Greenland Summary and Synopsis

A family fights for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth. John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his estranged wife Allison (Morena Baccarin), and young son Nathan make a perilous journey to their only hope for sanctuary. Amid terrifying news accounts of cities around the world being leveled by the comet's fragments, the Garrity's experience the best and worst in humanity while they battle the increasing panic and lawlessness surrounding them. As the countdown to global apocalypse approaches zero, their incredible trek culminates in a desperate and last-minute flight to a possible safe haven. John Garrity, his estranged wife and their young son embark on a perilous journey to find sanctuary as a planet-killing comet hurtles toward Earth. Amid terrifying accounts of cities getting levelled, the Garrity's experience the best and worst in humanity. As the countdown to the global apocalypse approaches zero, their incredible trek culminates in a desperate and last-minute flight to a possible safe haven. Greenland Wiki

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Wicked people are always surprised to find ability in those that are good.

Marquis Vauvenargues (2020)

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- If You're Into Disaster FIlms5 star

If you like disaster films such as Armageddon, Deep Impact, 2012 and others, you'll really enjoy this film. There are several scenes and plot lines that if not derived from its predecessors, at least mimic them in some way. In some cases, Greenland also has elements of When Worlds Collide and the disaster films of the 1950s and 1960s. While predictable in certain areas, especially with relation to the family separation scenes, the movie nevertheless provides an enjoyable night out for the family. Gerard Butler's presentation is solid B movie material and is reminiscent of Geostorm and who doesn't love Morena Baccarin from Firefly, V and other sci fi movies?

- A very generous 1 star1 star

It’s garbage !!

- Good film5 star

I enjoyed this film a lot!

- Very good movie5 star

I liked it, it’s a very good movie 👌🏼

- Ugh1 star


- Great Disaster Movie5 star

This movie is a thrilling, heartbreaking, and satisfying for all disaster movie lovers out there. I will admit that this movie may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s fantastic for the story it tries to tell. I highly recommend it.

- Not bad4 star

Entertaining. Very nice cinematography. Good story. I think they did a good job on this movie. Not a Five Starer but still a decent movie, that’s why I gave it 4.

- Barely O.K.2 star

Rating: 2.5 stars. Barely above boring. Wait until the price come down before renting or buying it.

- We Liked It5 star

We enjoyed it.

- 5 star and worth the money to have a movie night5 star

I don’t understand the people putting 1 star. I really like the story line, especially the current events of the world it’s not far off... Good acting and suspenseful. It’s probably $20 because theaters have been closed and it’s a new movie. I support it and would spend 3 times that if we went to a theater. In closing, rent the movie, it’s a good one.

- Thriller!!!!!5 star

If you are looking for the ultimate thriller, then this movie meets all qualifications. It will have you on a joyride from start to finish...Please do not waste your time watching WW1984 because this is the blockbuster movie for the close of holiday season.

- Greenland is awesome5 star

Great movie. Gerard Butler does a great job as usual. The movie has tons of action.

- Loved it4 star

Solid movie with good acting and storyline was worth the $20

- Definitely recommended5 star

First of all, NO MOVIE IS WORTH $20.00 TO RENT AT HOME. I will never do this again. A typical movie theater ticket is only between $6-$12. So it’s completely overpriced to charge $20 and you should beware that you are being gouged out of convenience and it’s dead wrong. I am to blame for aiding in this scam. The move is a bit predictable. The usual mistakes made by typical characters and storylines nearly matching other similar movies like 2012 for example. For a mainstream movie made in 2019 and 2020, the special effects were extraordinarily dull. There was a serious lack of thought out into them. It was like they didn’t have enough money for true CGI and they have to compensate using short bursts of computer animated scenes that you’d find in 2010 for CGI got really good. The acting was pronominal though. They will really capture you if you can forget about the predictability of the script. Overall there really was not a lot of originality or thought put into this movie. I gave it 5 stars because it was entertaining nonetheless. I’ll also add that the ending was rather abrupt without follow up or explanation. Much like 2012, you watch a 2 hour long and drawn out story only have yourself rushed into the ending with little to no storyline. I think we can all agree that we want to know what happens next.

- Recommend5 star

This gave me such high anxiety but I loved every minute!!!!

- Best movie ever5 star

I really enjoyed this movie I think they did a great job highly recommended

- Great movie4 star

Great end of the world story, would have paid to see in the theatre.

