Parasite Summary and Synopsis

Meet the Park family, the picture of aspirational wealth. And the Kim family, rich in street smarts but not much else. Be it chance or fate, these two houses are brought together and the Kims sense a golden opportunity. Masterminded by college-aged Ki Woo, the Kim children expediently install themselves as tutor and art therapist to the Parks. Soon, a symbiotic relationship forms between the two families. The Kims provide "indispensable" luxury services while the Parks obliviously bankroll their entire household. When a parasitic interloper threatens the Kims' newfound comfort, a savage, underhanded battle for dominance breaks out, threatening to destroy the fragile ecosystem between the Kims and the Parks. By turns darkly hilarious and heartwrenching, Parasite showcases a modern master at the top of his game. Paul Dean has created a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach. He and his female companion, Patricia Welles, must find a way to destroy it while also trying to avoid Ricus, his rednecks, and an evil government agent named Merchant. Parasite Wiki

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You will not feel the terror until you experience the movie!..

Parasite (2019)

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- Terrible1 star

Hey don’t waste your money or time on this movie it’s awful. Set aside reading the sub titles, if you’re not trying to put the work in this movie isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a scary movie, move on. I have no idea why this movie won so many oscars. The scariest part of this movie is the toilet and all that sewage.

- Fun to watch but I don't get what the fuss is about4 star

This movie is fun to watch but I don't see it as a great masterpiece. I think the fuss actually detracts from the movie because I'm waiting for some special kind of awesome that never appears. The movie was good. I would have preferred a different sort of ending, but all in all worth watching. But watching on video is good enough.

- Best Pic?4 star

Not sure this should have gotten the Oscar for Best Pic. Although it is worth seeing and it’s one of those you will still be thinking about afterwards.

- Wow.4 star

Almost unbelievable. The style, tone, pacing, acting, and generally everything is amazing. I didn’t know where I was going to go with this one. But when I got there my jaw was on the floor.

- Layered story told well5 star

This is a metaphorical look at the struggle between classes. Each scene has so many layers of meaning that are subtle and easy to overlook. The director’s storytelling abilities have always been top tier. He does not try to provide an answer to the class problem but rather gives a dark and sarcastic window to see worst case scenarios.

- Wow5 star

That movie was messed up but great 10/10.

- All Hype2 star

How the hell did that win Best Picture???

- dope5 star

this is a film that demands to be seen.

- Love so MUCH!!!5 star

Most people say they won’t watch it because it’s not in English but this movie is worth it

- awesome5 star

thought first 40 mins was boring.. and then it gets better! loved this movie

- One of the Best Movies in 20195 star

When I first heard this movie, I thought it was a science fiction movie. But after I tried hard to see this movie very carefully, I felt so relaxed. It is so real.

- Best movie of the 2010s5 star

Have never really enjoyed a foreign film as much as I absolutely loved watching every minute of Parasite. Loved Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer and, will definitely be checking out his other Korean films and explore more foreign films, in general. Everyone needs to see this movie.

- Great film5 star

You will want to watch this over and over again.

- maybe its just me1 star

I dont understand it, its not funny, its not thrilling, its not action. i am not a proff. critic so maybe i just don’t undertand these things, but i turned it of after 45 min.

- I gave up1 star

I turned it off after about 45 minutes. Too slow and not very interesting for me. I'm sure the movie builds up to some climactic scene but I just wasn't compelled to keep watching it. It seemed very ordinary. We then rented Jojo Rabbit which is an excellent film.

- Wow.5 star

What a movie. Had me hooked. It’s a slow burn with outstanding performances. Very thought provoking.

- Award winning5 star

Completely original and captivating. Bong Joon-ho never disappoints. Its amazing to see South Korea getting the recognition they deserve. Subtitles are a small wall Americans need to get over.

- Captivating!!!!5 star

Hooked by cultural similarities, easy to follow! It was like reliving life’s daily struggles and just doing what we all wanted to do! What ever it takes!!!!

- My favorite movie of 20195 star

Absolutely incredible

- Flawless5 star

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch

- One of Best Movies5 star

This movie deserves the Oscar win hopefully everyone rents or buys this movie really recommend it seems like a don’t wanna watch it movie but it’ll change your mind on watching. It’s like a funny / scary genre movie but with mostly everything in one movie genre really recommend it!

