Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Summary and Synopsis

The 9th film from Quentin Tarantino features a large ensemble cast and multiple storylines in a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age. Los Angeles, 1969. TV star Rick Dalton, a struggling actor specialized in westerns, and stuntman Cliff Booth, his best friend, try to survive to a constantly changing movie industry. Dalton is neighbor of the young and promising actress and model Sharon Tate, who has just married the prestigious Polish director Roman Polanski… Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Wiki

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In this town, it can all change… like that..

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood (2019)

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Comments & Critics

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Movie Reviews

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Tom834 - Way to long to build ending2 star

I get it the movie all centers around the ending, and what a great ending it was. It took 2 hours to get there tho.

MD90! - Slow and Dull1 star

Kept waiting for the plot to appear, action, anything. A lot of cool scenes that don’t build on anything. Not worth your time.

Bulletclown - Loved it5 star

Saw this three times in theaters. Sorry it’s not full of action sequences every 5 seconds, but that’s not what this movie is. It’s a glorious character piece, in which the character is 1969 Hollywood. You are watching the lives of 3 individuals intersect as the movie slowly builds to a nail-bitting conclusion that will surprise people familiar with the real life story of Sharon Tate. Nobody paid anybody to write good reviews. Some people just lack the attention span to appreciate a work of art, instead of a mindless cash grab with forgettable action sequences that mean nothing to the plot. Great film, will definitely buy.

Bam Maregera - Worst movie ever!!!1 star

Worst movie ever!!!

hsbobw - I HATE THIS MOVIE 😡😡😡😡😡1 star

I was hyped this was my face😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 After the movie.............................(movie ends) ............This is BULllllllllllllllCRAP🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

caseypenk - Hilarious5 star

Definitely one of the breakout movies of the year. Hilarious, spirited, and totally unexpected, this movie will keep you captivated throughout. A must-see!

Fateme_b1994 - Disappointed...1 star

be honest! its not amazing that i heard it! its such a boring movie that i have watched! i was hoping to sit my age of chair but....

Th22ty$ - Amazing5 star

This movie has a pace like a late 60s movie. It’s more complicated like those too. That’s a good thing. Enjoy the ending is amazing!

GiveMeAllTheMovies - Finally gave in, and I give it a Thumbs Up.4 star

Swore I would never watch this movie. Was so not interestd in revisting Manson Murders, espeicall by QT. Almost made it to the end of the year, and then I caved. Well, I did enjoy it quite a bit. Oddly a very sentimental, and nostalgic film. Brad Pitt is wonderful, as is all of the supporting cast. Lots and lots and lots going on in this film, but it is a perfect representation of Hollywood, even now. That Actor Life. Sure there are overlong monologues, and signature Tarantino shlock, but hey old dog, new tricks, and all that. Don't expect to be blown away, but rather just entertatined throughout.

Ptesti Hair - Major Quentin letdown.1 star

Left me wanting it to be over from the start to the finish.

betocasique - Best film ever5 star

Best movie I’ve ever watched, everything about it is perfect.

Seabass_01 - Great movie that takes its time to develop5 star

Many people complain that this movie is slow, but that’s just not true. It’s a great movie that really captures the 60’s and although some say it’s slow, I enjoy movies that take their time. It’s great to see DiCaprio act in a way he’s never acted in. Lots of comedy and the music is wonderful. The ending is just epic.

dhhkooodww - AMAZING5 star

Flat out pleasing to the eyes, ears and anticipation.

AminKazemi_ - No very good!2 star

Don’t like this movie

Slick7Willie - Great watch, one I’ll see many-a time more4 star

It not so much the events but just the over all QT vibe, rock star dialog, and the retro cinematics of the late 60’s Hollywood scene. Except the trailers I have it watched it yet I’ll follow up in restrospect

A+Chef - Who Likes This Slow Piece of Garbage?1 star

We all know Quentins name from a great movie called Pulp Fiction. This was such a far cry piece of junk. The only enjoyable part is watching a film that reminds you of that era and how things were. Everything else is slow, the story is rubbish, and in general you will want to fall asleep. I just don’t get it anymore with his stuff.

T.S.Magnum - Waste of Time1 star

No witty lines, no real point to the movie , just a glimpse of history. Waste of great talent. I think actors signed up just to say they were in a Tarantino flick. Horrible..

jeffnsfbay - Worst Movie - Disappointed1 star

The Movie gets one Star because you have to give it something to rate it. Other than having Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, this movie had no, definable plot, no end goal, Leo and Brads characters had no definable purpose, it was a bunch of scenes clipped together that led you too “No Where”. That said it will probably get nominated for an Oscar! If for no other reason because of the two stars & director involved and that pretty much sums it up!

