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6.8 star

Chronicle (2012) Movie Summary

  • PG-13
  • 2012

Witness the mind-bending chronicle of great power gone awry. When three ordinary high school friends make an extraordinary discovery, they acquire amazing abilities beyond their understanding. They can move objects with their minds, crush cars at will, and even fly. But as their strengths grow, so do their darker sides. When harmless pranks give way to more dangerous escapades, their lives spin recklessly out of control, leading to an explosive, high-flying climax that will leave you breathless!

Chronicle Film Synopsis

Three high school students make an incredible discovery, leading to their developing uncanny powers beyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities and use them to their advantage, their lives start to spin out of control, and their darker sides begin to take over.

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Great and darkThis movie is great all through out but kinda dips into insanity. In the first half of the movie you have an abused senior who gains the power of telekinesis along with three other teens. They have fun playing around with it and find out they can take it further. Then they realize it can get stronger and they need to be careful with it. Then the movie gets dark when things get bad and someone dies. I probably shouldn't spoil the movie. This is a mental adventure for those who can relate to being bullied and abused by there parents. I would give this 10 stars if I could great movie..Score: 5/5

AmazingThis movie was definitely worth watching..Score: 5/5

Best movie I have seen yetAwesome story line, great job to the directors and actors.Score: 5/5

Best movie I've ever seen!!!!I love this movie!!!!!! It's my favorite at the moment!!!! I was sad when Andrew was killed he was my favorite character I don't understand why there were movies that people made a bigger deal about than this like the hunger games when chronicle is way better than those movies!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Cool camera angles but poor story line.I liked the idea of only seeing the movie through people video taping the events, but the movie had a terrible ending. They should have ended it differently and not so abruptly. The filming girl and the cousin should have had some interaction after the extra events, destruction, and death. Also there was no aftermath information either and they don’t explain how the city folks or FBI handled it. Overall it was a waste of time and money, but cool idea..Score: 2/5

Hmm.Everyone is really bashing Chronicle. I didn't think it was that bad. To say, it was the best, "found footage" film I've ever seen. Most of them are difficult to watch and are serious headache material. Overall, I thought it was a great movie. Really cool concept..Score: 4/5

The worstIt is the worst movie I’ve ever seen.Score: 1/5

A Very Great FilmUnfairly ruled out as a standard February release hampered by the found-footage hysteria, Chronicle is actually a beautifully shot film that has a very intriguing and original premise (what would teenagers do with superpowers?) and moments of great humor, but is also a dark, daring and philosophical film with an intelligent script. Normally, you would think a film about teenagers getting superpowers would consist of them playing pranks, having a football catch 10,000 feet above earth, and getting glimpses of girls' panties, all of which does happen in the first half of the film. But this is a clever trick the screenwriter Max Landis uses to catch the audience off-guard. Obviously you'd expect tomfoolery to come with the superpowers, but what if one of the three gifted teens is a deeply disturbed and rage-filled loser? What would he do with those powers? What follows is a completely unpredictable, action-packed parable of teenaged emotions, the responsibility that comes with superpowers - a responsibility largely ignored by more vacuous movies a la The Avengers - and the overarching awkwardness of high school..Score: 5/5

AwesomeGreat movie but kind of a sad ending made up for it with great action.Score: 5/5

This is a really good movie!Im super exited for the 2nd one!.Score: 5/5

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Really?This is by far the worst movie I have seen ever. Acting is atrocious, lost footage schtick is garbage. Please do not waste your time watching this..Score: 1/5

ChronicleMindless, no plot, a "pre" teen audience may find this movie somewhat interesting. As for the rest of us your money..Score: 1/5

Awesome epic greatI loved this drama thriller about best friend teens I enjoyed chronicle very much it has lots of gore but any movie ware people have powers I no I'm going to love it but watching the trailers I thought it would be like Heros or something but i loved it it's funny it's awesome best thriller drama ever 😢🐰🐰🐰.Score: 5/5