- Wow hard movie but necessary lesson in life5 star

Wow hard movie but necessary lesson in life I noticed some reviews stating it was hyped etc... don’t listen to them ! These bed reviews are from people who simply don’t get this movie. This is a movie about an unbreachable divide between the poor and the rich, the poor’s yearning to change their place in society is like a stone around their neck driving them deeper and deeper toward their death. The best they can hope for is simply to be allowed to use their host family as a parasite. The best that rich can expect from poor is to be used as a host to feed on. Pretty poignant but not new

- Disappointing2 star

Was expecting something much better. A bit disturbing actually. Glad I didnt buy it

- Meh3 star

Act One - clever Act Two - boring Act Three - dumb

- Instant Classic, a true MUST see5 star

What else can I say? Best of the year

- All movie fans must watch5 star

Sequences, camera works, and storytelling all perfectly organized. so highly polished with peak of OCD. There’s no wasted shots. Even background musics all crazy as well. I watched it like 5 times already to study it by components. Plots are easy to follow, very rhythmical, quite straight forward yet the movie gives you some chance to make your own explanations.

- Outstanding5 star

I had been anticipating this film for months. I was not disappointed. You are in for a ride with this movie. It won the Palme D’Or and those Oscars for a reason. Watch it. Don’t go in with any plot details, or any expectations. Watch it.

- Amazing, well written, best cinematography5 star

This is a one time best movie of all the time I’m not suprise cuz I watch a lot kdrama they never disappointed, but this one bong joon ho ad the spicy sauce he did what he supposed to do best one all the time , the actress &actor outdone their selve 👏🏽 he deserve the Oscar Grab your popcorn and enjoy this amazing drama I promise ,you won’t disappoint

- Nothing Special2 star

I’m not really sure why this film is so incredibly well regarded? I feel like it was hyped up heavily pre-Oscars based on momentum / buzz, but the end product has me confused because there’s absolutely nothing ground breaking here. Was it the fact that it was filmed in South Korea? Maybe people are so used to the K-pop fluff garbage coming from SK that when something of actual artistic substance is produced via their pop culture it gets blown out of proportion, when compared to their usual fare. Let me say now, Parasite is in no way a bad movie. It has something to say, the plot is decent, and it is well shot. But the plot line and story itself isn’t really saying anything new or different that hasn’t been done via Hollywood in the past. I also felt like some of the performances weren’t A+ material, probably why the film wasn’t nominated for any actual acting awards. The main male child and dad did good enough work, the daughter and mom, and the members of the “rich” family? Not so much. Basically throwaway performances. Again, not a “bad” film, but if you are looking for a revolutionary vision and message, keep looking.

- Overrated1 star


- The only parasite here is the movie itself1 star

Twists so stupid only a lost director/writer combination could be responsible. Doesn’t even seem like the same contiguous movie at times. Characters personalities change and morph until you feel like you are reading a bad teenage comic book.

- Deserves all the hype5 star

All the haters that didn’t think the plot was good enough as other movies never got the message of the movie. From watching the movie, it would seem like the title was literally but there is so much more depth to this movie than what it originally seems like. There is a lot symbolism and and the themes this movie tells about harsh realities make it worth every award that it won. Even if the movie is not in English and subtitles are needed, that should not be a reason to put this movie down. Every time I watch this movie, I discover something new or make a new theory about what the director is conveying. Not only does the plot keep you watching but there are so many beautiful scenes in this movie that will go down in history. It’s such a breathtaking movie.

- yes good5 star

thanks bong joon ho and your kissing oscars

- 🔪🔪🔪5 star

Absolutely amazing.

- A true masterpiece5 star

Deserving of all the accolades it has received

- Brilliant5 star

I loved this movie. Don’t read the negative reviews. It won Oscars for a reason. Can’t please everyone.

- I went in blind and I love It.5 star

Parasite is a film concerning the differences in the socio-economics of the rich and the poor. The first half of the films plot goes through the Kim family ( the poor) exploiting the Park family ( the rich families) wealth. The second half of the film concerns the coming to terms of the Kim family’s low income and the old house keepers position in the home. The fight to stay at the top and not fall financially. The end of the film returns back to the beginnings theme. Many metaphors and wealth are used in this film. It’s best to go in blind, have fun!- I know I did.

- 👎🏼👎🏼1 star

I didn’t like this film. I don’t understand all the hype In regards to this film.