Subway Flex - Truly amazing!5 star

This movie is so good that I have paid to watch it in the movie theaters 4 times! What I love about this movie is the adventure, the callback to the legends like Bruce Lee, and every time that I went to see the movie I noticed something new. 5/5 stars and I believe this movie is for anyone that loves a good story.

adriangruber29 - Save your money1 star

Its time Quentin retires. This movie is slow paced and boring. Historically flawed.

True n Honesty - Perfect fail3 star

I love Tarentino, but this is his worste writing ever, the best part of the movie would make about 30 min, intro. back story, bruce lee incident, drop girl off and home invasion. cut print the rest of the movie is porly written filler boring drama crap that is useless. Sorry Quintine this one is just ok and if not for a few scenes would of plane sucked.

Rojyar esmati - Once upon a time in Hollywood ❤️5 star

This movie is special and it’s a new kind of movie that doesn’t have any exact purpose but it makes you Watch it till the end so I LOVED IT.

Court's Dad - Horrible1 star

The trailers are all the best parts of this movie. Very long, slow and boring. It drags on and on and on etc....

SAMUEL MAFFIE - Samuel maffie5 star

SAMUEL maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie SAMUEL MAFFIE Samuel MAFFIE Samuel maffie Samuel maffie

ChaseRU2 - Awful boredom1 star

Zero plot. Star actors did their best to help, which brings it to 1 star. But this movie reveals, yet again, that Tarantino is nothing but overhyped garbage. Only a lonely, basement-dwelling loser with cheese puff dust in his chest hair would give this more than a single star. Do yourself a favor and spend your movie money on cigarettes or a beer. It will serve you better than this pile of dried dog sh*t.

Dr. Euphoria - Very Long, meandering film experiment2 star

Everyone is clamoring over Tarantino’s movie but the emperor is not wearing any clothes. Tarantino’s former editor & collaborator Sally Menke was a far better editor - she would have cut out a lot of fat in this movie. There are too many scenes where nothing is clearly happening. Tarantino needs a new editor & he needs to stop being a racist writer.

Rad Ray - Wasted1 star

Boring, uninteresting story, poor imitations of southwestern dialects, gimmicky retro themes, slow developing plot, and misdirected.

Elevi - Garbage absolute garbage1 star

Shocked super shock how they can allow Leo, brad, and Pacino to play in such a stupid movie.

Wldcatt - Not bad.3 star

This is my third night watching. Going to finish it tonight! #goals

Cats & Music - Quentin Tarantino does it again!!5 star

Amazing movie, all involved did an outstanding job. I’m not an official reviewer and I won’t write paragraph after paragraph about it. Brad Pitt stole the show for me, he was funny and acted as only Brad can. And he’s still HOT!! NOW FOR THE BAD PART: I can’t believe what I just read... {just when I thought people couldn’t get any more stupid} that people think Sharon Tate is alive. I don’t want to spoil anything. Just remember, IT’S ONLY A MOVIE!!! *it’ll take me days to get over this one*

the original rcal - Great Period film5 star

Really makes you wish that you were in Hollywood in the 60s/70s. The only thing that made me ambivalent was the ending, just really unexpected and odd

winfreej - Did not enjoy...2 star

This was not Tarantino’s best movie. I expected Django Unchained. I thought the story line was boring. Acting was great but I found it lackluster

ALcassie - Good but not great4 star

I enjoyed the movie however I felt like there are just way too many stories/plots in one film. It just kinda feels like it’s all over the place! Brad Pit and Leonardo are great and good to look it!!

Lockeadama - ?3 star

kinda went everywhere lol

Jay Mancini - Tarantino is Tarantino’s biggest fan1 star

Let’s be honest here, take away the star power and Tarantino hype and this film wouldn’t make it into your living rooms much make it into movie theaters. Watching scenes that have no movement and are stuck in wide shots for ten minutes is not filmmaking, it’s boring, actually the entire film is boring. Tarantino has some wonderful work behind him, this is not one of them.

lakuder - Fantastic5 star


Are You Kidding ? - Dud1 star

This is a long, dull movie + takes 2.5 hours to not make a point or have anything happen. The best in can be cut + spliced for a minute of viewing

MisterDPx - Not a normal Tarantino movie!1 star

If you are going into this move, expecting another pulp fiction or inglorious basterds, I hate to disappoint but this is one of Tarantino’s worse movies he has ever made! They pull you in from the trailer making you think that it might be a fairy tail story similar to inglorious basterds, but in reality it’s his own love letter to Hollywood.... not plot line, nothing leading up to some great story. It’s nothing but a bunch of events happening in 1969. So if you want to be bored for 2 hours and 41 minutes, be my guest.