Great movieGood characters, great acting, especially Andrew, and an emotional story. This movie really captures what it would feel like to have superpowers. Highly recommend this movie..Score: 4/5

ReviewI really didn't understand this movie at all, I really did not like it.Score: 1/5

I did not like itThis is not a good one.Score: 1/5

ChronicleDefinetly worth checking out, since its brilliant! amazing! Great editing, sound and timing. perfect for getting away from reality for a while..Score: 5/5

Great!What a fresh idea. To use the good v. evil story this way was interesting. I liked all the characters. Everyone I watched this movie with liked it very much. I would recommend this movie to a friend for sure..Score: 4/5

TerribleTerrible movie, terrible acting, completely unbelievable storyline. Complete waste of money. The movie had potential to build an interesting and plausible story but failed in its awkward and ridiculous dialogue and acting..Score: 1/5

Well worth watching.Chronicle is a "found footage" style of film telling the story of three high school students who find a mysterious cave and end up developing powers. Over the course of the film we get to see the progression of not only their new-found abilities but the characters themselves. By the end you can see clearly how each main character has grown, and not only as a result of their abilities but due to the more normal circumstances of their lives as teenagers. Unforced humour and well-crafted storytelling surround a surprising visual treat in the use of the powers. Particularly good is one character's use of telekenisis to control the camera which thus includes each character on-screen. When the boys take flight there is a supreme sense of freedom and joy conveyed and anyone who has ever dreamed of flying will no doubt be joining the characters in their excitement and wishing such things were possible. Overall Chronicle features a great cast of characters and a story that is enjoyable from start to finish. Low in cheese and high in imagination. Highly reccommended..Score: 5/5

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Chronicle (2012) Series Cast & Crew

Chronicle (2012) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Dane DeHaan (Andrew Detmer), Alex Russell (Matt Garetty), Michael B. Jordan (Steve Montgomery), Michael Kelly (Richard Detmer), Ashley Grace (Casey Letter), Bo Petersen (Karen Detmer), Anna Wood (Monica), Rudi Malcolm (Wayne), Luke Tyler (Sean), Crystal-Donna Roberts (Samantha), Adrian Collins (Costly), Grant Powell (Howard), Armand Aucamp (Austin), Nicole Bailey (Cala), Lynita Crofford (Casey's Mom), Royston Stoffels (Pharmacist), Patrick John Walton (Park Ranger), Lance Elliot (Police Officer), Nadine Suliaman (School Flyer Girl), Pierre Malherbe (Police Detective), all returned for chronicle movie.

Dane DeHaan (Andrew Detmer)
Dane DeHaanAndrew DetmerScore: 33.6
Alex Russell (Matt Garetty)
Alex RussellMatt GarettyScore: 33.0
Michael B. Jordan (Steve Montgomery)
Michael B. JordanSteve MontgomeryScore: 47.4
Michael Kelly (Richard Detmer)
Michael KellyRichard DetmerScore: 23.9
Ashley Grace (Casey Letter)
Ashley GraceCasey LetterScore: 18.6
Bo Petersen (Karen Detmer)
Bo PetersenKaren DetmerScore: 2.7
Anna Wood (Monica)
Anna WoodMonicaScore: 12.5
Luke Tyler (Sean)
Luke TylerSeanScore: 9.5
Crystal-Donna Roberts (Samantha)
Crystal-Donna RobertsSamanthaScore: 6.5
Adrian Collins (Costly)
Adrian CollinsCostlyScore: 8.2
Armand Aucamp (Austin)
Armand AucampAustinScore: 9.2
Nicole Bailey (Cala)
Nicole BaileyCalaScore: 0.6

Matthew Jensen (Director of Photography), Simon Hansen (Visual Effects Supervisor), James Dodson (Executive Producer), Sergey Muraviev (Visual Effects), Fred Du Preez (Set Decoration), Josh Trank (Screenplay), Ronna Kress (Casting), Stephen Altman (Production Design), Elliot Greenberg (Editor), Sean Findley (Visual Effects Supervisor), Andrew Karr (Visual Effects Supervisor), Diana Cilliers (Costume Design), Josh Trank (Director), John Davis (Producer), Max Landis (Screenplay), Max Landis (Story), Robert Habros (Visual Effects Supervisor), Adam Schroeder (Producer), Alexandr Gorokhov (Visual Effects Producer), Peter Belcher (Camera Operator),

