Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Summary and Synopsis

The 9th film from Quentin Tarantino features a large ensemble cast and multiple storylines in a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age. Los Angeles, 1969. TV star Rick Dalton, a struggling actor specializing in westerns, and stuntman Cliff Booth, his best friend, try to survive in a constantly changing movie industry. Dalton is the neighbor of the young and promising actress and model Sharon Tate, who has just married the prestigious Polish director Roman Polanski… Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Wiki

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In this town, it can all change… like that..

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood (2019)

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Comments & Critics

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Movie Reviews

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- You won’t get that time back1 star

This movie is a fecal sandwich inside of a dumpster fire!

- Some of us would like to rent🤷🏻‍♀️1 star

I don't want to own this movie!Time to rent , you could make more money on it this way!

- Meta5 star

It feels like Tarantino’s version of ‘The Big Lebowski’ with the structure of a cult classic, ‘hang-out’ film. The more I have watched this film, the more I find something new. A comparison to old and gold Hollywood in a thematic element with the films and the actors he has previously worked with as meta comparisons add a nice touch. With the ending being one of his best, if not, the best ending Tarantino has written to date alongside Pulp Fiction’s diner scene with Jules having a revelation. The final act may differ to the true plot of the film early on as well as the final act’s plot was more of a background, sub-plot that feels like the sub culture that hurt the image of more than just the entertainment industry. Much of his meta storytelling on his own films and experiences are compared to some extremist views on today. But like history, people go about it not seeing when extremist thoughts and actions become reality. Too bad real history didn’t have anti-heroes Cliff Booth, Rick Dalton, Sayuri (The doggo), and the innocent Francesca (who literally just arrived in America with husband Rick Dalton).

- Not worth the price1 star

Hi fans of Quentin Tarantino I’m sad to say this isn’t his best work and the acting by Brad Pitt and Leo is good but the value of the movie is over priced. This movie should be in the price range of $1.99 and should of come with refund option, because wasted my 3 hours watching a movie... Quentin owes everyone a refund. I believe when everyone around you starts to kiss your butt, these are the types of movies you put out there....even Samual L Jackson didn’t want to have any part in this movie.

- Good movie I’ve seen in my intire life5 star

Awesome and beautiful

- How About...5 star

After seeing this I would love to see QT make a flick entitled...'Once Upon a Time In Bollywood'. More sex drugs and murder ala Hindo style!!! Brahahahahahahahahahahaha

- excellent5 star

slow at first but worth the watch

- Wonderful5 star

This movie was great from beginning to end. I hate how reviewers can sway someone from watching a movie. It was a joy to watch. Tarantino is a amazing director that doesn’t always get it right but this was one of those times he did. Taking a real story and putting a spin on it was wonderful. Bravo!

- Almost forgot it was a Tarantino film... almost lol5 star

constantly messed with my expectations and I loved it.

- Maybe it depends on your age5 star

I am 63 and actually grew up in this era, so this movie was spot-on for me. I remember the old 50's westerns, which were nightly syndicated reruns when I was a kid. I remember the spaghetti westerns, and I remember going to the movies with my dad to see the Matt Helm movies. This was a time of transitions: the end of one era and the beginning of another. I found this movie fascinating and enjoyed it immensely. It rang a few old bells, and brought back so many bittersweet memories. I was very impressed with the depth and the detail of Tarantino's vision. He got that era just right. I know; I was there.

- BORING!!!1 star

John Waters should be the Director cause gross elements could be done perfectly, NOT AN OSCAR Value, looks like marketing works to win but not brains. Simply AWFUL!

- Waste of time and $2.501 star

Being locked at home thought I’d watch a movie. Picked because of actors and they got some kind of award. No plot! No action! No acting. It was like watching a series of trailers. If you want to see a movie with real acting and make up, see Vice. Didn’t like the movie that much, but the guy who played Cheney was amazing.

- Wasted Time1 star

The acting is done well, but the story is severely lacking. I couldn’t help but think that this was Tarantino simply reminiscing to the Hollywood of yesteryear. In the end he tries to make sense of it all by including the Manson family. Total flop.

- Too Long, kind of boring2 star

I watched the movie. I was kind of bored. It is a long movie that really isnt interesting at all. it is a blah story. I dont recommend it

- No way any 5 star review is truly real1 star

A garbage dump until a bit of excitement and action at the end. No plot. Just a meandering waste of great actors and talent. BOOOooooo

- Worse than a b budget movie1 star

At least you could say a b movie director might be making their first attempt. For someone like Quentin Tarantino though he should be embarrassed to make this level of worthlessness. Same with Pitt and DiCaprio. I only finished watching out of disbelief and a hope that I was getting ready to witness an amazing turnaround but just 2 and a half hours completely wasted time. I feel really robbed having watched the whole movie.

- Roberto1 star

Waste of time...

- Once upon a time ... Tarantino was good1 star

The worst movie I have ever seen. It belongs in the B movie category. Frankly, it was so bad one may think it may have been a high school film project.

- Another narcissistic movie from outta touch actors1 star

I stopped the movie after 45 minutes. It had no plot and appeared to be made on the premise that we actually care about how they make movies and what they do in Hollywood. Hint: Most of us don’t care. My only regret is I can’t get my rental fee back from Apple.

- Idk1 star

It was bad

- Bought sight unseen...1 star

Okay, so I haven’t seen any of the Kill Bill movies. Meh, haven’t seen any of the Matrix or Harry Potter films either — and cool with it. So, yeah, preordered Once Upon. Wow, big mistake... The movie is a jumbled mess - sorry sort of to those who thought it was the bee’s knees or cats meow. Will never know whether Q.T. changed his approach to script writing or “whatever,” but man, it just didn’t flow the way any of his previous films did. Anyrod, your mileage may vary.

- Best Tarantino Movie to Date5 star

Once Upon a time in Hollywood is funny and entertaining with Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio they had great chiemstry even when they do things togethet it's funny and real. Throughout the whole movie is funny and had great shots and fantastic performances by the lead actors and most of all this movie truly a fan favorite to all tarantino fans.

- Waste of time2 star

The entire movie was horrible except the last 30 minutes.

- pointless, not entertaining movie1 star

Don’t listen to the hype, this is not a good movie. Don’t listen to the hype, rent or purchase something else. I wish we would have instead of watching this movie. I wouldn’t even give it 1 star, this is a 0 star movie.

- Loved It5 star

Really great. Loved to watch the development of the Brad Pitt character Cliff Booth. The movie is excellent. So many surprising and fantastic scenes. DiCaprio is a favorite actor also. Love to watch how he brings out so much in all his performances. Making them much improved by his protrayals. Tarantinos' best, don't stop now.

- "Once upon a time..." is Boring1 star

Boring, Boring, Boring and one more thing....this movie is boring. I guess Pit and DiCaprio made the movie for the money and that not much "acting" was required. Tarantino has done some great work, this one..not so much.

- Once upon a time1 star

Terribly boring!