- Apocalypse??1 star

Hardly any real meteor footage. All TV or Internet footage. The only “in-person” meteors you see are the tiny pebble ones. And when you do see a big meteor strike it just breaks the camera and cut to the next scene. The acting and story was terrible. Predictable. And the wife is almost as annoying as Walter Whites wife from Breaking bad. I love him as a actor but this was a terrible movie on his part. The Knowing by Nicholas Cage is a much better option if you like films like world ending films. Terrible. The Four/Five star reviews of this are obviously paid reviews OR they are just cinematically inept and like anything that “haha meteor go boom, brain go berr”.

- Awesome movie5 star

Awesome movie! John Wick always delivers.

- Comparison of destruction by marriage and comets4 star

My takeaway was that marriage will literally destroy the world as you know it, but if you stick together through thick and thin you’ll come out on the other side. Some cool comet visuals as well.

- Another Apocalypse movie1 star

Really another one...

- Top 5 Movies - SO good5 star

I’m not sure why there are so many bad reviews, this movie was amazing! The acting was crazy good and the setting was so current. If you like Armageddon type movies this is worth every cent.

- Great movie!! 🌎☄️5 star

Love these type of movies and it was amazing had me on the edge of the seat the whole time seeing what’s next that’s going to happen. This is how people would really react if this situation ever happens

- Great movie5 star

Very good movie! Highly recommended!

- Great5 star

One of the better films of this year.

- Pretty good flick4 star

Tad bit predictable, but it was a good movie overall.

- STUPID1 star


- Great movie!!!!!!5 star

Never really got bored, very action packed.

- Enjoyable!5 star

My family and I enjoyed this movie.

- Director didn’t do his homework1 star

The director didn’t do his homework when it comes to diabetics. he didn’t do any research at all, misinformation on diabetes or diabetics. I hope that he will not jump first to help a diabetic cause Ric might make the person sicker or worst. So do your homework.

- A bit boring4 star

I expected a bit more am apocalyptic

- End of the world5 star

During this pandemic, this movie is pretty cool to watch. Scenes are predictable however the graphics are pretty cool. Recommend this for those who love adventure and action type of films.

- Worst movie ever1 star

My god. Who made the script a child? My first review ever for a movie. I mean ever. This was so bad I had to leave one. I want my 19.99 back.

- Focused and heartfelt5 star

Need I say more.

- Thought it would be great. BUT........1 star

Wife was dumb from the beginning. And her stupidity not only got worse and worse, it spread to EVERYBODY else in the movie!🤦🏼‍♂️And that’s all in the midst of the entire movie relentlessly VEERING from the main subject and plot!! This movie was very difficult to get to the end. Don’t waste your time, trust me

- Changed my mind1 star

I gave this a two star midway through the movie. I changed my mind to a one star. I think I’m going to film myself putting on deodorant in the morning & upload it to rent on iTunes. I would get the same - maybe better ratings. Damnit Hollywood trolls! Stop rating these movies so high & suckering me in to renting this kind of crap! :/

- Yeah okay1 star

Sorry not for $20 to rent. Not going to work 2 hours to make up for watching this movie. Ripe off.

- Best movie ever5 star

The movie was great!The movie had cool affects!Everything about this movie looked real!I hope this movie comes out on redbox or Netflix because this movie is what I’ll be watching for a while!I love this movie so muchhhhhhhhhh!!!!

- Very entertaining5 star

I went in with no real expectations and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised to find I really enjoyed this movie. I didn’t ask myself what could or couldn’t really happen or looked at it as anything other than a nice pandemic watch at home popcorn film. Entertaining.

- waaaat?1 star

I would rather sit through 3 consecutive showings of CATS....yes you heard right.. CATS then watch this snooze fest again. Apple you owe me $19.99

- OK movie but I expected more4 star

The movie is OK but sometimes, a little bit boring. I'd give it 3 stars only but it had a good story, good actors and an interesting plot, so (in view of the current pandemic), I give it 4 stars instead. Special effects were OK but you basically see (almost) everything in the trailer. LOL Well, not quite but 95% of the movie is basically talking, no action.

- Garbage !! Minimal effects...mostly crappy drama1 star

If you are a science fiction fan stay away!!! There is nothing scientific about it....mostly human stupid decisions under pressure and chaos...almost like someone plucked a page from military scenario planning in event of a comet strike and built a fictional story of dumb drama around it. Very low quality movie...I am baffled at this waste of a movie.. this could have been a very good science fiction but alas it was just a dumb drama movie with tons or stupid decisions and moments..even drama was a low quality if you ask. There was nothing but good PR and hype that I found about this movie. Just FLAT OUT DISAPOINTMENT !

