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“Joker” centers around the iconic arch-nemesis and is an original, standalone story not seen before on the big screen. The exploration of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a man disregarded by society, is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale. During the 1980s, a failed stand-up comedian is driven insane and turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City while becoming an infamous psychopathic crime figure. Joker Wiki

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Joker (2019)

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- Did it have to be made?2 star

This film is very dark and didn't really have to be made. We don't need to sensationalize this kind of character and have people rooting for him. It is disturbing and senseless.

- Outstanding performance!5 star

An outstanding performance by J/P.

- Incel garbage1 star

Good acting can’t save a horrible movie

- Fantastic and grounded achievement of WB/Phoenix4 star

However, there’s very little Joker in the film to be had and felt too brief for its own good. Although the build up was well directed & exceeded where it counts.

- joker5 star

this movie is soo good i would rent it for the third time again just to watch it

- Must See5 star

I think this movie was very well done. I like how it’s dark and gritty, while showing the effects of mental illness as well. I would like to see this continue into another movie as Bruce Wayne grows up and becomes Batman. It would be nice to see a dark and gritty Batman movie.

- Joker 💀5 star

The best movie in 2019 ❤️

- Phoenix can't pull it off1 star

The commercials looked great. Phoenix has never been a great actor. The movie was slow and weird. Then it became sick and demented. It never had a great Joker pull like Dark knight. I gave it a try and won't keep. I don't see how they rave about this sick more psycho than comic dark hero. Ending was pointless too. A city would never act this way.

- Worse movie ever!!!1 star

This movie was written by a psychopath. We don’t need these kind of movies influence our world right now or ever. Is this what the world has come to watch psychopath movies. It’s not worth the money, If you buy this movie something is seriously wrong with you.



- Where’s the entertainment?2 star

Movie completely let me down....There was so much more that the Joker could have been, regardless of his “condition”. Thanks Hollywood, but I expect more.


i swear i am strangely obsessed with this movie, i cant stop thinking about it

- Fantastic Dark Movie5 star

This was a great movie but definitely dark. I can see why some didn’t like it. This really should have won an Oscar.

- The second best Joker movie ever5 star

Greatest movie of 2019

- A must see!!! Hands down better than expected5 star

This interpretation of the jokers 🃏 was done so perfectly in the sense that the timeline is before he actually becomes the joker. The film really puts into focus some of the origins behind Gotham’s most fear villain and his early development. If you haven’t seen it watch it! once you have you will thank me 🔥🙌🎥

- Amazing5 star

Mind blowing

- Phenomenal movie 🌟5 star

Don’t listen to these snowflake critics and their sensitive reviews. This movie is a 2 hour perspective of how horrible someone’s life can be and how it can possibly drive them into madness those snowflakes who say it’s too violent, go cry somewhere else. This movie is about a psychopath named Joker who is driven to madness by society, what do you expect him to do, tickle people to death? Anyways this movie is an absolute masterpiece and a one of a kind performance by Joaquin i’d give this movie 10 out of 5 stars if I could.

- Shot in the dark5 star

I found this to be amazingly engaging. Very dark, gritty performance and story. Thriller and drama combined, powerful acting that stages the Joker’s lunacy in the main actor’s own unique brand. This is not glorification of mental illness, but a retelling of Joker’s lead up to becoming who he is now. The most haunting aspect of this film is it can happen to anyone, be barely scraping by and still have worse things happen to you, even if you don’t deserve it. How sad, our main man couldn’t find love and comfort or a place in society until he manifested his own grandiose delusions.

- Not on the hype train.3 star

But I can see why one exists. Phoenix deserves his best actor win. But to be honest. Watching someone slowly go crazy is kind of boring. The end result will stick with you for quite sometime. But not much else before that.

- Wonderful5 star

An absolute cinematic masterpiece. So much passion and heart. I loved it

- Horrible1 star

This movie was horrible wayy too much laughing throughout the whole thing and he just didn’t really seem like joker to me and why did it take 1hr35min+ for him to have his “ joker transformation “

- Yeh du rue r s dvxhd dud is she us she1 star

Sheudvudbudbdudh dud h box jc jc back. Check check did hxb. B.ubdvuc skid. Jdhbd hdhvd day h. Tchhcdbuxfb d. Dud us hux I’d xu

- Poor talent1 star

Walked out after 20min . Making fun of mentally ill IS WRONG !

- It was literally the worst movie I ever watched1 star

Yes, he was a great actor, but it was beyond distributing. I hated every minute of this movie. So bad. Why would anyone want to watch this?

- 😇😝1 star


- Joker5 star

I love this movie 🎬just him talking about his. Life

- Solid5 star

Now this is cinema.

- Great movie5 star

WHAT AN AMAZING MOVIE! Very grateful it was made.

- Awesome5 star


- Love it 😍5 star

Great acting sad but good movie seriously

- fire5 star

this movie was fire

- Wasn't terrible3 star

Phoenix was great. Thats about it. A couple of hours of watching a poor bastard being kicked around with a climax that wasnt worth the wait. Sorry, it was very overrated.

- a real review5 star

this movie in itself is a perfect interpretation of the joker. many people didn’t like it because of its take on mental illness and because it didn’t have as much action as they would have hoped. if you like the joker simply because of the action he brings to a movie, you don’t truly like the joker and this movie is not for you. the joker himself struggled with mental illness before he became what we know now as “the joker”. no one ever said this movie was meant to be action packed, it was meant to be an accurate take on his backstory (which it is). if you want an action packed film of the joker and you don’t care for his backstory then id recommend the dark knight. but if you want a movie with the best interpretation of the jokers backstory, this is the film for you. i genuinely enjoyed this movie i think it is a great new beginning to the joker and i cant wait to see the future joker movies.