- Loved it!5 star

Funny, raw, brad carried the movie!

- Nine 10/10s in a row.5 star

Another great story from an iconic director, have no idea why all the negative reviews perhaps it’s all the attention paying and lack of cgi explosions.

- once upon a time in hollywood2 star

once upon a time in hollywood ... b movie at best. i want my money back. if this is best best hollywood can do you should close up shop. acting terrible. plot ridiculous.

- It was okay3 star

I had trouble finding a plot in this movie. When it came out I was so stoked because it was a Quentin Tarantino film but I was a little disappointed. However the ending with the hippies was my favorite part. He’s always had a skill of coming up with those creative deaths and that’s what I love.

- Ummmm!1 star

Brad Pitt fight with Bruce Lee was the highlight of the movie for me.. Yep! agree with the other reviews. Boring.. Boring.. I want my money back..

- Major thumbs down1 star

Worst. Movie. Ever! Maybe I'm just not a QT fan, though loved Jackie Brown (eons ago!). Felt like I was watching a video made by a bunch of frat boys over a drunken weekend. Splat!

- iTunes2 star

Loved the movie but, watching a movie or show on iTunes is utter garbage. If you pause for any reason, it won’t start up again. Just hangs. I only recently used iTunes for movies or shows and I am shocked how bad it is. I have a MacBook Pro and air . I have great wifi. iTunes is horrible. I’m goi g back to Netflix.

- Astonishingly terrible1 star

I’m a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino films and also know a lot about the stories surrounding the Manson Family murders. I went into this movie with an open mind, but expecting a slow-burn story with lots of dialogue and fascinating stories that would interconnect throughout the film, as usual with all of Quentins previous movies. But this is just NOT it. Everything that happened up until the last 15 minutes had no relevance of any kind and actually got really hard to watch because it was well and truly BORING. Sure, the ending had action and violence, but that’s not what made it the only highlight of the entire 3 hours. It’s because something, anything, was FINALLY happening. Something that actually had my attention. And it’s also not that the whole story was confusing or hard to understand, there was just NOTHING to understand or dissect. It was pointless. Nothing had any relevancy to anything at any point in time. I really expected better from Tarantino. 2 days later I am still just absolutely astonished that he actually made a movie THIS bad. Just don’t watch it. It’s a waste of time and will damage your trust in Quentins ability to make good movies anymore. If you actually found this movie good somehow, more power to you I guess. Otherwise, I advise everybody else to just NOT watch it.

- Endless1 star

I couldn’t even finish it. All the things only a person from LA would think matters.

- Wasted Time1 star

A group of us watched this movie in anticipation that we’d be in for a great surprise. Well most of the movie someone was asking what in the heck was going on and what the point of the movie was. I feel like this movie had a pretty lackluster script and we were not quite sure how Oscars were received for this movie. Definitely should have read other negative reviews prior to purchasing this movie.

- “Good” for a Tarantino movie, but “average” for a normal movie3 star

Not great, not bad. Kind of entertaining. Very disjointed, but almost didn’t get aligned in the end. Execution of the storyline needed to be refined a bit more.

- Once Upon a Time In Hollywood2 star

This movie had a star studded cast but somehow failed to deliver as a movie worth watching. The film felt like it was trying to tell three stories at once and didn’t do it well at all. This is Tarantino’s worst movie ever. The film had some good moments but not many to keep it from being a boring film.

- Great Movie5 star

Entertaining from start to finish.

- Highly recommend4 star

Good acting and good storyline, although some parts were unnecessary and had no relevancy to the plot whatsoever. Very entertaining movie though.

- Incredible.4 star

I for one loved this film. Pure escapism into the 60s and the lives of amazing characters. This will be a regular on my repeat watch list for a long time.

- How did this boring movie get oscars?1 star

We sat and waited for a story line to evolve but after siting there we decided we had better things to watch in order to avoid wasting the evening. What a disappointment!

- What’s the point1 star

I felt that the movie made no sense. I fell asleep on it 8 times and it was still on. There was to many story lines. The movie was hard to understand and should have not received an Oscar.

- Not Oscar material1 star

Not sure how these two washed up “actors” Were nominated for an Oscar . Haven’t seen a movie this bad in a long time

- Boring1 star

It was fun to revisit the past and see the Easter Eggs, but not my cup of tea. Actors did a good job, but there was just not much of a point other than an alternative ending for Sharon Tate. Found it boring and hard to watch.

- Terrible1 star

Boring, slow, and no plot.

- Boring, pointless1 star

Scenes drag on with no apparent plot or aim. Couldn’t even get through the entire movie. After an hour, I just couldn’t justify wasting any more time on it.

- Disappointed3 star

It’s Quintons fault. He has set the bar so high that just a hair below his usual is fatalistic. I don’t have the posh critics vocab......all I can say is how I felt after. Disappointed. With the exception of the performances of all the actors, which was exceptional. I hope this wasn’t Quintons last. IDE prefer a bang versus this whimper. I don’t usually post reviews, but I want so badly for this director to make another movie that I hope he feels motivated to continue based on the opinions of his low brow peeps (present company) who love escaping into his worlds. All his movies have been funny, unique, out of the box, a bit like dickens as far as his emphasis on colourful characters. This movie does do the latter but other than the end bit the rest is almost yawn worthy. I kept waiting for it to get better like I have done with books that failed to grab but ten tapping fingers later 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyhoo..... maybe it’s a different direction??? If so, don’t do it!!!! Turn back!!! I pray there is another film soon for this ungrateful git.

- No stars was not an option1 star


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Nosnibor Petrochemical - How do fairy tales end?5 star

People grumping that there's no story here are sort of missing the point. (C'mon... three people's stories are RIGHT THERE on the screen.) What you're really getting is a "What if it didn't end the way it did?" fable about a moment in time, with some very funny and very sweet threads woven through a romanticized version of history until it totally *doesn't* need to end that way, and it plays around with what you know about history while it's unfolding. Come for the atmosphere, stay for the dismissal of serial-killer mystique. I haven't been this charmed in ages.

Cirrus22Hawkins - What???1 star

How is this a great movie? It cost$0.99 on iTunes and I was ripped off.

Holben2005 - Wait... this is a Tarantino movie?2 star

Hardly any action, a better title for this movie would have been “A Day In The Life of A Hollywood Actor”

Davegooo - Le pire film de torintino...1 star

Déçu du debut a la fin.

Nico12_666 - Don’t listen to bad reviews!5 star

Of course this film is different than other Tarantino movies but still deserve 5 stars. The actors did an incredible job, also the fact that they recreate the 1960s perfectly. Costumes , decors, everything is on point. Must watch!!

Williammoviewatcher - Once upon a time in Hollywood1 star

I heard so much about this movie and was looking forward to seeing it. But was very disappointed with it from start to finish. Do not recommend it.