Avalex33 - Best Film In Some Time5 star

Once Upon A Time when we were children. This movie resonates with us. Watched in the theater and looking forward to home viewing as well.

Volcogo - liked it5 star

manson creepy crawled our house in Woodland Hills and my moms wallet was found right by spawn ranch. easy to like especially when youve lived there at that time

pochahantus - Quentin in the best!5 star

Great movie with Quentin's often used cast. Love his revisionist history. I hope this is not his last effort. Could be an Oscar nomination for Pitt, hope so.

SlackJuan - The title gives it away3 star

Not a bad story, perhaps too little action till the end. The ending is the key and mirrors the title. "Once Upon a Time" is a fairy tale - the ending, while being the most exciting part, never happened. Not sure what Quentin's purpose was in making this up. He did a pretty good of depicting the gradual demise of a Hollywood action star, but then allows him to rebound in the fantasy ending. The ending kind of lets both the main characters (DeCaprio and Pitt) off the hook, but it also leaves the older audience off the hook too by not depicting how events really went down, instead showing how most would have liked things to have happened. And that brings us back to the title of the movie. Not sure I like all the ominous buildup to a fictional ending - still mulling it over, does make for a decent movie - but with a twist I find not beneficial to anyone who doesn't remember the real horror of the Tate-LaBianca murders.

bachagaloop - Amazing Twist!!!5 star

I loved this, the whole "what if" scenario was amazing. It would of been world chaning if they existed.

Heathwulf - Mediocre2 star

This is not one of the "greats". Most of the movie is mastubatory and you will wish the end scence, you know is coming, will just arrive. It is insanity but this movie lack the slow burn of Hateful 8 and the layers of Inglorious Basterds (spelling?). Honestly my biggest beef, is how much we, the audience, watch actors, watch movies - and Brad Pitt drive around. There we no characters - just actors "acting".

Twitch user - Good movie5 star

I have this movie on dvd already... how is it not out on iTunes yet ahahahaha

Chuck812 - Not real impressed3 star

Pretty boring actually... not what I was expecting...

Jibby2574k - Yes it's good.5 star

Yes you should watch it to decide for yourself. My opinion; loved it.

Tamer Guirguis - You want the absolute truth read this review.1 star

First of all, Leo and Brad are geniuses no matter what script they are handed, they play their part great. As far as the plot, there was so many scenes in the movie that seemed like it was just killing time or made absolutely no sense. Seriously youre watching and wondering what’s the point of this scene, this plot is going no where, this movie its kinda stupid. Has it funny points and couple dramatic scenes. But the best part is seriously the last 10min of the movie. And it took 2 hours of nonsense to build up to a stupid plot ending. Movie was pretty horrible, plot was ridiculous, Leo always delivers. But still, rent it, don’t buy it. Maybe don’t even waste your time and don’t watch it because youre not missing much. Just keeping it real.

Green Tee 🍵 - Don’t waste your money2 star

Nothing worth watching

Blake7878 - TERRIBLE!!!1 star

Someone must have paid rotten tomatoes for the high rating. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

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JDanials - Quinton! What happened buddy??!1 star

This was NOT a movie! It was a LONG series of unrelated boring scenes. You have been warned! The last 5 minutes of the movie finally had an action scene, unrelated to the everything else! Skip this movie!

Fort McMurray Employee - Stupid movie1 star

No story to follow just a couple of great actors.

Mr.Skint - Amazing5 star

Been a long timesinfe I’ve left the theatre this satisfied! Can’t wait for the digital release!

Falseer - Another Great One from the Best!5 star

The script alone is worth thw admission price.

blcksunn88 - Typical1 star

Typical Tarantino depraved garbage!!! why do so many people praise this sick film maker. I would have to assume that his fans that call him a "genius" must be sociopaths. I'm not surprised that a depiction of R. Polanski was in his movie. Another sick pervert who likes to date and rape underage girls and gets away with it and nobody cares. How very disturbing.

movieloverforever - Over Rated garbage2 star

Hollywood whitewashing at its worst, Leo’s Performance saves the movie otherwise would of given it 1 star, It was Long Boring Also Tarantino disrespecting Bruce lee like that Damn, Proof Directors are all cowards afraid to take on the subject of Satanism in the movie industry Thought maybe it would of been a historical Crime Drama about the satanic Manson Murders

Schislam123 - Best movie I’ve ever seen5 star

I don’t have anything to say. More down to earth movie from Tarantino.

