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American Sniper (2014) Movie Summary

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  • WAR
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  • 2014

U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq with only one mission to protect his brothers-in-arms. His pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and, as stories of his courageous exploits spread, he earns the nickname "Legend.” However, his reputation is also growing behind enemy lines, putting a price on his head and making him a prime target of insurgents. He is also facing a different kind of battle on the home front: striving to be a good husband and father from halfway around the world. Despite the danger, as well as the toll on his family at home, Chris serves through four harrowing tours of duty in Iraq, personifying the spirit of the SEAL creed to "leave no one behind." But upon returning to his wife, Taya Renae Kyle (Sienna Miller), and kids, Chris finds that it is the war he can't leave behind.

American Sniper Film Synopsis

U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle takes his sole mission—protect his comrades—to heart and becomes one of the most lethal snipers in American history. His pinpoint accuracy not only saves countless lives but also makes him a prime target of insurgents. Despite grave danger and his struggle to be a good husband and father to his family back in the States, Kyle serves four tours of duty in Iraq. However, when he finally returns home, he finds that he cannot leave the war behind.

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American Sniper Movie Reviews

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Fantastic movieMovie gives a little taste of what we sacrifice to stay free and the toll it takes on our service member families..Score: 5/5

My Favorite MovieOver 2 years I seen this and it's still my favorite movie. Clint Eastwood did an amazing job directing and Bradley Cooper really fell into Chris Kyle's character..Score: 5/5

Loved it!This movie is so inspirational and well done. Bradley Cooper is amazing in it!.Score: 5/5

GenericLoaded down with well worn cliches of the uber-patriotic soldier who becomes a hero, hunts down a legendary enemy sniper, shows doubts in the cause, neglects his family back home, and in the end it's all good. Boring Hollywood stuff..Score: 2/5

Attention idiots...Sorry I couldn't stomach another review that called this movie "boring." For you idiots who came to see this movie expecting a mindless action flick like "Fast & Furious" or even another Marvel movie then this movie isn't for you. You actually have to have a heart while watching this movie! I found this movie to be storytelling at it's best! The "characters" are based off of REAL people! For you morons who just can't seem to engage your brains while watching a movie...MOVE on and let the rest of us who who maintain a little intelligence ALONE!.Score: 5/5

Good movie,but not 100% trueThis is a good Hollywood movie. Very few parts of this movie is actually true. It was disgraceful how this movie was marketed to make money. It’s entertaining to watch,but you would be gullible to think everything in this movie is 100% based on a true story..Score: 4/5

UnderwhelmingThe book was a facinating read. However, Chris Kyle only mentioned about 100 times he NEVER took headshots, always center body mass. The book covers his longest shot being off scope... at best it was a warning shot, and he got lucky. Watch this movie, turns realism into John Wick, headshot after headshot. Why? Too bad we can't embrace a more realistic viewpoint. Honestly wish the movie covered more about the technical training/embarking on warfare/adapting/psycological outcome. Kyle should not be idolized, but instead examined as a how it is. So much prep goes into an op, or spiders nest... etc. Also the randomness of war. Kyle admits he was decent but often lucky in terms of the amount of action he saw. Instead the movie focused more on Kyle defeating his nemisis-- the enemy rag head sniper. Gotta be honest this movie just felt like propaganda. I'll give a little credit for some insight on PTSD. Bradley cooper played the role as best the script/direction gave him..Score: 2/5

ClassicOne of the best military movies out there, and a amazing story of an American hero. Very well directed, emotional and action scenes well combined. A definite must own..Score: 5/5