- A dud1 star

Don’t even bother

- iconic5 star

anyone who doesn’t think this movie is a masterpiece is delusional


I LOVE THis movie more than having the privilege to breath in oxygen

- Masterpiece5 star

Favorite film in the last 5 years, it’s a absolute masterpiece

- Amazing5 star

What hasn’t been said already great movie that makes you think... hahahahaha

- Oscar winner5 star

This is easily the most intense, insane, dark, yet amazing movie I saw all of 2019. Joaquin Phoenix was masterful. One of the most flawless performances I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, that score for the whole movie was beautiful and thoughtful! 11/10 would recommend.

- Rate the quality of movie, no comment of quality of the manuscript product or5 star

Overall The lead Phoenix is the major achiever prides of Joker. Because his professional is not only in his experienced acting technique, his whole body cell were acting with his soul and spiritual of professional of movie production. Bio technology from Joker was another experience shown out of my reality life can seen. It is really too impressed my understand of it. From atmosphere designs, shooting designs, color designs, story creation idea, actors qualities, rhythm, sounds, music, dance, scenes outcome expectation, psycho expression, artificial performance, meaning, audience accepted age level, subject reasoning marketing etc, everything are professional and done right. If there is any part in the production was not care about audiences experiences, production movie would like an indoor room show. I wish this kind of production, which not to afraid of little terrify because it is truth, not to care about theirselves but care about audiences experience, not to speak too much but got reasoning like sisters or brother that kind of intelligently connection, it would exists and last forever in Hollywood production or every movie production further more for all human being or living things being. That would be really wonderful to our world.

- Simply Amazing5 star

Was never really a fan of watching movies, couldn’t keep myself seated for an hour or two. But this one kept me down for the entire ride. My biggest regret with this movie was not watching it sooner.

- Don’t upset the DC Babies!5 star

To be fair, to each their own. I’m assuming all the bad reviews are from disgruntled tweens who like the TV show “Gotham“ or cookie cutter movies like “Aquamam” or “suicide squad”. They are young and just don’t yet know the difference between a film and a movie of the week always assuming they know better. Their approval of movies seems to require over the top action packed CGI and simplistic storylines... with a heavy helping of idiotic comic relief, as well as cool looking hero squads to plan their Halloween costume’s on. It’s not really their fault, it’s easier to hate than actually think. I know most people just want a simple “feel good movie” to watch in 3D on date night, it’s understandable to a degree, given the fact that the box office is totally oversaturated with these type of movies, but just like music is just background noise for some people, so is film. Again I must say to each their own, just don’t make lorikeet doubt a great film with bad reviews just because it wasn’t what was expected. Now that’s out of the way.... here is what most people with a good range of taste in films thought. This was the best DC film since “The Dark Knight” IMHO. Joker may even surpass all of the Gotham movies I’ve seen since growing up, Tim Burton’s Batman was one of my favorite movies from my childhood . “Joker” had just amazing acting, casting, pace, bleak and poignant plot, and it’s minimalism / realism make a perfect dark commentary on life! As well as those whom the system has failed and really know what suffering is. Blurring the line between suicide and homicide, madness and freedom, J Phoenix did an amazing job in his realistic acting by bringing out Jokers slow decent into madness proving that The character Joker was a victim with his madness bringing him the freedom to accept his fate and truly a real villain, this was a great origin story for a great character done by a good directed and Amazing actor. If you’re a fan of films that are truly Dark and dramatic like “Taxi Driver” or even “Requiem for a Dream” for example, YOU WILL LOVE THIS FILM!, it’s a breath of fresh air in the suffocating 2D superhero or the Transformers type trash movies. It also will stick with you long after watching it. If some people did a bit of research into the writer/ director and reviews beforehand they wouldn’t have been so surprised or angry. This is one many great films that held a mirror to the bleak reality of those who are actually living with mental illness & have slipped through the cracks of society. Showing how the hopelessness and desperate people out there can easily cross the fine line between suicidal and homicidal. Just know beforehand what kind of film you are about to watch, do a bit of research beforehand into the writers & directors without holding such high expectations, it can make a huge difference. I was very happy to see a humanized “Villain” not some cheap cliche depending on mystical superpowers. It’s really a shame to miss this film, it’s honestly one of the few really good films out there with no need to blow up hospitals or rely on overdone hostage situations. In the DC/MCU Joker was one of the best films in a long time. Just look at the controversy it made, tweens thinking they know better than those who decide Oscar nominations. Don’t let their ignorance fool you. But like I said before personally I have always liked Dark themed films that are realistic and thought provoking, a lot of people do not and they are untitled to their opinions. Just don't their reviews stop you from watching these type of films. Sorry to rant, I’ve watched Joker 3 times already and still I’m glad I have it on Blu-Ray for when I’m in the mood.

- Very odd movie2 star

This was a very odd movie. Mr. Phoenix is a perfect actor to play the role of someone who is mentally ill. I thought the movie moved slowly and had very few actors in it. The whole movie was about his mental illness. Kids definitely would have trouble relating to this movie as it seems to be targeted toward adults. It was a very odd movie and was far-out. Got bored about 1 hour into it and turned it off....then went back to it after a rest. 2/5 overrated.

- Great5 star

The movie was great, Joaquin’s performance was amazing. Everyone here giving bad reviews are pretending like they’re some sort of prestigious movie critic when in reality they’re just a bunch neckbeards crying over nothing. They knew what they were going into and still cry about it being too “depressing” or too “dark”.