- Scary1 star

I don’t like this movie

- Amazing Movie5 star

This movie is deep and INTENSE!!!

- Beautifully Detailed5 star

The plot line is a very simple one but the word choice, foreshadowing, and reoccurring symbols throughout the film are what makes it great. Nothing is without meaning, in a commentary on the impoverished vs the wealthy. This movies leaves you thinking about the meaning of the work in this modern world and going back to analyze small details. Not to mention, the phenomenal acting as well as camera direction. And even if you don’t care so much for the underlying messages, the plot has creepy twists and turns with a very suspenseful story. I personally don’t speak the language, and if you do not as well, i recommend subtitles because the delivery of these actors makes the film what it is. From the creepiness of the children to the classiness of the wealthy, the actors manage to portray these traits in their characters perfectly, in my opinion at least.

- Amazing5 star

A unique and captivating film. Best movie of the year.

- Best of 20195 star

Don’t let the subtitles scare you away. The Oscars rarely get it right, but this was absolutely the Best Picture of 2019. Very entertaining.

- Amazing.5 star

Great movie. Not what I expected.

- 👀5 star

Great film !

- Good film, not great5 star

It’s a good movie but the hype is a bit too heavy, still give it 5 stars cause I enjoyed it!

- Really1 star

Okay best picture. Really. I don’t care for film with subtitles. That is pointless. I don’t understand it and to not act up to the caliber of Americans trained actors and actresses. This won? Yeah okay. I probably would never see this. Sorry just my opinions. Yet this movie made $200 millions. I’m sure just I; the country it was made it. I’m good. I’m sure it’s great in its own way. But not my taste. Have a pleasant day.

- Living up to its Oscar hype5 star

This movie provides so many metaphors and hidden messages throughout the movie. It’s able to layer different genres such as comedy, drama, and thriller together into one package. The movie is phenomenal and transitions between scenes were great. I loved the cinematography!

- Suuuuucked1 star

This movie was dumb and had no point to it.

- Doubt I ever watch this.1 star

If I want to read, I’ll get a book out.

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dman208735 - I almost fell asleep1 star

Whenever a movie is rated by rotten tomatoes 99% i should know that movie is weak af. I fall for the trap everytime. Truly good movies range in 70-80 %

kadimitrov - Review3 star

I did not see something such special about this movie. It is good but not deserving such prizing.

Woodland Elf2 - Horrible1 star

This was one of the worst movies I have ever watched. I'm sorry I wasted $3.99 and two hours. It was boring, depressing and violent. I have no idea why people love this piece of trash. Don't waste your time or money. Definitely not recommended.

larsnelson - Poignant5 star

The opening scene is brilliant— simple and poignant, introducing the family as it deals with a pathetic, consequential problem. The very last frame is chilling— such a tragic, heart breaking commentary about class divide. Entertaining and current. A study in story telling.

BSwann478 - OVERRATED2 star

Not sure why so many people thought this movie was awesome . For one how can we credit an subtitled movie using white letters on white backgrounds and clothing as anything but highly distracting? The story felt like a Benny Hill skit most of the time with all the silly hi jinks. And then there’s the final act it was as though the filmmakers were just attempting to shock the audience while never advancing in the story the rage the father suddenly displayed. Honestly the best pictures of last year were Gemini Man , Joker and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood ! Gonna watch Ford Vs Ferrari tomorrow hope it’s as good as the hype . But Parasite definitely doesn’t live up to the hype!

AbinizJohnny - Masterpiece5 star

Just watch it. An incredible movie, every frame a different lesson in life.

Springbranch - Great movie5 star

I really like the storyline keep changed and not knowing how to end. I enjoy a lot.

spudtak - Ok3 star

Watched this tonight. Never should have won best picture. Hollywood is a MESS.

Veteran Sci Fi - Bad Film in Three Acts1 star

This film has three acts: Act 1 – The Grifters – is pretty good. The grifters are clever, prepared and succeed. Act II – Slapstick – is bad. The grifters turn stupid, make bad decisions, and can’t think their way out of anything. Act III – Slashers – gets even worse. The grifters get bloody, and then are washed off in the rain. The film is good for about 30 minutes, and then it gets progressively worse, degrading to the point of no point – gratuitous voyeurism mocking the audience.