Anger666 - Just Plain Boring2 star

Why anyone won any awards for this movie is mind boggling. This is a slow paced, not quite cool movie. The most interesting part is near the end and just as you think, finally it’s getting good, it ends.

Blindcell - Really not good1 star

This really didn’t need to be made.

Jrssm - Long and boring1 star

I did not enjoy this flic. Way to long and too much cheesy stupid stuff throughout. The overall movie plot and outcome are interesting but that’s about it. 2+ hours in my life I won’t get back.

Geoffm2006 - Boring1 star

This is probably the worst movie i have ever seen. No story. Disjointed cameos. Poor script. I know they smoked at this time but really do we have to film them lighting up a cigarette at every smoke break. Very poor. Watching this movie is time you will not get back. Violent Action at the end was not really related to anything that went before and what was the flame thrower about. Total garbage.

Tuxy79 - Awesome5 star

Go see it.

eplutz - Yuck1 star

I rarely write reviews because so much of art is subjective but this was awful. Brad was just the cool guy you wish you had on your side - other than that this was just yuck. Give it a hard pass.

Riley14boss - Good movie5 star

Really epic movie

1JohnRl - Waste of time1 star

Nothing happens for 2.5 hrs, except Pitt being cocky. Then the manly man changes an event of that time. And the point is ? Annoying movie.

Pat Flo Ro - Unecessary3 star

Good acting, well done but unnecessary. Very long. Uninspiring.

dancing~turtle - why is it sooo boring?2 star

i could only get through 70 min of this. It was painfully slow and a movie should not take this long to get nowhere. Can't believe it was nominated for an Oscar.

Acadia U - Movie of the Year5 star

Classic Quinten!

Klocke1807 - No real story1 star

I want my time back Quentin! You can keep the rental fee but I really want my time back.

minecraft_Lovera - sleepish2 star

Once apon a time in snoozeville!

Lynn3179 - Great Movie5 star

I loved the build up to the final scene.

honeymoonsover - Terrible1 star

Probably one of the worst movies I’ve seen. Not sure what all the praise is about.

Crystal0006 - I fell ASLEEP2 star

I love Quintin pics, but this one...very drawn out. Brad and Leo did a great job acting..but I didn’t like the story. I was expecting something else.

juliecrouse13 - Don't waste your time or money.1 star

The only good scenes were in the trailer. Brad & Leo must have lost a bet to star in this.

Mana22222222 - Great movie5 star

Loved it

SRGRMB - Well2 star

This movie sure is not a deep subject, the movie got lost in it's self. I expected more or better from Tarantino. His movies were the best this one is f flop.

God deal - BORING1 star

No plot. Pointless movie. Only the last 10 min are worth watching . Don’t waste your money on this one👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Jane Monheit's fan - great feel good movie.4 star

I read about what actually happened and this alternate happy ending makes you weep.

Marshman - What was that?2 star

Oh my god. Almost three hours of daydreaming. It was the hardest movie I’ve ever had to get through. Horrible.

Kris Atkinson - fantastic5 star

thoroughly enjoyed

Kelcey2728 - Terrible movie1 star

What a waste of time and money to see this. Thank god I did not waste more seeing this garbage in theatres.

ford512 - skip the first hour and 45 min, you welcome3 star

i love his movies but this one... movie only really starts at the flat tire scene

Moose's Truck - Hollywood- excellent movie.5 star

Hollywood- excellent movie. Quentin Tarantino is one of the best Movie Director’s great spin on the movie. It does blindside you. Well written parts are funny and parts are serious.

Hawk1960 - Great Movie5 star

This was a great movie! Any one who did not like this movie were obviously not around back in the 60’s and did not get get how great it would have been if the It had gone the way it did in this movie! Manson was a real scum bag!

Mowalker8 - Excellent5 star

Story so well told - verging on hilarity but serious too - really enjoyed it!

Hugh3268 - Very slow2 star

Not my favourite. Very slow. Not sure what the plot was.

westcoastgirl - Awful1 star

This movie was horrible. Pitt's worst.

I've got Soul - Once upon a time in Hollywood1 star

This “Movie” Is not worth spending 1$ on! How does a lame Production like this make “Big screen”????🤭😞

Crystaillzed - Disappointed..2 star

Kill bill was a favourite back in the day.. So were most of Leo's movies. However after watching this I'm a tad bored with the lack of character progression throughout the acting. Leo needs to breakaway from this playboy/"I'm the best" mindset type character roles we've seen numerous times before from him; in Wolf of Wall Street, Aviator, Great Gatsby, ..so on and so forth. I have always been a fan of his movies but sometimes he misses the mark. And this is one of those times for me. Margot was barely in this film. Brad Pitt also needs to find another role. A much older man being interested in a teenager was just gross to watch. The movie was long and didn't have a lot of substance in regard to anything happening. Sure there were top actors, nice cars, fun sets, and good looking people.. but what else? This movie needed a lot more going on to keep my attention, especially for an almost 3 hour movie. I could hardly get my boyfriend to keep watching but I kept saying maybe it'd get better since it had such good reviews. ..we weren't able to finish it all in one night and had about 30 minutes left to watch the next day. However we ended up forgetting about it and once we remembered, our 24 hour rental had ended and we found ourselves not caring about what happened in those last 30 minutes anyway. I waited MANY MONTHS to watch this and was so excited when I found out it was finally for rent, but I was sadly disappointed. 2 stars for quality actors and production team (movie makers and the crew because their costume design, art direction, etc. was all well done) but everything else (the storyline/lack of character progression) was a flop for me.

chucky😡 - Zzzz😴1 star

The worst Tarantino movie ever!!!🤬

JDanials - Quinton! What happened buddy??!1 star

This was NOT a movie! It was a LONG series of unrelated boring scenes. You have been warned! The last 5 minutes of the movie finally had an action scene, unrelated to the everything else! Skip this movie!

Mr.Skint - Amazing5 star

Been a long timesinfe I’ve left the theatre this satisfied! Can’t wait for the digital release!

Falseer - Another Great One from the Best!5 star

The script alone is worth thw admission price.

blcksunn88 - Typical1 star

Typical Tarantino depraved garbage!!! why do so many people praise this sick film maker. I would have to assume that his fans that call him a "genius" must be sociopaths. I'm not surprised that a depiction of R. Polanski was in his movie. Another sick pervert who likes to date and rape underage girls and gets away with it and nobody cares. How very disturbing.

movieloverforever - Over Rated garbage2 star

Hollywood whitewashing at its worst, Leo’s Performance saves the movie otherwise would of given it 1 star, It was Long Boring Also Tarantino disrespecting Bruce lee like that Damn, Proof Directors are all cowards afraid to take on the subject of Satanism in the movie industry Thought maybe it would of been a historical Crime Drama about the satanic Manson Murders

Schislam123 - Best movie I’ve ever seen5 star

I don’t have anything to say. More down to earth movie from Tarantino.

Louboutins77 - Loved it!5 star

I loved all the actors and stories were great! Leo playing an actor was great!