- Too dark and depressing1 star

Too dark and depressing

- I expected more1 star

This movie sucked

- Re-watchable!!!5 star

And I thought the movie comics were gruesome. 🤪🪓😵

- AMAZING5 star

hands down the best dc movie ever

- The Joker5 star

This is what I call the best villain movie of all time to me this is the best movie of all time!

- Meh2 star

Although the acting was decent I thought it was depressing and boring. I wouldn’t watch it twice.

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Jrssm - Bad1 star

A very long movie, overacted and not enjoyable. 2+ hours I won’t get back in my life.

666Leaf - Haven’t seen it yet3 star

I’m gunna test drive this movie and then I’ll give it a true rating ! Wish me the best! Hope it’s not a waste of time

TheMamba07 - ART.5 star

Amazing movie! Reality of today’s society!

aibin 11 - Outstanding movie5 star

No words 👌🏻👌🏻

GabeJoe - The Joker was terrible1 star

There was no story. The acting was bad. It was about a man who was mentally disturbed and he was getting worse. I wish I could get my money back and the time I wasted watching this piece of crap.

Sirglub - Joaquin is great1 star

What a lame movie. Doesn't bring anything new to the table unless you live in a world where you only watch garbage Disney movies and whatever Fast and Furious they're on now. Joaquin is expectedly great and there's some good production value in this movie, but everything else is so mediocre and borderline awful. What a fake-deep movie.

KidCOBOL - A “beautiful” descent into madness5 star

Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscars for his performance. He Just nailed it.

Och.laddie - Fantastic acting and story (damn Wayne family!)5 star

You can’t help but connect to the Joker. I rarely give 5 stars but am doing so here. Great movie - if a bit of a downer...

thallbird - F***ing Perfect Movie5 star

Like some of the other reviews written on here, I can’t seem to get enough of this movie. I’ve watched it 3 times all the way through and I still get “cravings” for certain scenes that I watch over and over on YouTube. The music in the film is absolutely haunting and fits so well with the mood and the feelings of everything that Arthur is going through. I haven’t felt this way about a movie in a long time where like a song that get stuck in your head, Joker is that song. IMO, the people who rated this movie 1 star and called it boring and thought it had no story with zero entertainment factor, these people simply don’t understand true art when it’s slapping them in the face. Joaquin Phoenix just proved once again why he’s one of my favourite actors. He F***ing slayed it!

StarAction - Superb Acting4 star

This movie deals with society’s failure to deal with people suffering with mental illness. Thankfully, the acting was absolutely superb, otherwise, this would just be another dark violent film.

NishaanCheddie - Worst movie ever1 star

He should win an award for his stellar acting. But the story is very boring and very uneventful.

canuckliberal - Waste1 star

A typical terrible movie. Cannot stress how bad and boring this movie is. Will be in the top ten worst of all time.

Willy Highrock - Good acting but a bit of a let down3 star

Phoenix was great but pretty depressing and just as he turns the corner it ends?

SuperherOcritic - An Unbiased Review from a Comicbook Lover4 star

I can’t believe they did it. Even Logan disappointed me with its annoying reliance on superhero tropes, and I STILL consider that film to be in the top 5 superhero films of all time. I am still in disbelief how this was made by the same people that thought the theatrical release of Batman v Superman was coherent in any way. If you are tired of seeing (AND hearing) blatant advertising in your superhero movies, such as the exclamation of “axe body spray”, or the constant revving and frontal shots of Audi’s, then this might hit that sweet spot. It has an indie feel and although the lines are not always great, they are effective, emotional, and powerful. The dialogue in the script is one of my few criticisms that I have to complain about, although the plot is brilliant. Again, as said with Logan - I would give Endgame a 4/5 as well. But this is different. This is a tragedy of a man turning evil. As simple as the extraordinary 1917 by Sam Mendes this year, and just as affective. The score in Joker is absolutely haunting, and draws you in to the guaranteed downfall of a mentally ill man in poverty; someone who makes some incredibly impulsive, realistically dower decisions that lead him into a new reality. A look into a sociopath that doesn’t sensationalize his destructive, chaotic mind - but attempts to understand how someone - a conscious human being - can become something so entirely horrific. While not my favourite movie of the year, it did touch me the most emotionally. For a little more reference, my top 5 superhero films of all time: 1. The Dark Knight 2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2. Joker 3. Logan 4. Infinity War/Endgame (can’t choose so I count it as one and hope we get an epic 5 and a 1/2 hour film 5. Spider-Man 2

Manning2072 - Best DC movie to date!5 star

Fantastic movie a must see 100%

2121sugarland - Joker5 star

Awesome film!! Joaquin Phoenix was FANTASTIC!!

marz52 - Gifted5 star

Phoenix is one of the truly gifted actors of all time. His performance was stellar and the dedication to is art is beyond comparison in this film.

SLapp appy - And The Oscar Goes To...5 star

We riot if he doesn’t win! Excellent directing as well.

[email protected] - Awesome Movie!!! Not enough like this5 star

Joaquin Phoenix was amazing just Wow!!!

coolbeazcrap - WOW5 star

It's a masterpiece! and it shock me when I saw it in theatre's!

Kris Atkinson - Amazing, must watch5 star

Negative reviews are from one of two kinds of people: a) fans of the Joker character who were expecting a slapstick comedy, or b) people who didn’t understand the movie at all. The movie “works” on so many levels, and is wide open to interpretation—just like the best cinematic experiences of all time. The story and character are refreshingly complex.

Hazèæl - Masterpiece5 star

If you don’t like it, jump down a bridge, thank you!

