Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow Summary and Synopsis

An alien race, undefeatable by any existing military unit, has launched a relentless attack on Earth, and Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) finds himself dropped into a suicide mission. Killed within minutes, Cage is thrown into a time loop, forced to live out the same brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying again and again. Training alongside warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), his skills slowly evolve, and each battle moves them one step closer to defeating the enemy in this fun action thriller. Major Bill Cage is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously demoted and dropped into combat. Cage is killed within minutes, managing to take an alpha alien down with him. He awakens back at the beginning of the same day and is forced to fight and die again... and again - as physical contact with the alien has thrown him into a time loop. Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow Wiki

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Live, Die, Repeat..

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow Movie (2014)

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Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow Movie Reviews

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- One of the better sci-fi action movies3 star

It does't go overboard with CGI. There's an actual story. The story progresses in a reasonable manner. The ending is a little over-the-top, but generally, very well done.

- Thoroughly entertaining!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾5 star

Tom Cruise does it again!!!👍🏾

- Great3 star

It’s a good movie

- Excellent5 star

Must watch

- Aliens meets Groundhog Day!5 star

This is a great movie, and it is Aliens meets Groundhog Day.

- Great action movie5 star

To me it’s everything you want this movie to be. Is it a masterpiece that will go down in time? Probably not, but its a great action movie with an interesting angle on it. I think it’s great and I re watch it every few years just cause it’s fun.

- Phenomenal.5 star

More fun to watch the one-hundredth time. Trust me. Buy it. You can thank me later.

- So underrated!5 star

This movie is the best I’ve seen in years! Just buy it already!!!

- Monster Warfare & a Unique Thriller4 star

Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt shine as futuristic soldiers waging war against a race of invasive monsters or aliens who can control time. If pacific-rim, aliens & ground hog had a child, edge of tomorrow would be that child. A truly unique sci-fi thriller wrapped around a monster flick. Fun & awesome, so buy it.

- Great scfi movie w/emotional throughline5 star

Not only is the high concept amazing in that Tom must ensure Emily is safe in the timeline. She just posted that there’ll be a sequel upcoming. Hope they don’t do the same thing twice but really spin it. 2014 and will prop come out 2020-2022. Tom will be 60 by then.

- Tom Cruise Does It Again5 star

Tom Cruise action movies rarely disappoint. This one is no exception. It's smart, funny, and keeps you on your seat.


Edge of Tomorrow is one of the best Sci-Fi groundhog day films I have ever seen. It has a fantastic cast including Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt either way this Sci-Fi action movie is packed with stunning visual effects and powerhouse performences by Tom Cruise himself. Other wise the action scenes are awesome most of the time it takes it too seriously but manages to be a entertaining and enjoyable to watch.



- Great movie5 star

I watched this and I like it most movies like this or about time travel are confusing not this the acting is good the story is well thought out My only dislike would be the bad language other than that it’s good

- Great5 star

Great movie.

- Tom Cruise's best movie yet5 star

Excellent movie overall,Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt as well as the other actors give a top notch performance,action scenes and special effects are among the best I've seen if not the best,I would give this movie 10 stars if I could,one of my best movie investments,is a must have ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- One of the best of the 2010s5 star

I could repeat & repeat watching this movie! I’m pretty savvy on these kinds of things, but even I couldn’t predict all the twists and turns.

- Favorite Movie5 star

Worth every penny!

- Good movie.5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. It’s a good movie to watch. Thought I would say that this movie is based off a manga. It’s called All You Need is Kill. It’s a good read, I have both of the books. It’s in the viz App Store. Just wanting to put a good word out for a good story to read or watch. The premise is the same but things are changed.

- One life was one too many.2 star

I admit the premiss was better than 'time travel.' So, I watched it. It was not with the time I spent watching it. Wayne

- awesome5 star

i never stop watch these movie, i love it.

- It is soo good!!!!5 star


- Cruise is amazing5 star

Hardest working man in show business does it again!

- One of Toms best movies5 star

Great movie , amazing cgi. The acting was good and seemed believeable. I won’t spoil anything , but watch this movie.

- Best sci-fi movie of this decade5 star

Honestly best sci-fi movie since the Matrix

- Loved it5 star

Interesting movie. I can't recall seeing something similar to this in the past. Cruise is excellent in this, as he normally is. Absolutely loved the action and the story line. I'm just wondering how 10% of the "movie critics" could be so wrong.

