The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk Summary and Synopsis

Academy Award® nominee Edward Norton stars as scientist Bruce Banner, a man who has been living in shadows, scouring the planet for an antidote to the unbridled force of rage within him: the Hulk. But when the military masterminds who dream of exploiting his powers force him back to civilization, he finds himself coming face to face with his most formidable foe: the Abomination – a nightmarish beast of pure aggression whose powers match the Hulk’s own! Also starring Liv Tyler, Oscar® nominee Tim Roth, and Oscar® winner William Hurt, The Incredible Hulk is “steeped in action and spectacular special effects” (Claudia Puig, USA TODAY) and delivers a mind-blowing final showdown that can only be summed up with one word...INCREDIBLE! Scientist Bruce Banner scours the planet for an antidote to the unbridled force of rage within him: the Hulk. But when the military masterminds who dream of exploiting his powers force him back to civilization, he finds himself coming face to face with a new, deadly foe. The Incredible Hulk Wiki

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You'll like him when he's angry...

The Incredible Hulk Movie (2008)

The Incredible Hulk Comments & Critics

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The Incredible Hulk Movie Reviews

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- Awesome and dark5 star

This movie was so dark. I still like it though. Edward Norton did a awesome at playing the hulk. The hulk is so intimidating. This is the best ever!

- Best marvel movie hands down5 star

The fight scenes want me to be the hulk!

- 👍🏼👍🏼4 star

This is still good even though people don’t think of it often. It introduced the character to the world and was the first marvel film. I wish Mark played Hulk though.

- I liked it.3 star

The movie itself was pretty good; I enjoyed it! Nuff said.

- It's just OK.3 star

TL;DR: This movie is just OK. Watch it with a rental, and watch the rest with Disney+. I've been watching the MCU recently, and this movie wasn't on Disney+. So I rented it, and watched it. The voice actors are different, and it was a mixed bag for me. It started off bland, got a little good in the middle, and then it started to get bland in the end. This movie isn't bad or anything, just incredibly mediocre. Even for 14.99, it's still not worth a buy. If you want to watch this movie, just rent it for $4.

- 💯/105 star

this movie is the best better then iron man but not as best like nananananananananNanananananananana Batman

- Horrible audio1 star

Acting is bad. Dialog is bad. Audio is absolutely horrible. Action scenes are good.

- The second worst MCU movie2 star


- Eww3 star

Worst movie

- An Underrated Marvel Movie4 star

When it first came out most audience had an “meh” response and I cannot understand why. It’s not the best superhero movie but it’s anything but ok. The action is Awesome, the affects hold pretty well, the actors give a good performance ( even Edward Norton ) and this film is great for Hulk fans. It captures the drama and dark mood from the comics and even has references and easter eggs from both the comics and the 1980s TV Show of the same name. This film is even a good monster flick with scenes and imagery that feels like a classic universal horror film which makes sense considering Hulk is owned by Universal Studios. Also “HULK VS. ABOMINATION” need I say more.



- Good, but:2 star

Can Marvel make a Hulk solo movie with Mark Ruffalo? Here after Avengers Endgame. Btw the movies have gotten way better since 2008.

- Terrible!!!!1 star

Not a fan it is Apart off the MCU it gets a 2/10

- Best HULK film so far5 star

Much better hulk adaptation than Ang Lee’s version. Also great tie in to the avengers initiative.

- Question5 star

Is the hulk in this movie the hulk in avengers and the saga his dad????!!!!!

- Not so incredible...2 star

Disappointed. Iron Man was so good. For the first movie of the MCU being so god, I was excited to see this. But it was really not as good as I thought it would be, and certainly not nearly as good as Iron Man. Still not the worst, but not good. Not all bad though. Their are some good parts.

- My favorite marvel movie5 star

The hulk is one of my most favorite hero

- Awesome Movie5 star


- The Only Not Great One4 star

While it doesn’t suffer from the problems a shared universe movie can have and remains focused on Banner’s story, the second foray into the MCU is more average fare than Iron Man, but is not awful.

- Brennan C.4 star

Compared to the other MCU movies, it doesn’t feel the same, though this movie is enjoyable.

