Cop Out (2010)

Cop Out (2010) Summary and Synopsis

Veteran detective Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) needs to cash in on his perfect Pafko in order to pay for his daughter's upcoming wedding, but in the tradition of everything that can go wrong... it's pilfered before he has a chance to collect. Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan) is Jimmy's "partner-against-crime," whose preoccupation with his wife's alleged infidelity makes it hard for him to keep his eye on the ball, or his mind on the crime. Already in trouble and with nothing left to lose, Jimmy and Paul will have to break all the rules-- including enlisting the aid of stoner thief Dave (Seann William Scott), who's working Paul's last nerve as Paul and Jimmy try to work the case. But before they can recover the prized '52 Pafko, they must first rescue a Mexican beauty who holds the key to millions of dollars in off-shore bank accounts--and who has already witnessed one high-profile murder because of them. Detectives Jimmy and Paul, despite nine years as partners, can still sometimes seem like polar opposites—especially when Paul's unpredictable antics get them suspended without pay. Already strapped for cash and trying to pay for his daughter's wedding, Jimmy decides to sell a rare baseball card that's worth tens of thousands. Unfortunately, when the collector's shop is robbed and the card vanishes with the crook, Paul and Jimmy end up going rogue, tracking down the card and the drug ring behind its theft, all on their own time and without any backup—except for each other. Cop Out (2010) Wiki

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Rock out with your Glock out..

Cop Out (2010) (2010)

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Cop Out (2010) Movie Reviews

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- This is how all movies should be!5 star

One of the best movies ever watched. It's funny as hell and I would like to see a sequel come out! If you never watched this movie before, you should definitely Buy/Rent it.

- Amazing5 star

Best movie ever!!!

- I don't understand the bad reviews4 star

The movie had a ridiculous sophmoric humor, which granted some people can't handle, the gambits were excellent considering its brand of humor with it's clever deliveries and absurd punch lines

- .5 star

I love it

- Hahahahahaha5 star

Very funny especially the end knock knock who's their open, open who. Open the fricken bag B$$$$

- Only if no stars were available.1 star

Even with all of Bruce Willis's talent this movie was doomed from the start. Tracy Morgan's "acting" is horrendous, his "jokes" are so blain they just might entertain a 5 year old. If Tracy Morgan want's to star in movies he should stick to spoof films, he obviously has no place in Holly Wood uses this most obnoxious voice to make his flat line jokes seem more vibrant, which happens to make these so called "jokes" deafening. A good amount of comments down you can see someone made up a screen name to poke fun at someone's comment... "Summitisgay" that is probably the maturity level needed to enjoy this film. Quick story... Tracy Morgan did a stand up gig at a High school in my hometown that couldn't muster up one laugh. A friend told me it was so horrible, within the first ten minutes multiple students stood up and walked out, and of course Mr. Morgan tried saving some face by saying "some people just don't get comedy." One of students stopped and replied "no, you're just not funny, in fact it was painful." The auditorium filled with more laughter than his whole performance and now here he is co starring with Bruce Willis???!!!

- Seen it hundreds of times5 star

All people who think otherwise don't have a sense of humor. In not sorry, it's the truth.

- not as good as i thought it would be3 star

I really didn't enjoy this movie at all. I had high expectations for it but it wasn't funny, and I got bored towards the end. It lacked character development, and the plot felt forced. I laughed a few times but mostly at seann william scott's character who unfortunately only had about 10 minutes of screen time out of the whole movie. I was left unsatisfied...wouldn't recommend it.

- Loveeeee it5 star

Very funny

- Funny5 star

This Movie is super funny!

- Aseome movie!5 star

Very funny movie!

- Willis at his worst1 star

Terrible acting and terrible story. Love Bruce but this movie is a disaster.

- Ok2 star

It was really not that funny, had a simple "gangster and cop" plot, and didn't live up to my expectations. I wouldn't spend money to even rent it.

- Awesome!!!!5 star

I love this movie!!! Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan are historical together, the movie was so funny my bro almost crapped himself, he was laughing so hard.

