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Bigger and bolder than ever, this season marks the arrival of Jodie Whittaker, the Thirteenth Doctor – a super-smart force of nature – alongside a team of new and delightful characters. Doctor Who, Season 11 Wiki

Doctor Who, Season 11 Synopsis

1 - The Woman Who Fell to Earth
Across one night in Sheffield, lives are changed forever, as a mysterious woman, unable to remember her own name, falls from the sky.

2 - Closer Look, The Woman Who Fell to Earth
Take a Closer Look as we explore a scene from "The Woman Who Fell to Earth".

3 - The Ghost Monument
Still reeling from their first encounter, can the Doctor and her new friends stay alive long enough in a hostile alien environment to solve the mystery of Desolation? And just who are Angstrom and Epzo?

4 - Closer Look, The Ghost Monument
Take a Closer Look as we explore a scene from "The Ghost Monument".

5 - Trailer
The universe is calling. Here’s a first look at the brand new Doctor Who.

6 - Welcome Jodie
Fans welcome Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor.

7 - It's About Time
What is Doctor Who? The cast and crew explain.

Doctor Who, Season 11 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Woman Who Fell to Earth 1:03:13USD 1.99Download
2Closer Look, The Woman Who Fell to Earth05:20Season OnlyDownload
3The Ghost Monument48:56USD 1.99Download
4Closer Look, The Ghost Monument05:11Season OnlyDownload
6Welcome Jodie02:28FreeDownload
7It's About Time02:01FreeDownload

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FANTASTIC!  WalterWho  5 star

This was the first Doctor Who epieode that really felt like the orignal series since it was canceled. The begining of the second episode reminded me of The Doctor with Trougton when floating in spae or Tom Baker when The Doctor and his companions where holding onto the time ring in Genesis of the Daleks. The Ghost Monument had some of the same syle of not only the Troughton years and Baker, but also of Davidson . I felt like I had relived the Doctor in Caves of Andronzani and Enlightenment. Her accent reminds me Sylvester McCoy's. Also Jodie Whittaker has finally shown what makes every Doctor Who the same person, her abiltiy solve any situation without resulting to weapons or violence. The new series is great but it lacks the feel of the orginal series until now. Finally after forty something years of watching the show I can really say "Doctor Who is back"!

Awful. Horrible.
X  Awful. Horrible.  1 star


Nailed it!  OceansOfWisdom  5 star

Just watch her say "I'm the Doctor" -- that's all you need to know that she is absolutely the right person, and is going to be magnificent!

It’s Doctor Who! Settle down...  TripletsMum  5 star

If the first episode is any indication then the thirteenth Doctor will be a rollercoaster of fantastical adventures, it will tug on those heartstrings now and then, and Whitaker will own this role like a boss! Remember the fan backlash when Matt Smith was cast? Now there are fezzes at every Comic-Con and bow ties are cool again. Rainbow t-shirts and suspenders will sellout. All of you still freaking out about change, just settle down and relax.

Political garbage  Spizz86  1 star

They only changed it to boost the ratings and to Pisa small demographic

Still Amazing.  Knxvc  5 star

Love the new Doctor, can’t wait to see the rest!

Great new Doctor  mandave52  5 star

Jodie Whittaker is a fantastic new Doctor and all of the principals are fantastic. I cant wait to follow the rest of the season.

She’s Perfect. A great step to keeping this program fresh for another 50 years.  thegrayghostnyc  5 star

This is The Doctor I’ve been waiting for. And I’m embarrassed I never imagined The Doctor regenerating female but it is perfection. A great step to keeping this program fresh for another 50 years. I almost gave up on the show with Capaldi unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong he made a good “Doctor” but that casting definitely was a step backwards in terms of character growth. A dozen faces and hundreds and hundreds of years as on old white man I was very underwhelmed with his run. Especially as the first face and breathe of life of an unheard of 2nd regeneration cycle. Matt Smith’s Doctor had so much energy and excitability that I couldn’t get enough of and it was absolutely lacking in the seasons since but it’s back(baby). I hope this new production team and Jodi take that special energy and make something even better with it, metaphorically the show is undergoing an unexpected regeneration not unlike the character it’s self.

I don't know.  Lcempj  3 star

As a mom of a ten year old boy who wants to see this season's doctor who I just worry about what message the show is trying to send. I mean the girl power is there and the guys are all scared betas. I mean it really under the radar male hating. Just little things. I won't have a problem with it if it was "equal" back and forth banter between the sexies. But it is all one sided. I do like Ryan Sinclair character he is at least a seems braver then the other men. I get people want to make strong female leads. (And doctor who has had strong women from the begining nothing new) I people want strong female characters for little girls but does it have to come at a price for little boys to not have strong male characters. Can't we have both. Plus can't the banter be even between the two not just one sided. I mean me and my brother use to pick at each other all the time. I say boys drool girls rule and he say the oppoiste. It wasn't I make a joke about him and he'd let it slide.

Season (Series) 11 The Woman Who Fell to Earth  qviewerx  5 star

Jodie was simple brilliant as The Doctor. I had no thoughts that this wasn’t The Doctor. Not one I knew yet. Of course there were echos of the past Doctor incarnations. I love that they started with the new future friends of The Doctor just living their lives sans Doctor. The events happen bringing the people together. The plot of this first episode is not complicated but serves as a introduction to all these new characters and their relationship to each other. While each episode can be watched as stand alone the ongoing thread of series 11 is the journey of each character and how they adapt as a group. A great starting point for new viewers (and future Whoivan fans) and and current Whoivan fans to where The Doct does next. 👍👍👍👍👍😎

👎👎👎👎  Manning2072  1 star

No just no...