- [email protected] [email protected]$ !ncred!ble Hulk.5 star

+h!$ wuz +he 2nd [email protected] $+ud!0$ f!lm +[email protected]+ wuz ever [email protected] 2B. Eye [email protected] [email protected]+ched +h!$ 4 New [email protected]$ [email protected] [email protected]$+ n!gh+ & !+ wuz my 1$+ +!me C-!n' +he !ncred!ble Hulk 4 +he 1$+ +!me !n my l!fe. Eye w!ll [email protected]+ch !r0n [email protected] 2 nex+ w!+h my [email protected]

- The worst superhero movie ever!!1 star

The movie starts out really strong and has intense action sequence but once you get into the second half and Bilowinski (Tim Roth) turns Hulk and Edward Norton turns Hulk the action sequences are completely anti climactic and so tiring and dull that it becomes impossible to watch. How so many people could give this movie a 4/5 stars rating is beyond me.

- Boring2 star

Enough said

- Hulk smash good4 star

4 stars

- The best hulk movie5 star

A super-powered adrenaline blast

- This Movie Is "The Executive Cut"1 star

I have the real, 145 minute cut of this film. It's the cut that Edward Norton wanted to release. However, due to executives at Marvel (not Fiege of course, the other guy. He's not in charge of the movies anymore but he was at this point) and Universal, this was the version released. The real cut is like an art house film. It wouldn't have done that good at the BO but it still could have done BR2049 numbers.

- Best Hulk movie ever made!!!4 star

Let me get this out of the way.... don’t listen to the people that compare this to The Dark Knight, these two movies are TOTALLY apples and oranges!! DC and Marvel!! Now on to my review.... I wish Edward Norton would’ve been used for the later MCU movies Hulk was in but Mark Ruffalo is awesome. SLIGHT SPOILERS AFTER THIS!! But I hate the continuity error with the girlfriend in this movie, she just disappears.... then Mark Ruffalo takes the part and Black Widow and him start dating.... that being said.... this is still a great part part of the MCU!!! Definitely a must watch!!

- Chaotic3 star

The movie doesn’t really flow, but ties into the MCU well enough

- Love the movie5 star

It’s great the guys or girls that made this are amazingly good at making movie scenes and the music is spot on with the tone. In short I love this movie. ooo and the actors and actresses, are great. It blows my mind🤯

- My favorite mcu movie5 star

I love this it’s the best marvel movie along with iron man,daredevil 2003,Spider-Man 2,civil war and ant man

- 💪🏽5 star

I’m the Hulk


This movie was practically the first movie I watched and I am a ULTIMATE hulk fan Literally I have comics movies and figures. WATCH IT NOWWWWWEWWWWWWWWWWWW at least it’s better than the 2003 ang Lee film

- Phenomenal5 star

I expected it to be just decent. It absolutely blew me away.

- Yet again...1 star

Nothing to see here. Just another bad movie.

- Awesome 😍5 star

I can watch this movie over and over again. I had the DVD copy but needed the digital version to watch on Apple TV. Love this movie it's great.

- HULK SMASH5 star

The Incredible Hulk is a great movie! Edward Norton was a great Hulk, and the whole cast did really good! The action scenes were awesome, the CGI for Hulk was awesome, the story was interesting like all other MCU movies. I'm sad to here that Universal doesn't want to make a Hulk 2 but I hope they make one at some point in the MCU's future. The ending was the best part of the movie. Overall you must watch this movie cause it's all you wanted in a Hulk movie. 8.6/10

- Conflicted - is it MCEU or not?4 star

It is and it isn't? I hear it is, but then it's like Marvel has disowned this film as well. I thought it was good, but its kinda sad this movie as been a bit forgotten.

- Hi5 star


- Love it!4 star

I'm a huge Hulk fan, and when I watched Hulk (2003), I was completely disgusted! But with this version, I absolutely can't get enough of it! Edward Norton played a great Bruce Banner, while the Hulk in this movie was cooler than both 2003's and the Avengers Hulk! The movie had a really good plot, lots of action, lots of smashing, and solid CGI. It was a dark and serious movie compared to others in the MCU, and I really enjoyed it! The final battle between Hulk and Abomination was so cool, especially when he said "Hulk Smash!" I wish their were more characters involved, but that's ok

- Underrated movie, Norton is missed on Avengers3 star

Norton is definitely missed in the Avengers as I think he can pull off the angst and pain of Banner MUCH better then Ruffalo. I loved how this movie gave a nod to the original hulk series and rebooted, still love William Hurt as Ross..