- I’d repeat watching this5 star

This was one of the ballsiest movies I ever did see! And while Tom Cruise was the Star , It was Emily Blunt who steals the movie! Don’t wait for Tomorrow to watch it!

- Loved it!5 star

It’s a really interesting plot that even though the premise has been done before, it’s a great way to develop the characters and the movie.

- Great movie and infinitely rewatchable5 star

An action movie that chicks like to watch

- Excellent! Must see movie5 star

Action packed, great Movie! Please make edge of tomorrow 2!!! ♥️

- fun ride4 star

had a bloody good time!

- Great movie, def underrated5 star

See this movie. It was surprisingly good!!! Can’t wait for the potential sequel

- Great5 star

The 3 signs I think It's a great movie. 1. I watch all the extras. 2. I tell friends to go watch it. 3. I'm sad I will never see it for the first time again. Great flick.

- Poor 4K HDR encode but great movie3 star

The movie itself is great but it’s a poor 4K HDR encode. Colors are as washed out as the SDR version and the shadow detail and colors in the dark scenes are terrible which isn’t ideal for a dark movie.

- WoW!5 star

Awesome. Great premise. Great acting. Loved it!

- Extremely enjoyable to watch, but with flaws4 star

Without giving away too much, I just have to say that there are multiple logical issues in the writing. Aside from the cheesy way in which the military is portrayed, and the obvious temporal paradoxes that come with nearly every story involving time travel, there are few things that bugged me about how the story unfolded. The biggest issue being how the protagonist even gets put into the front lines, making zero sense in of itself. As for the time travel mechanic used, the movie appears to show virtually no butterfly effect. Characters will repeat nearly every single word and action exactly as they did in a previous loop, unless directly interupted by the protagonist. This fails to show how incredibly influencial the human mind is, and how the experience of very minor stimulai can have a drastic effect on judgement, actions, tone, and mood. That being said, this movie is a very good watch. Stunning visuals, cool weapons technology and fighting, and gripping story made me enjoy nearly every second of it. Once you look past the problems, which are honestly minor in regards to proper storytelling, it becomes quite thrilling and emotional, and I'd definitely recommend everyone to watch it.

- live.die.repeat5 star

This is my favorite movie! Great plot

- a must see amazing movie5 star

One of the most underrted movies out there a must see

- He is the King5 star

I Love ❤️ Tom Cruise

- Can't believe this wasn't an amazing blockbuster!5 star

Poor Tom Cruise, the guy gets credit when it isn't due and doesn't get credit when it is - credit is for sure due on this movie - the movie is AWESOME and he is excellent in it - i was floored at how it was barely talked about when it came out and how it was hardly seen by anyone and yet how utterly amazing it is. Period.

- Why do I like this movie so much?5 star

I must have watched this movie about 15 times already and still don't get bored. What the hell is going on??? I'm not a big Tom Hanks fan and it's a cool story, but definitely a big blockbuster style film when I tend to lean more towards the indie stuff. What gives? Haha. A nice and solid piece of action/sci-fi film-making. Great FX, stunts, art direction, editing, acting, etc. Kudos.

- Saw this when it came out - liked it better second time5 star

Super clever - super original - just a great movie - great example of when hollywood gets it right!

- Truly creative & original5 star

A must see for sci-fi and action films fanatics like me. This didn't interest me when It was in the theater. But thanks to iTunes I got to see it and wow really great piece of entertainment.

- Best movie I've seen in a while5 star

ABSOLUTE HIGHEST REGARDS. A MUST see in my opinion. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt really outdid themselves. Currently my two favorite actors! MUST WATCH!!!!

- Had no idea what was happening1 star

The opening montage which is around 2:30 minutes, its such a garbage. Its like listening to 5 people talking at once, i have no idea what is going on. I can tell the way it was shot the director was so eager to get it done because he clearly didnt care or didnt know what he was doing. Would have just prefered a simple voice over.

- One of the best cruise films, and a heck of a sci fi film5 star

Really enjoyed watching this. Like the story, like the style, like the acting... its all very well done. I even liked the ending. Its one of the best sci fi films Ive seen in a long time. I guess one of the things I really enjoyed was watching the main character actually learn to be a warrior. Most of these they main character is already the most lethal dude in the cosmos. This is a new take, and for me it was very refreshing.

- Hi4 star

The ending sucked.

- Dark Souls5 star

It's a live action Dark Souls.

