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Narrated by Oscar Nominee MICKEY ROURKE - Former Government physicist Bob Lazar made headlines world-wide in 1989 when he came forward with his account of reverse-engineering an alien spacecraft for the US Military. The reason the public even knows the name Area 51 is because Lazar talked about the work he did at the formerly secret military base. Burdened with a revolutionary secret, he had to choose between his oath to his country or his conscience. His wife believes him, his mom believes him, and the closer you get to his inner-circle, the more YOU believe him. His testimony remains the most controversial and important UFO story of all time; especially if it’s true. Lazar blew the whistle, shocked the world, then went silent.Corbell’s film intimately chronicles the triumphs and travails of a cosmic whistleblower. It investigates Lazar’s groundbreaking claims of our government’s secret program to create a fierce technology based on recovered alien vehicles. It reveals the devastating impact his actions have had on his life over the course of the last thirty years. His public disclosures have turned his life upside-down and he has tried to stay out of the spotlight. For this reason, has never let any journalist or filmmaker into the private world of his daily life - that is - until now.Providing rare and never before revealed footage, Corbell's film will shake the foundations of your beliefs and permanently alter the landscape of the debate.

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. Area 51, flying saucers from another world - and the program to create a fierce technology. Bob Lazar remains the singular most famous and controversial name in the world of UFOs. The reason you know about Area 51 is because Lazar came forward and told you about it. His disclosures have turned his life upside-down and he has tried to stay out of the spotlight. For this reason, he has never let any filmmaker into the private world of his daily life - that is - until now. Corbell’s film explores Lazar’s claims through the lens of thirty years - providing rare and never before revealed footage - guaranteed to alter the landscape of the debate.. Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers Wiki

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Rogue Planeteer
Excellent film, a real must see!  Rogue Planeteer  5 star

I really enjoyed the film. It was very informative and also had a great artistic flare! Jeremy did a great job humanizing Bob, which has been lost over the years. He also presents new information including some point by point refutation of the debunkers unfounded claims. He also captured the obvious sincerity and conviction Bob still has. Whether you believe Bob’s story or not, this film presents a fair and accurate account of the facts. Well done!

Way overly edited/animated, very little new content  ryanterry  2 star

Althought the graphics were cool, they were dialed up way too high and distracted for the meat of the actual documentary. If you stripped out the strange poetry between chapters and removed the fancy graphics the meat of the documentary would probably be about 5-10 minutes. I was excited to buy this as I believe Lazar (and still do), but I feel like I wasted $20 here.

Interesting.  RSA66  4 star

I followed the story nearly 30 years ago, so I had to see this follow up. It’s a very interesting documentary. It would have been better without the intermittent useless scenes of nuclear bomb detonations and Mickey Rourke’s incoherent blabbering.

Why all the hate?  Tatkolektor  5 star

Look, if your into UFO's then you know Bob Lazar. Most of the people buying this WANTED to buy it already knowing Bobs story. This was well put together, it was cool to see how Bob is doing after all these years since he's been out of the spotlight. All the people bashing this saying it's nothing new, then why did you buy it? If you already know everything, why buy it? Just so you can leave a negative review because your feelings are hurt? If your into UFO's it's worth buying.

Must Watch Bob Lazar Documentary!  JimGregoryPhD  5 star

I have read and watched much of what’s been written and spoken about Bob Lazar in the last 20 to 30 years. I’ve always remained intrigued due to the great lengths of his discrediting and enduring non-embellished story. Jeremy Corbell has already made two fantastic documentaries: Patient 17 and The Hunt for the Skinwalker. I was excited to see his insight into Bob Lazar and his case. A fantastic film reviewing previous information given by Bob as well and new interesting insights including a few surprises that make his story hard to discount! #IbelieveBobLazar

THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE  Apachejerome  5 star

AMAZING . This was created to tell the story in its full light in one continuous stream. All the truth. One place.

Kevin JE81
Well done!  Kevin JE81  5 star

Such a great movie! It was nice to see Bob in a less formal way. It helps you see the real Bob and his family and friends even his coworker interviews were cool to see. Good job Jeremy!