Alzville - Truly a masterpiece !!4 star

one of his best !!...and eventually will emerge as a top 5 film ever !!...Quentin is a genius !

getoffmynet - Off the mark3 star

Am torn with this one, Brad was exceptional, the Leo was wooden, story was blah. Without the Pitt it would be a solid snoozer. I did cheer the end, not what took place in the movie but the real life hideousness of the true event. And that’s my problem with this flick, if I did not know the true events, be just another hatch and slash.

TOMMY_RP94 - Groundbreaking5 star

The fairytale twist that Tarantino puts on this film taking place in Hollywood’s golden age was phenomenal. This is a film that a lot of people won’t get… which I love. Tarantino doesn’t play by the rules.

Och.laddie - Good not great4 star

Big fan of Tarantino but this wasn’t his best work (still better than most of what comes from Hollywood though!). It was good and if you like his movies, worth checking out. All the action comes near the end. It’s like an homage to a Hollywood that no longer exists. I intend to watch a second time in case I missed some of the details in the movie.

El johnsonebra - Awesome5 star

So cool , why are people rating this bad?

Ellioths - Waste of time!1 star

Very slow, boring and at the end of it, my wife and I looked at each other and both said what a waste of 2.5 hours! Rubbish!

VicTG4 - How Dare you!!! Bruce Lee Really?1 star

Worst drawn out piece of rubbish i've ever watched . it was so slow with no substance but complete lies as a story about nothing. Also the insulting lie on Bruce Lee was a childest jealous put down very cheap and tasteless indeed. it turned me off Quentin Tarantino completely

nssee - A messy, boring plot5 star

No idea what it wants to be. Brad and Leo are good separately but together they have almost no believable chemistry

Dav18id - Beyond Bad1 star

I tried 10 minutes and turned off. Next attempt got to 50 minutes, and just knew it was worst movie ever made... and not in a Showgirls kinda way!! As others have written, last 30 minutes a bit of action happens, but before then, terrible. Makes a mockery of awards season that this was nominated for anything, let alone win. Don’t do it.

Raejnic - Terrible2 star

So slow and boring, would have been much better if something actually happened

Dazz128 - wow1 star

very over rated what a wast of time ! i when and did the washing up for fun.

Janetteann - Worth a watch.4 star

Pretty good movie! Loved Brads performance.

MK king - Great5 star

Don’t listen to those who “skipped” most of the movie or thought it “dragged on”, make no mistake this is a long movie but if you are a fan of period pieces and historical movies with a pop culture twist then this is the one for you, LOVED IT

;) meow - The Brad and Leo spaghetti western3 star

If you feel like watching Brad and Leo meander through a buddy film this is long and slow but very watchable. Both are good and Pitt is very likeable. Up to the last 15 minutes of violent historically revisionist mayhem it is very tame with classic Tarrantino dialogue and attention to detail. I don’t know where he was going with the Timothy Olyphant segment which feels unfinished, so I guess there is some footage somewhere on the cutting room floor. But... geez it’s long and a little difficult to see what the fuss is about other than “it’s Tarrantino”. It’s a homage to Hollywood and Italian spaghetti westerns and it has two A-listers playing the lead roles. I’m surprised either role was considered award-worthy, but that’s Hollywood. The graphic violence only occurs in the last 15 minutes, and once again it is the gratuitously excessive violence upon women that is uncomfortable. I wonder if either Pitt or Leo will feel uncomfortable about this on reflection... Tarantino clearly finds this amusing because he returns to this wellspring movie after movie. It feels like he is desperately ingratiating himself with the Hollywood A-list crowd as he talks about closing the curtains on his film career and the rest of us are in no rush to see his next instalment and consign his movies to “wait until we can rent on a streaming platform”. It’s a long, long way from Pulp Fiction.

XxpantherxX1 - Modern masterpiece5 star

This movie shook me

King contrary man. - Once a time in Hollywood1 star

Slow and boring, come on Tarantino you can do better than this!

Mitchell6292 - Disappointed2 star

As i love tarantinos films I know there usually a slow build up but this was just slow and boring no action which is a shame such a great cast I’m not one to complain but this was disappointing film to long.

GrantyBul - Mmmm1 star

Well that’s two hours I won’t be getting back. Self indulgent and like a broken pencil - pointless.

RezaSam - Awesome movie!5 star

Awesome movie!

DeadlyMorals - Not a review4 star

I’ve not seen yet - just compelled to write by the single individual who has clearly written multiple 1 star reviews... suggests the film is compelling if nothing else

Madboy11 - Tarantino’s Worst2 star

I love all of Tarantino’s films and was looking forward to this movie. This film has no plot, no point, it’s just garbage. Even the exceptional cast couldn’t save this pointless mess.

Arcsit - Great movie4 star

This was an interesting movie, slightly based on real events but fictional. Very entertaining.

Soccernic - Great time warp back to 1969 LA.5 star

I really enjoyed this film. Well acted with fantastic detail. Another classic Tarantino.

TheMaidenCo - There is Something There3 star

I didnt mind this movie its classic Tarantino but a little lighter than some of his others. They captured that time in our lives well and the acting I liked. The ending wasn't what I expected as they changed the plot out of respect which i admired.

Eric assadourian - Terrible movie1 star

Terrible movie. Don’t wast your time watching this.

OC & Jonas - Top BS1 star

Good actors making a bad exit to their careers. Would not give it a quarter of a star...

Applehendricks - Good movie4 star

Classic Tarantino slower paced movie, that comes together spectacularly Enjoyable easy to watch! Great ending!🔥🔥

Havetocreatenickname - Terrible1 star

I wanted to love this movie, I really did. It was so bad though, so boring and no real story. The best but is 20 mins from the end. Do not waste your time on this.

bullyboy137 - Rubbish1 star

Absolutely the worst movie I have watched. The last 15mins was the only part worth watching

tan!!!! - Don’t bother1 star

So so boring at about the last 10 minutes. Don’t waste your time

Trans101 - Great story and entertaining.4 star

I liked this movie, it draws you in and gives you a good perspective of what Hollywood may gave been like. The acting was brilliant and so believable. Though it is a long movie it didn’t feel that long. I loved the conclusion and ending well worth seeing. Not for children though.

Melburn city - Atrocious1 star

Was genuinely the worst film of 2019 for me.

DrAlexL - Unwatchable1 star

Excruciatingly, irrelevant, boring story about the nothingness that Hollywood was once upon a time.

BoZzZz007 - Eh?3 star

Well, it was really kinda weird but that’s my perception. I’m not tuned 100% into Tarantino so, half of his stuff has done me well, this was, I mean, I took some good from it for sure but, I kinda got lost a lot. Anyway, I admire those who loved it, I admire people who’s minds can grasp things so easily. In the end; maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s not.

TomParker77 - Garbage1 star

Absolute rubbish, I continued to watch because I thought it would improve, I was wrong.

antzpanz - Once upon a time in Hollywood1 star

Slow, and a waste of time. However it did put me to sleep so thanks for that!!