Alex Garcia19937 - Great movie5 star


Devil2357 - Was not good1 star

I watched it even it came out. Great acting but the plot of the movie was horrible and haphazard.

wndsrfgrl - How did this win Best Picture?!1 star

This movie was awful. If I could do 0 stars I would.

yeesssssssiiirrrrrr77 - Yes5 star

Dope movie

mosesrobinson - An amazing surprise!5 star

Honestly one of the most surprising movies I’ve watched! It kept me hooked and the twists kept on coming! I loved it.

Annoyed718 - Not downloading!1 star

I paid the $5.99 to rent so why isn’t it downloading?!

tony el tigre - Best Picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star


Nick V. - Brilliant.5 star

Watch this movie. You won’t regret it.

Simpleone1980 - Um1 star


Allrisk - Sucked the life out of me.3 star

Interesting story this struggle for family to survival for some and not for others. Not a big fan for subtitles. Good acting and directing just not my story.

REHackney - Stay away1 star

Far away

BSerracin - Good Film, not Great4 star

The use of gore and violence overwhelms an otherwise masterful film. This is a weak tool and flaws the denouement. Otherwise, it is entertaining, with an excellent production design and cinematic direction that is without a flaw. But, similar to Pan's Labyrinth, violence marred it.

sunnysteph_o - One of the best 2019 films5 star

I went into this movie not knowing anything about it beforehand and was not disappointed!

301mattmatt - Brilliant!5 star

Absolutely brilliant cinema. By far best picture

1000hp garage - Don’t understand the hype2 star

Although unique in its format and script, I did not feel this movie should have received the accolades that it did on rotten tomatoes It became truly bizarre at the end and the story line wasn’t at all believable. With all the effort required to pull off what that family did, they could have all found meaningful work and avoided having to live in those conditions in the first place

Anthoni - Unbelievably Overrated!3 star

Have people lost their minds? I don’t understand how this film was nominated for best picture. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it was not as great as the critics say it was. I’m guessing political voting might have been a factor, or maybe the film is quite a bit reductive. I’m still scratching my head on this one. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Protocol10onHabboHotel - Asian pride5 star


tacotub - It’s great5 star

Watch it

Billwe3 - parasite1 star

Movie is in some Asian language with English subtitles which you can't read because they speak so fast. Poor acting and we never did figure out the plot. Save you money.

Scott B. from Orlando - Stunning!5 star

Truly an exceptional film!

pretzelking - Best film of the 2010s5 star

So much to dissect. So much I can't say without spoilers. Don't watch trailers, don't read descriptions, just watch the movie. It's the perfect storm that somehow strikes a balance between mainstream/accessible and profound/layered. I love it so much.
5 ⭐️ Fascinating cinema that highlights how emotionally detached wealthy people can be. So many profound messages as it pertains to classism. Unexpected plot twists and all. I loved, loved, loved this movie.

hhado - hadelali5 star


Keoni004 - Great storytelling!5 star

Unpredictable end. Fantastic.



bouk_man - Just watch it!5 star

This movie made me uncomfortable the whole time....but in a good way. Don't watch the trailer, don't read about it and don't ask what others have thought about it. Just go and see for yourself and enjoy the ride. There's something in there for everyone.

yuleth - Meh — surprising, but in a predictable way3 star

When a story's main arc is built on lies of the main characters, you can be sure that it will all come crashing down. When and how is just fanfare. This was just OK — not up to the hype in my view.

Nathan Ji. - A great movie5 star

The basic skills of film is really well shown consistently through out the movie, would watch again

stygxlt - Huh?1 star

Weak! At that’s putting it nicely. I cannot believe this was nominated? Have people lost their minds?...??? Unreal. Lame

yeahisaidit - Best movie of the Year! Period!!5 star

This is a super entertaining & totally original film! It deserves all the Oscars it’s nominated for. I’m predicting a best original screenplay win. Must see film!

MonsieurLaCage - 기생물, 잔인한 현실입니다 🩸5 star

현실은 잔인하고 때로는 사람들이 삶보다 잔인합니다. 처음부터 끝까지 흥미로운 영화 👁‍🗨

Fobby9241 - My Honest thought..3 star

I give it a 3 star because it wasn’t that great as to my point of views. I don’t get all the hype is all about like what everybody says. To me It was alright. The story was a little boring; I did made through the end of course. The plot, the climax was great and twisted plot and turns as all goes as well. But another thing is too many pot holes in the story that doesn’t make sense. The title doesn’t make sense, either. I just wish they could have explain the story a little bit better.

