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Meet the Park family, the picture of aspirational wealth. And the Kim family, rich in street smarts but not much else. Be it chance or fate, these two houses are brought together and the Kims sense a golden opportunity. Masterminded by college-aged Ki Woo, the Kim children expediently install themselves as tutor and art therapist to the Parks. Soon, a symbiotic relationship forms between the two families. The Kims provide "indispensable" luxury services while the Parks obliviously bankroll their entire household. When a parasitic interloper threatens the Kims' newfound comfort, a savage, underhanded battle for dominance breaks out, threatening to destroy the fragile ecosystem between the Kims and the Parks. By turns darkly hilarious and heartwrenching, Parasite showcases a modern master at the top of his game. Paul Dean has created a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach. He and his female companion, Patricia Welles, must find a way to destroy it while also trying to avoid Ricus, his rednecks, and an evil government agent named Merchant. Parasite Wiki

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You will not feel the terror until you experience the movie!..

Parasite (2019)

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- Good5 star

Very good

- The greatest film of 20195 star

Parasite was one of the most captativing films of the century it defintley has funny momments and has beautiful cinematopgraphy along side with wonderful acting. This north korean film is well-written and so funny that it won a Oscar for best picture which is impressive for a korean picture done right.

- one of the best films i’ve ever watched.5 star

title says it all. cinematography, plot, character development and explanation, twists, and overall moral lessons were all on point. 5/5 for sure.

- Best movie ever5 star

Amazing story and cinematography. A compelling piece of art and entertainment that will have you on the edge of your seat. Great actors. Would recommend for everyone

- Amazing movie!5 star

This movie is a must watch for any movie lover!

- A new way to show an old problem with style and humor.5 star

The gap between the rich and the poor is nothing new. It can’t be more realistic in its twist of political stereotype: the rich are greedy and the poor are not shrewd. The vertical architectural setting reveals class in this film while the horizontal train does it in his another film about the gap; The Snow Piercer. People who don’t understand the gore end are those who have no heart to resonate the humiliation and agony of seemingly numb father. Yes, ‘smell’ is somewhat people feel shame and abhor from their gut.

- Weird but entertaining5 star

The story is weird but I enjoyed it.

- Brilliant!5 star

I am probably one of the last hold outs to watch this movie, not because it was Korean made, but simply because when watching a movie with subtitles one has to devote 100% attention to every word and detail. When I finally had the time to do so I was blown away! Having watched a few Korean movies with subtitles in the past. I have come away with a great deal of respect and enjoyment for their movie making. Albeit, Last Train to Busan and The Good, The Bad and The Weird are not what you would call Blockbusters, but for the genre types, they were very enjoyable and fun. Parasite simply blew me away with its writing, dialogue, plot and over/undertones. This movie is a keeper, meaning I will purchase for my collection. Funny, Dramatic, a bit scary and brilliantly acted and directed, I have a completely new sense of respect for the Korean cinematic culture and quality. Unless you speak Korean fluently, you have to devote your entire energy and focus on this movie and its dialogue to get the complete effect. Loved It! Congrats on the Academy Awards. Very Miuch ?Deserving.

- Good twists5 star

This movie didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed the twists and social commentary.

- Masterpiece5 star

It was a very great project and the plots throughout this movie are insane

- Loved it5 star

Very different and worth a watch!

- Trash!1 star

Can’t get back those 2 hours of my life

- Amazing but not for everyone5 star

If you understand film you’ll know this is a masterpiece and deserves the praise. This movie is about true class division. Everything seems great at first, it plays out like a comedy. But they figuratively and literally open the walls to discover a deeper secret. This movie is about how the rich walk all over the poor, as if they aren’t even human. At the same time this poor family is scheming on how to take advantage of the wealthier family to climb up their own ladder. The struggle of money and greed to live like their wealthier counterparts - wiping out everyone around them. Nothing is ever as it seems, you can worship you’re favorite celebrities but you really don’t know their daily life, nor they yours.