- Love it!5 star

Awsome movie, very funny. Love anything with bruce in it. If you havnt seen it you need to

- awsome5 star

best movie out

- A Satisfying Buddy-Cop Movie4 star

Cop-Out does it's job at spoofing the buddy-cop genre. Not nearly as good as "The Other Guys" did, but as far as movies like 48 Hours and Lethal Weapon, it succeeded. Bruce Willis goes back and forth with the straight guy routine, not afraid to add a little humor into it. Tracy Morgan on the other hand might not be for everyone's taste, I found him to be exceptionally funny and kept the film rolling on a funny note. You just can't take a movie like this that seriously, just enjoy it for what its worth.

- Funny5 star

This movie is one of the funniest I have seen

- Great Fun!!!4 star

Well, I like it! I kinda thought Willis and Morgan had a great bromance thing working towards the end. They really did play off each other pretty well. And,Seann William Scott was so funny! Rashida Jones character certainly knew how to handle her husbands (Morgan) insecurities. Fun popcorn movie with friends for a Saturday evening!

- Typical Movie2 star

This movie was whatever. Only couple scenes with Sean william scott was funny. I am writting this review 3 months later after watching it. and I just don't remember the whole alot about the movie, because it was just whatever.

- Want a good laugh?5 star

If anyone ever wants a good this!! This made me laugh so hard it felt like my ribs were about to snap in half!! So, in other words, watch it!!(:

- Funny4 star

This movie is as funny as hell. Tracy Morgan steels the show with is comedic scenes. Good story good dialoge just funny.

- Great movie5 star

All I can say is TRACY MORGAN.

- I don't get it.1 star

I try to rent it and it dosen't even start loading. If I were you, I wouldn't even bother to get it. 4.00 for nothing.

- Unwatchable1 star

Kevin Smith was done after clerks. Enough with the comic books and baseball cards

- One of the worst movies ever1 star

If your under the age of 12 watch this movie, anyone else just skip it because it's complete trash

- Watch something else1 star

I'm a big Willis fan but this movie isn't worth your money or time.

- FUNNY5 star

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan make a great comedy duo! I was laughing throughout the whole movie because it was that funny. Definitely worth the watch and then watch it again!

- Freakin AWESOME5 star

One of the funniest movies I've seen in a couple of years!! I love'd it so much when I saw it in the theatre that as soon as it came out on video I had to buy it!! I recommend this movie to anybody that has a sense of humor and wants a good laugh!! You can't go wrong with CopOut!!!!

- Stupid!1 star

Need I say more! Stupid!

- Sucked1 star

Really bad

- Terrible1 star

Nothing else to say. Rent it and ask for your money back.

- Bad Dialog and Bad Acting2 star

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan should not co-star in movies together. Bruce Willis out acted Tracy Morgan at every turn while Tracy's jokes just sort of fell flat when thrown up against what Bruce had to offer.

- Best movie ever!5 star

Funny as heck. Nice family laugh out loud movie.....

- Great movie5 star

Would of been better with mewes in it though!!

- OMG!! I love it5 star

It is freaking halarious… I LOVE it

- Absolutely pathetic movie !1 star

This movie was pathetic. The actors were amateur quality, the script was amateur and predictable, and the lame attempts at comedy were ameteur and a big miss. We couldn't even stand to watch it, and turned it off in disgust. Don't waste your money on this movie.

- Hated It!1 star

Hated It!

- Too good to be true !5 star

This movie is soo funny and will make you cry in humor, the way the director added in comedy that alot of people can relate to makes it even more funny.

- funny5 star

funniest movie ive ever seen

- One of the greatest movies ever!!!!!5 star

I laughed so hard definately 5 stars rent it is worth it

- cop out4 star

It was a funny movie and I like it.

- Sorta funny2 star

"the president is black now, we can make decisions!" haha. The rest was stupid.

- Crap1 star

Still crap!

- Hilarious5 star

If you have a sense of humor you will love this movie. All the characters in this movie act the same as they always do. Don't be shocked if they use their typical comedy which has been proven to be funny. Watch this if you're one of those non lame people that just like to laugh and doesn't analyze every comedic plotline craving some kind of epicness.

- Cop Out is a drop out1 star

This movie is stupid, pointless and a total waste of time! What more can I say??