Stayce75 - My mind is blown5 star

All I’ll say is watch this movie and see for yourself.

Krotch341a - Two thumbs way up! 👍🏼👍🏼5 star

This was a seriously memorable show. Just look at the reviews... I can’t really add anything that’s not been said. Maybe not the movie for family night or a first date. You need to watch every scene as there’s embedded rich symbolism. I just wish they would fix the subtitles - the writing was too small and sometimes couldn’t read at all do to color of letters (white) played over white or light screen. Took me hours to get through it due to this. But I didn’t mind because it was a very entertaining (engrossing) film. Anyway I know a lot of peeps who wouldn’t give it a chance due to subtitles. Lol probably people more like the Parks. But I guess they wouldn't care for the film anyway. Lol

nyctelecaster - *spoiler alert* good but overrated4 star

“Parasite” was very good and the political statement was impressive. Like many films that take the critics by storm, I’ll probably forget most of the film in a day or two. The films lenghty set up, with the family securing job positions (that prefaced the violence at the party) was too long ... I got it. The guy living in the basement was a nice surprise ... but to me,"Parasite" wasn't the masterpiece folks are claiming.

forevershon - Anxiety5 star

My god that movie was amazing. My nerves are spinning out of control.

Anonymous Person! - What’s everyone obsessing over?3 star

Watched it per recommendation, and I wasn’t disappointed but I was sort of bored. Long movie, gets its point across eventually, just not too sure what the commotion is all about lol I’ve seen better thrillers! It’s not a horror, more of a drama.

Slickrickquinon - The Bar has been set low....very low2 star

If this is worthy of the ratings it received then the bar for cinematography is as low as ever. Cheesy comedy mixed with boring dialogue was the meat of this movie. I don’t understand what’s all the fuss. Is it because it’s foreign? I would be insulted if I was Korean. Is a common movie with a decent twist at the end that was not worth the dread of watching through it. I have seen better foreign movies on NetFlix.

Rythmholic - Gorgeously Shot5 star

The story/script is superb and has already been said countless times 5* there. What might not get mentioned is the cinemotography. Shot mostly indoors yet each shot feels weighty with purpose and intent. I see myself seeing this multiple times to absorb it all in. Get it now.

:-) . - Great movie!5 star

The story is incredibly intricate. I found myself becoming friends with the characters becoming the villains. So much to think about after the movie. Highly recommend.

kingk005 - Masterpiece5 star

Comedy to being dark that’s the movie...

thomyi - Brilliant!5 star

Truly one of the best films of the year, if not the entire decade. The camera work, the subtle details, the pace, the metaphors. The movie is spectacular in that it merges so many different movie genres and does so gracefully. A movie that defines the social class disparity of today.

5 star

@Koreaboo: 11 Of The Funniest Reactions To That Sex Scene In “Parasite” That’ll Make You Laugh Until You’re Breathless …

5 star

@HasyirHusam: Maksud disebalik cerita Parasite? Karya maha agung ini berkisar pada 2 keluarga, kaya dan miskin. Kedua-dua mereka cuba m…

5 star

@HasyirHusam: Maksud disebalik cerita Parasite? Karya maha agung ini berkisar pada 2 keluarga, kaya dan miskin. Kedua-dua mereka cuba m…

5 star

Might mess around and watch Parasite again

5 star

@yermsooo: everyone after watching parasite:

5 star

@ciara_wardlow: Note Bong Joon Ho does not wear a mask, because as the director of both PARASITE and THE HOST viruses respect & fear him…

5 star

Parasite just blew me away🤭👌

5 star

@nick_w_estes: "Parasite has made history; never mind how history has made Parasite.” — @hermit_hwarang on Korea’s neoliberal and neocol…

5 star

@ninadibah: orang panggil pisang goreng lain sikit dah marah seolah-olah tiada hari esok. haritu kemain kutuk "ew americans don't watch…

5 star

@ciara_wardlow: Note Bong Joon Ho does not wear a mask, because as the director of both PARASITE and THE HOST viruses respect & fear him…

5 star

@StarlightJimini: Why did no one tell me Jimin is a Parasite stan ?? Look at him miming along to ‘Jessica, only child, Illinois, Chicago…

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