- Great movie4 star


- Excellent5 star

One of my favorite movies is "Ground Hog Day". This movie is like that except on steroids and with the opportunity to shoot up the aliens. It has a huge amount of very fast action. I think the only thing I would want more of would be the more in-depth development of the relationship between the principals. But, they are soldiers so I guess that is all there is to it.

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Wallyrus - That is not the name of the movie5 star

This movie is called “Edge of Tomorrow”. It was never called Live, Die, Repeat. This was just a marketing slogan.

noway all taken - Watch it5 star


ben-- - Smart, entertaining, memorable5 star

And a great story too. Action as well as an emotional arc. Very well though out world building and story structure. The director and stars are obviously very committed to making this great. I would even put it above Looper & inception.

BOWB4ZOD - Top 3 favourite movies5 star

Groundhog Day meets sci-fi action. This movie is amazing.

bob0087 - Excellant Thiller5 star

don’t let movie start full you, something completely different . This guy makes excellent sufi movies

Mochingbird - Rock em Sock em Fun4 star

Didn't know much about the movie, except it kept repeating the same day. Reminded me of Ground Hog Day at first. Finally figured that the world was being defeated by Aliens, not by other countries. The special effects were great, fun to see other action hero's in the movie - love Bill Paxton. Emily Blunt was good and her character a strong person. Even Tom C. developed his character well. Enjoyed it so much watched it twice as there is so much effects to take in.

Apuliense - Is it worth it?5 star

I watched the movie before but I'm saving my money 4 a game but I want 2 watch when I'm going somewhere

Graffiti boy147$$$ - Boss5 star

The best action pack movie of 2014 it is just me

Lokiota - Very disappointing1 star

The story was rather poor, I found this entire film to be rather boring and was counting down the seconds until the credits. It is a terrible movie!

GillianStacey - Awesome!5 star

Unexpected surprise! Funny and captivating.

Doogy61 - Doogy 614 star

My wife and I rented this movie yesterday thinking it would be a "campy" futuristic yarn but were thoroughly impressed. Lots of giggles and a good story line to keep you involved from start to finish. Really glad we didn't pass this one over!

Adxfaddfkjaddg - Excellent5 star

Great enjoyable film, that is refreshing in its genre. Great performance by Tom Cruise.

LadyOfMachinery - Best SciFi movie in a decade5 star

I was thoroughly surprised! This is fantastic!

Assassin_Rage - I really enjoyed it👌5 star

I love how they changed the title of the movie, and I really did enjoy it. Action packed

aimenb - 5 Stars5 star

Best movie of summer '14 in my opinion. Beats all the blockbusters in quality and entertainment value. Extremely underrated!

Bacgammon - Ok, not great3 star

This is an ok movie. Nothing really that special. You don't get too attached to any of the characters. Pace only keeps you moderately interested. Nothing is bad, but nothing is outstanding. Worth watching if you can't think of anything else to watch.

Ski50plus - Groundhog day reboot - only better5 star

Not often someone takes a completely different spin on a classic movie and makes it better, but this one delivers. Watched it twice, has great logical consistency, and neat to see Tom Cruise as a coward.

tHEmADaNgEL - Amazing!5 star

This movie is just awesome! Two thumbs up!! 👍👍

JanZlin - OK3 star

Good 3D graphics ...

zeddie27 - Meh3 star

It was monotonous in parts for basically a militarized version of Groundhog Day. I would have been annoyed at paying full price in a theatre, but it’s a decent enough for a rental.

Tedmix2 - Excellent5 star

J'ai adorer ce film. Aucune longueur, soyez attentif au détail car ça va très vite. C'est pas le genre de film que l'on discute en écoutant, sinon de brève commentaire. Très bon mélange d'action, aventure et science fiction. Il on meme réussi a mettre un peu de sentimentalisme mais a peine perceptible si ça vous intéresse pas. Un film de science-fiction renouveler je dirais, ça fais du bien d'avoir une nouvelle recettes

DAHUD56 - Petit film...3 star

Bonne idée de scénario. Mais, un film fait pour Tom C et trop répétitif dans les scènes d'action. On n'apprend rien sur l'origine des ET ni sur ce qu'ils veulent exactement. Bien loin de la grande SF...Bref, ...petit film....

YxungXM - Awesome movie5 star

it's an awesome movie with a great story to it. I'd watch it over and over again and personally I think Emily blunt is hot lol which makes it even better. 😄😄

ringostore - Nothing memorable3 star

I found the first hour entertaining. The relapses of the same moment and rebooting the same moment was quite funny. Tom Cruise did a good job. I actually have never laughed during a Tom Cruise movie. However the rest of the movie seemed tiring and I was waiting for more, but it never happened. The enemy they were fighting was dull and obtuse. Oh well, don’t make a part 2. Thank you.