If you don't know Bob Lazar.. You Should.  Durden15  5 star

I'll keep this short and sweet. If you are trying to learn about the UFO/alien topic, this is the perfect film to start that journey. The reason you've likely heard of Area 51 to begin with, is because of Bob Lazar. This man blew the lid off of the secret coverup of the alien phenomenon, and the crashed flying suacers being stored by the US government. His story has never changed, and unlike most, there is solid PROOF of what he did, and saw. For 30 years this man has hidden in the shadows, and it was truly awesome to get a glimpse into the world of Lazar, a man who put the powers that be on notice, and exposed one of the biggest secrets in history. Watch it.

Good update on the Bob Lazar story  Trueløve  5 star

It’s a great film. Some people seem to be mad about certain elements of the film, and that there is “nothing new,” but just that fact that Corbell got Bob Lazar to be in the film *and* come to the premiere for a Q&A is awesome. For the UFO community, this should be considered a victory, as the story will reach a wider audience now that Jeremy has released this. Just wait until it hits Netflix. I showed my family the film and they all believe Bob’s story!

Majungas The Band
#iBELIEVEbobLAZAR  Majungas The Band  5 star

If you are here, you are likely seeking the truth when it comes to UFOs and extraterrestrials. Out of the many claims available, every discussion should start and stop with the Bob Lazar story. Here you had an incredibly detailed story told by a very intelligent person who clearly wasn’t after money or fame--AND whom was proven by the media to have been a victim of government manipulation (sorry, FBI--but janitors don’t wind up running a successful science lab for 30 years). Although, this wasn’t necessarily enough tangible evidence to give this case any merit, it certainly made an interesting discussion. Therefore, it drove me absolutely insane that for 30 years, this story went stagnant. Here’s what could be the most significant occurrence in the history of humankind and we’re left arguing Lazar vs the FBI as if it’s debating Jordan vs Lebron. That is-- until Jeremy Corbell’s heroic attempt to resurrect this massively important event with this film. Unfortunately, we have to realize and accept that there will likely never be black and white proof that this story is true. Therefore, this film cannot offer that. However, if you able to think outside the box and are able to read between the lines, you will discover, as I did, that Lazar is actually telling the truth (let that sink in for a minute). Although this was my experience from watching the documentary, all perspectives are welcome, as Corbell does not attempt to be persuasive by any means. It simply begins by reopening the 1989 case as if it happened for the first time, THEN it gives us another up to date and in depth look at Lazar-- 30 years later. In the end--you judge for yourself. So what are you wasting your time for? Go watch it!

Bob continues to speak truth  c_e_i_s  4 star

Enjoyed this documentary, adding to our move toward full disclosure of hidden technologies. The only thing I’d change is to get someone else to narrate!!! Mickey does not speak clearly, thus I could only understand half of what he was saying—NOT good when your job is to narrate. For the love of the audience, please have someone who speaks clearly next time.

Can’t wait..!  Niko3714  5 star


Bob Lazar Area 51 & Flying Saucers  Frankibelieve  5 star

Un film qui vous changera à tout jamais! Si vous n’êtes pas certain de voire son histoire et bien écoutez ce film vous changerez d’avis Avec ce film et tout ce que l’ont entend sur les ovnis depuis quelques années, je peut vous dire une chose NOUS NE SOMMES PAS SEULS! #ibelieveboblazar François Bourret Qc Canada

Bob Is Telling The Truth  Pcp-pcp  5 star

This film was really well done by Jeremy Corbell. He shows the world that Bob wants zero publicity regarding the UFO issue. His main point of interest is to show the world about the hidden science. Mickey Rourke has to be the perfect choice to narrate this film. I highly recommend this film.

Captivating  SleepWalker2  5 star

I really hope a lot of people will watch this one. This way maybe it will reach someone who can do something about this criminal secrecy and who will have the courage to act!

Worth your Time  MikeyMcBryan  5 star

I kind of knew the Bob Lazar story but this film humanizes him. If you even have the smallest interest in the UFO culture, this film is for you. The filmmaker has put in a lot of work and it really shows. 5/5

Dany Dinelle
A blast from the past  Dany Dinelle  5 star

This documentary is kind of a huge interview of the man behind S4 revelations and it's not boring at all. Sadly, I have to admit it dosen't bring many new stuff on the table from what's available on the internet. The hand scanner picture is a good one tho. The other thing is why not showing the 1 min cloud chamber video? I remember the first time i saw the man on the internet when i was 11 years old. I was fascinated by all the revelations. I do believe Bob and i also know that all these things are real. If you want to see a blast from the past about Bob, how he is living his life today and all the challenges he's facing off... it's the movie for you.