CJR292 - Not bad Not Great3 star

It was not one of his best. But it was ok.

Storm_77 - Enjoyed it!5 star

You have to know Quentin Tarantino movies to enjoy this film!

Carmelw - Very dissapointing1 star

Don't waste your money renting this movie. Some big names but it is still terrible. I only made it to about 30% before turning it off.

TrowdyTrav - Don’t bother1 star

Boring, self-indulgent garbage. Absolute snooze-fest of a story. Don’t waste your money. I would have given it no stars if I could.

Stirling not archer - Come one come all, to watch the downward spiral of a once great director.1 star

Tarantino has officially jumped the shark. It’s all been downhill since kill bill 1. He’s out of ideas and should probably start directing other people’s screenplays. Or not. It wouldn’t matter. No one would care. My deepest condolences Quentin.

Loopy lo 1981 - Don’t waste your time1 star

Most of what’s worth seeing is on the preview. I got so bored waiting for a point to this movie that after 1.5 hrs a started filling in solicitors paperwork to stay awake. They suckered me in with the big star names and then under delivered.

DMW001961 - Very self-indulgent2 star

A movie written and produced largely to suck up to Tarantino's Hollywood friends. Most of it means nothing if you haven't been involved in the film industry in LA. Pitt is actually quite good though. DiCaprio is not. The last 20 minutes or so will appeal to those of you who enjoy extended scenes of extremely graphic violence against women.

WadeLaube - Dreadful1 star

Complete, unadulterated garbage.

FUDisney - Best movie I’ve seen in years!5 star

Brilliant movie, I can’t understand how others can say it’s too long. I enjoyed this so much that I watched it all again the very next day. One of Tarantino’s best in my opinion.

Warrent17 - Perfect5 star

Tarantino’s best

j0rdy5 - Wierd1 star

This movie was boring and wierd. I’m not even sure what the plot was meant to be and it didn’t get funny until the last couple scenes. Maybe there were a few one liners in the middle but it was mostly just a lot of Tarantino’s foot fetish 🤮

zaine walberg - Rubbish1 star

What a boring movie . Nothing but rubbish

mel_2322 - Most boring movie ever1 star

So disappointed with this movie. Was expecting something so great given the actors and directors. Stopped it half way through and won’t bother watching the rest.

Ghengislilley - No Story, No Plot, Just fake reviews1 star

It has never failed to amaze me that there are people out there with obvious alteria motives who will write similar fabricated reviews to con people into buying / renting dam awful movies. Whilst OUATH has a stellar cast, the movies lacks any story line, plot and direction. It you like watching a movie about people who spend a lot of time in cars just listnening to music, then this movie is for you. Dont waste you money otherwise.

Stricker36 - Not my thing1 star

Not my thing

ticky 2 - The Greek Freak1 star

I would have to give this the award for the most boring movie I’ve seen in years. It’s such a shame to put some fine actors in a movie such as this, the storyline was so weak, I almost felt embarrassed for the actors, please don’t waste your money, go and watch the grass grow, it’s more exciting.

mlewhe - Total trash1 star

So slow, I nearly died of boredom. Don’t waste your $7 to rent it. Sorry to say but Leo and Brad are has-beens

EZY555 - Slow, boring and too long2 star

Had to fast forward most of the movie, do your self a favour and skip to about the last 20 minutes, (expensive 20 min) More Tarantino self indulgent drivel.

erb.erb - Pointless...if I could give it 0 I would1 star

It is utterly boring and pointless. A micro amount of action, which again is pointless and gratuitous.

munshkins - Wowsers!!5 star

Great Tarantino movie as always! Brad and Leo were great together, and the ending had an awesome spin! LOVED IT!!!

JD Director - Needed to be longer for me5 star

Pitt and Leo are incredible together, the scene where they are watching tv together is great. Not for everybody but if you love old Hollywood then this movie is a massive joy. The ending is moving and touching.

J1Ch - Major disappointment1 star

Love QT films and this has to be one of the worst films I’ve almost seen - I had to turn it off after 20 minutes it was so dull.

boogies1985 - Tarantino5 star

Another great Tarantino film. Probably one of my favourites. Decent soundtrack too.

WhirlwindWayne - Boring1 star

One of the worst films I’ve seen in a long time.

BCS1105 - One of Tarantino’s absolute best!5 star

So many people weren’t fans of this film and I just can’t understand why. The consistently incredible dialogue, performances, cinematography and soundtrack that are typical of a Tarantino film are all there. This film is an absolute masterpiece and if anyone disagrees, I want you to see it again. Who knows, you might like it better on your second watch. This film is incredible.

Gjizddjo - Soooo boring!!!!!1 star

Very disappointed! Nothing like Tarantinos movies!

LethalLev - Self Isolation Wouldn’t Make Me Watch Again!!!1 star

I love Q.T. Films. Great characters, detail & storylines. This film somehow manages to bore the living daylights out of you & then assault your understanding of a true historical event with a pointless (albeit ending that you wished had actually happening in real life) and cartoon finale. Bored, Bored, Bored + 15 mins of Marvel Comic Action!!!! Disappointed

makister ;) - Love it5 star

Another great story from Tarantino....

Fat Boy 975 - Awful1 star

This is almost as boring as hateful 8

lawl baker - A true masterpiece5 star

The music, script, actors and co, one of my all time favourite movies.

Superkiller 192 - Zero1 star

Worst movie, if you want to call it that! Horrid, walked out after 5 minutes! Hollywood is overrated! KAG

seamonkey10999 - Long and boring1 star

I struggle to see how anyone would enjoy this movie.

Rr 7 - Good movie but there's another problem.1 star

The problem is Hollywood need to make movies again and not political statements. There is a case where an actor said in a backstage interview after winning an award wanted to make people angry. It seems they are moaning about inequality which is something we have to accept as inequality has been around since before the Pharaohs. Inequality is here to stay just like the vast sums in these actors paychecks!

110SEB - Rent, don’t buy.1 star

Slow, frustrating and laboured. Atmospheric but little else. If you’re after classic Tarantino, watch another of his films because this will disappoint. 2 hours of build up to very little. Indeed. What a waste of £9.99.

CARLPEZ 79 - Don’t listen to the haters 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

Yes Bruce Lee was made to look a little silly (a little disrespectful to a legend) but overall it was fantastic, just wish Sharon Tate’s outcome was the same in real life...

Jeppo418 - No story, no sequence, not even a script blondie...1 star

Starts with intro credits with huge names and promises to deliver an amazing movie. Then nothing.... absolutely nothing. Just disjointed drivel until last 15minutes of bloody violences which is typical of Q.T movies. The script was a let down and nothing like any other quick whited Q.T script. Great casting but that is the only saving grace, most people who will rate this movie 5 stars are only doing so because it’s a Q.T movie. Not because of the entertainment value because that’s on 2/10. A true struggle from start to finish. Save your money and don’t bother.

