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In Incredibles 2, Helen is called on to lead a campaign to bring Supers back, while Bob navigates the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life at home with Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack – whose superpowers are about to be discovered. Their mission is derailed, however, when a new villain emerges with a brilliant and dangerous plot that threatens everything. But the Parrs don’t shy away from a challenge, especially with Frozone by their side. That’s what makes this family so Incredible.

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Back to work.. Elastigirl springs into action to save the day, while Mr. Incredible faces his greatest challenge yet – taking care of the problems of his three children.. Incredibles 2 Wiki

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From the creators of Zootopia...  WorldQuestioner  4 star

As good as the first movie, but not better. They are both great. Not beholden to Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer. That's not so good, but not bad. The reason Incredibles 2 ignores that game is probably because if it was beholden to that game, there wouldn't be surprised. The flashing lights have been removed for legal reasons. Epilepsy. I'm a bit put off by the fact that the Underminer isn't captured and remains at large, and that no one knows where he is. If there's an Incredibles 3, I hope that the Underminer is caught in it. I like the high technology like hovertrains and jet choppers. Not quite as far out as the first film. The first film had advanced battle robots, an SR-71 Blackbird-like jet, an island with vipers, buildings built into mountains, and such. This second film is in the mainland, and is about computer technology rather than automated robotics and military vessels. That's what I like better about the first film. Syndrome was cool with gadgets, but now he's dead his gadgets aren't passed on. One thing I don't really like is, well, let me explain it... Superheroes were made illegal in the first film because of the damage superheroes have been blamed for. Considering that, you'd think Elastigirl, Dash, violet, and other superheroes would learn from that and be less reckless and less destructive in this movie and cause less damage. But that's not the case. In spite of the reason that superheroes were made illegal, superheroes in this movie continuing break through windows and walls and other things. I know, sometimes that's necessary. That finishes the explanation. One bad thing is five inappropriate words as another review said. And taking the Lord's name in vain. They should edit the movie and make an edited version of this movie that replaces words. Such a censored movie should have "damned" replaced with darned, "my god" replaced with "my gosh," and "hell" replaced with heck.

Max 17/3821
Just add water  Max 17/3821  5 star

5 star

Health concerns  Adamrocker1  3 star

As much of a fan I am of The Incredibles, I’m not too happy the fact this movie contains Strobe lights which would not be appropriate or legal for family movies like this because strobe lights are a well known way to trigger seizures for people who were diagnosed with them. That it no laughing matter.

Great movie  AM5883  5 star

This movie is awesome and I recommend it to anyone who likes the first one or just anyone in general.

My G.0.$.H. !+ wuz [email protected]+ !ncred!ble.  Jolovesgum  5 star

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Boring, lousy script, too much story,  Furutan1  2 star

This represents 14 years of story-tweaking by committee. There are few good action scenes but the rest is tedius and boring, plus there are holes. The Underminer is simply dropped. The memory-wipe is out of sequence. The movie just goes on and on, plus they don't show how things are resolved. They could have cut this down by half an hour and had a passable film. As for the glowing reviews, did these people actually watch the first movie? The sequel is just plain bad storytelling, pure and simple.

White Dragon3
Incredibles 2  White Dragon3  3 star

Funny Still to loud & violent for young children. I recommend age 10 and up. I am old but I remember the nightmares from loud violent movies. The writers and producers must have forgotten how sensitive their hearing was? I recommend watching some old Disney classics to observe the lower volume and mild violence. 1. The ugly Dachshund 2. Herbie 3. National Velvet 4. Flubber

Meh  Slimeade  3 star

It was an okay second movie to the Incredibles, but it wasn’t great. Nothing particularly wrong with it, but it’s not something I’ll be recommending to my friends.

Less than Incredible  nocrickets  2 star

Like so many sequels (although few take 14 years to arrive), this is just a bland recap of the original, with a probably predictable Hollywood Me Too spin thrown on top to distract us from how uninteresting and un-fun it is. As Ocean's 8 is to Ocean's 11, as the Ghostubsters remake is to the original, Incredibles 2 is to the wonderful Incredibles.

It’s ok  jeffhgfjv  3 star

It’s ok but I seen it 100 times so yeah!

incredibles looks like METOO bs in Cartoon  SeA1Fly  2 star

just METOO bs in cartoon

Not what I expected  Notall-there  2 star

I sat down for a movie like the original Incredibles: a fun, goofy story with plenty of moments to make you laugh and smile. That’s not what I got. This takes the original movie and turns it into a drama. The characters are there but it feels like a different world entirely. Do not watch the first movie before watching this. The tone is so different that it ruins the fun of the original. Maybe you’ll like this movie. But only if you haven’t watched the first one.

Great sequel  ddealss  4 star

This movie is great for everyone in the family. It's funny, exciting and moving. The writer's did an excellent job picking up right after the first film and expanded on all the characters. I loved it.

Colbyperry  colbynperry  5 star

Love the movie

Disney needs to offer 4K Atmos  MichealLambert  1 star

Why would I buy it otherwise!?

Too scary  dsc9  1 star

I don’t recommend this movie for small kids. It gave my 5-year-old nightmares, which she has never had prior to watching this. Definitely too much violence and mind control... seems like an adult movie animated. I wish I knew how to delete it from my iTunes library so that it doesn’t even show up.

The Incredibles 2  lyla2019  5 star

Love this movie so funny.

Incredible  DaredMam  5 star


Zoe Zibbel
Incredible Movie  Zoe Zibbel  5 star

Incredible movie! Better than the first one! It will become a classic. All those years of waiting, totally worth it!

So good!  flo3er99  5 star

I might even dare to say that it was better than the first. It was a little creepy but so exciting! This is certainly a “have to see”.

bubba with a h
It was good really liked it  bubba with a h  4 star

But it wasn’t as good as the first but it is hard to make to movies of the same theme

👍  BibBee3101  5 star

I’m usually cynical about sequels but I loved this!!! Worth watching with the kids lots of LOL moments

Great  fyugSsr  5 star

Da best

ADD TO UR MUST WATCH LIST NOW!  Cookiebot4534  4 star

Ok this movie is absolutely brilliant, but, one of my best friends can’t watch it as it has flashing lights and can cause epileptic attacks. Other than that it’s AMAZING! Defs add to ur movies to watch list!

Waste  Rogachev.mi  1 star

Movie full of modern stereotypes and exceptionally boring. Also iTunes doesn’t show negative comments and that’s ridiculous.

king of somalia is bre
Waste of time  king of somalia is bre  1 star

Basic stereotypes and very boring. Edna is the highlight!!!!

Poor storyline  asfgjkkoyfv  1 star


Fantastic sequel  debsydubs39  5 star

What an amazing movie Hilarious 😂 The baby was so funny The story made sense and wasn’t ridiculous like some sequels Yay Pixar ❤️

As good as the original...  quiethouses  5 star

... which is quite an achievement, especially given how many ‘super’ films there are these days. A much stronger Pixar sequel than the sadly underwhelming Finding Dory.

It's ok  KlausVillaca  3 star

Not even close to the first one. Elasticgirl speaks like if she had a stroke. Dash is slower, Mr Incredible way weaker. I believe that's it. Like many sequels this's the last.

Disappointed!  AkiraAhu  1 star

The iTunes version isn’t the original. It doesn’t contain the flashing scenes that were shown in theatres. Not happy and I want a refund!

kody is the man
The incredibles one/two  kody is the man  3 star

This movie was super good and I think lots of kids out there will like it!

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