Louboutins77 - Loved it!5 star

I loved all the actors and stories were great! Leo playing an actor was great!

Alzville - Truly a masterpiece !!4 star

one of his best !!...and eventually will emerge as a top 5 film ever !!...Quentin is a genius !

getoffmynet - Off the mark3 star

Am torn with this one, Brad was exceptional, the Leo was wooden, story was blah. Without the Pitt it would be a solid snoozer. I did cheer the end, not what took place in the movie but the real life hideousness of the true event. And that’s my problem with this flick, if I did not know the true events, be just another hatch and slash.

TOMMY_RP94 - Groundbreaking5 star

The fairytale twist that Tarantino puts on this film taking place in Hollywood’s golden age was phenomenal. This is a film that a lot of people won’t get… which I love. Tarantino doesn’t play by the rules.

Och.laddie - Good not great4 star

Big fan of Tarantino but this wasn’t his best work (still better than most of what comes from Hollywood though!). It was good and if you like his movies, worth checking out. All the action comes near the end. It’s like an homage to a Hollywood that no longer exists. I intend to watch a second time in case I missed some of the details in the movie.

Daana.M - So good5 star


Karamia54 - Absolutely Brilliant5 star

Brad Pitt owns this movie. Captures the 60’s perfectly. Took me back.

awesomemoviereviewer - Fantastic5 star

I love the whole entire movie and all performances were phenomenal

JM0N3YJB - Nice5 star

This movie was heckin great

elarsjake - Awesome Movie5 star

5 stars without a doubt. Very funny movie but also spooky at times. Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie are great but the real standout in this film is Brad Pitt. A violent twist with the Manson family sprinkled into the story, and just a very fun movie overall! Definitely a Hollywood fairy tale worth watching.

XAVIER COOIK - Masterpiece5 star

Excellent movie

Hnjikidda - Great5 star

Great movie

kdjdjdosos - Best movie of the year5 star

This is hands down one of the greatest movies of the year. Brad and Leo are hands down phenomenal and will most likely win an Oscar for best lead and supporting actor. The script and ideas were amazing and visionary from Tarantino. 10/10 in my books!!

Hastalavista123 - Rubbish1 star

I loved his previous movies (Hateful 8 exluded) but this is a dreadful, indulgent ego trip with a distubing foot fetish thrown in.

Holygoatnipples - Cinematically beautiful but boring1 star

Honestly thought it was boring. Haven’t felt the urge to leave a cinema before like this movie made me feel. Pulp Fiction is still one of my top 5.

Djshaisjdjejxndiwnwndnc - One of a kind5 star

One of the most exceptional movies by Tarantino

hducnf - My new favourite movie5 star

Great film making with an engaging plot with a nice twist on the film.

D Fuss - Brad Pitt’s hair5 star

Great performances.

Talia Mastroianni - Once upon a time in Hollywood5 star

Once upon a time in Hollywood is the best movie I have ever seen

mavel boi - Sick5 star


yayyyyyyyeeeeeeetttt - Great5 star

Best Tarantino of all time

Tyler11* - The 9th film by Quentin Tarantino5 star

This is the 9th film by Quentin Tarantino Tarantino has made 8 films before this film this will be his 9th film he has made 9 films including this one his 9th film

Slinkstar - classically-Tarantino fashion5 star

Quentin Tarantino's tale of a TV-Western actor and his stunt double, and how they collide with the Manson Family in the Hollywood of 1969, is a heady engrossing collage of a film — but not, in the end, a masterpiece. A bonkers fairy tale in classically-Tarantino fashion with pure nostalgia-hued Golden Age-Hollywood homages, soundtrack as provocative as its brilliant screenplay, star-studded cast of stellar performances, & wild final act

Kris10234 - Not great as the IMDb and rotten tomatoes scores would suggest2 star

Acting is high class and filming too. But the story is lacking. Theres not really much in the story for me - a guy worried he’s loosing his fame as a Hollywood actor and his side kick stunt double who has a dog that he’s close to. I enjoyed the end but even the ending felt forced. Why did it need to be a violent ending so that the movie had a fuller story line. It could easily not have been in the movie too.