- Awful1 star

Absolute dreck.

- Another Gerard Butler HIT!5 star

Wow! The perfect ‘edge of your seat, sweaty palms’ kind of movie I’ve been missing! Thrill ride from beginning to end that somehow still manages to catch you in your feelings! Wish we could’ve watched in theaters. Now off to build my bunker...

- Solid Performance4 star

Movie was a solid good movie. Had some emotional vibes to it, a great movie to watch but maybe a classic to rewatch in the future since it’s good. Main actors were great, the plot was smooth but it had its rough moments. Very enjoyable, and worth the rent.

- Great Movie!5 star

I enjoyed this movie. Kept me on the edge of my seat a few times. Really kept my interest as I was skeptical at first that it wouldn’t be as good. A few instances the CGI wasn’t the greatest but this movie wasn’t a $100 million dollar budgeted movie. For what it’s worth, if you enjoy as Sci-Fi action thrillers, this is it.

- A Surprising Ride of Awesomeness5 star

Saw it and I loved it! Best movie I’ve seen in a long time since quarantine!

- Insufficient Special Effects1 star

All the best scenes were in the trailer. The movie spent too much time focused on the interpersonal stuff and far too little time on the special effects. 2012 was a far superior film.

- YOU MUST SEE!5 star

This movie was the best movie that I have watched in awhile. In other reviews they were complaining about the special effects but i think it was a perfect amount. It has just enough action secans to where your always on the edge of your seat and not having too much action to where you’re eyes start hurting (too much action and not enough breaks makes the movie not that good) thanks for this awesome film from an awesome director!

- Disaster movie with no disaster1 star

This movie was just a drama with three very brief disaster scenes. By brief, I mean what you saw in the trailer was what’s in the movie. That’s it. This movie is an example why Apple removed user reviews from being visible on Apple TV. So people would have no idea they were about to be duped into renting a movie where the trailer was misleading.

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cyntae1 - Greenland4 star

Great movie

A+Chef - Halfway Decent4 star

In the era of CoVID and terrible movies, one after another, this was halfway decent. Not an uplifting movie, but overall a good two hour escape. I enjoyed it.

FJ's - Need more action scenes3 star

Had potential for a really interesting movie. Not many action scenes, not really what I was expecting. I’d wait for it to become available through streaming.

Mutismutis - Better than Armageddon or Deep impact5 star

I mean, it is more believable than Bruce Willis making holes in an asteroid...

jcfmovies - Great movie.5 star

Nice plot, great acting. Worth a watch.

KimEdwards2010 - Good movie, price was fine for 3 people to watch!4 star

We loved the movie, great acting, great premise. Ignore reviews about the price; there’s no way three of us could have seen a new release in the theater for $20, so it was a good deal. Plus, new releases have been thin on the ground in this crap year. I’m happy to have this one!!

dq3rhym3s - Better than these other reviews would lead you to believe4 star

Definitely had some lower budget scenes that were slightly noticeable but what are you gonna do? I avoided this movie based on reviews listed here and opted to try my luck at the drive-in seeing Monster Hunter..what a mistake. Ultimately came back to this and said what could it hurt to try? Well Im super glad I did. The movie keeps up the tension and anxiety as most disaster movies do but in a visceral and grounded way that makes sense given the theme. Solid 80-85 out of 100. You won't be disappointed!!

Death_Licker - Must watch5 star

Perfect time to watch this

samsspi - Emotional and exciting4 star

Best Gerard Butler movie in decades!!! Surprisingly emotional!

JCarver.Auburn - Great movie w/ IDIOT Main Characters5 star

An entertaining movie that also aggravates b/c main characters con’t to show how panic destroys decision-making...REPEATEDLY.

endo1234567890 - Español estéreo please5 star

Español estéreo please

Fonz AJ Montoya - Great movie.5 star

Non stop action. Gerald Butler did a great job. A must see.

Kegan Logan - No plot or character depth3 star

The characters do not demonstrate any kind of problem solving or critical thinking. The son’s character is obnoxiously obtrusive and is effectively a non entity. Still very entertaining nonetheless.

0837164963716 - Pretty solid4 star

Good first post pandemic movie, haven’t seen a decent movie in awhile and this had a decent ending

Mikey2k13 - Great movie!5 star

I am learning to not listen to the reviews and just watch the movie for myself because this was great!

Codehkr - Money back?1 star

Apple please give my $19 back. I'll pretend I never saw this crap.

ifyoulikemyopinion788791 - well4 star

it was good.