Quintessential Who  ProfMcGonagall  5 star

Love it! Jodie is a combination of the best of David Tennant and Matt Smith. Excellent foundation to build on. Love all the actors and characters. Plot and adventure is so Who. Well done folks. I look forward to great season(s) out there in the Who Universe. Well done Jodie!

Must see👍  Spike4203  5 star

The 13th Doctor has jump started the Dr Who season and you must watch.

Amazing start  JimmyknowK  5 star

I have been excited for 10 months and the new season did not fail to deliver. Fast paced, new monsters, and a wonderful new cast! Great job Mr. Chibnall. And the new Doctor BRILLIANT!

Doctor Who Series 11  2015Nintendo  5 star

I can’t wait when Doctor Who Series 11 comes out in October 7th on Sunday I’m looking forward to seeing this. 🧑🏼🌠

Excited For A New Season!  Silvermoon669  4 star

No one has seen the season yet, but I am very excited for a new season of Doctor Who! Give this Doctor a chance. I know how these season passes work, and they are usually very reliable. I personally have had only one issue, and it was a late episode. Maybe it just depends on where you live. If you like to stay up to date, and not miss a thing, then a seasons pass is your best bet if you want it as soon as it is available. Like I said, I want to give the new Doctor a chance. Too bad she’s not ginger though...

Fantastic  fullmetxlbitch  5 star

Bellissimo! Molto Bene!

Energy to Burn  PlumD  5 star

WOW! Full bore from the word go. Thoroughly entertaining. Can I have some MORE please. Fantastic job by all involved.

Brilliant  PaulAmyes  5 star

Worth waiting for. It looks sumptuous - so cinematic. She's going to be great as the Doctor.

Hope it gets better  Nemesis2010  2 star

Used to love Dr Who...not anymore.

Evan Rex
High quality...🤔  Evan Rex  2 star

Low energy and weak characters to say the least... But the girs will love it👍 This actresss brings nothing new to the Doctor. Will give you two more episodes and if you haven't impressed me... I'm outa here.

Amazing  macbloo84  5 star

This show is amazing

Truth we trust
love it  Truth we trust  5 star

The new doctor is not really an new actress, I've seen her performance in Broadchurch with David Tennant which is quite amazing. Doctor Who is never really about the doctor, but the ideaology on which it thrives upon: To inspire and to promote the goodness and kindness of human being.Being a science fiction show at its core, there are endless plots to keep its audience interested regardless if the protagnist is a female or male, well unless you are too concerned about the gender of the actor, then that's an entirely different story.

Erdrick Alt-Text
Still gold.  Erdrick Alt-Text  5 star

Jodie Whittaker makes a great Doctor! Can't wait to see how she evolves as the season goes on.

Already purchased the season!  mesanz84  5 star

Not sure why people are leaving 1 start reviews but suit yourselves. Anyone really rooting for the Doctor will continue to support the show! I have only been able to wath snippets so far and I can't wait to see the first episode!

Brilliant!  kasadilla  5 star

The first episode didn’t disappoint in any capacity. It has the right amount of sci-fi, mystery, and comedy. The new team works so well together. I can’t wait for the rest of the season!

Good Start  TheFunkyWickedMaven  4 star

Considering there’s only been one episode yet, and I can’t say how it’s all going to go, but I can already feel more optimistic about the new Doctor than the previous two. It has a different vibe than the Moffat period, a bit more like the beginning of the Davies era, but definitely it’s own feel. It kind of reminds me of the 10th Doctor’s intro episode, there’s some humor, but it’s not all jokey either. I’ll admit I lost interest towards the end of the Davies era, and from there wasn’t impressed with the characters or their treatment, but this opener gives me hope, almost like with the 9th Doctor in Rose. I’m giving it 4 stars at the moment because there’s only been 1 episode. However, if you’re a fan and have drifted a away in recent years, but liked the 9th Doctor and all but the end of the 10th, then you should like this episode. 😁

Kendra(does not like ads!)
Exciting!  Kendra(does not like ads!)  5 star

If you don’t like the idea of a space/time traveling alien regenerating as female....don’t watch the show. My family and friends are excited all around!

Great new season!  itberice  5 star

I can’t wait to see the rest of the season! Love this show!

New doctor!  Lizisborg  5 star

I was not sure how to feel about the new doctor. However, after watching episode one I think Jodie is great! She a perfect fit. I am so excited to see her adventure

Doctor Wholigan
Absolutely love love loved the debut regeneration episode!  Doctor Wholigan  5 star

I’m happy to pay less than $30 to go on a journey through all of time and space with the #1 Time Lord Doctor, now awesomely portrayed by Jodi Whittaker! Such a fun first episode, can’t wait to see where the TARDIS takes us next, cause Doctor Who seems to be in good new hands!

Poopedy Scoop
It’s about time!  Poopedy Scoop  5 star

Jodie and Chris Chibnall worked together on Broadchurch along with David Tennant. Full faith in her capabilities!

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