- WOW!!!5 star

Totally awesome! I was laughing so hard i almost cried

- Bruce Copped Out1 star

Wow, Bruce wasn't even the least bit interested in being in this horrible flick and it shows. Why would he take that role? What a horrible waste of time and money. DO NOT RENT OR WATCH.

- Tracy Morgan4 star

It's my first time to see Tracy .. Who took all stars from Bruce ;)

- It was5 star

Funny to me but not to most. The Tracey Morgan Presance Was funny but otherwise it wasent great. Hey it depends. Also Not at all or even close to the best movie over. The Hangover was 10x better!

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NJ2556 - Great5 star

the movie plot was awesome and there were many laughs... you like comedy and laughing till it hurts? BUY THIS...

Moorbilt - Cop Out Rocks5 star

It's a great movie it is one of my favorites I loved it it was some good comedy and I think I saw it 11 times

[email protected] - awsome movie\!5 star


Jameez 28 - Best Movie Ever!!!!!!5 star

Hey im 11 and i just watched it and i have to say this movie is halarious and the best movie ive ever seen!!!!!!! so anybody who didnt like COP OUT you guys are demented.So Yeah -Jameez

veneco92 - Funniest movie ever5 star

This movie was soooo worth watching it was awesome I loved it!!!!!:)

MotoDC - Much dry humour4 star

There is a lot of dry humour in this movie and if that's not your thing, then keep moving. Go into it with an open mind, dont' expect much and you'll enjoy it. Typical cop movie plot.

Chickenbath - Way to much swearing1 star

I had to watch it with my parents and every time the swore they would mute int for a couple seconds so i didnt get to hear the movie 1 w1$h i [email protected] +he +ime i [email protected]$+ed [email protected]

Apples121212 - Good movie4 star

Just wanna put it out there everyone who keeps on talking about the language. At one part in the movie there's this moms kid and they dont swear because the kids there. That's the only part in the movie where they go effing and Jesus c. So ignore anyone saying the language is stupid. But good. Good for a couple laughs.

drendel - great movie5 star

This movie is the kind of distinctive movie that either you think its one of the funniest movies ever or its the worst so just rent it the first time if youre not sure, personally i like it

kiss_able_qt - funny5 star

this movie may not be amazing but its good for a few laughs thats for sure.. loved it lol

ImTheRealShady - most boring movie i have ever watched1 star

after children's movies. i only sat through this because it was the only ok looking movie on the flight i was on that i hadn't watched yet. i have no idea why it's rated R- they don't even swear, they just say stupid words like "motherluva" and go "what the-!" or say "effing". it gets to be annoying. some violence but not much gore from what i remember. don't watch, and REALLY DON'T BUY!

Bamlett1 - Loved it5 star

I loved it I saw it 8 times I want to watch it 13 times the beggining was really funny to

Papa 69 - Cop out5 star

Cop out is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen

the rest of us - Don't waste your time1 star

Horrible movie...

cowes - Awesome5 star

Great movie

Apryl:) - Hilarious!5 star

Awesome movie! Made me laugh alot!

Easteagle - Garbage1 star

I thought this movie was absolutely horrible. I wish I could take back the time I spent watching this movie. It is just another cop comedy with one idiot and a tough guy cop as partners, unoriginal story and not funny.

Sebyo12345 - The best5 star

This is the funniest movie ever

Sazura70 - Actually Made me Angry.1 star

I've seen alot of movies, but this one is one of the worst I've ever seen. it's almost anti-funny, and I think this is the end for Bruce Willis. It's filled with pointless, unfunny filler, the plot is horrible, and incredibly poorly written. Stay away from this, don't even think about renting it.

VtotheAL - Total cheese ball1 star

Don't waste your time!

dpryce - ouch1 star

this movie was so bad

Ttttttttttrrrryyhfvbjg - Cop in1 star

Seems dumb

Book saver - Best movie ever5 star

That was the best movie ever I don't know what sydgrrl mean he just doest know about good movies but I know that movie was the best

Kered50 - Lame as surrogets1 star

Bad bad movie

JC728 - Ridiculous!1 star

So disappointing. I thought it was going to be awesome; instead, it turned out to be absolutely terrible. The language was completely unnecessary, and it was just a massive waste of time!