- One of MARVEL's greatest films of all time5 star

This film, like it's plot line, character development, & special effects, can be described in only one word... INCREDIBLE this is definitely a film you will want to see over and over again

- OMG5 star

This movie is the best version of the hulk the fist one was ok and the avengers hulk that's where they messed up The hulk but this hulk is the best one

- Marvel145 star

The Incredible Hulk was a better movie than the movie " Hulk". I liked how they put Abomination in the movie. In the first movie, it didn't even have a villain. The Incredible Hulk is currently 4 and a half stars out of 5 to me and is in my top 10 favorite marvel movies at number 8. See what I rate other marvel movies, Game Center is: CountryMusicFan14 The title of every marvel movie I write a review on is marvel14.

- for real?1 star

zero skill in this movie. a bunch of bots wrote reviews for this… worst movie I've seen in a very long time… almost as bad as Lincoln vs zombies. a real joke.

- Meh2 star

Better than the first which doesn't mean much

- Hulk as the Hulk should be5 star

This title means to be self-explanatory. This movie tells a great story about the Hulk and presents the Hulk the way he should be presented. What ever happened to plans for the sequel to this movie? Did egos get in the way of making one? Oh well, at least we have this to watch. fjm

- Awesome movie!5 star

It was amazing especially the part where he is trapped in the glass building

- Mad @ iTunes4 star

I bought this movie trying 2 watch it on my windows 7 CPU along w/ iron man 3 but it refuses 2 play otherwise it's an awesome movie

- Awesome5 star

Best movie ever


Incredible, is the best word to describe this great movie.

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-Capt_Jack- - The only one...1 star

Why that movie is the only one that hasn't a French version... I owned all the Marvel movies, and I can't get that one in French... please change that!

Happy in to - Excellent Movie5 star

Edward Norton did a good job with the role of Bruce Banner. Even if you are not a Marvel fan this is a good movie in its own right. Clearly the decision to recast Edward Norton out of the role of Bruce Banner was made for other reasons. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie. This movie was well worth the money paid. Good plot and good character development. You have to wonder why they made such a mistake to not let Ed Norton reprise the role.

War game - Fun escapist entertainment3 star

An entertaining plot, solid acting, and cool action scenes allow this film to be worth the watch. Edward Norton, Tim Roth and William Hurt all give convincing performances here, adding to the film's entertainment value, but there is nothing truly special here. The film does it's job of providing the Hulk with a fun summer blockbuster, but there isn't much more to see here other than a fun popcorn movie. There are many far better superhero movies out there, but this is still worth watching at least once. 7.5/10.

Curtis Pettipas - Great movie5 star

Takes up a lot of room on your device, but it is a great movie!

VideoLibrarian - The Incredible Hulk2 star

The pace is glacial at the beginning. Once it finally gets going you find yourself getting irritated by bizarre plot jumps. I'm all for suspending belief and going with the flow, but the number of inconsistencies in this film make you think that either the final editing was really bad, the script irretrievably flawed or the director and producer really didn't have a clue. Even the amazing special effects can't save this film. Save your money, folks and borrow this movie from your local public library.

Stef0914 - Malade5 star

Un film cool

fun fun app lovin - ..5 star

love the build up to the avangers movie

Random Guy777 - Beats Iron Man5 star

Great action, good acting, good story. Only 3rd of the 5 superhero movies of the summer because of The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

SatriaHeartbreak! - hahahah3 star

what guy turns green when he gets mad? like seriously. but i guess its alright but not very exciting if you whatch it a second time

Megamachine - Big fat green monster poop xo1 star

If your going to make a remake of a once good movie/series of it's time, don't screw it up. And if you do end up epically failing then don't try again--and fail. If you are expecting a movie better than the last one, then put on a gas mask cause your in for a big fat monster fart in your face. What a disgrace!!! ):(

titanhelena - IT is OK2 star

It is ok not the best not worth money.

Bellowing Hen - Only 1 Star Because Can't Make It 001 star

This is the worst, most tedious, boring movie it's ever been my misfortune to observe. Not watch, observe. It's literally impossible to watch and enjoy a movie this miserable. Don't bother even considering this movie if you have half-decent taste. The characters are weak, the acting pathetic, the explosions are half-baked, and the storyline is outdone by something as simple-minded as Dora The Explorer. Please don't waste your time or money on this sad excuse for something that's downright bad.

yakobius - Almost great but not enough smashy!!!4 star

My wife and I were talking about this movie; from a guy's perspective I'd say it needed more of the AWESOME smashing and crashing and less of the romantic plot driven stuff. LOL! According to my wife there was too much smashing and not enough of the romantic plot driven stuff. Ah the ugly truth of it all.

marvelguy2 - HULK SMASH!4 star

This is a real action movie. The story restarts and doesn't follow the older movie which by the way was terrible.The down part of this is the abomonation if you like things true to the comics then the likes of the abomonation are going to disappoint you. Over all this was a 4 star movie.