Boat44 - Boooooring1 star

Despite an all star cast, this is one boring movie. So slow and nothing really happens. Waite till it’s on Netflix or amazon and at least you won’t feel disappointed not watching the whole movie.

MrPl3x - Pointless waste of time.1 star

Even though it was on offer at £5.99 I feel it was a waste. Nothing happens and the stuff that did was barely entertaining.

EmHeck - Awful1 star

Three hours you will never get back....

Dobbytastic - Slow burner5 star

Really liked this movie. Lots of memorable moments, unlike the generic, populist, movie-mash around lately. Feels real, with a classic Tarantino vibe. Yes, it is a slow burner, but all the better for it, it demands your attention. One of the best movies I’ve seen for quite a while.

Susan Rogers Coltman - a Quentin Tarantino masterpiece5 star

incredible cast, every detail executed

MR95 - Terrible1 star

The film is 2.5 hours long and has no story to it. Don’t waste your time or money

zerocools - Sadly 😭 not the best film Quinton Tarantino1 star

To long film I fell a sleep 😴 but woke up at 2h in And saw the very violent end 💭

JFTK1 - Once upon a time...4 star

Is it ironic that the director creating two great lead characters Booth and Dalton for this homage almost loses the plot in not using the word that originally gave Hollywood its 'golden age': Cut!

Joshua Harmes - It’s good4 star

It’s a good film but not his best work, Leo was great, however Brad was the standout.... for a QT film it will mostly be 8th, 9th or even last night n his top ten.

Zande2009 - Great acting but film?2 star

Great acting from 2 leading Hollywood favourites but the film was a mix of old events and fiction blended together with a one star ending. Wouldn’t sit through it again

Vell-31 - BAFTA’s reward racism and sexism1 star

I am baffled as to why a movie with so many BAFTA nominations is in the discount isle at least for the second time. Typically, movies that are well received hold their price and only ever add a small discount long after the movies release but these price drops make me think the negative reviews have something in them that is true. The pricing is suspicious so I will skip it on two fronts; the first is that this movie as I have stated above has been nominated for multiple BAFTA’s and no doubt will receive numerous Oscar nominations but movies like ‘Hustlers’ have received no nominations from the BAFTAs and it is holding its price. The nominations stink of sexism and racism. I won’t support a movie that is being lauded just because it focuses on a white male protagonist in a chauvinistic industry. The BAFTA’s appear to be rewarding that environment and behaviour. The second if you haven’t already figured out is the price. Any film which drops its price this quickly is going to be bad, regardless of who made or who stars in it. As for the critique that the plot doesn’t matter when Tarantino is focusing on the details which are everything then as an opening gambit on what makes a movie a movie, this movie should be offered for free. I am not paying for an item that is trying to imitate a time capsule, or fund someone’s nostalgia. If Tarantino wants to take a trip down memory lane to n industry when it approaching the zenith of toxic masculinity then that’s his business but don’t tell me this is a critical masterpiece or that I should enjoy the movie because of Tarantino’s attention to detail. Interior designers are known for their attention to detail but I wouldn’t want to watch a movie made by them either.

Simofsheff - Brilliant with an unexpected twist5 star

Great characters and story most believable depiction of the family, like most didn’t see the ending coming.

Mickey 20VT - Please make another good one Tarantino2 star

His films are like Marmite and I know where I stand with this one. The reviews seem to say it’s the last 30 mins that are what makes the film! Well I’d say maybe a five minute unexpected bit was the film’s highlight. It’s slow, boring and pretty pointless for 90% of the time and above all disappointing. I loved Pulp Fiction and Django, (in my top five movies of all time), but this is forgettable and will soon be in CEX for £4 on blue ray. I’m sure some people will love this film, just like some people think a banana stuck to a wall with gaffa tape is a work of art!!!

Marcus2810 - worst movie ever1 star

Saw this at the movies what a it has to one of the worst films ive ever seen, none of the attention to detail can save this film, a nonsense movie from start to finish

DrLMC - Disappointing2 star

A really hyped up film that does not live up to expectations. Nowhere near the same level as pulp fiction, reservoir dogs or the hateful eight.

mcandre16 - You have to consider the context before watching this masterpiece5 star

Fantastic film. Yes... it hasn’t got much of a plot, however Tarantino’s attention to detail (like the soundtrack when there’s a car scene with the radio) all pays homage to his love letter of 60s Hollywood. I feel as if that most of the one-star reviewers are not aware of the context of that time in Hollywood. The tragedy of the Sharon Tate murder was replaced with a satisfying ending with Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) and Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) bossing it. This turned it from a ‘once upon a time’ into a ‘happy ever after’ with Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) being safe with her expected baby. Grow up to those who thought that scene was too violent? What do you expect from a Tarantino movie - this is why you should consider the context before whining about ultra violence, I thought that scene was epic! Wonderful cast, soundtrack and mise-en-scene. For me, one of Tarantino’s greatest films.

DD234Xw - One of the worst movie1 star

All the people involved in the movie did great other movies. But that one is a no no for me. I really tried but no.

whitemanafro123446 - Tarantino, Best friends with Weinstein1 star

In case it passed you by, type in on YouTube - Quentin Tarantino Howard stern Roman Polanski. Tarantino openly defends the drugging and rape of a 13 year old girl whilst saying ‘she was up for it’ Best friends with Weinstein, enjoys violence, probably enjoys other creepy stuff but showing brutal murder is ok so there we go. End this creeps career already ...

Cayde_6 - No story.2 star

There isn’t really a story line to this movie, it was dull and boring. Without the A-list cast this would be 1/10

MikeDNick - Polarising!4 star

It really surprises me how polarising this film seems to have been with viewers. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I can only think that a lot of the 1-star reviews are a knee-jerk reaction against people’s expectations and/ or the largely positive critics’ reviews. Regardless of whether you were fully satisfied with the end result, given the craftsmanship on display in terms of dialogue, direction, cinematography and acting, it’s hard to imagine how people can consider it a 1-star film. As for those reviewers who called it the worst film they’d ever seen, I can only assume that they haven’t watched many movies. Yes, if you came looking for two-and-a-half hours of Tarantino ultraviolence, then you might be miffed that you had to wait for most of the movie’s runtime to get it - but in that case you’ve probably never watched, say, Jackie Brown. For me, when Tarantino finally takes off the gloves for the last act, entertaining though it is, it was a slight disappointment that he hadn’t been able to maintain his restraint right to the end. I’ve seen reviews comparing this unfavourably to The Hateful Eight, which I actually thought was a nadir for this director - lacking his trademark ear for dialogue, in particular. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is largely a return to form, and while it’s not perfect and is perhaps twenty minutes too long, on the whole I liked it a lot.

Andrew1503 - Really Disappointing1 star

Worst Tarantino to date by some distance. Nicely shot. Good sound track. Great cast. But the storyline or plot is hard to follow and exceeding boring as well. This is one of the worst films I have ever rented. The only reason my wife and I kept going was a) we had paid the rental and b) we were convinced it would get better. It didn’t.