A Gripping Story Told RespectfullyReady. Aim. Review! The true story of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) comes to life in the almost-true-to-life film adaptation of his completely-true-to-life memoirs of the same name. We open with the Islamic call to prayer playing over the logos and establishing shots of troops in Iraq, followed by Chris aiming at a woman and child who bring out an rocket powered grenade and we are left in suspense as to what happens, because it’s time to see how he got there. We go all the way back to when he was a kid, which shows how his character is formed, then we meet him as a cowboy who rides a bucking bull in a rodeo on weekends, after which, he walks in on his girlfriend cheating on him, kicks her out, and eventually enlists in the Navy Seals after discussing the 1998 US embassy bombings. He undergoes BUDS, the Navy Seal training program for those who have not read the book (spoiler alert: I did), and one night at a bar, he meets Taya (Sienna Miller), holds her hair as she barfs after they bond, and eventually date each other before marrying. After seeing the 9/11 attacks on TV, he is sent to Iraq when they invade. Before I continue, I just want to say they skim over quite a bit of detail, such as a medical issue that almost kept him out, his college experience, his ranch job, etc. I highly recommend checking out the book for more on that, because it also gives a more insightful look into Taya’s thoughts during the four tours, because she actually contributed to the book. They also left out him getting pulled over when called into action on 9/11, and getting an escort instead of a ticket when he explains the situation. That aside, they do a great job of adapting the actual story, and while I won’t say either the book or this movie provide a perfect look at what life as a Navy Seal is like, let me put it this way: this movie does a great job visualizing it and showing what kind of hell a warzone is, and the book captures the psychological aspect better. The first tour takes us back to where we started: Chris trying to decide if he should snipe a woman and child with an explosive, and in a suspenseful scene such as that, he does what he has to, and what follows is a rotation between his tours and stateside scenes that follows him literally to the day he dies. Throughout this story, Chris is the only real developed or relatable character here, and everyone else is simply part of his tours and post-discharge life, whether it be his family or brothers-in-arms, and they do exactly what they need to do, and nothing more. This is his story. What did you expect, perfect development of every character? Ok, anyone who has lived through similar situations will likely relate to them, while outsiders may feel instant sympathy because of the intensity of it, and because this really happened. Chris Kyle is the center of our attention, and Clint Eastwood keeps it that way. Despite all this, I have to penalize the plot for one slightly minor error: Chris’ beard while deployed. It was distracting throughout because last I checked, active soldiers aren’t allowed to have beards, and I double checked when I finished watching, and can say they did make a plot foul in this case, and even if it weren’t the case, I searched for actual pictures of Chris Kyle when he was active, and he clearly does not have facial hair. For his active duty scenes, I really don’t know what they were thinking, but this movie still did a lot right, so I won’t dwell on it. Regulation violating beards aside, the action is captured brilliantly, and they don’t hold back on how grotesque and violent war is. To quote General Sherman “War is hell,” and Clint Eastwood, along with Tom Stern as cinematographer, bring that hell to life in a truly believable manner. I’ve never been in combat, so I have no right to comment on accuracy of that kind of imagery. Everything from the general scenarios (especially the kid some of the Iraqis kill with a drill) to the realistic touches of blood in the combat scenes contribute to the realism of the imagery, and every scene advances the story of Chris Kyle’s life story. The soundtrack also contributes to the suspense of Chris lining up his shot, and sits out the more intimate scenes and one of the larger action pieces to bring focus to what’s going on. We also get a sense of a Navy Seal’s sense of humor through the soldier-to-soldier banter that humanize Chris and his brothers-in-arms, some of which is definitely not suited to younger audiences, but I will not penalize it, because it brings a sense of realism. Overall, American Sniper hits most of its targets, with a major foul-up in historical accuracy and military regulation accuracy, but is still worth watching to see the reenactment of the real life heroics of Chris Kyle, a true American Hero..Score: 5/5

A Poor Tribute To A Real PersonThe film is plagued by stereotypes and a shallow take on war. The film presents the strictly black and white perspective on “God, Family, Country” from the American Christian perspective. I understand that this movie is about one real person and his drama, but it has so many inaccuracies about our real world, that this film feels more fictional than non-fiction. Very poor job by a great filmmaker. What a shame..Score: 2/5

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Brutal movieMisplaced praise.Score: 1/5

WOW…. GREAT MOVIEWhat an amazon movie, it was deep and tells what it is, again Clint Eastwood did an awesome job. More about the story than the characters which is real..Score: 5/5

Awesome😃It was such a great movie I was almost crying.Score: 5/5

Makes You ThinkThere really hasn’t been a war movie that really gave me that “couldn’t stop watching” feeling until now. Although i had my doubts in the beginning, this movie grips your heart and doesn’t let go. Clint Eastwood puts you in the shoes of what it’s really like to kill and be called a hero. This has to be the first film where being a legend at what you do isn’t a title that you would necessarily want. If you like emotional, action,(and sickening at some points) you won’t be disappointed..Score: 5/5

Playing with fireTestosterone on steroids, an American wet dream with the corresponding consequences.Score: 4/5

American propagandaTerrible movie for a terrible country.Score: 1/5

Very GoodA movie about a real person. War and it’s consequences are real despite those that try to close their eyes and call this propaganda. I am thankful for the free country I live in and the ability to even utter my opinion. Sad to see that so many take that for granted..Score: 5/5

Middle-Eastern War Flicks Are The New WesternsIn this film, Clint Eastwood portrays the conflict(s) in the Middle-East as though they are new frontiers of the new wild west. At one point of the film, one character points out that the warzone the American soldiers are fighting in is the new Alamo. Furthermore, the last battle scene is reminiscent of a last stand from any classic cowboy vs. indian film. Eastwood portrays the war as an "Us vs. Them" conflict, and it attempts to depict the emotions that PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder) victims suffer from fighting in a warzone within a civilian population. If you want to see a dramatic depiction of the Second Gulf War from an American perspective, watch this film..Score: 4/5