The_Letter_Q - Hilarious5 star

I dont know why people are so hard on this movie, it had me rolling on the floor. Definitely get it for some decent action and some hilarious scenes

willowillo - The worst movie EVER- don1 star

No kidding ! This is a dog! And that insults dogs! The worst movie I have ever seen. Saw it in a theater and we wanted to get our money back. The acting is appalling! Bruce Willis is just awful - obviously there just for the pay cheque - and he should not have been paid - he is so bad!! and the other guy- Tracy Morgan from 30 rock -plays exactly the same stupid foul mouthed character - unfortunately the worst actor in the world - worse than the worse grade school end of year play. How this guy gets work I will never know! The "comedy" non existant - well , ok, if you like grade two potty humour- nothing nothing funny - its like that kid who hangs around that no one likes and who makes inappropriate comments that makes everyone uncomfortable- just sad sad sad...did i say awful?

booktaker - Absolute CRAP!1 star

Shame on Bruce for acting in this terrible movie.

Sydgrrl - Garbage1 star

I want my money back. This is quite possibly the worst excuse for a movie I've ever seen. The acting is so bad, words fail me. The jokes aren't funny, and there isn't a single character in the movie that is believable. Action? A lame attempt that fails repeatedly. I stopped watching after 40 mins, and wouldn't have gone that far if I hadn't paid money for this crap. Just really, really bad acting.

silver227 - Awesome4 star

Very funny, and entertaining, would recommend renting

devilock6 - crap out!!!1 star

crap movie, Bruce Willis career is over!

Dominick Leclerc - It's LOL Funny!4 star

Tracy is amazing in this and I never thought Bruce had it in him but it all works, don't take it seriously the story isn't the point, the jokes are.

jamesbond1971 - Jamesbond2 star

I saw the trailer and looked dum so l didn't waste my money!

99808 - Cop Out5 star

This is probably my favorite comedy... its amazing and i couldn't stop laughing

LilDagnamet - Tracy Morgan Ruins the Movie1 star

I have only seen Tracy Morgan in 30 Rock and this movie and in both his acting is horrendous! I don't know whether or not his roles are supposed to be like this. Anyone know? Furthermore, this is far from Seann William Scott's best acting. I Rigorously suggest that you do not waste your money on this movie. Don't even rent it.

Film critic01 - Not great and disappointing1 star

This movie was very disappointing and was packed with boring action and could of been better. Don't waste your time with this watch jump street 21 and 22. They're the best buddy cop movies ever. This is worth 20%.

wilburforce101 - funny, sick and awsome at the some time.5 star

best cop movie i have ever seen

Sick of lying app creators - Cr*p tastic1 star

Terrible movie, Willis seemed thoroughly uninterested, whilst Morgan and Scott wernt there usual funny selves. Sadly bought this on Kevin Smiths reputation. Was very disappointed.

Police Boy - LOL through out the whole movie, can't go pass this one guys.5 star

COP Out - When they say your rocking with your glock out they mean it, this gives comedy to a all new level it’s even better than PSYCH, and I Love Psych as it one awesome show. These guys bring comedy to a all new level for me. Jimmy needs to pay for his daughter wedding while selling a baseball card the shop is robbed and now Jimmy and his partner of nine years needs to do some undercover work due to the simple fact they’ll go where no other cops have been before they are operating out side the lines of the law when they have to find a baseball card to pay for Jimmy’s daughters wedding. This is one fun movie. His card the ticket to pay for the wedding, but sadly his partner shoot it up in the line of killing a suspect but the good became of it as they brought down a major drug ring and backed up fellow officers in the line of duty. overall - 10/10 Conclusion: A excellent comedy and will watch again the story line is unique and fun at the same time which is a added bonus.

Wombat warior - favourite movie5 star

ive bought this movie on blue ray and its amazing, it seems unscrpited because the actors added their own improve lines and its amazing, willis is there to make the movie more serious and action orientated but tracy to make it funny and it works perfectly.. an for people concered with the swearing it makes it more real as people swear. i highly recomend this movie and i dont know one person who doesnt enjoy it.

BearTeddie - Great Movie5 star

i found this movie very funny and entertaining, watch right to the end past the credits...

SkyPilot 1517 - Money not well spent1 star

Wat too much obscene language and talk.