Needlegun - A whole 2hrs to get to the point.1 star

Disappointing to say the least. I usually really enjoy the Tarantino films. This one is as dull as dish water. All the good actors in the film just aren’t tested in any way and makes a poor viewing.

thehorse2 - Not up to much3 star

Not QT’s best by any means. Slow and surprisingly no great dialogue. Some good performances by the actors though and Margot is sizzling hot. I won’t be in a rush to watch again any time soon.

Whale of a time - Best film of the year!5 star

Loved this film, very character driven with Brad Pitt as the standout, captured the 60s perfectly and best ending to a film I have seen in years. It is a love it or hate it film as it has a very unique style that Tarantino does so well.

Bulloch_Lade - It is a love letter and preferred ending to 60s Hollywood5 star

Such a mind blowingly good movie - such a homage to 60s movies. Restrained and probably Tarantino’s most art-house You do need to be focused on it and pick the right time to watch to enjoy fully - it’s not a Saturday night Pizza and switch off flick.

Josh Braimoh - Ranked among Tarantino’s best films.5 star


Navov - Boring2 star

Sorry but all you sheep are deluded - this is boring - the only good part was the ending

PeteButler - Yeah it’s long.. but I enjoyed being a fly on the wall in Quentin’s world.5 star

I felt like I was there.. this film feels more like a memory than something I’ve watched at the cinema

Bergbie - Mundane, the movie1 star

I love Tarantino films. I hate this one. Multiple hours of my life that I will never get back. No story, nothing of note, the characters just get on with their dull lives. Then the last 40 minutes are brilliant. But not worth sitting through the previous snore-fest for. Such a disappointment.

RichTea23 - Indulgent, but had quality3 star

By chance, watched this in Los Angeles when it came out in the US. I found it to be agonisingly slow - a trait that Tarantino seems to have made his own with his last few films - it felt akin to a super-long guitar solo and had you waiting for the narrative to pick up. The story really only gets going toward the end. Basically, this is a love letter to old Hollywood and old US TV. Well made, slow, good acting, with no real punchline or meaning.

IlanG, M.D. - Brilliant film5 star

The film and soundtrack are amazing.

Wol de Neuilly - Not worth the effort2 star

The script is pedestrian, the characters (albeit played by very capable actors) uninteresting and gave up watching less than half way though. Dull, so dull

bcburrows - Did anything happen1 star

100 minutes in and it was either the slowest most complete set up to a movie ever or it was just one mans ode to old world Hollywood... I am sure there is something here for a select group of movie fans but for me it was dull, some interesting insights but nothing that justified the actual movie or its length

Xxxxxoooooooxxxxxoooo - Watching Paint Dry1 star

Just an awful movie. Watched it after hearing fantastic reviews and believing the trailer to be a solid insight into the movie. Brad Pitt was excellent but that's it. Almost three hours of my life I will never get back. All I kept thinking was I should have turned left not right at the cinema and gone watched IT Chapter 2 instead. What a numpty 😩

Dudeno13 - Worst film I have ever seen in my life1 star

I have never written a review on iTunes for a film before, but this film was so god awful I had to write one. Made no sense what so ever, and was ridiculously boring. It literally had no story line and I couldn’t wait for it to end. By far the worst film I have ever seen in my life.

Bulk Slash - I absolutely adore this film!5 star

I’ve seen it five times now, it’s so much fun and packed with so much detail that there’s something new to appreciate every time. I’ve liked a lot of Tarantino films but this is the first I’ve really loved. The performances are amazing, DiCaprio and Pitt are fantastic but even the “small” parts like Pacino, the little girl and Kurt Russell are amazing. Margot Robbie glides through the film with a very respectful and innocent portrayal of Sharon Tate. Everyone seems to bring something unique and captivating to their performance. The music and setting are amazing, it really does look like it was filmed in the ‘60s and even though I wasn’t born for another 20 years I did feel transported back. Definitely give this a watch!

Nazgul72 - RE: Tarantino at his best..5 star

Yes, this is a long film and, for much of its nearly 2.5 hr running time, not too much happens. However, the acting is an absolute joy to watch (especially Pitt who owns his role), the script as good as anything Tarantino’s ever done, and the late 60’s LA setting is beautiful to behold. Difficult to say much without giving away any spoilers, but it’s a good idea to brush up on Charles Manson and Sharon Tate prior to watching this. Then, approach it as a Tarantino movie and just let it whisk you away into a bygone era which is beautifully rendered by all involved.