Matthew Jensen (Director of Photography)
Matthew JensenDirector of PhotographyScore: 3.2
Josh Trank (Screenplay)
Josh TrankScreenplayScore: 4.2
Josh Trank (Director)
Josh TrankDirectorScore: 4.2
John Davis (Producer)
John DavisProducerScore: 13.4
Max Landis (Screenplay)
Max LandisScreenplayScore: 9.5
Max Landis (Story)
Max LandisStoryScore: 9.5
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'Chronicle' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of chronicle, the Josh Trank's popular movie. Watch the chronicle teaser trailer. Josh Trank’s #chronicle is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Chronicle Trailer | 20th Century FOX▶ Chronicle Trailer | 20th Century FOX

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Chronicle — 2012

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All released movie posters so far for the movie chronicle - 2012. A poster for Josh Trank action & adventure movie, Chronicle! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for chronicle (2012). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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In seguito alla casuale esposizione a quelle che sembrano radiazioni provenienti da un blocco di cristallo trovato in un buco nel terreno, Andrew, Matt e Steve scoprono di aver acquistato poteri telecinetici. Possono muovere piccoli oggetti, creare campi di forza intorno a sé che li proteggono e anche volare. Più si esercitano, più diventano abili e potenti.

Tre ungdomar gör en kväll en mystisk upptäckt som leder till att de plötsligt besitter superkrafter. De börjar trevande att använda sina nya krafter och inledningsvis handlar det bara om harmlösa rackartyg men efter en tid upptäcker de att det kan gå illa om ilska och mörka tankar är inblandade.

Loser Andrew, sein smarter Cousin Matt und Sonnyboy Steve sind beste Freunde an der Highschool. Andrew hat immer eine Videokamera dabei und filmt auch das Innere einer Höhle, das die drei erkunden. Nach dem Kontakt mit der darin lebenden riesigen Kristallstruktur entwickeln die drei telekinetische Fähigkeiten. Sie haben ihren Spaß, Bälle, Legosteine und Chips in der Luft schweben zu lassen, und verschrecken Hausfrauen im Supermarkt und auf Parkplätzen. Ihre Fähigkeiten steigern sich, bis es Andrew übertreibt und aus Wut den Truck eines Rednecks mit seinen Kräften von der Straße in einen reißenden Fluss fegt.

Après avoir été en contact avec une mystérieuse substance, trois lycéens se découvrent des super-pouvoirs. La chronique de leur vie qu’ils tenaient sur les réseaux sociaux n’a désormais plus rien d’ordinaire… D’abord tentés d’utiliser leurs nouveaux pouvoirs pour jouer des tours à leurs proches, ils vont vite prendre la mesure de ce qui leur est possible. Leurs fabuleuses aptitudes les entraînent chaque jour un peu plus au-delà de tout ce qu’ils auraient pu imaginer. Leur sentiment de puissance et d’immortalité va rapidement les pousser à s’interroger sur les limites qu’ils doivent s’imposer… ou pas !

Три школьника получают супер способности после обнаружения упавшего метеорита. Скоро они попадут в водоворот событий, в котором откроются их темные стороны.

български език
Андрю, Мат и Стив са на пръв поглед обикновени тийнейджъри. Както мнозина от нас, така и те са обсебени от отразяването на живота си, без значение колко е банален или както е в техния случай – необикновен. Андрю, Мат и Стив попадат на нещо невероятно. В резултат на откритието си, те придобиват мощни телекинетични способности или на езика на комиксите – суперсили.