Worth the money, and the time.  Melvin3300  5 star

After watching Jeremy's Skinwalker movie, I almost didn't buy this because I felt Skinwalker was more of a 2-hour "Selfie" of Jeremy than a story about the ranch. There is a lot of "Look at me" by Jeremy in this one, too. But- After 25 years of following the Bob Lazar story, this was a wake-up. Well done, great info, and a lot of stuff that people who are new to the story won't notice. Buy it, watch it, make up your own mind.

Just what the World needs  Officerjmac  5 star

Bob is a Hero we all need to recognize and thank. If it weren’t for men smart and brave as him we wouldn’t have a light at the end of the tunnel to look up too!

Mind Blowing  OromeTheSlayer  5 star

This documentary keeps you on the edge of your seat. Bob Lazar going on record (again) about his exceptional experience at S-4—if the story is true. I was left with more questions than answers, a mind blowing labyrinth of what-ifs. A piece to mull over.

Bob Lazar : Area 51 & Flying Saucers  Aufornvic  5 star

I never needed to see this to be convinced that Bob's story is true. I met George Knapp when he visited Australia ( where I live) about 12 years ago, and I believe George is totally reliable and tells the truth. But I already thought Bob was being totally truthful, he passed the lie detector tests, his story makes sense, plus his description of how these objects operate is fully consistent with well known witness reports, from witnesses I know personally in many of the best Australian cases, which are local to me. If Bob was making things up his descriptions would not match these reports I have from the other side of our planet. It all adds up, it all makes sense. Thankyou for making this film, thankyou George Knapp for encouraging Bob to participate in this, and thankyou Bob for once again getting out of your comfort zone so that the TRUTH be known. I really appreciate that.

Revealing Documentary  Klatau  5 star

A revealing look at the facts of Bob Lazar's testimony and it's impact on his life. Prepare to believe.

Mark zukaburger
Amazing!  Mark zukaburger  5 star

Glad to see Bob out and about doing interviews again.

WOW!! Jeremy aced it  ysonvs  5 star

I remember when I first heard about bob Lazars story, it changed my life forever. The feeling it gave me is indescribable and I never thought I’d feel like that again but this film gave me the same feeling again . This is Jeremy’s best work yet he is developing into a great film maker and is definitely my favorite documentary filmmaker . He is the best at flushing out the truth and with the added facts plus the recount from bob lazar it’s a MUST SEE. Thank u for weaponizing my curiosity Jeremy

macka 73
Great movie.  macka 73  5 star

Bob Lazar's story is another important cog in our struggling history of disclosure. weather you believe Bob's story or not, there is some facts here that can't be denied. For one he is intellegent, he has never changed his story and does not come across as a dishonest person. I think this is a film for the Skeptics who still believe supressed technology does not exist. those with a closed mind will always be skeptical, but this story has been around for many years now and I don't believe debunkers have nailed this man. Sitting on the fence and maintaining caution is fine., but do it with an open mind. What if he is telling the TRUTH????

Waste of money  taxret  1 star

Was a waste of money

Is this a blockbuster movie?? damn.  SheMan71  2 star

Why does this cost soooooo much?

The Hidden Truth  F.Carra  5 star

An amazing insight to Bob Lazar's experience and the TRUTH he provides. One of many 'whistler blowers' aka 'Ambassadors of Truth', offering discluosure to all of Humanity. A person who understands the value of the truth and the benefits of the technology that is hidden. Conspiracy is a word purposely used to discredit people because the truth is so valuable that only the so called 'elite' wish to benefit from it, and use it against us - power and greed. Well done to Bob Lazar and the director for an amazing piece.

Aliens, UFO's, Area 51, Truth, Lies and Bob.  BlackDeathMetalGod  5 star

Amazing film. While many know his story from 30 years ago, most don't know alot about Bob outside of that and how that part of his life still affects his life today, as is captured in the film. Some real stiring moments in this film. A must see for those seeking the truth on the Bob Lazar story.

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