Good but not greatThe book was better, but the movie has it's essence. ROEs are really crap written by people behind desks. I would rather have professional solders do the killing than someone in a vest killing innocent Muslims. Veitman was one of the first modern wars to use children and women with hand grenades as assassins. Watch the movie, but don't judge it from a high pedestal. War and conflict are happening and soldiers are doing the best they can. I wish we could all get along..Score: 3/5

The movie I probably ever watchedI'm gonna join the military soon and this movie gives me a good view of want I want to become, I always wanted to be a sniper oh yeah the movie is amazing.Score: 5/5

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American Sniper (2014) Series Cast & Crew

American Sniper (2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Bradley Cooper (Chris Kyle), Sienna Miller (Taya Renae Kyle), Kyle Gallner (Goat-Winston), Cole Konis (Young Chris Kyle), Ben Reed (Wayne Kyle), Elise Robertson (Debbie Kyle), Keir O'Donnell (Jeff Kyle), Luke Sunshine (Young Jeff Kyle), Kevin Lacz (Dauber), Troy Vincent (Pastor), Brandon Salgado Telis (Bully), Chance Kelly (Lt. Col. Jones), Marnette Patterson (Sarah), Billy Miller (Navy Recruiter), Leonard Roberts (Instructor Rolle), Reynaldo Gallegos (Tony), Jake McDorman (Biggles), Cory Hardrict ("D" / Dandridge), Eric Ladin ("Squirrel" / Case), Brando Eaton (Dapper Navy Man), all returned for american sniper movie.

Bradley Cooper (Chris Kyle)
Bradley CooperChris KyleScore: 47.4
Sienna Miller (Taya Renae Kyle)
Sienna MillerTaya Renae KyleScore: 12.4
Kyle Gallner (Goat-Winston)
Kyle GallnerGoat-WinstonScore: 28.4
Cole Konis (Young Chris Kyle)
Cole KonisYoung Chris KyleScore: 2.6
Ben Reed (Wayne Kyle)
Ben ReedWayne KyleScore: 5.3
Elise Robertson (Debbie Kyle)
Elise RobertsonDebbie KyleScore: 2.8
Keir O'Donnell (Jeff Kyle)
Keir O'DonnellJeff KyleScore: 10.0
Luke Sunshine (Young Jeff Kyle)
Luke SunshineYoung Jeff KyleScore: 1.4
Kevin Lacz (Dauber)
Kevin LaczDauberScore: 0.8
Troy Vincent (Pastor)
Troy VincentPastorScore: 1.7
Chance Kelly (Lt. Col. Jones)
Chance KellyLt. Col. JonesScore: 5.2
Marnette Patterson (Sarah)
Marnette PattersonSarahScore: 6.7

Clint Eastwood (Director), Clint Eastwood (Producer), Joel Cox (Editor), Bill Coe (First Assistant "A" Camera), Bub Asman (Supervising Sound Editor), Tom Stern (Director of Photography), Deborah Hopper (Costume Design), James J. Murakami (Production Design), Bruce Berman (Executive Producer), Ed French (Makeup Artist), Robert Lorenz (Producer), Jeff Habberstad (Stunt Coordinator), John W. Micheletos (Set Decoration Buyer), Tim Monich (Dialect Coach), Roland N. Thai (Sound Effects Editor), Andrew Lazar (Producer), Margaret E. Elliott (Makeup Artist), Nezha Aouis (Makeup Artist), Bradley Cooper (Producer), Tim Moore (Executive Producer),

Clint Eastwood (Director)
Clint EastwoodDirectorScore: 70.0
Clint Eastwood (Producer)
Clint EastwoodProducerScore: 70.0
Tom Stern (Director of Photography)
Tom SternDirector of PhotographyScore: 1.0
Deborah Hopper (Costume Design)
Deborah HopperCostume DesignScore: 1.4
Ed French (Makeup Artist)
Ed FrenchMakeup ArtistScore: 1.2
Robert Lorenz (Producer)
Robert LorenzProducerScore: 3.4
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American Sniper Trailers & Teasers

'American Sniper' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of american sniper, the Clint Eastwood's popular movie. Watch the american sniper teaser trailer. Clint Eastwood’s #american-sniper is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

American Sniper - Official Trailer 2 [HD]▶ American Sniper - Official Trailer 2 [HD]
American Sniper – Trailer – Official UK Warner Bros.▶ American Sniper – Trailer – Official UK Warner Bros.

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Check out photos from american sniper movie. American Sniper (2014) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome american sniper wallpapers to download for free.

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The most lethal sniper in U.S. history...

American Sniper — 2014

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All released movie posters so far for the movie american sniper - 2014. A poster for Clint Eastwood drama movie, American Sniper! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for american sniper (2014). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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American Sniper Movie Languages & Subtitles

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يحقق قنّاص مغاوير البحريّة الأمريكيّة "كريس كايل" رقمًا غير مسبوق من القتلى في العراق، بينما تبدأ حياته العائلية في الوطن بالتفكّك.