Mrs V - Dull, dull, dull, brilliant3 star

Most of the movie is dull. Beautifully shot but dull. Well acted but dull. Final 20 minutes, boom, brilliant!

Millymoo97 - Absolutely fantastic!5 star

Tarantino does it again !!! Brilliant cast brilliant acting what a film !!!!!

1hrdhdjdndjd - One of QT’s best5 star

Up there with the very best in his filmography. DiCaprio and Robbie great, Kurt Russell and Al Pacino fun in their roles and Brad Pitt is phenomenal

Ya mom loves 69 - Almost perfect4 star

I loved this movie, very cleverly written, shot and directed. However the actual acting was the standout. Leonardo DiCaprio was perfectly cast as Rick Dalton, he’s the only actor who can portray another character who is also an actor and then portray another character as the character he is acting as (Rick Dalton), which means you should see this film because of how amazing this is alone! Margot Robbie is also brilliant, although she does not say much, she is brilliant in her expression and I feel she is more powerful in this way, proving she can do as much with expression than she can do with lines. However, the standout to me is Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth, he is perfect as the stunt man and he makes his almost one dimensional character (if played by any other actor) and gives him a vibrant sense of life. Cliff Booth’s (Pitt’s) arc throughout the film is (in my opinion) the most interesting and exciting, leading to one of the most satisfying and exciting movie endings of all time (also in my opinion). It almost pains me to give it only 4 stars but there’s one good reason, the movie feels longer than it has to be. Throughout Once Upon A Time In Hollywood there are many extended sequences, of cliff driving for example through a late 60’s Hollywood which is interesting but does mean that some viewers may get bored over these repeated extended shots which are there solely to create the 60’s vibe, which I guess is crucial to the film’s tone but I just wish it could have been done quicker or differently. The film is also very dialogue heavy (throughout the whole film up until the last 20 minutes or so), however I liked this, it was something different and fresh, but some viewers may find this boring and you have to take this into account before you see the film to know if it is truly for you, however if you’re like me then this is something you will enjoy. These are the only problems I can think of with this excellent piece of cinema that I feel everyone should experience just once, if not more!

TGruffudd - Tarantino does it again!5 star

Tarantino has made another outstanding film. Worth a watch for sure.

wooly84 - Not bad...4 star

So there’s two and a bit hours of beautifully shot build up and some seemingly meaningless, but endearing, characters. Then there’s the last 15/20 minutes of absolutely incredible acting, choreography, make up and the dog!!! Leo D is soooo good. I’d have given three stars but the ending added one more. Worth reading up on the characters a bit before watching.

muller454 - Great Post Film Feeling5 star

Not the succinct storyline as some other QT films but so enjoyable sharing time with these characters and a truly cool ending...great fun from a bygone era...:)

The RobMeister General - Great film5 star

Funny. The ending is brutal

Jimmyhawkes - Great5 star

Such a good film filled with drama and comedy. Leo and Brad Pitt two great performances into this film!!!!

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Hdbdhh - Wow5 star

What a movie! I waited to watch so I could buy it and it did not disappoint unfortunately the ending was already spoiled for me but actually seeing it gave me chills I will not spoil it for anyone just buy this movie and see for yourself! All actors “killed” it in there roles some literally!

babyballz - Loooooonggg3 star

Really long

Bob Forsberg - Movie Makers Movie3 star

A movie about Hollywood types for Hollywood types, not entertaining for a general audience. I fell asleep during one of many boring conversations between the main characters the night before, making it a two evening movie. If I hadn't paid for the movie, I wouldn't have finished it.

Howell Wulf - Another gem5 star

Captured the authenticity of the time. Well written and acted.

bullpat - Boring1 star

The most boring movie iv ever seen ,, I walked out the theatre.. I’m a big fan of Tarantinos movies,,, but this was complete rubbish

daveilha - God awful1 star

Boring, horrible, awful... and i am a fan of pitt and tarantino!

PaulMartineau - Literally the worst1 star

I cannot begin to understand why this movie receives such great reviews, it’s slow and completely pointless. Great acting, but a terrible story line.

humbled man 75 - One of his best! And best performance goes to........5 star

In my honest opinion..........Cliff’s dog is the real star of the show!!! Tarantino’s genius shines again!

rockq2 - Disappointing1 star

There is no plot to this movie. It's Brad and Leo acting cool for 2 1/2 hours. Sharon Tate serves no purpose in the film, other than to place the story in the realm of 1960's Hollywood. There are dozens of real and fictioal "cameos" that mean nothing. The historical rewriting at the end of the movie dishonors, rather than celebrates, the Manson Family victims.