Good wateva - Good movie5 star

It could’ve shown more impact scenes the acting was serious enough to me to like better then the last 20 years of cheesy acting when it comes to Disaster movies well deserved the director cuts and the Five Stars.

katieher! - Way better than expected5 star

I love disaster movies, this one is definitely right up there with the best of them.

sfa1973 - Armageddon it isn’t1 star

Armageddon was more believable; at least had a decent Aerosmith song. Don’t waste $19 bucks to rent. Sorry I did.

Big Paulierm - Good update to 20123 star

Nothing ground breaking here. No major plot twists or amazing special effects. Just a slightly above average movie.

Cannodamus - Makes you wonder...5 star

Good film, makes you think. Here we have all mans trivial/petty problems, and nothing in stone to ensure our future. If an event like this happened how does one survive? I’d love to see humanity shift gears off of such pointless things and look for unity/prosperity for all. I’d hate to vanish without a fight or a way to live on.

Gametavern - Cheap effects, great acting2 star

They clearly went budget on the effects here. If you came trying to see epic destruction, look elsewhere. You see nothing, even the big impact isn’t shown. It’s seen on a computer screen. Terrible studio choice trying to save $ by having very unfinished effects. Could have been great.

agesandages - Eh3 star

I wanted to love this movie, but it was very mediocre. It felt rather soft and flat, sorry to say. But, it’s covid time and I watched it and enjoyed it enough.

samyrza - Very good movie4 star

But definitely need more action scenes

Splat3333 - Awesome movie! Worth the $205 star

I am not sure what all the complaints about the movie is. It is a premiere movie right now, so either it would be in a theater if it weren’t for Covid and you would pay more to watch it in uncomfortable seats or you pay $20 to rent. Pop some popcorn, grab some candy and watch it in your Pj’s on the sofa with your family safe and sound. The major complaint seems to be the cost, that has nothing to do with how good the movie is, and a misunderstanding of how movies are being released currently. It was a good movie with nice effects. I plan to watch it again since I have 40ish hours left of the rental and I will pay $20 again to buy it in the future.

BaruchZed - Morality4 star

The movie is well done in all the ways it should be. What stands out to me is how badly so many of the people in the movie behave when under pressure. It makes me think of the way people have been behaving here in the US this year in the face of disaster. We have seen selfishness and lies and violence, people unwilling to consider the well being of the whole. It's disgraceful.

heavy831 - Need more action less romanticism2 star

Armageddon has more action and special effects

MrsSmith83 - Good One4 star

If you like Disaster Films then you’ll like this movie.

PMarg - Just awful.1 star

Awful “film”. Very low budget. Terrible screenplay.

CazzusMaximus - This was not a Disaster Movie1 star

Slow, dragged out scenes, repetitive situations, ridiculous story line. **Be warned; this is not a disaster movie!** I agree with another reviewer who remarked that the movie could have been much more. Butler was excellent, as was Baccarin, but good acting rarley rescues a poor plot. Still lamenting fact that zero stars not possible.

Art Gressick - It was ok3 star

From the previews I expected a bit more asteroids destroying stuff. Just a good overall movie, not amazing just good.

S_McG_On_FIlm - 2 hours of temper tantrums and bad decisions1 star

Pathetic film about an entitled couple that endangers the lives of many others when they prevent an already fully loaded plane from leaving for a survival bunker until the couple's whiny, selfish demand to get on the plane is met. That this behaviour is rewarded in the narrative is a sad commentary on the state of our society in the U.S.A. Furthermore, much of the "action" is driven by moronic decisions by the protagonists. Don't waste two hours of your time watching this movie.

Tony 2Toes - I work hard for my money1 star


Savergfgjf - Fine movie, not what I expected, People with Anxiety / Depression be warned4 star

Fine movie in every-way technically, not what I expected, People with Anxiety / Depression be warned, this may not be for you. I thought it was gonna be like that movie 2012 or maybe Armageddon, it was not. This movie is dire serious. Very real, too real for some. Not really a good time unless you get off on experiencing the end of the world while trying to eat some popcorn. Got my heart pumping, I’m a little disturbed now. For the better sure, but I was hoping for a fun ride what I got was a harsh reality check on life. I just got a big fat red pill shoved down my throat. Effects, acting, story, quality were all fine, it’s just not soemthing I care to repeat.

ItStartsNow7 - Great movie and no better year than 2020!!5 star

Great movie, entertaining for sure. Nothing would surprise me at this point lol. Worth the money.