Thepill94 - Mazing5 star


illerbiller - Something missing3 star

Great actors, some the best characters in comic/movie, good writing but the movie did not captivate me like I was expecting it would. I love the series but this movie was not fun to watch. Lots of pointless scenes.

Merlin$ - Oscar time!5 star

Just finished watching this bad boy!! About close to perfection as any cinematic masterpiece that i’ve seen..... layers upon layers of art..... crazy though.... but in a great way!

Bcguy12 - Great movie5 star

Everyone in the family loves it!

mattthearchitect - Best Movie of All-Time5 star

A masterclass of acting, writing, directing, cinematography, lighting, music, sound... absolutely everything in this movie is just perfect. Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar for his performance, it’s right up there with Heath Ledger. I love this movie so much, the themes of turning your tragedies into passion and loss of identity are very powerful and a lot of the metaphors in this movie just leave you awestruck at how accurate they are. If you haven’t seen this movie because you’re not a DC fan, I implore you to please watch this movie, because it is a DRAMA first, a DC movie second. It doesn’t feel like a comic book movie, it feels like a psychological drama. See this movie NOW.

Brilandry - Incredible5 star


Jane Monheit's fan - Good character origination movie3 star

This is like Frozen for adult. Its the same Let it Go theme. Anyway all jokes aside, the 16x9 aspect ratio cut definitely don't do this film justice. Its a tad shame that Joaquin Phoenix getting typecast to play loners or mentally unstable guy or both.

Meghanleopard - An absolute must see5 star

My new favourite movie. If you don’t follow the Batman saga there’s no need to stress. This movie is a show all on its own and really opens your eyes to today’s world and the mental health issues many suffer. Had me feeling a different emotion every few minutes. After seeing it once I was craving to see it again. Joaquin had me hooked on his amazing performance!

Phoenix_Phlyer - Joker5 star

A really good movie with suspense and action in the movie that’s explain as the journey continues in the movie

SteveWW - Great acting but...2 star

Like others I thought the lead was terrific. Much like Heath Ledger, Joaquin took the character and immersed himself in it. Too bad the movie didn’t live up to his acting. It was ponderous with scenes that probably could have been cut but were left in despite them not really adding to the movie. The cinematography was great but it didn’t add a whole lot to the movie. The stairs scenes were wonderful but it didn’t really add much to the character. For me it felt like an add on, “Oh, I love these stairs, let’s do a scene here.” Yes, yes, I’ve read some of the things pointed out about the movie, e.g. his laughs and his final laugh, but it doesn’t help the movie all that much. Sure, sure, the points make the movie more intriguing but still ponderous. I get the feeling this is a love it or hate it type movie for many.

Migzzy Migz - Excellent5 star

Great movie - especially the part where Robert Dinero “gets what he fugging deserves”....couldn’t agree more, his acting was terrible and someone needs give this has-been a clue, maybe get him to watch that part of the movie a few more times so it sinks in. Anyway- I give this a 12 out 10 stars .

Cardinell86 - Truly Mind Bending!5 star

Props to the writers.

Booyaah2 - DRS5 star

Mr Phoenix is excellent but can’t top the late Heath Ledgers performance. He will always be the best Joker may he RIP

nnnnnnnnnicolassssss - Good4 star

Dark knight is better

DirectingArt - Perfection, Pain, Passion and Pleasure5 star

The movie leaves you wanting more. How the hell did this only get 69 on rotten tomatoes - guessing it offended a bunch of idiots - a billion dollar movie, with an award winning cast - it’s time for the tomato people to go away.

Chayceme - Boring as...2 star

Yes, he is it an incredible actor, unreal really! But that’s all the movie is about. How amazing of an actor he is really. Incredible snorer really. Would never want to be punished to watch it again. Stick to action adventure guys!

[email protected] - Clowns have always freaked me out…5 star

…but I bought this movie and have watched it twice in two consecutive days. A remarkable work of art. Phoenix is beyond amazing. I’m not a Batman movie fan. This movie stands on its own two feet. There is a strong message here, and I do hope people are listening. Joaquin is an incredible artist. Well done!

What is not opening - Amazing!!!!!!5 star

The movie is so amazing and beautifully done. I’m just so amazed, it’s been about a month and I s till thinking about the music and the movie itself. It’s so well done and thought about it. Totally worth buying!

MaxTO - Good acting but...2 star

The movie was ok. The acting was decent but I didn’t find the story all that compelling. I had much higher hopes

Casscan - I’m a huge DC/Marvel fan, this movie sucks2 star

It’s not good at all. In no way is it a comic book movie. Calling someone the joker does not make it a Batman movie. Also, they completely mangle both the joker and Batman’s origin stories. It’s just an inferior 21st century version of take driver.

@davidkerr71 - Joke!2 star

I just didn’t get it. I found it to be too slow. I think the hype was far greater than the movie. The acting was good, I just thought the story was slow.

Aarondude - Brilliant filmmaking and acting5 star

A powerful film that’s different from the usual superhero genre!

ghysht - Oscar worthy5 star

This film is hands down the best film released in 2019. So much better than any of the over hyped movies marvel churned out in the last decade

agape181 - Agape1815 star

Seen 18 times in Theatre Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!

xXMovieReviewerXx - Movie of the year5 star

This movie is really good I liked it and it was really good. Buy this movie because it was really good and I liked it since it was really good which made me really love it because it’s really good.

No Love - Overrated1 star

Too artistic. Not enough gore. Bad story overall. Slow , boring.

nialanorac - A voir absolument5 star

Exceptionnel - une métaphore sur la vie çe en Amérique du Nord.