- Really great5 star

Definitely worth your time

- Not what I Expected5 star

I was incredibly impressed. The story line was unique and nothing that’s ever been made ... ready to watch more films from Bong Joon-Ho!!!

- Overrated3 star

Interesting movie with a few baffling plot choices. It is highly overrated but not a total waste of 2 hours.

- Fantastic!5 star

I watched this after hearing about the awards it won. Very impressive, delightful and breathtaking.

- A MUST WATCH!!5 star

Now I understand why it won BEST Picture at the Oscars and Cannes!!! It was just that good and a story line that takes turns that are unexpected. It’s worth the read!!!

- A cinematic masterpiece5 star

You have to watch this movie multiple times to understand the true genius behind it. Amazing screenplay, strong acting. This movie has it all. Highly recommend

- Great movie5 star

Best thriller out there



- Doesn't live up to the hype3 star

Starts as an interesting view of how different familes live and survive, but then takes a dark and nonsensical turn. Thought it was thought provoking until it took a violent turn. CAn' believe this won so many awards.

- I regret buying it..3 star

I think it’s well made and well acted. The story is interesting and not at all what I expected. Once you’ve seen it you won’t need to watch it again.

- Very disappointed1 star

I thought it would have been in English but I guess not!! It was boring and not interesting at all!

- Excellent5 star

The concept was eye opening, and I love the way how power and wealth goes up and down through the usage of stairs in the film. One of the best thought movies I’ve seen so far.

- Pls add Spanish Stereo3 star

Or at least Spanish (Spain) Stereo which is available everywhere else, but here.

- Why just why?1 star

Joker was better!

- Okay but not best picture3 star

It was okay but not a best picture worthy movie. Would I recommend my friends to see it? No...

- Really bad subtitles!3 star

This has got to have one of the worst subtitle jobs in the industry. Please Apple, this movie deserves better, why have thin white text with no shadows and/or black outlines? Many times during the movie the text just disappears into the light background underneath. If you need a great example of subtitles, just watch any Netflix program. Please FIX IT!

- Wow5 star

Incredible story. Beautiful writing. Amazing acting.


This is a movie I can’t stop watching. It’s so gripping!! The symbolism and the twist was mind blowing. It deserves all the hype. I think the reason a lot of people didn’t like this film was because they didn’t spot the small yet powerful symbolism. Parasite is one of those movies you NEED to analyze. Even without analyzing it the story is funny, thrilling, sad and dramatic. So if you didn’t really feel it the first time you watched it, watch it again and you’ll understand what everyone is talking about.

- Amazing5 star

I loved it so much !!

- 🤦🏻2 star

I wasn’t impressed. 2:30h ?

- Amazing5 star

Watch it and then watch all bong joon ho’s other pictures, the host is an all time favorite

- Lives up to the Hype5 star

I would rarely come on here to write a review about a movie, but this one is the exception. What a masterpiece of a film. A true rollercoaster of events that you would never see coming. Truly great, loved every minute of it. Would highly recommend. Don’t hesitate to watch it! You will not be sorry. Magnificent.

- Best film of 2019!5 star

watched it 3x the first month it came out. amazing. strong. well thought!

- Trash🗑🗑🗑1 star

Worst movie ever waste of two hours

- Not worth the Oscar1 star

Predictable ending and slow story.

- Nice Thrilling Movie4 star

I enjoyed the movies so much.

- Incredible!5 star

Big fan

- Absolutely Amazing!5 star

I don’t know what word to use except WOW! This movie just smacks you around with me what emotion to feel next. One sec you are laughing and the next you are quiet scared of what could happen next. I even skipped 15 secs ahead cause I was afraid of the outcome that’s how invested I was in this movie I of course went back those 15 secs cause I just missed out on important things but just such a good movie. (My opinion, if you wanna know how good the movie is then watch it.)

- Amazing5 star

Best movie ever.