يحكي الفيلم القصة الحقيقية لحياة الجندي كريس كايل (برادلي كوبر)، القناص الأمريكي المعروف بالجندي الأكثر فتكًا في تاريخ العسكرية الأمريكية، برصيد مائة وستين قتيلًا مؤكدًا باسمه، ويستعرض الفيلم أيضا مدى تأثير مواجهته للموت يوميًا أثناء عمله على حياته الشخصية والعاطفية، والذي يؤدي بعد ذلك إلى انفصاله عن زوجته وعائلته.

български език
Морският пехотинец Крис Кайл е изпратен в Ирак с една единствена мисия: да защити братята си по оръжие. Неговата извънредна прецизност спасява безброй животи на бойното поле и когато историите за смелите му подвизи започват да се разпространяват, той печели прозвището „Легендата." Репутацията му преминава фронтовата линия и достига зад вражеската линия, а определената цена за главата му го прави основна цел на бунтовниците. В същото време той е изправен и пред различен вид битка на домашния фронт, където се стреми да бъде добър съпруг и баща, от другия край на света.

El Chris Kyle és un franctirador dels "Seals", la força militar d'operacions especials dels Estats Units. L'envien a l'Iraq amb la missió de protegir els seus companys i allà es converteix en una llegenda. Quan torna a casa, on l'esperen la seva dona i els seus dos fills, després de quatre missions perilloses, el Chris s'adona que no es pot treure la guerra del cap.

Odstřelovač jednotek SEAL amerického námořnictva Chris Kyle je vyslán do Iráku s jediným úkolem: chránit své bratry ve zbrani. Jeho neomylná přesnost zachrání na bojišti velký počet životů, a když se rozšíří pověsti o jeho odvážných husarských kouscích, vyslouží si přezdívku „Legenda". Avšak jeho pověst se donese až za nepřátelské linie a na jeho hlavu je vypsána odměna a stává se z něj hlavní terč povstalců. Navzdory nebezpečí i obětem ze strany jeho rodiny se Chris se zúčastní čtyř hrůzných misí v Iráku a stává se symbolem kréda jednotek SEAL „neopustit ani jednoho muže". Ale po návratu domů Chris zjišťuje, že na válku nedokáže zapomenout.

Snigskytte for flådens specialstyrker Chris Kyle sendes til Irak med kun en mission: at beskytte sine soldaterkammerater. Hans store præcision redder et utal af liv på slagmarken, og som fortællingerne om hans modige bedrifter spreder sig, får han navnet “Legende”. Men rygterne om hans evner når også om bag fjendens linjer, og han bliver snart et eftersøgt hovedmål for oprørerne. På trods af faren, og den belastning, det er for hans familie derhjemme, gør Chris tjeneste i Irak i fire udmagrende gange og bliver derved selve symbolet på specialstyrkernes credo: “Leave no man behind”. Men da han vender hjem, finder Chris ud af, at det er krigen, han ikke kan lade tilbage.

Der Navy-SEAL und Scharfschütze Chris Kyle erzielt beim Einsatz im Irakkrieg Rekordzahlen. In seinem Privatleben jedoch scheint er nicht so zielsicher zu sein.

Der Navy-SEAL und Scharfschütze Chris Kyle erzielt beim Einsatz im Irakkrieg Rekordzahlen. In seinem Privatleben jedoch scheint er nicht so zielsicher zu sein.

US-Navy-SEAL und Scharfschütze Chris Kyle wird mit nur einem einzigen Auftrag in den Irak geschickt, er soll seine Waffenbrüder beschützen. Seine punktgenauen Schüsse retten unzählige Leben auf dem Schlachtfeld. Als sich die Geschichten seiner mutigen Heldentaten und der unvergleichlichen Treffsicherheit verbreiten, bekommt er den Spitznamen „Legend“. Doch sein Ruf eilt ihm auch hinter die feindlichen Linien voraus und die Gegner setzen ein Kopfgeld auf ihn aus. Doch der Krieg ist nicht sein einziger Kampf: Der Scharfschütze versucht auch, ein guter Ehemann und Vater für seine Liebsten am anderen Ende der Welt zu sein. Trotz der lauernden Gefahr und seiner daheim wartenden Familie absolviert Kyle vier Einsätze im Irak – ganz nach dem Motto „lass niemanden zurück“. Aber als er dann wieder bei seiner Frau Taya Renae Kyle und seinen Kinder ist, erkennt er, dass er den Krieg nicht hinter sich lassen kann.

Ύστερα από τέσσερις θητείες στο Ιράκ και 160 επιβεβαιωμένους φόνους, ο ελεύθερος σκοπευτής Κρις Κάιλ είναι ένας ζωντανός αμερικανικός θρύλος. Πίσω στην πατρίδα, όμως, η προσωπική και οικογενειακή του ζωή στοιχειώνονται από την πολεμική πραγματικότητα που τον ακολουθεί παντού.