Ry01tank - One of the best movies of all time5 star

As someone who has dealt with ADHD it is refreshing to see a movie that tackles mental illness in an excellent way. It has inspired me to be my best self possible. I love this movie and it is a guaranteed purchase

Kevstig - Best fim with a dark side5 star

A brilliant film with Joaquin Phoenix as you follow on his journey through to becoming jojer . The violence is brutal and the plot and characters are superb.

Chazaton - Crazy crazy ! Wow!2 star

What’s. Rush! This move killed it! It was so dark and twisted and the last 10 minutes were so dark and twisted! Me and my m8 $upple died for this! So crazy and dark and twisted too! Keep an eye out as I am an extra in the 19th scene. This movie deserved recognition but it gone none! Especially as it is so dark and twisted!

ItzCookie_Lover345 - 😔😔😔-wEiRd_pOtaTo1 star

I was super sad when I saw batman wasn’t in this😩😭😭

latent500 - Superb!5 star

An entertaining film from start to finish. Phoenix deserves all the awards and recognition of his commitment and dedication to the role.

RosieAsher - Superb5 star

Dark, brilliantly acted, and lived up to the hype. I’ve never seen Batman, or know anything about it, but it works 100% as a stand alone film! Excellent film. Highly recommend it.

Chromo88 - Wow!5 star

Can’t praise this film enough... brings a human/realistic feel like the Dark Knight trilogy did. No stupid effects or “Yeah right” moments. Just wish they could nail a Batman film down with the same effect! Maybe with this (Phoenix) Joker portrayal considering the era it’s set... wouldn’t be too out there for this Joker to be crazy enough by the time Bruce Wayne puts on the suit & cowl!? Cracking film though, well recommended... 3rd time I’ve watched it now!

2ted - Just boring1 star

After an hour of watching I turned this off as nothing was going on here.

Gwyd the Squid - An Oscar-winning masterpiece!5 star

Joaquin Phoenix bagged his first Oscar for his work on this film. You can see why - he transforms the movie into one of the year’s (maybe even one of the decade’s) greatest. The Oscar-winning score is brilliantly haunting, and Todd Philipps brings all his directorial talent to create a dark, disturbing (and ever so beautiful) work of genius!

Sample text man - What hasn’t been said?5 star

Best movie of the 2010’s Don’t go into this looking for action. This movie is a slow burner, it’s a drama. Since it’s not based on the original Joker don’t go looking for something like Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson. This is his own incarnation of a beloved character, drastically different but not enough to the point where you don’t recognise him. It’s tackling of mental health is not about your average Joe, it’s about what happens when you let the crazy guy down the hall run wild because he’s been pushed to the edge. Arthur is a character you can’t help but sympathise with but he’s not meant to be liked. He does despicable things. You watch it wishing you could tell him not to. You’re meant to feel uncomfortable by him and they do an excellent job of that. It has a further comment on the effects of austerity and poverty, and how it can further drive someone into madness when all hell for them is cut off. So to recap Don’t go in expecting action. Don’t expect a classic interp of this character. Don’t get impatient, it’s a slow film. Get ready to be disturbed but saddened.

Dior&gucciforever - [email protected]@king Fantastic!!!🤡5 star

Loved this film, one of the best films seen in a long time, it’s gonna be one of those films that will be talked about in history for being legendary. Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant. Parts made me feel sympathetic towards the character, other times made me laugh a little, though it is very dark and disturbing at times, but just genius. He is a genius!

G1cvr - Joker1 star

Wot a waist of time ,and it won awards,some sad people out there ,just awful,and crap

Nomadman2k - Average Movie2 star

I know there is all the hype around this movie, but it didn’t really do much. Slow, long and drawn out with a very dull story line. The acting was ok, but realistically this isn’t a big screen epic, it had a made for TV feel to it.

Retro Pietro - Genius5 star

Mr Phoenix is a great man.

RU5UR3 - Slow and boring1 star

One of the most disappointing films I’ve seen in a long time. Don’t waste your time.

Wandering apps - Ok but creepy3 star

This is something you watch once and probably won’t ever watch again

Stephlou93 - Zero stars, disappointed,1 star

I can not BELIEVE how poor this film genuinely is. As a fan of the joker, you expect depth. This was none other than a chuck together! 1 hour 21 mins it took to get OK! & it took 3 times for me to complete without thinking I cba for this. I had to finish it - But this really gives no justice to the imagination of one who genuinely looks to the joker as the biggest bad guy of Gotham city! - Disappointment can not begin to explain

Marzbar_Joker - Masterpiece!!5 star

Joaquin has the Oscar IN THE BAG!!! A truly amazing performance! I know no one who doesn’t like this amazing piece of cinema! 5 solid stars!!

Mac7184 - Incredible!5 star

I cannot rate this film highly enough! I have to say I was really indifferent about this film before watching it. However, once the film started I was drawn in, hooked and spellbound. What an incredible film and performance! Can’t wait to see this again!

iuesvkcmdtvvhjnm - Darker movie5 star

This was definitely a dark twisted tale of jokers origins I thought it was brilliant but the last 30-40 minutes of the movie were brilliant

Rr 7 - Why one star?1 star

Well as good as the acting is that is to be expected of an experienced actor. The problem is I hoped he would win best actor but unfortunately winning a bafta Which he claims is institutionally wrong makes a big complaint then accepts the award thusly by doing this endorses the institution that he disagrees with!

FranklinDStallone - Enjoyable, well done5 star

This is easily the best comicbook film to come out in time. That doesn’t say much but when even compared to all films this is a quite good one. Dark and enjoyable. Certainly worth taking a chance on it. There are two very loud little groups of people who will tell you it’s either the worst film ever or the best film ever purely based on their extremist ideology. The film is neither. It’s just good. The higher end of good but still, it’s not the second coming. Nor is it awful.

