments, but I was bored most of the time. The music of the 80's wasn't as memorable as the 70's, and I think that hurt this movie. The movie takes place in 1980, so it's barely the 80's movie you'd might be expecting. Overall, if you have a rainy afternoon to waste time, this is an OK time waster. Just don't expect Dazed 2.

Diana - Really really bad....2 star

Should've known there was no way to replicate the genius that was Dazed and Confused. The only reason to watch this is for the soundtrack. Super sad this was such a bad flick.

Riley_Steele - Just ok.3 star

RENT only! Do not buy, not for your collection. It's an "ok" movie, but not "top shelf" like Dazed and Confused or Boyhood. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I expected more, especially after it was dubbed the "spiritual sequel" to Dazed. I should've waited to rent.

LeonSprings - I Really Wanted to Love It2 star

I am a huge fan of Dazed and Confused and went into this movie hoping that the magic of that film would be recreated. Unfortunately, the film fell well short (maybe my expectations were too high). It was a fun distraction to watch once and had some pretty funny moments. Worth a rental but I'd pause before purchasing.

stevedave420 - Everybody wants some!!!!5 star

Such an awesome true movie. Since it had limited release it didn't get as much of an audience (just like dazed and confused) and gets its following it deserves after theaters (like dazed and confused).

Frenchy in LA - Good until you realize it goes nowhere3 star

Hooks you in with great period pageantry and over the top campy homoeroticism, then goes on cruise control on a road to nowhere. Bummer.

smoothcat 6 - This was such a fun movie!4 star

Definitely recommend this follow up to Richard Linklater's "Dazed & Confused" as this gem had me laughing from beginning to end. Although I was very young in the 80's, this had so many great moments that resonated with my childhood. Love Linklater and loved this movie.

Karyssaleigh - Golden moments5 star

This movie captures classic moments that all audiences can connect with. The humors is spot on, the boys are lovable. We all know someone like them. I honestly didn’t want the movie to end. Richard Linklater delivered!

skaterryan - Amazing5 star

Keeps you entertained from start to finish

GreenFighter94 - Awesome!5 star

This movie had some good jokes. I kinda wish it was a TV show!

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