El marine del grupo de operaciones especiales de la Marina de Estados Unidos Chris Kyle es enviado a Irak con una sola misión: proteger a sus compañeros de ejército. Su precisión milimétrica salva incontables vidas en el campo de batalla y, a medida que se extienden sus valientes hazañas, se gana el apodo de 'Leyenda'. Sin embargo, su reputación también crece detrás de las líneas enemigas, de manera que ponen precio a su cabeza y se convierte en objetivo prioritario de los insurgentes. Al mismo tiempo también se está enfrentando a otra batalla en casa: ser un buen marido y padre desde el otro lado del mundo.

Chris Kyle es francotirador en Irak. A medida que el marine hace su trabajo con patriotismo y gran precisión, se convierte en un importante objetivo para el enemigo. Mientras tanto, su familia espera recibirlo en casa con vida.

Nähtyään televisiossa miten Yhdysvaltain lähetystöön tehtiin pommi-isku, Chris Kyle päättää liittyä armeijaan. Kyle pääsee arvostettuihin Navy SEALs -joukkoihin, ja hänet koulutetaan tarkka-ampujaksi. Vuoden 2001 WTC-iskujen jälkeen hän saa komennuksen Irakiin, ja vastavihitty vaimo jää kotiin odottamaan perheen esikoista. Kylestä tulee Irakissa sotasankari, ja häntä aletaan kutsua nimellä Legenda. Hänen uskomaton tarkkuutensa pelastaa taistelukentillä lukemattomia henkiä ja kun tarinat hänen rohkeudestaan leviävät, hänen maineensa kasvaa myös vihollisen puolella, mikä tekee hänestä kapinallisten ykköskohteen. Kylen kohde voi olla kuka tahansa. Tarkka-ampujan tähtäimeen voi joutua sotilaan lisäksi nainen tai lapsi. Kyle kohtaa haasteita myös kotirintamalla, on vaikeaa olla hyvä isä ja aviomies kun perhe on maailman toisella laidalla. Palatessaan komennusten välissä vaimonsa ja lastensa luo, Kyle muuttuu sulkeutuneeksi ja huomaa kuinka vaikeaa sota on jättää takseen.

Élevé dans une famille rigide et croyante du sud des États-Unis, Chris Kyle décide de faire carrière au sein de l’armée américaine. Suivant les attentats du 11 septembre 2001, le régiment du jeune Texan est déployé en Irak, au cœur du conflit. Dans les rangs militaires, sa grande dextérité et sa précision de tireur d’élite font de lui une véritable légende. Mais chaque fois que Chris revient à la maison, l’homme, devenu taciturne, n’est jamais complètement aux côtés de sa famille.

Tireur d’élite des Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle est envoyé en Irak dans un seul but : protéger ses camarades. Sa précision chirurgicale sauve d’innombrables vies humaines sur le champ de bataille et, tandis que les récits de ses exploits se multiplient, il décroche le surnom de « La Légende ». Cependant, sa réputation se propage au-delà des lignes ennemies, si bien que sa tête est mise à prix et qu’il devient une cible privilégiée des insurgés. Malgré le danger, et l’angoisse dans laquelle vit sa famille, Chris participe à quatre batailles décisives parmi les plus terribles de la guerre en Irak, s’imposant ainsi comme l’incarnation vivante de la devise des SEAL : « Pas de quartier ! ». Mais en rentrant au pays, Chris prend conscience qu’il ne parvient pas à retrouver une vie normale.

כריס קייל (בראדלי קופר) הוא צלף מוכשר שכישרונו הפך אותו לגיבור בשדה הקרב. אבל עבורו זה לא היה רק כושר דיוק. לוחם הצי, כריס קייל, נשלח לעיראק עם משימה אחת ויחידה: להגן על אחיו לנשק. יכולת הדיוק שלו מצילה את חייהם של אינספור חיילים וכשהסיפורים על ביצועיו ואומץ לבו מתפשטים הוא זוכה לכינוי "אגדה". אך, המוניטין שלו יוצא אל מעבר לקווי האויב, שמצדו שם פרס על ראשו והופך אותו למטרה מרכזית. בחזית הבית הוא נלחם במלחמה אחרת - הקרב על היותו בעל ואב טוב כשהוא נמצא הרחק הרחק.

अमेरिकी नौसेना सील का नौसैनिक क्रिस काइल, इराक में जहां अभूतपूर्व संख्या में लोगों को मार गिरा रहा है, वहीं दूसरी ओर उसका घरेलू जीवन उसके हाथ से फिसलकर दूर जा रहा है.