Meraklı, haşarı ve liseli üç sıkı arkadaş, şans eseri keşfettikleri bir yer altı tünelinde, kendilerine doğaüstü güçler kazandıracak bir ‘şeyle’ karşı karşıya gelirler. Ve aynı gün içinde üçü de sadece düşünce gücüyle çevrelerindeki canlı-cansız her şeyi kontrol edebilir hale gelirler. Başta sadece ortalığı karıştırmak ve eğlenmek için kullandıkları bu süper güçler, kısa sürede insanların hayatlarıyla oynadıkları bir kumara, oyuna dönüşecektir. Tüm bu süreçte ise kamera kayıttadır.

Tre high school-venner opdager en skjult kilde til overnaturlige superkræfter, der kan bruges til flere og flere practical jokes. Det går dog hurtigt op for vennerne, at de voldsomme kræfter ikke er til at spøge med, og deres venskab kommer nu på en alvorlig prøve.

Chronicle cuenta la historia de tres adolescentes normales y corrientes que de pronto desarrollan superpoderes que les permiten hacer cosas que nunca creyeron posibles. Mientras intentan aprender a controlar sus habilidades para usarlas en su beneficio, sus vidas se adentran en una espiral fuera de control, y se muestra el lado oscuro de sus recién descubiertos poderes con consecuencias inesperadas.

Andrew, Matt e Steve são adolescentes, cada um com características muito distintas e enfrentando os vários desafios que aparecem na escola, como fazer novas amizades e explorar novas facetas da sua vida que está sempre a mudar. Eles são imperfeitos, esquisitos e imprudentes. E como tantos de nós, eles estão obcecados por documentar tudo o que lhes acontece, por mais normal que seja. Até que "tropeçam" em algo que está para lá da sua compreensão. Esta descoberta dá-lhes superpoderes que não vão saber ou conseguir controlar.

Andrew, Matt és Steve átlagos középiskolások. Mindegyiküknek megvan a maga baja és öröme. Nem tökéletesek, nagy a szájuk, és kicsit esetlenek. Olyanok, mint bármelyikünk. Abban sem különböznek a világ bármely más kamaszától, hogy a legátlagosabb pillanatukat is feljegyzik, közzéteszik. Csak egy különbség van: nekik már nincsenek átlagos pillanataik. Egy éjszakai buli közben ráakadnak egy ismeretlen dologra, ami talán nem is a Földről származik. A felfedezésüket követő nap egyre különösebb képességekre tesznek szert: a távolból mozgatnak tárgyakat, megtanulnak repülni, érzékelik egymás indulatait, és egyre erősebbé válnak. Eleinte nagyon élvezik, ami velük történik, de miközben az új erejüket próbálgatják, fokozatosan kiderül, hogy ami játéknak indult, végül bajt is hozhat. Egyre nagyobb bajokat.

Drie doodnormale middelbare scholieren doen een ongelooflijke ontdekking. Ze vinden in het bos een mysterieuze substantie waar ze aan bloot gesteld worden en waardoor ze superkrachten ontwikkelen. Als ze leren om de superkrachten onder controle te houden en ze te gebruiken in hun voordeel, beginnen hun levens uit de hand te lopen en hun duistere kanten naar boven te komen.

Andrew Detmer alkaa tallentaa elämäänsä videokameralla eräänlaisena varotoimena väkivaltaisen alkoholisti-isänsä takia. Aluksi nauhalle ei tallennu mitään järin jännittävää, kunnes Andrew lähtee serkkunsa Mattin ja tämän kaverin Steven kanssa massiivisiin bailuihin ja löytävät lähimetsiköstä valtavan kuopan. Steven loikkaa kuoppaan, joka osoittautuu suuremmaksi luolaksi, ja houkuttelee muut perässään . Pojat löytävät luolasta valtavan energiakentän, joka antaa kaveruksille uskomattomia kykyjä ja yliluonnollisia voimia. Pikkuhiljaa kyvyt kasvavat ja pojista tulee lähes Teräsmiehen kaltaisia supersankareita. He eivät käytä kuitenkaan voimia hyviin asioihin ja pian itsekeskeisyys ottaakin vallan. Ensin kolmikko tyytyy hyväntahtoisiin piloihin, mutta pikku hiljaa he menevät yhä pidemmälle ja alkavat käyttää oppimiaan voimiaan häikäilemättä hyväkseen. Milloin raja menee rikki ja mikä on jo liikaa?