GORDYK - Best movie, best casting, acting & musical score.5 star

Went and viewed this movie 3 times, never did that before, each viewing was a good as the first time. Instant classic. The Cap knocks it out of the ballpark.

Ccming1 - 如果中国的影院不放映5 star


cashmoneyalll - Hilarious5 star

It was great!!!!!!!!

TheNickelhaspoken - DVD release date5 star

When is this coming out?

sam cal - Bruh4 star

Vice nice

tarantinofan512 - Remarkable5 star

this movie honestly moved me . it really made me appreciate tarantino’s work , his art. it also made me respect brad pitt, margot robbie, and Leonardo dicaprio. i love that no matter how far he pushed his acting career in the film, rick dalton never gave up . along with cliff booth, really would do anything to get paid which i loved . i give this movie 5/5. amazing work mr. tarantino!

FourUnderFour - Quentin Tarantino Does It Again 🎬🎬🎬5 star

Great Acting! Great Drama! Great Action! It retells the story of the tragedy that happed in 1969, and gives a ending that everyone wished actually happened!!!

CASHCARTI*+ - Fantastic5 star

Great Movie Really Recommend it

OwlGalaxy - Amazing!5 star

Definitely a must see film. It’s hilarious and has lots of drama weaved into its complex storyline.

wesbent - Average3 star

Was decent

Carl Ja - No stars1 star

I fell asleep in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Maybe it was a spell casting experience they did.....because I can’t even tell you how and why I fell asleep. This by far is the worst movie of 2019. I still can’t believe the budget was 90 million. This movie should have cost 2 million to make. Brad and Leo were funny at times....but not 90 million funny. They should have made Jackie Brown 2....for that 90 million.

Wilbur II - One fine movie5 star

I loved every minute of this film. I take my hat off to one of the few remaining real Hollywood directors.

We need more Ray - Horrible1 star

The movie plot just didn't make sense. I go way back with Tarantino movies, but this was a waste of talent. I fell asleep twice. The best part is the end. I'm glad I woke up for that at least.

Adizero23 - Amazing Cinematography and Acting5 star

When you first watch the movie it feels as if there is no point to it but once you start to analyze and read about the movie it blows your mind.

Nooush - Mmmmm1 star

Boooring and I kept falling asleep. I swear I never sleep like never!

GoDuck2021 - Greatest movie of all time5 star

Leonardo brings one of his best performances to date. He masters a tough character to play and brad Pitt was his perfect side kick to take this movie to a whole other level. Following the sad day where Sharron Tate died, and turning it into a satirical way that Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth save the day from those goddamn hippies. There are no flaws with this movie and it truly should be under consideration for the greatest movie of all time.

Nicholas A Beaird - I wasn’t sure what I was watching5 star

Until I discovered what I was watching. If you like QT, Leo, Brad, then you’ll like this film.

CVgsmackfan - this movie was TRASH1 star

I can't believe the hype around this moive. it's one of the best movie's Quentin Tarantino has ever done give me a brek. hey're was no point to this at all. you could't pay me a millon dollars to see this again. it was that bad. one of the ten worst films i've ever seen. it's not even close.

SarahiVD - 10/105 star

Been obsessed with Tarantino’s work since I first saw pulp fiction (still my favorite movie ever), the ending scene in this movie was a bit unexpected but hilarious nonetheless. I like that it was very different from all the movies playing in theaters right now, and fully expect to go see it a couple times more.

phantomwriterboy222 - One of the best5 star

Top 5 all time

omar/ - 😍5 star


zachydion - A love letter to Hollywood!5 star

Simply amazing! This movie had it all! Great job, Quentin!

Sayidabdulah - 👌🏽5 star


Luis92x - Love it!5 star

A movie made for classic cinema fans.

stephencray - Tasteless1 star

I love Tarentino’s work, and the film is expertly made. But for once he’s made a film that has crossed the bounds into absolute tastelessness. Wretched film.

cliffbooooth - Tarantino's best work yet5 star

Very entertaining couple days in the life of 2 best friends in 1969. Some say it starts off slow, but i strongly disagree. I'm a big fan of long high-quality dialogue, and character building. This movie executes that perfectly and also you feel as if you're in 1969, Tarantino used no CGI in the world he built for this movie. To everyone who worked on this movie, thank you for your fantastic work❤️❤️❤️

genexo - Finally no superheroes...5 star

Work of art- well done T.