Poslan u Irak kako bi štitio svoje suborce Chris Kyle uskoro je dobio nadimak Legenda, a postao je nadaleko poznat i s neprijateljske strane te mu je ucijenjena glava. Usprkos životnoj opasnosti i obitelji koja je strepila kod kuće, Chris je odradio četiri misije u Iraku slijedeći moto američke mornarice ne ostavljaj ni jednog čovjeka iza sebe. No nakon što se vratio kući, svojoj supruzi Tayi Renae i djeci, Chris je shvatio da se radi o ratu u kojem ne može pobijediti.

A háború borzalmas. Chris Kyle pedig a borzalom nagymestere. Gyerekkorában Texasban járt az apjával vadászni, 2001 szeptembere után pedig úgy érezte, a hazájának szüksége van rá. Tengerészgyalogos-kommandós lett, és Irakban vált mesterlövésszé: az első vonalban harcolt, de mindig egyedül volt; kilométeres távolságokból ugyanúgy, mint közelharcban, egy szál pisztollyal a kezében. A Pentagon dokumentációja szerint 150 ellenséges katonával végzett. Nem csoda, hogy úgy hívták: "el Shaitan", az ördög. A háború azonban nem diadalmenet: a film nemcsak a győzelmekről, hanem a szörnyű megpróbáltatásokról, sebesülésekről és a bajtársak haláláról is szól.

Bahasa indonesia
Penembak jitu Navy SEAL Amerika, Chris Kyle, mencetak rekor baru pembunuhan di Iran, meskipun kehidupan pribadinya semakin jauh darinya.

Il cecchino Chris Kyle viene inviato in Iraq con una sola missione: proteggere i propri compagni. Grazie alla sua precisione millimetrica e alla sue gesta eroiche salverà innumerevoli vite guadagnandosi il soprannome di "Legend". Tuttavia, la sua reputazione cresce anche dietro le linee nemiche facendolo diventare uno degli obiettivi primari. Nonostante ciò, riuscirà a far ritorno a casa scoprendo che la guerra è qualcosa che difficilmente riuscirà a lasciarsi alle spalle.

米海軍特殊部隊ネイビー・シールズに入隊し、イラク戦争に狙撃手として派遣されたクリス。その任務は“どんなに過酷な状況でも仲間を必ず守ること”。狙撃精度の高さで多くの仲間を救ったクリスは “レジェンド”の異名を轟かせるまでになる。しかし、敵の間にもその腕前が知れ渡り、“悪魔”と恐れられるようになった彼の首には18万ドルの賞金が掛けられ、彼自身が標的となってしまう。一方、家族はクリスの無事を願い続けていた。家族との平穏な生活と、想像を絶する極限状況の戦地。愛する家族を国に残し、終わりのない戦争は幾度となく彼を戦場に向かわせる。過酷なイラク遠征は4度。度重なる戦地への遠征は、クリスの心を序々に蝕んでゆく。

녹색 얼굴의 악마들, 전쟁의 종결자 네이비 실 사이에서도 전설이라 불렸던 남자 ‘크리스 카일’. 총알이 난무하는 전쟁터에서도 군인들이 적을 소탕할 수 있었던 것은 최고의 스나이퍼가 자신들을 지켜줄 것이라는 믿음 때문이었다. 그러나 신은 그에게 관용을 허락하지 않았다. 단 4일간의 허니문, 첫 아이가 태어나는 순간에도 전쟁터를 떠나지 못한다. 더 이상 자신이 사랑했던 남자가 아닌 것 같다는 아내의 눈물에도 그는 조국을 지키기 위해, 한 명의 전우를 더 살리기 위해 적에게 총구를 겨누는데…

1974-ųjų balandžio 8 dieną Teksaso valstijos Odesos mieste, sekmadieninės mokyklos mokytojos ir protestantų diakono šeimoje gimė berniukas, kuriam buvo lemta tapti JAV karinių pajėgų legenda - geriausiu visų laikų amerikiečių snaiperiu. Pirmąjį ginklą Chrisas Kailas iš tėvo gavo dovanų, kai jam buvo aštuoneri. Dar po 21-erių metų (2003 m. pavasarį) Chrisas pro optinį taikiklį Irake stebėjo, kaip prie JAV jūrų pėstininkų būrio artėja moteris, rankose spausdama granatą. Savo pirmąjį sėkmingą karinį taikinį Ch. Kailas pakomentavo taip: „Toji moteris jau buvo negyva. Aš tiesiog pasirūpinau, kad ji su savimi nepasiimtų amerikiečių karių“. Per savo karinę karjerą, trukusią iki 2009-ųjų, Ch. Kailas likvidavo 255 taikinius (iš jų 160 patvirtintų) ir tapo sėkmingiausiu visų laikų JAV snaiperiu.

Bahasa melayu
Ahli tembak Tentera Laut SEAL A.S., Chris Kyle mengumpul jumlah pembunuhan yang tiada tolok bandingnya di Iraq walaupun hidupnya di kampung halaman mula pudar.

