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Laura (Penélope Cruz) and her children travel from Buenos Aires to the small Spanish village where she was born to attend her sister's wedding. Unexpected events soon lead to a crisis that exposes the family's hidden past. Suspicions mount, loved ones begin to turn on one another, and dark secrets long hidden threaten to come to light, revealing shocking truths. This gripping thriller from Oscar®-winning filmmaker Asghar Farhadi also stars Javier Bardem and Ricardo Darín.

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Who did it?. Laura, a Spanish woman living in Buenos Aires, returns to her hometown outside Madrid with her Argentinian husband and children. However, the trip is upset by unexpected events that bring secrets into the open.. Everybody Knows (Todos lo Saben) Wiki

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Terrible  Pauladl  1 star

Don't waste your time. The plot is slow, boring, unnecesarily complicated. Very, very boring.

Great movie  steph_fig  5 star

I liked the plot twist, but I’m not such a huge fan of the ending (I would have liked to see the consequences of their actions instead of leaving it to the viewers’ imagination & having them piece it together). Still a great story IMO, with solid performances from the actors.

Solid film, even if it’s not too great.  Texasnicoli  3 star

To those complaining about having to read subtitles. Stop being a lazy idiot. So what if it’s not in English? Yes, the trailers on iTunes are in English, but no need to downvote the movie because of it. Anyways, not a bad movie, definitely not the director’s best film, but it’s still worth watching.

A horrible ending  LadyOklas  2 star

It was a good fake out. to get you to rent it. it Previews in English, but it’s in English subtitles. I watch many movies with English subtitles I wouldn’t have mind if it told me instead of tricked into renting it lol. The ending totally sucked by the way the English of titles, way too fast. So be prepared English subtitles and a bad ending.

Don’t watch unless you enjoy subtitles  Roboloven  1 star

The entire movie is in Spanish. They do not show you that on the previews.!

Beautiful  Goddess415  5 star

This movie is excellent. I watched it twice.

Ummm....wait?  shamilton75  1 star

Would love to get my money back! Don’t be fooled, only the preview is in English. The film itself is Spanish. To be fair...I do not watch many films with subtitles. If I wanted to read it, I’ll go grab the book.

Good, Raw  A+Chef  5 star

Although subtitles can be a pain, the story was well thought out and executed. Surprisingly good and a raw film.

Great  Mavrodaphne  5 star

Although a long movie and subtitled, the story is well told. Well acted. And suspenseful ending

Second Eye
A film in the serious category  Second Eye  5 star

This 2 hour film is a force of brilliant acting and human relationships on the background of a riveting mystery. It is not to be missed and most will think about or discuss the movie long after it is done.

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