Second Eye - Tom and Emily delivers...5 star

5 stars, but truth be told, it's not quite that good. However, compared to what is out there, it is more than your money's worth in enjoyment - in spite of some shortcomings.

The tailt - Predictable but cool5 star

I really loved this movie even if it was predictable. Believable actors, nice intereaction between the main characters. Good cgi and ok plot. It hit the point in terms of entertainment.

Canadianj71 - Sleeper of the year!!!!5 star

Great action flick. Emily and Tom are great together. Break out the popcorn and enjoy the ride.

E. Spence - Most under rated of 20145 star

Saw it in theater, one of few it seems. It had all the hallmarks of yep, been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt and it was easy to see why it slipped under the radar but it is very much worth the rent.

Bowen’s iPhone - Love, Love, Love this movie!5 star

Probably the best one I’ve watched this year. Your heart goes up and down with the plots, not a single second rest, thumb up, double!

geeber - Deserved to do Better5 star

Like a perfect mash-up of Aliens, Saving Private Ryan, and Groundhog Day. Forget about Cruise’s personal life: he’s a good and appealing actor. And Emily Blunt is hugely appealing, too.

MooooNeeee - Fun Ride!5 star

This movie didn't get the credits it deserved. I go to all movies and in the action/scifi, this one is my favorite of the year. I went to see it 3 times.

DKBuckster - LOVED IT!5 star

It actually surprised me how good it was! Action, suspense, and a great story. Great movie! A must see. And to top it all off, most surprisingly, Tom Cruise is really good in the role.

Mateo13579 - Great movie5 star

If you took Groundhog Day, and Halo, and mashed them together, you get this movie. Smart, funny, and entertaining; something that is hard to come by these days in movies.


Tom Cruise does it again! Two great sci-fi movies in a row (Oblivion and Edge of tomorrow)! I bought it and its worth every penny watching it on my High Def. screen! So much better than when I saw it in the theatres.

satori3000 - Nobody does it better5 star

This is a movie that shows the same situations over and over, I was overwhelmed by it so much that I went and saw it in the theater three times, and am considering renting it again... hit that rent/buy button, you will not be disappointed.

hgvak - A fresh spin on an old concept4 star

Easily the 2nd best movie of the summer after Guardians of the Galaxy. Tom Cruise is electric and the film delivers on all levels. Highly recommended for purchase.

4resh_AIR - Fantastic Thrill Ride - Original - Worth It!5 star

Oftentimes Cruise movies are scripted template stories and characters are cliche, but Edge really does something fresh. It's non-stop action from beginning to end, no corny love story, and the story is very cool. Blunt is superb and you're never sure what twists the plot will take. It holds your attention to the end. Worth a rental, worth a purchase. Go for it!

Dekison - If you like Tom Cruise...or not5 star

good movie! a lil diff from the book but still amazing acting by Tom C. and if you do not like him will enjoy watching him die again...and again...and again....

jsparow - Tom Cruise at his BEST!!!!5 star

This one is a MUST SEE ! It won’t disappoint.

Goalie4Life29 - Amazing movie.5 star

Want a movie with a lot of action some comedy and some emotional scenes, this movie is for you. Watch tom cruise go from a national icon to a foot solider to humanity's last chance. How the audience starts to see that cruise starts to struggle with watching the women he loves die over and over.

Engineering - Great one again Tom5 star

Loved the movie and the actors. All doing a great job. Well done to the director.

Purp1izer - This Is the Best movie since Dark Knight5 star

Honestly you won't be disappointed. Tom Cruise at his best and Emily is such a great support character in this Film. Watch it!

ddoro - Best film in 20145 star

Saw this film in the theatre. Bar none best movie this year. I will be purchasing the digital copy day 1.

TACSTACSTACS - Fantastic5 star

Oblivion was great, Loved EOT!


A paradox by nature is static, unchanging, and repetitive. And that equals boring. But put just a LITTLE twist to the theory and it gets really interesting. This is what the Butterworth's and McQuarrie tried. It's repetitive in a twisted, funny, interesting, and exciting way. This takes you several steps away from everyday normal! Enjoy.

celdz - Great Movie5 star

It was great to see in a sneak a peak. after you get past the groundhog day part of it, it will keep you on the edge of your seat for quite a while.