  少年安德鲁(戴恩·德哈恩 Dane DeHaan 饰)就像绝大多数宅男那样,内向、不善言辞,还有轻度的社交恐惧。来自父亲的打骂以及母亲的病重,更让他对周遭的一切充满戒心,成了躲在镜头后面的拍摄狂人,整日陶醉在自己的小世界里。   为了替安德鲁的未来打开局面,表哥麦特 (亚历 克斯·罗素 Alex Russell 饰)邀请他出席校园派对。聚会过程中,在表哥好友史蒂夫(迈克尔·B·乔丹 Michael B. Jordan 饰)的建议下,三人进行了一次惊险的野外探洞之旅,并意外获得了自由操纵物体的超能力。这成了他们生活的分水岭——强烈的好奇心与表现欲催促三人不停对自身能力的上限发起挑战,而安德鲁无穷的创意使得他成为了伙伴当中的佼佼者,聚会的明星。可惜好景不长,日渐增强的能力并没有带来幸福,不加节制的安德鲁越玩越过火,终致走向了一条不可挽回的毁灭之路…… ©豆瓣

Oto niewiarygodna Kronika potężnej mocy, która wymknęła się spod kontroli. Trójka studentów dokonuje niezwykłego odkrycia - nagle uzyskują niesamowite zdolności przekraczające zdolności pojmowania. Mogą poruszać przedmioty siłą umysłu, zgniatać samochody a nawet latać. Ich moc rośnie i stopniowo ukazuje swą mroczną stronę. Lekkomyślność ulegających pokusom chłopaków wymyka się spod kontroli a ich niewinne do tej pory psikusy przeradzają się w niebezpieczne wybryki, które mogą doprowadzić do tragicznego finału!

Čeho byste byli schopni, kdybyste získali nadpřirozené schopnosti? Použili byste je ve jménu dobra a pomáhali světu, nebo byste se přiklonili na stranu zla? Toto dilema řeší i tři kamarádi ze střední školy, kterým jejich náhle nabyté nadpřirozené schopnosti přerostou přes hlavu. Charismatický a populární hezoun Steve, třídní vědátor Matt a v kolektivu nepříliš oblíbený Andrew jsou kamarádi ze střední školy. Tito obyčejní sedmnáctiletí kluci se v ničem zásadním neliší od ostatních teenagerů až do chvíle, kdy shodou okolností v lese naleznou záhadnou substanci a tím získají nadpřirozené schopnosti. Díky nim mohou dělat věci, o kterých se jim předtím ani nesnilo. Své schopnosti ale neumí rozumně využít a slouží jim pouze jako nástroj pro zábavu a krácení dlouhé chvíle, a tak svou nadlidskou sílu testují sami na sobě a na lidech ve svém okolí.

เด็กไฮสคูลทั้งสามคนได้สร้างการค้นพบสุดเหลือเชื่อขึ้นมา ซึ่งทำให้พวกเขามีพลังประหลาดที่สามารถพัฒนาต่อไปได้โดยการทำความเข้าใจของพวกเขา แต่ถึงแม้พวกเขาจะเรียนรู้การควบคุมความสามารถพิเศษของพวกเขาและใช้มันในด้านดี แต่ชีวิตของพวกเขาก็ต้องเริ่มเสียการควบคุมไป เพราะด้านมืดในตัวพวกเขามาครอบงำ

Три школска друга, након чудесног открића, добијају супермоћи! Ускоро, откривају да њихови животи измичу контроли док уче како да их контролишу, и њихово другарство је на испиту кад почињу да прихватају своје мрачније стране...