- Good but Oscar worthy??3 star

In short......”The Host” was much much better. That one was award worthy

- Mehhh3 star

I fail to see what all the fuss is about . It has a mesage yet I'm not impressed .

- Not bad at all5 star

I was really expecting a zombie apocalypse type of movie. Had no idea what I was getting into. With that said I was a bit disappointed at first but the movie was great, funny at times, then the plot twist was amazingly sad.

- Awful1 star

Rented this after it won at the Oscars. What a huge disappointment! I’m sad I used my credit to rent this 👎🏻

- no that good!2 star

I was expecting something better than that .Too many oscars for a movie like this...

- BORING2 star

Admittedly I only made it through the first half. Waited for something interesting to happen. It never did. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is one thousand times better. Of course a diaper commercial would be also.

- WOAH.5 star

Now I understand why this movie got best picture mind blowing please check it out!!!

- Overrated movie!1 star

Slow rollout of the plot. Had small twist at the end. Not worth watching.

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OCeasy - Audio and video were not synced correctly.4 star

While the film was great, watching it through Apple TV was terrible. Several times the audio and video were not synced correctly, and I had to close the Apple TV app and reopen in order to watch the movie as intended. Watch the film, just don’t use Apple TV.

AdamOz9090 - Masterpiece. Simply amazing, emotional satire.5 star

First time you watch it, your emotions run wild and your heart races, all the while trying to take in what’s rampantly happening. The second time, you begin to see the moments of genius satire of a competitive-market economy, and the swift, subtle demonstrations of capitalism at its worst, and best. And that’s when the historical impact makes sense. The huge emotional impact, and the smart, funny and stunning comparisons made with capitalist life, mesh together and show the beauty of how a film can make you feel and think. Just watch it. Don’t think, don’t judge. Click play. Whether it’s good or bad, it won Best Pic for a reason. You’ll see it, similar to how I did.

Combatfisher - Very good movie with big twists in the movie5 star

This movie was really good. I loved the shocking twists in the movie and over-all the story was really good. Too bad El Presidente Trump didn't like it ;)

izzy.soul21 - A hidden treasure in Hollywood5 star

This film has everything, a great cast, perfect plot, amazing cinematography and one of the best directors. Every time you watch it you will be able to find something new about it.

bdksnsvskd - should have 5 stars5 star

Hands down one of the best films i have watched in my life. It was thrilling and also thought provoking at the same time. It really makes you think about what you would do under certain circumstances and what you would consider justifiable. The preview doesn't capture what the film is about and if you are bacing weather or not to watch it dont take the preview into consideration just watch it.

dvdhn - Amazing Piece of Modern Cinema5 star

Watched this film over five times now. It’s a captivating story with shots so meticulously crafted that I catch new things with each rewatch.

Nosoda Burger - Amazing5 star

Absolutely recommend

Roudoudoucoucouroucou01 - Excellent5 star

Laughing at those negative reviews.;If you can’t read,of course you won’t like it..😂😂

Tonytone2222 - Very disappointed3 star

Hearing such great things and how many twists and turns, I was excited to watch this. I shouldn’t known better. I’ve had people classify this as a horror/thriller and being scary. It had hints of thriller, but felt more like a dark comedy. It was by no means a horrible movie, but I felt it was just “watchable”. If you’re someone who loves digging deep for metaphors and deeper understanding of simple premises, you’ll prob enjoy this more than I. For all the hype this received tho, I’m extremely underwhelmed.

Switerin - Brilliant!5 star

Watched with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Full of surprises with tight story!

mdzumana - Best movie5 star

What a wow. I've enjoyed this movie

wicki weedter - Too drawn out3 star

Started out entertaining and with sporadic humor. Shortly after getting immersed in the movie I suddenly realized I was wishing for it to “ hurry” along. So much of it not necessary to the plot. A little of this movie goes along with the old saying less is more. A little over kill in my opinion. Plus costly to rent.