PaulCZ1 - Not Worth Buying1 star

Movie without a real storyline, failed to deliver

Lol-pops - Best movie ever5 star

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! this movie was awesome I'm going to watch it again

Too cool :) - Amazing5 star

Loved it!

Wayne Shennen - Worst movie I've seen in a long time1 star

Terrible. I quite like 30 Rock, but this movie is like they didn't have a script. First time I've ever written a review, but I feel honour bound to warn people. That way their expectations might be low enough to be exceeded, if they bother to get this film despite the warning.

Neoeffect101 - Absolute Rubbish!1 star

Didn't even get through the whole movie! The trailer IS NOT the movie. Full of useless unending profanity. Willis is finshed as an actor as his last 3 have had all bad reviews! Dont bother!

paddyinoz - Cop Out1 star

This movie is so bad! I would like my money back. BW should stay away from comedy.

zacyyyyyyyy125475267 - Very Good5 star

Verry funny movie!!

Iainsmith - Not Bruce's best2 star

Ehh not a great film. Killed some time. Had a few good moments but not noteworthy.

puppy star - clever4 star

if you didnt like this film missed the point ...

rhysrostron - Funnnnnnnnnny5 star

Hahahaha that's good. I will slap the black off of u

Daddie03 - This is the best new release out there.4 star

This movie is the best movie I have seen in a long time, Bruce Willis is great as normal.

Fjcubkkjdchgxvugfh - Best5 star

Best move iv seen in while

Jables Awesome X - 30 rock fans will enjoy this4 star

This movie, while following the mundane typical cop film about the need for money, because all cops are underpaid, this film is made great because of the hilarious characters developed by Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis

morgs1 - Try hard.2 star

I struggled watching this to the end. This movie tried hard but that may have been it's failing. Sure there were some funny bits, but not enough.

nanes71 - Not a great Bruce Willis movie1 star

A very cringeworthy movie with terrible one liners. Why did Bruce Willis bother?

Ryan Fan - Frickin' Fun5 star

This film looks so cliché but was so funny. Watch this if you're after something unexpectedly light hearted and funny.

pommie83 - Rubbish1 star

Bought this movie, it was a waste of money. Willis must have been hard up to make this movie.

jja2105 - I likthis movie.3 star

If you think cop out is boring,I would say it's your upinyion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jjcoop77 - For Willis fans only!2 star

Not sure why Bruce Willis did this movie? It's very boring and the plot is weak. It seems to have been made by self-indulgent film-makers who haven't been told that they're not funny yet.

Bobson12 - Worst film i have ever seen1 star

This film is a joke. Poor story line, terrible script and bad acting. I've watched some bad films in my time but this takes the biscuit. Don't be fooled thinking that because Bruce Willis is present that you should watch this film. My personal opinion would be to avoid this film and find something else to watch.

the crane 1 - hd and sd price difference..?5 star

What is up with the prices: £4.99 for SD is a good price but why is the HD £9 more at £13.99???????

Char_Jess93 - oh my life1 star

Genuinely one of the worst films i have ever watched. if you find this funny...your a moron

Christy Jade Biggar - I love this film.5 star

The first 10 mines have you crying with laughter and the rest of the film follows suit. Love it, love Bruce and Tracy, they make a wonderful pair.

Jackbarneto - Boring with rubbish acting1 star

How much?

guppyuk - okay to while away some time3 star

The premise is quite good and in places it is executed well, but it is slow and not funny in too many places. I wouldn't say this is a keeper.

n-man88 - Do not watch this film1 star

Just terrible

OriginalGoon - Worth a rent3 star

There are better buddy cop movies out there but Cop Out certainly has some great laugh out loud moments. The plot is as thin as it gets though and the action isn't that great either. If you have nothing else to watch, it is worth a rent but otherwise you may want to see something else.

JjP - Waste of time and 35p1 star

I watched this movie because I spent 35p on a text msg to Orange, but it wasn't even worth that 35p. I hope that thanks to my warning somebody will not waste their time on that one. ... why did I watch it to the end?