Coho by ste boli schopni, keby ste ziskali nadprirodzene schopnosti? Pouzili by ste ich v mene dobra a pomahali svetu, alebo by ste sa priklonili na stranu zla? Tuto dilemu riesia aj traja kamarati zo strednej skoly, ktorym ich nahle nadobudnute nadprirodzene schopnosti prerastu cez hlavu. Charizmaticky a popularny krasavec Steve, triedny vedator Matt av kolektive nie prilis oblubeny Andrew su kamarati zo strednej skoly. Tito obycajni sedemnastrocni chlapci sa v nicom zasadnom nelisia od ostatnych teenagerov az do chvile, kym v lese nenajdu zahadnu substanciu a tak ziskaju nadprirodzene schopnosti. Vdaka nim mozu robit veci, o ktorych sa im predtym ani nesnivalo. Svoje schopnosti ale nevedia rozumne vyuzit a sluzia im len ako nastroj pre zabavu a kratenie dlhej chvile a tak svoju nadludsku silu testuju sami na sebe a na ludoch vo svojom okoli. Svedkami ich nadprirodzenych schopnosti mozeme byt vdaka Andrewovej kamere, ktora mala povodne sluzit pre zaznam tyrania jeho opileckeho otca.

Τρεις φίλοι και συμμαθητές αποκτούν υπερφυσικές δυνάμεις μετά από μια απίστευτη ανακάλυψη. Οι ζωές τους όμως “εκτροχιάζονται” και η φιλία τους δοκιμάζεται, καθώς έρχονται σε επαφή με την σκοτεινή τους πλευρά…

אנדרו דטמר בן ה-17 נוהג לצלם כל רגע בחייו. ערב אחד אנדרו, בן דודו מאט וסטיב, ה'קול' של בית הספר, מוצאים חפץ לא מוכר בשדה. הם מגלים שהחפץ מעניק להם כוחות מיוחדים - פתאום הם מצליחים להזיז חפצים בכוח המחשבה בלבד. כשהשלושה לומדים לשלוט בכוחות החדשים שלהם, הם משתמשים בהם בתחילה בעיקר כדי למתוח את חבריהם, אבל הכוח הרב שבידיהם ומערכת היחסים מלאת האגו שנוצרת מאלצת אותם לקבוע חוקים שיגדירו את השימוש בכוחות. למרות החוקים, מתקשים החברים לשלוט בכוחות יוצאי הדופן, וביצרים הטבעיים שלהם עצמם, מה שמוביל אותם למעשים לא מוסריים לצרכיהם האישיים ויוצר קונפליקטים במערכת היחסים ביניהם.

Trei elevi de liceu fac o descoperire incredibilă, ducând-u-i la dezvoltarea unor puteri ciudate dincolo de înțelegerea lor. Pe vreme ce ei învață să-și controleze puterile și să le folosească în avantajul lor, viețile lor încep să scape de sub control, și părțile lor întunecate încep să domine.

평범한 고교생 친구 앤드류와 맷, 스티브는 어느 날, 우연히 발견한 땅굴에서 무언가를 본 이후 그들에게 생긴 작은 변화를 알게 된다. 작은 손짓만으로 물건을 이리 저리 움직이거나, 포크로 찔러도 다치지 않는 등 특별한 능력을 갖게 된 것. 어릴 때 한번쯤은 꿈꿔왔던 초능력을 갖게 된 이들은 사람들을 놀라게 만드는 장난을 하는 등 자신들의 특별한 능력에 심취한다. 장난에 장난을 이어가던 중 우발적으로 사고를 일으키게 된 이들은 혼란에 빠지고, 그들의 초능력은 점점 제어하기 힘들 정도로 커져간다. 그러던 중 앤드류가 이상행동을 보이며 점점 공격적으로 변한다. 특별하지만 위험한 그들의 능력에 도시는 점차 혼란에 휩싸이는데…

Após ingerir uma substância misteriosa, três amigos são surpreendidos ao ganhar superpoderes. De início eles os usam para brincar com conhecidos, mas aos poucos ganham a sensação de impunidade e passam a realizar feitos maiores. Sentindo-se invulneráveis, eles ultrapassam qualquer limite quando uma pessoa é morta.