Japalmer1974 - Not all that3 star

Slow burner that gets going at the end. Felt let down after all the hype... Rent, don’t buy.

Scottiesimp - Good3 star

Good film but really wouldn’t watch it more than once

I luva laugh - Brilliant!!5 star

Totally brilliant film !!! ... it will be an an absolute joke .... if Joaquin Phoenix does not get the Oscar for best actor !! The guy is outstanding!!

Gibbo6828 - Enjoyed5 star

Really liked this, intense mad brutal yeah

RossLevere - Stunning!5 star

This film blew me away! Not-at-all what I was expecting from Todd Phillips who I previously felt was only capable of making forgettable bromance movies. Phoenix gives an astounding performance and I both long for a sequel and pray that one never comes to pass. One of my favourite films for sure!

ScouseTho - Joker5 star

Just wow, what a dark and moving story, which is very twisted, could watch it over n over

*StArScReAm* - A Todd Phillips master piece!5 star

I’ve now watched this film 4 times since it’s iTunes realise on the 27th jan! What a master class in directing and acting. It doesn’t even feel like a DC film it’s that well done! Please do a joker 2 but keep it the same style! Amazing! DC need to do more R rated movies imagine a batman R rated with this Joker! Wow! One can dream!

I-Yupee - Not dark, simply depressive2 star

Unfortunately Joaquin Phoenix is just playing for the Oscars, it is way too obvious, by the way he probably will get it as well. His arm movements, his forceful laugh everything could be more natural if he was a bit more relaxed, Robert De Niro is an amazing actor but in this movie he is letting his guard down and just playing the script. The movie itself is not only dark it is depressive by using mental health issues but the whole plot is really not believable. I have seriously mix feelings about this movie. I suggest you rent it before you buy as I bought it and I am very sure I won’t be watching it again.

Jack Wester - A masterpiece5 star

It is most refreshing that art, originality, creative courage and non-conformity is still allowed and actually rewarded in this day and age where filmakers are expected to only operate in a narrow corridor of opinion and allowance. This film is a must see.

RichTea23 - Not as deep as you'd hope3 star

Watched this on Monday when came out on iTunes. TBH it was fairly shallow and didn't really say much. Without spoilers, basically very damaged people do bad things. No great insights. Great acting from JP, but otherwise, just dark, sad, and lacking any real depth - other than the depth of sadness one sees in JP's Joker. Could have done so much more with this.

stella bigbear71 - Brilliant5 star

Great film

vjckt - Phoenix was amazing4 star

Heath Ledger captures the Joker in his prime whereas Phoenix captures him in his birth. A very dark character study (just happened to be the Joker). Catches the mood and depression of a tormented soul destroyed by a society that does not care.

Kramer rules - Carl5 star

Absolutely Classic loved it

Music Man 95 - Controversial1 star

Extremely controversial

Fruity shortie - Fruity shortie5 star

A rollercoaster of human emotion dark and tragic brings the hard realities of life and serves it up cold.If your a me myself and I person it won’t appeal.Masterful acting.

Cids94 - Brilliant5 star

This film is an absolute must, it really gets you thinking from the Joker’s point of view.

Jabstiks - One of the best you’ll ever see5 star

One of the best movies you will ever see, Jaoquin Phoenix is flawless!

Goose hopper - Joker5 star

Just brilliant, film of the year

Esmith 05135 - Just one bad day5 star

A truly incredible film full of dark twist and turns that keep you watching till the end.

Tesrgft - Good film4 star

Very very dark

Dog dog girl - best movie out there5 star

if im honest this movie is absoloutley brilliant, really makes you think along with a really enjoyable and interesting storyline

Fmcrobb - A depressingly dark masterpiece5 star

This is not a super villain movie; i imagine it's a take on what could potentially happen in real life to an unfortunate soul. Centred on Arthur (aka Joker) who struggles with his mental health, you witness the character develop by events which cause his illness to get out of hand and change him into Joker.

Daniel from England - Brilliant5 star

Origin of the Clown Prince of Crime in Gotham City, and the director and main lead just nailed it. Joaquin Phoenix was so good in this.

mickey bucknall - Joker review by mickey bucknall5 star

Best film ever but a bit sad

director faz - Amazing must own5 star

Fantastic film, great story. Ordered

wasm111 - RELEASE THE SNYDER CUT WB!5 star


bolter79 - Masterpiece5 star

This film has a dark look at the world around us but it’s said in a way that’s just pure brilliance. Well worth a watch

Zak Quadri - Incredible5 star

A real life insight to what a life of loneliness and hurt can do, emotional and gripping within every second, I remember watching it in the cinema and not saying a single word. Superb. My favourite movie.

John Neil-Rice - Deeply unsettling, in the best way possible5 star

A highly emotive and well executed drama led by one of the finest actors of the past 20 years.

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Letsgodiving - Disappointed1 star

This film was very bland, ..that mentally unstable dude gets unhinged because he got beat up,...really?!,...I have a better scenario,...what if he found out that the very person he trusted to protect him as a child, sold him to an underground society of rich, powerful, twisted men for sex. The betrayal, the humiliation is a more likely spiral into madness,...and also the director could’ve use a little CGI to show his physical transformation into the JOKER.