16 HORSES - The insanity of Hollywood tragedy told vividly4 star

What Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was is a overlay stylization Of The Infamous Charles Manson murders done by none other then Quinten Tarantino! Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Margot Robbie And Kurt Russell give engaging performances! I see this one as Oscar Worthy! That’s Hollywood Folks!

tbshredz - Amazing5 star

I don’t even know what to say. Another masterpiece from the great Quentin Tarantino

_robjones5 - 9th QT film5 star

a comedic slow burn that had incredible acting. The cinematography that Richardson did was amazing. The set design and pulp fiction type of bounce to each character. I thought the ending was over the top but I still loved it!

Monkeytastic - Wonderful5 star

One of my favorite Quentin movies. My favorite movie of the year. The performances were incredible.


Such a great film. Another hit, it really kept me engaged.. and ignoring any distractions. I can’t wait to purchase this.

I'm your helpful Honda dealer - Simply amazing5 star

This isn’t a movie you’re going to watch once because it’s that good. I’ve never seen a Tarantino before BUT MAN this movie is incredible. All I have to say is go watch the movie in theaters because once it’s gone...you’ll simply never see the movie in all it’s glory.

Supermanflies - Loved it!5 star

Can't wait to watch it a second time. Could have watched another 30 minutes easy. Great acting.

Dracula307 - Hollywood Love Letter5 star

A truly well acted and engaging fairy tale...and one of Quentin’s most poignant films in his canon.

Jeremylol2 - Thank God for Brad Pitt1 star

If it wasn’t for Brad Pitt, I would have walked out in the first five minutes. Worst movie ever.

rbr films - Tarantino's Best Film5 star

I love mostly all of Tarantino's films, but Jackie Brown & Once Upon A Time in Hollywood are my favorites! I love these 2 films the most because they're different from all of the other Tarantino films. I'd put (Let's hope for a Volume 3) Kill Bill Volume 2 after Jackie Brown in my favorites. Pulp Fiction is great, but isn't my number 1 favorite. Django Unchained felt too long, Death Proof is okay. Inglourious Basterds is a masterpiece, and one of the greatest films last decade. Not every Tarantiono film is for everyone, including for fans. If you don't like the Jackie Brown kind of style of his films and more Kill Bill, you might be a bit dissapointed. This is my favorite Tarantino film because of it's rich storytelling, outstanding acting, smart dialogue, beautiful cinematography, and great soundtrack. I love the ending, and is my favorite Tarantino ending, and one of my favorite endings of all time. I loved every moment of this movie when I saw it, and was a breath of fresh air after the bad The Hateful Eight. If you like Tarantino's Jackie Brown style, you'll love this movie! My favorite movie of the year so far, and one of my favorite movies!

Golden8184 - Once upon a Time in Hollywood5 star

Loved it.Like his other movies that deal with history, you just have to ignore it and go with the flow.

AP's Tunes - Pointless1 star

This was possibly the worst movie I’ve ever watched. Absolute nonsense in terms of plot and the only good thing you can say about it is the actors generally did a good job with a worthless script. The last few minutes of the movie were the best, but it took 2 hrs of “what tf am I watching” to get there! That’s it 🤷‍♂️

Superhero145 - Best summer blockbusters yet!!!5 star

This was a surprise expecting when lots of the reviews are kinda negative but it shows Hollywood at it finest and excellent performance from brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot robbie this is a definitely must watch and buy!!!!

KF1919 - Garbage1 star

This movie is horrible

P_terg5 star

@AnneEstellaRock The @HearsejPodcast opening/closing theme is playing as I type this Before that it was Roy Hesd’…

WalterAndresTJ5 star

@adnradiochile: Globos de Oro: Joker, The Irishman y Once Upon a Time in Hollywood van por los premios mayores h…

Mariosanabria75 star

Mae ya se va a terminar el año y no he visto Once upon a time in Hollywood, ni el Joker... maldita sea!! 😭😂

RenePari55 star

@kikesitov67: #GoldenGlobes Nominados Mejor actor de reparto: _Tom Hanks: A Beautifull Day in the Neighborhood _Anthony Hopkins: The Tw…

Maqui_5 star

@sdfilmcritics: Best Supporting Actor Tie: Joe Pesci, THE IRISHMAN, Brad Pitt, ONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD

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Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood posters
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood posters
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