BillC70.3 - Great cast performance, and little else2 star

Despite Tarantino's attention to detail, and a great cast acting superbly this is limpid, long, boring and a huge disappointment. I'd rent rather than just assume because it's Tanrantino it must be brilliant because it really isn't

MattLeonard - Extremely violently!1 star

For the most part this movie is pretty good. However it turns EXTREMELY violent at the end and for no reason. If you enjoy seeing women brutally beat by a man this is the movie for you. Otherwise skip it or turn off 25 mins from the end. Spoils an overall good movie.

ZeroDawn666 - Loved this a lot, Tarantino dialogue to a point.5 star

Title says it all, absolutely love this film as I have all his previous works. Great acting all round, solid dialogue and set pieces and also what a fantastic ending wasn’t expecting what happened as I know the Charles Manson story’s very well. Brilliant fairytale.

Ngclogic - Goes nowhere!1 star

Oh my goodness... I’ve just learnt how to rate movies in order to warn others. Great cast/terrible movie!

Jy1252 - Modern day classic5 star


Gazza-13 - Dull and tedious!1 star

Wasn’t worth the purchase price or even worth renting. Tedious and pointless for 2 hours culminating in about 15 minutes of pointless violence so I will probably never watch it again.

PaulInskip - Looks pretty missing a story1 star

That just about sums it up

andre998 - Boring2 star

I think maybe fans of filmaking will love this but for everybody else its just a really dull story. This is the first Tarantino film i have ever found myself dozing off too, and im a big fan.

Bleske - Insults intelligence1 star

This film is the biggest nonsense and epic intelligence insult. And I thought The Hateful Eight was nonsense! This film is so bad that not even greats like Pitt and DiCaprio can save it. Save your money and time. I felt I was cheated by this drivel. I was advised to keep watching, as the first hour is boring! And I was a long time fan of Quentin’s work.

beetlemac - Wanted to like it1 star


Baxris - Absolutely Terrible - the worst Tarantino Film1 star

I had high hopes for this; a great cast and a brilliant trailer......and there it ends. This film drones on for too too long. There is nothing to grip you and by the end you realise you’ve just lost a few valuable hours of your life. It is a truly terrible film and an utter waste of time. Watch something else.

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DJ Kingsgold - A fun watch, good storytelling4 star

This was a fun watch. Great storytelling and acting.

tamtataran - Genius5 star

How Tarantino controls temper of the audience unbelievable!

CODE MAN 649 - Horrible washed up actors1 star

The worst film I watched in 2019 !!! Do not waste your time , too many good movies out there. Netflix, Hulu , Disney, Amazon and Apple exclusives dominate this movie I rather watch golf over this

LongliveEnki - This way or that5 star

I can see why some would give it a 1 star, but it’s got flavor and depth. As usual Dicaprio doesn’t get the appropriate credit for his brilliance.

filmthusiast - beautiful film5 star

How does a film that’s “dull” “mediocre” or even “boring” get nominated for 11 academy awards? Stop being ignorant people and open your eyes. It is obviously an amazing film with a lot of film history behind it. give credit when credit is due... thank you.

Eiggerris - Waste of time2 star

Plain and simple, it sucked.

NickyNichols - Great movie5 star

I don’t watch movies often, however, I watched this twice in one day and will probably watch it again and again.

Erictmo - '60s Buddy Flick5 star

This is Quentin at his most romantic and he is starry eyed for Hollywood. I enjoyed the uncynical friendship of Rick and Cliff at the center of the story, the incredible worldbuilding, and the era-appropriate pace. While I don't find alternate realities where every baddy from history gets their comeuppance particularly cathartic, Quentin sure puts on a fine bloodbath.

AbinizJohnny - Good but could’ve been better3 star

Definitely not among Tarantino’s best.

Gpapaaa - I loved it5 star

If you’re anything close to a movie buff or someone that can enjoy a movie without tons of exposition holding their hand all throughout, then you’ll enjoy this movie (I figure that’s why the negative reviews are here). I loved it!

Blackrainbmx - Hollywood Pat on the Back Garbage1 star

Another trash movie.

I loathe socialists - What Do You Expect?1 star

When leftist libturd idiots gather again to give themselves a pat on the back in celebration of their own predictable hypocrisy & inherent mediocrity in a narcissistic attempt to be relevant, what do you call it? The Oscars.

HellsAssasin - ES CACAS!!1 star

Brad Pitt is at his most brilliant when playing characters with a wit not dissimilar to his own intellect, such as Kalifornia. To borrow a quote from the great mind of Charo... “ES CACAS”!!

a bereavement counsellor - Loved It5 star

Fascinated by the discrepancy of reviews. I hesitated to purchase this film, but it is not at all boring despite it’s length. Masterpiece.

301mattmatt - So so3 star

Sometimes I don’t get why Tarantino is held to such high regard especially after watching Parasite. Night and day difference.

RachME65 - A great one5 star

This film is fantastic. It is the most beautiful, heartfelt love letter to Hollywood and LA and this era of movies. Brilliantly captures the carefree attitude of the city and the people in it. It is definitely a Tarantino movie and one of his very best. Saw it in theaters and bought it to own.

Benjamin0914 - My favorite movie of 2019!5 star

Such a cool and unique movie! Love the characters Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth... Went and seen it on opening week in theaters and purchased it on iTunes for 12.99

JAopinion - I was expecting so much more...1 star

Found this movie to be incredebly boring. With that cast and director, I was really looking forward to it. It did not deliver at all. The story made no sense to me.

miamitraveler123 - One of the worst movies1 star

I don’t understand all the great reviews. The only thing I enjoyed was the 60’s cars, music and costumes. It was slow and boring. It didn’t make you feel for any of the characters. A total waste of the rental fee.

Homepopopop - Once upon a time in Hollywood2 star

Disappointing!! Waaay too long! I think I paused movie 6x! I don’t recall the ending! Why did they market this? For money?? Love the actors, but we deserve a refund!!! Really bad!

doback69 - Ugh1 star

Kept watching waiting for it to get better. It didn’t.

SteveDoumtsis - Horrible1 star

Pitt and DiCaprio are great actors- horrible movie- waste of time and money!’

Karl Peda - Why?1 star

Mr. Tarantino should retire.

HighDefJunkie - Masterpiece!!5 star

When it comes to great films, the first thing I do is look at all the negative reviews. And just about every single time, the reviewer has no idea of the intention of the film. Or the reviewer walks in thinking this film is transformers. please. This film was purposely not made to have a significant plot. this film was not made to put you on the edge of your seat the entire time. that’s not QTs intention. I won’t get into all the incredible reasons as to why this film is so great. Is it his best film? Of course not. You cannot judge a movie based on previous films, though we all have a tendency to do so. I get it. To truly understand why this film is fanatic, you have to search google and find interviews where QT explains the film. it’s absolutely brilliant. your average movie goer will never get it.