Limey Mike - Average*21 star

Utterly utterly average! Usual Hollywood tripe, avoid like thrush if u can. x

Ceenote 74 - K smith4 star

Good film but you ether get kevin smith movies or you don't !!!!! That's why it will range from 1 star to five star , if you love Kevin go for it .... Snooch to the noooch ;)

BearMan3.15 - Fantastic5 star

Probably the only film I have laughed out loud while watching it alone. Simply brilliant!

Samantha Macdonald - Great5 star

I loved this film! Bruce, Tracy and Seann were hilarious when they were together in the car... Worth buying it xo

Cameron Rodger - ()()()5 star

This film is great it's funny and has a good story I recommend that people rent or buy this movie!

SUP3RDON - Amazing5 star

This film was hilarious.

marksteel - Avoid unless you really have nothing else to do1 star

I actually stopped watching half way through because it was so bad.

Dimnd - Loveeeeeee it5 star

This film is hilarious :) yeah it could be better bit I think that's the whole point, it's so bad it's good! Wouldn't change it xD

mossie909 - The worst ever1 star

Willis has done himself no favours here. Years building up a decent career finished with this absolute drivel. Tracy Morgan tries like hell to be a young Eddy Murphy but doesn't come close. Crap acting, crap storyline, crap delivery. Please do NOT waste your money. Aaaaggghhhhh help !

Stupot2402 - Terrible!1 star

Rented it because I thought, from seeing the trailer it was pretty funny but turns out it just some bald old bloke and a fat geeza trying to be funny. Total waste of money - Brilliant5 star

I think this is a great film. Definitely 1 of the funniest films i have seen this year You won't be disappointed

M4CKM4N - Oh no!1 star

The worst film i've seen Bruce Willis in! worse than Surrogates and thats saying something! another case of the Trailer being better than the film! just awful, no laughs and if it were possible, no stars, absolute waste of time watching this, avoid at all costs!!!! you've been warned!

joetheliverpoolfan - looks bad3 star

looks bad but the whole knoock knock thing in the trsiler mae me laugh

Jonny Max - Very Average3 star

It's quite funny, but very straightforward and dull in places, especially for a Kevin Smith film.

Cruel Dad - Don't bother1 star

I couldn't work out what this film was trying to be. Comedy or characters cracking jokes as part of the story. Paid for it so I felt obliged to watch it. You don't have to, it's truly rubbish.

Heywaan - Crap!1 star

Don't do it!!! One of the worst movies I have ever seen!! Bruce must be desperate!!!!!!!

BOOBOO1973 - Boo1 star

Not very good, I think it was overall trying too hard to make it funny! Love Bruce but this was terrible!

KeithStruthers - Hilarious5 star

Underrated by a mile

Dgjbear - Awful1 star

Seriously bad. A 7 year old might find elements entertaining.

SpdRder - Total cop out - what a rubbish film1 star

How low has Bruce Willis sunk. Stupid plot, uninspiring acting. Don't wast time and money on renting it.

Thesugaryteets - Smith tastic5 star

Fantastic film! It's not often I laugh out loud at a film but there are moments when it is just too silly not to laugh. Not one of Kevin smiths own creations but the cast and director make it what it is. Loved it!

Oriza Triznyak - Bah1 star

I had only one laugh and smiled rarely. It wants to be funny too badly. A random pile of used jokes and mix of characters without concept. Things dropped on each other more or less along an awkward storyline. Hard to use the word 'storyline', no concept there. The whole thing falls apart. I regret renting it. I watched till the end. Well, there is nothing really there.

Conor O - Same old same old kevin smith1 star

Not funny, low brow toilet humor, tracey Morgan supposed to be funny, not funny, Bruce willis should be ashamed.

coopershoes - Superb5 star

A must for kevin smith fans, this film was so under looked at the box office. It's really funny,give it a go

JC041174 - Smith Is Back On Form5 star

This film is possible the best film Kevin Smith has made in many years, its funny and silly and doesn't take itself to seriously. The back and forth between Willis and Morgan at the start of the film is pure genius. If you love the sillness of Jay and Silent Bob and Dogma and films like that made with heart and dont take theselfe just to seriously then your love this film

Bobbyboi7 - Not bad4 star

It was a good film with very funny scenes and a good cast but it did drag on and was a little slow but it would be worth the rent not to buy