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en7r0py - Entertaining5 star

Movie keeps your attention. Although the plot line involves repetetive sequences, it is done in a way that keeps you entertained and wanting more. Acting was good, but doesn't have to be great as plot, action, effects takes care of the rest

beantown boozehound - solid action movie4 star

Solid action movie with good performances and decent CGI.

Toupman - Really good5 star

I'm not a Tom Cruise fan but I do like most of his movies and this is definitely one of them that I like. Usually the roles he's cast for he does really well with whatever character he plays but Emily Blunt?? She's just not a believable heroine......not at all. Truthfully, as an actress, I just don't see her talent. My Summer of Love.....out of all the things on this planet to write and make a movie about WHY?.....why was this topic chosen?? And of course because of its topic it garnered almost universal acclaim. This topic is best served on an internet porn site with a side of creepy old guy. Her 4th movie, Windchill, I thought was really good. It was different but it was well written, directed and cast so I really enjoyed it. That said, Live, Die; Repeat really is an action packed movie that has a lot to offer the viewer but to me Emily Blunt kinda ruins it but that's just my opinion.

Wolf ear - Bought it, it wouldn't play1 star

Bought the HD rental for 3.99 waited 20 minutes for it to download then went to play it and it didn't work. Would love my money back and the hardrive space too. I hate iTunes

Derichich - Cool Movie5 star

It is a very cool movie, even when it was called "Edge of Tomorrow"

JackAttack12488esq - Title Changes5 star

Was the only bad thing about this movie

Anonymous 35467 - One word: WOW5 star

This was by far one of the best Tom Cruise movies I've seen yet. It had humor, action, great animation, and a solid storyline that didn't seem to leave anything to be desired.

Mr. Cruncher - tedious and loud2 star

This movie is for people whose minds are attuned to video games.

BILLIAM0628 - Ground Hog Day, But with Aliens5 star

It's like watching Ground Hog Day (1993), but with aliens and guns! It became very predictable once into the movie. Although it does have quite a bit of action. I'm not saying I dislike it, so if you like movies with a lot of action, you will not be disappointed. Just try and keep Bill Murray out of your mind while watching it, you can’t! LOL

Tyttrdfhgdsdtujhgfdssdghjnh - 😀4 star

This movie was great filled with action and adventure

deBohun - Refreshing surprise...4 star

It is always nice to find a nicely done, clever film you've never heard of. This is one of them. Not Oscar material, but better than most of the recent Hollywood fare.

Massiecrew - Read the manga3 star

While this movie was decent, it had a lot of problems and was not perfect, but it was enjoyable, but the manga and the novel are much better, read the manga for the true experience.

bionic_boy - Interesting and incredibly well made5 star

The movie is about so much more than just a day on the battlefield lived over and over again. Lots of little twists, some great humor and and excellent script, very good acting, amazing special effects that aren’t overdone but enhance instead of dominating.

LuisZ5 - Unique5 star

This is a unique story line and a hell of a mind twister. I enjoyed every second of it!

Unihibbited - Amazing Movie!!!5 star

To the annoyance of my family I watch this almost every day!! Emily Blunt is awesome, tough and sweet in a way that is so sexy, really well done, strangely believable for such an unbelievable idea! Looking forward to a sequel!

SilentSimpleton - AMAZIN!!!!!!5 star

I’m mad I waited so long to watch this just b/c of its dumb title and bad marketing. Its up there with the greatest sci fi movies ever.

Terry204612 - Loved it5 star

Really enjoyed it.

troubleoh7 - One of my favorites5 star

I don't usually like action movies But this one is really fun and interesting. I've seen it several many times!

HapEface4u - He's Still Got It!5 star

I must admit Tom Cruise has still got it! Action packed, never a dull moment! Unique story line. I loved it

Percival! - I'll keep it simple.4 star

Starship Troopers meets Groundhog Day. Not the best movie you'll ever see, but probably a lot better than you think it'll be. Worth the time it takes to watch it.

HourGlass1995 - Absolutely perfect5 star

I didn't know what to expect from this movie. I saw the trailers and thought they looked pretty good. Even having seen the trailers, this movie blew my mind. Right after I saw it, I preordered it on iTunes and bought the book. If anything, the book is even better.