MathOsGuru - Poor Attempt to Revive Pulp Fiction1 star

Title says it all. Pulp Fiction is legendary ... this is forgettable ... completely. Nonsensical mess from beginning to end. Would not watch it again for free.

ldj07 - Over rated is a compliment1 star

Without the star power this movie is nothing. Enjoyed watching Margot, Brad, Leo & Kurt but that’s about it. If you don’t enjoy watching these actors you definitely won’t like the movie. I guess all the hype and golden gloves is a reflection of how empty our society has become.

The Bald - A waste of time and effort1 star

WOW Terrible movie with an outstanding casting. is shama to see this amazing actors Margo, Decaprio and Pitt the perform amazing but the scrip and everithing else horrible discosting

TaiaMac - Worst movie EVER1 star

The only reason this movie is getting play and hype is 1. Brad 2. Leo. The movie is full of bad acting (brad) fragmented scenes and the worst story line.

Allen9876 - Fantastic!5 star

Don’t get the bad reviews, this movie was great. Typical QT fashion. Great acting, story telling, sprinkled w/comedic dialogue. It’s great.

mmbl - Bore fest1 star

Boring beyond description. Had to skip some of it to see the end. The story is painfully slow and so boring. Worst movie I’ve seen in a very long time.

Ariauna - No!1 star

Terrible, drawn out and boring. I’m not sure what I just watched honestly. This wouldn’t even rate as a made for TV movie.

alizabeeSD - Boring Boring Boring3 star

90% of the movie was so boring it was painful to sit thru. But the last 10% was pretty good

TheJimbo - Enjoyable4 star

Lots of great actors, lots of great acting. I enjoyed it.

Cats & Music - Quentin Tarantino does it again!!5 star

Amazing movie, all involved did an outstanding job. I’m not an official reviewer and I won’t write paragraph after paragraph about it. Brad Pitt stole the show for me, he was funny and acted as only Brad can. And he’s still HOT!! NOW FOR THE BAD PART: I can’t believe what I just read... {just when I thought people couldn’t get any more stupid} that people think Sharon Tate is alive. I don’t want to spoil anything. Just remember, IT’S ONLY A MOVIE!!! *it’ll take me days to get over this one* This movie is way to long. About an hour is totally useless and I fast forward a lot.

Megan 0571 - Boring story1 star

Cute Cinemagraphic tricks and edits with a drawn out empty story. The expected finale violent scene resembles Night Of The Living Dead imagery and typical American macho bore-bravado. Yawn.

sundafunday - Waste of time1 star

I do not write reviews on anything I watch... But this is garbage!

WRT43 - Waste of Time1 star

One of the lamest movies I've ever seen; the geniuses who pick the Oscars have put this up there alongside "1917", a truly phenomenal flick--unbelievable! I kept waiting for something to happen in this movie to make it worth the time I spent watching--nada. If the movie cost nothing to watch it wouldn't be worth your time.

Fing bong - Disappointed2 star

I kept waiting for this b movie to take off , it never did 👎🏻

danikafaithc - not interesting2 star

not my favorite. i couldn’t get interested in it

Roaf Htun - Ending is not bad2 star

If you watch the movie from the last 20-30 minutes you’ll still understand the whole movie because there is no plot for like the whole movie, this movie is such a waste of ensemble casts. Expected highly of this after the hateful eight and previous movies of Tarantino.

Redbe75 - I want to live in this movie5 star

His best since pulp fiction

joule1991 - its top notch5 star

If you have a food amount of stress free time, make some yummy snacks and enjoy this heck of a movie!!!!

dlow609 - Can’t find extras4 star

I’ve been trying to find the extras and i just can’t and I purchased the movie to

hdjandbr - Once upon a time in Hollywood5 star

Very engaging characters

yitz1 - Once upon a time in Hollywood1 star

Boring garage even with an all star cast don’t waste your money

jamieh1723 - Meh!!2 star

Disappointing! Slow! Brad Pitt being Brad Pitt...no acting there! If you grew up in this era you may enjoy the trip down memory lane!

arif hosan OVE - Hi my all family members5 star

How can ad my account


I fell asleep in the movie theatre. Slow drag and waste of time.

ChiChiVonLippe - You gotta get all the way to the end.5 star

I almost turned it off thinking it was just a bunch of costumy shots. Sooo glad I didn’t. After a while, it gets more and more interesting. By the end, if you don’t mind some gore, it might be one of the best movies you’ve ever seen. Seems guys love it and women not so much, though I am a woman and I was thrilled at the end. Totally thrilled.

991tts - Great acting...1 star

Great acting, great atmosphere and props but this movie has no real story, no purpose, no anything, it is just an empty thing full of wonderful acting and props. Five stars for the acting and atmosphere, zero stars for everything else. Tarantino has become an overhyped director and I have no clue why. Time for him to move on and leave the stage to new blood. Boring and nonsensical!

5 star

I rated Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) 5/10 #IMDb

5 star

@crpWritescom Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

5 star

@_DNVP_: ใครอยากดูหนังMargot ตอนนี้ในNetflixมี2เรื่อง คือ The Wolf of Wall Street กับ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood สนุกทั้ง2เรื่อง คุณม…

5 star

@_DNVP_: ใครอยากดูหนังMargot ตอนนี้ในNetflixมี2เรื่อง คือ The Wolf of Wall Street กับ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood สนุกทั้ง2เรื่อง คุณม…

5 star

@AestheticMov1es: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) dir. Quentin Tarantino

5 star

@_DNVP_: ใครอยากดูหนังMargot ตอนนี้ในNetflixมี2เรื่อง คือ The Wolf of Wall Street กับ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood สนุกทั้ง2เรื่อง คุณม…

5 star


5 star

@IamZelda3 The Aftermath Bombshell Once upon a time in Hollywood

5 star

Film #45: Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood(2019) by Quentin Tarantino Watching it the 7th time now & it's become my…

5 star

Rewatched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last night and it solidified my feelings from my initial watch. A couple gr…

5 star

@_DNVP_: ใครอยากดูหนังMargot ตอนนี้ในNetflixมี2เรื่อง คือ The Wolf of Wall Street กับ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood สนุกทั้ง2เรื่อง คุณม…

5 star

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2019 Hindi Dual Audio 720p & 480p BluRay free download

5 star

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2019 Hindi Dual Audio 720p & 480p BluRay free download

5 star

@Ashlee_Kostelac Frozen 2? Once Upon A Time In Hollywood?

5 star

@_DNVP_: ใครอยากดูหนังMargot ตอนนี้ในNetflixมี2เรื่อง คือ The Wolf of Wall Street กับ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood สนุกทั้ง2เรื่อง คุณม…

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Images & Pictures

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood images

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Posters

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Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood posters
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood posters
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood posters
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood posters
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood posters
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood posters
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