Dannid2 - Really Funny :L5 star

Great film. So funny!!!! Never laughed so much. I advise you see it if you like comidies! :L

me15243 - Laugh out loud comedy with some good action scenes5 star


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K62235 - Awesome hilarious movie5 star

Couldn't be any better

Jjnkeb - Cop out rox5 star

The movie was awesome possibly the best movie Eva

cellllardoor - Wow!!!!!5 star

I loooooooooove cop out!!!! It's absolutely hilariously amazing!!!!!!!!! A must see for anyone with eyes, ears, and a WORKING brain!!!!!:D

MakingBiscuits - Not what I was hoping for...2 star

...from Kevin Smith. Loved all his previous films, Jersey Girl included, but this was just bad. I kept sitting there thinking it would get better soon....soon...soon....nope.

Maves15 - Cop out5 star

This movie looks so funny!¡!¡!

VeryVersatile - Kinda funny2 star

A little let down

matad311 - Amazing, must see!!!!!!5 star

Very funny keeps u entertained though the hole movie

Copoutlover - Awsom5 star

Awsome movie I loved it it was so funny

radamdaar - I love this movie5 star

Tracy Morgan is hilarious

Vgamedude - Tracy Morgan.1 star

My new least favorite actor. Horrible. His voice probably kills kittens

Aga27 - Lol5 star

Love it!!!

Y$k - Best5 star

This is one of the funnyest movies ever:)

Avonayla - Love it!!5 star

This movie is hillarious!! I've watched it probably 20 times now, & I laugh everytime!!! Love Tracey morgan & Bruce Willis

pseudanonymous - Plain Bad2 star

In this movie, very few scenes that made me laugh. Together, the scenes that I enjoyed were maybe 10 minutes long. If only 10 minutes out of a nearly 2 hour long COMEDY are funny, then the movie is not a success. Not worth the 4 dollars I spent to rent it.

Shavis11 - Teenage boy humor5 star

I'd you are a teenage boy this is hilarious 5 stars

ApaMano - Very bad - don't waste your time1 star

Not funny, boring, and just plain stupid. Don't waste your time with it.

Himmy61 - Copout5 star

The movie was hilarious!!!!! You have to see it! Best movie ever!!!!!

The shizy - Asom4 star

Moo moo farm love it

joej22 - Cop out5 star

The movie ws hilarious dnt mess wit the little kids business

Vgsgrl - Terrible1 star

If you are over the age of 16...or at least have a maturity level beyond this point, this movie is not for you. Sometimes movies aren't cult classics or misunderstood. Sometimes they are just freakin dumb.

Optic project x - Copout5 star

Lol that little kid is so funny

Almoko - Preview is great, movie is boring1 star

Very dull, predictable and really not all that funny. The preview is good and makes you think the whole movie is going to be like that, but it really isn't. Spend your time and money some other way.

Summitisgay - Summit is gay5 star

Stfu summit u homo

CindyMcW - Funny...ish1 star

Bad script aside, this movie could have been saved by one thing, and that is a connection between the actors who were supposed to have been partners for years. There wasn't one, Willis and morgan didn't connect at all, so most of the jokes fell flat and were almost painful to watch. I had high hopes for this movie, but was letdown horribly. Apart from a few, rare funny parts, this barely deserves a star.

Erin the Rad. - Awesome5 star

Quite possibly the best movie of all time. Seann William Scott was great! Love it!!!!!!! Buy it now or your missing out on Bruce's best movie since Die Hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

mrsanti14 - I enjoyed this cop comedy4 star

If you like that Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis play the same people in everything they do, then this buds for you. More of a buddy movie than cop movie I thought. Which for me makes it better still.

Ipodtouchfan4life - Ok2 star

I loved Tracey Morgan and seann William Scott they were pretty funny other than that mediocre

Liiiiiiike it - Very funny5 star

One of the funniest film I ever see and trust me I see a lot ;)

summit67 - What was Bruce thinking?1 star

Don't waste your money....turned it off after first 10 minutes.