Три школяра отримують супер здібності після виявлення впавшого метеорита. Скоро вони потраплять у вир подій, в якому відкриються їх темні сторони.

Trije najstniki odkrijejo skrivnostni krater, kjer prejmejo nadnaravne moči. Sprva jih uporabljajo zgolj za zabavo, toda ko pričnejo odkrivati nenadejane razsežnosti svojih novih sposobnosti, se morajo soočiti s temno platjo lastne maščevalnosti in težo odločitev odgovornega ravnanja. Ko začne eden od prijateljev izrabljati svojo moč, ga skušata druga dva ustaviti, kar v vrtincu uničevalnega kaosa na preizkušnjo postavi vse njihove vezi in čustva.

Trois étudiants se découvrent des superpouvoirs après avoir été en contact avec une mystérieuse substance. La chronique de leur vie n'a désormais plus rien d'ordinaire... Ils utilisent d'abord leurs nouveaux pouvoirs pour jouer des tours à leur entourage, mais rapidement tout commence à échapper à leur contrôle et leur amitié est mise à rude épreuve lorsque l'un d'eux révèle son côté le plus sombre.

Trīs skolēni pēc nokrituša meteorīta ievērošanas iegūst superspējas. Drīz viņi iekļūst notikumu virpulī, kurā atklājas viņu tumšās puses.

安德魯是個鬱鬱寡歡的慘綠17歲少年,鎮日遭脾氣不穩的父親虐待,母親又上染重病,使他對未來感到徬徨無助,一日,他的表哥麥特慫恿他參加活力四射的派對,在這裡他遇見了在學校極受歡迎的史帝夫,史帝夫建議要一起去進行神秘的野外探險之旅,沒想到在抵達目的地後,他們三人竟然意外地獲得特異功能般的力量,可以藉由念力移動物體,或讓自己在半空中飛翔。 一開始他們對自己的超能力既驚喜又困惑,受到好奇心的強烈驅使,展開試驗,越玩越過火,後來甚至惡作劇、欺負陌生人,為此他們也約法三章要節制,不過,一次的意外下,導致三人中的一人死亡,為此安德魯感到愧疚,或許是痛苦的情緒需要發洩出口,他反而更執意的濫用超能力,碩果僅存的一人則在此時力圖阻止…


Tres estudiantes de secundaria hacen un descubrimiento increíble, lo que los lleva a desarrollar poderes extraños más allá de su comprensión. A medida que aprenden a controlar sus habilidades y utilizarlas en su beneficio, sus vidas comienzan a perder el control, y sus lados más oscuros comienzan a tomar el control.

Tre tenåringsgutter gjør en utrolig oppdagelse som fører til at de alle utvikler umenneskelige krefter. Etter hvert som de lærer å kontrollere kreftene og bruke dem til sin egen fordel, begynner livet å spinne ut av kontroll - og de mørkeste sidene begynner å ta over.

Tiếng Việt
Nội dung phim xoay quanh câu chuyện của một nhóm bạn trẻ trên đường đi du lịch bất ngờ gặp một sự vật lạ. Cuộc gặp gỡ đó mang lại cho họ một sức mạnh siêu nhiên biến họ trở thành X-men. 3 người bạn khám phá ra thiên thạch lạHọ lấy năng lực của mình để trêu đùa người khácĐiều khiển cả một chiếc xeLại còn trêu chọc các bạn gái nữaKhi nghi ngờ có người theo dõi hành tung của mình…… họ làm hỏng chiếc xe luôn!Dùng ý nghĩ để phá hủy cả một chiếc xe!Bay lượn trên trời!Lại còn đẩy lùi cả xe cảnh sát nữa!

ما أنت قادر على؟ يقوم ثلاثة طلاب في المدرسة الثانوية باكتشاف لا يصدق ، مما يؤدي إلى تطوير قوى خارقة تفوق فهمهم. عندما يتعلمون التحكم في قدراتهم واستخدامها لصالحهم ، تبدأ حياتهم في الخروج عن نطاق السيطرة ، وتبدأ جوانبهم المظلمة في السيطرة.

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