Not The Biblical Story - True Cinema5 star

The story is not a CGI popcorn flick with really bad humor and a bunch of cheesy one liners, that is also pushing political correct themes down your throat rather than focusing on story ,this is a story that is dependant on Talent and acting ability . A story of tragedy that is about a kind human being that is molded into a madman through the blind continuous cruelty of mas inhumanity to man mixed with tragic circumstances

KeithJames1980 - Highly Recommend5 star

The Joker definitely lived up to its hype. Joaquin Phoenix was great.

Your Standard Customer - Not Bad, Not Good, Okay3 star

Just a depressing story that ends with violence, trying to sell a “movement” based on the flimsy premise of poor are evil, rich are more evil, there are no good people. It uses mental illness to excuse self-centered violence and is compared to Taxi Driver, though in that movie, Travis Bickle at least has enough humanity to try to save someone in the end. This movie tries to save no one but itself. Still consider Heath Ledger’s portrayal the best, with his great blend of menace, intelligence, and humor.

MKKK1986 - Best movie ever5 star

One of my favorites

Flavc - Slow, depressing, pointless, no twists2 star

Looks nice. Otherwise, useless. Joquin is fine, although it's not really great acting to act weird and cackle. Is that acting? Is that even a stretch? Probably one of the most overrated movies ever. The scariest thing about it is all of the people giving it 5 star reviews.

Brunio7 - Depressing, Dark and without hope.1 star

Joker is not what I expected. I went into the movie expecting the creation of the comic book character. Instead what my eyes saw was a very real and dark movie following the life of a mentally ill man and his mentally ill mother. Instead of turning into the joker that we all know from other various movies/cartoons he remains his broken self. Not even a villain, just a deranged individual who it feels like could shatter with the smallest of punches because theres not much holding him together.

Euan McCaughey - Waste of $201 star

2 hours of a a mentally unstable white guy taking out his rage on anyone who crosses him? Wish I could ask for a refund. It’s a disgusting homage to white male rage- and that’s coming from a white male. The rest of it is brooding and face-making for the Academy Awards. It should neither be nominated nor win any of these, as it’s a complete pile of crap.

jbc18 - Boring1 star

Seriously, how is this nominated for so many Oscars? Bleh. Guy with mental illness goes off the deep end and becomes violent. Yeah, let’s celebrate that.

Dnunn7152 - Worst movie I have ever seen1 star

This movie is so bad they shouldn’t release it anywhere. By far the worst movie I have ever seen. Wish I had the time back. -10 stars. Would not watch again if someone paid me

Woodsmithy2 - Over Rated2 star

Good acting by Joaquin Phoenix but beyond that it is a dark and depressing movie with a pointless story.

Thecat57 - Wow. I’m so uncomfortable.3 star

I watched this with my boyfriend, and as someone who deals with depression and anxiety I can say that I was 100% uncomfortable and unnerved. The steep decline into depressing topics made me physically anxious. It made my emotions fluctuate like a roller coaster. I love the joker as a character. And mr. Phoenix did a great job, I just couldn’t finish it. My head felt a hundred feet below sea level. I couldn’t do it.

Sumner27 - F1 star

This movie is way to slow for me. I had a hard time staying interested.

Cadillo21 - Real life joker5 star

Tremendous performance by Phoenix, this is as close as you can get to the joker in the comics.

yuleth - An unusual, artistic, thoughtful, & boldly different comic-based film5 star

This is a batman-related movie — a back story about a comic book character. A Joker origin story. And within that genre, my teen daughters and I found it extremely engaging. It's at the top of my list of good comic book movies; to me it's in another category altogether. Frankly, I hope there are more like this. The filmmakers took their task seriously, as artists should — and I hope to see more like this and fewer that follow the formula. Looking forward to the sequel. I hope it's even bolder. And by the way, the music is fantastic too.

Tony_Baloni915 - Open-minded Review5 star

As I can’t understand the negative critics on Phoenix’s acting, I could on the other hand understand the controversy of the movie. Sure it deals with mental illness and gruesome violence and we don’t want that influencing audiences in the wrong way, e.g. the 2012 Aurora mass shooting after the screening of The Dark Knight Rises. However, there’s PLENTY of other R-rated movies, music, shows - not to mention the internet. Are we just going to ban all of these violating our basic U.S. amendments to free speech, etc.? We shouldn’t let this hinder movie producers, fans, and the general public from experiencing great potential films. I’m all for love & peace in the world, but watching an action film with one of the most notorious villains in comic book history is not going to change my mindset. Kudos to Phillips & I hope Joaquin wins that Oscar.

Eiggerris - Must understand to appreciate5 star

An outstanding performance only Joaquin Phoenix can pull. Not Robert Deniro’s best performance. Excellent plot beautifully conveyed by Phoenix. Must be open minded to appreciate.

Gibby2099 - Masterpiece5 star

Wasn’t expecting this at all. Very well done by the entire cast especially an Oscar worthy performance by Joaquin Phoniex.

2ach5tyles - Joaquin gets 2 stars2 star

Joaquin is amazing. Everything else about this sad state of affairs was spun by studios & media conglomerates to take your money. Stop giving “the rich” your money.

pet lover69😂 - Amazing performance5 star

The people who disagree with me go away and why wright mean stuff just to zright mean stuff. The acting in this movie is amazing you know how much time this would had took? I don’t get the reason people say omg it’s about mental illness. They are trying to tell use the story of how joker became to be if you don’t like it than just go away 😒

nick perkins 03 - disgusting1 star

the best way I’ve heard this described is “if you’ve never swam in the ocean, a pool seems deep”

Game master barryboy - Excellent flick5 star

This was an excellent movie that shows what put the joker over the edge. Don’t listen to negative reviews and cry babies who cry because the joker didn’t look like the comic book. They wouldn’t know a good movie if it hit them in the face. Will be up for awards for sure. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

livvin.luvly - I love this movie and joker is hot5 star

So I just saw this movie and joker is my boo

Bugz232312567 - Meh3 star

Not as good as its hyped. Phoenix was good, but the movie was so so.