Coruna1 - Good!4 star

kept you in suspense

Geekydweeb1 - Best end of world movie.5 star

I was surprised how well done this movie is. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire movie. Great visuals, great story, and great acting. No Hollywood fluff, just a great story with no unrealistic story lines. First time I would say it was worth the $20 rental.

FourUnderFour - STOP Complaining About the PRICE!!!!5 star

Why do u idiots keep complaining about the price, it’s how it has to be now because of COVID. This is a genuinely a good movie. The price doesn’t matter. You don’t have to rent it so don’t complain. If you don’t like the movie, that doesn’t matter, IT HAPPENS! I recommend you check out this movie

FaceBookReview - King batch stinks1 star

You know a movie is crap when the cast king batch.

mholton - Better than Expected5 star

I know a lot of people are rating movies low because rentals are $19 during the year of Covid. I get it an we’ve rented some duds this year. But this movie is truly amazing. We were squirming in our seats the whole time. It’s a good movie for a stay at home date night.

MC Maggie - Greenland5 star


Arturo Garza - The worst expense I did recently1 star

No Story... predictable and in some way the good guys are really not intelligent

Fulton29 - A Thumbs Up5 star

Although the price for renting is expensive it was a good film.

Ratpto1 - Crap .1 star

Armageddon and deep impact is wayyy better on this, This movie is only search and run , search and rung again I lost my son and run again is way off sometimes and the meteor shower good look you don’t going to see almost nothing ,Really disappoint👎.

White CastleRock - Way Too Gone4 star

To rent at this price is overrated and doubt it anyone else Rent it .overall movie is good.even movie’s u can purchase is not this expensive

NeptuneCA - Much better than 20125 star

The action scenes (many of them) were very thrilling. I appreciate that they were not overblown with CGI, but rather seemed like situations you might actually encounter. The movie never quite slowed down once the plot becomes exposed. I was on the edge of my seat until the end of the movie. The acting was pretty solid, sitting at about a B+. Thankfully no cheesy one liners. Should you rent: YES, you will be entertained. Should you buy (when available): Yes, at least for me. I would definitely rewatch it again.

carjo82 - Very few disaster scenes2 star

This movie had so much potential to be the best disaster movie ever. But, the CGI was next to nothing and when it comes to disaster movies that’s obviously a key element. The three main characters did well, but it lacks the action you wish it had.

Hair Brains - Excellent movie !!5 star

Must watch, hope you have a home theater system, amazing if you have a projector too. Enjoy the pop corn and the candy. Don’t forget the family!!

aramis2764 - Surprisingly Great4 star

I wanted to watch a "fluff" movie...something in UHD and surround to have a bit of an escape. I thought this looked the part so I skipped the preview (which shows too much after watching later) and grabbed the popcorn. I have to say it had more grit and realism than I expected, at all turns. I'm not reviewing the movie based on the just released price, just on its own merit. My gf and I had a ball and it exceeded expectations.

5 star

@cspanjunkie1 @TheDisproof @Tangomitteckel @DK25769559 @SlintSimon @Narvuntien @Soulphood @BubbasRanch @jimdtweet…

5 star

@LewisHamilton Happy birthday from greenland

5 star

@Le_Woodman Oui, mais on est pas certain qui a gagné ici: La baleine ou les baleiniers? Dans mon shanty préféré "…

5 star

What It's like at America's Northernmost Military Base in Greenland? via @YouTube

5 star

@Mellado_Orchard makes some badass jewelry. Greenland Nuummite centerpiece rectangle bead, round sterling silver be…

5 star

@Awaydays23: Football in Greenland 🇬🇱

5 star

@NBCNightlyNews: A year after joining a climate research expedition in Greenland, @alroker reconnects with the scientist he met aboard t…

5 star

Greenland was such a good

5 star

@KEEMSTAR You are so going to Greenland 🤫🤫😂

5 star

@Awaydays23: Football in Greenland 🇬🇱

5 star

@AhmedHoshow: "Going green doesn't start with doing green acts, it starts with a shift in consciousness". #Lan_Somerhalden #Greenland…

5 star

@Ryanintheus: Stunning landing in #Greenland! #travel #nature #adventure

5 star

Watching the movie Greenland and it’s too much for me! 😩😩 got me shouting at the TV like!!!

5 star

@areporter #insideworldstoughestprisons not sure how I feel about the Greenland prison. 🤔. All the freedom given, no structure hmm

5 star

@KhozaCebo have you seen Greenland Prison 🙆🏻🙆🏻 Hilton hotel i tell you 🥺 #insidetheworldstoughestprisons

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