Knight Wolf - Good4 star

Overall it's a movie in line with the likes of "Iron Man" and other superhero movies of the last few years. I don't mean the third installments of the X-men and Spiderman series but more like the aforementioned "Iron Man", "Batman Begins", and "The Dark Knight". As with these three films, "The Incredible Hulk" tries to show the audience the human side of Bruce Banner as he copes with what he has become. Rather than just showing the Hulk doing as much damage to everything all the time, we see how he has tried to isolate himself and control the beast inside. Honestly, like "Iron Man" isn't all about Tony Stark going around in his suit, this movie tries to show the other side of Bruce Banner and it's done fairly well.

??????whysoserious???? - Hulk was alright3 star

good acting and effects allthough the hulk himself just didn't seem as real as iron man

erwinignacio - I Cant Wait for the Third One ^^3 star

This is the best Hulk Movie thus far, i cant wait for the next one, i like to say more but this might spoil people. so ill shut up. anyways, his more realistic than the first one. i hope they'll do the next one soon, i would be happy to rent the next one. Although i think this is a one-time movie, so it wouldnt have the extra touch when you re-watch it again. But its a great movie, worthed watching, 4.99 is so worthed.

kendreik - this is not a review .its a complaint3 star

I rented this movie and we watched just half of it with my girlfriend...after we wanted to watch it again and its totally BLOCKED NOW..EVERUTIME I OPEN IT IT FREEZES THE I-TUNES..I hope i can get a credit or possibility to rent it again so that i can watch the whole movie...thanks

VJ1974 - One of the best super hero movies of all time!5 star

Lots of action, classic story, great talent, and fantastic special effects. What more can you ask for in a movie?

Derek aka Dirk Diggler - A GREAT SMASHING MOVIE!5 star

this is a perfect setup for the awsome Hulk 2 or avengers movie w.e. anyway if you wanna see the hulk then watch this movie because he's never been better!

KAC! - Incredible!5 star

Easily the best marvel film to date! Visually stunning! Click yes if you agree

nolongerlost - Really Great!5 star

I was scared Edward Norton would not make such a great "super hero" but he did it Pretty well ! I hope to see him in more hulk roles If they make another one but 3 hulk movies Maybe would be too much!!!

Munky730 - Behind The Scenes5 star

I was in downtown hamilton watching them set up for the scene where Hulk gets thrown through the bus. It was 3 am by the time they did the shot, but after seeing all the set up for the movie...studying the pictures I took, then watching the end result. It is simply amazing. The Scene where Hulk is caught in the overpass with the gas.. and when he gets attacked by the hummers etc.. that was all shot east of Toronto at CFB Trenton. Wicked scene too. Much better than the "other" movie. 10/10

chrussyyy - One of my favourite Marvel movies5 star

Well id say it and Iron man are the best Marvel movies ive ever seen...... and there is a little surprise in the end (and dont mean at the end of the credits surprise its before the credits) ill give you a hint it has to do with Iron man. guess you will have to see for your self:D

magicdude44 - Meh2 star

This is an ok movie, and definetly better than the one they tried to make not too long ago, however it wasnt all that good. I got real bored of watching him smash stuff for what seemed to take forever. All in all, rent this movie if you want to see it. I would reccomend not buying it as you probably wont watch it more than once.


THIS IS THE BEST MARVEL MOVIE IT IS THE BEST AND WHEN TONY STARK COMES UP TO the genral and says where making a team it is one of the best marvel movie so far (no offense x-men but this is AMAZING i was so exited about watching it and now i saw it and i'm sure i'll see it again if you have seen the one in 03 and didn't like it like me then watch this one it is 100 times better i wish i saw it in theaters

Dark.Master.Within - Just ok...3 star

some cool fights but I much prefered the old hulk it was longer and more detailed thought, this one is worth a rent

rusros - The Hulk Rocks !!!3 star

This movie is amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it from start to finish. A billion times better than Ang Lee's Hulk movie. It has everything you want - suspense, a c t i o n, drama, romance, comedy, special effects all perfectly blended to create this spectacular, excellent movie. Edward Norton is a superb actor and Liv Tyler is such a hottie. Go watch this movie and you'll have such a great time!