More of God - Don't Sleep..4 star

A lot of people slept on this one (Translation-Over looked). Good movie, with action, comedy, & a good Sci-Fi story line.....

keithhester - One of the best movies I've seen in years5 star

This is one of my favorite movies , it's rare that I watch a movie more than once but , I just keep watching this one seen it 6 times at least and still love this movie

Jmcory - My Favorite Movie of the Year!5 star

I loved this movie! It has great replay value and the lines are priceless. Worth buying!

EL ESMERIL - Oh yes5 star

Beware 100 percent action

CaptDeys - Incredible5 star

Must See

Nora Lin 7 - AMAZING! Pleasee itunes make it available to rent!5 star

I saw this movie on IMAX and 3D and I LOVED it soo much! Tom cruise is one of my favorite actors and this movie is definitely going on my list of top 10 favorite movies! Please iTunes make this available to rent !

Imagination - Amazing! Don’t miss this film!5 star

Doug Liman has done this on right! Cruise & Blunt (does she ever make a bad film?) are perfect and the rest of the cast as well!


Fantastic action,great acting,an original and compelling storyline(despite being loosely based off a comic book),and a welcome addition to Tom Cruise's track record of great films.

jeff4sara - About time5 star

Very original, very awesome. I have watched the movie over and over again.

LoverofJesus - Boom!4 star

Great movie. Original premise. Worth watching again. Love, watch, repeat.

macinsetex - “That’s a Bingo"5 star

Groundhog Day on steroids. The last scene is touching and comedic.

nuenjins - Interesting concept with DUMB execution.2 star

let's CG the hell out of any concept and put an overpriced 'fluff' actor in to sell it. That is, in the end, what this truely becomes once the credits roll. Tom is like the overpriced version of Nicholas Cage. His name headlines these things and a certain audience keeps consuming them but they will never win over any new fans with the sad plotholes and half baked concepts. With Tom it always feels like the squandering of somthing that could have played out so much better.

Rakoh - Flat out awesome5 star

If you like Tom Cruise action movies, this is one of his best!

Cliff Lavergne - Great Movie5 star

It's been said already by many others, but this is a surprisingly good movie. I saw it in the theater when it first came out and just bought it on iTunes and watched it with my 10 year old, who also loved it.

gypsyboi4ever - Awesome5 star

This is a great movie!!!!

Finn Hayes - Amazing5 star

I love the movie I recommend that you should buy this movie it's great you should also see if they have source code it's another great movie

riotous righteousness - Absolutely fantastic.5 star

It is wonderful. I can’t say enough about this movie. Watch it and you will agree.

Nirelli - Great all around!5 star

I'm glad I found this movie. There's not that much swearing in it which I really appreciate. The design was awesome and the story leaves you on the "edge of your seat" wondering what's going to happen. I'm also really glad that there is no nudity in it like some movies today. No nudity makes it more teen friendly.

[email protected] - Name of the song at 1:07, TRAILER 15 star

Anyone know what that song?

BigJDSmith - Great flick!!5 star

See this movie. It's awesome.

Paidsubscriber - Charged me1 star

iTunes charged me to rent this movie so I could finally watch it, charged my bank account but it never gave me the movie... Says I have to pay another $5 bucks for it.. Thoroughly disappointed..

MAS7ERCHIEF999 - Tom Cruise rocks it5 star

Tom cruise in this movie did a great job acting as well as Emily Blunt.

krunchy144 - Best movie of 20145 star

by far the best movie of 2014. It’s now one of my favorite action scifi movies ever. Tom Cruise did not disappoint and delivered !! to me it was like a Scifi version of Groundhog Day (Bill Murray-1993) . I was so blown away by this movie, I bought this and have already seen it four times, it’s one of the movies you can watch over and over again.

HowBoutThatiPhone - Excellent Movie!5 star

Great sci-if version of Groundhog Day. Not a bad thing. Really good.

Numbr7 - Incredible Sci-Fi!!5 star

It is one of the best Sci-Fi movies in a very long time! It does great job of combining great comedy with excellent action, similarly to the Last Mission Impossible. It has great story and character development. The chemistry between Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise is fantastic!! You will enjoy every moment of it!

JSF99 - So good I watched it again and again ;)5 star

An intelligent, original sci-fi flick with lots of surprises and two excellent lead actors. What more could you want?

Hdhxy7765 - Wow!5 star

i had heard some really good things about this movie and wasn't quite sure what to expect...but it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello from Chicago - Edge of Tomorrow5 star

I recommend this movie.

Tmorm - Excellent Movie5 star

Great movie

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Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie images

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Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie posters
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie posters
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie posters
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie posters
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie posters
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie posters
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