Bahasa melayu
Ahli tembak Tentera Laut SEAL A.S., Chris Kyle mengumpul jumlah pembunuhan yang tiada tolok bandingnya di Iraq walaupun hidupnya di kampung halaman mula pudar.

Den amerikanske marinejegeren og skarpskytteren Chris Kyle dreper flere enn noen andre i Irak, også mens familielivet hjemme begynner å slå sprekker.

De Navy SEAL-scherpschutter Chris Kyle voert in Irak een ongeëvenaard aantal succesvolle missies uit, zelfs als hij de greep verliest op zijn leven thuis.

Het waargebeurde verhaal van Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, de dodelijkste schutter aller tijden die door zijn vijanden 'de duivel' wordt genoemd. Van 1999 tot 2009 vestigde hij een record als scherpschutter met het meest aantal doden in de geschiedenis van het Amerikaanse leger. Kyle leerde de fijne kneepjes als schutter al van toen hij kind nog was. Hij zou later een prominente rol gaan spelen in de strijd tegen het moslimterrorisme, die na 9/11 volop losbarstte.

Navy SEAL Chris Kyle ble sendt til Irak med ett oppdrag: å beskytte sine medsoldater. Hans dødelige nøyaktighet redder utallige liv, og når historiene om hans mot sprer seg, får han tilnavnet "Legenden". Ryktet hans sprer seg også bak fiendens linjer, og det blir satt en pris på hans hode. Han blir et hovedmål for opprørerne. På hjemmefronten sliter han med å være en god mann og far, selv om han er på andre siden av jorden. Til tross for farene og problemene hjemme, tjener Chris fire runder i Irak før han gir seg, og blir selve ansiktet på SEALs motto: "Leave no one behind". Men når han kommer hjem til kone og barn finner, han ut at det er vanskelig å glemme krigen.

Jako wysłany do Iraku członek elitarnej jednostki Navy SEALs Chris Kyle ma tylko jedną misję - chronić swoich towarzyszy broni. Swoją precyzją ratuje niezliczoną ilość żołnierzy na polu bitwy. W miarę jak opowieści o jego czynach rozpowszechniają się, zyskuje sobie miano "legendy". Reputacja Kyle'a rośnie także za liniami wroga. Powstańcy uznają snajpera za ważny cel i wyznaczają nagrodę za jego głowę. Największym wyzwaniem w życiu Chrisa jest jednak pozostanie mężem i ojcem dla rodziny, od której dzieli go pół świata. Pomimo niebezpieczeństw i rozłąki z bliskimi, Chris odbywa cztery zmiany w Iraku. Jednak po powrocie do żony Tayi i dzieci zdaje sobie sprawę, że nie pozostawił wojny za sobą. [opis dystrybutora Blu-ray]

Chris Kyle é um atirador de elite das forças especiais da marinha dos Estados Unidos. Durante a Guerra do Iraque, sua missão é proteger seus companheiros e seu dever faz dele um dos maiores atiradores da história norte-americana. Sua precisão salva inúmeras vidas, mas também o torna um alvo preferencial. Quando Kyle finalmente volta para casa, ele descobre que não tem como deixar a guerra para trás.

Chris Kyle - «A Lenda» - é um SEAL, dotado duma precisão singular, que salva vidas em guerra. No Iraque, a reputação de Chris atravessa a linha do inimigo e coloca-lhe a cabeça a prémio, fazendo dele um alvo a abater.

Chris este trimis în Irak cu unica misiune de a-și proteja camarazii pe câmpul de luptă. Acuratețea țintei sale a salvat multe vieți, motiv pentru care colegii de arme l-au supranumit „Legenda”. Însă povestea lui a ajuns dincolo de liniile inamicilor, care au pus preț pe capul său și l-au transformat în țintă râvnită pentru insurgenți. Cu toate dramele războilui, Chris se mai lovește și de datoria de a fi soț și tată model pentru familia care îl așteaptă acasă. În ciuda pericolului și a dorului de casă, militarul duce la bun sfârșit patru misiuni de război, în care nu-și lasă în urmă niciun camarad. Totuși, odată ajuns lângă soție și copii, își dă seama că traumele de pe câmpul de luptă nu îi vor da pace niciodată. Inspirat din fapte reale, filmul „Lunetistul american” dezvăluie o poveste cutremurătoare și emoționantă.

Экранизация мемуаров морского пехотинца из Техаса Криса Кайла, который служил снайпером в Ираке и стал рекордсменом по числу убитых солдат противника, за что иракцы прозвали его дьяволом. Помимо описания военных действий, книга состоит из отрывков воспоминаний жены Криса, ставшей свидетельницей того, как росла привязанность мужа к его соратникам и войне.