Dan856 - COP OUT5 star

This is the best movie of all time in the history of movies

Freddycroutons - Cops out1 star

Poor at best

KCCLARK - Loved it5 star

One of the funniest movies I have seen in a very long time it's hard to get my to lol literally but I did it multiple times in addition to being funny it was full of action I loved it and would watch it again oh and by the way when it's not rated g there is going to be bad words in it get over you hear them everywhere radio and television

Hooligan7769 - Really Kevin?1 star

One of Kevin Smith's worst movies . Not funny

akvee - Easily the worst movie I1 star

Tries too hard to be lethal weaponesque...but no where near as funny. Tracey Morgan is just stupid and has so many terrible acting scenes it was ridiculous. Not funny at all. It was a waste of money...what was b.Willis thinking?

dancer108** - Horrible1 star

Constant curse words hard to watch absolutely horrible

Jimj90 - Cop out1 star

Rented it and got 15 min into it and shut it off. That's how bad it is!! And I love Bruce Willis movies but this sucked.

Scrambled Wit - WT*?1 star

There aren't enough explitives in the English language to express how bad this film is.


this movie is extremely funny! deffinatly buy it!

MJL23 - SOSO2 star

not so good...a few funny parts, but a disappointing movie overall - kept watching it hoping for it to get better but no such luck!

butSeriously - Good cast...lame results1 star

Good cast...lame results

Pie 500 - Funny as he'll5 star

Laughed the entire time

Daveyboy69 - Don't waste a cent on this1 star

I rented this movie and it was sooooooo cheesy. I'm a huge Jordan fan and the crappy dialog pissed me off

Raiders Beanie '92 - Hella funny5 star

Definately worth it

A R - Pretty descent3 star

Has laughs here and there. Morgan does a great job at carrying the comedy while Willis's character is cool and laid-back.

mariankata - Terrific...5 star

The movie is really cool...

Adfhiyfhjyfvhde - A+5 star

Really great, funny and pretty full of action movie. See it for your self! You won't regret it :)

bhustead - Cop out5 star

Funniest movie ever!

MovieChiMan - Cop Out4 star

This movie seems to be a remake of Running Scared with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines but NYC style. While this movie was funny and entertaining the Running Scared version is better. I recommend this to anyone who likes to laugh and have fun at the movies.

The Sprinter - Good movie3 star

Funny scenes and good little movie to watch

Nvrrjay132 - Can I watch this movie on my iPod5 star

Can I watch this on my iPod

5 star

@islam_eldresi Cop Out 2010 Ride Along 2014 عموما السنين الأخيرة معاش في كوميدي هلبا تلقاه تصنيفه كوميدي ومحتواه تافه جدأ🌚🌚

5 star

Cop Out (2010)

5 star

Cop Out (2010)

5 star

I wouldn't describe it the way Kevin Smith did in 2010, but it does feel like kicking someone when they're down to…

5 star

@Lizz_EST19xx @machinegunkelly @letmelivebruh Given that I was literally 7 in 2010 I probably won’t understand. Sti…

5 star

@INSANATAN @Savitritvs @gouranga1964 @PrasunNagar @NetaNiyanta @swetamishraa @Satishrathod100 @WishMaster2019…

5 star

@alam_mujaid: Amidst the hardships, this song by @JmuKmrPolice cop is really heart touching.🇮🇳 My salute to all cops out there doing th…

5 star

Watch Cop Out (2010) on Flixano Start Free Trial: #CopOut

5 star

@rose_k01: Cop loses his cool when a #COVIDIOT disobeys #Lockdown & then starts arguing #StayHomeIndia Otherwise you might encounter thi…

5 star

@ewarren @amyklobuchar Had you two and your Democratic friends passed legislation back in 2010 to prepare for pande…

5 star

@amir_minaei @a_raefipour1 فیلم cop out 2010 را با دقت تماشا کنید

5 star

@OratoriaModerna: #CosasCuriosas Película "Cop Out" (2010). Lee el afiche que está detrás del actor.

5 star

@OratoriaModerna: #CosasCuriosas Película "Cop Out" (2010). Lee el afiche que está detrás del actor.

5 star

@OratoriaModerna: #CosasCuriosas Película "Cop Out" (2010). Lee el afiche que está detrás del actor.

5 star

@_zaddyy__ @queenamber95 She did an interview about how she never gets the black roles she’s auditioned for but she…

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