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Fly into 7 PAW Patrol adventures, featuring a double-length mission aboard the all-new Air Patroller! Plus, the pups aim high for a mid-air rescue of Daring Danny X, soar to the rescue of polar bear cubs, outfly a fire-breathing dragon and more!! PAW Patrol, Air Patrol Wiki

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1 - Air Pups
The PAW Patrol takes to the sky in their all-new Air Patroller airplane! When an active volcano spews out hot lava everywhere and threatens Franciois and Cap'n Turbot, the PAW Patrol must bring them back to safety.

2 - Pups Save Daring Danny X/Pups in a Fix
Daring Danny X takes his daredevil ambitions too far when he attempts a jump over Rattle Snake Canyon! The Paw Patrol wows with a mid-air rescue. / RoboDog's wiring gets mixed up, and he goes on a fixing rampage around Adventure Bay.

3 - Pups Save a Dragon/Pups Save the Three Little Pigs
A dragon comes to life and won't let Ryder and pups into the Lookout! Paw Patrol takes to the Air Patroller to tackle this big guy. / The Paw Patrol help three little pigs build new houses after theirs mysteriously disappear. Now, about that wolf!

4 - Pups Save the Polar Bears/A Pup in Sheep's Clothing
Ryder and the pups must fly to the Arctic in the Air Patroller to rescue lost polar bear cubs. / When lambs keep running away from Farmer Al's pasture, it's up to the PAW Patrol to find the missing sheep and discover who's been making holes in the fence.

PAW Patrol, Air Patrol Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Air Pups23:23USD 1.99Download
2Pups Save Daring Danny X/Pups in a Fix23:25USD 1.99Download
3Pups Save a Dragon/Pups Save the Three L23:24USD 1.99Download
4Pups Save the Polar Bears/A Pup in Sheep23:26USD 1.99Download

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Noodle eater & SpongeBob2233
Ok I guess  Noodle eater & SpongeBob2233  2 star

My 12 year old foster brother watches this show over and over and over again.

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