Ostreľovač jednotiek SEAL amerického námorníctva Chris Kyle je vyslaný do Iraku s jedinou úlohou, chrániť svojich bratov v zbrani. Jeho neomylná presnosť zachráni na bojisku veľký počet životov a keď sa rozšíria povesti o jeho odvážnych husárskych kúskoch, vyslúži si prezývku "Legenda". Avšak jeho povesť sa donesie až za nepriateľské línie a na jeho hlavu je vypísaná odmena a stáva sa z neho hlavný terč povstalcov. Napriek nebezpečenstvu aj obetiam zo strany jeho rodiny sa Chris zúčastní štyroch hrozných misií v Iraku a stáva sa symbolom kréda jednotiek SEAL "neopustiť ani jedného muža". Ale po návrate domov Chris zisťuje, že na vojnu nedokáže zabudnúť.

U.S. Navy SEAL-soldaten Chris Kyle är USA:s mest kända prickskytt genom tiderna och han åkte till Irak med ett enda uppdrag – att skydda sina vapenbröder. Hans pricksäkerhet räddade ett otal antal liv och han gick under smeknamnet ”Legenden”. Trots faran och att det tärde enormt på hans familj åkte han tillbaka till Irak fyra gånger. Chris gjorde det för att leva upp till mottot ”ingen soldat lämnas kvar”, men när han till slut kom hem förstod han att det egentligen var kriget han inte kunde lämna…

มือปืนแห่งหน่วยซีลของกองทัพสหรัฐฯ คริส ไคลน์ ถูกส่งตัวไปที่อิรักพร้อมภารกิจปกป้องเหล่าพี่น้องทหาร ความแม่นยำของเขาได้ช่วยชีวิตในสมรภูมิรบมาแล้วอย่างนับไม่ถ้วน และเมื่อเรื่องราวความกล้าหาญของเขาแพร่สะพัดออกไป เขาได้รับการยกย่องให้เป็น "ตำนาน" แต่อย่างไรก็ตามชื่อเสียงของเขาก็เป็นที่กล่าวขานกันในหมู่ศัตรูเช่นกัน ทำให้เขามีค่าหัวและกลายเป็นเป้าหมายหลักสำคัญของพวกกบฏ และเขายังต้องเผชิญหน้ากับการต่อสู้ในอีกรูปแบบหนึ่ง คือการทำหน้าสามีและคุณพ่อที่ดีจากทั่วทุกมุมโลก

Bahriye Komandoları'na katılan ve Irak'ta 150'den fazla insanın ölümüne sebep olan Chris Kyle (1974-2013) isimli askerin aynı isimli kitabından uyarlanan filmde Chris Kyle'ın askeri kariyeri ve yaşadıkları anlatılacak.

Молодий техаський ковбой на ім’я Кріс Кайл, який не вміє нічого, крім того що вміло триматися на спині бика на родео та стріляти по оленям, після терактів 11 вересня твердо вирішує відправитися до Іраку та помститись джихадистам. Вже на навчальному полігоні Кріс виявляє неабиякі снайперські здібності, а після прибуття в зону бойових дій перетворюється на справжню машину смерті. Одного разу вступивши у війну, Кайл вже не може зупинитись...

Tiếng Việt
Phim nói về 1 anh lính hải quân SEAL kể lại cuộc đời binh nghiệp của mình, trong đó bao gồm hơn 150 người đã bị giết.


海軍海豹突擊隊隊員基斯凱爾為了保衛戰友這唯一的使命,被派到伊拉克戰場。他極度準確的射擊,在戰場上拯救了無數生命,他的英勇事蹟傳遍軍中,更贏得「傳奇」的稱號。可是,他的盛名亦令他成為叛將的頭號目標,以換取敵人為緝拿他而發的懸紅。在戰場上腹背受敵的他,還要面對家庭的紛擾,在與家人相隔半個地球的戰場上,盡力做個好丈夫和父親。 儘管戰場險阻處處,服役對家庭造成傷害,基斯還是完成了在伊拉克的四次任務,實踐了海軍海豹突擊隊「不可遺下戰友」的教條。回到妻子坦雅 (施安娜米勒 飾)和孩子身邊的基斯發現,家才是他不可背棄的戰役。


美國海軍海豹部隊狙擊手克里斯凱爾被派去伊拉克,他只有一項使命,就是保護他的軍中兄弟,而他神準的命中率拯救了戰場上無數同袍的性命。隨著他的英勇事蹟傳開,使他贏得「傳奇」(Legend)的封號,但他的名聲也為他帶來殺機,敵方開始懸賞重金要拿下他的人頭,使他成為反叛軍的主要目標。此外,對於遠在世界另一端的家人,他也面臨不同的天人交戰,努力想成為一名好丈夫和好父親。 克里斯經歷四度派駐任務,儘管面對戰事危險和家庭危機,他仍體現海豹部隊的信念,就是「絕不拋下任何弟兄」。然而,就在克里斯返家與妻子塔雅雷尼凱爾和孩子團圓後,他發現自己最難拋下的卻是戰爭深烙在他心底的記憶。

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