Wolflove1 - Outstanding!5 star

Well-paced, smartly scripted, tense, funny, hopeful and dower. It’s worth rewatching and dissecting. A fantastic film that met the hype!

watch anything else - Very over rated!!1 star

One of the worse films I’ve seen. No plot, no continuity and I feel sorry for the actors for having to do it. The story is not believable at all as it leaves too many gaps and skips all over the place. It portrays the home owner, who is a successful rich business man and his wife as complete idiots who are the stupidest people in the world.

z28camaro - Not good1 star

Boring, hated all the sub titles

VAlor97 - This film is sullage and lumpen and populistic1 star

The director of this film thought to himself people are stupid, he represent a family as parasite and his says: i made the Left-wing political film against capitalism. But his lying, he made the populistic film, family members are parasite because they are lumpen and don’t have any role in their society. At the beginning of the film we see the father as a stupid man, but in the middle of the film, the stupid man becomes clever and Professional driver and speaks with kindness. After their home sinks under water and they have to sleep in the stadium as homeless, the father tells the boy the anarchistic ideas: the perfect plan is the plan without previous plot, and what we see at the end of the film? we see Chaos and 3 murders: 2 lumpen and one capitalist. The film was full of Moral numbness.

maxg24680 - Amazing5 star


CeeNicole - Oscar Worthy5 star

Amazing storytelling. Cinematically beautifully. Classic

Ranielereyes - Oscar-worthy5 star

This was an incredible film and truly iconic! It’s worth it, it’s so so so worth it. And to the English-speaking idiots who complained that the film wasn’t dubbed or that you’re lazy to read subtitles: you are all pathetic losers who have your heads shoved so far up your arse that you can’t see the beauty of this film and so many other international films. Go turn on your subtitles and get off of your high horse.

Live Gemini - Excellent Movie!5 star

Parasite is worth every award!

studloverboy - Good movie5 star

Even if it’s in Korea reading in other languages keeps you engaged knowing you can’t understand the language

absolem'sDreams - Class warfare exposed5 star

Parasite offers an entirely relatable and all too real examination of rich and poor, and the gap that divides them. It’s a deep dive into wondering who is the true parasite, the wealthy family who is dependent on drivers, cooks, and specialized teachers to maintain their appearances, or the penniless family, who is dependent on fraud and false credentials just to survive.

GaMbLiNmAnPeDeRsOn - Terrible1 star

Hey don’t waste your money or time on this movie it’s awful. Set aside reading the sub titles, if you’re not trying to put the work in this movie isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a scary movie, move on. I have no idea why this movie won so many oscars. The scariest part of this movie is the toilet and all that sewage.

dogdd - Fun to watch but I don't get what the fuss is about4 star

This movie is fun to watch but I don't see it as a great masterpiece. I think the fuss actually detracts from the movie because I'm waiting for some special kind of awesome that never appears. The movie was good. I would have preferred a different sort of ending, but all in all worth watching. But watching on video is good enough.

luvsmovies55 - Best Pic?4 star

Not sure this should have gotten the Oscar for Best Pic. Although it is worth seeing and it’s one of those you will still be thinking about afterwards.

jak3Nbake - Wow.4 star

Almost unbelievable. The style, tone, pacing, acting, and generally everything is amazing. I didn’t know where I was going to go with this one. But when I got there my jaw was on the floor.

Sher_E123 - Layered story told well5 star

This is a metaphorical look at the struggle between classes. Each scene has so many layers of meaning that are subtle and easy to overlook. The director’s storytelling abilities have always been top tier. He does not try to provide an answer to the class problem but rather gives a dark and sarcastic window to see worst case scenarios.

Rutherford Crenshaw - Wow5 star

That movie was messed up but great 10/10.

A+Chef - All Hype2 star

How the hell did that win Best Picture???