Midair - Hulk4 star

this is such a good movie edward norton played the hulk very well.

NATJACK83 - Incredible Hulk5 star

OH MY GOD...This movie is really amazing...It is so much better than the other Incredible Hulk movie with Eric Bana in it. I absolutely enjoied this movie so much I went to see it more than once...LOL.

48384 - A Total Eye Catcher!!!5 star

I remember seeing this in the movie theater thinking it was the best thing ever. Alot more of the "on the egde of your seat action" most people want . Totally worth buying!!!XDXD

JCdragonHulk - HulkSmash!!!5 star

As a hard core Hulk fan I can say I was very pleased by this movie. Sure it doesn't go as deep into his character and the real problems of why he has his rage and where it comes from. Didn't seem to work with the original. But the hulk himself is potraid as he should be. A rampaging monster with heart and a creature who is misunderstood. I hope for a sequel and goes deeper into the phycological aspect of Banner's character. Till than HULK SMASH!

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Txmonkey1215 - Hulk5 star

This movie is a none stop ride I can't stop watching is this is the best hulk movie ever if you are looking to buy it you need to.

marty-in-seattle - Blah2 star

The only reason I rented this was to see the tie in to The Avengers. With a few brief mentions of elements common to the better Marvel projects you'd be better off waiting for it on netflix or hbo than renting or buying it.

Billsalvey - Epic5 star

Epic movie!! Hulk...smash!!!

scdsounds - :D5 star

Loved it! Marvel is my favorite!

KevinAustinCain - great movie5 star

great movie! great story line and overall the best hulk movie out. thought it was much better then the first which is a plus! you should definitely buy this and watch it, hulk vs abomination is great fight!

CherryFoxtrot - Astonishing!!!5 star

Wow I mean absolutely "incredible"

Thecrazekat - Great5 star

Very good movie hulk give it two thumbs up :P

Dame I hate my life - Austen's great adventure5 star


fanypack00 - It was good5 star

I thought it was pretty good. I was actually hoping Norton would reprise his role in the Avengers too

Brian's Brain - What happened?5 star

It really rustles my jimmies that Norton wasn't in The Avengers. I think Norton's portrayal of Bruce Banner triumphs over Ruffalo's. In this movie you get an excellent Jekyll and Hyde story, whereas in The Avengers... He's just basically comic relief.

Syfy watcher 007 - Different4 star

A great movie. The start is kinda weird. Rent it

Suhhhhhhhhhhhhh - U5 star

It's amazing we'll I think

PopLife2013 - Powefully Moronic1 star

Mind-numbingly stupid, over the top, boring, loud, plotless, cliche.

Moviestarc - Good except.....4 star

It is good but it has an inappropriate scence

Mickster5678 - People who never saw this movie, read this...5 star

This movie is INCREDIBLE!!!!! It's action packed and crazy! It has an amazing story! IT'S INCREDIBLE! IT'S THE BEST MOVIE THERE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JuicyFruit9182 - Pretty Great!4 star

It's a great movie if you like action and romance. Personally, it's one of my faves! Have to mention, though, the new Hulk actor in the Avengers is SOOOOO much better!:)

Megatron647847 - I've already watched it........5 star

And it was awesome!

Kyloyes - Amazing5 star

The hulk is one of my favorite avengers after iron man. The plot is good. It has great action. <3 it!!!!!

rach512 - Eh2 star

It was ok, there's a lot of other super hero movies that are better. The actors and special effects were good but I just found it boring.

Pedro Zinn - Maneiro5 star

Botem todas as estrelas

Shoeshamcamera - Incredible3 star

I thought the end part was incredible.

Doosh bomb - Movie5 star

I love laura and she is sexy

LRSgt - Hulk!!!!!5 star

BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!! I always wanted to see it and I finely did!!! I thought I would never stop watching it!!!! I want it for Christmas!!!! HULK SMASH!!! I LOVE HULK!!!!!