Sergmaster76 - Сильный фильм!5 star

Отличное кино!

sibruno - Great movie - minor reservations4 star

Won’t spoil anything - wished the script and director committed a bit more to a definitive outcome, but overall great movie. Joaquin Phoenix is an incredible actor.

Bacatran - Super Over Hyped1 star

This movie was so hyped up and did not deliver. Constant tension and it builds up to nothing. And outside of the name this was not joker but rather just a mental health issue film. Also as far as origins goes we still have no clue where author came from.

Dah_Finns - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star


Somnodoctor - Masterpiece.5 star

I have never seen a movie have to many 5 star and 1 star ratings. Either you like it or you don't.

KadenGlenn - Umm1 star

Yeah that’s a no

Jemlvr - Not worth it....1 star

I don’t recommend this movie as it was one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever seen. The acting was convincing, I’ll give it that. But otherwise the creepy disturbing mood and plot of the entire movie is not a movie I would ever watch again. Not sure why so many see this movie as amazing as it portrays a mentally unstable man who stopped getting proper treatment for his illness. It definitely sheds light on mental illness but this movie was too much with the extreme violence and unnecessary scenes that were included in the film. Not a must see hit movie in my book. Don’t waste your time on this. There are far better movies out there to watch..

Jwcarlon - A Masterpiece of Movie Making and Acting5 star

Phoenix is genius. Cinematography and directing magnificent. Doesn’t matter if you are into super hero movies or not. This is a great movie to watch. Just appreciate the masterwork in very aspect of this movie.

marylove❣️ - ❤️5 star

🍿❤️I love the movie ❤️🍿

AntiNermSkating - 55 star

Loved it best movie I’ve ever seen

Magictoddy - Oscar worthy5 star

Joaquin Phoenix should win best actor. Hands down.

MovieLover3039 - Best Performance ... just WOW5 star

I was blown away by the story and how well the Joker was portrayed. The dance scene down the stairs is my favorite.

rhdjcufjfjfjjf - Great movie5 star


Photoshop Newb - Ehh1 star

Good acting, but a bad plot

IHailCarlo - Amazing5 star

Don’t listen to the crybabies. The movie is deep and disturbing, not for the weak! The Crown Prince of Crime is not an easy watch, never intended to be the colourful Marvel movie. Love that DC is making grime!

Sucios 🇲🇽✔️ - Awesome5 star

It’s the best movie I’ve seen! Loved it

i have always been - Origins5 star

I found the story line captivating ...

stop twi ads on youtube - The movie so good! Buy it you won’t regret it!!5 star

Really show off joker real life story

CharlotteByWayOfTN - Nope2 star

Decided to rent it after all of the fuss.... Waste of time and money. The only reason I give it two stars is because Joaquin Phoenix was fascinatingly convincing as the character and the last 15 minutes was pretty compelling. The rest of the story was sad and hard to watch. The mental illness aspect just made it worse. Should have rented something else.

$$omerta88 - I’m lost for words I want the best for you5 star

🙏🏼for me📖

Soundwave n Blitzwing - One of the Best films of the year!4 star

I don’t wanna spoil anything’s so go see it! it’s awesome! I enjoyed it the people who gave negative reviews are the dumb donkey who think The mandalorian should have been a girl. Screw the SJW’s

christopher29m - Not good at all very boring1 star

All it was was a guy making crazy faces through the whole film. Nothing more.

Echaosin - 10/10.5 star

Don’t listen to these Marvel fanboys. They’ve either not seen the movie or too dumb to understand it. This movie was phenomenal to say the least. Everything about it was brilliant. The soundtracks were amazing. Phoenix performance at the scene where Maury introduces him was unforgettable. It was just good. It was good. It just needs the right person to watch it.

ATMMD - Best Movie? You ARE joking2 star

Main actor is good, but too old for this role. Direction is also good. But the story does not make sense. I did not like this movie.

Megan 0571 - Deep...5 star


transformers rule - Meh2 star

I won’t buy it I heard YouTube reviews I know new joker but joker is capable smart not a loser who got made fun of he is a insane smart person just keep in mind this is not the joker that’s capable he’s a loser

5 star

@happy_joker_ ぴえー( つω;`)またいつか遊ぼー😫

5 star

@Joker_Kem ✌️

5 star

@DCComics: Time to smile 🤡 The Joker shines in a new line of DC Direct statues!

5 star

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5 star

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5 star

@CursedMario: do i look like joker from the persona 5

5 star

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5 star

@kat2020maga The joker in person. The Crazy BASEMENT DWELLER. THAT'S A LITTLE WEIRD. CAN YOU HEAR HIM?? PRECIOUS, M…

5 star

@RPAustralia: "I can't say much about the story. Except ... I want to take him on a psychological journey of discovery full of traumas…

5 star


5 star

@nicole2dogs: I go to the border with my Batman. I want to take him on a psychological journey of discovery full of traumas and darkness…

5 star

@_CharlesMurphy: Watching Nolan's Batman trilogy again. Ledger's Joker makes things happen; Phoenix's Joker has things happen to him. On…

5 star

@tim_dude12: "I hope you aren't expecting too many new challengers". - Inkling - Daisy - Ridley - Simon - Richter - Chrom - Dark Samus…

5 star

Joker mains drink Ketchup

5 star

This is great but I should have gone with the stairs dancing down the joker, fuck!

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