Survivor8 - dope5 star

this is a film that demands to be seen.

xʜʜs - Love so MUCH!!!5 star

Most people say they won’t watch it because it’s not in English but this movie is worth it

Meeks 126473892 - awesome5 star

thought first 40 mins was boring.. and then it gets better! loved this movie

Liu Xiangzhi - One of the Best Movies in 20195 star

When I first heard this movie, I thought it was a science fiction movie. But after I tried hard to see this movie very carefully, I felt so relaxed. It is so real.

MOVIELOVER2003199 - Best movie of the 2010s5 star

Have never really enjoyed a foreign film as much as I absolutely loved watching every minute of Parasite. Loved Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer and, will definitely be checking out his other Korean films and explore more foreign films, in general. Everyone needs to see this movie.

Zobielixious - Great film5 star

You will want to watch this over and over again.

holmcph1 - maybe its just me1 star

I dont understand it, its not funny, its not thrilling, its not action. i am not a proff. critic so maybe i just don’t undertand these things, but i turned it of after 45 min.

GinoCento - I gave up1 star

I turned it off after about 45 minutes. Too slow and not very interesting for me. I'm sure the movie builds up to some climactic scene but I just wasn't compelled to keep watching it. It seemed very ordinary. We then rented Jojo Rabbit which is an excellent film.

DreadPirateSmith - Wow.5 star

What a movie. Had me hooked. It’s a slow burn with outstanding performances. Very thought provoking.

xoilanda - Award winning5 star

Completely original and captivating. Bong Joon-ho never disappoints. Its amazing to see South Korea getting the recognition they deserve. Subtitles are a small wall Americans need to get over.

Karpilo2274 - Captivating!!!!5 star

Hooked by cultural similarities, easy to follow! It was like reliving life’s daily struggles and just doing what we all wanted to do! What ever it takes!!!!

Elena Seigel - My favorite movie of 20195 star

Absolutely incredible

stelthsliprz - Flawless5 star

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch

marco.c_ - One of Best Movies5 star

This movie deserves the Oscar win hopefully everyone rents or buys this movie really recommend it seems like a don’t wanna watch it movie but it’ll change your mind on watching. It’s like a funny / scary genre movie but with mostly everything in one movie genre really recommend it!

Rinasandler - Wow hard movie but necessary lesson in life5 star

Wow hard movie but necessary lesson in life I noticed some reviews stating it was hyped etc... don’t listen to them ! These bed reviews are from people who simply don’t get this movie. This is a movie about an unbreachable divide between the poor and the rich, the poor’s yearning to change their place in society is like a stone around their neck driving them deeper and deeper toward their death. The best they can hope for is simply to be allowed to use their host family as a parasite. The best that rich can expect from poor is to be used as a host to feed on. Pretty poignant but not new

Becks Lite - Disappointing2 star

Was expecting something much better. A bit disturbing actually. Glad I didnt buy it

Goin' Underground - Meh3 star

Act One - clever Act Two - boring Act Three - dumb

Mosk815 - Instant Classic, a true MUST see5 star

What else can I say? Best of the year

tosushi - All movie fans must watch5 star

Sequences, camera works, and storytelling all perfectly organized. so highly polished with peak of OCD. There’s no wasted shots. Even background musics all crazy as well. I watched it like 5 times already to study it by components. Plots are easy to follow, very rhythmical, quite straight forward yet the movie gives you some chance to make your own explanations.

TheUninspiredCritic - Outstanding5 star

I had been anticipating this film for months. I was not disappointed. You are in for a ride with this movie. It won the Palme D’Or and those Oscars for a reason. Watch it. Don’t go in with any plot details, or any expectations. Watch it.

bangtanbabe - Amazing, well written, best cinematography5 star

This is a one time best movie of all the time I’m not suprise cuz I watch a lot kdrama they never disappointed, but this one bong joon ho ad the spicy sauce he did what he supposed to do best one all the time , the actress &actor outdone their selve 👏🏽 he deserve the Oscar Grab your popcorn and enjoy this amazing drama I promise ,you won’t disappoint

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