Socks dude - Scold5 star

I like it

nrj6490 - Pretty good.4 star

Wow, marvel sure set themselves up for "The Avengers". In my opinion, "The Incredible Hulk" was pretty good (possibly better if they cast Mark Ruffalo from the start), though I liked the other Avengers movie (except Thor) better.

ssj.jmanofawesomeness - HULK SMASH!!!!!!5 star!!!!!! I LOVE HULK!!!!!! I WISH EDWARD NORTON WAS IN THE AVENGERS AND STILL HAD THE SAME SCRIPT AND SAME HULK!!!!! HULK......SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

undesputed fighter wolf - Juce5 star

Incredible and with Edward norton

Roger Cena perez - Yeah5 star


Mi culo - Mojones5 star


ilovepops - AWESOME MOVIE…but where are the iTunes Extras???4 star

This truly is an awesome movie from beginning to end, no doubt about that! The Hulk's appearance in this movie is better than the 2003 Hulk, but nothing to compare with The Avengers's Hulk! That Hulk smashed!!! Anyway, this movie is so awesome! Even though Nick Fury doesn't appear in this movie, it still feels as if it were part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (it is!) Lol. The action was awesome, and I love the storyline. Even though I love this movie, this is my least favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie along with Iron Man 2. I so wish they could make another Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo. To sum it up, this ia great movie that everyone should watch, but where are the iTunes Extras? I want to get all 6 MCU movies on iTunes, and all of them have iTunes Extras except this one. PLEASE ADD ITUNES EXTRAS!!!!!! Other than that, INCREDIBLE MOVIE!

ElTacito - Good movie.5 star

But the character who played as Bruce Banner in The Avengers is much better. The should've used him for the Hulk movies.

Deveraux fan - Horrible!1 star

The worst of the marvel videos I have ever sat through. Well, made it through the first 20 minutes or so. :(

JABEESTRADA - George5 star

Podrian ponerla en español tambien seria genial es mi pelicula favorita seria genial si estuviera en español gracias.

Jed Hobbs - Jed Hobbs5 star

It is one of the best movie in the world

Dabomb$123 - HULK SMASH!!!5 star

Very good Movie the Hulk ( Bruce Banner ) is a certain great hero he's funny he's Strong and he can own a WWE wrestler in One Match!!

Louie Olivares - HULK!!!!!!5 star


Vjebdjxrn - Whooooo 1000th review5 star


hdbssdgsg - Awesome5 star

I love this movie it was the best

Singer 297 - Nice4 star

It was a good movie superb Edward norton

HarryPotterFan312 - good movie4 star

I liked this movie. Being a huge fan of the marvel movies, this isn't my favorite (nothing can beat Iron Man) but it is quite entertaining and if you're a marvel fan and haven't seen it, i suggest you should.

Severus Snape :) - Better4 star

Not my fav but I liked it

Jr2323 - junior5 star


Hulk Lover! - Wow5 star

WOW I LOVED THIS MOVIE THE BEST PART IS WHEN HE ROARS!! Hopefully Marvel will make more! I wish I was 1 of those people that were running so I could see the action! #1 Movie in the WHOLE WORLD! If they make more, there is an absolutely 100% that I will get it! I hope people will love this movie!

HypnoTek23 - Dumb But Fun5 star

Sure this movie is way stupid, but I like it and it has good replay value to me. The Hulk fights are fun, Liv Tyler is super cute. William Hurt has a constant look on his face like he has a pole stuck way up there... You'll see. Never changes. Funny. I'm also a work out freak, and use the Hulk as a motivator. Got this specifically for my iPad 3 and glad I did. Others I have got specifically for my iPad are Act Of Valor, Safe House (waste of mo ey three) & The Big Lebowski. I'm getting high and having a good time. Hope the same for you.

Angel(pink) - Awesome movie5 star

Cooooooooooooooooool movie I can't say any thing the words can't say any thing damnit marvel is the coolest company I ever seen u must watch it I watched it over 20 times and I want more And more

Woods Young - It's beastmode5 star

I love it it's AWSOME and action packed so I love it.It also has a lot of blood

Bingojumbper123 - Awesome5 star

Great movie

Leight99 - Cool5 star

This is an awesome movie

+Michael X - Great movie!4 star

This is one of the best movies in the Marvel lineup! Alot of action and skips right past the previous "Hulk" and doesn't slow down. Ed Norton does a great job.

Jaraenigma - Great5 star

This is the way hulk should be

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The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images
The Incredible Hulk movie images

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The Incredible Hulk movie posters
The Incredible Hulk movie posters
The Incredible Hulk movie posters
The Incredible Hulk movie posters
The Incredible Hulk movie posters
The Incredible Hulk movie posters
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